Xen users - Feb 2007

Wednesday February 28 2007
10:46PM 2 Win Xp 64 bit install
6:17PM 4 Any largeish deployments of Xen? References?
5:49PM 2 Creating a new VM with a no default Operating System
5:07PM 1 how to pin to spefiic cpu
4:16PM 1 Re: Bandwidth limit (--resource) in live migration does nothing
3:22PM 1 fc6 guest x server / vnc problems
8:26AM 0 dom0 with nfsroot. bridge problems.
4:50AM 11 a new server for Xen
12:45AM 0 Any idea why vif-bridge isn''t called?
12:23AM 1 Fedora on SUSE via Xen - paravirtualized
Tuesday February 27 2007
10:23PM 1 xen iptables for domU
8:34PM 2 Clone a Guest Machine
8:00PM 0 Domain ID wraparound bug?
6:22PM 2 Why are shared libraries loaded multiple times in a guest VM?
4:46PM 6 AMD-64 install hangs on kernel load
3:21PM 2 openSUSE 10.2 on FC6 dom0 does not boot.
12:30PM 0 network stops working after a few minutes [AMD64]
12:01PM 1 freebsd domu 14, bad address
11:56AM 1 Xen Enterprise and templates
10:46AM 1 Routes setup for domU network interface.
10:39AM 2 Strange Block Device Issue
10:02AM 13 help on FreeBSD using hvm
9:17AM 1 Rosetta stone of package names?
7:29AM 0 Xenmon documentation
Monday February 26 2007
11:22PM 0 Compile errors regarding X11 headers, version 3.0.4 on Fedora Core 5
11:17PM 2 Question about using zero-copy for disk I/O in Xen.
10:11PM 0 Ubuntu Dom1 on Xen HVM no MBR on partition
9:14PM 2 Duplication of a live VM
7:09PM 5 domU hardware access
6:34PM 1 Bandwidth limit (--resource) in live migration do nothing
2:21PM 6 Problem with timekeeping
12:09PM 0 Xen network bridge questions (using network configuration tools provided by distribution)
10:41AM 1 [Xen-ia64-devel] initrd module hangs while booting xen on ia64
10:24AM 2 FC6 DomU creation using virt-install
5:54AM 6 Multiple IPs in a domU
3:47AM 3 NFS Boot
12:08AM 1 Win XP install on physical drive partition
Sunday February 25 2007
3:54PM 0 Fedora Core 6 dom0 with a win 2003 server domU; unkown PCI device
3:28PM 2 Installing domU''s OS
2:32PM 2 Xen web interface
1:20PM 9 SWAP on domUs is not mounted.
1:27AM 5 pcmcia modem on ttyS1 can''t be initiated in a Xen environment
Saturday February 24 2007
9:08PM 0 vifname length
9:02PM 5 /lib/modules...
7:27PM 6 xen kernel crashes athlon?
6:48PM 5 No eth0 in domU...
11:46AM 7 Creation of additional image within a domU
6:01AM 2 some input needed
12:03AM 3 Unable to get vifs to start in domUs
Friday February 23 2007
11:49PM 2 Iptables and antispoof?
9:07PM 0 Re: how to start X in the guest domain
8:48PM 0 kswapd0: page allocation failure. order:0, mode:0x20
2:47PM 0 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
10:18AM 2 Win2k3 cdrom is not an ElTorito, install boot fail
9:17AM 2 EPIA resets after loading Xen 3.0.3 hypervisor.gz
2:05AM 1 Problems w/ Xen and MPICH2
2:05AM 0 Strange Error Regarding Grant Tables
1:18AM 1 Hardware
1:02AM 1 XenEnterprise-3.1.0-install.iso
Thursday February 22 2007
11:41PM 0 Network hotplug script failures, xen 3.0.4 on FC6
9:17PM 7 Xen support for AMD''s IOMMU
7:13PM 1 Using PVM with pciback.hide and live-migration
5:45PM 0 ProtocolErr from xm create
4:45PM 0 arp broadcast lost during live migration
4:13PM 4 Why I can not boot xen without initrd? Please help.
4:12PM 3 3.0.4-1 domU start problem
3:19PM 5 invalid or unsupported executable format
2:09PM 3 Network problem: packets are lost in domU
1:16PM 13 Problem with automatic VM (domU) creation
12:24PM 5 Problem creating domU: "Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working."
8:44AM 1 how to make initrd image for dom0
6:06AM 0 Installing Xen Image
3:46AM 3 Can I install Windows HVM without X11?
2:59AM 2 Measuring CPU performance?
Wednesday February 21 2007
11:46PM 0 Xen will not boot on Soft Raid.
8:02PM 0 network-bridge problem with windows-server and xen
7:37PM 0 NAT various domUs to multiple IPs on one NIC
7:34PM 0 network-bridge problems with windows-server and xen
5:49PM 4 Xen domU''s and iscsi initaitor problems.
5:27PM 2 Creating a Xen image from HDD partition
5:18PM 5 Possible Broadcom-related problem?
5:11PM 5 Xen and distributing memory
1:05PM 2 DomU does not start, problem with qemu / disk files?
9:33AM 0 Qt4.3/X11 renders blanks as Euro symbols under XEN
2:31AM 0 file not found xen-backend.agent
1:49AM 0 bad pte error in domU
Tuesday February 20 2007
10:38PM 11 Very slow drives, I/O - DMA issues?
10:28PM 0 xm migrate --live never returns
9:09PM 0 Booting existing Windows as domU
6:16PM 2 64-bit Windows Installation Problem
4:07PM 8 xen time sync problem
1:28PM 11 how to make usb drive work with domU ?
1:17PM 7 Test tools for Xen
8:49AM 1 Why I have to do first "make world && make install"
8:29AM 1 Why I have to first do "make world"?
5:44AM 6 newbie xen problens with vbd
2:08AM 4 domUdos not start
Monday February 19 2007
11:30PM 2 LIVE CDs and Debian Packages
3:14PM 3 running w2k stops after domain creation on xen-3.0.2/ 3.0.3/ 3.0.4
12:28PM 3 Unable to boot guest
9:23AM 2 unable to create the Unpriviledge domain
8:02AM 1 live migration
2:06AM 1 Extending console via www in Xen 3.x
Sunday February 18 2007
10:31PM 0 manually add domU vifN.0 to bridge ?
12:08PM 0 Fixed ports (or domID port) for VNC connections
11:16AM 11 xen 3.0.4 - 22, ''Invalid argument'' when starting domain.
3:09AM 3 handling mac addresses and guid''s
Saturday February 17 2007
10:22PM 5 dumping state of a hung domU
8:21PM 2 WinXP guest does not recognize devices
4:50PM 1 asus p5w64 ws pro - eth0
1:43PM 0 Ubuntu dom0 crashes hen I run centos guest.
1:23PM 5 What tools do you use to monitor services within instances?
Friday February 16 2007
10:57PM 3 3.0.4 Early fatal page fault
9:01PM 5 LVM on dom0?
8:01PM 1 Benchmarking virtual and native servers - procedures, standards?
5:58PM 1 Windows under Xen in production environnement ?
3:03PM 1 Sucessful IPtables config on Dom0 anyone?
10:31AM 12 Xen administration tools (for multiple Xen servers)?
10:02AM 5 FW: XenSource Administrator Console
7:53AM 0 debian etch like Guest
7:37AM 13 openSUSE in domU on a CentOS dom0
1:26AM 2 How do you get past a guest that keeps stopping with "poweroff"
Thursday February 15 2007
9:05PM 8 RedHat Enterprise Linux RPM - PAE question
8:03PM 0 external random hardware and entropy dispatching
5:46PM 2 Cannot setup domU as router between Inet, LAN and farm of virtual servers
3:55PM 1 USB passthrough
2:44PM 2 What motherboard to use?
2:37PM 0 xenentreprise vm install
2:07PM 2 Problems with modules and version in domU
11:42AM 0 Xen networking.
9:05AM 4 Anyone running Xen on HP DL380 G5? Intel 5150 and 5160 CPU''s?
4:27AM 2 Consolidating multiple machines. Feasible?
4:16AM 1 Regarding xen 3.0.4
12:01AM 10 What CPU with VT or PACIFICA for Xen?
Wednesday February 14 2007
11:46PM 1 OS install into domU... command line only?
10:39PM 1 Still can''t get Win2003 server running
8:47PM 0 Source NAT problems
8:31PM 0 Kernel Panic
7:38PM 1 (vbd) could not be connected, but I have loop devices?
7:38PM 0 Guest booting issue
7:07PM 6 Error Install Win2003 XEN Opensource 3.0
5:17PM 0 "INIT: cannot execute ''/etc/init.d/boot''"
4:49PM 0 Xend has probably crashed! Invalid or missing HTTP status code.
4:20PM 5 Poor performance with Fibre-channel in domU and dom0
11:01AM 2 change console size of "xm console"
10:33AM 3 Loop devices in SuSE 10.1
7:40AM 5 Cookbook/HowTo for using XEN to create a complete DMZ?
Tuesday February 13 2007
11:46PM 5 ATI fglrx patch, OpenGL is working
11:26PM 3 tap:aio Performance
10:43PM 4 Live Migration... shortest path
6:02PM 1 Xen BoF at FOSDEM - Saturday 1600
4:24PM 2 Network under Vista?
3:30PM 6 Kernel Panic when xm create
3:15PM 0 number of cpu
1:59PM 1 NetBSD domU on Debian dom0
9:37AM 3 Paravirtualised drivers Novell & Intel available
9:24AM 3 loading self compiled module
8:29AM 0 XEN 3.0.3 or 3.0.4 for SuSE 10.1?
Monday February 12 2007
11:08PM 3 SLES10 Error: (9, ''Bad file descriptor'')
9:12PM 3 Xen on K6 processors
8:10PM 1 Trouble Starting Xend using xen-unstable
8:02PM 3 Newbie trying to understand how to get Xen working
7:11PM 9 No Full Virtualisation with Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 Mobile CPU?
2:54PM 1 WinXP guest install stuck
2:02PM 2 yet another newbie tutorial
6:44AM 1 Using Gentoo DomU kernel on a CentOS Dom0
5:06AM 3 windows in paravirtualized environment
Sunday February 11 2007
10:34PM 11 Fully virtualized guest boot problem
9:58PM 0 linux-vserver patch for XEN 3.0.4-1
9:01PM 4 Xen at FOSDEM
7:56PM 2 No /dev/net/tun in dom0
6:27PM 7 LVM or file storage?
5:52PM 0 are these iptables modification secure
5:27PM 8 New to ZEN: Wrong Logical Volume mounted to "/"
5:10PM 0 Guest won''t boot after successful installation
5:06PM 1 A virtual com device as pipe
12:32PM 8 Determining server load
Saturday February 10 2007
5:37PM 2 Xen dom0''s w/NFS root
2:54PM 0 eth0 not found in Suse Enterprice Server 10
9:17AM 0 installing guest linux with graphical console
1:19AM 0 Xen crashing?
Friday February 9 2007
10:15PM 3 Xen opinions?
8:13PM 3 Error:invalid mode
7:53PM 0 VNC console issues with fully-virtualized guests
7:30PM 0 Xvd Problem
7:18PM 1 Does VT-d make live migration of Xen more difficult by reducing the size of abstraction layer?
4:16PM 0 HVM booting problem
2:48PM 2 how to free memory?
12:00PM 1 Error booting Gentoo kernel on CentOS host
11:32AM 0 Configuration XEN for Realtime application
10:43AM 0 Xenoppix (KNOPPIX5.1.1 + Xen3.0.4 + QEMU/KVM + HTTP-FUSE) is released
10:02AM 0 Xen dom0 kernel freezes - how to debug it?
9:47AM 2 Again, FYI: "kernel: bond0: received packet with own address as source address"
5:52AM 2 XenExpress question
5:50AM 1 A good setup.
5:01AM 0 What could be the communication channels between xen and guest os?
1:57AM 3 Some domU''s don''t reboot
12:14AM 0 Trouble getting network card configured
Thursday February 8 2007
11:55PM 15 flexible memory management?
10:16PM 0 unable to start RHEL4 domU from Gentoo dom0
9:06PM 3 Kernel Panic-not syncing VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8, 1)
7:03PM 0 Problem with VNC Console on Paravirtualization VMs
6:05PM 2 Some Xen Newbie Questions
3:45PM 4 X help needed
3:29PM 1 Comment on XEN pls....? Fifth Gear.....it wont stop now..
2:58PM 0 CCISS on HP Proliant DL 360, Screen is freeze
2:57PM 3 Problem with Tigon3 network card in Dom0
12:54PM 11 Is Xen and Qemu serial driver code related ?
12:50PM 3 is mem-set working in 3.0.4?
12:35PM 0 Kernel Panic - Xen 3.0.4-1
9:46AM 6 vcpus and cpus, plus cpu affinity = ??
9:25AM 1 kqemu kernel module
Wednesday February 7 2007
10:37PM 1 recommended Intel CPU for xen
6:33PM 0 Re: Re: VESA BIOS in HVM emulation? (64 bit)
5:58PM 0 Re: VESA BIOS in HVM emulation? (64 bit)
4:08PM 0 Routing issue?
3:20PM 12 XEN future....? RESEARCH :- Do participate.....
3:10PM 7 snapshot feature in XEN ?
2:13PM 9 How to receive the IP-address of an Xen instance that is using DHCP?
12:28PM 2 Trouble building hvm support on Ubuntu x86_64.
10:25AM 0 Xen Administrator Console
7:16AM 1 problem creating Virtual Machine
6:14AM 0 Re: problem with windowsXP (again)
5:19AM 7 dual core/dual proc
1:41AM 1 block devices and how they work
Tuesday February 6 2007
11:56PM 1 network communication benchmarks out there?
9:15PM 1 Installing Guest Domain from an ISO
8:46PM 0 VFS: Cannot open root device
6:28PM 2 real time clock drift
6:18PM 3 domU kernel panic report
5:36PM 0 Server crashes while starting a domain with pciback.hide
4:00PM 2 packages batch installation on domU
2:35PM 6 How to communicate with Xen instance?
2:29PM 9 DomU kernel parameters
12:24PM 1 preparing for dumb servers
10:33AM 2 windows xp install + fedora core 6
10:30AM 4 HowTo install fc6 domU on fc4 dom0
9:53AM 1 Solaris-Linux-Xen?
4:13AM 3 please explain this xen error message to me (newbie here)
1:53AM 3 vbd Sharing
12:42AM 15 xen bridged network config woes [repost w/apology]
Monday February 5 2007
9:10PM 18 centos jailtime image -- no network
6:31PM 0 usb in hvm domU
5:32PM 7 Binary package on Ubuntu 6.10
5:22PM 2 Patching a "vanilla" kernel for use with Xen dom0/domU
5:20PM 1 make install fails when pae is enabled
4:06PM 1 Xen Scalability Testing
2:37PM 2 Getting console after Windows Install
2:18PM 7 Which OS is *most* supported for host os?
2:10PM 2 Re: pci graphics in paravirtual domU
1:39PM 0 RE: Problem building 3.0.4 on HP DL380 G5 - SOLVED
12:59PM 1 Repository for Xen RPMs for Centos 4.4
12:47PM 1 xen cfg + route + passing a list of IP
11:40AM 9 Network configuration problem
11:14AM 0 Howto to install from xensource rpms
11:04AM 2 Re: pci graphics in paravirtual domU
5:20AM 5 Booting Domain0 with LVM under CentOS
Sunday February 4 2007
12:14PM 6 32bit vs 64bit memory usage question
Saturday February 3 2007
7:11PM 0 Hobby project going up using Xen, general advice needed.
3:37PM 0 supermicro motherboard and hvm guest
9:01AM 0 run solaris in a HVM (full virt) domain
Friday February 2 2007
9:44PM 5 Xen on Dell PowerEdge 2500 - Crashes after 0.1 seconds, no visible errors
9:04PM 0 [Fwd: Problems with ivtv module in domU]
7:21PM 3 virt-manager won''t start
6:43PM 3 Get an extra HD when using Yast wizard - what for?
4:29PM 26 full virtualization
4:20PM 0 Problems single stepping in KDB in Linux guest
4:14PM 3 Re: problem building a PAE system
12:46PM 7 HELP PLEASE !! How to Recover deleted img file?
12:37PM 0 Dropped packets from DomU
11:49AM 24 e100 + Xen + VLAN -> VLANs don''t work?
8:21AM 1 DomU and bridge mode, 2 intefaces.
5:11AM 0 Re: Dom0 and DomU can connect only to local network
12:59AM 2 xen: when devices go away...
Thursday February 1 2007
11:28PM 6 what to backup Xen partition with?
9:15PM 5 udev fails in guest, which seem to lead to getty hanging.
8:34PM 5 problem with windowsXP
7:31PM 2 hvmloader not fbuilt as part of Xen
7:31PM 0 XenExpress and others Linux distributions
7:23PM 2 Networking not coming up on dom)
6:21PM 0 Re: create RHEL 4.4 domU on SUSE 10 XEN dom0
5:41PM 1 Dom0 / DomU Jumbo frames support
5:24PM 15 Cannot creat Xen virtual machine with Yast in Suse 10
4:32PM 3 status of hibernate/resume for dom0?
3:29PM 12 Linux software RAID1 (Dom0 or domU)?
2:16PM 1 Cann''t use vim through ssh
2:11PM 1 Networking problem
2:00PM 0 Xen DomU with 2 interfaces LAN & WAN with dummy
1:51PM 3 Re: VNC, framebuffer at boot
1:37PM 1 RE: How to add additional drivers to xen-kernel ?
1:32PM 0 Re: automating the install of windows 2000 or XP
1:32PM 1 Problem with dom0_mem and tmpfs on SLES10
1:25PM 2 Re: How to add additional drivers to xen-kernel ?
1:25PM 2 Re: Booting Linux OS as a guest domain on RHEL5 on full virtualized machine.
10:34AM 0 Re: Re: DomU boot fails with can''t find root on Fedora 6
10:33AM 0 Re: Problems with xen/kernel / autoloading
10:31AM 0 Re: consoel via VNC
10:29AM 0 Re: DomU boot fails with can''t find root on Fedora 6
9:59AM 0 Re: RE: DomU boot fails with can''t find root on Fedora 6
9:46AM 3 Running Redhat Advanced Server 2.1 on hvm
9:26AM 1 Re: What Debian SDL package for SDL with/in Xen?
9:12AM 1 kernel BUG at drivers/xen/core/evtchn.c:765
8:39AM 3 xm shutdown and reboot without console