Xen users - Mar 2008

Monday March 31 2008
8:51PM 9 iSCSI root on Dom0
8:46PM 2 Max number of Network Aliases?
8:29PM 5 migrating with physical device as VBD
8:18PM 2 Help getting my jailtime centos 5.1 network going on my dom0 ubuntu feisty with domU centos5.1
6:59PM 0 re:help cresting a image
5:13PM 0 Xen Summit Boston Registration Live
4:49PM 5 Host uses one NIC; Guest OS uses other NIC
4:34PM 4 console output stops but everything else is fine
4:17PM 19 Can someone please build a Xen 3.2 rpm for CentOS 5.1 x64?
3:09PM 0 epoll on Xen x86_64
2:46PM 2 Xen and Fedora 7
2:08PM 1 help creating a image
1:32PM 1 Trying to coordinate events with the start/restart of a domain.
1:04PM 3 arp who-has packets not seen in Dom0 even by tcpdump
11:49AM 0 VCPU''s allocation
11:15AM 5 Release 0.8.8 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
8:24AM 1 network-bridge error on FC8
8:17AM 1 multiple cd''s for guest os
7:50AM 1 No traffic between tap* and vif*
5:58AM 0 Using a VGA Display Adapter from my Computer in a Guest
2:15AM 2 Re-mounting guest CDROM
Sunday March 30 2008
7:35PM 1 XML syntax for domU configuration files?
4:58PM 0 Fwd: Re: Release 0.8.7 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
4:33PM 2 install suse sles10 as para Dom-U on RHEL5
3:14PM 4 Xen 3.2 x64 rpms ?
Saturday March 29 2008
4:17PM 0 Systemimager running in a domU ?
12:57PM 1 multiple bridges, but only peth0
12:05PM 0 usb status on paravirtualizated
11:00AM 22 Release 0.8.6 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
4:39AM 0 Attn: AndreGround, Henning Sprang, Daniel Berrange - Reg post http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-users/2007-01/msg00666.html
4:29AM 0 pci uhci delegation not working (OR: can we please just get usb support back?)
Friday March 28 2008
11:29PM 1 CentOS and pciback
5:47PM 10 Accessing an LV domU
5:11PM 0 Error on creating domU
2:21PM 7 Xen3.2 documentation?
10:49AM 4 use usb isdn modem in guest
10:32AM 0 Re: Xen and mythbackend
9:34AM 8 Booting dom0: Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
1:55AM 2 VNC for Dom U
Thursday March 27 2008
6:51PM 1 Data bleeding between domU''s?
4:39PM 0 Technology Preview of the OpenNEbula (ONE) Virtual Infrastructure Engine
4:25PM 2 Pci Export to get usb Dongle working under DomU (Xen 3.2)
2:16PM 2 Running nbench
1:45PM 0 open-iscsi and bond issue
9:22AM 1 Adding Xen architecture (kernel compiling)
9:13AM 1 Network Problems in Dom0
3:32AM 7 how to boot the os in xen via pxe ?
2:18AM 2 domU configuration location
Wednesday March 26 2008
8:27PM 1 Guest''s network stops working after a while
4:22PM 4 setting up Ubuntu DomU on CentOS Dom0
3:46PM 1 PRNG is not seeded
3:24PM 0 Xen and Solaris 2.6 SunOS 5.6
11:57AM 0 different read i/o performance for equal guests
10:01AM 0 No cdrom in an running w2k3-r2sp2 running on xen 3.1
6:25AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday March 25 2008
11:59PM 1 DomU performance problem
10:55PM 5 Assign Physical NIC to domU
10:23PM 0 Re: PCI passthrough working on Xen 3!
6:01PM 2 Booting xen in xen?
5:49PM 1 Xen3.1 Etch-backports | VE already running
5:24PM 1 Guests configuration files
4:46PM 2 creating xenbr0 manually
4:29PM 1 bridge & IP
3:41PM 2 Re: [Fedora-xen] RHEL5 - Xend will not start after software upgrade
3:23PM 3 DomU crashes sometimes
3:20PM 0 domU doesn''t start | Error
2:28PM 0 Any "Dual Xeon E5310" installation working?
1:21PM 4 xen and mythbackend?
1:05PM 0 Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
12:53PM 15 Best practice to backup dom0 and all domU''s
11:21AM 6 dell virtualization technology
7:05AM 14 Changing MTU of vif
5:47AM 0 bharat rayudu has invited you to radiusIM.com
5:18AM 0 error with ib_iser
Monday March 24 2008
9:18PM 3 exporting HVM physical device
8:09PM 7 Conflict with Xen bridge?
7:37PM 0 HVM Network Speed
8:49AM 0 Xen3.1 setup-problem: no networking in WinXP-domU
1:35AM 2 HVM Linux DomU with PV Drivers - Performance
12:50AM 1 couldnt debootstrap on debian etch
Sunday March 23 2008
5:32PM 7 domU''s overloaded
4:19PM 3 domU dependency-aware xendomains init script?
Saturday March 22 2008
6:42PM 0 Install Xen 3.2 on Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop (amd64)
3:51PM 1 Dom0 with delay but DomU OK
3:28PM 0 Kernel vulnerability
12:07PM 5 poor network performance on domU
2:40AM 10 Xen Windows Clients - BSOD with Application Firewall Installs
Friday March 21 2008
3:50PM 1 Attempt to install Xen 3.2 on Ubuntu 7.10 (amd64) per Zoran Kikic
1:03PM 0 Linux DomU network crash on NetBSD Dom0
12:41PM 1 vncviewer only one pointer?
10:58AM 2 Xen info
9:01AM 0 bug Dual Xeon Quad Core E5310 Kernel Panic (hangs on boot)
3:35AM 3 PCI Passthru to HVM
12:01AM 2 x86_64 Fedora Core 8 Xen source build fails - help!
Thursday March 20 2008
8:27PM 2 Quick request
7:01PM 0 Unable to kickstart CentOS5 as DomU when CentOS5 is Dom0 as well.
4:31PM 2 Unable to boot FreeDOS 1.0
3:15PM 0 xen, ha, ms-sql -- are my goals reasonable?
2:25PM 1 xend (12, ''Cannot allocate memory'')
9:08AM 0 xen wont start on fedora 8 :-(
2:47AM 7 Cacti-based monitoring
2:43AM 16 Kernel Panic on trying to boot domU
2:15AM 0 Max dom id
Wednesday March 19 2008
8:58PM 0 Fwd: Re: xen guest detection.
7:39PM 0 DomU kernel never created during compilation process of Xen
4:25PM 4 Xen on Debian Etch - no dom0 network
1:52PM 0 Xen Summit Boston (June 23-24) : Call for Speakers
3:48AM 5 how does variable num define for errno in libxc
2:06AM 1 Re: conversion between Full-virtualization andPara-virtual
Tuesday March 18 2008
10:31PM 0 3.0.4 upgrade proceedure to 3.2
9:25PM 0 Management API / XML-RPC ?
8:13PM 0 IP address of virtual device
4:39PM 2 conversion between Full-virtualization and Para-virtualization
4:38PM 0 dom0 serial port usage
3:26PM 0 how to make virtual machine in xen allocate memory automatically?
2:46PM 1 xen guest detection.
12:53PM 1 HP NC510F PCIe 10 Gigabit server adapter
11:14AM 0 persistent vcpu-pinning
10:35AM 0 Kernel from Kernel.org for Dom0
8:44AM 11 Re: [Xen-devel] Release 0.8.5 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
8:14AM 0 XEN
Monday March 17 2008
3:57PM 2 XEN ON IBM System X3650/X3950
3:08PM 5 Xen & DRBD
3:07PM 0 run script on DomU startup?
9:48AM 0 kernel headers on 32 bits host and 64 bit hypervisor
9:18AM 0 dom0 question
5:20AM 0 Issue in guest OS installation over Fedora 7 based XEN....
5:14AM 0 Beginner trying to understand Xen networking
3:01AM 1 How to run X windows in the guest OS
Sunday March 16 2008
12:53PM 3 console window
7:54AM 0 about xenconsoled log
Saturday March 15 2008
11:12PM 0 Where to download the most stable version Fedora Xen Kernal (2.6.19-1.2911.65)
9:47PM 0 network-bridge fails to copy from eth0
Friday March 14 2008
11:58PM 0 problem using NAT in dom0 + Xen
10:43PM 3 File system layout
5:11PM 1 Re: PCI passthrough working on Xen 3!
2:25PM 0 Server crash on xm create
1:23PM 0 XEN problem with dvd startup and seeing the message of starting up the DVD
12:55PM 4 peth0: transmit timed out - xen 3.2 / 2.6.18
10:18AM 2 Save/Restore/Reboot FS Corruption
12:08AM 0 Fwd: Re: GuestOS can not login on Xen 3.0?
Thursday March 13 2008
10:01PM 0 Getting an Error: Error 9 Bad File Descriptor with most xm commands
8:15PM 7 Xen and PPC and ARM
5:47PM 0 [ANNOUNCE] Articles on Xen development and administration
3:12PM 0 HVM example
2:44PM 0 printk: cc1 warnings being treated as errors
2:30PM 1 x86_emulate
11:49AM 12 Release 0.8.5 of GPL PV drivers for Windows
11:48AM 2 RHEL HVM
9:42AM 1 Using TPM in dom0
9:35AM 5 OpenSuse 10.3 dom0 console Oddity
8:09AM 0 Ask about HVM question
12:09AM 7 problem with deleting the loopback files
Wednesday March 12 2008
7:40PM 3 Limits on memory which can be set using xm mem-set
7:29PM 0 Which kernel for debian-install in domain
6:29PM 1 Problems creating a VM after upgrading to Xen 3.2
3:59PM 0 Configuration file w/virt-install
1:33PM 6 Time is off by an hour in my XEN vm
8:41AM 2 Kernel 2.6.23 or 2.6.24 for DomU
12:06AM 0 xen 3.2 x86_64 + linux 2.6.18-8-xen + nvidia 169.09 patch (works for me)
Tuesday March 11 2008
6:22PM 1 arp who-has not answered
5:27PM 2 xen configuration variables
3:49PM 9 ubuntu64, xen-unstable (hg cloned today) and freebsd 7.0 i386
2:52PM 1 Xen and Qemu
1:58PM 0 Problem with SMP
1:52PM 1 disappearing network?
11:48AM 6 4GB memory installed, 3.5GB shown (Xen 3.2 + PAE)
10:22AM 7 File2LVM?
7:03AM 7 ConVirt 0.8.2 Released.
1:47AM 6 Fwd: Re: vfb in PV
Monday March 10 2008
5:20PM 1 Windows 2008 and gplpv drivers
4:19PM 0 Xen 3 segfaults in CentOS5
4:17PM 3 Xen 3.2 and bridged network problem
2:07PM 1 virt-install hangs on disk format
1:49PM 0 Xen Training Session at USENIX; Trainers Wanted
9:38AM 1 boot up guest at boot uptime
2:34AM 0 GuestOS can not login on Xen 3.0?
2:28AM 3 creating Windows guest VM without display
12:36AM 1 About special functions provided by xen
Sunday March 9 2008
7:41PM 4 Halsign 1.1
6:37PM 1 hotplugging network
4:25PM 2 domU HVM network problem (no pinging)
1:34PM 5 Frist try of Xen-3.2 on Slackware 12
4:13AM 1 DomU boot hangs after cron; XENBUS errors
4:05AM 0 www.halsign.com released TurboGate Tools 1.1 for windows hvm
3:56AM 1 pvops dom0 when?
3:32AM 1 Laptop networking confusion (incl. HVM)
2:54AM 0 Re: Fwd: Creating an fc8 2.6.23 domu
1:32AM 2 blocked domU? but I''m logged into domU!
Saturday March 8 2008
5:58PM 3 bare metal install?
5:53PM 12 vfb in PV
3:53PM 11 domU HVM network problem
1:01PM 0 pci device not longer visible after domU reboot
12:17PM 3 Xen 3.2 for openSUSE
Friday March 7 2008
9:58PM 0 HVM read only HD image
9:32PM 2 32bit guests on 64bit domU
7:24PM 5 About tape drive.
4:43PM 0 Trouble with DomU networking.
4:43PM 0 fedora xen with routing problems
4:32PM 2 domU paused in booting
11:49AM 2 Windows dies after live migration
9:12AM 2 I want to install xen kernel.
8:50AM 3 Xen and InfiniBand
8:36AM 0 Network Card crashes with Xen Kernel
5:07AM 0 Troubleshoot disk image file.
Thursday March 6 2008
11:21PM 4 FW: oprofile 0.9.3 xen symbols incorrect
10:44PM 0 problems booting the guest domain
9:32PM 0 oprofile 0.9.3 xen symbols incorrect
9:10PM 0 CPU performance load testing in dom0
4:24PM 3 Jumbo Frames in Xen 3.3
4:07PM 13 resize xen disk file
3:20PM 3 static vnc port
2:39PM 0 Xen 3.0.3 and Routing
6:52AM 0 hvmloader log
4:18AM 12 restoring files to guest domains
3:31AM 0 Hypercall
2:23AM 0 creating Windows VM from remote host
Wednesday March 5 2008
6:27PM 9 802.1Q VLAN vs xenbr0
5:11PM 0 build-linux-2.6.18-xen_x86_64 vs. linux-2.6.18-xen
4:49PM 0 about xc
4:39PM 5 block-* scripts multiple issues
4:13PM 12 general protection fault: 0000 [#1]
3:38PM 17 How do I share a folder with xen guests on Linux?
3:10PM 0 Losing network packets over xenbr interfaces
1:12PM 1 win-pvdrivers: shutdownmon.exe does not start
1:09PM 2 kernel-PAE or kernel-xen or both? on RHEL like
12:05PM 0 vncunused always allocating port 0
10:53AM 2 Where is the system.map?
10:29AM 10 Help Starting a Guest OS from LiveCD
9:45AM 16 Intel VT-d Support
8:29AM 1 XEN hangs on IO operations?
5:46AM 4 DomU boot problem in Xen 3.2 (Important)
Tuesday March 4 2008
11:47PM 0 networking between dom0 & domU doesn''t work, please help
9:18PM 1 Debian woody as guest?
4:02PM 1 Wipe Out Xen DB
3:25PM 0 Xen newb partition question
1:44PM 0 Windows on Intel Virtualization Technology and graphic cards
12:41AM 3 Xen and eth device bonding
Monday March 3 2008
9:01PM 3 A Review of "Professional Xen Virtualization" by William von Hagen
7:18PM 1 Newer kernel with dom0 support?
3:49PM 9 domU network has sleeping sickness
2:44PM 0 Qemu-dm vnc with last changeset not working anymore with HVM
1:58PM 1 qemu-dm I/O request not ready
1:37PM 2 combination of bridged and routed networking problem
1:19PM 1 looking for working HOWTO on how to install Windows XP / 2003 on CentOS x64 please
11:55AM 2 Xen 3.2.0 on debian etch, many kernel panics
9:40AM 1 Live migration problem with xen 3.2
9:16AM 20 how to use prebuilt images from jailtime.org?
7:20AM 3 please explain to me the networking of Xen & Xen guests
5:44AM 7 question for migrate
2:56AM 7 Am I running under Xen?
12:17AM 0 attempt to access beyond end of device
Sunday March 2 2008
6:33PM 2 N/w in FC8 - Xen 3.2
2:55PM 0 how to enable onboard speaker?
2:47PM 0 How to make dom0 support framebuffer or vesafb
2:17PM 11 Re: Xen: invalid source and/or image destination
9:34AM 2 Xen 3.2 on CentOs 5.2 kernel panic /dev/root problem
6:01AM 4 xennet windows pv performance
5:53AM 2 error installing Xen guests on CentOS 5.1 x64 - could not read tty from store
1:21AM 4 How to install Fedora8 as a Guest OS on xen
Saturday March 1 2008
9:47PM 2 /lib/tls rename in Debian Lenny
5:40PM 0 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0, 0)
10:00AM 0 ahci sata detection disparity between standalone and Dom0 kernels
9:57AM 0 sched-credit & reboots