samba - Oct 2004

Sunday October 31 2004
11:26PM 1 Trust between Samba 3 and Win2000 Server
4:19PM 2 Re: Trusting and trusted domain (home mapping) problem
2:39PM 2 Windows User Admin Tool error
2:34PM 0 Compiling Samba-3.0.7 on FreeBSD 5.2.1
12:54PM 0 suggestion to Samba-HOWTO-Collection
12:49PM 2 FreeBSD and subversion
12:48PM 0 suggestions to Samba-HOWTO-Collection
9:43AM 0,,,,, examples?
6:41AM 2 samba 3.0.7 and os/2
5:22AM 0 file locking and sharing...
2:59AM 0 RE: smb_request: result -512, setting invalid
2:50AM 1 which kernel should be used to solve sendfile problem on linux?
1:55AM 2 file locking/sharing
Saturday October 30 2004
4:38PM 0 Aliant's has detected a Virus in your message
10:59AM 2 Samba 3.0.6 Problem access with Microsoft visio and XL files
7:39AM 1 OS X Client Can't move folders in share which contains different mounts?
7:32AM 0 R: Problem logon from a Windows Server 2003 by a RDPConnection
2:07AM 0 Shared folder & windows clients
Friday October 29 2004
11:28PM 1 Directory perms not visible from Properties|Security on clients
10:13PM 0 Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering for Domino detected a virus in a document you authored.
9:25PM 1 samba.schema question
9:23PM 1 group name length limit?
8:31PM 0 Allow users to delete from read-only share?
6:31PM 0 Again Linux, Mac OS etc...
5:10PM 3 Samba Add Machine Script
4:19PM 2 MAC OS X and Samba Shares > 2 TB
4:16PM 1 winbind name service required for active directory (ADS) authentication and group-based authorization?
2:58PM 0 (no subject)
2:18PM 2 Issue with two domains in one LDAP tree
1:48PM 1 Samba hangs
1:46PM 0 Samba hanging
12:52PM 1 All users able to access printer
12:39PM 0 Strange UNICAST message
12:39PM 0 Windows 2003 & Samba
12:25PM 5 Problem with smbmount
12:07PM 0 Re: Trusting and trusted domain (home mapping) problem
12:04PM 1 trouble to connect to window$ share with netbios name
12:01PM 1 Samba4 reaches the "Susan" stage
11:52AM 1 how to prevent users from modifying access rights
11:23AM 0 Re: Thanks :)
11:14AM 2 Administrator
8:00AM 0 help
5:56AM 2 Problem logon from a Windows Server 2003 by a RDP Connection
12:30AM 2 VFS Recycle
Thursday October 28 2004
10:41PM 0 Winbind problm
9:15PM 0 domain access
9:06PM 1 Possible to map root to group via winbind?
8:53PM 0 Samba works on WAN with 2 or more domains with inter domain trust?
8:25PM 0 Samba Group Code question
5:12PM 0 Trouble connecting to Samba from win2k3
4:55PM 1 Converting an LDAP server to use Samba 3
4:08PM 1 pam_ldap for unix accounts, smbpassword for samba?
3:35PM 0 Most secure way to accomplish a samba share
3:09PM 0 Permission denied creating Clearcase view on Samba share.
2:41PM 1 NT PDC file server -> Samba PDC file server
1:51PM 4 Samba PDC in many branch offices + one LDAP database - how to change passwords?
1:35PM 0 Wins replication
1:08PM 0 samba3 / ldap / idealx smbldap-tools / roaming profile
12:41PM 0 Samba3 pdc bdc scenario
10:59AM 0 security mask
9:11AM 0 CVS export to samba share fails
7:53AM 0 Samba 3.0.5 and Winbind
7:34AM 0 recycle question
5:52AM 1 Odd login issue [early Samba]
2:32AM 0 IIS Virtual Directories and SAMBA
Wednesday October 27 2004
11:10PM 0 Incorrect disk size
8:48PM 0 samba 3.0.7, windows 2003 DC and lmcompatabilitylevel
8:26PM 1 Offline folders and XP SP2
7:26PM 1 Fedora Core 3 Test 3
6:15PM 1 Samba DC %LOGONSERVER% problem
6:13PM 0 Windows Server 2003 and Samba 3.0.7
4:02PM 0
3:57PM 0 writeable vs readonly precedence
3:35PM 0 Trust across NAT
3:16PM 0 DES sample code (authentication)
3:09PM 1 Password server is not connected.
2:49PM 1 Error running smbmount in Slackware 10
2:32PM 2 Passive file server.
2:07PM 0 Re: hide shares from some users
2:03PM 2 Interdomain trust across the NAT
1:56PM 1 Re: Hide shares from some users
1:49PM 0 policies with samba & roaming profiles
1:22PM 0 samba and two dc's that not trusted
12:51PM 2 Cups, samba and temporary print files
11:43AM 0 Problem with a share
10:58AM 2 Samba 3.0.7 domain membership with AD2003
10:57AM 0 3.0.8pre2 RPMs
10:36AM 2 Avoiding user home directories
10:10AM 1 Winbindd as NIS replacement in heterogen environement
9:53AM 1 Problem changing pw from win2k & xp
7:31AM 0 Samba performance issue
7:21AM 1 Samba kerberos authentication issues with samba 3.0.7
3:45AM 1 winbind: using idmap only if user doesn't exist in UNIX getpw*(3) ?
2:26AM 0 solved: My 'net ads keytab' can't write to keytab in samba 3.0.6
12:40AM 1 Re: Trusting and Trusted Domain Samba LDAP (mapping Home Directories)Problem
Tuesday October 26 2004
8:00PM 0 Re: Mail Delivery (failure
7:45PM 0 W2K connectivity to Samba server (repeat)
7:20PM 0 iptables-rules for Samba-Server
7:16PM 1 Sage and oplocks
6:32PM 2 Samba 3.0.8pre2 Available for Download
6:31PM 2 WinXP vs Samba: domain controller could not be contacted
6:23PM 0 Winbindd won't see new accounts until restarted
6:13PM 4 Specified user does not exist. Huh?!
5:36PM 0 Hangs trying to lock locking.tdb ?
4:24PM 3 Shares not visible from Win2k
4:13PM 2 Third party LDAP as backend
3:42PM 0 access 2003 clients can't print to samba 3 server (
3:13PM 0 xpsp2 clients authenticate, W2ksp4 clients must use IP or FQDN
1:16PM 1 File Locking
1:03PM 1 Dreaded ERROR 5 In Robocopy
12:36PM 0 Problem with time_t values returned by getattrE
12:22PM 1 APW printing defaults : protection fault 0x6a90450e: version 3.0.7-Debian
11:15AM 4 Yet another charset problem
9:25AM 0 Stale NFS file handle
6:18AM 0 "net groupmap add" questions
5:34AM 1 Samba + Mac OS + printing
1:27AM 0 Can not change password
Monday October 25 2004
10:53PM 2 Printing permissions problem
9:58PM 0 My 'net ads keytab' can't write to keytab in samba 3.0.6
9:48PM 0 -failed to verify ticket-, smb-3.0.7, mit krb5 1.3.1
8:29PM 0 Birini Bul
8:11PM 1 Error running SWAT
7:27PM 0 Modify not delete
7:00PM 1 samba 3.0.7 and w2k terminal service
5:49PM 1 Kerberos vs NTLM 0.12 in Samba log files...
5:25PM 1 [print$] and printer names
4:55PM 1 winbind cache / lockout
4:28PM 1 failed to cross compile 3.0.7
2:35PM 1 cups related error messages
2:32PM 0 Best method for this?
1:42PM 1 error acess: Win2k --> Samba --> Netware
1:25PM 2 can't join domain / smbldap-useradd -w machine not working
1:16PM 0 Print Permission Problems
12:46PM 0 Hide shares from some clients
12:04PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 22, Issue 36 (Odpověď v nepřítomnosti )
10:04AM 0 Strange WINS entries with samba 3.07 running as PDC
9:06AM 0 Swat for Samba
8:59AM 2 Fail in add user script
5:51AM 1 Samba and "running old wbinfo, pam_winbind or libnss_winbind clients"
4:30AM 0 Who knows the answer(s)....? Samba and W2000..
3:07AM 1 LDAP: strange "net groupmap" behaviour
Sunday October 24 2004
5:53PM 0 How to Start swat on RH 9.0
4:31PM 1 Importing from smbpasswd to ldapsam
3:43PM 0 Re: Re: information
10:41AM 0 ldapsam: "net groupmap" ... pdbedit ... smbldap-tools
Saturday October 23 2004
7:44PM 0 Locked Files Database in Samba
3:46PM 1 Problem Enumerating AD users
9:43AM 1 Samba 3 + LDAP on SuSE - how (missing /etc/pam.d/system-auth)
8:14AM 0 Raw Printing, was cupsaddsmb and .inf files
6:29AM 0 Re: Trusting and Trusted Domain Samba LDAP (mapping Home Directories)Problem
6:18AM 0 User login Problems after upgrade
1:42AM 1 newbie to samba
12:23AM 0 Samba 2.2.12 winXP can't see system under mynetwork
Friday October 22 2004
10:52PM 0 Error: Invalid credentials
10:41PM 1 how is Samba 3.x advertising itself to Windows clients across LAN, WAN ?
10:27PM 3 Samba 3.0.7 is broken
9:56PM 0 cupsaddsmb and .inf files
8:30PM 0 automatically authenticate domain logged-on users ina pache with AD/NTDOM?
8:06PM 0 win2k + sp4, fedora core 2, samba-3.0.3-5 peer-to-peer workgroup (home network
7:49PM 1 File locking with smbd
6:56PM 0 W2K connectivity to Samba server
6:52PM 1 Samba 3 + LDAP as PDC - which tutorial / HOWTO to use?
5:07PM 1 Linux, Samba and OS X 10.2
4:50PM 2 automatically authenticate domain logged-on users in apache with AD/NTDOM?
4:14PM 1 mounting win2003 server shares fails
3:04PM 0 SMB password changes at will
2:54PM 0 APW - copies files and then fails
2:36PM 1 Permission Issue
1:12PM 0 Problem with add user script in smb.conf: unable to lock password file
9:54AM 0 danish characters on win2k share
9:36AM 0 Home drives not being mounted. Samba 3.0.7 vs W2k TS. More.
9:12AM 1 Samba + OS/2 LS read error
7:26AM 2 Samba + LDAP as a PDC - unable to log in (but able to join a domain)
7:19AM 0 AW: share permissions for AD groups
7:07AM 0 share permissions for AD groups
6:18AM 0 The behavior of srvmrg.exe with Samba an adding machines
5:07AM 0 extended attributes, samba and OS2
4:25AM 1 You have no permission to change your password
3:13AM 1 Ask for help
Thursday October 21 2004
9:40PM 0 compile errors samba 3.0.7 vfs
9:39PM 1 3.0.7 name collision!
8:05PM 1 Ads_connect: Server not found in Kerberos database
7:41PM 3 smbldap-tools don't create machine account properlly
7:40PM 0 Bug 1499 Update?
4:45PM 1 Can't view Windows shares
1:53PM 1 Samba / Cups and PDF'S
1:26PM 1 extract SID from v2 domain
12:58PM 3 Samba 3.0.7 freezes on windows
12:53PM 0 solaris 5 and samba
12:38PM 1 Throughput to a single client
10:46AM 1 uid and gid problems with linux as client and server
10:41AM 1 Trusting and Trusted Domain Samba LDAP (mapping Home Directories) Problem
10:20AM 0 update: samba causing high load
9:48AM 1 Samba just Slow with AutoCad?
9:21AM 0 winbind log querstion.
8:50AM 0 ldap passwdsync = yes bug
8:17AM 0 can'find sid
Wednesday October 20 2004
11:53PM 1 Archive bit not changed if not owner?
8:15PM 0 Point&Print adding NT/2K drivers issue
7:53PM 4 Browsing between linux boxes
6:13PM 2 Samba + (LDAP + Kerberos V)
4:56PM 0 Problems using admin users option on share
3:37PM 0 Home drives not being mounted. Samba 3.0.7 vs W2k TS
3:29PM 0 (no subject)
3:19PM 2 "Advanced Printer Features" in Samba 3.0.7 / Cups 1.1.20 ...
3:03PM 0 Weird breakage with Roaming Profiles and Quotas
3:00PM 1 patches for upcoming 3.0.8 [was "polling for options on printing commands"]
2:25PM 0 Connect via IP vs. Netbios name
2:10PM 0 Access Denied to shares in Lotus Notes and Outlook
1:46PM 1 LDAP weirdness
12:52PM 1 krb5_cc_get_principal failed
12:29PM 0 Groups not displayed
11:18AM 0 Not able to upload printer drivers for WinXP/2k
10:37AM 1 winbind AD group "non primary group" permissions
10:24AM 0 Samba as domain member server cannot authenticate users
10:04AM 0 Win XP unable to print to Linux Server
9:21AM 0 Performance problems using "ls -al" together with winbind
9:06AM 0 Permissions
8:47AM 0 getting aache to auth against the samba tdb
8:17AM 3 samb3-ldap PDC and BDC
6:40AM 0 After upgrade to 3.0.7 no Mac-Client (Dave) can access files on server...
6:13AM 0 Newbie question
5:33AM 1 [Fwd: Re: Intermittent "Network name cannot be found" error when accessing XP roaming profile]
5:04AM 2 Applications that need admin privileges
3:56AM 0 Changing Permissions from W2k to a samba share - Access Denied
1:08AM 1 Can't ssh with administrator user
Tuesday October 19 2004
9:00PM 0 Called name not present
7:51PM 0 issues with Mac OS X clients
7:42PM 2 Samba and Active Directory
6:38PM 1 "getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected", don't solve?
6:14PM 1 Issues/Questions about Samba 3.x.x versus it's Worki ng Status
5:50PM 0 samba not printing queue
5:22PM 0 libsmbclient ftruncate
5:11PM 1 largosh printing patch for Samba 3.0.7
3:25PM 0 Implementing printer drivers using [print$]
2:44PM 4 Authenticating PPTP users against Samba/LDAP
2:27PM 0 Trust not working - long
2:16PM 0 Smbmount fails -- Windows 2003 Server , ADS user
1:52PM 0 Oplock errors
1:31PM 5 Making Red Hat 3 Authenticate against AD Domain
1:01PM 1 Bug 135832 - smbtree frees invalid pointer
12:45PM 0 BEN JONES's invitation
9:33AM 0 samba 3.0.7 make check fails in function strstr_m
8:53AM 6 Samba 3.0.7 & OpenLDAP performance problem
8:42AM 0 <no subject>
8:36AM 0 Troubles with roaming profiles
5:06AM 0 Query re. add machine script
2:17AM 0 browseable shares need password for browsing
12:34AM 0 problems with multiple linux boxes hitting WIN2000 shares, cifs cifs-1.20c-2.4, linux 2.4.27 kernel
Monday October 18 2004
9:29PM 3 polling for options on printing commands
9:22PM 1 Issues/Questions about Samba 3.x.x versus it's Working Status
9:11PM 1 print que not updating
8:48PM 0 suse 9.1Doing a node status request to the domain master browser - Cannot sync browser lists.
7:52PM 1 W2K can't join 3.0.7 domain
6:44PM 0 HELP: samba ldap pdc - windows xp problem
6:31PM 0 Group problems and at my wits' end!
6:23PM 1 domain member problem
5:46PM 1 Intermittent "Network name cannot be found" error when accessing XP roaming profile
5:20PM 0 offline files sync delay and Windows XP SP2
4:16PM 1 Intermittent failed logon for one computer
4:00PM 1 change password AS_ROOT=FALSE
3:52PM 0 connecting to resource IPC$ problems -samba 2.2.8
3:47PM 1 Problems with Samba on Mandrake
3:45PM 0 "Incorrect function" with Windows XP offline files
2:54PM 0 User authentication on XP workstations from remote Domain
2:25PM 1 scrambled filename.
2:05PM 1 samba 3.0.5 dying
1:46PM 1 samba causing high load
1:29PM 0 Winbind success BUT blank root password
1:17PM 0 Problem mapping to public share from XP
1:14PM 0 Usuario Inexistente / User does not exist.
1:11PM 0 Can not access server after joining domain
12:51PM 1 Experience on using Samba with XP SP2
12:37PM 0 win98 and domain logins, Can't browse network
11:56AM 0 Problem in SAMBA Installation & Configuration
10:26AM 0 Active directory
10:14AM 0 remove wins entries - samba 3
8:47AM 0 Samba + AD + NIS
6:41AM 0 Samba, ldap and winbind - almost there!
6:41AM 1 samba with ldap and digest-md5
5:31AM 1 SID syntax
5:26AM 0 domain name syntax
Sunday October 17 2004
3:18PM 0 *.tdb permissions
2:04PM 0 can I (re-)share a share of another samba server
8:40AM 1 Problem copying large file from Win2K box to Samba share on Linux box
Saturday October 16 2004
6:54PM 1 Errors in Log Watch about forward maps
12:58PM 1 Stuck on passwords
9:52AM 0 Microsoft CRM (MS CRM) and Samba
7:05AM 1 PDC and windows xp domain joining - root user does not exist
3:48AM 1 SQL Server can´t validate users over Samba Trust
Friday October 15 2004
9:41PM 1 Bug in Swat samba-swat-3.0.2a-3mdk
8:28PM 0 charset conversion
6:53PM 3 Compiling on Tru64
6:30PM 4 NetBios problem with Samba 2.x
6:05PM 0 Samba mount performance issues.
4:47PM 1 winbind and ads
3:31PM 0 LDAP problems: samba searches whole database
2:46PM 4 member server and kerberos
2:07PM 0 max connections for 3.05
1:10PM 1 samba as a bdc
11:34AM 2 Ugrade 2.2.8 to 3.0.7
10:39AM 1 Directory Name '.../pipe' not allowed ? Samba Bug ?
10:36AM 1 does SECURITY=ADS fall back to the smbpasswd file?
3:28AM 3 Samba Errors in my log file
Thursday October 14 2004
11:26PM 1 msdfs root in [homes] do not work in XP
10:30PM 0 Upgrading/Replacing Samba/Solaris 2.2.4 > ?
10:06PM 0 Join NT4 Domain.. Works but Event Log has error 5723...
8:33PM 1 Any way to use Samba 2.2 with OpenLDAP directory using Samba 3 schema?
7:28PM 0 Getting errors while running Samba 3.0.7 with ADS security mode under MIT Kerberos
5:55PM 0 VSS and Samba
5:10PM 1 non-local accounts...
4:10PM 1 [PATCH] smbfs: smbfs do not honor uid, gid, file_mode and dir_mode supplied by user mount
1:31PM 0 Re: Sage oplocks
1:11PM 2 script in netlogon isn't run
12:43PM 0 AD
11:15AM 1 Problem adding users to the PDC
10:39AM 3 Samba 3.0.7 / AD Domain Group Resolving
10:07AM 1 Samba as PDC - Can't get user profiles to save properly
9:40AM 0 AD, smb 3.0.6, ticket: "Request is a replay"
7:41AM 1 cups logs ?
7:02AM 2 Samba ADS -- works with XP Pro, but not 2000 Pro
6:35AM 1 Linux and samba server + Mac OS Clients on LAN
5:55AM 2 Samba setup with Winbind connecting to NT4 PDC - Login isnow Slow...
5:21AM 1 Setting up a server
4:10AM 0 Printing to shared printer using a Mac (OSX)
3:59AM 5 Photoshop "Disk Full" error, a linux filesystem NOT Samba issue
Wednesday October 13 2004
11:11PM 1 for XP client do I need to have a "machine account"
10:20PM 0 Samba setup with Winbind connecting to NT4 PDC - Login is now Slow...
9:57PM 0 Access rights for one user only?
9:37PM 0 Is it possible to specify read only by netgroup for hostname entries?
9:37PM 2 Cannot receive files from server 3.0.7 to W2K
9:29PM 0 Installing Samba
8:38PM 1 2 log files for the same client workstation accessing a Samba sha re
7:30PM 3 "Bad lockout attempt" recorded twice
7:05PM 1 samba 3.0.7 and OpenLDAP
6:39PM 1 Bad lockout attempt recorded 2x
6:13PM 1 password change error
6:03PM 3 smbfs mount issues
3:39PM 5 Looking for large-ish deployment advice
3:34PM 0 admin users and root priviledges
3:02PM 2 Login with a NT 4.0 PDC
3:01PM 0 Samba 3.0.7-Debian ***Error Performing inpage operation***
2:50PM 1 Samba3 By Example - Suggested Update (Correction?) And Two Winbind Defects
2:30PM 2 NT and XP clients cannot reach Samba PDC
2:13PM 1 (no subject)
1:53PM 4 Can't join domain - no message
1:40PM 1 RE: TOSHARG: Samba ADS domain membership notes
11:55AM 4 kerberos and/or winbind ??
10:55AM 1 Help Samba. More then 1 virtual samba servers.
10:28AM 2 time server directive and synchronizing Win XP clients
10:00AM 3 problem with samba, ldap and windows
9:40AM 1 Samba server 3.0.7: "Short read when getting file"
8:10AM 1 Samba server stucking problem - Samba 3.x
5:19AM 1 root preexec script runs twice
3:57AM 1 Users not able to save doc. in home folder
3:37AM 1 smb_lookup: find //pagefile.sys failed
3:10AM 2 'credentials' file doesn't work - also observed by others
12:16AM 2 Major Samba Battle
Tuesday October 12 2004
10:53PM 0 linux server freezes on large file transfers
10:05PM 3 Group membership
9:59PM 0 win95 systems see samba 2.2.12 server OK, winXP do not
9:24PM 0 Problem with Netbios names
9:08PM 0 Samba 3.0.7 vs MIT Kerberos and tickets renewal...
9:01PM 0 Fixing wins entries in Samba 2.2.9.
8:41PM 0 migrating from samba-2.2.7 to samba-3.0.7
8:09PM 1 Home Directory
7:35PM 1 Make fails
7:31PM 1 Samba as gateway MIT kerberos
7:28PM 1 Redirect "My Documents" for NT through XP
6:41PM 0 Invalid username/password for ipc$ [nobody]
4:48PM 0 Authentication in trusded domain
4:34PM 3 Performance Issues with GBit LAN
3:31PM 2 Samba and OpenLDAP Problem :((
3:28PM 2 ADS valid users can't map share
3:15PM 3 can mount share, cannot join domain
2:44PM 1 Problems with samba shares locking in w2k ADS environment.
2:13PM 1 Winbind/wbinfo question
12:19PM 0 Rogers Network Security - AutoReply
10:31AM 0 accented letters in filenames
7:31AM 5 Two Questions concerning samba - file access times - two instances on one server
3:46AM 1 openldap2 + samba3 user changed password on BDC wouldn't sync with PDC
3:31AM 0 Samba as BDC to AD Server
12:28AM 0 2 pids nmbd? thought there should only be one
Monday October 11 2004
10:55PM 3 'add/change/delete share command'(s) in smb.conf
10:41PM 0 log level in samba 2.2.12
9:56PM 1 account on winXP system unable to access workgroup
9:42PM 0 cross compilation
8:53PM 0 XP + SP2 + DFS + netbios alias = not working
8:37PM 0 Suse 9.0 and Active Directory
8:15PM 0 Logging machine names
7:34PM 1 smbpasswd fails on samba 2.2.x
7:31PM 0 check_ntlm_password: Authentication for...
7:19PM 0 Installing Samba on Solaris
7:03PM 1 page_log: no entries when printing from samba
6:36PM 1 Mapping ADS groups
5:27PM 2 Legal questions with jCIFS 0.8.2
5:03PM 0 exit status 1 = ok? not ok?
4:52PM 1 Timestamp problem
3:59PM 0 Ephimeral wins registraton of WinNTs.
3:59PM 1 Starting Samba 3.0.7 using -F -S flags
3:45PM 0 Workgroup name is too long
3:24PM 1 Samba 3.0.7, SuSE 8.2 and Heimdal Compile Problem
2:56PM 6 NT4 RAS Dial-in with Samba 3 PDC
2:31PM 1 Can't browse network using nautilus
2:29PM 0 (no subject)
2:18PM 0 Winbind not using kerberos
2:06PM 1 Adding linux users to linux server with samba
11:29AM 1 Missing folders when accessing via Samba ?
10:59AM 0 Linux Authentication against win ADS
9:42AM 1 unable to change password on multi IP
8:38AM 3 backup posix-acl shares
8:18AM 0 samba 2.2.12 upgrade failed..
8:16AM 1 Windows clients reboot when opening document on the Samba server
7:37AM 0 netlogon and domain trust
7:31AM 1 Fw: smb_proc_readdir_long error
3:30AM 1 Linux freezes on large file transfers
12:33AM 0 Samba Server inside AD Realm
Sunday October 10 2004
11:06PM 0 Linux client for Samba server
8:02PM 1 Re: Folder disappears after mounting a share
7:29PM 0 tdb_fetch failed error from windows XP
7:18PM 2 Roaming Profile & Folder Redirection Problems
6:19PM 1 Authentication problem?
2:18PM 3 Disable roaming profiles per user
Saturday October 9 2004
7:00PM 0 Roam Prof + F Redir: Logon/off merge deletes most of profile
2:43PM 1 Pocket PC
10:55AM 2 Groupmapping doesn't work
9:39AM 0 winbind doesn't follow updateref in replica ldap server
7:30AM 0 He wanted to see him, to report on the result of his mediation, which ...
6:00AM 1 Authentication woes
5:27AM 1 Firefox overwrites links?
5:13AM 0 looking for your help
5:11AM 1 rpcclient shutdown with -m
12:31AM 0 Help - error on upgrade from samba 2.2.7 to 2.2.12
Friday October 8 2004
10:23PM 0 username map for ADS groups
7:50PM 0 WinXP SP2 machines disappear from the workgroup controlled by Samba
5:13PM 1 something
4:57PM 1 ads_connect: Connection refused
4:10PM 0 Question about FileSystemWatcher
4:07PM 0 (retry) 3.0.7: 'map to guest' incomplete behavior
4:04PM 0 (retry) 3.0.7: username map doesn't work with security=ADS
3:41PM 0 authentication failed
3:06PM 2 Printer Device Modes
2:52PM 0 Trouble compiling pam_winbind 3.0.8pre1 on Solaris 9
2:32PM 0 smbmount equiv. to mount -o hard,intr?
2:03PM 0 XP SP2 and Samba 3.0.7 - Printing very slow
1:31PM 0 Re: Contents of samba digest...
12:58PM 0 Samba as a member of the W2K ADS domain using Kerberos
12:41PM 1 Removing a Point And Print printer
9:54AM 1 Trust between two samba domains
9:05AM 0 Samba trust
9:00AM 0 Help - Adding winXP pro clients to win95 and Samba 2.2.x setup
8:52AM 0 finally adding winXP pro systems into a win95/samba 2.2.x network
6:49AM 0 Group Policy on Samba / Linux / OpenLDAP or another directory (yes, you can)
3:36AM 0 Unpriviledged users may create new user accounts
1:12AM 1 Samba 3.0.7 on Linix/Sparc
12:19AM 0 Seek clarification on use of 'net rpc join -U' to join a NT4 domain
Thursday October 7 2004
10:45PM 1 Tandem / ServerNet 74000
9:56PM 0 Info on NetShareEnum RAP throwing "User has insufficient privilege"
8:22PM 2 Samba with winbindd AD Group access limit problem
8:19PM 1 Trouble creating RPM
8:03PM 0 Someone is researching your background via our website
7:30PM 0 3.0.7: 'map to guest' incomplete behavior
6:20PM 0 3.0.7: username map doesn't work with security=ADS
5:55PM 0 Samba printing idea... really cool
5:54PM 1 Compiling Samba 3.0.7 on AIX
5:43PM 0 samba 3 with ads not authenticating against ADS trusts
5:22PM 0 Net Use disconnect failure
5:12PM 0 Question regarding Address resolution
4:42PM 1 Samba-to-Samba connection problems
4:27PM 0 Shared printer stops printing after first page
3:38PM 0 tdb_mmap problem with Samba 3.07 on Solaris 5.9
2:49PM 0 [ANNOUNCE] New Samba Console Project
2:43PM 1 filename mapping
1:56PM 0 Fw: Re: windows small buisness server and SMB
1:56PM 0 Fw: Re: Cant fetch on Window network due to special characters in filename.
11:49AM 0 Samba - smbfs - problème d'accent
10:58AM 0 Licensed Office Application. Licensed Operating System. Other Licensed Application. 374 (
10:44AM 1 smb.conf not in sysconfdir? [samba-3.0.1pre1]
9:28AM 2 account is not autorized to connect from this station.
9:20AM 2 Find who deleted a folder
8:55AM 1 Cant fetch on Window network due to special characters infilename.
8:53AM 0 Cant fetch on Window network due to special characters in filename.
3:56AM 0 Can't access shares
2:32AM 3 Small bug with Samba 3.0.7's smbd process (or just a bad compilation)???
1:33AM 1 windows small buisness server and SMB
12:00AM 0 NT4 Domain Member Server Access Denied v3.07
Wednesday October 6 2004
10:18PM 3 Point&print problem: printer names show the ip, not the server name.
9:24PM 0 Installing printer Drivers into [print$]
8:52PM 0 samba and xp
8:06PM 1 Need to mass update pasword expiration - which ldap attributes?
7:51PM 1 problem with displaying large number of large file names
7:19PM 0 netbios name failure, wins problem?
7:03PM 0 CIFS in fstab
6:21PM 3 Samba 3.0.7 & adding machines. Wrong primary group.
5:59PM 1 Passwords
5:52PM 0 Samba 3.0.5 cannot mount Windows 2003 shares
5:42PM 0 Best locking strategy
5:41PM 1 Samba Spoolserver: Connection timed out
5:20PM 1 "security = user" security setting
3:33PM 3 logon scripts by group
3:25PM 1 winbind pam nsswitch question
2:43PM 5 Trust between two samba
1:02PM 0 Accessing Windows Roaming Profiles
12:45PM 1 Samba v3 and mount -t smbfs ignores UID/GID
12:22PM 0 Link exchange
11:54AM 0 Help needed/.....
11:22AM 7 Samba + ldap pdc and SUS
11:16AM 1 smb_proc_readdir_long error
11:13AM 2 winbind with ldap backend permissions
11:06AM 4 Samba 3.0.6 and OpenLDAP performance problem
10:31AM 0 Ms SMS installation with a samba 3 PDC
10:25AM 0 Possible solution to "Access Denied"
9:51AM 0 samba-3.0.7-1_rh9 - where do I get swat to go with the new release
7:10AM 0 Odd make error
7:10AM 0 "Text file busy" inconsistent problem with newly created files: bug?
6:05AM 2 Impact of bnetd judgment on Samba?
3:11AM 1 NT 4 Client, Samba user w/no password
Tuesday October 5 2004
11:40PM 0 ldap, Whatfor do I need winbind?
11:31PM 1 Efficient way to login/logoff users
11:10PM 1 Domain trusts (Again)
10:52PM 1 smbfs timestamp problem
10:43PM 1 Joining Samba 3.0.2 vanilla to ADS
10:30PM 2 Printer name changed in samba 3.0.7
10:29PM 2 netlogon scripts
10:24PM 1 samba server as NT4 domain member- security=domain - need to create password db manually?
9:25PM 0 Samba Compile Error on 3.0.7 and 3.0.8 Pre 1 on X64 Fedora Core 3 Test 2
8:43PM 0 ERRATA: Potential Arbitrary File Access (CAN-2004-0815)
8:07PM 0 random errors"the local drive name is already in use.This connection has not beenrestored."
7:17PM 1 Getting the SID
7:11PM 0 Group mapping, Samba 3.0.7, and Win 2k SP4
6:44PM 1 Mac OS X winbind on Samba domain
5:59PM 1 samba-2.2.8a-220 and OSX
5:24PM 1 wbinfo -a always failing with NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
5:05PM 5 random errors "the local drive name is already in use. This connection has not been restored."
4:57PM 0 iPAQ with Samba 3 problem.
4:49PM 1 getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
4:46PM 2 Help: File is present (via Samba) but cannot be opened?
3:57PM 0 logon script, sometimes is no executed!!! Why?!?
3:49PM 0 Print server shows up as IP instead of hostname after upgrade
3:23PM 2 Can join domain; can't logon
3:12PM 0 Server 3.0.5 - Client 3.0.7-2; client won't resolve symlinks on server
2:15PM 5 Slow Directory listing
2:14PM 0 kerberos and Win2003AD problems
1:14PM 3 is there log analyzer software for samba ?
12:44PM 1 [PATCH] 2.2.12: fix support for samba daemons running under daemontools
12:31PM 1 3.0.7 joining NT4 domain: no go, but 2.2.12 is joining just fine!
12:04PM 1 Samba and printer problem
9:07AM 0 PHD
8:48AM 0 Winbind netlogon scripts
8:20AM 0 Samba3 and forest trust
6:24AM 1 Mapping resolution.
5:07AM 1 printer giving Access Denied
2:00AM 0 Samba 3.0.4 Profile Permissions
12:11AM 1 Using parameters in lpq command conflicts with background lpq
12:10AM 1 Winbind
Monday October 4 2004
11:31PM 0 samba forum - old friend
11:27PM 0 Possible bug with "short preserve case = no"
9:37PM 1 Update: Samba Shares not Refreshing contents
9:31PM 0 Samba Shares not Refreshing contents
8:16PM 0 Print "Job Description" feild
8:16PM 0 3.x & Solaris 8 lockups
7:24PM 1 Connecting to Samba from an external subnet
6:45PM 1 Upgrade from 2.2.8 to 3; users lack SIDs
6:32PM 0 Samba 3x for Solaris
5:39PM 2 SuSE 9.1 Pro
5:16PM 1 winbind apache require group
5:14PM 1 AD2003 +Squid NTLM Auth.
4:56PM 2 Network browsing with through OpenVPN
4:21PM 1 idmap with NT4.0
3:58PM 2 smbmount and UTF-8 characters
3:44PM 0 (no subject)
3:19PM 0 winbind sid -> uid/gid mapping
2:01PM 1 Point'n'Print: adddriver / WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
1:46PM 1 smbmount ignores uid option
12:49PM 3 Poor linux client performance (comparing to XP)
12:07PM 1 Can't join domain
11:07AM 0 winbind "invalid request size" error
8:51AM 2 Samba + OpenLdap replication problem
6:20AM 1 Repost: ads_connect: No such file or directory
3:57AM 3 3.0.8pre1, encoding problem?
2:21AM 0 Client side tools for management
Sunday October 3 2004
11:58PM 1 samba printer driver problem under xp but not win98
11:53PM 1 R: WindowsXP SP2 shuts down while trying to log into samba 3.0.6 domain
10:21PM 0 brlock.tdb/locking.tdb permissions problem?
7:42PM 1 Scaleable LDAP Backends for Samba; Domain Controllers group access
7:34PM 1 Move Samba 3.0 PDC to different machine
7:12PM 1 smbfs hang with moderate use
6:26PM 3 commit changes to removable media + error copying
4:48PM 1 Problem setting up Samba on Fedora Core 2 / XP
4:47PM 0 Using a single LDAP server to authenticate multiple Samba3 PDCs
12:50PM 0 Post SP2(?): Login as administrator
10:12AM 1 Listening to .wav files let the share "die"?
9:43AM 2 Problem with XP after upgrade from 2.2 -> 3.0
5:48AM 1 Strange performance issue with Dreamweaver and Samba
3:09AM 0 Filesystem Locking or lack of locking issues
Saturday October 2 2004
7:40PM 1 Printing seems to be entirely broken
5:06PM 1 Logging
4:24PM 0 Su requerimiento. [uid]7d344c0a3cfcfa26a4f9ba09c893a12e[/uid]
1:01PM 0 mounting smb shares
11:58AM 0 Full Name from User Manager to /etc/passwd
Friday October 1 2004
7:22PM 1 Member server won't authenticate against Samba BDC
6:22PM 1 mount.cifs and permissions
6:01PM 1 Error 16770
5:03PM 0 Know any ClearCase admins looking for work?
3:51PM 2 MS Access XP and samba print queues
3:34PM 0 remove user's home from samba
3:16PM 0 winbindd not emunerating domain local security groups
3:04PM 3 Domain Trust Logins
2:44PM 0 rebelotte samba et les m'en sort pas
12:41PM 0 3.0.7 joining NT4 domain: no go
12:13PM 1 Locking/Timeout Problems
11:57AM 0 ads_connect: No such file or directory
11:45AM 0 Named, en lisa ar not able to run cause of "Capset failed"
11:34AM 9 Server not responding after Samba upgrade
11:16AM 1 SAMBA PDC trust with another SAMBA PDC
10:05AM 0 Maximum file system size accessed with samba
9:51AM 1 smbd startup error
9:14AM 2 Howto: 2 samba server sharing password db ?
8:42AM 1 Acl problems with 3.07 on solaris 9
8:30AM 0 samba compilation error message
8:14AM 1 can't join a domain
7:13AM 0 samba PDC+winbind auth ??
6:53AM 0 NT sid mapping to uid,gid.
6:15AM 2 Performance of samba in linux vs windows
2:16AM 0 Samba Upgrade
2:05AM 0 samba 3.0.7 + OpenLDAP + smbldap-tools-0.8.5
2:01AM 0 Samba Session Error
12:45AM 1 Heimdal Version Question
12:37AM 0 directory permissions invisible
12:15AM 0 Renamed Samba Domain, now machine accounts fail