Xen users - Jun 2006

Friday June 30 2006
10:54PM 0 Domain 0 crashed
1:48AM 3 Insufficient loop device free
Thursday June 29 2006
11:28PM 19 Credit scheduler!
11:15PM 0 Xen testing/unstable builds
11:05PM 2 Xen with Grsecurity
10:56PM 7 Checkpointing
9:46PM 0 multiple interface issues
6:15PM 1 Anyone using Windows on Xen on laptop?
5:25PM 2 Slow domU disk performance
5:12PM 5 Multiple VCPUs
3:05PM 0 DRBD and Heartbeat on FC5 for domU - anyone?
2:34PM 5 growing file systems
9:49AM 3 Using physical disk in HVM
9:42AM 4 XEON VT Support
Wednesday June 28 2006
10:45PM 0 migration and loss of networking
10:37PM 0 RE: Can we run more virtual machine than the memoryavaible?
9:27PM 3 2850 <-> USB <->
8:19PM 3 Looking for updates on VT enabled motherboards
7:35PM 0 Problems w/ spoofing VM clock, independent_clock
5:16PM 0 xend start error: OSError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted
12:42PM 1 VM-related conferences?
12:29PM 3 limit on the number of NICs per domU
9:16AM 5 network unreachable DNS
7:49AM 2 domU not autostarting
2:32AM 0 Virtual NICs (vifs) in DomU
2:23AM 0 network failed on dom0
12:51AM 1 Time went backwards
Tuesday June 27 2006
11:14PM 1 X-Windows on a virtual machine
10:43PM 9 A classic... Network inside domU
9:42PM 2 ubuntu-server lamp
8:27PM 7 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
8:02PM 1 Xen 3.0 rpms for Centos 4.3 dom0 and domU
6:01PM 2 Installing SUSE VM on FC-Xen
5:47PM 3 Templates or cloning domUs
5:40PM 2 Install Suse on LV from host running Fedora
3:52PM 0 delay auto start of domU
3:39PM 2 Paravirtualizing
3:10PM 2 Re: AW: copy DomU
2:31PM 2 copy DomU
2:30PM 0 ubuntu domU to ubuntu-lamp-server domU
2:06PM 1 How to get free memory based on h/w in Xen
2:01PM 5 AW: AW: HVM problem
1:26PM 0 independent_wallclock=0, domU''s date is 16 mins behind dom0''s date
1:20PM 1 Xen VT + FreeBSD
1:15PM 3 HVM problem
11:48AM 8 Is it possible that save vm without destroy?
11:45AM 7 Debian can not start domU
8:34AM 4 SLES9 xenU - Error: (9, ''Bad file descriptor'')
7:09AM 0 LVM
Monday June 26 2006
5:18PM 2 How to determine which version of Xen is running
12:08PM 11 Swap File
9:24AM 1 Trouble using NAT with multiple bridges
6:24AM 0 Xen API for custom applications
5:55AM 3 How can I install Puppy Linux as guest
5:46AM 0 Error: an integer is required
1:53AM 1 network configuration for domU
Sunday June 25 2006
11:13AM 1 dom0 NAT Router
8:49AM 0 Same disk image to boot inside QEMU and Xen?
5:49AM 6 Trying to install Windows in Xen
1:45AM 0 ttyS0 doesn''t exist
Saturday June 24 2006
10:11PM 0 Re: Xen on openmosix/openssi..
7:32PM 0 X11 in domU (not VNC)?
5:50PM 0 Unable to launch DomU
4:23PM 4 AMD64 AM2 supports Windows XP?
11:17AM 1 ethernet interfaces
Friday June 23 2006
9:55PM 6 Xen Migration 100 nodes
7:46PM 0 Booting domU off partition instead of image file
7:23PM 3 No eth0 in DomU in FC5
10:46AM 1 Crash while mapping a device''s (large) memory region
8:54AM 1 vifname''s (Shorewall)
6:45AM 1 RE: 3D acceleration
5:28AM 0 Xen vith VT question
2:13AM 0 vnc & image mount
2:09AM 1 cannot compile hvmloader (dev86 missing)
Thursday June 22 2006
10:56PM 0 HVM and VNC
8:54PM 4 Problem running xen unstable with HVM on AMD
6:19PM 4 Bug or PEBCAK ? Rebooting DomU with PCI-Device fails in Xen 3
5:16PM 1 xenoprof patch
4:40PM 2 Networking in domU
3:03PM 2 VFS: Cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block(0, 0) -- in domU
2:54PM 1 boot problem of Xen 3.0.2
2:23PM 3 domU minimum and maximum memory
2:16PM 29 need to compile 32bit on x86_64 cpu
1:52PM 0 Xen domU for OpenBSD/amd64 demo (updated)
1:06PM 4 Can we run more virtual machine than the memory avaible?
11:25AM 2 problem of Checking for the bridge control utils
10:29AM 2 compatibility questions
9:01AM 0 My System got Warning "Offending process: init (pid=1)"
6:39AM 0 Ubuntu & graphic desktop and hvmloader
12:05AM 1 vif-bridge on Slackware
Wednesday June 21 2006
10:56PM 5 Xen Migration Errors
9:04PM 0 network-nat and dhcp
8:53PM 0 Xen installation
8:03PM 1 Vserver: single question
8:03PM 1 Expected network throughput
7:17PM 0 FC5 and lib/tls
6:54PM 1 acpi: fan running and cpufreq always at minimum on centrino
4:32PM 7 xen unstable boot problem - Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS
4:23PM 1 FC5 and Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
3:29PM 0 gdb-server problem
1:17PM 2 soundcard in Dom0 and DomU
11:43AM 0 Re: Xen Network
8:48AM 1 RAM problem
8:45AM 1 XEN emulation situations
7:51AM 0 quota refuses to turn itself on.
6:01AM 0 How to start X in domU
4:27AM 6 Hardware differences for 2 xen servers?
12:09AM 5 Vista B2
Tuesday June 20 2006
10:39PM 1 netbsd domU cant find root device
9:41PM 6 dummy interfaces on a bridge?
9:07PM 1 Xen 3.0.2 FC5 Reboots
8:59PM 0 how to compile a custom xenU [newbe]
7:44PM 0 domUs configuration
3:45PM 2 Debian guest on FC5 host (nubie alert)
3:13PM 1 memory problem, possible bug in testing
3:12PM 0 newbie questions re. setting up a 2-node HA cluster
2:37PM 2 dom0 as router
1:29PM 9 no eth0 on guest
1:15PM 1 Help with tracing Xen performance
12:09PM 0 dom0 crashes instantly after Xen boot
11:14AM 0 HD timeouts with busy xen domains
9:12AM 2 Problem passing command-line parameters to xm create
2:49AM 6 LVM on DRBD -OR- DRBD on LVM?
Monday June 19 2006
6:41PM 4 Looking for tips about Physical Migration on XEN
5:56PM 0 Xen, keepalived and IP_VS
3:03PM 0 Error with xc_translate_foreign_address
2:49PM 0 Another bug? "Error: an integer is required"
1:14PM 0 error
11:09AM 2 xen and bonding
11:01AM 0 Problem with xenU x11
8:37AM 0 3 virtual interfaces in dom0
7:14AM 0 [Xen-tools] RE: Hi,something about the xentrace tool
5:10AM 2 OOM killer problem
3:18AM 0 Full virtualization (AMD pacifica) and mythtv...
12:24AM 3 Is it possible to run Xen under QEMU?
Sunday June 18 2006
10:13PM 0 dom0 nbd-root problem
6:29PM 3 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
3:46PM 0 DomU Failing to boot
3:37PM 1 Memory leak in i2o (kernel 2.6.16-xen)
2:32PM 1 No X on Xen with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
1:04PM 0 No X on Xen with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
8:07AM 3 Migrate a domU
8:01AM 0 Out of Memory xenU
Saturday June 17 2006
9:35PM 0 Re: ioctl 00005382 not supported by Xen blkdev
5:23PM 1 Installing Xen on x86_64
9:30AM 2 Enabling multiple CPUs?
12:44AM 2 Device 0 (vif) could not be connected
Friday June 16 2006
9:02PM 1 Xen 3.0.2 guests never start properly
8:52PM 7 Only able to start 2 domUs
5:35PM 2 Physical Dev Access
4:56PM 0 HugeTLB support
2:11PM 1 [Xen-tools] RE: Hi,something about the xentrace tool
11:20AM 0 Re: X11 inside an unprivileged domain
10:44AM 1 AMD64 , Xrealvnc crashes
9:44AM 4 How can we increase de maximum memory for a domU
9:06AM 1 Keyboard error
9:06AM 0 (no subject)
8:26AM 0 DOM0 image is not a Xen-compatible Elf image
3:36AM 5 XenMan
12:05AM 7 prevention
Thursday June 15 2006
8:23PM 0 wee projects - fyi
7:46PM 0 HVM vif Backend not found
7:27PM 11 domU consoles
5:52PM 0 openmanage dcdbas
3:40PM 2 Serial port fort domU
3:14PM 0 Clusters on Xen
2:31PM 1 2 nics, 2 bridges
8:12AM 2 Capture network packages in DomU?
7:06AM 11 [Xen-tools] RE: Hi,something about the xentrace tool
1:31AM 1 FW: [Fedora-xen] Multiple Xens with static IP addresses
1:26AM 0 Xen woes, happy ending?
12:47AM 1 1. Re: Re: [Xen-devel] Re: switchroot mount failed
Wednesday June 14 2006
10:43PM 0 Xennet missing after source compilation
10:39PM 0 Some Xen newbie questions
10:24PM 2 Xen running Windows
10:23PM 1 Dom0 64bit & DomU 32bit Guest-OS?
5:48PM 1 duplicating domU
5:38PM 1 extracting cpu load information!
4:21PM 3 Error when destroying ''zombies'' VM''s
3:04PM 0 Distro for Xen, Software Raid and LVM
2:48PM 14 Best Distro for Xen, Software Raid and LVM
2:34PM 1 running wondows from ubuntu dapper
1:46PM 2 xentop blocked
1:11PM 3 NFS root in domU
12:07PM 0 Xen, HVM and Win2k3 with SP1?
10:19AM 1 debian etch libc6. I''m confused.
10:16AM 0 Downgrading Xen
9:29AM 3 xen version available? where?
9:15AM 0 Create a new guest VM
7:25AM 4 Failed to boot suse 10.1(domain 0) with IBM xSeries 330
3:41AM 1 IntelVT machine for Xen
1:57AM 0 bvt scheduler parameters confusion!
12:24AM 0 This is a Test
Tuesday June 13 2006
11:10PM 1 cpu performance wrt domains
8:54PM 1 Test
8:41PM 0 More than 3 network interfaces in domU
8:23PM 0 Error on creating domain : Error: Error creating domain: (2, ''No such file or directory'')
8:19PM 1 Sarge: Xen 3.0.2-2 on Opteron 64bit
8:18PM 0 hard reset of dom0
7:29PM 0 Problems: Upgrading debianbase.de Xen 3.0.1 to debian Xen 3.0.2 (all on Sid)
7:04PM 2 Exporting "SD" device.
4:21PM 7 Cloning VM''s
4:14PM 0 no network on Dom0
3:42PM 17 switchroot mount failed
2:45PM 1 libc6-xen on the etch repository?
2:13PM 0 Xen domU for OpenBSD/amd64 demo
1:27PM 0 Does hardware VMX kill hardware passthrough to non-VMX domains?
12:26PM 1 arping between two xen0 works, ping doesn''t (not checksum issue)
12:10PM 0 Using USB Disks in Dom0
11:29AM 0 Warning building kernel
6:47AM 4 some network error in VMs
5:01AM 1 ps/2 keyboard on dom0 does not respond to input
4:12AM 4 peth device
12:26AM 0 moving ahead and new questions
Monday June 12 2006
10:58PM 0 parameters to mkinitrd
10:55PM 0 Network on vm1
10:18PM 0 Bridge not setup when domU starts - must manually start
9:42PM 0 FW: Fedora 5 Xen 3 Copy domu
7:22PM 1 Fedora 5 Xen 3 Copy domu
6:13PM 6 Xen3.0, LSI MegaRaid, Debian
5:48PM 0 Hardware virtualization....
4:47PM 9 Xen w/ IntelVT->Windows Success Report
4:13PM 3 VLAN script
2:59PM 5 minimal memory requirements
2:07PM 7 IP configuration for domU ignored
2:01PM 0 debian domU: device not found
9:26AM 0 CfP Workshop on XEN in HPC Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (XHPC)
9:09AM 1 Exporting LVM device to domU
8:16AM 0 RE: Error: Not an HVM capable platform, we stop crea ting!
7:05AM 0 Strategies for running many VPS servers?
5:01AM 6 XEN VT/VMX problems / xm create (detailed info + configs :)
2:16AM 2 network setup for domU
Sunday June 11 2006
8:26PM 2 iscsi initiator in Dom0.
7:22PM 0 crash of xen-system when accessing cdrom
5:53PM 1 Windows/XP
4:41PM 1 Newbie alert
4:10PM 0 [Xen‑users] Error: Not an HVM capable platform, we stop creating!
3:12PM 0 Demo laptop with 2Gb of ram
1:17PM 6 Hi,something about the xentrace tool
10:26AM 1 Error: Not an HVM capable platform, we stop creating!
10:25AM 0 Powernow-k8 support?
5:22AM 3 Error conecting to xend: no such file or directory. Is xend running?
3:25AM 5 *BSD domU on Linux dom0?
2:11AM 2 vethX
Saturday June 10 2006
6:55PM 1 /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lxenctrl
1:51PM 0 Install Xen from source on a Opteron using 32bits OS
1:42PM 3 Best way to install a guest OS
7:08AM 0 PCI Delegation - HOWTO?
4:48AM 3 xen testing
12:44AM 1 Server restarts without error on boot
Friday June 9 2006
10:13PM 2 Recommended SAS or SAS RAID controllers for Xen on IBM xSeries 306m with PCI-X slot
7:53PM 0 vethX dont start
6:46PM 1 What is possible with vlan and xen ?
6:22PM 0 Re: [Xen‑users] Windows 2003 Guest on Xen?
5:24PM 2 Windows 2003 Guest on Xen?
4:55PM 1 Load detection and domU migration
2:38PM 0 Kernel panic: Unable to handle kernel paging request
12:07PM 0 Kernel restarts without error on boot
8:01AM 5 Problem using the serial console on my Server
6:37AM 1 domU kernel on rpm distribution
6:06AM 3 Suse on FC4-Xen
5:39AM 6 AMD SVN and Xen3
Thursday June 8 2006
10:53PM 1 Integrate Xen into the kernel booted from
9:59PM 5 Xen on an Intel mac-mini
9:46PM 0 XEN-SUSE 10.1-- DHCP Server works under plain but not under XEN
9:22PM 1 IPTables Logging
8:55PM 2 Workstation on xen
7:02PM 5 Bridge vs. Route configuration?
3:24PM 1 amd64 dom0 with 32bits guest OS
2:43PM 1 upgrade question
1:16PM 3 Shift PageUp don''t work into XenU
12:33PM 0 Cannot create vbd / cannot create vif
11:16AM 0 making a kernel of my own
9:48AM 3 Announcing OpenBSD/amd64 Xen port
6:10AM 2 domU suddenly stops working with error after machine restart
2:40AM 4 Safe partitioning for XEN?
2:40AM 0 cannot install anything!
12:13AM 0 Xen compilation Error Xen3.0.2.2
Wednesday June 7 2006
11:48PM 0 (no subject)
10:37PM 0 Setting Xen scheduler parameters
9:39PM 1 Older release Guest o/s
8:48PM 0 DomU crashes on reboot -- with hack-fix included...
5:56PM 0 Ethernet Interface does not come up for DomU.
4:26PM 1 iptables error
2:12PM 0 Unable to see any output from a (failing) guest
2:01PM 3 xen3.0.2 4G ram
2:00PM 2 Problems booting domU
1:56PM 1 Kernel panic booting dom0, possible initrd problem?
1:46PM 2 win2000 under xen
12:03PM 0 Xen - Losing network after starting xend. [SOLVED]
10:59AM 6 Kubuntu host running, guest win XP doesn''t start
10:28AM 2 A few things to add in the doc
7:06AM 2 Xen problem in AMD Athelon(tm) XP 2400+
4:10AM 14 HA Xen on 2 servers!! No NFS, special hardware, DRBD or iSCSI...
1:34AM 1 Xen boot failed while mount root FS
1:20AM 1 Xen and NAS
12:54AM 0 (no subject)
12:03AM 0 Xen crahses when domU mem > 512
12:02AM 4 Ubuntu DomU Recipe
Tuesday June 6 2006
9:04PM 1 error booting Fedora Core 5 root
6:47PM 8 (xen) Possible bug: Memory squeeze in netback driver.
2:56PM 0 XEN as virtual wireless enviroment
2:48PM 9 xen support sites
2:29PM 3 SCSI support, kernel panic on boot
2:01PM 2 AW: Xen 3 networking issues
8:22AM 1 Xen 3 networking issues
7:30AM 3 SuSE 10.1 and Windows XP guest
6:01AM 0 Not getting the IPAddress for domanU
1:43AM 0 SATA controller timeout under XenLinux only
Monday June 5 2006
9:16PM 3 Anyone offering dedicated Intel-VT servers?
8:40PM 0 problem in installing guest OS
8:24PM 0 xen-tools v1.5
8:14PM 0 My Xen 3.0.2 problems
4:45PM 0 Regarding Network problem in DomU.
4:11PM 2 Difference between HVM and VTI
2:46PM 1 Problems with debootstrap
2:45PM 1 Problems with mirrors (debootstrap)
2:32PM 5 Fedora Core 5 /lib/tls
2:29PM 4 limit of domUs ?
6:46AM 2 download xen 3.0.1 source
5:02AM 0 rxbuf_{min,cur,max}
4:52AM 1 Re: 答复: 答复: How to config
3:42AM 4 Error while creating domain.
2:54AM 4 Java non-performant in a domU?
2:30AM 3 How to configure two NICs on a DomU?
1:46AM 2 Network stops working when creating domU
Sunday June 4 2006
11:05PM 1 network problems
4:42PM 20 networking not working
7:03AM 3 No module ata_piix found for kernel 2.6.16-xen, aborting.
12:47AM 3 How to find completion of domU migration?
Saturday June 3 2006
11:24PM 5 General Question about NFS speed and XEN
4:08PM 0 DHCP on second physical adapter
1:32PM 5 Windows XP on VMX freeze
12:51PM 18 irq 17: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
11:23AM 4 xentop.c error
8:38AM 3 xen 3.0.2-2 crashing / DELL PE2850
6:29AM 2 cpu allocation per virtual machine!
1:28AM 5 Root fs image crated by Yast Xen
Friday June 2 2006
6:39PM 0 Restarting network whenever shutting down a vm
6:25PM 0 AGAIN: unregister_netdevice: waiting for vif3.0 to become free. Usage count = 15
5:16PM 2 error: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
2:36PM 0 Problems booting dom0
7:54AM 12 Xen boot failed while mount root FS.
4:26AM 1 modprobe says "Invalid module format" in dom0
Thursday June 1 2006
11:47PM 5 Suse 10.1 Virtual Machine Management
11:24PM 0 CPU #1 not responding - cannot use it.
6:31PM 1 apt-get update dapper
5:55PM 9 Bare Metal Installation of Xen
5:53PM 2 Xen 3.0, FC5 and Pentium D920
4:06PM 4 VT-ready workstation for SuSE10.1/Xen and Windows
2:02PM 0 8xx, p4M800, sis661FX mobo success
1:06PM 1 xen support
11:25AM 5 Moved from Xen 2 to Xen 3... some questions..
10:41AM 6 UPS serial port ttyS0
9:21AM 3 ways to help improve network performance
6:42AM 5 Guest domain with PCI frontend disabled IRQ, backend device dies
3:20AM 4 Mixed DomU Architectures