Xen users - May 2006

Wednesday May 31 2006
10:39PM 3 network CPU consumption question
8:46PM 9 pcifront pci-0: pciback not responding (tg3)
6:54PM 6 Contending RAM
5:15PM 6 Cannot allocate memory
3:46PM 3 AMD pacifica/SVM CPU support...
3:33PM 0 xen cpu benchmarks
3:12PM 0 ubuntu missing config-2.6.16-1-xen-686 file
2:58PM 2 xen3.0 about username and password at bo oting of DomainU
2:25PM 1 How to enable VMX?
1:05PM 0 x-server startup
1:01PM 9 Centos 4.3 as a domU under FC5
12:29PM 1 domU x-server startup
11:56AM 2 NFS root mount problem
9:51AM 0 NAT and cross-domU comunications
8:12AM 1 Server recommendations for running Xen/Debian?
6:57AM 0 RE: Graphic Card on DomU
6:25AM 4 RE: Windows on XEN with Vanderpool - or "AMD availability" ;)
Tuesday May 30 2006
11:25PM 0 8250: no version for "struct_module" found: kernel tainted.
7:41PM 3 Problem in the very first step of installation of xen
7:41PM 2 XEN-friendly libc6 for Ubuntu Dapper Drake?
7:01PM 1 Sarge unstable +Adaptec 7892 +Software Raid1 +ReiserFS +Xen 3.0.2, could not boot
7:00PM 0 Invalid sequencer interrupt with AIC79xx driver and linux-xen kernel
6:36PM 29 Xen in a 32 way system
6:23PM 6 Unmodified guests on Dell 380
6:02PM 1 Xen basic concerns
10:07AM 2 live migration problem and howto clear p2m table
10:01AM 3 Xen, LDAP and Berkeley DB
Monday May 29 2006
11:30PM 5 new domain respawns with xen3.0 on ubuntu
10:25PM 0 Guest using a VPN connection
6:05PM 2 Xen on Apple Macbook Pro
3:59PM 4 Install Other OS under DOMU
1:36PM 3 max memory size
12:58PM 2 Graphic Card on DomU (windows)
11:05AM 0 Xen 3.0 ocfs2 and Oracle Rac 10gR2
9:12AM 1 Problem in creating DomU on Dom0.
7:47AM 2 Cannot setup DOM0 gest OS when boot xen kernel in SUSE 10.1
4:57AM 7 mainboard with VT support?
Sunday May 28 2006
9:57PM 1 Virtual network interfaces not being created?
9:16PM 1 Various Problems on dom0 Compilation
8:26PM 0 BSD guest on Linux host
11:39AM 3 Use of "ethtool - K eth0 tx off"
5:19AM 5 Easiest way to compile custom kernel, for fedora +openswan+xen+patchomatic
Saturday May 27 2006
9:18PM 4 installation help for xen3.0.2-2 with linux-2.6.16 kernel
9:08PM 3 xen 3.0.2 with nvidia
12:59AM 1 Kernel backwards compatibility
Friday May 26 2006
6:58PM 6 How to add iptables modules to Domu Kernel??
6:46PM 0 Headers for kernel xen-kernel-2.6.16-xen3_86.1_rhel4.1
3:36PM 0 Can not establish a SSH Connection into Dom0
3:11PM 1 G729 license from digium and Xen
1:01PM 12 New CPU scheduler w/ SMP load balancer
8:38AM 0 Problem booting on SAN xen 3.0.2
Thursday May 25 2006
11:42PM 0 Network and first domu installation
11:39PM 0 "soft crash" on domU (bug?)
8:05PM 6 XENified RH Kernel
7:41PM 0 RE: Error starting DomU (Kernel panic - not syncing:No init found )
3:55PM 12 EVMS or GFS
3:46PM 1 Xen and IPSEC
3:43PM 2 Virtual machine with valid IP
2:24PM 12 Unmodified Linux. Installation hangs.
1:18PM 0 processor question regarding later Xen installation
12:31PM 1 XEN on machines with EFI
11:20AM 0 Temporary iptables failure with xen-3.0.2-2
10:26AM 2 peth0 transmit timed out, @cea56200 length 80000042 status 00000042, help please?
8:27AM 0 Xen stability
4:28AM 0 cyclone: could not find valid CBAR value
3:52AM 1 Can XEN be installed onto a running system?
3:05AM 1 Lost peth0, not sure how to get it back...
1:46AM 2 Hardware suggestion and XEN selection
12:40AM 3 Installing CentOS 4.3 Guest OS
Wednesday May 24 2006
11:57PM 0 "cyclone: could not find valid CBAR value"
11:08PM 6 run vmware inside a xen host
4:54PM 0 Monitor DomU file system from Dom0
3:35PM 2 Running Xen on current Opteron family?
2:45PM 20 Windows on XEN with Vanderpool
2:08PM 4 Production Xen Deployment (Windows Guests)
2:00PM 3 Problems booting a 32bit domU kernel on a Debian sarge amd64 x86_64 dom0 host.
1:12PM 1 vif showing up as eth1 (no eth0)
1:07PM 1 HVM and physical VDBs
12:46PM 0 How to make a custom DomU kernel.....
9:20AM 1 Clock in domU running fast
5:00AM 1 Compiling in domU - missing headers (maybe...)
4:37AM 0 Problem starting xend
Tuesday May 23 2006
5:49PM 1 modelling domU bootloaders
5:24PM 0 HVM: Emergency Management Services for W2K3 under Xen with HVM?
4:02PM 2 /dev/loop on Debian Sid
12:59PM 4 directing xm dmesg to syslog
11:58AM 5 Windows x64 HVM Guest
11:53AM 19 LVM2 snapshots and XEN = problem :(
10:16AM 1 VCPUs with many (20?) domains
3:49AM 9 Simple networking problem - DNS
2:59AM 0 Error starting DomU (Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found)
1:04AM 0 Xen with infiniband
Monday May 22 2006
11:24PM 5 Anyone got Enomalism installed?
10:46PM 0 xend messes up broadcast address on eth2
9:43PM 1 Xen and Guest Domain cross-wired
8:24PM 2 networking problem with xen
8:13PM 1 no eth device in domU although defined in configuration
7:10PM 1 DomU VCPUs
5:11PM 0 Re: Nvidia Driver 8756 x86_64
4:45PM 2 Xen + QEMU Accelerator
4:36PM 0 fc5 dom0 wireless connectivity
3:20PM 1 HVM Domain, CD-ROM on the fly
2:00PM 0 Need some start advices
1:32PM 8 iSCSI-LUN as VBD
10:41AM 0 vif parameter rate
4:43AM 4 Problems starting HVM domain
4:15AM 1 Can''t boot hypervisor on VIA Samuel 2
3:56AM 1 Force dom0 to use specific cpu?
Sunday May 21 2006
8:14PM 2 Traffic Counting / port analysis using Xen 3.0.2?
6:55PM 2 exception looking up device number for sda1
9:44AM 4 proper shutdown of domUs
Saturday May 20 2006
11:52PM 2 FATAL: Could not open ''System.map''
6:40PM 0 Serial Port Access in DomU
2:04PM 2 domU as router for dom0
12:45PM 10 smbfs support in domU, domU kernel compilation problems
7:59AM 0 Computer restarts after creating new guest
6:21AM 2 NetBSD install fails after partitioning
Friday May 19 2006
7:25PM 1 detecting paging inside of VMs
5:51PM 0 Error in the compile kernel xen from source
5:07PM 3 relocation time about 20sec? and yours?
3:34PM 0 vif parameter ''backend'', ''type'' and ''script''
3:08PM 1 unsupported PCI BIOS function 0x0E
1:51PM 0 Linux Kernel 2.4?
12:58PM 1 iptables filter on specific bridge port only
11:43AM 0 Xen - Losing network after starting xend.
10:16AM 1 bridge or nat ??
9:04AM 0 gateway using dhcp
Thursday May 18 2006
11:17PM 1 Xen-unstable
9:31PM 5 PCI passtrough in HVM Domain ?
8:57PM 4 Fail to create hvm domain
8:46PM 0 domU modules..
7:19PM 0 No NFS server available giving up
5:31PM 3 VT under 64-bit hypervisor?
5:05PM 0 Quote over Processor
4:32PM 3 xen blocked state
4:15PM 11 mac spoofing
3:10PM 0 xm mem-set question
3:00PM 0 xen version 2 under Fedora Core 1 or 2
8:55AM 0 xm migrate with cowloop
8:38AM 0 Problem getting VTPM to work
8:08AM 2 Install of RHEL as HVM not running
5:45AM 6 FC4 domU on FC5
Wednesday May 17 2006
11:30PM 1 xm save fails
9:11PM 2 Xen 3.0.2 on Dell 1850 - unable to recognize root fs on /dev/md2
6:52PM 0 RE: correction... cannot create 2GB (not 2MB) domU
6:44PM 1 domU discs: file vs. volumemanager
6:36PM 0 anybody using vnet ?
6:33PM 0 cannot create 2MB domU
5:02PM 0 Xen History and Philosophy
4:12PM 0 XEN 3.0.1 on Dapper : Error: (2, ''No such file or directory'')
3:43PM 0 Hint on Xen 3.0.2 on Gentoo dom0 and vnet support ?
12:49PM 0 using dom0 as a NAT router question.
12:48PM 0 Early segfault
7:57AM 0 sending control characters
1:37AM 15 Success with RHEL 4.1 build?
Tuesday May 16 2006
7:53PM 0 VMX guests crash on HP DL320 G4 servers.
7:29PM 1 Download the source and recompile the kernel
6:06PM 5 Xen and Zaptel PCI cards on DomU
5:34PM 0 RE: 3D acceleration
11:38AM 0 SNAT woes.
9:00AM 0 Problem to build XenU with 3.0.2
7:01AM 0 Re: xend problems, xc.so: undefined symbol: xc_vmx_build
5:58AM 0 XenLinux standalone patch?
5:08AM 1 Xen implementation design issue
3:43AM 4 FATAL: Module ip_tables not found.
1:18AM 1 xm shutdown and graceful shutdowns
12:38AM 2 Network setup in para guest
Monday May 15 2006
10:00PM 0 xen fail to compile xen kernel
8:43PM 8 Basic Xen Question
8:09PM 1 xen 3.0.2 failed to boot on redhat 4.0u1
6:36PM 0 Driver Domains
6:27PM 0 I am trying to Load SAP Solution Manager to a dell bax running Xen.....
4:15PM 1 Bring up problem
4:04PM 0 RE: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected.Hotplugscripts not working.
3:59PM 0 problems with wireless network
2:48PM 4 Problems with make ARCH=xen
12:40PM 0 RE: 3D acceleration
12:20PM 0 FC5 : xend won''t start
7:06AM 0 X hangs under XEN
Sunday May 14 2006
11:43PM 0 Re: 3D acceleration
9:34PM 16 lustre clustre file system and xen 3
8:38PM 0 patch old kernel / make world
7:01PM 6 How to make an exact copy of the VPS
3:07PM 1 xend does not start (address already in use)
1:57PM 1 xen 3.02 with Intel VT
Saturday May 13 2006
7:06PM 3 Suse 10.1 DOMU can''t get network to work.....
12:31PM 1 Routing Setup
11:57AM 2 create a logical volume group
Friday May 12 2006
9:13PM 0 PCI Passthrough for VT enabled hosts
5:48PM 0 CPU hotplug x86 32bit
4:44PM 1 XEN witout video
3:47PM 0 Network confiuration problem
3:17PM 0 customizing the xen live cd
2:25PM 4 Yonah with VT enabled
2:02PM 2 (Network) unstability :-(( (Modified by Wilmer van der Gaast)
1:49PM 0 Configuring network interfaces...SIOCSIFADDR: No such device - domU - Debian - other DomU OK.
1:28PM 1 confused about pciback
12:34PM 1 Boot errors on RHEL 4.1 system
11:52AM 0 RE: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplugscripts not working.
11:42AM 6 Cannot access domU''s network in a network-route and vif-route setup
11:13AM 0 Custom kernel build
9:46AM 0 [Fwd: RE: FC5 error connecting to xend (for xen0)]
9:39AM 1 xen for x86_64 as host system
8:56AM 0 reboot after migration
8:45AM 3 FC5 error connecting to xend (for xen0)
7:21AM 1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
12:58AM 2 debian dumU no root. PLS help
Thursday May 11 2006
10:58PM 1 kernel names
9:13PM 22 Redundant server setup
6:52PM 2 Problem to run xend
6:18PM 0 Xen 3.0.2 with pxegrub
3:17PM 0 Configuring a xen0 kernel - is the Wiki out-of-date ? [SOLVED]
2:40PM 2 AW: xen-3.0-testing: checksum errors (was: still checksumerrors with xen-3.0-testing.hg)
1:09PM 4 Xen Killing fortran app?!
12:17PM 1 patches for kernel
11:20AM 6 FIX: was Re: "Exception starting xend ((2, ''No such file or directory''))" - what file?
10:23AM 0 "Exception starting xend ((2, ''No such file or directory''))" - what file?
9:38AM 0 Network happens to down on Peak hours
9:21AM 2 How to use DomU as network backend?
4:53AM 0 tbctl and setsize errors and weirdness...
4:28AM 0 manpage patches...
3:10AM 10 Intermitent network hangs
2:52AM 5 HD timeouts with busy xen domains
2:35AM 0 [Fwd: Video corruption problems]
Wednesday May 10 2006
8:20PM 4 xenmon
8:03PM 1 jre causes soft lockup
6:14PM 0 Unable to boot Xen (3.0.2) on Dell Poweredge 1855
6:13PM 0 3.0.2 + Network bridging
5:47PM 2 xen wiki networking steps
4:43PM 0 Xen and lots of RAM
2:45PM 2 hotplug and mkinitramfs
1:57PM 0 Xend unable to start on a xen host?
1:13PM 0 3.0.2 + Hyperthreading ?
9:56AM 0 Problems using second disk file
6:40AM 5 How to install etc
2:32AM 0 Xen with 64-bit kernel is required
Tuesday May 9 2006
9:49PM 0 DomU is shutdown during the boot up sequence
9:20PM 4 Error: Not an HVM capable platform, we stop creating!
7:53PM 2 Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 3.0 User Manual revision
7:22PM 0 Re: MTU limits?
5:19PM 1 certain mac addresses don''t work
4:56PM 0 running suse10.0 guest on fc5
4:46PM 9 Xen 3.0 User Manual revision
9:03AM 2 xen 3.0.2 vs 3.0-testing
8:36AM 4 support of smbfs
8:24AM 2 Dom0 boot failure with latest xen-unstable
5:41AM 1 xm save fails with
Monday May 8 2006
11:38PM 2 How do you manage your domU kernel modules?
10:50PM 3 RAID card problem
6:05PM 3 How to use xend-http-server?
2:43PM 0 ifconfig and VIF intrfaces
2:39PM 0 Save/restore broken in 3.0.2-2?
11:15AM 0 RE: poor harddisk performance HVM domain (Windows 2003guest)
10:35AM 0 Isolated firewall in DomU
10:03AM 1 RE: poor harddisk performance HVM domain (Windows 2003guest)
Sunday May 7 2006
7:49AM 0 ''xm vcpu-pin'' reverting to CPU ANY - is it possible
7:14AM 0 xm vcp-list and ''affinity''
Saturday May 6 2006
10:08PM 0 documentation for open-iscsi
5:13AM 2 can''t find a register in class `BREG'' while reloading `asm''
Friday May 5 2006
10:32PM 5 Xend breaks Networking on Dom0
7:07PM 4 Hardware
6:30PM 1 Network connection between guest domains
3:51PM 5 Paravirtualization, new installation from cdrom
2:50PM 2 Domain interface not work in Xen FC5
11:58AM 2 Error: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected...
11:04AM 1 Re: Re: Suse 10.1 RC3: cannot configure my nics: now solved!
1:39AM 0 Re: Hardware Recommendations (Workstation)
1:00AM 10 3.0.2x as a debian package?
Thursday May 4 2006
11:53PM 0 Network card not available in domU
7:45PM 1 Oppinions about Thunder K8HM
6:11PM 1 Debian DomU not properly mounting swap
6:03PM 0 Who use Xen ?
4:47PM 12 BUG? domU reboot fails when using "pci =" option
4:29PM 0 change ID of running domain
3:01PM 2 network setup
2:47PM 0 cant load root
2:25PM 9 poor harddisk performance HVM domain (Windows 2003 guest)
12:09PM 8 IP definitions for Dom0
12:04PM 2 xen restart
8:49AM 3 Suse 10.1 RC3: cannot configure my nics
7:08AM 5 Error creating domain: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
3:24AM 2 No networking in DomU - Ubuntu
Wednesday May 3 2006
10:17PM 1 dhcp requests being ignored wit reason "not authoritative"
8:08PM 6 Make both CPUs available to Dom0
6:06PM 3 no networking support with Windows XP / 2003 HVM domain
4:59PM 1 + xm create gives Kernel panic error
3:17PM 5 Xen 3.0.2 on Dell 2850
1:23PM 0 RE: How does Xen present processors to DomUs?
10:55AM 1 JVM coredump leading to dom0/domU hanging (Xen 3.0 Test CD)
8:52AM 6 Xen Installation
2:10AM 0 AU mirrors of xen (specifically demo and test iso)
Tuesday May 2 2006
9:41PM 1 Multiple VMs Using Multiple Video Cards w/Pacifica
12:07PM 0 Fedora core 5 - Ubuntu problems booting domU
11:48AM 0 Xen and suspend2
10:07AM 0 (no subject)
2:57AM 0 Feodra 5 ubuntu DomU - Kernal panic
Monday May 1 2006
7:54PM 2 General Xen setup questions
7:41PM 7 Everbody hates this question but....
7:25PM 1 Maximum number of VIFs per domU?
7:21PM 9 Re: Hardware Recommendations (laptop VT)
6:29PM 6 Resize Disk
6:15PM 6 Xen and AoE
3:10PM 0 OT: Looking for XEN consultant in Berlin/Germany
1:39PM 5 Xen networking guide
12:28PM 0 notification of migration
10:22AM 0 How to collect performance stats?
6:14AM 1 [ xen-users] ### DomainU eth0 couldn''t ping outside ####