Xen users - Jul 2006

Monday July 31 2006
11:22PM 1 Newer DomU changesets on older hypervisor?
11:05PM 0 Deadline Extension - Workshop on XEN in HPC Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (XHPC''06)
10:09PM 2 Intel VT dom0?
6:26PM 3 wake on lan does not work under xen 3.0.2
4:14PM 1 Fedora Core 6 Test 2
3:05PM 5 Trying to run centos4.3 on xen under debian unstable
2:35PM 1 Bridging configuration issue
1:09PM 0 install FC 3 kernel on DomU with Ubuntu as Dom0
11:54AM 8 DomU Direct Hardware access
11:30AM 1 XEN configuration issue
9:48AM 6 AFS support in Xen
4:52AM 1 xen bridging firewall problem
Sunday July 30 2006
8:30PM 6 Overcoming loopback device limitation - revisited
3:28PM 0 apparent issues with Xen and PVFS2
10:51AM 2 Re: Xen boot failed while mount root FS.
12:34AM 0 xen networking and pci late binding
Saturday July 29 2006
10:27PM 3 vif0.0: received packet with own address as source
5:06PM 0 Migration error newbie
3:49PM 1 xen-tools
9:03AM 0 Xen MIgration problem
6:58AM 2 lib tls Problem
Friday July 28 2006
10:35PM 0 Can''t make xenoprof work twice
9:03PM 2 SLES 10 and Xen
6:26PM 0 qemu: could not open hard disk image ''/dev/hda''
6:20PM 0 FC5 Kernel Panic
5:02PM 2 Storage for migration
4:12PM 4 Duplicating disk files
3:20PM 4 SuSE 10.1 (host/guest) / DOMU: no network connection
1:48PM 1 understanding DomU disk=?? root=?? for WindowsXP.
1:09PM 2 ERROR: Kernel image does not have a a.out9 header.
11:14AM 3 routed networking: ping yes, tcp-connection no
11:10AM 0 vncviewer: ListenAtTcpPort: bind: Address already in use
10:21AM 1 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
8:41AM 1 DSL (Damm Small Linx) and Xen
7:46AM 0 Xen Webserver
6:02AM 1 xen-kernel-2.6.16-xen3_86.1_rhel4.1.i686.rpm
2:21AM 0 Re: Xenman 0.4 minor update SUSE support
Thursday July 27 2006
6:05PM 1 Location of the Xen hypercall function prototypes
4:09PM 1 xen, xen0 and xenU
2:19PM 6 User listing issue (w, who, last, etc)
1:50PM 6 trouble with xen and ipv6
1:26PM 6 xen, 64bit, gentoo, hardened kernel - no chance?
10:08AM 11 Question
9:23AM 3 Problem creating a virtual machine
6:54AM 6 Getting stucked with Debian
6:08AM 0 How to enable DEBUG logging on xend 2.0.7
5:11AM 1 Poor performance running apache under xen
2:04AM 4 Creating a custom kernel configuration?
Wednesday July 26 2006
11:46PM 4 Memory allocation strategy
11:39PM 3 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
11:10PM 0 failed to use NFS root for guest domain on Hypervise Technology enabled machine when using hvmloader
10:53PM 0 Links
10:33PM 2 make world generates error :"ERROR: QEMU requires SDL or Cocoa for graphical output"
10:10PM 3 How to determine if executing under Xen
2:21PM 0 xensmartio
2:09PM 2 exec of init (/sbin/init) failed!!!
2:05PM 1 Traffic shaping in dom0
2:05PM 4 xen-users@lists.xensource.com
1:44PM 2 Kernel panic with kernel 2.6.16-xen3_86.1 in a Dell PE 1850
12:19PM 1 Xen with NUMA and MCE
12:28AM 1 xenU / xen0 - or a single (xen) kernel?
Tuesday July 25 2006
11:47PM 6 Recomended Vendors for HVM servers?.
5:59PM 1 console hangs after migration
4:55PM 7 Intel VT platform vs SVM (Pacifica)
1:55PM 0 Problem in compiling...
1:51PM 0 eisXen Beta 1 released
12:08PM 3 Own network for domU, how to connect to dom0?
9:46AM 1 LVM use for Xen
8:15AM 2 Compile from sources
5:07AM 6 xen domu and apache2 using ssl
2:34AM 2 Build xen0 and xenU from xen.spec
12:44AM 0 Re: AW: modem on serial port in Dom0
Monday July 24 2006
11:20PM 1 How to on Regular migration
5:49PM 6 Using Linux 2.4 custom domu on x86_64 2.6 Xen dom0
4:33PM 1 Lose dom0 console during kernel boot
4:14PM 0 New User - Need help in installing Windows 2003 on Xeon + Other question on Linux
3:45PM 0 Fedora core 5, AM2 lockup....
3:24PM 0 Debugging a XenU that goes to Zombie state
1:35PM 1 Clearout (defrag) of sparse file used for Xen VM
11:20AM 1 AW: problems with Iptables in DomU
9:06AM 0 Network problems with dom0
8:40AM 5 problems with Iptables in DomU
7:56AM 1 DomU crashs on startup
7:53AM 1 Complex Network Interface
6:39AM 6 xen-3.0.2-2 and redhat-cluster (gfs/clvm/etc)
Sunday July 23 2006
6:01PM 0 strange network usage in VMs immediately after a migration
4:54PM 0 OpenBSD 3.9 as DomU
11:39AM 1 xen-3.0: kernel panic unable to mount VFS at root=/dev/hdb6
9:48AM 0 Problem installing guest vm in FC5
Saturday July 22 2006
8:34PM 5 compile error
6:54AM 2 xm destroy blocking and is vif needed?
Friday July 21 2006
10:31PM 1 FC 5 Xen 3.0.2 Dom0 Network Problem
9:46PM 1 Article in ClusterMonkey: "Building A Virtual Cluster with Xen"
9:08PM 0 Re: linux diskless client aoe tip.
8:52PM 0 HOWTO: AOE in domU and boot from it.
4:07PM 1 Installation of Xen-red hat on read hat 4.0
4:00PM 2 Xen demo CD & Test CD
3:33PM 3 Dual Booting
3:05PM 0 qla4xxx compilation against kernel 2.6.16-xen0
1:14PM 3 Fw: using Tape Drive
12:35PM 1 Performance of xen hosts with and without Virtualization Technology (VT) or AMD Virtualization
12:02PM 4 Guest on Ubuntu host -> SuSE host ?
11:48AM 0 [FAQ] 3.3. Why does my new domain receive no network traffic until after it initiates an outgoing connection?
11:28AM 2 xen vm won''t start (xenconsole: Could not read tty)
10:17AM 1 Issue installing guest domain using fedora core 5
8:46AM 3 How set up CPU time
8:42AM 0 Unable to get networking working with HVM guests
8:15AM 10 DomU WinXP no network connection
6:26AM 0 Re: uml -> xen SOLVED
5:58AM 1 Xen-Qmail
12:39AM 0 FW: Welcome to the "Xen-users" mailing list
Thursday July 20 2006
11:05PM 3 Xend failure while installing Xen from source
10:28PM 1 How does XEN handle RAM?
9:26PM 3 Quick xen question
8:39PM 0 Xen and Gentoo 2006.0 Install Problems
5:23PM 1 dom1 - windows 2003 hangs when connecting via remote desktop
4:50PM 0 faq, brigde, 2 interfaces, vlan and tagging, checksum?
4:15PM 2 vif conf problem
3:07PM 1 Documentation in Brazilian Portuguese
2:51PM 6 debian stable/ xen-3.0.2-2/scsi: cannot boot.
2:23PM 1 4 questions about Xen (under qemu)
12:58PM 3 qla2xxx Memory Alllocation Failed -rlc on Xen + SLES10
12:55PM 0 AGP problem with 64-bit Xen on Athlon 64
10:27AM 0 Gentoo 2006 as Xen Guest, networking
10:15AM 1 RE: Error: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected...Limit of 25 domains.
8:58AM 4 porting an miniOS to xen
6:16AM 0 Xenman 0.4
6:15AM 1 Pacifica / van der Pool with xen aware OS/kernel
3:43AM 0 Questions about bridges, and firewalls: Mandriva and Red Hat-like systems
2:36AM 0 Questions on Xen timer
Wednesday July 19 2006
8:09PM 0 FC5 : building xen-unstable to get xenoprof binary in Xen --- unable to find linux-2.6.x.x-xen directory
7:13PM 0 Hello new xen users (myself included).
6:33PM 6 Problem in the instalation of xen 3.0.1 source in RHEL 4.1
4:48PM 1 Coordinating snapshotting of virtual disks with taking execution state snapshot of VM?
2:10PM 3 Problem with creating domU
10:24AM 2 Migration from 2.0.7 to 3.0.2, ReiserFS and (possibly) udev
10:18AM 1 Error: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected... Limit of 25 domains.
10:17AM 2 Intel Virtualization Technology
9:55AM 1 xen 3.0.2 does fail without configuration file.
8:52AM 1 download problem
8:34AM 3 the right way to install from source
5:55AM 0 cx88_wakeup: 2 buffers handled (should be 1) - PCI/IRQ issues in domU
2:44AM 0 RE: Windows server 64 bit
Tuesday July 18 2006
7:46PM 11 modem on serial port in Dom0
6:45PM 2 virtual Interrupts
5:14PM 0 dom0 NFS root - anyone tried it?
4:56PM 2 xenmon question
8:20AM 1 Live migration error
2:23AM 1 network problem w/ dom0
Monday July 17 2006
8:23PM 10 updating kernel
7:28PM 1 Running OpenVz inside Xen
6:12PM 0 xm create - random kernel problem
5:48PM 0 Xenctx for HVM Guests
5:31PM 3 Downloading pre-created templates
5:27PM 1 pound (load balancer)
5:18PM 4 hardware virtualization AMD...
4:11PM 1 Howto setup a AMD 32bit HVM on a notebook ASUS A6T
2:13PM 0 Running XEN w/ native guest OS on HP Prolian DLxx servers
1:49PM 21 Cheap HVM support
1:35PM 1 actual amount of memory
1:01PM 3 mini-os under xen 3.0.2
10:01AM 1 Migration error
9:54AM 3 Xen Kernel version issues
8:58AM 2 SDL window cannot pop up
6:38AM 1 bridge networking and dhcp
Sunday July 16 2006
11:50PM 1 libc and debian sarge
8:47PM 1 unsubscribe
7:03PM 2 HVM lba48 support
2:04PM 0 Progress on Windows support ?
1:01PM 1 Problems building unstable xen
10:55AM 0 Re: NetBSD-Current/XEN3 : XM CREATE problem
12:05AM 0 Xen inside Parallels Desktop for Mac
Saturday July 15 2006
11:36PM 0 Strange Segmentation Faults
3:46PM 2 Going crazy with Xen and SATA on AMD64
8:29AM 1 Fedora FC5 install
4:57AM 8 NetBSD as Xen domU on FC5
12:29AM 3 vif/network-bridge and SNAT ?
Friday July 14 2006
10:13PM 3 compiling oprofile in FC5 for setting up xenoprof
8:12PM 2 usb-patch
8:11PM 0 vncviewer to reconnect a running session with Windows
7:40PM 0 Xen unprivileged domain crash. Bug in Xen ?
7:23PM 0 VMX and resizing memory
6:24PM 0 Guest Domain setup issues
5:51PM 0 XM save hanging when saving VM in pause state
5:43PM 1 Xen, multicasting, and vrrpd
2:57PM 1 DMZ on xen with Dom0 as gw
2:51PM 0 Xen 3.0, network backend in xenU, error "(vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working"
11:53AM 2 Port forwarding problems
11:36AM 1 udev install fails on domU
11:28AM 0 Xenoppix(Xen3.0.2+KNOPPIX5.0.1)CD is released
10:10AM 0 using Tape Drive
9:50AM 1 xen debug messages
8:44AM 0 Network collision packets in Dom0 xen2.0.7
7:15AM 1 creating a domain with less memory and then growing it.
6:54AM 4 uml -> xen
6:20AM 5 File server in domU dies on heavy traffic
5:33AM 1 FW: error..please help me
5:32AM 6 "xm save" hanging when saving domain in "pause" state
3:26AM 0 Xen 3- help on physinfo
2:25AM 1 problem in creating a guest os
Thursday July 13 2006
11:07PM 0 ''xm save X" after doing "xm pause X" (CHEKCPOINTING)
10:18PM 1 new user - new issues
8:40PM 1 FC5 dom0 give DHCP to FC5 domU''s
5:09PM 3 Xen 3.0 - RHEL4u3 guest domain freezes at boot "Warning: unable to open an initial console."
2:41PM 1 Xen and CoW
1:15PM 1 can xen put soft limit on disk size as openvz allows you to do
12:03PM 1 How i will no that which VM taking how much CPU
9:46AM 0 Problem with network in guest OS
7:02AM 2 can''t boot domU
5:52AM 0 Vm creation problem through NFS Mount.
12:38AM 0 Problem in setting up network in guest OS
12:14AM 0 vcpu-pin & sched-sedf
Wednesday July 12 2006
11:52PM 2 Xen restore in a different machine?
10:44PM 0 Xen network infrastructure discussion
8:27PM 1 Xen partition saving (was: xm save issue)
8:03PM 1 Guest OS Type
6:26PM 3 AoE does not discover
6:07PM 1 xm save issue
5:28PM 0 mem-set, mem-max, increasing memory for a dom.
5:05PM 0 Enable selinux in xen
2:33PM 7 Adding Devices to a running DomU
1:43PM 0 CFP: Workshop on Virtualization Technology in Distributed Computing
1:35PM 0 Success report Xen, Ubuntu Dapper Drake and HVM (AMD)
9:37AM 0 Dom0 hang on SuSE 9.3 IA64
7:55AM 2 network configuartion of the guest OS
7:31AM 0 Xen 3 - physinfo
1:50AM 2 Two bridge adapters
Tuesday July 11 2006
11:59PM 0 Xen User BOF at Ottawa Linux Symposium
10:10AM 4 Which is the best scheduler for database use?
8:49AM 3 Xen as alternative for openMosix? about clustering
8:10AM 2 dom0 i386 domU 64 bit ?
2:22AM 2 Creating domU images
2:03AM 7 console disconnect
1:37AM 3 3.0.2-2 source??
1:35AM 2 DOM availability
1:24AM 12 Hardware Virtualization
12:03AM 3 xm save/restore on a vt enabled machine.
Monday July 10 2006
9:58PM 5 HVM questions
9:46PM 0 Xen/Snort sensor VM network config
7:08PM 0 Pygrub howto?
3:46PM 8 Newbie question: FC5 boot problem with a blue screen
2:44PM 1 reboot, destroy, shutdown... always get zombie domains
1:55PM 0 hvm networking with vif-route
11:57AM 0 XEN bridging external ip
11:56AM 2 DomU hangs after Kernel load
9:45AM 2 Missing CPUs
8:25AM 3 CPU management in XEN
6:56AM 1 CentOS 4.3 64bit
6:04AM 2 Xen kernel for largesmp machine
5:19AM 0 event channel
3:10AM 1 In DomU, is possible kernel compile?
1:08AM 0 setpci and xen
Sunday July 9 2006
11:47PM 0 Problems with root=?? with hdb and Windows XP.
2:09PM 2 pciback.hide on Xen 3.0.1 (plaintext version)
2:05PM 0 pciback.hide on Xen 3.0.1
1:51PM 0 Fedora Core 6 - Install Windows XP as VT Guest Loops
1:22PM 1 Problem domain1, root=?? using a second hard drive.
10:19AM 0 Activating vnet support
4:41AM 0 Setting up an event channel
1:18AM 2 Newbie question: Why does Xen boot fail with initrd but succeed with initramfs?
Saturday July 8 2006
4:57PM 2 build xen 3.0.2-2 on SuSE 10.1 fails: "must supply either home or prefix/exec-prefix -- not both"
4:04AM 2 sched-sedf
1:30AM 0 sched-sedf with multiple cpu''s
Friday July 7 2006
6:31PM 0 FC5 XEN reboot error: audit avc: denied
5:50PM 0 compiling autofs module into Xenified kernel?
4:09PM 2 xenconsole via ssh
12:46PM 0 Shadow paging with xc_shadow_control()
12:06PM 6 Kernel error
4:02AM 2 dom0 networking
3:43AM 0 Sun x4200 vs. Xen
1:26AM 3 Xen 3, LVM and FC4
12:52AM 4 VM boots BUT keep throwing: "INIT: Id "X" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes"
12:15AM 0 VMX and dynamic memory usage
Thursday July 6 2006
11:23PM 5 Strange RPC error
10:19PM 1 Problems booting Xen with LVM volumes
10:10PM 1 switchroot failure
9:28PM 3 can''t create WinXP or Win2003 VMX
6:26PM 3 nating the bridge
5:55PM 0 Network problem
5:00PM 1 migration between x86 and x86_64 hypervisors?
3:11PM 0 Euphoria and some success
Wednesday July 5 2006
10:25PM 1 Re: 3ware 9550SX - Xen-3.0.0
10:00PM 2 VM running on single mode
3:10PM 0 xm create fails when run in parallel
2:04PM 0 RE Xen kernel and QLogic driver
5:50AM 0 Dell PE 1855+Xen 3.0.2+Centos 4.3 final
Tuesday July 4 2006
11:56PM 0 Notes: DRBD, HA for NFS on Xen guest domains in FC5 using LVM devices.
9:52PM 0 Error: Device 2065 (vbd) could not be connected ... is mounted in a guest domain
9:35PM 0 X11 in domU
9:15PM 0 FC4 and Xen 3.0 combination
4:48PM 2 Problem: hidding all NICs from dom0, how to create a virtual one
4:08PM 2 start postgres server problem on domU
2:45PM 6 Windows XP, Drivers & Xen
1:22PM 0 labelfuncs.sh
9:20AM 1 I read "Only one graphic desktop", but where?
9:15AM 1 Error:Device 76 (vbd) could not be connected.
9:10AM 2 Xen kernel and QLogic driver
5:41AM 0 pciback irq affinity
2:48AM 1 python processes running
12:20AM 15 Newbie DomU problem
Monday July 3 2006
10:45AM 3 when dom0 loadavg above 1, domUs not available
10:24AM 0 /dev/mem: mmap: Bad address
9:49AM 4 Couple of questions
8:10AM 1 HVM configuration
2:09AM 6 Xen to Desktop/Workstation questions
Sunday July 2 2006
7:20AM 7 xen will only load images built for xen v3.0
3:39AM 4 What does xm top mean by the following: