wine users - Mar 2009

Tuesday March 31 2009
8:57PM 1 Problems with Fear 2 Project Origin
8:17PM 3 wine with Satlker SC
7:22PM 3 Installation service Error
6:41PM 0 missed framing/parity errors on serial port communication
6:41PM 1 Flash 10 and Firefox 3
6:05PM 1 Memory Leak when using winsock.shutdown ?
3:01PM 3 MSN Messenger in Wine?
9:00AM 2 linux mint
8:14AM 1 can not set the "Liberys" in winecfg
8:01AM 5 How change the main window position?
7:32AM 0 How to Download/Play/Convert YouTube Videos and share your v
6:49AM 1 How to convert MKV to AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, FLV, etc
5:03AM 2 Left 4 dead no text in main menu
2:38AM 4 Tax Preparation with WINE
2:34AM 1 How to convert Mod/Tod/AVI/WMV/RM to any video formats
Monday March 30 2009
9:52PM 4 cannot access winecfg/Drive with .wine made with 1.1.18
9:48PM 4 Problem: Print to PDF using MS Office
4:33PM 1 no internet
1:13PM 1 hotkeys in photoshop cs2
11:07AM 1 Crash in 1.1.18-6.1
7:23AM 4 Full guide: How to convert any DVD and video to iPod Touch/C
6:53AM 2 Gurps character assistant crashes on startup
6:40AM 1 How to backup files from iPod to your computer(Windows/Mac)
5:16AM 1 Why the border of font is not smooth like before?
3:22AM 0 Strange resolution bug...
1:29AM 5 Compatibility regression after migrating to 64 bit Linux
Sunday March 29 2009
10:52PM 4 Wine shortcuts not doing anything?
7:33PM 2 about overriding dlls
4:02PM 4 A3 Mania on Wine
3:46PM 9 budgetdedicated server (ubuntu) down?
12:07PM 1 Unable to add asubkey to registry..
11:51AM 0 HELP! Can anybody get me the Steinberg Asio SDK package
11:50AM 5 Ghost32.exe
11:40AM 2 CMD: color and "interactive mode"?
10:21AM 2 Application design tips for integration with Wine ??
10:04AM 2 [not problem] link creation for Wine questions
10:00AM 1 OSX MacPort Install 1.0.1 - winecfg problems
12:02AM 2 Wine auto Upgrade - Now program won't start
Saturday March 28 2009
10:41PM 4 Wineasio in Mono = No Stereo
7:43PM 1 Configure program to use LAN connection/winsock instead!
6:04PM 2 FEAR 2 : Project Origin
3:35PM 2 Serial port under Wine
3:21PM 1 QuickTime Movie Player plays back mov-files without
3:20PM 3 No Video in Video Game
3:07PM 0 Error while unpacking program, code LP5 ...
2:56PM 4 Possible recent bug disables sound in wine - Ubuntu Studio
2:44PM 0 Wine is one step closer to running Kuma Games on Linux
1:10PM 6 Utorrent
12:47PM 1 Logitech WingMan Cordless Gamepad
12:13PM 2 World of Warcraft: WOTLK + GMA3000 (not X3000)
Friday March 27 2009
10:56PM 2 Wine does not start Counter-Strike 1.6
10:14PM 14 IPX and AMD64 not mixing?
9:52PM 1 Combat Flight Simulator 2
9:20PM 0 Limpus
7:33PM 0 Soundcard recognition problem
6:49PM 0 problem with soundcard recognition
5:52PM 0 Re: Lightbox Editor freeze
3:41PM 8 GTA San Andreas Page Fault
2:15PM 1 Understanding Wine on Ubuntu. Having problem i can't explain
12:42PM 6 gecko not displaying html
10:56AM 1 Small Issue: Centering Application Ubuntu 8.10
9:51AM 0 Top 10 DVD and video Converter reviews
8:40AM 6 Does WineHQ support OpenMP ?
7:40AM 0 How to convert videos(ingcluding DRM protected) on Mac and t
5:42AM 1 AutoCAD 2000i runs only from a terminal
3:59AM 4 PS3
Thursday March 26 2009
9:44PM 3 Limiting memory for MM9
9:05PM 1 Re: [Solved] Can wine change short date format?
5:30PM 10 How does a noob have to uninstall Wine (on MacOSX)??
4:50PM 0 Hamachi, cnc3, ra3 and wine?
12:31PM 1 winegcc and 'undefined reference's for names from gdi32
11:57AM 1 User list spam
11:09AM 0 Kodak image scroll slagging
10:33AM 1 How to disable the creation of gnome menu entries?
9:51AM 1 Can't display contents in any wine window
8:15AM 4 Serial port stopped working under wine!
7:41AM 1 Questions on winelib
6:16AM 0 How to convert FLV videos and share your videos online
3:00AM 0 How to rip a DVD and edit DVD on Mac/Windows
2:29AM 6 Fedora Updates Hosed Wine
2:08AM 0 nsis error
Wednesday March 25 2009
10:35PM 1 about re-opening a bug
10:08PM 1 "wine explorer ..." eats CTRL keypresses!
10:01PM 1 wiimote in dolphin
7:42PM 1 Can't connect USB Serial (COM3)
5:10PM 2 Issues with Wine and Star Wars Galaxies
1:52PM 0 installation problem
12:20PM 3 Running games from the ISO
9:24AM 3 Why isn't patch code written into releases??
8:38AM 0 How to transfer music/video from your iPod to PC (Windows/Ma
6:22AM 1 How to Rip a DVD and Convert Video on Mac/Windows
3:39AM 2 Wine gameguard and other anti-hacking softwares.
3:19AM 2 .net framework 3.0
3:12AM 0 How to Rip/Edit DVD and Convert Video(for Mac/Windows)
Tuesday March 24 2009
9:48PM 2 USB For Beginners
9:22PM 4 accidently screwed up resolution
5:19PM 0 Error when running Euraconf and is there a serial-port
3:59PM 1 Problem whit letters
2:29PM 5 Wine apps in realtime,possible?
1:48PM 2 Sage - net user
1:28PM 0 Make my app running on Wine
3:59AM 0 Share an easy way to enjoy DVD and Video on iPod Touch/Class
3:45AM 0 How to Rip DVD and Convert Mod/Tod to popular formats with o
12:34AM 4 Battlefield 1942 Graphics
Monday March 23 2009
11:55PM 2 Help please. Don't want to go back to Windows
10:03PM 0 What's the status of "raw printing" support?
9:30PM 2 Debian4.0 installation problems
8:56PM 3 linpus linux lite
6:32PM 1 I/O error 32 (share error) while opening executable
3:35PM 3 Msn 9
1:54PM 0 Language settings on wine...?
10:39AM 0 Wine related activities question?!?
8:39AM 5 Wine fails to install Adobe PS
5:55AM 4 Fallout problems.
4:22AM 1 wine-users Digest, Vol 44, Issue 100
3:41AM 2 Full guide: How to Crack DRM Video, Rip a DVD and burn a DVD
2:36AM 0 How to enjoy any DVD on iPod /iPhone
2:32AM 1 Fund Manager (portfolio management software) seems to work
Sunday March 22 2009
10:14PM 2 wineboot not working as expected
8:19PM 5 Downloading, installing and running .exe programs using Wine
5:05PM 2 Playing Gamemaker 6 and 7 games on OSX?
4:55PM 3 Application
3:57PM 3 Gamemaker 5.3 under wine on OSX?
11:56AM 6 "file not found" [detailed]
7:29AM 4 L4D crashes reaching in-game, d3d_shader bug maybe?
5:38AM 4 Requesting unban from irc channel
2:57AM 1 Re: Chattha Sangayana - bit of a challenge
1:28AM 1 Re: Chattha Sangayana - bit of a challenge
12:53AM 2 Warhammer - Mark of Chaos
Saturday March 21 2009
8:28PM 1 Re: Will latest .deb pkg for Ubuntu Intrepid work on Ubuntu Jaun
8:26PM 0 Just a big hello
7:47PM 1 Re: Will latest .deb pkg for Ubuntu Intrepid work on Ubuntu Jaun
7:31PM 2 is riched 30 like riched 32
6:30PM 1 Legal command?
3:35PM 2 Problem with winetricks and msxml3, msxml4 and msxml6
11:02AM 1 Re: Chattha Sangayana - bit of a challenge
9:52AM 4 How to convert Mod/Tod to any video formats
9:02AM 1 Re: Chattha Sangayana - bit of a challenge
3:04AM 1 Microsoft Office 2003 Font Question
2:14AM 3 Frozen Throne install dont start
12:59AM 2 Wine 1.1.17 not detecting Xvnc display
12:58AM 1 Wine
Friday March 20 2009
8:56PM 1 Optascope port trouble
6:35PM 1 Don't know much about unbuntu
5:53PM 1 Does wine support ds4qb++
1:20PM 1 can't autorun from cd
11:47AM 2 LoadLibrary under wine
11:41AM 1 wine 1.1.17+steam-hl.exe (+mods) c++ runtime error
8:51AM 0 How to enjoy DVD/Video/Music on iPod Touch/Nano 4/Classic
Thursday March 19 2009
10:58PM 0 Wine on Windows image
10:29PM 0 Sound quality
8:59PM 3 Need windows driver when using wine?
4:20PM 2 It is possible to run Linux Firefox from app in Wine?
1:58PM 5 Running Windows Services
11:12AM 3 "DATA3.CAB" asked for but not on disk
Wednesday March 18 2009
11:20PM 2 admin privliges needed and program won't run in 98 mode
11:13PM 1 Re: Unable to install program: admin rights not continued
9:36PM 1 Re: Browse Drive C
8:30PM 7 [Atenttion!] Last Remnant
8:14PM 1 Logic Friday: crashes on entering an equation
7:54PM 0 Will latest .deb pkg for Ubuntu Intrepid work on Ubuntu Jaunty
7:43PM 2 Updating wine with GIT
3:28PM 1 Wine displayes weird colored lines when trying to play game
2:10PM 5 CounterStrike Source and Asus Ati Radeon HD 4850 512MB
9:36AM 3 Getting a proprietary Win32 application running on Wine
8:33AM 2 SECUR32_initNTLMSP ntlm_auth was not found or is outdated. M
4:58AM 6 Need Help with yahoo messenger & Wine?
3:33AM 2 1.1.15 "Failed to connect to the mount manager..."
3:16AM 3 Using Pageant & Putty under Wine -
2:32AM 1 setting riched20 native with command line
1:33AM 1 DLL Development
12:55AM 2 Steam game activation problem
Tuesday March 17 2009
10:41PM 2 Japanese characters
8:03PM 2 Unable to run Final Draft 7 under Wine
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
7:04PM 0 No subject
2:34PM 6 Using wine for legacy support under windows?
1:34PM 1 Very simple exe program - network issues?
12:13PM 1 problem with bisect missing a file
12:11PM 1 Control + Function key doesn't work in VB form
6:52AM 1 Avery DesignPro 5.4 Crashing
3:41AM 0 Re: Games freeze with CD music
12:19AM 3 wine + wow cursor lag
Monday March 16 2009
11:03PM 2 Wine 3d rendering error in Perfect World all versions
9:34PM 0 hungarian character error in Empire Earth 2
8:07PM 7 WIne, Access 97 and mysql question/problem
6:59PM 3 RepliWeb R-1 Console
3:38PM 2 specify version in wine-git?
3:35PM 1 Flash Media Encoder 2.5 or 3
11:43AM 4 IrfanView - got installer working, but program won't run
6:18AM 5 Would like to run PC Study Bible
6:03AM 4 StarWars Galaxies, No DirectX installed
3:51AM 0 wine + world of warcraft
3:20AM 0 Minor system hang when any games are running under wine.
2:36AM 1 Possible graphics card detection problem
12:34AM 3 No fonts in izotope RX
Sunday March 15 2009
9:25PM 4 Fable breaks from wine 1.1.10 to 1.1.11
8:11PM 1 anyone tried wine on ubuntu server?
7:46PM 2 Unable to run Perfect World in Wine
7:42PM 1 WoW under wine and winecfg segfault
6:37PM 1 Wine in gNewSense 2.1
4:49PM 6 FIFA09 Error in DarWine
4:45PM 1 Odd Steam problem, not all games are listed
4:31PM 1 SQL Server Native Client Redistributable EULA
3:10PM 1 Running application gives EAccessViolation in module
2:07PM 4 will wine support windows USB drivers?
1:40PM 5 Problem :X
1:09PM 11 Grand prix legends recognize only two joystick axis
12:43PM 1 Wine 1.1.17 Ubuntu 8.1 Volum Error causing crash.
8:49AM 7 is wine legal??
2:34AM 1 Font error in version 1.1.17
Saturday March 14 2009
9:17PM 4 I managed to break my Wine Directory Structure
7:28PM 1 Submenu show delay (MenuShowDelay)
6:36PM 1 error in wine
6:10PM 1 Website: appdb feedback for older versions of wine?
5:53PM 1 heap list snapshot
5:32PM 2 Problem with screen in VFP and Wine
4:30PM 1 Wine under Ubuntu 8.10 x64
2:29PM 2 Problem while runing Condition zero with wine
2:17PM 2 Cursor problems in a game (Silkroad online)
1:30PM 1 "Start" menu entries not created by installer?
1:10PM 0 Re: Knights of the Old Republic Issue
8:24AM 1 Can't install Fixfoto
7:44AM 1 Re: Knights of the Old Republic Issue
3:12AM 3 Only partial installation? Context menu items missing :-(
3:07AM 2 Wine 1.1.17 ..broke?
Friday March 13 2009
10:46PM 2 Sending input events to background applications in Win32
8:25PM 0 Re: problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
6:17PM 1 Re: problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
5:56PM 1 Re: problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
5:37PM 2 problem with libraries in MS Access XP
5:29PM 1 Re: problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
5:23PM 1 Re: problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
5:18PM 1 Re: problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
1:17PM 7 WINE Compile issue latest development release (1.1.16?)
5:12AM 1 Re: problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
4:57AM 1 Multiple Applications - 1 WINE
1:42AM 1 Help: Adobe Flash CS4 problem.
1:16AM 2 CDROM question
Thursday March 12 2009
7:41PM 1 Adobe Audition thru Darwine on a Mac
6:40PM 0 Joey the passion multiplayer
4:32PM 9 wine to run win64 exe
12:52PM 1 cartoon
12:23PM 0 Re: program wont run problem with nethasp protection
10:17AM 3 Symantec Ghost Explorer 11
6:37AM 5 MotoGP 3
1:49AM 5 keyboard input messed up in Wine 1.1.15?
12:06AM 2 an important question
Wednesday March 11 2009
11:45PM 1 Sound effects, but no music. No CD involved. Help?
9:34PM 0 Re: Need assistance connecting Garmin GPS via USB in Mapsource
9:28PM 4 starcraft disappointment.
8:05PM 12 Anyone who is experienced with wine and/or CrossOver
7:11PM 4 No 3D support under wine 1.1.16
4:43PM 2 CakePoker install help
2:05PM 1 winetricks problem - 'large files' error
12:05PM 4 excel 2000: "File Error data may have been lost"
11:24AM 2 OSX 10.5 - XQuartz 2.3.3 - GLX issue
11:01AM 0 Forward ctrl-c to application
9:39AM 4 World in conflict
8:31AM 1 I think I almost got this, Anyone know what this error is?
6:16AM 11 Progams not load after Ubuntu Security Notice USN-732-1 dash
Tuesday March 10 2009
11:14PM 1 Folder creation problems
9:52PM 1 Need help running Windows tax application.
7:53PM 1 CodeWeavers Outlook for 2009
6:47PM 0 Wine err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception - WoW.exe
6:41PM 9 WoW Performance - Degrades over Time
5:08PM 4 hi urgently need help.
2:19PM 1 problem
1:23PM 2 How do I switch the keyboard layout?
11:16AM 5 Word 2007: file association
9:47AM 0 Crossover roadmap
7:37AM 0 Tony Hawk 3 crashes on start
Monday March 9 2009
7:26PM 12 how can i revert back to msi installer old version
5:25PM 0 Muziic - Runtime Error 438
5:10PM 2 install games on "clean enviroment"
2:06PM 0 WINE and HP1020 duplex printing
1:25PM 3 Problem in wine
1:19PM 7 Noob problems with Darwine
12:59PM 1 Spybot Search and Destroy
12:18PM 1 Mouse configuration in Wine/Crossover
11:44AM 1 A script for installing Office 2007 in Wine on Ubuntu 8.10
10:02AM 0 Please Tell me
9:11AM 2 HELP-No sound input
7:29AM 0 World of Warcraft can encourage scientific thinking...
2:09AM 1 Dialog base units implementation question
1:59AM 2 Wine and mono
1:29AM 0 Passing a parameter with double quote characters
1:27AM 2 Problem with some games (MSVCR80.dll)
12:41AM 3 wine: failed to create the process heap
12:26AM 2 audio config freeze
Sunday March 8 2009
10:51PM 2 Error list for Fiesta
10:22PM 0 PokerStars/Tournament Indicator
9:49PM 1 Help with Permissions!
7:26PM 3 Dual core problems
5:04PM 0 IMVU
1:00PM 1 Setting Windows/DOS environment variables
12:55PM 1 Having issues seeing font in Winecfg
8:44AM 3 Thread creation in Wine
8:42AM 2 Couple DLL problems
1:01AM 4 Wine on windows?
12:46AM 4 Trying to install Oracle 10gR2 client
Saturday March 7 2009
9:55PM 2 Net Framework 2.0 instal problems.
8:47PM 2 Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer
8:10PM 5 The pros and cons of a wiki AppDB
5:57PM 2 direct i/o using wine
5:35PM 3 cant get wine to install
10:09AM 1 Test network under wine
4:06AM 10 Unable to start Empire: Total War
Friday March 6 2009
9:08PM 4 What am I doing wrong?
7:58PM 1 Can t host game with warcraft 3
3:33PM 2 Weird Keystroke Errors
1:54PM 0 .rpm repository for CentOS 5 / Scientific Linux 5
9:57AM 3 Explorer - DirectX and ActiveX
9:16AM 2 Hint to overcome the problem with animated cursors??
6:21AM 1 Re: Help, please-- Ubuntu 8.04
5:20AM 5 Playonline needs 32-bit true color
Thursday March 5 2009
7:37PM 3 Recient Problem in wine
4:33PM 2 MS Money 99
1:48PM 1 I have a quirky question.
1:11PM 3 Play Prince Of Persia 2008
10:11AM 6 Heroes of MIght and Magic V
9:34AM 7 Run a mac application from within Wine
9:25AM 3 SecureCRT
7:53AM 5 EyeMax DVR
5:07AM 2 Turbo Lister eBay problems.
3:29AM 1 How to specify directx version
Wednesday March 4 2009
9:09PM 1 USB Microphone in Ventrilo
8:11PM 2 AUdio Meter Application results in Access Violation
6:34PM 2 Do you have to use command to use win
5:33PM 9 Network App
5:30PM 6 Quality of system images captured with (G)ImageX
11:54AM 6 problems with DVDFab under WINE
7:16AM 2 Lord of the Rings online: Mines of Moria
6:47AM 3 Unmounting removable drives in Wine
Tuesday March 3 2009
11:50PM 2 Misys Tiger with Wine 1.01
11:05PM 1 Video Step-By-Step shows how I installed Wine
10:37PM 1 change date and time in wine
9:39PM 1 heroes of might and magic 4 not working
8:02PM 0 Re: How to make UNICODE characters to display correctly?
7:05PM 4 Help with Warcraft 3
6:07PM 6 help with error:msvcrt:MSVCRTD_operator_new_dbg Not allowed
5:24PM 2 DVD software "this projector file is corrupt!"
4:51PM 0 No subject
4:30PM 1 Git appears to be down this morning
1:17PM 0 Silkroad Other server
12:38PM 1 How do you fix that gdi32.dll error?
9:42AM 2 DVD-"this projector file is corrupt! Unable to continue"
6:39AM 8 Wine Error
4:08AM 0 Ubuntu 8.10 - Irfanview - no longer able to install or use
2:34AM 7 Fedora 10 - update killed text input to Wine
2:13AM 1 Can't Run Anything Fullscreen on Ubuntu
12:01AM 3 winedos.dll question
Monday March 2 2009
10:47PM 1 help me finish Wine install
10:15PM 3 WoW runs *only* as root (openSUSE 11.1, GeForce 8800GTS)
8:37PM 0 Training Manager
8:28PM 7 Ubuntu 8.10 - Irfanview - no longer able to install or use.
7:42PM 3 transparency in small games
2:49PM 0 Netants / Wine?
10:43AM 1 Problem building from source
4:00AM 0 help for this inet timer
3:56AM 3 who can add this app to the appdb
1:45AM 3 Black screen in 3D
Sunday March 1 2009
11:24PM 0 winetricks does not reset service pack number correctly
10:16PM 4 Pros & Cons - Microsoft Office on Macintosh OS X
9:39PM 1 American McGee's Alice
9:04PM 0 Java crashes in wined3d.dll
7:46PM 3 Crash with D3D and OpenGL
5:57PM 2 Spore no-go
3:54PM 2 Daft question: howto downgrade?
1:59PM 1 Likely regression for Pirates of the Caribbean
1:52PM 1 I need bot for silkroad..
1:36PM 2 ~FAQ: parallel install of multiple wine versions
12:14PM 1 Can someone change the AppDB Status Change colors
8:54AM 6 Esword just started crashing with segmentation fault
8:54AM 1 MyScribe not working
8:16AM 0 Re: Panzer General 2 - Railroad Tycoon 2
1:34AM 2 AMD Cool'N Quiet = Processor issues
1:31AM 0 Re: A problem with GetProcessMemoryInfo?