samba - Dec 2005

Saturday December 31 2005
3:33PM 1 3.0.21a make fails on Mac OS X 10.4.3
2:17PM 2 joined to ads, mapped permissions
11:15AM 2 problem
10:35AM 1 OpenLDAP and Samba - password expiration.
Friday December 30 2005
5:13PM 4 Cifs client
4:09PM 1 ADS joined, can't manage shares from MMC
3:14PM 1 How to tell Samba not to use the passwd file
3:00PM 1 Query to find if local system is wins server
1:34PM 1 Samba 3.0.21a Available for Download
1:15PM 1 setting access rights for shares not working for groups
12:43PM 0 strange trusts in 3.0.21?
9:35AM 0 smbldap password
7:17AM 0 AD member server setup with winbind idmap_rid - users prompted fo r password
6:53AM 2 Need krb5 on Interdomain trust Win2003SP1 - Samba3.0.21?
Thursday December 29 2005
6:24PM 0 Samba access
5:34PM 1 samba-latest.tar.gz cant be installed
4:16PM 0 Samba Upgrade issues
4:07PM 0 Installing printer drivers makes W2K misbehave
3:24PM 1 SAMBA 3.0.21 - Compile error on SOLARIS 7 & SOLARIS 2.5.1
1:50PM 2 Yum install samba
12:14PM 0 AIX 5L 5.3 Error after Compiling the SAMBA
10:44AM 1 smbldap-useradd
10:41AM 2 Fedora 4 3.0.20b rpm doownload?
5:59AM 1 Monitoring samba share
3:28AM 0 Re: Samba and NUL characters
Wednesday December 28 2005
9:02PM 0 smbmount inconsistant counts
7:02PM 2 new oplocks
5:08PM 4 "valid users" + ldap on Solaris 10 problems
4:50PM 2 pseudo domain login (fast user switch)
4:06PM 2 Samba Posix ACL and classical files permissions
3:01PM 1 Re: Samba and NUL characters
1:41PM 6 3.0.21 and "Rejecting auth request from client"
11:40AM 1 Authenticating users in domain
4:57AM 6 Problems with MySQL backend.
4:56AM 0 RES: maximum password age
2:15AM 1 Saving files with wrong permission
Tuesday December 27 2005
3:51PM 0 Samba permissions for folder on seperate partitions
3:37PM 5 Samba cd-rom share Problem
11:34AM 1 Problems after upgrade to 3.0.21
11:00AM 0 Share access Rights
1:43AM 2 SAMBA PDC for Windows and Mac clients questions
Monday December 26 2005
11:39PM 0 Couldn' find group
6:47PM 0 ENC: maximum password age
6:13PM 0 Unable to open printcap file lpstat
4:40PM 1 Domain Member Server as File server
1:26PM 0 Samba group mapping mechanism
12:50PM 0 Domain Member Server on Samba 3 with LDAP
7:53AM 0 Share folder for Group users
Sunday December 25 2005
12:38AM 2 OT: SUSE 9.3 and NICs
Saturday December 24 2005
7:04PM 2 Unable to join Win XP machines to the domain
6:19AM 2 3.0.20 usermap script execution
6:19AM 1 master.password instead of LDAP database.
6:19AM 1 smbpasswd usage
6:19AM 0 Suse 10.0- Samba PDC with OpenLDAP and smbldap-tools
6:19AM 0 ads_connect
6:18AM 0 Cannot exec program from network drive after 10 minutes (II)
6:18AM 1 Do users have to have accounts on a Samba server to map drives?
6:18AM 0 Samba-Client questions: SMB-blocksize and caching
6:18AM 0 mysql backend fix.
2:07AM 2 Inclusion of libnss_wins in vendor distros?
Friday December 23 2005
7:37PM 0 winbind problem?
4:28PM 1 RedHat 9 RPM and SRPM posted to
4:04PM 0 3.0.21 packages for sarge
3:54PM 0 Joop Martens is afwezig.
3:05PM 0 Unable to upload printer drivers to 3.0.21 Samba
3:02PM 1 backtrace of signal 11 in 2.2.12
3:02PM 0 Can Samba corrupt files?
2:06PM 2 Replacing a Samba+CUPS Print Server
1:12PM 0 Samba cd-rom shares do not work
1:09PM 0 Crazy problem with excel and acls
12:46PM 0 Vampire process question
10:24AM 0 Windows domain clients can't connect to samba share
9:50AM 0 problem: Samba 10.0 with LDAP and smbldap-tools
8:40AM 0 Problem with crpyt password under XP
4:15AM 2 Is it possible to write an "smbclient" automated script
Thursday December 22 2005
11:08PM 1 smbfs - Can't create files in subdirectories...
8:10PM 0 Kerberized smb with MIT K5 realm
6:29PM 0 question about client logs
5:12PM 1 Ton's oftmp files in Outlook Express Folder[VASCL:A165472F8B5]
4:06PM 2 Samba 3.0.21 + PANIC: internal error + lib/fault.c
3:25PM 4 SVN/CVS-like share for Samba users?
10:03AM 1 Samba Share and FoxPro optimization
9:32AM 0 Cannot exec program from network drive after 10 minutes
7:58AM 2 Sharing out unix home directory via samba
5:35AM 0 Login Domain Issues
4:01AM 2 tcpdump-smb won't work
1:58AM 1 samba start: not working in /etc/init.d/smb ???
12:45AM 1 Samba versus Windows permissions
12:42AM 1 Getting Samba to only use filesystem permission checks
Wednesday December 21 2005
9:30PM 2 can't smbmount a Windows share
9:11PM 0 swat: connection refused
8:00PM 3 samba+AD problem
6:32PM 0 migrating users over to Samba PDC...slowly
3:35PM 1 Re: what is "winbind enable local accounts"
1:31PM 1 samba and kerberos doubt
11:26AM 0 Can not login to the domain. User serg in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!
11:26AM 0 a question about LPRng
11:17AM 0 Samba partialy responding on 1 ethernetcard
10:55AM 2 Samba printing fails for Windows clients, was working, now fails...
2:26AM 15 Samba 3.0.21 Available for Download
2:01AM 1 OT: NIC Problem (Fwd: In response to your USRobotics technical support questions, your case #:300882125)
12:27AM 2 Server recommendation ??
Tuesday December 20 2005
11:12PM 1 Active Directory and Samba 3.0.20
9:49PM 2 Outbound 2GB Filesize Limit
9:35PM 1 Removing stale host/workgroups in browse lists
9:04PM 1 Samba Migration from 2.2.7a to 3.0.14a
7:33PM 1 File-name Mangling issue...
5:21PM 0 Change password from windows
2:41PM 2 Samba 3 user utility
12:55PM 0 Samba is disconnecting
9:37AM 1 Remote Command Execution using jarapac,jcifs.etc.
5:18AM 1 Too many open files
3:46AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 36, Issue 25 (Resigned Staff email Automatic Reply)
3:38AM 1 Removing the comments listing
3:37AM 0 Shared permission problem
3:37AM 0 Setting "Calling name" in NBSS
2:32AM 2 Error in documentation: Samba 3 By Example: Chapter 5 - Making Users Happy in re: Outlook
Monday December 19 2005
8:27PM 1 PDC - Windows cliente change passwd
6:59PM 0 Invalid Disk Full errors with 3.0.20b
6:33PM 1 Startup and/or Access Problem
6:09PM 1 Stop WinXP from attempting to remount a share
5:49PM 1 why does't the printer name direct the serivce to this printer
4:47PM 3 OT: NIC
3:37PM 1 Password Policy in Samba
12:50PM 0 Samba doesn't trust Win2k3 domain
12:37PM 1 maximum password age
12:37PM 1 VFS for encryption/decryption
10:28AM 0 [patch] fs/smbfs/proc.c: fix data corruption in smb_proc_setattr_unix()
9:37AM 1 About getent passwd.
8:31AM 0 Re: The single WINS problem: question (Michael Gasch)
Sunday December 18 2005
11:48PM 0 WXPPSP2 issue
9:36PM 3 getpeername failed
8:30PM 1 Lessons learned
7:25PM 2 Implementation Question
3:58PM 0 Error Message Question - Bugzilla 2214
3:15PM 1 Recommended LDAP access settings for a Samba admin DN
3:12PM 1 Samba 3: "restrict anonymous = 2" breaks domain joining
8:46AM 1 Basic samba/swat setup prob
3:20AM 2 windows env variable for USERDOMAIN is wrong
Saturday December 17 2005
11:46PM 1 LDAP and CA certificates
10:33PM 1 Share Access for SAMBA 2.2.8a on HP-UX 11.11
10:32PM 1 WINS clients fail to release/refresh records with Samba WINS server after reboot
10:32PM 1 User Must Change Password On Next Logon
8:20PM 1 HOW TO: Migrating users' locally-stored profiles from one domain or workgroup to a new domain
5:53PM 1 Using smbmount in a script - no return value
1:29PM 1 Stuck in read-only mode
7:49AM 3 SAMBA3 + LDAP
1:56AM 2 Samba over PVFS: Corrupted Data
12:00AM 0 unsuccessful domain logon on WinXP with nss-mysql
Friday December 16 2005
10:35PM 0 FrOSCon - June 24./25. 2006 (Saturday/Sunday) - Sankt Augustin Germany
10:13PM 0 network share from samba slow over vpn
9:01PM 0 Replacing debian packages with compiled source
8:23PM 0 Samba PDC keeps losing local browser status to XP boxes
6:01PM 0 tdb_delete for name failed with error Record does not exist
4:56PM 0 Problem receiving network broadcasts
4:31PM 0 LAN restrictions?
4:23PM 1 samba Active directory and SSO
11:08AM 0 reconnect mount using smbfs
10:37AM 0 pam and samba 3
7:12AM 1 HowTo Replace Novell Netware PDC with Samba as PDC
1:22AM 0 Problème avec les accents...
1:22AM 0 Configuring linux clients with smbspool/cups
1:16AM 0 Run samba with a new IP address
Thursday December 15 2005
9:57PM 0 Get all user of one groups ? with winbindd/ads
9:41PM 0 very strange nsswitch.ldap problem
7:56PM 1 Sambalogonhour
6:58PM 1 Perhaps silly question - network browse problems...
6:18PM 4 Samba using local user/password file
4:52PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Joining a Samba 3 domain repost]
4:29PM 1 Keeping file creation time on Samba file shares
1:49PM 4 LDAP Account Manager
10:07AM 4 hanging smbd(s).....
9:11AM 0 smbpasswd and password sync
8:13AM 0 Re: Samba Temporary Profiles?
4:18AM 0 System error 64 with Redhat 7.2
12:59AM 0 Winbind fail to start:
12:58AM 0 Domain connection fails
12:58AM 0 Samba on Mac OS X Server and opendirectorypdbconfig
Wednesday December 14 2005
9:12PM 0 Error looking up domain users
7:51PM 7 Joining a Samba 3 domain repost
6:36PM 3 Fwd: RHEL4 and samba
6:12PM 0 RHEL4 and samba
5:12PM 2 new server: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
4:55PM 1 Windows admin, anything special?
4:06PM 0 New Winbind crash but only with a specific user ..
3:43PM 2 LDAP account management tools?
3:00PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.5.3 released
1:46PM 1 Winbind on PDC
1:33PM 5 samba management tools
12:55PM 1 deactivate document settings for all users
12:17PM 0 Problems with SID and mem of group
11:52AM 5 samba recycle bin
11:17AM 0 Problem with password prompting.
10:53AM 2 Winbind problem (Trusting domains)
9:45AM 0 share mounted xp share
6:52AM 0 SAMBA + PAM module
6:23AM 1 Fwd: roaming profile contents
3:28AM 0 Joining a Samba 3 domain
2:47AM 0 Windows sometimes authenticates with wrong user
12:15AM 0 Error when trying to view printer properties
Tuesday December 13 2005
10:45PM 2 NET VIEW equivalent in Samba
10:41PM 0 [PATCH] undetected bug in smbfs kernel module ?
10:40PM 2 Restricting logins to certain clients
10:40PM 1 Beyond Samba : Unix authentication
9:55PM 0 Samba to Samba
8:56PM 0 Samba Question - Windows / Linux
5:29PM 1 Enumerate computers in WG/domain
4:55PM 0 cant start samba 3.0.20b binary on AIX 5.3
4:41PM 0 Can't see shares on a server member
4:25PM 0 deleting print jobs as user...
3:46PM 5 Worked examples?
3:16PM 0 New to Linux Samba client to Samba server - file owners / perms
1:30PM 0 "Unable to display security information" on windows printers security tab
12:42PM 1 Smaba no start
11:17AM 0 Samba Performance + File Access log & veto files.
8:24AM 1 3.0.20b - vfs_GetWd: SMB_VFS_GETWD call failed
7:43AM 1 Samba 3.0.20 acls not working anymore and problem with winbindd_idmap.tdb
6:59AM 1 samba and sendmail
3:27AM 0 Printers recommended for Samba network Shares
2:51AM 2 Would BDC Sync with Local Passwd?
2:39AM 0 what version of Linux
2:31AM 1 nsswitch/winbindd_user.c:winbindd_getpwnam(161)
Monday December 12 2005
11:13PM 0 Windows admin user different?
10:43PM 2 nisplussam support
9:17PM 1 newbie help with remote access
8:40PM 3 Intergration with LDAP
8:39PM 1 Check permissions on share
4:34PM 0 Domain Logins and PDC local logins
3:47PM 7 The single WINS problem: question
3:46PM 2 Extremely slow Samba3 performance with ArcView/WinXP
3:36PM 2 samba - cups rights problem
3:16PM 2 Migrating W2K Workstation to Samba Domain
1:43PM 1 displaying software version number.
1:01PM 1 sambaNTPassword does NOT write to master LDAP when machines auto change the values
12:19PM 1 Winbind & adding users... is `useradd` being called? %u parameter?
11:07AM 2 Migrating files with ACLS and Share properties
9:36AM 1 Samba 3.0.14 PANIC posix_acls.c
12:18AM 1 Weird problem: cannot see files...
Sunday December 11 2005
10:51PM 1 Why not using the windows configuration wizard (joining a domain) with Samba-3?
10:48PM 1 how to use MySQL-backend !?
4:38PM 3 Question - Does Samba Recognize non-Primary Group Memberships?
3:42PM 0 samba + mysql
3:42PM 1 password for swat
10:54AM 0 libsmbclient smbc_context problems.
3:12AM 1 Opening samba shares from W2K system - help
2:05AM 1 Upgrade Trouble w/ Samba 3.0.20b
12:17AM 0 OS X drops Win 2003 shares
Saturday December 10 2005
11:08PM 0 Unable to create folders
4:25PM 1 WINS and isolating groups
6:33AM 1 3.0.20b and Nonalphabetical File Lists on Windows Boxes
2:35AM 0 Consulting needed - Mexico City
2:22AM 0 problem mounting Solaris 9 (SPARC) samba shares.
1:44AM 1 Problem when add Samba user into LDAP(works OK)
Friday December 9 2005
6:45PM 1 3.0.10 to 3.0.20 transition problems ...
5:37PM 1 Problem running .avi file over samba share
1:40PM 1 Limit user authentification into Winbind ?
1:30PM 1 Advanced Winbind questions
11:38AM 0 open close file many times samba 3.0.14
9:35AM 2 "passwd program" directive and windows
7:48AM 0 Samba3 in NT4 domain
7:41AM 2 Q: concerning user "nobody" and Samba 3
6:33AM 0 Slow saves from application
5:19AM 1 Samba DMB "loses" machines in the Network Neighborhood
2:52AM 0 Linux as WINS client, nslookup, telnet & rsh fa ils - only
1:20AM 1 Domain group membership.
Thursday December 8 2005
9:15PM 1 Unencrypted Passwords
9:02PM 0 Samba File Permission problem after updating.. samba-3.0.20b-2 please help
8:13PM 0 Windows Server 2003 R2
7:50PM 0 permissions weirdness with samba share mounted in linux
6:35PM 0 question on socket tuning on windows
6:23PM 0 Samba PDC, LDAP and permissions
3:42PM 10 smbclient lookup fails when querying local machine
3:10PM 0 wbinfo -u result giving in capital letter
2:53PM 3 Changed IP address
2:53PM 0 Samba 3.0.14a
2:53PM 1 Samba and Solidworks
2:53PM 0 problem with unix extensions on Adaptec SNAP Server (Redhat 8)
2:22PM 1 Newbie
2:09PM 1 Build error of rpm for samba-3.0.21rc2 on Centos 4.2
12:35PM 1 Add printer commad ...
10:08AM 0 First in the word that Winbind use 100% of CPU
9:46AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Help IDMAP_RID and trusted domains]
4:24AM 2 Profile naming and Domain Name
3:41AM 1 Advance filesystem permission
3:27AM 1 Share Connection Failure
1:28AM 5 include statement in smb.conf
12:24AM 1 Unable to give users access to folders within Samba share
12:01AM 2 Samba and Soliworks
Wednesday December 7 2005
11:39PM 1 Problem with Winbind on Solaris for Samba 3.0.21rc2.
8:27PM 1 Strange behavior with file/directory permissions.
7:44PM 3 logging of transferred files
6:46PM 0 misc error
6:16PM 0 (no subject)
6:16PM 1
6:15PM 1 logon drive = Z: causes problems
6:02PM 0 Can't create tables on MySQL and PostgreSQL for pdb
3:45PM 2 Settings for winbind on BDC
3:24PM 0 Samba in Secondary Domain Controler ? Urgent Please Help me
2:51PM 3 Hanging SMBD processes - Samba CRASHING
1:43PM 0 Trying to rejoin a domain
1:17PM 3 Web Client for Samba
1:12PM 0 Tr : Printer Issue with Access XP
1:10PM 1 Printer Issue with Access XP
12:05PM 2 NTLM and Samba domain - problem with (non-local) logons.
1:53AM 0 (kein Betreff)
Tuesday December 6 2005
11:44PM 1 HELP!
8:09PM 2 User Primary group problem
7:31PM 1 File Ownership
4:25PM 2 Mac OS X clients not binding to a Samba+LDAP PDC
3:52PM 0 Home Directory creation
3:36PM 0 Other solution of Winbindd ? because he don't work ..
3:11PM 0 Problems with the list of users in Windows 9x clients
2:59PM 4 Joining Samba3 to NT4 domain problem
2:13PM 3 ask of documentation
1:36PM 4 BIG Samba howto for debian only.
12:49PM 0 Point and print
10:02AM 0 non ascii characters as username
9:43AM 1 Question about releases notes
9:25AM 1 Compilation problem 3.0.21rc2 Solaris 2.5.1 / Sparc + Sun CC
9:23AM 0 Folder Names with Spaces
9:19AM 2 Help IDMAP_RID and trusted domains
12:46AM 6 getpwnam fails on ldap
Monday December 5 2005
9:57PM 0 Problem with Samba as Member of AD, Kerberos
6:24PM 0 Re: CentOS 3.6, samba-3.0.9-1.3E.5 tdbsam to ldapsam export
4:52PM 0 (no subject)
4:16PM 2 Windows users, linux users and home drives on another server.
4:13PM 0 Read only
3:44PM 1 Strange automount problem with samba & LDAP
3:32PM 1 Big into winbindd ? 100% of cpu after 5mn of utilisation
3:21PM 1 net getlocalsid and net getlocalsid <domain>
3:15PM 2 wbinfo and user group
3:05PM 1 Windows Server 2003 can't join samba PDC domain
12:47PM 0 Kerberos Errors with winbind?
12:26PM 1 Samba closes my file session
10:01AM 0 Outlook2003 forget password
8:48AM 1 Two samba's not playing together
8:27AM 1 Updates of the printer.tdb
6:09AM 0 Solaris Winbind causes problem with SSH.
3:48AM 0 Missing user in list of Windows 9x
Sunday December 4 2005
11:00PM 1 Samba Trusts Relationship - Users map
9:33PM 1 Admin Printers and Faxes from Windows XP
9:32PM 1 net rpc vampire not working
8:11PM 2 netlogon problems
7:51AM 0 AD4Unix & Samba-3.0.20b+winbind (UPDATE)
2:18AM 1 Samba PDC with ldapsam - unable to join the domain
Saturday December 3 2005
7:11PM 0 transfer domain information from windows to linux
6:18PM 0 RESOLVED? Shares Problem
4:57PM 0 Auditing?
2:15PM 0 [Fwd: Problem with setting Normal attribute for a file owned by another user]
2:15PM 2 Samba related Student Project
2:15PM 0 Group Policy folder redirect to samba share
11:48AM 1 Problems with Samba 3.0.20b and OS X 10.4.3 Clients
4:56AM 1 Samba 3.0.20rc2 Available for Download
3:38AM 0 [Fwd: [Fwd: Problem with setting Normal attribute for a file owned by another user]]
3:19AM 0 Problem Access Linux Folder From win2000 !!
1:57AM 1 Samba timekeeping
1:17AM 0 Shares Problem
Friday December 2 2005
10:38PM 0 file shown as open
10:20PM 1 Problem with Samba Timestamp
8:53PM 2 security=server, port 445 and winnt
8:45PM 0 fedora-ds
8:43PM 1 Samba LDAP Tools and mkntpwd
8:23PM 2 Can not list shares more than 12 characters long
6:42PM 1 roaming profiles odd.
4:23PM 0 Permission problems after an NT4 -> Samba LDAP PDC migration
4:17PM 4 PDC/BDC Load-Balanced?
3:38PM 0 64 bit lock offset message
1:48PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 35, Issue 18
12:38PM 0 Problem migrating share acls
9:30AM 1 can't mount smb shares
7:48AM 1 Cannot read strange filenames
3:16AM 2 Internet explorer not authenticating properly
1:18AM 0 NT + Samba (trusted domains) changing to AD + Samba
1:16AM 3 unicode support in samba
12:44AM 1 smbpasswd script fails
Thursday December 1 2005
8:51PM 3 Samba 3.0.9 ==> 3.0.14a migration LDIF problem
8:22PM 1 Any Help! printer lexz25-z35 in client w98 using USB no print
8:10PM 2 Security risk to adding users to "Domain Admin" group
6:47PM 0 Unresolved Questions for Active Directory Kerberos/LDAP/AD4Unix or SFU35 support?
4:55PM 3 Saving files with MS Word to samba3 server is very slow!
4:19PM 3 Samba And Fedora Directory Server
3:47PM 1 online documentation smb.conf
3:05PM 1 aliases for "share Definitions"
2:21PM 0 wbinfo -u and -g on SAMBA 3 on RH9 to AD2k3 server
1:48PM 0 You do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer
1:21PM 0 win98 opening remote lmhosts as read-write
10:01AM 5 Temporary Profiles
9:59AM 1 No aswer to my winbind problems ?
8:58AM 1 NetShareEnum bug on Win 2003 Server
5:55AM 0 workstation account passwords
3:35AM 0 Replicating printers, drivers, and settings between machines
1:21AM 1 Printer access denied problems
12:20AM 2 mounting windows share as smbfs