wine users - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
11:01PM 9 Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1
8:52PM 1 Wine 1.1.28 on Mandriva - PulseAudio? - Only get OSS option
8:50PM 0 A big "Thank you!" to all WINE-Developers!
6:24PM 2 Running Mdaemon in Wine with Kubuntu
1:28PM 1 still down
1:10PM 2 pulseaudio wine
11:32AM 1 How to Convert HD Video: TS, MTS, M2TS for Portable Devices
8:34AM 3 Wine doesnt like my videocard drivers. Please help!
3:30AM 2 this page requires file AC_RunActiveContent.js
Sunday August 30 2009
9:17PM 2 Trouble installing wine
5:36PM 3 Sage Insntat Accounts
1:33PM 1 Please check Wiki
11:04AM 3 Wine Crashes with EVE-Online
7:50AM 3 Debian 5: cant install wine
7:39AM 2 Graphics Demos problems OpenGL issue?
4:06AM 6 is down.
1:33AM 0 Gurps Character Assistant 4
Saturday August 29 2009
10:42PM 0 Re: Gurps Character Assistant 4
9:41PM 5 error using winetricks
7:35PM 3 Joypad axis not being detected in wine.
6:18PM 2 Problems running WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos in WINE
10:33AM 3 help poor performance on ubuntu jaunty
5:34AM 2 error when installing
1:11AM 3 Repository server down? (Friday 28 August)
Friday August 28 2009
11:40PM 0 Fallout 3 not Launching
11:31PM 2 Code Page Changes
6:48PM 1 SitNGo Wizard problem
4:44PM 2 WINE and the LSB, or installations Picasa style
2:51PM 4 Ether Saga Online Error??? Help!!!
2:27PM 2 HMRC Employer's CD won't launch
1:06PM 17 No programs launch
11:21AM 4 progress of sound update -- REVISED
10:59AM 0 progress of sound update
6:09AM 1 Attempting to install Prelude to Darkness in Wine
5:58AM 1 problem when runing RCT3 demo from console
5:45AM 3 Chinese and Japanese input in WINE- does it work?
3:14AM 2 Re: motorola usb wine
2:21AM 1 Older DirectX games, choppy
Thursday August 27 2009
10:03PM 1 Font and speed problems in Myth War II
8:06PM 0 Dark Age of Camelot - daocsetup.exe
4:17PM 1 Mappery : uncertain Thinkpads (Repost?)
1:06PM 1 No Mouse in Perfect World International <>
6:41AM 5 wine does n't open
5:58AM 1 Wine Emulator Problem (Ubuntu 9.04) Ether Saga Online
12:16AM 2 how do I install controlpad
Wednesday August 26 2009
11:50PM 1 Winecfg: err alsa could not find PCM playback element
10:30PM 6 Counter strike source NOT loading
9:33PM 1 Help getting our application working
9:06PM 1 hm, compiiling it with "--without-cups" doens't help
3:54PM 2 wont run programs
10:23AM 1 Programs are taking a terrible long time before they start
7:55AM 8 Will Wine let me load iTunes in Ubuntu 9.04
Tuesday August 25 2009
11:45PM 1 Program error with hotketnet, BadWindow
10:35PM 3 Timezone not recognised kludge
8:13PM 5 How to maximize a hidden application window?
5:43PM 1 dnsapi.dll.DnsFlushResolverCache crash
2:18PM 3 NET USE ?
1:53PM 2 Latency issues with World of Warcraft vs root/user
11:45AM 1 Errors when run apps through console.
9:45AM 1 USB question
6:59AM 0 Re: Darwine Can't See CUPS Printers
5:06AM 2 Tribes 1.x Crashes on Launch (Appdb page lied!)
12:55AM 3 1.1.28 & WoW problems
12:53AM 4 Error when run MS Foxpro on wine
Monday August 24 2009
10:26PM 0 Re: Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus
9:59PM 1 Mouse difficulties
8:42PM 1 Error message when accessing a .tgz folder
7:11PM 0 Can't get Myth War 2 to run
7:04PM 4 League of Legends - Beta in Wine
4:38PM 0 Re: Contact Me Via Email:
4:13PM 1 Half-life: Day of Defeat problems.
4:10PM 0 Re: Mapped network drive in wine.
4:02PM 4 Redirecting output from Linux-binaries called by wine
2:51PM 1 Want to help Wine and prevent regressions in your favorite (downloadable) app?
1:10PM 1 Can't install Windows installer 3.1
11:29AM 1 wine, gecko and links
8:49AM 1 1.1.28 on SF?
8:20AM 1 Compile wine source from git "Try using a Unicode string"
3:15AM 14 Wrong JPEG version?
2:09AM 5 WoW Multibox HotKeyNet aborting
1:33AM 1 Wine menu doesn't show
1:28AM 0 First problem when installing MS Accounting 08
Sunday August 23 2009
11:45PM 0 Re: Wine 1.1.26 - Thank you Wine Dev!
9:31PM 2 Filemaker 10 runs - but horribly slow
9:15PM 1 Help from a more experienced WINE developer
8:53PM 4 iSky installs iTunes, Internet Explorer and Skype on Ubuntu
6:27PM 1 Wine 3d acceleration?
4:25PM 6 No Audio Control Panel Implemented
3:41PM 1 Half Life 2, major problems
3:29PM 0 Viktor Lazarev wants to chat
2:54PM 1 Install ziped program
10:22AM 3 Wine 1.1.28 tests 2 pc config and many games
5:32AM 1 DLL Injection -> segfaults on wine
4:26AM 4 wine 1.1.28?
Saturday August 22 2009
9:42PM 3 Re: 1.1.28 uploaded for Ubuntu, however libgsm (ventrillo) suppo
8:26PM 3 whbooks with wine
8:03PM 3 Wine+HL2+Jaunty=trouble
8:03PM 1 War3: FT and wine
7:14PM 0 1.1.28 uploaded for Ubuntu, however libgsm (ventrillo) support broken on 64 bit
6:23PM 2 Error using command prompt
4:09PM 1 Possible multicast problem with UPnP Media Server
2:23PM 1 Game Screen Rotated 90 Degrees
9:48AM 0 CAD software
8:54AM 1 Crysis on FreeBSD
2:19AM 3 IE7
12:51AM 1 Disc reading problem...
12:26AM 4 problems with wine
Friday August 21 2009
8:55PM 0 vcredist_x86.exe - "Unable to find a volume for . . .&q
3:26PM 1 winetricks and PSDK
3:06PM 0 [VS2005 Express] starting cl.exe (was Re: wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000001 at address 0x7ef6c7aa (thread 0044), starting debugger...)
2:48PM 0 wine 1.1.27 on solaris.. help sorry for double posting
2:44PM 2 wine 1.1.27 on solaris.. help
2:25PM 3 warcraft 3 troube
1:48PM 2 Error Result=1 on install...
10:16AM 4 vcredist_x86.exe - "Unable to find a volume for . . ."
6:37AM 2 A new kind of feature request
Thursday August 20 2009
9:24PM 0 Trying to run Spelunky: OpenGL, Mac OS X and Wine
9:14PM 0 Re: Trying to run Spelunky: OpenGL, Mac OS X and Wine
3:38PM 2 WINE and NVIDIA issues - scrolling away from fullscreen
10:54AM 1 I've got a problem with a program
7:24AM 2 Installation problem on Debian Lenny (libfontconfig).
7:15AM 3 Dependencies missing - What can i do?
2:21AM 3 Running a Windows dedicated server with Wine through ssh
1:46AM 1 Need help for Chessmaster XI debug
1:19AM 1 Open With "A Wine Application": a ridiculous amount of trash
Wednesday August 19 2009
11:17PM 1 Windows closing just be mouse movement
8:03PM 4 FYI -- Just to let you know of potential sound problems
5:45PM 2 Font rotation
9:14AM 1 DDE
7:58AM 0 Bordeaux 1.8.2 for Linux Released
7:07AM 1 Re: Trying to run Spelunky: OpenGL, Mac OS X and Wine
5:05AM 1 Can't install 1.1.27 from source-removed versions ruin it
3:57AM 1 Application throws lots of errors
3:33AM 1 help with win16
3:16AM 2 installing MS Office Project 2007 from trial disc
2:06AM 1 Mouse Cursor drifts in some directx games
12:44AM 2 Strange problem with wine
Tuesday August 18 2009
10:29PM 1 Problem with installed program SAGE Online
9:13PM 2 Put WINE in Google OS
9:10PM 3 Wine Battlefield 1942 Sound
6:11PM 3 Will WINE help me get the internet on Puppy Linux?
2:58PM 9 Issues with ATI?
2:53PM 4 Question on .NET, Mono and Visual C++ and WINE
1:06PM 5 Sound Problem
1:56AM 1 Application trying to use IPv6
Monday August 17 2009
8:43PM 0 app works with current version wine on Linux not on MacOSX
8:06PM 8 Problems with Blood Bowl
7:41PM 1 problem with a live stream recorder
5:30PM 2 microsoft activex control pad was not completed successfully
4:30PM 4 pulseaudio/wine question
12:30PM 2 WoW terrain.mpq and sound.mpq problem
11:31AM 1 cruzer usb
4:33AM 1 WINE doesn't work after kernel upgrade
12:51AM 1 Re: Why the border of font is not smooth like before?
Sunday August 16 2009
9:14PM 1 [Help]SoundDelay
8:21PM 3 WINE and security devices (dongles)
6:19PM 4 No scoreboard in Team Fortress 2
4:53PM 0 Validation error while installing EVE online
4:49PM 6 Alsa audio -- FYI update
3:32AM 8 Garry's Mod Questions
Saturday August 15 2009
11:19PM 2 Re: Wine / Google Earth network issue
6:32PM 5 Compiling old wine versions in opensuse 11.1
12:56PM 1 Soundcard software...
Friday August 14 2009
10:37PM 3 Any luck with Quickbooks?
10:30PM 9 Wrong font displaying in a windows program.
7:42PM 1 X Error of failed request: BadMatch
4:11PM 9 Printing from wine problem - loosing my hair
12:39PM 0 Cisco 646-230
Thursday August 13 2009
10:23PM 1 Lingoes 2
9:56PM 2 add wine repository does not work
4:32PM 4 what SP does winXP has in wine?
2:22PM 1 Vertex shader and freeze
11:19AM 4 NWN2 fails after start screen
9:55AM 1 SystemShock2+Wine: mon. rez out of range/loss of keyboard
8:32AM 1 Disabling sound in Wine
4:59AM 4 Wine USB support patch error
2:28AM 1 Wine Over NFS
Wednesday August 12 2009
10:01PM 2 XaMp Studio edition won't play XM Radio on Ubuntu 9.04
9:09PM 2 Wine lags A LOT when programs are started—and getting worse
9:03PM 4 Ctrl Select Dodgy
7:22PM 1 LeapFrog Tag Junior
6:53PM 3 SOLVED. I did it!!!
4:55PM 1 RPG Maker XP RTP/Player Issue
2:54PM 5 [NEW USER]Wine question
1:48PM 0 Sound is back -- FYI
8:34AM 3 Lunix driver and USB key
8:15AM 1 Ubuntu Source Engine
2:18AM 0 OSSv4 lag with Wine
1:01AM 3 game client freezes due to activex required
Tuesday August 11 2009
6:47PM 0 Fw: Re: XML issue
5:59PM 2 Microsot Direct Play on Wine
2:38PM 1 wine 1.1.26, IE 7 and java 1.16.015
2:22PM 2 Mobimouse
1:18PM 1 Weired Sound Issues on Opensuse 11.1 and ALSA (Wine 1.1.26)
10:54AM 5 problem with typing in language other than english
2:20AM 0 NETCON_secure_connect error
Monday August 10 2009
11:52PM 5 Wine and EVE
11:37PM 1 Cannot resize winconsole cmd properly
9:37PM 3 Ventrilo crash error - related to winecfg error?
7:11PM 0 A4tech xl-740k - turning characters problem
7:08PM 6 Wine /Darwine on Macbook- ActiveX Error
5:26PM 1 program using mdb file
3:12PM 2 Windows forms application
2:37PM 1 Wine close while trying to activate my software
2:12PM 0 The next Wine Bug Day will be this Sunday, August 16
2:11PM 5 error opening winecfg
1:48PM 2 Still no joy
11:55AM 4 Drop-down menus in Igor Pro 6.10
11:28AM 0 Re: Voipcheap and wine 1.1.8
2:15AM 1 Windows XP Failed Boot
1:45AM 5 failed with error 127
12:12AM 1 Welcome Me and help me :P
Sunday August 9 2009
10:29PM 0 Introducing Winesharer - so pre-alpha it doesn't even work
9:21PM 3 SymWriter Crash
7:31PM 1 No Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.27
7:22PM 2 World of Warcraft won't start up
5:32PM 1 Instant complete crash on laptop
3:42PM 1 Just saw a great question/idea - Wine & Windows support
12:13PM 4 Diablo 2 - Incommum problem (even starts the installer!)
9:48AM 1 Re: Voipcheap and wine 1.1.8
9:09AM 0 Re: Insurgency Crashes in Fullscreen
2:30AM 1 Re: Battlefront II
1:11AM 0 Running NFS Undercover on wine
12:09AM 4 Libgsm Dev 32 bit libs on 64 bit
12:06AM 1 Re: AADE Filter Design: "ActiveX component can't create obj
Saturday August 8 2009
11:23PM 8 RosettaStone- built in mic stopped working
11:16PM 0 AADE Filter Design: "ActiveX component can't create object"
8:59PM 3 Cannot run English Vocabulary In Use.
7:08PM 0 Missing fonts on buttons and menu in Full Tilt Poker
5:44PM 2 Crashes and Performance Impact with 1.1.27
4:39PM 1 Can't enter Cd key
3:59PM 4 3D applications fail on Intel GM45
3:59PM 4 Wine and smb
3:08PM 1 Program installer tries & fails to open a Web page
3:00PM 1 How to pass flags (arguments) to an application
2:59PM 13 WC3 - Can´t connect to Battle.Net and can´t find lan games
2:50PM 0 Hulu Desktop
1:52PM 1 App stupidly looking for drive T:
12:33PM 2 CorelDRAW X3
11:13AM 0 Re: Program from a network share
11:13AM 0 Re: [Solved]Jaunty Network Problem
11:12AM 0 Re: Wine / Google Earth network issue
11:12AM 0 Re: Mapped network drive in wine.
11:11AM 0 Re: Network share prevents running Wine?
11:08AM 0 Re: Map a network CD Drive
11:02AM 3 Steps for accessing network files in wine application
9:44AM 0 Re: Wine & GSM 6.10 codec
8:56AM 1 Firefox runs only one game of
8:52AM 0 OpenGL supports vertex+fragment programme then in Dx9
3:04AM 2 trying to get RegAlyzer working
1:21AM 1 Batman: Arkham Asylum (Demo)
Friday August 7 2009
10:59PM 1 Error to install dotnet11 (NetFramework 1.1)
8:52PM 1 Re: [Solved] RSS no longer works
8:44PM 3 new wine user, basic advice needed
8:40PM 5 myspaceim, installs fine, but no internet connection
6:32PM 1 Installing Lotus Approach...errors
5:24PM 1 Re: [Solved] RSS no longer works
2:34PM 2 Wine and SQL Server
10:35AM 3 World of Warcraft, very slow
8:42AM 3 Wine 1.1.26 crash on civ IV
5:22AM 2 Oblivion regression exposed by video description patch
Thursday August 6 2009
10:14PM 3 Another freeze by launching steam game cs and cs:source
8:02PM 7 Crashing
7:02PM 0 Newbe: My system Compatibility
6:35PM 1 Re: [SOLVED] C&C Red Alert 3 - Lan (and also hamachi) play
5:19PM 0 Tasty Planet fails to run
4:49PM 10 GE centricity viewer??
3:56PM 2 problem installing Therm 5.2 and cc32inst.exe
3:01PM 5 Wine unable to find DX9 / driver version?
1:09PM 1 Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
10:08AM 1 Black Screen on C&C and Diablo II
7:49AM 1 WH_KEYBOARD_LL vs GetKeyState
7:02AM 2 Help! installing Rosetta Stone 2.1A
5:40AM 4 Wine on Leopard 32-bit with 64-bit memory addressing
4:58AM 1 Rosetta Stone V 3.3.5 Microphone Detection
12:55AM 1 wine on Debian sid
Wednesday August 5 2009
10:53PM 2 Wine Old Version
10:27PM 2 Wine help OS X Tiger 10.4.11
9:55PM 7 Ububtu Help
7:50PM 1 And another problem.
7:38PM 2 XML issue
6:25PM 6 Regedit issues, not owned by root
6:06PM 1 Donation to Wine if gets a Solution for 64bit wine
4:56PM 2 Wine and OpenGL 3.2
4:15PM 6 Help Running Roblox
4:06PM 0 dofus : Enripsa Soloing Guide
4:05PM 0 WOW: death knight spec guide
12:38PM 9 Wine worst every time. More Bugs:
11:29AM 1 New old bug list?
7:49AM 0 Wine binaries for windows?
4:53AM 4 Need help with epsxe running in wine.
2:41AM 2 Anygood screenrecording software
2:37AM 3 Wine Unbearably Slow
2:33AM 0 Unistalling Photoshop CS2 [PROBLEM]
Tuesday August 4 2009
8:13PM 4 Sound Acceleration Error
7:57PM 0 Lotus Approach Works
7:06PM 3 Aion & Gameguard
6:58PM 2 Add serial number to Win Apps so they run?
5:35PM 2 Trouble running Civilization IV on a MAC OS
4:12PM 8 confused newbie
11:22AM 1 Windows help (winhlp32)
Monday August 3 2009
11:42PM 12 Nothing loads in wine?
11:02PM 2 Virus for wine
10:21PM 3 Sid Meier's Pirates! crashes consistently
2:24PM 4 Garmin Communicator Plugin
1:52PM 2 Wine and Football Superstars in ubuntu 9.04
1:00PM 0 richieri has invited you to Spacelocker
7:17AM 0 problems with windows-lnk-files - SOLVED
5:15AM 5 Wine Question.
Sunday August 2 2009
11:38PM 2 Uninstall Aplications
10:02PM 3 problems with windows-lnk-files
8:28PM 0 Disable networking
8:17PM 3 Help fixing fixme:d3d9:Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9 stub
8:08PM 4 X11 theme cursors
7:26PM 2 Tabbing between programs?
5:28PM 11 Orange Box on WINE (Mac OS X)
12:31PM 3 Intel vs ATI – which one is better for wine?
11:07AM 4 Sims 3 - crashes after loading family
6:09AM 4 IE7 issue with a game
3:46AM 2 Rlease of wine 1.1.27
3:18AM 4 WoW: Low FPS
3:15AM 0 Trailing mouse when running TES: Morrowind.
12:20AM 1 Editing is disabled
Saturday August 1 2009
11:19PM 3 Problems with ePSXe 1.7
5:47PM 4 Wubi + Wine ??????
4:20PM 1 Safe Harbor Games : Backgammon - Almost works with Wine
2:46PM 3 Low fps or no login on Shaiya
1:00PM 1 wine-1.1.23 & e-Sword
9:08AM 3 broken controls in "Captain Claw" game
7:41AM 3 write_freedesktop_mime_type_entry error writing file
7:28AM 4 Outcast (1999, Appeal)