wine users - Aug 2008

Sunday August 31 2008
11:57PM 7 how to fix err:ole
11:38PM 3 jack not available in winecfg
12:07PM 1 script runtime error
9:27AM 1 Wine on Puppy linux
7:30AM 3 GTR Evolution - Crashing
12:58AM 1 Problem re-running program under Wine
12:43AM 1 Wine Feature suggestion (Windows Compatibility System)
Saturday August 30 2008
8:56PM 2 World of Warcraft - ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception
6:54PM 2 Install issue for Band in a Box 11
5:59PM 3 Unable to install program: admin rights not continued
4:40PM 1 Which version of wine
4:26PM 0 Windows Program Manager
10:38AM 1 FairUse Wizard Doesn't See DivX Codec
10:36AM 2 problem running CwSkimmer
9:07AM 4 WINE and installing SimpleMU
Friday August 29 2008
8:58PM 1 wine on fedora 9
6:56PM 1 Re: Window Scrolling on OSX
6:55PM 0 XQuartz window display bug
3:49PM 2 Wine Feature suggestion
2:34PM 3 Arabic Fonts
2:18PM 3 wine rejecting keyboard input when window not focused
9:41AM 1 Distro Differences?
1:01AM 0 display floated away
Thursday August 28 2008
9:45PM 2 Getting started developing for Wine.
7:27PM 6 I have ubuntu, but this doesnt work
7:11PM 2 Fortress Forever, TFC and of course..Wine [Problems]
6:13PM 1 NWN2 - "could not find any compatible Direct3D devices'
4:58PM 3 Half-Life Deathmath does not start
4:19PM 0 Pirates Online
2:49PM 1 Font display problem with Text in UML-Notes of Enterprise Architect (wine-1.1.3 in Ubuntu Hardy)
2:16PM 2 Photoshop CS2 - hiding palettes with tools, layers etc.
2:14PM 3 right-clicking in osx
2:00PM 0 World of Warcraft error. "Disconnected from server."
1:56PM 6 Strangest and weirdest problem ever!
10:52AM 1 Re: Can't install IE6
8:01AM 3 Darwine build without freetype
8:00AM 1 what is this?
4:51AM 0 Re: Please die if you wait "too long" RtlpWaitForCriti
4:08AM 2 Quickbooks 8.1 lockup
2:04AM 1 Re: Can't install IE6
Wednesday August 27 2008
8:02PM 1 usbstorage with particular flash drive
3:27PM 3 Windows Groups under Wine?
2:48PM 2 Screen Resolution issues
12:48PM 1 accessing network Drives from wine
8:29AM 0 Re: Drop down menus lock up wine
6:08AM 1 Re: Please die if you wait "too long" RtlpWaitForCriti
Tuesday August 26 2008
11:47PM 2 Counter-Strike Resolutions
11:44PM 3 Nibiru installs but doesnt run
11:34PM 1 Chinese Font Display Problem in WINE
11:28PM 0 Rosetta Stone V3 - internet access
10:44PM 1 Civilization4
10:26PM 2 Steam crash when installing/launching any game.
9:41PM 1 wine 0.9.53 on hardy
6:57PM 4 installhelper.dll
5:53PM 2 Help installing large files - Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.5 and 10.0
5:10PM 5 Error / Unable to allocate enough memory
4:22PM 0 Re: Wine + PL/SQL Developer + Ubuntu
1:25PM 1 Graphic Problems
11:42AM 0 Multiple error
11:07AM 3 Trackmania through steam
Monday August 25 2008
10:59PM 1 What value does Wine return..?
6:08PM 0 How to run a program with swedish characters in the path?
3:21PM 0 Regression in Dawn Of War
1:15PM 2 How to make Wine use the network interface ham0 instead eth0
10:46AM 0 How to work with a file through the VBScript?
9:58AM 3 Office 2003 does not save files on NTFS partitions?
5:44AM 1 Re: Please die if you wait "too long" RtlpWaitForCriti
3:33AM 1 Re: Please die if you wait "too long" RtlpWaitForCriti
2:10AM 3 Re: Please die if you wait "too long" RtlpWaitForCriti
1:36AM 1 Please die if you wait "too long" RtlpWaitForCriticalSection
1:04AM 0 Installing Corel Draw 5 Problem
1:01AM 1 Conquer Online 2.0 will not work
Sunday August 24 2008
8:23PM 1 [kernel32.dll] RtlMoveMemory "Float Inexact Result"
7:54PM 1 world of warcraft drops to 1 FPS after runing for a while
5:31PM 2 Why my games fails now?
5:07PM 1 Napster: Success! Almost. Guests group problem
4:02PM 0 Mouse does not work in The Operative: No One Lives Forever
4:01PM 1 Re: Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection
2:13PM 1 Uniball
8:18AM 0 Specify glibc version to run/compile wine against?
4:42AM 3 Virtual Disk Size for C drive in wine
3:43AM 0 Importing maps in Portal running under Wine
Saturday August 23 2008
11:17PM 1 Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create objec
8:47PM 4 no games
6:04PM 2 Re: Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection
12:57PM 0 Warcraft III TFT wine ver 1.1.3
7:35AM 1 status c0000005
7:21AM 1 Switch for pixel shader?
6:04AM 1 MS Access 2007 doesn't want to load
5:56AM 2 Printing Under Wine
3:24AM 1 fatal error
12:26AM 2 Wine - ARM - Pandora Handheld
Friday August 22 2008
9:03PM 0 City Of heroes / villains
4:46PM 2 Wine install on an acer aspire one help
3:49PM 1 Re: autocad 2008 and wine
3:05PM 8 Mac OSX (10.5) & wine w/ OpenGL - Info & Issues
2:28PM 6 AIRC Powerbuilde - Problem exporting files to PDF
1:52PM 10 Windows Media Encoder 9
8:35AM 1 Can't disable DirectX mouse Grab (
1:19AM 10 WAR Beta Installer issues
12:07AM 1 steam games are missing
Thursday August 21 2008
9:03PM 3 HL2DM goes blank
7:56PM 2 Rosetta Stone Language
3:33PM 0 Wine memory bug with patch?
2:15PM 7 Re: Problem installing Topix
12:04PM 1 helpfile
12:01PM 1 Wine & ATI
10:14AM 1 [Darwine] Can't run STALKER
9:26AM 2 Cant install Ground Control 2
7:29AM 6 Two Fire Wire ports PCMCIA ieee 1394
6:35AM 8 Direct X Input
Wednesday August 20 2008
8:07PM 2 Bold I know... problem with Steam in darwine
6:05PM 0 crit error when trying to load lineage 2
4:34PM 1 Baldur's Gate slow after upgrading Linux Kernel
2:05PM 0 Printing Problem
9:22AM 0 World of Warcraft segmentation fault
9:21AM 2 How display window of application (is started through COM)
8:45AM 1 ATI fglrx + wine ==> The Checkerboard of Doom
7:35AM 1 jack built into wine?
Tuesday August 19 2008
10:36PM 1 Command and Conquer 3 -issues
9:54PM 2 Need help getting Sonic CD to work.
9:50PM 1 Question about winecfg/pixel shader for some games
8:58PM 1 Application failure finding files on CD
8:24PM 1 OSS Devices
8:00PM 1 Dameware NT Utilities won't start
6:53PM 4 Only stereo instead true 5.1 sound in World of Warcraft
6:45PM 3 direct3d error
6:06PM 1 Problem with accents
1:14PM 1 Re: autocad 2008 and wine
12:22PM 7 dissapearing windows!!
11:26AM 1 Does Wine run Mono (for yWriter5 beta)
Monday August 18 2008
6:26PM 1 World of Warcraft in Wine
6:24PM 4 Running google Sketchup 6
6:14PM 3 Wine installation help...
3:54PM 0 Name disadvantage
3:42PM 2 Re: Problems with sound and video when running team fortress
3:19PM 0 Re: Directory & File Name Issues
1:02PM 7 ATI (rv350) + open-source driver + wine gaming issues
11:25AM 2 I WANT to be a wine user.
5:25AM 2 error in games
Sunday August 17 2008
11:52PM 3 Tank Combat - loading error
11:42PM 1 Getting Picasa to view files in OSX
11:15PM 4 Learnkey
10:58PM 1 Missing component
6:32PM 0 viewing chinese characters
4:06PM 4 Ventrilo + World of Warcraft ; Unhandled exception
4:18AM 3 Questions about git and building wine
3:53AM 2 Logitech Dual-Action gamepad
Saturday August 16 2008
10:37PM 1 Winedbg detected
4:46PM 0 Test drive
12:49PM 1 Dual view using nvida drivers
3:36AM 1 Bionic Commando: Rearmed fails on startup
Friday August 15 2008
4:49PM 1 Error installing oracle client
4:30PM 0 Diablo 1 (Demo or Hellfire)
4:03PM 4 Nothing seems to work when using Wine.
3:52PM 1 Preloader
3:51PM 1 wine boot
3:17AM 8 VCb0.crt....C++ runtime error.....
2:12AM 9 Intel HDA with Plantronics USB
12:39AM 2 Do I have to recompile wine to apply a different patch??
Thursday August 14 2008
9:26PM 1 Re: Can't print anymore
11:53AM 1 wine and ExtTextOut
7:39AM 1 Latest Wine crashes where version 0.9.36 worked fine
4:05AM 1 Complete National Geographic For Windows:DOSMEM_MapDosLayout
Wednesday August 13 2008
11:41PM 1 akmod-nvidia update, lose openGL functionality
11:06PM 0 Trying to Install GRAW with Wine
9:25PM 0 What do I do?
5:46PM 0 Solatech Window Covering Software, MSDE, and Wine
5:16PM 1 Baldur's Gate II can't find my CD
5:12PM 1 problem running everything
4:25PM 1 X11 drive is missing; wine 0.9.53
3:36PM 4 Wine install on Eee PC 4G/Linux
2:02PM 1 Queued Items on Appdb
12:58PM 0 Storesonline, Ecommerce and Advertising
11:36AM 4 Running IBPump.exe
5:26AM 1 3D Multiseat & wine
4:12AM 2 using Winetools with wine 1.1.2
Tuesday August 12 2008
11:03PM 3 No GIT changes since 7 days?
3:55PM 0 EAC on Wine - how well does it work on non-Linux?
3:44PM 2 regedit changes are ignored
3:40PM 4 Access to partition or entrie disk
3:11PM 8 Who am i? and where is C:?
12:47PM 2 CD-tag runs as root but not as user
11:00AM 0 Cossacks and mouse issue
10:09AM 2 Wine and Multicore Processors
9:58AM 2 Wine finds bogus printer and cant add correct printer
9:41AM 3 Multisim: unable to initialize DAO/jet db engine
9:39AM 0 TheBat! help...
3:56AM 6 Mac OS X - problems with audio tab in winecfg
12:03AM 3 FS Host runs but can not connect connect flights
Monday August 11 2008
10:46PM 2 Wine and Gnome menus...
8:47PM 4 Does wine support my app ?
4:06PM 0 Worms World Party
2:52PM 1 Re: wine and aladdin hasp hardware dongle
1:26PM 0 fonts in apps are anti-aliased in contrast to system setting
11:18AM 1 Re: wine and aladdin hasp hardware dongle
7:46AM 1 Starting services before login
Sunday August 10 2008
11:40PM 2 Did I break Wine?
11:21PM 1 Macmilan dictionary gives me an error
9:45PM 2 Red Faction will not setup
8:31PM 1 PokerStars
7:54PM 2 Multiple Users
3:04PM 0 C&C First Decade Installation Problem
6:02AM 2 Wine 3D leads to weird screen
4:13AM 1 Problems with games
3:46AM 1 USB headset mic input
3:01AM 4 DLLs
2:47AM 1 Opening another Program From Wine App
2:18AM 4 viewing traiditional chinese in isilo
Saturday August 9 2008
11:02PM 1 2 Problems with new Games (COD4 & CnC3)
10:41PM 6 ElderScrolls - case-sensitivity, many of the same file
6:10PM 0 CLI program trying to hide characters hangs
5:49PM 1 Limiting application directory
4:26PM 0 Re: Zmodeler2
11:52AM 0 Mouse Problem in Psi-Ops
11:36AM 5 MyAC Problem
3:14AM 8 Problems Installing
2:58AM 0 Rosetta Stone v2 demo CD fails with the error message: CoGetClassObject no class object {56fdf344-fd6d-11d0-958a-006097c9a090} could be created for context 0x1
12:04AM 5 Wine on Asus EEE
Friday August 8 2008
6:17PM 0 Warhammer Online. BUG
11:22AM 1 Problem with alsa driver
10:03AM 8 wine static
9:00AM 2 How to run a Paradox Game (Victoria/HoI2: Doomsday)
7:46AM 1 wine only works after closing it
Thursday August 7 2008
10:27PM 5 Install Fails
10:24PM 1 I think I messed up DirectDraw.
7:50PM 0 Wine on Asus eee pc 900 running Xandros.
6:28PM 1 Syberia I Game on Wine 1.0
6:12PM 0 [FIX] GL_INVALID_OPERATION with legacy nvidia drivers
5:58PM 4 Help using wine
5:26PM 0 Wow and death on ATI
12:55PM 0 Red Orchestra (Steam) Multiplayer
12:36PM 1 Full Tilt Poker software no longer works
12:01PM 1 force into DX8 mode possible (force pixelshadermodel 1.1 ...
11:14AM 0 Wine and eBookMan Desktop
10:11AM 3 Windows MSI file installation
6:34AM 1 Proteus and wine
Wednesday August 6 2008
9:15PM 3 Runtime errors! Can't run anything!
6:51PM 1 COM port issues.
4:55PM 2 Screen resolution Problem
3:24PM 0 Old Macromedia app shows black regions of anim
2:49PM 2 Space Bucks gives an installation error
11:22AM 4 [wine 1.1.2 opensuse 11]
10:36AM 2 software runs in a loop [mathe coach]
5:38AM 0 Re: Dawn of War: Soulstorm crashes
3:24AM 2 Silkroad Online
3:06AM 0 Com Port ( USB) not working...Natiive Comport does work
12:00AM 3 Re: Call of Duty 4 black screen and error
Tuesday August 5 2008
8:34PM 1 configure does not detect libfreetype
7:41PM 1 changed windows ver to 3.1: now winecfg & regedit hang
7:39PM 0 Re: Drive not found-problem when running programs in Wine
7:38PM 0 changed windows ver to 3.1: now wine, winecfg & regedit hang
7:16PM 1 Disappearing Wine
4:41PM 2 Driver installation for DVB-Hardware & DVBviewer
3:58PM 1 Error after upgrading kubuntu
2:08PM 1 rss behaving weird
10:33AM 1 Winelib Test Drive
2:21AM 0 run winamax with wine on Fedora 9, very slow display.
1:31AM 0 Mouse behaves drunk using Wine
1:18AM 5 Problem with multiboxing WoW
12:57AM 2 Re: Which Wine Download?
12:06AM 2 Screen Size
12:04AM 1 Re: Which Wine Download?
Monday August 4 2008
11:50PM 0 JACK / WaveInGetPosition: This function is not supported.
7:53PM 1 Re: Martin LightJockey
4:35PM 0 Help with changing defaulot netowrk device
4:26PM 1 1 Question about internet connections
12:37PM 0 unsubscribe
10:26AM 0 etax
9:50AM 0 Trying to run Sacred
8:24AM 1 Freenet SMS-Manager
3:03AM 1 Emu48 under wine, misbehaves
Sunday August 3 2008
10:15PM 1 Package for Debian Etch 4.0 available at
9:46PM 0 Game Wont Load - Ground-Control-2
9:30PM 3 incorrect command line parameters
8:51PM 0 Window iconization issue with Opera: window size is wrong after restoring from an icon
8:44PM 0 Drip Rerun
7:53PM 1 Wine 0.9.43 issue
7:18PM 1 Firefox-30 for Windows crashes under wine-1.1.2
7:18PM 1 Diablo III
5:32PM 0 OT: Need PCI only Video Card recommendation for use with WINE
5:18PM 1 trying to get Wine to load Diablo2 hacks
5:08PM 3 Lineage2 C6 wine "AGP is Deactivated."
12:36PM 2 I need help reporting a bug to wine bugzilla
9:52AM 7 New game "Das schwarze Auge: Drakensang"
5:47AM 1 [question] maintaining howto
2:52AM 1 java not found.
2:22AM 2 N0 Sound or USB ports
Saturday August 2 2008
11:32PM 1 Photoshop Elements 6.0 setup hangs (in InstallShield)
10:30PM 0 mobilemeter and Wine problems
8:40PM 1 VideoMemorySize registry key not being applied? [wine-1.1.2]
7:40PM 1 Regression with MS Flight Simulator 2004
5:08PM 2 Networking problems with IDU Verwaltung software
4:43PM 1 Portal Problem
3:03PM 1 HELP: Opening a WINE app. using another WINE app.
12:22AM 1 Steam Error
12:09AM 0 An App's Memory
Friday August 1 2008
7:47PM 3 Wine requires a 3G/1G user/kernel memory split to work prope
6:28PM 3 Paperport 11
4:40PM 7 Problem Install MS Office with Wine Windows Program Loader
1:51PM 1 How do I install in .wine/drive-c/program files?
4:18AM 1 yum install doesn't work in CentOS
2:16AM 4 Incredimail....Need help/ideas to get it running
1:24AM 4 Steam games crash during gameplay
1:15AM 2 Warhammer. !