samba - Oct 2005

Monday October 31 2005
10:19PM 2 moving samba users and passwords to a new machine?
10:19PM 0 Configuration file error message
10:19PM 0 WD1200JB-00CRA0 hard drive
10:19PM 1 pdbedit and smbpasswd
10:19PM 0 [2.6 patch] fs/smbfs/request.c: turn NULL dereference into BUG()
10:19PM 1 Samba/Ldap as BDC for ADS
10:18PM 3 Avoiding the desktop.ini notepad popup on startup, and
10:18PM 0 another user "disappeared"...
10:18PM 0 "disappeared" user
10:18PM 0 smbmount -> Permission denied after upgrade to FC2
10:17PM 0 newbie question
9:21PM 0 Map between existing UNIX UID's and Windows SID for file sharing.
8:29PM 0 Strange sorting issue with samba 2.2
8:27PM 0 Default OU vs. CN per SAMBA-HOWTO?
8:26PM 1 Users and computer objects
7:57PM 0 Samba with LDAP
7:49PM 1 NTLM Problems
7:05PM 1 policies primer posted
6:36PM 1 unicode/control characters displaying as ? with cifsfs
6:23PM 2 pushing out files or installs
3:43PM 0 Samba PDC - BDC | Cluster Filesystem beetwen two buildings
3:35PM 1 WinBind Questions
1:37PM 1 "ldap passwd sync" and shadow attributes
1:16PM 1 Windows caches passwords?
1:05PM 2 Is this configuration possible ?
12:45PM 0 Session setup with machine account
12:02PM 2 Unified logons with winbind and tdbsam backend
11:59AM 0 winbind error
11:40AM 1 Samba 3.0.20b in ADS mode with MIT realm trust problems
10:22AM 1 Profil problems
9:41AM 1 Locking for Linux/WinXP clients (-or- CIFS issues)
6:57AM 0 getpwnam user not on domain
6:45AM 1 Roaming and local profiles EXTRANGE problem!!
2:52AM 3 Error while executing smbd in unix x86 workstation
1:15AM 1 Not all users correctly winbind-ing on Server 2003 SP1 with 3.0.20b
Sunday October 30 2005
1:58PM 1 smbmount codepage/iocharset settings vs NT4
6:05AM 2 LDAP Samba BDC
Saturday October 29 2005
11:44PM 1 Open Comment to John Terpstra
2:45PM 0 Problem with user groups
10:48AM 2 printing from windows via smb print server
7:58AM 2 Fax modems and Samba
7:31AM 1 problems with clients privileges
2:38AM 1 winbind capabilities
Friday October 28 2005
8:47PM 1 Debian Binary Packages from
8:45PM 1 why samba doesn't work ?
8:21PM 0 Newbie question about security
8:00PM 0 Message size is incompatible with encryption type
7:51PM 2 Samba with Acl`s
6:20PM 0 A few recurring errors, please help.
5:39PM 1 LDAP: What has changed between 3.0.11 and 3.0.20
4:44PM 1 2 TB Limit and Windows XP Pro?
2:55PM 1 Group membership limitation
12:43PM 0 dns queries from samba?
11:44AM 0 (no subject)
11:37AM 2 3.0.20b seems to ignore "ldap user suffix"
11:27AM 0 what is the signification of this message ?
11:25AM 0 Samba ADS member.
9:24AM 0 Samba LDB MDB Trouble on Ubuntu
7:21AM 2 Dear Members - Samba Problem
6:42AM 1 Cannot change File Attributes
6:23AM 1 two different logins?
5:27AM 1 samba probleme
Thursday October 27 2005
10:45PM 1 A hierarchy of DFS trees...
9:14PM 1 Netbios over more then one protocol
8:36PM 1 starting samba on aix
8:08PM 0 UID mapping for Organizational Unit
6:10PM 0 Win2K issues with printers and profiles
5:56PM 1 Firewalling Samba server
4:50PM 1 net ads join - working in the morning but not now
4:49PM 1 Windows lost Samba server
4:20PM 1 Bind failed on Port xxx Socket error
12:41PM 0 smbtorture with the "-L" option
12:39PM 0 Samba PDC+XP Logging on problem
12:02PM 0 Gnome not properly connecting to PDC
10:43AM 1 Giving my users the right to manage their print jobs (cf. CreatorOwner msg)
9:33AM 0 DN Lookup
8:00AM 2 Unknown auth type
6:50AM 1 Problems with Samba <=> CUPS and Samba <=> Windows
6:17AM 0 Problem with Samba 3.0.14 PDC and Windows 2003 TS
6:10AM 9 Overloaded samba server. Is it a bug?
Wednesday October 26 2005
11:33PM 1 When trying to Samba (SMBD) it says "not found"
8:53PM 2 Specified network password is not correct
7:23PM 0 Local groups confusion
5:56PM 1 Question about pam_winbind
4:46PM 1 Excel files locked for editing periodically in SAMBA 2.2.8a?
3:51PM 0 Group ownership[VASCL:A17D1EDC742]
3:24PM 0 Windows XP copies to Samba share slow on some folders
3:00PM 2 ADS + Samba
2:28PM 0 Elections (browse Master)
2:21PM 2 -DIdmap_rid_support_trusted_domains
1:59PM 0 manage windows domain with samba
1:57PM 5 syslog
1:53PM 1 Remove default homeshare
1:40PM 1 How does Samba handle unexpected disconnects?
1:37PM 2 SambaPasswdMustChange problem
12:40PM 1 Problems with LDAP authentication backend.
11:39AM 0 new user can not login
10:33AM 0 Missing files from share with cifs
9:37AM 0 samba on NFS share with quota support
7:41AM 1 Samba Share of NFS filesystem
5:29AM 1 can't open/create local group with usrmgr
3:43AM 1 SWAT Help Hyperlinks Not Working
2:05AM 0 Samba & ADS Problem
1:21AM 2 Problems setting up Samba+LDAP PDC in Debian Sarge
Tuesday October 25 2005
11:58PM 1 Enforce strong passwords?
10:50PM 1 Authentication problem with Mysql backend
10:21PM 0 Re: Which Samba (CIFS ?) For HPUX 11.00 ?
9:42PM 1 denying invalid users to log into win98
9:42PM 1 debug_lookup_classname(ads/rpc): Unknown class
9:05PM 1 permissions and properties of printers
8:50PM 1 Large Directories Timeout smbfs & Windows
3:03PM 1 winbind or netsamlogon_cache.tdb issue
2:57PM 0 Shares/connection disappears (bug?!)
1:43PM 1 FileSystemWatcher
10:11AM 1 NTLM auth problems.
7:35AM 1 [Fwd: [Problem] Samba v3 Errors when group and user exists with same name]
7:12AM 2 Samba server visible via VPN
7:10AM 0 Kerberos Problem?
4:40AM 1 Remote Authentication server
3:05AM 0 question about accessing XP login names within smb.conf
12:08AM 1 winbind ticket
Monday October 24 2005
9:10PM 1 Looking for successful implementation of Samba + W2K3 AD
8:08PM 2 samba without netbios
7:51PM 3 same sambaSID
7:46PM 1 3.0.20b and Heimdal
7:19PM 1 writing files via samba issues...
4:05PM 2 Samba 3.0.14a-Debian, MySQL Backend, Migration Problem
3:24PM 0 Charset issue with Samba 3.0.* and AIX5.2 ML5
2:34PM 2 See inherit user, need inherit group
2:33PM 0 problem accessing SWAT and configuring permissons via computer management
2:13PM 2 Everyone group.
12:00PM 2 Samba + LDAP + TLS
11:45AM 1 strange Problem
10:47AM 2 Odd problem with samba v.3.0.20b
10:45AM 0 Obscure login problem with samba as PDC
10:44AM 0 OpenLDAP broke down
9:39AM 0 Samba 3.0 serving DOS clients
3:54AM 0 %U and %u different between XP and Win98
12:51AM 0 Samba PDC - Windows XP Logon with Service Pack 2
Sunday October 23 2005
10:58PM 0 net rpc join aborts and segfaults in 3.0.20b
12:51PM 1 test platform - samba + ldap issue smbldap-useradd hangs
4:12AM 1 printer question
4:12AM 1 auto mounting users share on a 2003 server
4:12AM 1 [Fwd: Segfault in Samba] and NOW?
4:12AM 0 Problems with 'create mask' and 'security mask' in SAMBA configuration
Saturday October 22 2005
12:32PM 0 automounting windows share on linux client
Friday October 21 2005
9:28PM 3 Windows interacting with SAMBA share
8:11PM 1 DFS not working w/ fully.qualified.sub.domain
6:40PM 1 Upgrading from SAMBA 2.2.8 to 3.0.20?
5:55PM 0 Samba+winbind+Cups gives error machine account not found
4:13PM 0 NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION - roaming profiles not working?
4:09PM 1 Idealx Add Machine
3:47PM 0 Problem with MsOffice write processus and Acls
3:36PM 3 Samba-EventLog-HOWTO
3:25PM 2 passdb backend = guest ?
3:23PM 5 Migration to Samba using external LDAP server
2:29PM 1 Could not get RealPath CORDAF/*
12:48PM 1 samba-3.0.14a binaries for HP-UX-11.0
10:46AM 1 Advices for Samba and OpenLDAP
10:38AM 0 [Fwd: Re: usrmgr: group not found.]
10:20AM 0 Chapter 10 "Active Directory, Kerberos, and Security" .
8:28AM 2 FW: POLEDIT replacement?
8:26AM 1 File remains locked on samba server after client crashed
8:20AM 0 Virtual directory on Win XP, IIS 5.1, Samba 3.0.7
7:33AM 1 Migration from Windows 2003 server to samba 3
2:41AM 3 Openldap for PDC
12:09AM 4 POLEDIT replacement?
Thursday October 20 2005
11:35PM 0 3.0 manual
11:12PM 1 Wierd Samba permissions problem (URGENT)
11:12PM 0 Disable Administrator Account
11:12PM 1 XP Join Problem
9:35PM 0 Strange server string behavior
4:11PM 1 can smbmount access paths in shares?
3:27PM 0 Re: Please help me with migration to MS Windows 2003
3:14PM 0 completed printjobs stay in queue
3:00PM 0 Samba does not close connection with max connections = 1
2:13PM 0 Re: Changing OU to default?
2:11PM 1 high cpu load with 3.0.20b (not using ldap)
1:27PM 1 Samba+LDAP Groups resolving problem
1:12PM 2 Is there a more detailed HOWTO for joining an Active Directory Domain?
1:05PM 0 SOLVED RE: Can auth with smbclient, but not workstation.
12:21PM 0 Problems with roaming profile setup
11:57AM 2 PDC and BDC: how to sync profiles
11:40AM 0 Error when recieving users from 2003 AD
11:02AM 1 [Possible BUG] Samba v3.0.20b and permissions POSIX/Samba
10:29AM 1 Documentation updates
10:26AM 4 usrmgr: group not found.
9:59AM 1 Is it possible to access Samba domain member server in a AD domain from outside this domain?
9:31AM 0 Chapter 10 "Active Directory, Kerberos, and Security".
9:21AM 3 [HowTo] Only allow special files (extensions) in share ???
7:44AM 0 [Problem] Samba v3 Errors when group and user exists with same name
7:10AM 1 Problem with Excel Files and Acls
2:55AM 3 Can auth with smbclient, but not workstation.
2:12AM 0 Admit Mac and Samba
1:06AM 1 SambaBDC cannot join SambaPDC
12:06AM 0 Unable to join domain
12:05AM 0 solaris session timeout
12:05AM 1 "net rpc vampire" and filling userPassword
Wednesday October 19 2005
10:17PM 0 Dir ec* returns dir name starting with letters EA... come again!?
8:12PM 1 Help with connection reset by peer
5:42PM 1 Permissions when MOVING files
5:17PM 0 Windows group file permission problem
5:13PM 1 LDAP Account Manager 0.5.1 released
4:30PM 1 samba with ADS. winbindd ignore for user authentication
4:20PM 2 samba Users
3:02PM 0 Samba net ads failure
2:52PM 0 3.0.20a nmbd/wins problems - can't find domain
1:13PM 1 cups/samba/filename
1:12PM 0 samba/cups/lpq
1:05PM 1 file permissions with samba shares
12:13PM 0 Profiles on quota, hard or soft limit?
11:20AM 0 AW: Re: samba-3.0.10-1.4E (RHEL4); Invalid key XXX given to dptr_close
10:55AM 1 samba-3.0.10-1.4E (RHEL4); Invalid key XXX given to dptr_close
9:14AM 1 err: Client not found in Kerberos Database
8:52AM 1 Is max connections applicable to homes section?
7:48AM 1 Add samba to a Win2003 AD
5:49AM 0 Repost: ads_connect: No such file or directory
4:20AM 0 smbd/oplock_linux - Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE
3:19AM 1 lots of temp files in /tmp directory
3:09AM 1 Samba 3.0.21pre1 Available for Download
1:37AM 1 WINS 1c query, many responses: who is chosen?
12:50AM 0 hostname.mac file and some .tdb files not getting created
12:06AM 1 High CPU load on smiod
Tuesday October 18 2005
11:40PM 1 smbd processes 99% cpu and end-user locks up
11:40PM 3 PDC for Multiple Domains from a Single Samba Box
11:40PM 0 samba on NCR Unix
11:40PM 1 samba-3.0.10-1.4E (RHEL4): logon failures with 2003 server pdc
11:40PM 0 Error join samba PDC from XP
11:32PM 0 I cannot making logon by the domain in windows xp professional
11:05PM 2 roll-yer-own ldapadd operations for scipt options?
9:52PM 0 Samba daemons won't run on Solaris 5.5.1
7:44PM 0 idealx dual head patch?
6:50PM 0 Samba 3.0.14a AFS funkyness
6:36PM 0 Samba3.0.4: Troubles with charset
6:24PM 2 smbd looping and consuming 100% CPU
5:23PM 2 Need help with "username map"
4:46PM 0 Finishing Touches
4:43PM 0 Winbind error Failed to parse NTLMSSP packet
4:34PM 1 Old Dos program
3:07PM 1 Error in message logs with samba-3.0.14a-2
2:16PM 0 winbind errors
1:45PM 0 Preserving XP look and feel while on DOMAIN
1:32PM 0 Permission denied with "hide dot files"
1:14PM 0 Error joining Win Xp to Samba PDC
1:10PM 0 groups perms
1:09PM 0 smbpasswd -r .. doesn t work
12:41PM 2 Domain Admins can't modify ldapsam entries
12:38PM 0 sambaLogonTime?
12:28PM 0 Can't delete users which have the displayName attribute in ldapsam
11:51AM 0 NTFS Filetimes - always using Modified Time?
11:06AM 1 compile samba as a static binary
9:45AM 0 group permissions
6:15AM 1 aio for FreeBSD ?
5:54AM 2 Phantom competing domain master browser
4:41AM 1 desktop file keeps coming up during logon
3:19AM 0 [Fwd: compile error Samba 3.0.20a Solaris 8]-solved
Monday October 17 2005
11:45PM 2 Domain cannot be contacted
9:15PM 0 Unable to build user list
9:15PM 1 Samba PDC on NT4 Domain
9:14PM 1 samba-3.0.20a: winbind with "disable netbios = yes"?
6:10PM 1 smbcacls add fails 3.0.20a
5:23PM 0 Newbie - HOMES
4:34PM 1 get error
4:10PM 0 Re Re: Redhat 9 Samba + LDAP PDC ./smbldap-populate issue
1:57PM 1 :Re: Unknown PAM failiure in WIN2003/ Active Directory + samba
1:54PM 0 :Re: Unknown PAM failiure in WIN2003/ Active Directory + samba
1:07PM 0 davenport problems accessing folders on samba servers
9:51AM 1 FW: Roaming Profiles & oplocks problems
9:49AM 3 close session
9:43AM 1 Unknown PAM failiure in WIN2003/ Active Directory + samba
9:21AM 0 DBF database hangs up, when running from Samba 3.0.14 share
9:13AM 0 Problem accessing share from XP
8:46AM 0 XP login problem
7:21AM 1 username maps and security=ads
7:17AM 1 Problem with groups NT4 PDC - Samba Member Server
3:52AM 1 Redhat 9 Samba + LDAP PDC ./smbldap-populate issue
2:09AM 0 compile error Samba 3.0.20a Solaris 8
12:29AM 0 Cannot copy filename: The specified network name is no longer available
12:10AM 1 failed session setup with NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
Sunday October 16 2005
6:56PM 0 refresh problems when doing folder redirection for desktop
6:54PM 5 Roaming Profiles & oplocks problems
6:45PM 0 RESOLVED: RE: compile time questions
2:41AM 4 Samba 3.0.20b - still getting "Winbind Dead but subsys locked"
Saturday October 15 2005
10:52PM 1 help needed for samba 3.0
10:51PM 1 SAMBA password sync
10:51PM 1 for samba 3.0.20
10:51PM 0 Samba Server for Embedded System, Network-Storage and Print-Serve r
10:03PM 1 Samba ignores write and read list
6:33PM 1 samba shutdown script
6:31PM 1 Samba Speed versus Netatalk from OS X
6:30PM 0 Low Latency and Samba
2:31PM 0 Printing Delays - What's to blame?
12:18PM 3 sambaLogonHours and timezones
9:13AM 0 SAN
7:32AM 3 Problem with ntlm_auth
6:19AM 0 "Wbinfo -u" get user account sucessfully but"getentpasswd" fails
1:53AM 0 compile time questions
Friday October 14 2005
11:46PM 0 (no subject)
11:29PM 1 Printing to /dev/null ?
9:42PM 0 samba-3.0.20b-1 read/write failuer message.
8:50PM 1 SAMBA Password Synchronization
7:26PM 0 long folder names problem on samba 3.0.14
6:22PM 0 setdriver - Access Denied
6:07PM 0 Logging into linux machine using AD account?
5:21PM 0 Samba 3.0.20b Linux Packages
4:59PM 2 "Wbinfo -u" get user account sucessfully but "getentpasswd" fails
4:48PM 0 Samba as a Multiple Domain Controller on a complex setup
4:38PM 1 3.0.14 -> 3.0.20a: ldap errors, unable to authenticate or browse
3:36PM 0 Can't get username mapping to work
2:04PM 1 winbind authentication with domain offline
12:07PM 1 wbinfo not looking up groups in mixed MS NT/2k AD
8:32AM 1 smbcacls add acl fails 3.0.20
7:55AM 1 result was WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
7:47AM 0 FW: Win XP SP2 and Offline Files
6:57AM 1 What happen when AD goes offline?
5:52AM 1 Samba for Embedded System, Network-Storage and Print-Server
3:48AM 3 Samba 3.0.20 and ADmitMac
3:48AM 1 remote groups as members of a samba ldap group
3:48AM 1 mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = No such file or directory
3:48AM 0 samba login fail
1:28AM 0 Really old spam
1:10AM 0 (no subject)
1:10AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday October 13 2005
11:24PM 1 Problem with MS Visual SourceSafe and samba V3.0.14anb1
9:49PM 4 "Wbinfo -u" get user account sucessfully but "getent passwd" fails
7:39PM 0 Problems with smbpasswd, tdb_fetch_uint32 failed
7:31PM 1 Idealx 9.1
7:03PM 1 Re: BUG: default profile failure in 3.0.20 [was: Regression in 3.0.20 wrt netlogon and profiles ?]
6:37PM 2 Win XP SP2 and Offline Files
6:36PM 2 Clarifying different password systems
4:10PM 1 Samba 3.0.20b Available for Download
3:58PM 1 Samba locks with PC crash
3:58PM 0 smbd hung processes - Samba 3.0.7
3:57PM 1 Upgrade 3.0.9 -> 3.0.20a?
3:52PM 0 slow access on maped network drive - strange problem
2:07PM 1 Initial connection to the samba server slow
12:29PM 0 smbfs will not enable
11:41AM 1 Samba 3.0.20, Active Directory, Debian: Username ... is invalid on this system
10:52AM 0 Re-2: Samba vs ADS problems
10:45AM 4 3.0.20a winbind getent problem...
10:01AM 2 mysql backend create user problem
8:37AM 0 samba upgrade 2.2.3 to 3.0.9 - profile not found
6:52AM 4 Japanese char
6:43AM 0 AW: SAMBA machine not in Browse list
5:47AM 2 smbd and winbindd refuse to start, but nmbd runs fine on Redhat 9.0
5:47AM 1 Active Directory to OpenLDAP+Kerberos on Linux
5:34AM 0 BDC cannot contact PDC on different subnet (3.0.10)
1:42AM 1 Can see folders but not files connecting through VPN
12:36AM 0 Is it possible to vampire over individual users?
Wednesday October 12 2005
10:22PM 0 3.0.5 PDC - Critical Netlogon Failure for Domain Members
9:35PM 0 net ads user works, but winbindd doesn't
9:35PM 0 Change passwd client XP domain samba/pdc
9:35PM 2 Sharing Problems: huge numbers of share
9:35PM 0 Profile migration from 2.2.3 to 3.0.9
8:54PM 0 LDAP/SAMBA radmon domain logon error message
8:32PM 1 how to migrate printers from 2.2.8a to 3.0.20
7:57PM 0 Samba and CUPS printing issues
7:24PM 0 Login and drop connection
5:23PM 1 Windows XP client changes not being saved via Samba
5:22PM 4 Downgrade from 3 to 2 suggestions
5:02PM 1 permissions error: /var/run/samba/gencache.tdb
4:50PM 0 SAMBA machine not in Browse list
3:25PM 3 deploy application on Windows Stations
3:24PM 1 add machine script almost succeeds
2:44PM 2 FW: how to hide add a System attribute to directory
2:13PM 3 how to hide a directory
2:12PM 1 Samba Deletion Woes
1:31PM 1 Editing file changes its owner (Samba 3.0.7).
12:33PM 0 one Samba on seperate networks
11:30AM 0 Samba create user problem
11:07AM 0 Samba domain print problem
10:35AM 1 Re-2: Winbind is DISCONNECTED after restart
8:54AM 0 Bandwidth reduction
8:08AM 1 Winbind is DISCONNECTED after restart
7:24AM 2 Samba vs ADS problems
Tuesday October 11 2005
11:42PM 2 Mixing share and user?
10:11PM 0 mount.cifs: iocharset/codepage
8:43PM 0 help with random connection loss to server from only win98 clients
8:43PM 1 winbind issues with AD domain trust
7:22PM 0 Samba and MS SMS
5:50PM 1 Changing PDC Domain name
3:58PM 0 (no subject)
3:38PM 0 Cannot get logged in using Server=DOMAIN
2:13PM 0 [SOLVED] Re: synchronise time
2:05PM 1 Samba 3.0.20a "Winbind Dead but subsys locked"
1:45PM 1 Physical path of share
1:36PM 1 Samba not obeying locking = no from smb.conf file
1:20PM 1 warward smbd processes
12:48PM 1 User auth-groups vs Win2k ADS Problems
10:34AM 1 problem with roaming profiles
10:13AM 1 Samba and Windows 2k SBS
10:06AM 0 Problems with Samba as a ADS domain member
9:55AM 2 installing samba on fedora 3
9:55AM 2 remove rights on c:\Documents and Settings
8:47AM 1 Group mapping only working for initial group?
8:44AM 2 displayName vs. cn
8:21AM 2 problems with samba 3 and termnal server
7:52AM 0 AD newbies having several issues
7:06AM 4 synchronise time
7:01AM 2 Printing Support - Can i disable it?
6:37AM 4 WINBIND idmap and tdbfiles while upgrading to 3.0.20a
4:18AM 0 答复: About the group setting in smb.conf RE: samba Digest,Vol 34, Issue
3:29AM 2 Samba 3.0 PDC + XP + roaming profile = big, strange mistery of sorts
3:28AM 2 Samba segment faulting - unknown cause
Monday October 10 2005
10:53PM 1 excessive lpstat calls
9:55PM 0 samba profiles
9:41PM 0 1GB File Size Limit on Samba?
9:14PM 3 ADS auth when primary AD server fails
7:56PM 1 unrecognized pam_winbind/gdm error.
6:31PM 11 Samba creating multiple isntances of the deamon
5:26PM 1 Poor performance between linux boxes using Samba 3
3:35PM 1 About the group setting in smb.conf RE: samba Digest, Vol 34, Issue
3:32PM 2 ntlm_auth SID problem
3:21PM 6 Dangling MS Access DB Lock Files *.ldb
11:44AM 0 Aix Level 5.1.9 and Samba
6:10AM 0 Getting Win share info through samba?
5:34AM 1 答复: About the group setting in smb.conf.
5:32AM 1 winbind: username without domain name
3:53AM 0 Samba.. not worth a f*** for printing
3:01AM 5 User unable to change their password using smbpasswd
2:19AM 2 About the group setting in smb.conf.
Sunday October 9 2005
11:17PM 0 Cant get to my dirs
11:16PM 0 ? [was Re: Re: SAMBA/PDC + LDAP HELP please?=> For your profiles.]
11:16PM 1 libsmbclient - detect own workgroup
7:29PM 1 Can't see Samba Server from Win2k
1:15PM 1 Error compiling Samba for MySQL Support
3:33AM 0 The problem on joining a computer running FreeBSD(v5.4) to a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain using samba3.
Saturday October 8 2005
1:54PM 3 MS SQL server and samba
12:59PM 0 strange thing with two way trust
12:23AM 2 Profiles change when migrating from NT4 to Samba PDC
Friday October 7 2005
7:38PM 1 guest share not working (for Disabled accounts)
7:26PM 0 ? [was Re: Re: SAMBA/PDC + LDAP HELP please? => For your profiles.]
5:08PM 3 Performance issues
1:36PM 1 User list
10:49AM 3 ACLs and EXT3
8:27AM 4 LDAP reconnect
7:43AM 0 several domain, one ldap sam
5:58AM 0 samba errors: (87) The parameter is incorrect. (1326) Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
5:46AM 2 hp officejet 9130 and samba
3:58AM 2 nt migration concerns
2:26AM 1 inherit owner parameter
2:02AM 1 backup LDAP
Thursday October 6 2005
11:47PM 7 Patch: FC4 spec file
11:47PM 1 Domain Authentication oddities
11:47PM 1 Samba Problem
11:47PM 1 slow down with WS 2003
11:47PM 0 idmap problem / Where is the shared module documentation?
10:53PM 0 Samba, OpenLDAP, numeric logins and vampire
10:46PM 1 error , mysql and samba
10:31PM 1 Winbind problem - 3.0.20a and NT4 domain
9:09PM 0 samba and mysql
8:22PM 0 Can not change password via winbind
8:03PM 2 Samba Cups Windows 98 Raw Printing - need help
7:33PM 0 smbprint'ing problem
6:05PM 1 samba support for local profiles
2:01PM 1 authentication problem with WinXP clients
12:55PM 1 Strange error.
9:40AM 2 password policy
9:03AM 0 Retrieve share information
5:54AM 0 Re: Trying to add machine accounts on the fly
4:56AM 0 WinXP SP2 winlogon.exe blue screen to death
3:30AM 1 Samba fails with no apparent message
2:44AM 1 Problem creating root ldap user in SLES9
1:34AM 1 Trying to add machine accounts on the fly,
1:10AM 0 Master browser? Confusion!
Wednesday October 5 2005
9:58PM 0 Multiple domain controllers
9:44PM 0 Winbind and cache and NT groups
9:34PM 0 Compile Samba Source Binaries
9:31PM 1 problem accessing home directory
5:28PM 1 idmap question
2:18PM 0 ads_connect failed cannot read password
1:37PM 0 Samba access
1:09PM 1 UK Samba Consultant Required
1:00PM 2 Simo still doing deb's at
11:43AM 1 Winbind have repeat "wbinfo -u" before user can authentication
10:46AM 1 "Access denied" errors with version 3.0.20
7:41AM 1 Xp-pc's disappear in Network Neighborhood
1:50AM 0 Re: [linux-cifs-client] Mounting directories below sharelevel
1:27AM 1 Group mapping question
12:26AM 6 SAMBA/PDC + LDAP HELP please?
12:26AM 2 getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
12:26AM 0 Samba 3.0.20a available
Tuesday October 4 2005
9:20PM 1 winbindd freezes with write to socket failed! and no more windows authentication is possible
8:56PM 0 rpcclient 'setdriver' problem
8:10PM 0 smbmount not obeying locks; it will not delete but will overwrite locked files.
7:10PM 3 Replace NT 4.0 with Samba PDC but keep PC WINS *Advice*
5:47PM 0 AD authentication
3:12PM 0 Samba process
2:36PM 0 Error message help?
2:13PM 2 cross subnet browsing over IPSec
1:34PM 5 Shares exist, but pc´s cant see them!
1:05PM 2 Can' t delete printjobs spooled in cups
11:51AM 1 1 recycle directory for all shares
11:12AM 3 cannot change computer name
10:29AM 1 Question about SIDs RIDs UIDs and GIDs
10:18AM 0 Win98 profiles are not loaded from Samba
9:32AM 1 Automating Creation Of Profile Directories For New Users
9:20AM 1 smbd: nss_ldap: could not hard reconnect to LDAP server - Can't contact LDAP server
8:28AM 3 Net Rpc Logoff possible?
3:29AM 2 Win XPPro not connecting to samba domain
1:44AM 2 what's the best filesystem
Monday October 3 2005
11:35PM 0 configuration
10:41PM 0 Does Samba configured with "--with-nisplus-home" mount users' homes in LDAP?
9:03PM 3 how do you manage printers on workstations?
8:34PM 7 mod_ntlm_winbind on Apache vs. IE6, no POST method
8:11PM 2 Samba PDC with a lot of Windows BDC
7:47PM 0 Need help with Samba 3.20a error
7:44PM 3 large smb.conf file
7:16PM 0 LDAP/AD Container help?
5:27PM 1 2.2 to 3.0.x PDC upgrade: an XP box no longer authenticates domain users with the Samba PDC
3:32PM 1 am I the only one that pam_mkhomedir+samba makes machine folders for?...was RE: is creating machine folders when usedwithsamba
2:54PM 0 problem with winbind I think !?
2:07PM 0 Broken Profiles
1:19PM 0 net group members ?
1:19PM 1 encrypting connection to Samba
11:11AM 0 Not enough disk space error?
11:10AM 3 List all computers from WINS?
10:02AM 0 Unable to read/write using Samba3 and WinXP
9:56AM 2 Reinstall workstation
8:58AM 0 Winbind to map all user from active directory to same uid
8:34AM 1 net rpc questions
8:08AM 2 invalid permissions on socket directory /var/lib/samba/winbindd_privileged
7:06AM 3 NET RPC calls fails
6:18AM 3 Samba/OpenLDAP reliability issue: backend experience needed
6:18AM 3 Problems compiling 3.0.20a with heimdal 0.7
6:18AM 1 group name in valid user
6:18AM 0 NewsForge reviews John Terpstra's book: "Samba-3 by Example", 2nd Ed.
6:18AM 1 Authentication stops working after approx 5 mins -getent passwd fixes it for 5-10 mins
5:16AM 1 chown on smbfs doesn't work ??
Sunday October 2 2005
8:24PM 1 XP SP2 connecting to 3.0.10-1.4E
3:25PM 1 ntlm_auth and PEAP machine authentication
1:52PM 1 ntlm_auth with freeradius doesn't work when windows is automatically using the current username+password
11:11AM 1 hide files but do not prevent accessing them
11:09AM 0 getting userlist and logon sometimes slow
11:09AM 2 prevent normal users from getting userlist
2:27AM 2 Samba 3.20 Solaris questions PLEASE HELP!
2:15AM 2 Canot view any file
Saturday October 1 2005
11:52PM 1 Domain name
10:26PM 1 smbmount can't take more than one option
9:13PM 0 still trying to add 3.0.14a as member server
2:37PM 1 winbind id map to same uid/gid for all user from ads
6:39AM 0 Can't become connected user! ........
1:03AM 1 Reliability of samba