Xen users - Apr 2008

Wednesday April 30 2008
9:40PM 0 dropped packets showing on dom0 vif not in domU
7:19PM 3 DomU does not boot:
7:03PM 3 Xen Adminsitrator, RHEL5?
6:23PM 0 Looking for patch-
3:28PM 0 No Qemu in virt-manager
1:54PM 8 Windows XP SP2 on Debian Etch xen 3.0.3
10:51AM 2 Creating a RHELGuest VM
8:51AM 1 Instalation Windows XP to XEN(Dom0 is CentOS 5)
8:43AM 1 mericual confusion on latest release
8:27AM 2 Fwd: Dinamically allocated memory in a virtual machine
8:19AM 0 windows (or hvm?) domU freezing
5:44AM 0 Installing and testing Intel MPI Benchmarks over xen images.
12:25AM 5 "routed" networking under Xen 3.2.1 / HVM?
Tuesday April 29 2008
11:09PM 18 tap:aio not working...
10:58PM 4 can''t create domU in Ubuntu - Floating point error
7:43PM 4 How can you tell if NUMA is turned on in the Hypervisor?
7:21PM 6 shrink or grow disk image?
6:55PM 0 Re: Advantages of HVM vs. paravirtualization in aLinux-only enviroment?
6:48PM 0 Probs compiling open-iscsi and on xen-3.2.1 fedora-core8
6:12PM 3 Shutting down domU causes "hda: interrupt lost" on dom0 and freezes the box.
12:30PM 3 Time freeze in domU after reboot
11:08AM 16 xen dom0 32 bits memory is limited to 16GB?
8:50AM 6 Xen & SELINUX: how disable in guest?
7:39AM 2 Do I need portmap, haldeamon & xfs running on dom0?
1:13AM 21 Partition vs disk images
Monday April 28 2008
11:24PM 0 RE: Newbie question - unable to start guest OS on Fedora 8 <solved>
10:02PM 0 Newbie question - unable to start guest OS on Fedora 8
9:02PM 8 NetApp vfiler example scripts
8:35PM 0 interpreting xm top: network stats
6:23PM 5 HDD-performance on HVM winxp
5:52PM 1 RE: Advantages of HVM vs. paravirtualization in aLinux-only enviroment?
5:40PM 1 Advantages of HVM vs. paravirtualization in a Linux-only enviroment?
4:38PM 3 Newbie Question on Comparisons/Advice
3:18PM 1 New Community Project Opportunity : Xen-API
1:49PM 0 About xen hypervisor debugging
1:25PM 1 Xen 3.0.4 + HVM Windows 2003R2 + USB
12:15PM 1 can xen save a 32 bits domU from a 64 bits dom0?
10:29AM 0 (XEN 3.2.1) HVM W2000K + XP DOM using nearly 100% of the XEN CPU
10:21AM 1 Request for assistance in debugging Windows GPL PV drivers under RHEL...
9:55AM 1 xen & kernel pae
8:59AM 0 conntrack_ftp problem domU not responding
8:38AM 0 network is down
7:19AM 1 Re: Release 0.8.7 of GPL PV drivers for
6:50AM 1 Migration and checkpointing
6:33AM 0 docs/src/user/tex contains broken link
3:06AM 0 HVM domain shutdown and GPL PV drivers for Windows
Sunday April 27 2008
5:03PM 0 domU HVM network problem (fixed!)
4:56PM 0 Network-device Loopback driver
4:11PM 0 Fwd: Re: Release 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
5:55AM 0 Question about hiding pci devices.
5:22AM 4 Snort monitoring of Xen guests
2:47AM 0 Fwd: Re: Release 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
Saturday April 26 2008
10:25PM 2 help needed
7:50PM 0 pata_amd help
4:41PM 1 Re: Need mega basic Xen help (jailtime.org thread)
3:19PM 0 ubuntu vista xen virtualization
10:41AM 1 How to set up ''vmxassist=n'' when doing Xen 3.2 build on CentOS 5.1 ?
10:02AM 1 Xen and Torque
6:49AM 46 Release 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
Friday April 25 2008
9:35PM 0 Problem Xen Ubuntu 7.10 64bits
8:48PM 9 dd trough scp with tar
7:13PM 8 HVM FreeBSD 7.0 DomU at Xen 3.2 CentOS 5.1 Dom0 (64-bit)
7:05PM 0 Re: debian dom0 centos-5 domU xen-tools copy
6:49PM 0 domU boot stuck at "Freeing unused kernel memory: 148k freed".
5:04PM 3 domu boot from sda failed
1:53PM 0 blktapctrl error
1:25PM 2 ANNOUNCE: Xen 3.1.4 and 3.2.1 released
1:06PM 5 Looking for easy guide for Fedora 8 xen networking
12:48PM 0 network-nat whit qemu-dm not working
12:25PM 0 Re: on VMware ESX
9:31AM 1 Xen and fglrx compatible?
9:09AM 0 migrate from ESX (hardware) to XEN
9:05AM 0 Where domU''s grub configuration is cached on dom0 ???
8:20AM 1 Xen 4.1 Installation Problem
7:00AM 0 Windows Server2003 32bit on XEN in HVM
5:26AM 0 query !!!
2:15AM 1 Processor Choice
2:12AM 3 Windows domU doesn''t boot
1:59AM 4 Need mega basic Xen help
Thursday April 24 2008
11:49PM 1 make error
11:17PM 0 Xen Networking Assistance Needed
9:53PM 5 best way to optimize use of CPU and IO
9:13PM 0 poor outbound network performance on DNATed domU
9:02PM 1 CentOS Update broke netowrking for my DomU
8:26PM 1 Xen locking over a cluster
8:02PM 0 Trying to get Xen to work with SDL
7:19PM 6 32-bit OS images
4:49PM 9 Xen HVM images on VMware ESX
3:05PM 0 Problems during Microsoft XP VM install
3:04PM 0 Video card and CPU performance of a Xen''ed vista system.
2:41PM 5 drbd, xen and disk not accessible..
2:10PM 1 Max number of serial ports in dom0?
1:17PM 1 xm restore & HVM -> invalid device model signature read
10:48AM 0 how can i get the disk related statistics of guest os
9:16AM 3 is ther any limit on domU creation
8:02AM 2 any VT-d enabled mobos for Xeon 5000 series out there ?
7:09AM 0 Weird network issue - slow on Dom0 and one of DomU''s, but normal on the other DomU
6:29AM 1 Re: Release 0.8.7 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
Wednesday April 23 2008
10:30PM 0 disk i/o errors on Dom0 "kills" all DomU''s
8:01PM 1 Problem: .ERROR! Can''t find default version of xen utils, bailing out!
4:53PM 3 dom0 lost packets.
4:17PM 2 Re: lease 0.8.7 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
2:26PM 10 WinXP CD-ROM problems
2:10PM 9 drbd and xen problem: disk not accessible
11:01AM 0 Unhandled page fault in domain <x> on VCPU 0 (ec=0002)
6:53AM 0 xen 3.2 crash when adding 4th virtual interface
2:32AM 2 massive packet loss under network and disk load
2:10AM 0 Running Xen book officially out
12:27AM 8 Drivers for Win2k3 domU
Tuesday April 22 2008
6:42PM 0 slow traffic over bridged interface dom0/domU
6:42PM 6 bandwidth limiting - vif "rate" option
6:20PM 2 LPT printing in DomU
3:28PM 0 DOMU to DOM0 performance issue
2:13PM 12 CentOS 5.1 Xen 3.2 patches
12:49PM 8 grub.conf//menu.lst
12:43PM 0 Rép. : error when creating hvm guest with virt-manager
12:42PM 2 error when creating hvm guest with virt-manager
12:06PM 5 VNC for Linux - Console?
11:14AM 9 xend start error
9:14AM 0 Release: InetBoot (GRUB + BuildRoot + HTTP-FUSE)
8:49AM 13 Problems w/ 3Ware 9650 and 64-bit Xen
7:44AM 0 iproute2 rpm
7:43AM 0 guest clock
2:20AM 7 pulseaudio
Monday April 21 2008
10:45PM 0 Packets on the bridge are disappearing
10:32PM 0 Fwd: Re: Xen "Time went backwards"
10:28PM 14 Xen, LVM, DRBD, Linux-HA
10:09PM 5 Xen 3.2 compilation
9:09PM 1 disabling PAE
9:08PM 0 How is the IP Address bridge configuration between dom0 and domU?
8:15PM 13 adding a second NIC
8:10PM 9 3w-xxxx / 3ware 8006-2LP corruption issues using Xen kernel
7:52PM 0 Xen Mailing Lists
7:42PM 2 Decent motherboard with VT-d (Intel) support?
7:21PM 0 Woo hoo! We''re working again!
6:49PM 4 guest ip from DHCP
10:00AM 2 Xen network latencies
3:33AM 9 CentOS/Xen PCI pass-through
Sunday April 20 2008
7:42PM 6 creating domU''s consumes 100% of system resources
1:23PM 0 Fwd: Re: How does VNC in Xen worked?
1:23PM 0 Fwd: Re: Capture console output
Saturday April 19 2008
5:34PM 0 domU kernel panic
Friday April 18 2008
4:34PM 1 OT: mounted img file read-only.
3:54PM 1 help--dom0 network goes unpingable when xend starts (fwd)
12:59PM 0 hvm domU with two nic
9:29AM 7 virt-manager on windows
8:44AM 1 Xen-users mailing list
1:24AM 7 help--dom0 network goes unpingable when xend starts
12:04AM 0 OT: ecol - for the geekz :)
Tuesday April 15 2008
10:49PM 0 LPT Printer and DomU
Monday April 14 2008
11:54AM 4 Migrating domUs behind a firewall backend domU
11:47AM 1 SOLVED: network script bug
7:15AM 0 CentOS5.1, Each xen image contain its own kernel, any security issue?
4:57AM 0 How to raise more than one serial port in guest domain
4:28AM 0 cannot use xen management tools
2:18AM 2 RFH: booting Dom0
2:06AM 1 no xenfb in Fedora 8 Xen kernel?
1:05AM 0 Can''t enable 2 additional NICs
12:52AM 0 Debugging xend(8) ?
Sunday April 13 2008
7:52PM 0 Sample Chapter from Running Xen book published online
5:28PM 2 Xen and FressBSD
1:57PM 1 Both Dom0 and DomU have the same ip address...
9:52AM 1 vbd could not be connected
7:09AM 4 running xen image on windows
Saturday April 12 2008
10:26PM 0 Adding a new bridge from a new dummy interface
10:11AM 1 Enomalism 2.0 - Windows Edition
7:46AM 0 xen trace
7:44AM 0 xen backwards
5:48AM 8 Setting up firewall as Dom-U
2:38AM 0 Problems with xm migrate --live
1:39AM 4 SAR in dom0 or domU
Friday April 11 2008
11:50PM 2 Syntax for PCI Pass-Thru for multiple devices?
6:50PM 3 Sucessful Upgrade from 3.0.4 to 3.2 anyone?
3:17PM 5 How does VNC in Xen worked?
2:28PM 6 Weekly Xen.org Community Update
2:23PM 8 dom0 mac ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
1:04PM 0 Re: How much is involved in porting a new OS to Xenfullvirtualizaiton?
12:04PM 4 Re: How much is involved in porting a new OS to Xen fullvirtualizaiton?
10:51AM 1 Capture console output
9:51AM 0 XFS and quota
7:45AM 0 How much is involved in porting a new OS to Xen full virtualizaiton?
4:57AM 0 Fwd: Re: Windows PV Drivers v0.8.8 issue
1:43AM 2 xenstore-read: couldn''t read path /local/domain/1/vm
1:23AM 4 Windows PV Drivers v0.8.8 issue
1:16AM 2 vncdisplay #
Thursday April 10 2008
10:18PM 0 choose_vnc_display():
9:21PM 1 Free P2V Tools for Xen
7:36PM 1 Set PCI device latency from domU?
5:08PM 6 Network Interface Options
2:22PM 0 Problems with 64bit PV domU
2:03PM 0 Re: xm cant connect to xend after compiling 3.2undercentos5.1x64
1:47PM 5 What are the advantages of running domU in a lvm logical volume?
1:33PM 0 Kernel params on xenified kernels
1:29PM 4 Re: Poor performance running WinXP x86 hvm underCentOS5.1x64 with xen3.1
1:16PM 1 Re: xm cant connect to xend after compiling 3.2 undercentos5.1x64
12:59PM 1 Usage question
9:17AM 2 xen on etch with xp help
6:55AM 0 problem of windows VM on xen
6:35AM 0 Re: Release: VMKnoppix for x86(20080213)
3:17AM 0 Poor performance running WinXP x86 hvm under CentOS5.1x64 with xen3.1
2:33AM 8 64bit guest on 32bit host
2:24AM 5 I finally got Xen working on paravirtual as well
1:37AM 2 xm cant connect to xend after compiling 3.2 under centos5.1x64
Wednesday April 9 2008
7:52PM 0 Booting guest with HW RAID settings
6:06PM 0 WinXP-Dom and slow RDP login with 100% CPU load
5:04PM 3 How does one create a bridge interfaces in dom0 without IPs?
2:45PM 6 No shared physical device in virt-manager
2:06PM 0 queries w.r.t xen networking
1:20PM 0 About kernel smp and acpi on hardware vm.
10:12AM 0 xm console hangs - in a way
8:57AM 0 Re: Re: Most stable Xen distro?
7:29AM 6 64bit srpm build error under CentOS 5.1
3:38AM 1 About xen bugzilla
3:28AM 1 zombie opensolaris domU
2:33AM 4 Is xen.org offline?
12:18AM 6 New Xen System for home
Tuesday April 8 2008
11:10PM 0 Jailtime.org vs. NFS
9:48PM 3 DomU multiple interfaces possible?
7:01PM 2 PCI-X pass-thru just like PCI pass-thru?
3:50PM 6 transparant (secure) bridge
8:12AM 0 dom0 - tar: Skipping to next header
7:51AM 1 Re: Most stable Xen distro?
5:31AM 6 howto delete a lvm with windows partition
3:07AM 0 vanilla linux and jumbo frames ? (for AOE)
Monday April 7 2008
8:28PM 1 Want to hire a tutor
7:27PM 2 Waiting for device /dev/sda2 opensuse 10.3 + xen3.1.3
7:25PM 2 virtual gigabit
6:58PM 3 DRBD+Xen anyone?
5:07PM 0 virtual machine console not displaying os on domU on sles10
6:27AM 6 img file to physical disk
6:25AM 5 Windows Reboot.
3:05AM 4 VNC server not launching
Sunday April 6 2008
9:53PM 24 Re: Xen 3.2.0 on debian etch, many kernel panics
9:49PM 1 Not sure if my bridge is the problem or my firewall
8:20PM 0 please help, Xen VPS can''t communicate with internet
5:22PM 0 iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615 - no network connectivity
3:38PM 0 help with windows on debian etch
2:19PM 9 How to stop yum update on CentOS 5.1 to modify grub
10:00AM 8 Is XVD live resize possible?
Saturday April 5 2008
10:41PM 6 Can''t get template (domU) to work
4:16PM 0 adding another bridged interface
3:13PM 0 VLANS, xen & bridges
10:55AM 1 Cannot Create Fully DomU with CDROM!
3:55AM 1 Network only works for a few seconds during boot
2:37AM 0 Installing CentOS 5.1 as DomU
2:31AM 0 RE: AM2 motherboards with HVM support
Friday April 4 2008
10:07PM 0 Low performance when use DNAT rules
10:04PM 0 DNAT slow performance
9:39PM 0 RE: Xen and routing
9:11PM 0 RE: AM2 motherboards with HVM support
8:15PM 5 two xend running
8:12PM 0 Good primer on Xen SXP domain configuration files?
4:11PM 6 Stable dom0 kernel > 2.6.20 ?
3:40PM 1 Problem when running 32 on 64
3:31PM 8 DHCP and DomUs: not working
3:09PM 0 Installing problem with only a LVM logical volume as DomU partition and no complete disk
2:46PM 1 PV drivers for Windows - where & how
1:51PM 4 Problems upgrading to Xen 3.1
1:47PM 0 XEN GPLPV Drivers for Windows release 0.8.8 and Windows 2008 x64
1:46PM 0 Weekly Community Blog Update
1:44PM 16 Dom0 Crashes on High I/O
12:37PM 4 vnc mouse out of sync
9:23AM 1 Frustrating experience - Xen networking.
Thursday April 3 2008
9:56PM 4 I finally got a virtual os up, now a few questions...
9:16PM 1 /xen/etc/auto
7:42PM 0 assembly-language mutex support
7:37PM 1 Ability to pass-through a PCI videocard & PCI USB card?
6:41PM 0 Xen and HP MSA 2000i
6:03PM 2 GPL PV Drivers version 0.8.8 on Windows 2000
5:11PM 2 eth0 has disappeared
4:02PM 1 SMP DomU hangs
2:53PM 0 how to create Minimal SLES 10
2:35PM 1 Strange ARP problem in a bridged config
1:10PM 3 Hardware configuration?
12:47PM 1 resend: remoteDispatchClientRequest: internal error
12:20PM 1 remoteDispatchClientRequest: internal error
9:31AM 0 GPL PV Windows drivers and non-english language version of Windows
8:57AM 9 understanding networking - xen 3.1 and CentOS 5.1
8:17AM 0 =?iso-8859-15?Q?Re:__Sup_guys, _I''m_a_Xen_noob, _I_have_plenty_of_questions...?=
8:16AM 2 Question about XenAPI
8:04AM 1 What version of Xen should I install?
6:01AM 0 HFC-S ISDN cards in Xen3.0.3 DomU''s
5:55AM 0 Xen guest system crash
1:16AM 0 newbie problem installing CentOS
Wednesday April 2 2008
7:31PM 1 How set resource without the Xm
3:30PM 3 Identical Win3K3 domU''s. One panics dom0, other runs fine
2:56PM 0 udevinfo vs. xvda
2:12PM 1 Strange TCP-Problem with GPL PV 0.8.8
2:00PM 6 Sup guys, I''m a Xen noob, I have plenty of questions...
12:31PM 2 Binding DomU to vnc port
12:11PM 0 About compiling modules in DomU
6:56AM 3 Getting stuck just before booting Dom0
4:02AM 8 Re: Re lease 0.8.7 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
3:54AM 4 Error moving DomU image to LVM
Tuesday April 1 2008
11:31PM 10 xen new throws python error
8:02PM 4 booting domU with multiple concatenated ramdisks?
8:00PM 0 oprofile samples
7:10PM 5 performance monitoring of VMs
6:49PM 55 Convert CentOS system to Xen image?
5:30PM 5 Networking stops on vm after live migration
1:52PM 1 Xen.org Trademark Policy Review
12:01PM 0 Xen 3.1.0 / Centos 5.1 / Kernel Bug 1055 - I can reprod. it any time
10:41AM 0 Problem with XEN
9:50AM 1 Xen 3.2 and Ubuntu Hardy with Linux kernel 2.6.24
9:07AM 3 Xen without APIC
8:25AM 2 Xen Log messages
8:22AM 9 Ubuntu feisty dom0 and centos 5.1 domU problems
8:01AM 1 Weird question about deploying xen vms to showcase and collaborate