samba - Nov 2005

Wednesday November 30 2005
10:29PM 0 Problem connecting network printer to XP
9:17PM 0 Trying to rejoin domain
8:14PM 1 Problem with setting Normal attribute for a file owned by another user
8:14PM 0 Strange language problems with roaming profiles
8:14PM 1 Samba and netbeui
7:56PM 0 Deleting a file
7:48PM 0 locked file that shouldn't be
7:47PM 2 locked files that shouldn't be
6:18PM 0 printer lexz25-z35 in client w98 using USB no print
6:05PM 1 old samba domain to new version of samba domain
5:56PM 0 help! connection problems, timed out?!
5:36PM 0 Re: kpasswd - soft error
5:03PM 0 rpcclient + addform
4:49PM 4 migrate profile from an old server to a new one - SID and ntuser.dat problem
4:49PM 0 printer lexz25-z35 via USG in client w98 no print
4:26PM 0 ACL confusion
4:11PM 1 home directory permissions
3:22PM 2 smbfs and cifs
2:17PM 1 Modify and backup winbindd_idmap.tdb
2:12PM 0 Cross-subnet browsing
1:59PM 0 samba /openldap error message
1:01PM 1 deleted file reappears
11:41AM 1 winbindd_idmap.tdb
11:15AM 0 [SOLVED] home folders query
11:14AM 0 My linux server with samba sent a big quantity of request to the DC ...
10:52AM 1 cupsaddsmb
9:55AM 0 meassure teh time of profile login
7:27AM 1 windows server 2003 shares (smbmount & signing or cifs & kerberos)
3:32AM 2 Samba Guide, SuSe and Yast
12:21AM 1 problem with windows CE 4.2 and samba 3.0.20
Tuesday November 29 2005
10:10PM 2 trouble printing from Win9x clients
9:11PM 0 Too slow to open shares.
9:10PM 0 Unable to join NT domain
9:09PM 0 Help with Samba
6:56PM 1 Create rpm for Mandriva of Samba 3.0.21rc1 ?
6:43PM 1 Deleting a file in Windows
6:25PM 2 /etc/samba/smb.conf not detected.
5:31PM 1 file mode creation at a directory level
4:35PM 1 home folders query
2:53PM 1 AD4Unix & Samba-3.0.20b+winbind
2:52PM 0 Loging onto a windows ads domain with group restrictions
1:55PM 0 I/O error samba mount point (only with smbfs)
11:19AM 0 does "wins proxy" also cache?
11:15AM 1 passdb/pdb_ldap.c LBER_USE_DER undeclared
11:15AM 0 samba read/write speed
8:41AM 2 Permission denied
7:54AM 1 configure 3.0.21rc1 on solaris
4:22AM 2 Samba guide Ch5: cannot resolve user id
1:21AM 1 ~! High CPU usage on SLES9 box running 3.0.14a when printing via LPD !~
Monday November 28 2005
10:46PM 1 include directive
10:45PM 1 multiple smbd process spawning with Samba 3.0.14
10:45PM 1 Eclipse and Samba romaing profiles
10:45PM 0 how-to Multiple Workgroups in a single PDC?
10:45PM 2 unreachable trusted domains in enterprise environment
9:09PM 2 Samba password expiry time
9:06PM 0 master browser problems for one workgroup
7:20PM 0 winbind group mapping
6:47PM 2 support in version 3 or
6:18PM 0 wbinfo -g delay
5:54PM 0 Samba guest account
5:42PM 0 winbind error?
5:12PM 1 Creating domain list takes too long
4:54PM 0 subdirectory permissions
4:36PM 0 'wins proxy' not working very well
4:00PM 0 uid <-> sid conversion with winbindd
3:53PM 1 Winbind.log - invalid trustdom response?
3:48PM 0 sfu ad plugin missing in debian debs from
3:25PM 0 rpcclient + addform = result was WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
3:20PM 0 All Windows ACL in samba share.. is it possible?
2:45PM 2 NT clients syncronyzing in a Samba PDC Domain
1:14PM 3 NT/UNIX username mapping possible directly via tdbsam?
12:47PM 0 Samba passwd.tdb problem
12:08PM 1 error whit more than one user.
10:56AM 1 Mounting W2k3 shares from Linux
9:27AM 5 Samba and AD problem
5:28AM 1 wbinfo -g and -u problems ? no answer at my first post ?
2:43AM 1 winbind cache time
1:22AM 1 Is samba or a kernel bug causing my FC4 server to crash?
Sunday November 27 2005
9:00PM 0 Rare problem using Samba and mounted directories
8:58PM 2 Samba 3.0.14a-2 / Cups problem
8:58PM 7 Hiding and showing folders in Samba.
8:58PM 1 Multiple Workgroups in a single PDC
8:58PM 0 Setting up samba
8:58PM 0 Help me .. SAMBA in AIX 5.0
8:57PM 0 Problemi con samba
8:57PM 0 Problems running Samba on RHEL4U2
8:57PM 2 How to synchronise multiple samba server ?
8:57PM 1 useradd setuid bit
4:56PM 1 samba domian and running services on XP ws
12:11PM 1 Losing wallpapers on roaming profiles
11:11AM 1 smbpasswd -d nobody, listing still possible?
3:59AM 0 RESOLVED: Fwd: Re: Basic Setup Problem
2:21AM 2 Basic Setup Problem
Saturday November 26 2005
10:18PM 1 samba as pdc with ldap: trouble with smbldap-populate: error adding from cn=Domain Admins,ou=Groups onwards
1:32PM 1 Problems with samba security=user
2:33AM 1 (no subject)
Friday November 25 2005
9:23PM 1 firewall
8:29PM 0 "inherit owner" is not working..... how i can make it work
6:04PM 1 Red X and guest user message in logs
6:04PM 1 USRMGR Not adding users properly
3:56PM 1 Best way to upgrade domain from control by 2.2.5 PDC to control by 3.0.20b PDC
3:34PM 1 Share disconnect after inactivity
3:07PM 1 windows printer driver installation with samba and cups
2:37PM 1 samba + ldap
10:51AM 1 Any downsides to using MS Services for Unix NIS server?
9:50AM 0 Tiger 10.4.2 problems with connection to Samba Server
7:58AM 2 Samba benefits.
Thursday November 24 2005
10:08PM 0 pdc machine (nt) changes sometimes
10:08PM 0 Reg.Quota for directories
10:08PM 1 caracter set problem
10:08PM 0 Req:Deatils about samba interface
10:07PM 0 File extensions
9:24PM 1 Group mapping: different SIDs
8:20PM 3 The "single WINS" problem
6:16PM 1 winbind memroy leack?
5:48PM 0 Propblem in Managing File Permission
2:30PM 0 No account in domain for workstation after upgrade
10:18AM 0 Upgrading problems
10:14AM 0 Problems with ls and find on NetApp Server (The Trace)
10:09AM 0 Problems with ls and find on NetApp Server
10:01AM 0 samba + cups
9:17AM 0 changing file attribute on windows shares from linux
9:01AM 0 machine certificate for samba host
12:02AM 1 How to get rid of a server comment?
Wednesday November 23 2005
10:55PM 5 Guest account problem ... please help
10:39PM 1 ADS mode / MIT realm trust problem (3.0.20b)
9:03PM 3 winbind auth using ADS with domain trusts
5:05PM 1 AS/U as a member server on a SAmba PDC
3:53PM 0 Change of samba 3.0.14a to 3.0.20b ?
3:33PM 1 How to add a logon Script in Windows 2003 Domain
2:43PM 5 ntlm_auth from pppd help
2:20PM 0 lexmark USB no print in windows98 from linux
2:09PM 0 Access is denied message when trying to join domain
1:19PM 0 Error copying dot-files to samba share
1:13PM 1 login script - runs just the first time a user logons
11:29AM 1 -a -w '%m' questions
11:18AM 0 Adding 2k3 to existing network
10:14AM 2 need some help with debuggin.
8:47AM 2 printer admin: deprecated?
6:38AM 0 SAMBA 2.7 to SAMBA 3.0
Tuesday November 22 2005
11:35PM 1 Sick Samba 3.0.14a-3 Server - in a world of pain!
9:59PM 0 Guest account and deleting filed
9:50PM 1 windowsNT 4.0 and ServicePack 5
9:42PM 3 Mounting smbfs
9:19PM 3 problem with login script not running as one user
7:25PM 0 Unable to join domain - Samba > 3.0.14a on Solaris
7:20PM 0 Files moved around
5:51PM 0 could not add user/computer winxp$ to passdb:Check permissions?
5:28PM 3 AD domain with SDMS issues & LDAP Idmap backend
5:06PM 1 build_sam_account: smbpasswd database is corrupt! affecting samba group mapping?
4:58PM 1 rpcclient to multiple servers simultaneously
4:18PM 2 Can't browse \Windows from Linux
4:12PM 1 User and Groups Problem with ADS (Win2003) and Solaris 10
3:58PM 1 Client schannel.
2:29PM 1 slow samba write performance
2:03PM 0 Could not login to my XP laptop outside the LAN
10:42AM 1 spnego_gen_negTokenTarg failed: No credentials cache found
10:37AM 1 Cant add new PC to Domain
8:37AM 0 home drive mapping
6:48AM 1 samba produces heavy load on solaris server
6:08AM 0 Sudden problem with disconnects
2:33AM 1 "Well-known Windows RIDs" vs. UIDs/GIDs
Monday November 21 2005
11:37PM 1 Changing/fixing machine names
11:18PM 2 Can Winbind go directly to LDAP/Kerberos? Or is it PDC NTLM only?
10:26PM 2 cannot create entry in directory created by Samba
10:17PM 2 Samba HA on two nodes
10:16PM 2 Help for problem samba between linux and windows
6:51PM 3 roaming profiles, not roaming
6:47PM 1 Backup Domain Controllers
6:38PM 0 Samba clients fail after reboot
5:40PM 2 problem joining computer to domain
5:09PM 1 Windows AD w/ Windows Services for Unix?
5:04PM 1 does a pdc need to be in the domain itself?
4:21PM 0 asuconfig and member server
4:18PM 1 net rpc utility to add machine account ?
4:17PM 0 client auth failure for linux and samba pdc
3:43PM 1 Performance Problem / failed to verify PAC server signature
3:23PM 3 net groupmap list error
2:54PM 0 Re: 802.1x machine authentication patch help
2:24PM 4 patch request - inherit owner
1:46PM 0 Filetime Problems
1:23PM 0 Newbie-Authentication for term. em. software?
1:18PM 1 tdbsam - can't connect if the password is 16 characters long
7:48AM 0 Logon Failuter: Unknow user or bad password
Sunday November 20 2005
10:37PM 0 sambaLogonHours again...
10:14PM 0 Samba does not close connection with max connections = 1
10:14PM 0 linux client auth failure against PDC
9:21PM 1 Multiple DNS entries
9:02PM 1 Lots of "write_data: write failure in writing to client" and "Error writing 4 bytes to client. -1"
10:34AM 0 samba on win32
2:05AM 0 Something Strange: All my Samba servers stopped working.
Saturday November 19 2005
11:31PM 2 Samba & SIDs
11:27PM 2 How does a user change his password?
9:22PM 0 FreeBSD 4.x NT PDC authorization
5:19PM 1 ntlm_auth machine authentication for freeradius
4:17PM 2 ntlm_auth and PEAP machine authentication
12:09AM 1 SAMBA PDC Howto LDAP
Friday November 18 2005
11:55PM 0 Someone must know what this error means!
11:29PM 2 Help! Emergency
7:43PM 1 Disabling Unicode strings settings ??
7:24PM 0 Password complexity
6:51PM 1 Help with AIX complie
4:57PM 1 password protecting indivdual directories
4:10PM 0 windows98 recive archive, but no print
2:49PM 0 Password 'must change at next login'
1:33PM 2 nsswitch not working for ldap
12:16PM 0 upgraded redhat samba won't function
10:27AM 2 Speeding up Samba
10:19AM 1 samba as AD member server - IP address / hostname change
8:31AM 0 System error 64 occurred
7:56AM 1 64-bit printdrivers (Windows XP) and samba/cups as a printserver?
6:15AM 0 System error 64 occurred~~~~
4:33AM 0 Errors encountered joining Active Directory domain
Thursday November 17 2005
10:50PM 3 Can't set ACL on Samba
10:44PM 0 Windows98 recibe, pero no imprime
10:26PM 0 Samba and Multiple groups
10:26PM 0 Replication errors with LDAP and problems with NT machines
8:57PM 1 Unable to connect to the SAMBA Shares
7:47PM 0 full path of samba machine from a different domain
7:47PM 1 Forcing Password Changes
5:14PM 0 Critical collapse of Samba/LDAP - Help Please
4:17PM 2 Transparent domain migration
4:01PM 0 Windows 2000 AD
2:43PM 3 Clarification: Can Windows 'Network Drive' name be changed ?
2:38PM 1 NTConfig.POL not working for Win 2000 (for XP working fine)?
1:34PM 1 Samba volume name to share
12:51PM 0 job queue samba 3.0.20b problem
12:49PM 1 Help needed setting up samba to authenticate against NT PDB
12:31PM 1 Samba cannot cancel job (for Jerry)
10:34AM 4 Can Windows 'Network Drive' name be changed ?
7:32AM 1 samba pdc with dns resolution into vlans
5:12AM 3 NT MD4 password check failed
2:32AM 0 Using multiple password servers in smb.conf
Wednesday November 16 2005
10:46PM 0 a little problem with net getlocalsid
10:37PM 0 HLP access without SMB
10:37PM 0 question
10:37PM 0 loging on to samba from a xp box
10:37PM 1 Very strange permissions issue with Samba 3.0.20(a/b)
8:58PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.5.2 released
7:56PM 0 Unicode strings settings in smbclient
4:58PM 1 XP will no longer download print drivers
3:32PM 0 Trust: Samba or windows problem?
3:31PM 0 sned message with smbclient
2:26PM 0 RE what is the SID of the domain administrator?
1:58PM 3 what is the SID of the domain administrator?
1:51PM 1 how to edit .pol files (on a Samba server)?
12:33PM 2 which tdb holds privileges?
11:36AM 0 Adding Windows server to Samba domain
10:51AM 0 winbind -t fails to check secret
10:23AM 3 Backup Tape
9:08AM 1 issues with winbindd
8:23AM 1 The server is not configured for transactions
4:47AM 4 Promoting Samba BDC to PDC
4:16AM 0 Access denied when creating a new local group
3:30AM 0 "wbinfo -n administrator" failed
Tuesday November 15 2005
10:18PM 1 Strange Behavior with Read Only files 3.0.20b
8:54PM 0 Locking Problems with Tracker 97
8:53PM 9 Multiple Login scripts
8:35PM 1 Share access error
8:23PM 2 Windows->LDAP->Samba
8:04PM 0 () Unable to connect samba server using hostname
6:44PM 2 Samba 2.2 to Samba 3.0 migration - LDAP backend
5:46PM 2 Pronounciation
5:34PM 0 samba 3.0.20b-2 debian sarge - make_connection: refusing to connect with no session setup
4:28PM 1 When to use Winbind ??
3:10PM 2 Windows-style quota / "profile size too big" warning?
2:49PM 0 what does VFS default_quota do?
2:47PM 1 D flag at sambaAcctFlags
2:25PM 0 Kerberos config.
2:24PM 0 maximum amount of data in a SMB read response packet
1:33PM 1 Roaming profiles migration
12:21PM 11 Unable to connect samba server using hostname
11:04AM 0 roaming Profiles
10:57AM 0 smbpasswd -a UID/privs checking needed
10:37AM 2 samba 3.0.21rc1 + ldap PDC - smbpasswd issue
9:14AM 0 winbindd and user groups
8:56AM 1 is this a DNS resolution problem ? bad news
8:48AM 0 NTLM & Kerberos.
8:33AM 4 OpenLDAP and SAMBA
12:14AM 0 CTRL+ALT+DEL Samba PDC
Monday November 14 2005
11:44PM 1 down for maintanence/upgrades
6:13PM 1 connecting from Windows XP x64 Edition
5:54PM 0 execute desktop app on folder entry?
2:51PM 0 Access denied with hide dot file AND map hidden enabled
2:38PM 4 Using group membership to access a symlink directory
10:30AM 0 Folder Name with spaces
9:16AM 1 Can Windows 2003 server be configured as a samba client ?
2:47AM 1 Samba 3 Domain XP Pro hangs for after logon
Sunday November 13 2005
9:16PM 1 Posting
9:15PM 2 RE: samba smbd version 2.2.12 HP CIFS Server A.01.11.04 does hang if start in a HP serviceguard configuration
6:23PM 3 Adding Nested Partitions To A Mount Point
3:50AM 1 smbclient not accessable on debian
2:56AM 1 Can't connect to smb share that's a mounted file system
Saturday November 12 2005
11:01PM 1 Automounting Windows XP share on Linux
7:39PM 0 Samba 3.0.21rc1 Available for Download
6:56PM 1 LDAP user
6:30PM 1 LDAP integration
5:52PM 1 Automatically Join Domain after Reboot
5:35PM 1 Samba/LDAP-Backend stability on Debian Sarge
4:44PM 1 Help with error message: Can't become connected user
4:38PM 1 Path issues in share name
2:33PM 3 net rpc vampire - cannot login to migrated computer accounts
1:28PM 3 groupmap
9:34AM 1 Unable to "rsync" in samba share.... please help !!!
9:00AM 1 Administering Groups
Friday November 11 2005
7:40PM 0 ADS Problems
5:25PM 0 Samba is blocking logins
5:18PM 0 Re: samba smbd version 2.2.12 HP CIFS Server A.01.11.04 does hang if start in a HP serviceguard configuration
4:33PM 0 Can't become connected user?
4:25PM 0 windows printing
2:17PM 2 Homes on different server...
1:37PM 2 Migrating same domain
12:05PM 0 Win NT 4.0, browsing does't work
11:18AM 1 vfs problem
10:00AM 2 Windows client and kerberos without ADS
5:09AM 0 smb-proxy
Thursday November 10 2005
9:26PM 0 LMB and browse.dat Updates
9:26PM 1 Unable to turn off file locking
9:26PM 0 net ads join problems
9:26PM 0 Samba PDC with LDAP wont let me join
9:25PM 0 hide unreadable in msdfs root
8:01PM 1 File Permision Setup for Security
5:48PM 1 login scripts not being run at session startup
5:45PM 1 network design - taking advantage of samba+openldap
4:43PM 1 how to migrate to samba-ldap transparently?
4:30PM 2 net ads join
4:02PM 1 Current status of OS/2 eCS client to Samba 3.0.20b
2:05PM 1 Strange Samba permissions
1:51PM 0 RID
1:30PM 3 What file gets corrupted in Samba when perms stop working correctly?
12:54PM 2 "dos filemode" parameter ineffective?
10:47AM 0 Resetting a users real name?
10:01AM 1 Samba 3.0.20b and Win NT 4
9:00AM 2 is this a DNS resolution problem ?
7:48AM 2 Samba + ADS File Security Problem
7:30AM 1 Changing AD Domain Account Password from Samba.
6:38AM 0 Getting Error With System name While access samba Share!
3:35AM 2 w32time and Samba PDC Domains
2:04AM 1 What do I do now???
1:38AM 1 oplocks
12:34AM 0 Two DC's on same subnet possible with ldap?
Wednesday November 9 2005
11:52PM 0 two samba servers in different AD forests on one host?
11:01PM 0 showing all groups using IDMAP_RID
10:27PM 0 File permissions problem - Visible Analyst
9:56PM 0 Samba 3.0.20b / AIX 5.3 / VFS Modules
9:23PM 0 ACL doesn't work on Solaris
8:31PM 1 Weird problems with printing
7:47PM 0 Access denided when join samba+ldap PDC
7:47PM 0 Samba 3.0.20a on AIX 5.2
7:47PM 2 Group Members and usersidlist problem
3:39PM 1 Samba PDC problems
2:34PM 1 log of password failures - sox
1:56PM 1 Slow Access Database on Samba
1:16PM 9 A lot of IPC$ connections
12:38PM 2 Mounting W2k3 share on Linux client.
12:04PM 2 samba domain vs linux network security
11:12AM 0 mozilla and roming profiles... THE SOLUTION
7:50AM 0 Samba/Unicode
6:03AM 1 Samba set back
4:50AM 0 how to use home directory from windows server ?
4:34AM 1 Group mapping giving incorrect GIDs
2:03AM 3 Samba roaming profile problem
12:27AM 1 Samba over NFS: Total and Free disk incorrect in Windows.
Tuesday November 8 2005
11:19PM 1 ADS Join and Insufficient Access
10:00PM 1 getcacls and setcacls issues and questions
9:59PM 2 What's a preferred linux distribution for my needs...
9:59PM 0 VFS recycle options
9:59PM 1 The specified user does not exist.
9:59PM 0 Wrong permission after smbmount
9:25PM 0 Strange sorting issue with samba 2.2 - v2
7:23PM 1 Is there any way to run a linux script that will browes for the shared drives
6:02PM 2 User Manager Tools and Automatic Profile creation
6:01PM 2 Samba PDC and Office2003 Big Problem
3:50PM 2 What does the value for "aio write size" and "aio read size" represent?
3:37PM 4 Roaming Profiles - the next step
2:00PM 0 Update: winbind problems
1:00PM 2 Possible to have Email-Adresses as logins?
10:56AM 1 audit and recycle VFS modules
10:54AM 1 message command
10:46AM 1 Id Mapping from SFU 3.5
5:02AM 0 Configuring smbfs and general samba confusion
4:51AM 0 Windows 2000 SP4 rollup 1
Monday November 7 2005
11:51PM 2 urgent - migration samba domain from machine and version
11:33PM 2 Trust Accounts and Machine Name Case
10:54PM 1 User Manager Tools
10:30PM 0 Share file permissions
10:26PM 0 %u and %U different between Win98 and Win XP Pro
10:22PM 0 rsync: readdir(.): Bad file descriptor (9)
10:11PM 0 Visual Studio/Samba Compile from Shares issue
9:22PM 4 Urgent Samba / Squid NTLM Auth Problems
9:10PM 0 [OTAnn] Feedback
8:52PM 1 Passwords expiring
8:18PM 0 winbind problem
8:14PM 1 LDAP+BDC user password change trouble
8:01PM 1 AD Question
7:56PM 1 ntlm_auth bug?
6:25PM 1 General Question: WinXP autodomain?
5:36PM 0 can not create directory/file under samba server
5:02PM 0 identify samba share from ms-dos
2:56PM 0 using pam_smbpass to sync password
2:43PM 3 SWAT not accessible from remote sites
2:23PM 1 samba + ldap + root user
1:24PM 0 Samba doesnt refresh explorer window
1:02PM 0 Libsmbclient.c changes in 3.0.21-pre??
9:58AM 0 quota problems with 3.0.20b
9:47AM 1 Windows refusing samba server
8:27AM 0 Samba clients and ADS
5:12AM 0 Group mapping doesn't seem to be working
1:06AM 1 Urgent Help
12:21AM 1 Samba with no printer.
12:21AM 0 Samba Client Refresh problem.
12:21AM 0 Error copying permissions from Samba server
12:05AM 1 2003 Server won't join or leave domain
Sunday November 6 2005
11:23PM 1 Guest printing issue using cups
9:22PM 1 How do I become a domain admin?
5:25PM 1 Change file owner
3:32PM 0 nested groups w/local group
12:09PM 1 Cannot cross-compile 3.0.20b from i686 to mipsel
9:55AM 1 Filenames with "special" characters (äöü€¶) on SMB share of Linkstation HD-HLAN250
1:54AM 1 Slow MS Access database after upgrade to Samba3
Saturday November 5 2005
4:26PM 2 [PATCH 00/25] reduce code in fs/compat_ioctl.c
2:37PM 1 Understanding Documentation about BDC in HowTo Collection
10:28AM 3 Linux Primary Domain Controller Authentication
3:30AM 3 Security=user half as fast as share. Why?
Friday November 4 2005
10:43PM 0 [OTAnn] Groups:New Developments at Roomity
10:27PM 1 Add machine, user, group, etc. scripts
9:26PM 2 samba3 print server : ghost printer problem
6:50PM 1 Homes on differents servers...
6:18PM 2 domain vs. ads
3:39PM 1 wbinfo and 3.0.21pre1
1:09PM 1 roaming profiles compatibility: xp and 2k
11:12AM 1 smbd died when startet after slapd
8:56AM 0 authenticating to AD with winbind
8:48AM 1 loosing published printers from the ads
8:23AM 2 Samba PDC + OpenLDAP replica
8:07AM 0 AW: Samba BDC unable to join domain
8:04AM 0 Problem joining linux client to active directory
Thursday November 3 2005
11:46PM 0 Visual C++ crashing using precompiled headers on a Samba drive.
10:50PM 0 Replacing a WinNT 4.0 PDC with SAMBA
10:46PM 1 System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found.
10:09PM 1 Going insane - ads_secrets_verify_ticket
10:05PM 0 Samba BDC unable to join domain
9:15PM 2 winbind - getent problem
7:52PM 0 Issue logging on in a samba + ldap environment
6:15PM 1 suse 9.3 / samba
6:04PM 0 File attribute problem
5:07PM 0 Samba Authentication
2:46PM 1 Samba filename spaces problem
2:24PM 0 compiler warning (said to 'Report this to AC_PACKAGE_NAME lists)
1:54PM 0 samba xp and ad files
1:20PM 0 building samba w/ ldap librairies from different location
1:17PM 1 setting file permissions
11:43AM 8 Wintertime/summertime difference - Samba servers show wrong time ?
4:22AM 0 Limited Logins
3:00AM 0 unexpected reloc type 0x42
1:54AM 0 can't log in to XP machines on the other side of an interdomain trust
Wednesday November 2 2005
11:58PM 2 Bind to eth1 only problem
11:15PM 2 workstation service failing on Windows XP (Samba + LDAP)
10:23PM 0 Configuration of Multiple virtual server Personalities that runs ???
9:27PM 1 Proper use of SID's and LDAPon dc's?
9:18PM 1 smbd processes never go away
5:47PM 0 winbind gives differnt results depending on "winbind trusted domains only"
5:26PM 0 connecting to windows server 2003 with samba 3.0.9
4:02PM 0 problems logging in
3:45PM 0 how to get smbldap-useradd more verbose
2:44PM 0 Embedding a "Domain Group" in "Domain Administrators" ???]
2:29PM 0 Assistance with OU vs. CN Please?
1:51PM 0 (part 2) Can samba map between existing Windows (SID) users and existing unix (UID) users
1:18PM 2 MS Access macro's running very slowly
1:13PM 1 usrmgr keeps user in domain admins group / bug ?
10:46AM 3 how a domain user can become a local administrator ?
10:12AM 2 libsmbclient.c changes in 3.21-pre ?
8:58AM 1 AIO support on FC4
7:34AM 0 Two DC's + ldap, some general questions
4:55AM 1 how to use ntlm_auth
4:46AM 1 transient "access denied" problem
4:32AM 0 System Error 1789 with Samba PDC
2:01AM 0 ADS Samba for IRIX
2:01AM 1 [Fwd: vscan-clamav.conf]
1:50AM 2 Problems with smbldap
Tuesday November 1 2005
9:48PM 1 Multiple smb.conf files
9:29PM 1 Can samba map between existing Windows (SID) users and existing unix (UID) users
7:38PM 1 rec_free_read bad magic
6:31PM 1 OU vs. Default CN?
6:21PM 2 badly mangled names from certain old apps
5:53PM 0 Samba and Webmin
4:50PM 0 Duplicate sambaSID - How to avoid?
3:00PM 3 Samba domains with ldap
2:13PM 1 Join ADS domain - Insufficient Access
11:55AM 0 Problems with Winbind and Squid NTLM authentications
10:53AM 1 Problem connecting IIS6 and Samba 3.0.20b
8:54AM 1 NT4 to Samba 3 domain transfer
5:41AM 1 request