Xen users - May 2008

Saturday May 31 2008
6:21PM 6 OpenSolaris 2008.05 domU on Debian dom0
1:31PM 1 Release 0.9.4 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
12:35PM 0 Release 0.9.3 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
9:12AM 0 Disable Vmxassist
7:26AM 1 HVM-WindowsXP DomU freezes 10 second while RDP-client try to connect to
Friday May 30 2008
11:55PM 5 FW: Xen Backups
4:38PM 0 Networking not boot in Dom0
4:24PM 1 Installing a Guest that Requires Floppy Booting
3:13PM 0 Can''t access to QEMU monitor from Xen HVM domainU
2:25PM 0 Compiling source on DomU reboots machine
2:21PM 4 Command line NFS guest install
2:18PM 0 How can I use the Changeset 14280 in xen3.0.3 of centos?
1:44PM 1 Best way to set up each DomUs in different subnets on only one NIC
1:11PM 0 Re: Centos5.1 x64 kernel works, x64xen doesnt. Fails withrepeated "drive appears confused".
11:10AM 0 Xen/paravirt_ops page on Xen wiki
4:32AM 1 Centos5.1 x64 kernel works, x64xen doesnt. Fails with repeated "drive appears confused".
3:57AM 1 Doubt about NIC on domU
12:51AM 1 loop versus tap?
12:06AM 2 Building Xen 3.2.1 from source on openSUSE 10.3
Thursday May 29 2008
11:16PM 0 Performance Tests: Virtual Split Driver vs emulated Driver
10:35PM 0 Re: Xen 3.0.1: create NAT Rule, Internet ppp0 stops
9:56PM 4 pass multicore cpu to domU?
7:43PM 1 FW: Random Mac addresses on Dom0
5:43PM 4 Random Mac addresses on Dom0
4:41PM 0 implimenting iptables firewall on Dom0
3:44PM 0 my domUs have a slow network rate for outside networks.
3:24PM 0 hi guys
2:53PM 4 Setting a PV guest framebuffer size?
2:16PM 2 Attempt of virt-install at Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop Dom0
2:09PM 3 About the time of live migration, it is too long
11:57AM 9 PV drivers on HVM opensuse 10.3
9:33AM 0 autostart xen store
8:24AM 1 PCI Single Root IO Virtualization
8:07AM 0 Xen SNMP
7:44AM 0 Any advantage of running 32bit dom0?
7:10AM 1 production quality distro/xen combo
6:54AM 1 GPL PV Drivers for Windows: install.bat problem
Wednesday May 28 2008
10:43PM 14 Virt-install not working
10:17PM 0 Fwd: RE: Release 0.9.1 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
7:08PM 0 Directory for kernel modifications
6:14PM 4 Internal Modem on DomU
6:07PM 0 creating a DomU gives many "Non-privileged (1) attempt to map I/O space" errors
4:42PM 0 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
4:01PM 0 Strange dom0 networking error with Debian "Etch" amd64
2:35PM 1 problem with xen 3.2.1
1:49PM 2 SNMP for Xen
1:01PM 2 HVM Kubuntu - VNC
12:30PM 2 Re: calculating the needed swiotlb in dom0
12:22PM 6 SSH ping etc not working between dom0 and domU''s
12:00PM 0 xen-unstable hvm problem
11:49AM 1 [Fwd: high load average on hvm gentoo linux domU]
9:58AM 0 I/O performance problem using LVM mirrors to back phy: devices
9:39AM 1 Full Virtualized Guest on Xen
9:19AM 1 Xen typical Dom0 memory allocation amount
1:52AM 1 hanging up a vnc connection
Tuesday May 27 2008
11:30PM 2 Multicasting + NAT networking
7:08PM 3 Shutting down full virt DomU
6:30PM 0 VT hardware requirements
4:06PM 1 Hard powered off, now domU hangs at boot. Help.
2:50PM 0 Three official Invitation''s for Linuxtag 2008 in Berlin
1:59PM 1 cacti and xen
12:43PM 0 problems with i2o on XEN kernel when using high memory support in kernel
1:44AM 0 Xen Trademark Policy Update
Monday May 26 2008
4:06PM 1 Networking Problems ( Xen 3.2 )
12:59PM 1 Question about CPU usage between xen domains
12:53PM 6 ethtool - K eth0 tx off
12:37PM 1 problem about xen source codes compilation
11:12AM 0 Sharing success and fail VT-d based pass-through cases
9:21AM 5 Xen 3.2 hard to install in debian sid
6:11AM 0 correct syntax for npiv device?
3:10AM 8 Floppy disk in Windows DomU
2:09AM 10 Release 0.9.2 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
1:54AM 2 Xen image filesize weirdness
Sunday May 25 2008
11:34PM 9 Raw Disk Image to domU
10:06PM 1 xen and wireless driver
2:19PM 0 Any xen kernel configs to ensure that this doesnt happen?
1:39PM 0 sometimes Asterisk domU shutdown boggs the system down so I need to reboot.
9:12AM 4 Install Windows XP Pro with GPLV drivers.
Saturday May 24 2008
9:58PM 1 Problem of Xen in Combination with NFS
7:36PM 1 VT-d success - passing PCI TV tuner to Windows DomU
7:26PM 0 RE: Release 0.9.1 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows (James Harper)
6:04PM 1 Save opensolaris-2008.05 HVM hang with xen3.2
1:31PM 0 System hang when booting Xen 3.2.1 with "vtd=1" option on HP xw4600
9:16AM 0 creating COW images
4:52AM 3 Problems with >4GB memory with 64-bit Xen kernel
2:57AM 9 PCI Passthrough
Friday May 23 2008
11:03PM 0 Connectivity problem / Reboot breaks
8:48PM 0 xend embedded pyc path
4:05PM 2 life migration
1:52PM 28 Release 0.9.1 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
11:42AM 1 OVF (Open Virtual Machine Format) and XEN
10:39AM 1 No network connection on domains
10:18AM 1 HOWTO: Compiling openiscsi and XEN 3.2 to work with each other
9:32AM 0 Release: VMKnoppix 20080519 (based on KNOPPIX5.3.1 CD size)
9:22AM 3 Re: Re lease 0.9.0 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
7:19AM 9 Hardware upgrade
Thursday May 22 2008
7:06PM 3 Vm Encrypted
6:41PM 2 Windows HVMs No Longer Run
2:56PM 1 Preferred DomU creation method
2:48PM 3 Xen 3.2.1, Intel DQ35JO tips
2:37PM 0 Xen 3.2.1, Intel DQ35JO, VT-d not working with Windows 2003
11:34AM 5 my domU from jailtime.org using latests xen kernel freezees
10:26AM 2 e1000e not working with latest linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
8:57AM 0 Compiling openiscsi for xen3.2-testing
Wednesday May 21 2008
10:59PM 0 How to get XSM/Flask working
2:35PM 4 Xen: The processor(s) in this machine do not support full virtualization.
2:10PM 4 serial/terminal console problems
12:06PM 0 maximum number of vif interfaces
11:56AM 2 outgoing domu network dies after a while
11:48AM 0 [virt-manager-convirt-enomalism] ???
11:19AM 0 Fwd: Re: opensuse10.3 host and windows XP guest via Xen/Vbx
11:01AM 0 DRDB Oddness
9:20AM 1 opensuse10.3 host and windows XP guest via Xen/Vbx
2:49AM 5 can not install vista ultimate 32 bit
1:57AM 3 Should I use bridged or routed networking?
12:55AM 1 Upgrading dom0 kernel
Tuesday May 20 2008
11:43PM 3 Is this typical memory usage?
2:49PM 1 vnc port = domID
2:02PM 1 Xen breaks under high I/O load
11:51AM 8 64 Bit Dom0 and 32Bit DomU
Monday May 19 2008
9:55PM 3 PCI passthru
8:54PM 2 Specific vif-route or vif-bridge in DomU config file?
6:51PM 7 Simple Query on PCI passthrough I/O
6:33PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 39, Issue 114
2:23PM 0 Problem in DHCP Server with XEN no free leases Error
9:21AM 0 how to use xentrace and xentrace_format
Sunday May 18 2008
4:58PM 8 Live Migration Query
12:55PM 1 sEDF Scheduling question
7:26AM 11 Release 0.9.0 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
Saturday May 17 2008
10:38PM 4 xen "vga=" console mode set in ubuntu /boot/grub/menu.lst is ignored
5:03PM 4 vcpus higher than real cpus possible?
2:29PM 1 modifing files in /etc
2:24PM 1 Please share your asterisk domU configurations ( config file, firewalling, etc)
10:05AM 0 System stops at : ohci1394: fw-host0: OHCI-1394 1.1 (PCI): IRQ=[11] while booting xen
Friday May 16 2008
10:54PM 0 Sun 4150 for Xen
10:10PM 11 Live migration not permanent?
9:35PM 2 Xen configuration...
8:52PM 1 XEN PCI passthrough
4:29PM 0 openSUSE PV guest with error on XENBUS
2:49PM 2 How to see Dom0 home from the DomU
12:08PM 1 xm new
12:03PM 0 HVM cdrom slowness
10:24AM 0 OT: Oracle VM Server
9:37AM 0 Problem while installing a VM Guest
8:07AM 1 Can''t get more than 7 DomU with network support
4:04AM 0 Red hat 5 64 Bit issue
Thursday May 15 2008
11:23PM 3 Live migration not moving the disk image. Is is supposed to?
10:43PM 1 Panic on CPU 0
8:47PM 0 Final Call for Xen Summit Topic Submission
6:58PM 1 Getting dumU real mem usage
6:54PM 0 Installing openib modules to support IB over Debian.4-0 image
6:54PM 6 virtualbox vs. xen - ease of domU installation
6:42PM 1 opensolaris dom0, debian domU?
6:29PM 4 How to Export COM port to guest domain
4:49PM 2 PCI Passthru working on RHEL 5.1?
3:22PM 13 IBM x445, anyone using it?
2:46PM 2 FreeBSD 7 and Xen paravirtualization support
2:42PM 4 HVM Assigning PCI Device
11:06AM 3 eth1 changed to __tmp78668633 in recent kernels
9:15AM 1 Re: Loading FreeBSD in an HVM-domain on Intel-basedhost with GRUB
8:55AM 1 automatically run Dom0''s app in DomU
Wednesday May 14 2008
8:03PM 2 problem starting domU with pygrub
4:03PM 4 Paravirtualizing Windows 2008?
3:36PM 5 Pre-configured DomU''s?
3:12PM 1 Current domU''s memory allocation / non-interactive xentop
12:10PM 0 Veth0 missing
11:40AM 2 GPL Xen vs XenSource? Supported memory amounts on 64bit?
11:35AM 12 DomU slower with smp?
9:44AM 1 NFS root erroneously read-only
9:14AM 1 Virtual interfaces on Virtual Machines
4:44AM 1 pciback question
1:57AM 4 GPL PV drivers for Windows - WDM version
Tuesday May 13 2008
11:28PM 0 virt-install error: device eth0 already exists
9:37PM 2 DomU reboot issues
9:32PM 6 Xen randomly freezes under load
8:16PM 9 Can''t add second sparse image file to win2k3 domU
5:59PM 6 Invalid install location
5:47PM 5 Show which image/disk is attached to a DomU?
4:30PM 1 getting multiple network interfaces to work in 3.2
3:32PM 0 Booting a domainU with a CD iso image with xenapi
3:19PM 2 Windows HVM Domain crashing periodically
3:10PM 2 build custom domU kernel from centos kernel source
2:43PM 2 Change CD rom
2:18PM 0 Mellanox OFED Drivers for Novell-Xen
9:46AM 7 Re: Best distro with out of the box xensupport?
6:38AM 0 measuring stopped time during live migration
6:33AM 4 Re: PV Drivers: XenSource ones VS GPL''ed (Ruggero Tonelli)
4:35AM 5 PCI passthrough for domU?
2:59AM 1 Inbound sip not detected by asterisk in Xen domU
Monday May 12 2008
11:33PM 0 Ubuntu 8.04 + Xen HOWTO (Work in Progress)
10:03PM 5 Debian Etch as DomU on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Dom0
6:52PM 2 Loading a raw hard disk image in xen
10:30AM 0 Solaris87 domU diesn''t die at Xen 3.2.1 Linux Dom0 (64-biT)
8:34AM 1 unsubscribe
7:02AM 4 PV Drivers: XenSource ones VS GPL''ed
Sunday May 11 2008
6:32PM 3 domU ignores MTU
2:52AM 7 xm create error - Unable to allocate memory
2:10AM 3 Wireless issue dom0
Saturday May 10 2008
4:45PM 3 Xen + linux-2.6.4
3:30PM 2 kernel- + xen 3.2
3:23PM 26 No network at all in Kubuntu 8.04
3:07PM 6 Error: destorydevice ()
2:12PM 0 HVM / boot from pci passthrough device / xen 3.2.1
1:03PM 1 virtual network hangs during a file download
Friday May 9 2008
5:17PM 4 Routing problem in bridged setup
3:43PM 0 QEMU monitor in Xen HVM domainU
3:29PM 13 Best distro with out of the box xen support?
2:46PM 1 no network to DomU in Ubuntu Hardy
1:54PM 0 Install OpenSolaris 2008/05 DomU at Xen 3.2.1. CentOS 5.1 Dom0
11:56AM 0 Isolating DomU / Networking
11:22AM 0 Re: AW: Solaris domU dies at boot
10:34AM 1 xen expert
9:55AM 0 windows server 2003 as HVM ,unable to restart
9:45AM 0 disable domU time sync
9:41AM 2 tap:vmdk read error
9:01AM 2 problems delegating PCI device to domU (broadcom wlan chip)
8:10AM 0 modifying managed domains
6:37AM 0 Is direct floppy and CD configuration available for RedHat or Fedora''s virt-manager or virt-install?
12:29AM 1 Xen bug? (Windows server 2003 domU crash)
Thursday May 8 2008
10:08PM 18 Solaris domU dies at boot
8:38PM 1 Find domID from domU
5:25PM 1 Restoring a DomU HVM-Domain is "slow" (Bandwidth 23MB/sec from a ramdisk, xen3.2.1)
5:02PM 1 strange state of domU (Windows 2003 server)
4:30PM 4 domU as the backend for another domU on xen 3.2
12:41PM 28 DomU on LVM
10:42AM 0 xen tools
9:02AM 7 100% iowait in domU with no IO tasks.
8:42AM 2 Trouble builidng XEN from source
7:34AM 0 Does anyone have a working Xen to try an SCO OpenServer5.0.6 installation on?
Wednesday May 7 2008
10:20PM 1 compile errors
9:13PM 1 Memory Upgrade
9:11PM 15 A simple backup
8:38PM 2 Boot.ini & GPL PV drivers
8:30PM 1 Newbie users - xen-3.2
5:21PM 0 Virtualization Mini Summit at linuxsymposium 2008
3:45PM 0 newbie: suse enterprise 10 SP1 domU network problem
2:56PM 2 Network latencies are a multiple of four
2:55PM 4 XEN 3.2.0 CPU Usage
2:32PM 4 reseize image that was created with virt-install
1:43PM 3 win product key and xen
9:07AM 2 centOS xen domU kernel
7:59AM 7 problem about network in Xen!
4:28AM 0 Xen 4.x support the vEth number up to 7 or 8 per VM?
Tuesday May 6 2008
9:05PM 7 Disable memory balloon in dom0
8:55PM 0 Monitoring for XenServer 4.0.1 / 4.1
9:08AM 0 Limit broadcast and virtual interfaces
7:18AM 0 how to get the utility ratio of physical cpu in xen?
6:43AM 11 invalid kernel
6:10AM 1 Re: DomUs crash on reboot
Monday May 5 2008
9:34PM 0 RE: Running MS Terminal Server and MS Small Business Serverunder Xen?
4:19PM 4 RE: Running MS Terminal Server and MS Small Business Serverunder Xen?
4:10PM 0 Running MS Terminal Server and MS Small Business Server under Xen?
3:29PM 7 iscsi conn error: Xen related?
3:21PM 0 Problems building 3.2.1
2:13PM 0 New Community Security Email Address
6:18AM 0 Changing subnet mask doesn not work
Sunday May 4 2008
8:29PM 0 What happened to `make mkpatches`?
1:50PM 3 running xen dom0 with 2.6.[24-5] ?
10:10AM 8 Web tool for management xen DomainUs ?
3:40AM 1 Bridging problems
12:17AM 3 Xen and other server processes
Saturday May 3 2008
10:35PM 2 Qemu bios timeout
9:32PM 2 pv''s become unresponsive after some time
6:37PM 1 HP Dl360 G5 with Accelerated iscsi
6:02PM 2 Windows 2008
9:01AM 0 sl-modem on 2.6.18-6-xen-vserver-686 not working
1:39AM 3 kernel-headers-2.6.18-53.1.14.el5xen
Friday May 2 2008
10:20PM 1 Building custom dom0 kernel
6:35PM 1 [virt-manager]
6:35PM 3 Building 3.2.1
5:29PM 4 Re: Windows 2008
2:46PM 0 how to provide different Xen subnets access to a DomU-installed NAS?
2:24PM 1 2.6.25: xm console doesn''t work: "XENBUS: Device with no driver: device/console/0"
1:06PM 2 domU construcion fails
9:47AM 0 anyone capable of verifying this board
3:07AM 0 Release: VMSeed (080430 experimental version)
1:26AM 6 Python script to collect domU stats
Thursday May 1 2008
11:32PM 11 Disk IO trouble in Xen
10:07PM 4 DomU with Solaris 10
9:01PM 1 devtype and cd/dvd drives
8:33PM 4 Boot into dom0 "Failed to parse block device name"
3:18AM 5 What''s recommended method for serving data to/among DomU''s?
2:30AM 0 testing