Xen users - Mar 2007

Saturday March 31 2007
12:25AM 2 Re: Laptop with VT - recommendations
Friday March 30 2007
11:57PM 0 Re: Getting linux to boot under XEN
Thursday March 29 2007
5:52AM 0 XEN FC6 networking bug
Wednesday March 28 2007
7:25PM 0 vmid value fixed
5:16PM 0 network setup
3:18PM 0 The networking features don''t work on a domU
1:38PM 1 Windows Copy Problem
1:08PM 1 live migration of winodws based domUs
11:20AM 4 Some examples to do xen bridges
9:20AM 3 AW: AW: xen + vlan: works but...
2:24AM 1 Cluster xen servers with san storage
Tuesday March 27 2007
8:24PM 4 Backup in a Xen
7:28PM 1 Sound cards in Windows VM
6:44PM 1 Why remove these packages.
5:12PM 3 file-backed vs. block device performance
4:10PM 0 xen + vlan: works but...
12:55PM 0 RE: VLan help! :D
12:54PM 3 modifying file-systems in Dom0 while mounted read-only in DomU
12:13PM 7 Maximum number of interfaces in DomU
11:24AM 5 calling the VMX instructions from HVM guest application
10:40AM 1 Could not setup DOM0 guest OS
10:31AM 2 confused: How to put packetfilter into domU and isolate dom0 completely?
9:18AM 5 eth0 / device problem in dom0
9:15AM 0 PVM console framebuffer config
9:13AM 0 only one domain can be accessed by network at a time
7:14AM 0 tap:aio for winxp hvm domU ?
Monday March 26 2007
7:18PM 1 VLan help! :D?
4:34PM 7 Co-scheduling HVM domains...
4:21PM 2 Vista?
3:35PM 2 Windows XP install doesn''t complete after reboot
1:12PM 0 Xen 3.0.4 and booting from floppy images
12:52PM 0 strange networking problem
7:08AM 0 xm migrate and cleanup
3:19AM 0 Xen error:no memory allocted to domU
Sunday March 25 2007
8:48PM 7 Any other good 64-bit machines
8:25PM 1 xenbr0 not coming up.
8:08PM 1 Xen error: Error: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
12:33PM 0 PCI NIC passthrough problem with RH 2.6.19 kernel
9:33AM 3 Confusion between dom0 and main server?
5:58AM 3 mythbackend dvb cards...need some guidance...
Saturday March 24 2007
7:35PM 6 Using the -xen kernel rather than -xen0/U
4:58PM 5 Best form tu create a domU
9:31AM 0 noob installing xen and experiencing limited network connectivity
9:01AM 3 xen and other virtualization technologies
7:25AM 0 snapshot optimizations
2:47AM 3 USB printer not working in a Linux domU
Friday March 23 2007
6:20PM 2 creating domU from scratch
4:02PM 2 FreeBSD domU
2:12PM 1 P2V
2:05PM 2 IPs jumping around on domU?
1:45PM 11 How to make network storage high available?
4:58AM 0 Video Driver problem for dom0?
Thursday March 22 2007
10:38PM 6 Xen and SAN : snapshot XOR live-migration ?
10:31PM 0 network packet storm e1000_clean_tx_irq: Detected Tx Unit Hang
9:48PM 4 Building a xen Dom0 kernel for a very, very recent kernel branch
8:35PM 7 DOM0 networking - dead to the outside world
4:44PM 1 Problems with Xen and AoE
3:37PM 4 NAT and bridge at the same time
2:36PM 8 Paravirt install RHEL 3.0
11:53AM 1 DomU configuration file
10:39AM 0 xentop and top don''t agree
9:27AM 2 Error booting an opensuse iso image
8:18AM 7 Interface Order
7:15AM 0 error in kernel for xen
5:44AM 1 Live Migration performace analysis
4:17AM 1 /etc/udev/ does not exist
4:13AM 1 2.4.18 guest kernel on FC6
Wednesday March 21 2007
9:15PM 10 any idea?
7:59PM 1 smp for windows
7:57PM 1 x86_64 for guest
5:07PM 2 unable to boot dom0: kernel panic
4:06PM 1 Problems Installing Windows Guest; 3.0.3-6 on FC6
3:41PM 3 unpredictible multiple bridge behaviour.
3:25PM 1 Problem with multiple IPs in DomU
2:34PM 2 hvm rtc always set to utc
10:56AM 0 missing /local/domain/0/vm
9:53AM 2 Xen 3.0.4 doesn''t run
9:52AM 6 domU crash
9:47AM 1 Adding interface for communication between HVM guest and xen VMM
1:19AM 0 guest Windows XP
1:17AM 5 Xend cann''t run?
1:02AM 8 Xen --> Guest
Tuesday March 20 2007
8:25PM 0 Resolved | peth1: received packet with own address as source address
5:09PM 2 Xen kernel prevents ALSA working
3:28PM 4 blktap howto
3:02PM 0 FreeBSD, BTX halted
12:54AM 1 DomU Disk-Intense Operations kill Xen-Server?
12:10AM 0 Question about reserving one CPU for the Xen hypervisorin in case of vm exit.
Monday March 19 2007
11:56PM 1 RE: RE: [Fedora-xen] some initial trouble
11:23PM 8 Export /dev/lp0 as VBD?
10:08PM 0 RE: RE: [Fedora-xen] some initial trouble
5:56PM 1 RE: [Fedora-xen] some initial trouble
5:14PM 1 networking setup
4:44PM 2 Error 22 - dom0 crash on domU start
3:43PM 0 problem starting full virtualized guest on SLES10
3:05PM 0 Ubuntu Xen 3.0.3 xm list hangs
12:15PM 6 How can I create another privileged domian?
12:05PM 0 wine in a domU
10:36AM 2 GFS or ocfs2
10:30AM 0 Xen 3.0.4 troubles with OpenSUSE 10.2
8:58AM 2 Status of "4GB byte count overflow hangs networking"
8:15AM 3 smp in xen
2:51AM 5 FAQ request: hide pci device
2:32AM 2 Opteron 850''s needing a home
2:04AM 0 Xen to DomU
12:48AM 1 Is there windows version (windows host, linux guest)? / Question about license.
Sunday March 18 2007
2:18PM 3 fedora core 6 xen not able to bring up X server:monitor blinks infinitely
Saturday March 17 2007
8:23PM 0 warning about aliases and multihoming
8:17PM 0 Xen istallation on Open Suse 10.2
7:15PM 11 Frontend/Backend model
6:48PM 1 multiple mounting of partitions can cause trouble?
Friday March 16 2007
11:38PM 6 upgrading Xen3.0.4-1 to Xen-unstable ...
6:33PM 8 Networking with more NIC''s
4:02PM 15 Allocate xm sched-credit at boot time?
3:10PM 0 why my virtual server doesn''t boot when I reboot
2:27PM 1 why my virtual server doesn''t boot when I reboot Dom0?
10:25AM 1 latest unstable
6:47AM 0 How to debug xen
Thursday March 15 2007
11:57PM 15 dom0 networking disabled
10:57PM 4 Xen-unstable (Error: Unable to connect to xend)
9:44PM 7 VM Management tools.
8:40PM 2 PCI MMIO?
8:23PM 8 Xen Book
7:46PM 0 SIOCSIFNAME does not exist
7:42PM 1 Bridge networking needs proxy ARP?
7:06PM 4 xen hotplug scripts not working
6:50PM 2 xenperf and mini-os on xen 3.0.4_1 (
6:24PM 5 Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 does not run with more than 2 VCPUs
5:26PM 2 Windows 2003 freezing?
3:52PM 1 Has VMware better performance than Xen 3?
3:35PM 0 cost of AoE on dom-0?
2:54PM 1 NIST Net emulator with Xen
2:43PM 0 One nic in dom0, two nics in domU
2:35PM 1 How to convert a physical Linux machine to xen
2:00PM 0 Xen Data Backup or whole domU backup
1:17PM 6 Any latest XEN development ?
1:02PM 4 Xen web status
11:21AM 2 /boot/xen-3.0-i386 has desapeared
10:43AM 11 Networking doesn''t work
10:01AM 2 Dynamically assign Hardware Resources
9:52AM 10 graphic card on domU
3:08AM 1 Networking trouble with routed /29
12:23AM 0 Call for Papers FrOSCon 07 - 25.+26.08.07 - St. Augustin/Germany
Wednesday March 14 2007
8:30PM 2 Keyboard frozen at login screen w/ Xen 3.0.2
3:26PM 2 windows in domU, howto config network?
3:15PM 4 in domU eth0 is now eth3?
3:02PM 10 Possibilities with Xen3 compared to IBM Power5 DLPAR
11:19AM 2 cpu life cycle comparison, virtualized to standard?
11:13AM 14 Mounting domU filesystem on Dom0. (xm mount)
9:18AM 1 Building 3.0.4 from source - recommended kernel version?
9:06AM 3 kexec for XEN
2:08AM 5 Have anyone made vnet working? how?
12:26AM 1 Q: domU booting problem: "XENBUS: Device with no driver"
12:16AM 0 I cant boot cd in domU with windows
Tuesday March 13 2007
10:13PM 2 Reset MAC Address
7:56PM 1 Qemu with accelerator module in Xen domU - does it work?
6:30PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Running Windows 2k3 guest in ACPI multi-processor HAL mode (acpi=1)
6:08PM 4 Mixing architectures--64bit master, 32bit clients?
4:52PM 1 network in xen windows server 2003
3:33PM 3 booting windows
2:42PM 17 Exploiting XEN
9:50AM 9 Migration only works one way (seemingly depending on machine''s boot time)
9:13AM 0 xm block-attach and qcow image - why does it fail ? second try
8:50AM 0 newer kernels in production enviroment use?
12:44AM 14 Xen Not Support multi-cpu??
12:05AM 0 Best way to secure dom0 with iptables?
Monday March 12 2007
4:33PM 0 Fedora 6 xen - Win 2003 domU boot
3:41PM 16 booting an ISO inside Xen (full virt)
3:22PM 0 Dom0 networking again
11:07AM 0 start error
10:34AM 0 How to see backend and frontend drivers
7:23AM 3 Is this new server OK with XEN ??
Sunday March 11 2007
4:22PM 3 FW: Running Windows 2k3 guest in ACPI multi-processor HAL mode (acpi=1)
1:52PM 1 Xen3, dom0=Linux, domU=NetBSD-3.1, ping OK, but no UDP/TCP
1:49PM 4 Mercurial Quick Start Guide Featuring Xen?
8:58AM 0 mounting using "xm block-attach" does not work; "special device /dev/xvda1 does not exist." error
2:32AM 2 Whats needed for XP
1:22AM 1 Re: moving a real system to a Xen-hosted (HVM) one - how?
Saturday March 10 2007
11:05PM 3 mount xen partitions inside logical volume from dom0?
7:15PM 0 Questions about pass through block devices
6:12PM 10 Upgrade from 2GB RAM to 4GB RAM
12:06PM 0 How can I get the HBA and disk devices info out-of-band?
11:33AM 1 Correct memory allocation for Dom0 ?
10:49AM 2 How to write DomU from an existing Linux kernel (Paravirtualization)
10:38AM 0 Re: 4gb seg fixup errors fc6
Friday March 9 2007
7:26PM 2 Strange issue: DomU not saving when using direct HW access, plus non-working after restart
1:23PM 8 Bonding – dom0 or dom1 ? and why is vif1.1 missing in DomU?
12:47PM 1 Compiling error! libxc
12:02PM 0 Xen 3.0.4 patch for kernel 2.6.18 on openSUSE 10.2
10:17AM 0 serial port access from domU
10:01AM 3 Which source directory for make
9:00AM 29 Strange Networking Issue
8:37AM 2 xen / AOE / vblade
1:22AM 3 2.6.18
Thursday March 8 2007
11:04PM 1 Re: Any luck with Matrox g550 and xen
10:07PM 0 USB printer on Xen
10:02PM 6 lvm snapshot
8:28PM 1 Eth0 and eth1 swapped
5:44PM 2 Install Error when selecting Graphics Support
3:38PM 0 arcmsr and Xen
3:15PM 2 xenguest-install Install Location
2:26PM 1 What does backend attribute in xm list -l signifies?
1:28PM 5 Shared storage between Domu''s
1:07PM 1 Guest installation problem.
12:38PM 0 Expanding Xen sparse disk using VM converter.
11:58AM 0 HVM networking issue?
11:42AM 15 Installing a domU on NFS
10:53AM 1 VMKNOPPIX is released
1:34AM 0 Xend occupies ttyS0 and can not use modem in FC6
Wednesday March 7 2007
11:08PM 2 iptables not working on xen 3.0.4 domU
6:40PM 2 Missing Hvmloader
5:13PM 0 LVM snapshot problem on Xen
4:09PM 5 Permission denied when starting XEN
3:31PM 1 Cannot Boot Fedora in multiuser runlevel (3 or 5)
3:11PM 1 ioemu in config file and O_DIRECT option
11:31AM 3 (network-script network-nat)
10:55AM 4 Problems saving domain
9:00AM 1 xend does not start "No space left..."
Tuesday March 6 2007
11:30PM 6 Desynchronize clock
9:55PM 0 Re: errors with make tools and make docs
9:41PM 1 questions about xen
9:19PM 0 Quad-Core Xeon E5300 series
8:47PM 4 Xen 3.0.4-1 and NIC driver
5:59PM 10 Does XEN support crash carts?
5:22PM 6 Question about source branches
4:56PM 4 Dom0 don''t ping
4:51PM 0 PTEs not being validated?
2:39PM 2 hardware question
2:14PM 10 xend: not reconized RHEL5
12:06PM 14 Effect of installing Xen on VT enabled machine
11:56AM 3 HVM PV (unmodified) driver performance
5:42AM 6 install Fodera 6 on Xen - stop copying files during the installation
3:50AM 2 Drivers needed in both dom0 and domU?
2:01AM 0 Newbie: xm is failing on FC5- Xen3.0.4.1
Monday March 5 2007
9:45PM 11 Running scripts on domU create/shutdown?
8:41PM 2 xen_net: Memory squeeze in netback driver.
3:51PM 1 the network ''load balancing''
3:05PM 3 domU on aoe troubles (saved by losetup?)
9:29AM 0 Access xen on remote Machine
8:32AM 0 How would you burn up 20GB of fiber on a Xen farm?
7:42AM 1 Full virtualization with physical device
3:55AM 0 performance and resource monitoring and statistics
1:06AM 7 Another begginer
Sunday March 4 2007
4:46PM 4 xen 3.0.3, domUs all use eth1 for first network interface
2:27PM 0 problems with unfreezing VMs - dunno if already known?
2:12PM 3 dom0 freezes under high IO load
10:18AM 2 What is different from having just xen or having xen0 and xenU.
8:03AM 0 If TLS disabled xend will not start.
Saturday March 3 2007
3:04PM 0 xen live migration error:VmError: Device 51712 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
2:43PM 0 Slackware 11.0 dom0 won''t boot on latest Xen
1:20PM 5 Slow Disk access on SLES 10 install
7:16AM 0 COW (Copy-On-Write) storage options in Xen
5:23AM 6 virt-install error on every restart
3:27AM 27 dom0 freezes under high IO load - HP ML150 G2
Friday March 2 2007
9:42PM 5 New x86 machine
8:50PM 0 Re: Measuring overall CPU utlization
6:58PM 2 ACPI, Vista and Xen
6:30PM 2 KVM Tests
6:27PM 0 RE: Xen 3.0.4 on RH EL 4.4 - can''t make it boot kerne l
6:01PM 2 Windows HVM guest and SMP support with xen v3.0.3 ?
5:50PM 1 Xen, multiple NICs, VLANs and a headache!
2:09PM 0 any tools to monitor the xen deployed system
11:23AM 3 Xen and Kernel 2.6.20
9:15AM 2 a quick live migration question.
9:09AM 8 page fault handling in Xen
12:59AM 0 Re: Install of RHEL as HVM not running
Thursday March 1 2007
11:24PM 2 RE: Xen 3.0.4 on RH EL 4.4 - can''t make it boot kerne l
10:24PM 8 32bit or 64bit?
4:14PM 1 RE: Xen 3.0.4 on RH EL 4.4 - can''t make it boot kerne l
4:11PM 0 RE: Xen 3.0.4 on RH EL 4.4 - can''t make it boot kerne l
3:53PM 0 RE: Xen 3.0.4 on RH EL 4.4 - can''t make it boot kerne l
3:29PM 3 RE: Xen 3.0.4 on RH EL 4.4 - can''t make it boot kerne l
3:14PM 3 Xen 3.0.4 on RH EL 4.4 - can''t make it boot kernel
11:26AM 1 xm create and No pop up windows
11:11AM 8 Remote access to domU console using vnc
8:04AM 1 Using custom domU kernels with Fedora,Debian,SUSE
4:43AM 3 Using multiple logical volumes for partitions in domUs