samba - Sep 2004

Thursday September 30 2004
11:04PM 0 winbind apache htaccess
9:18PM 0 name resolution between windows and samba
9:16PM 0 samba printing and disk quotas in Active Directory domain
8:50PM 4 Can't add new users
8:38PM 1 Multiple Controllers to auth against
7:58PM 2 Win2003 ADS member server - almost working, ideas?
6:18PM 0 Moving from Samba 2.2.8 to 3.x
3:37PM 2 WINS names intermittently unregister after 5 days
2:51PM 4 Real-time file synchronisation
2:24PM 0 (no subject)
2:17PM 1 passwd syncing?
2:12PM 0 Puzzle -- More Logon/Login from Windows XP
2:03PM 0 Redhat, Samba 4, Kerberos, Netscape Directory Server
1:44PM 0 samba 2.2 to samba 3
1:41PM 0 Domain member server with local users
1:29PM 0 SUMMARY Problems with Samba 3.0.5 only seeing 1360 files on a share to a Windows 2000
1:16PM 0 SECURITY: Samba 2.2.12 Available for Download
1:16PM 0 Samba Security Announcement -- Potential Arbitrary File Access
1:13PM 1 ntconfig.pol not loaded
12:12PM 1 Warning: E-mail viruses detected
9:54AM 1 Fw: Samba problem
8:21AM 0 (no subject)
7:25AM 0 String Overflow in samba.log
4:52AM 0 Windows XP deletes read-only files. Windows 98 does not.
Wednesday September 29 2004
11:26PM 1 Samba 3.0, Windows 2k/XP and usrmgr.exe
10:04PM 0 Re: Mail Delivery (failure
9:14PM 0 Problem with Perl module, SmbClientParser-2.6
8:56PM 1 3.0.7 CUPS Conflict?
8:48PM 1 Samba became Domain Member Server
8:42PM 0 WINS Proxy Question
7:52PM 0 Printing woes (Driver uploading, and .tdb annoyances)
7:41PM 0 samba 3.0.7 problems
6:40PM 2 Mixed Network Diagnostics
6:08PM 0 Problem with winbind and pam
6:07PM 0 Profiles and PDC
5:51PM 4 Switch profile from local to roaming?
5:46PM 0 hostname and smbstatus
5:24PM 0 winbind user vs group permission deny
4:01PM 0 net groupmap failures
3:55PM 1 Problem
2:56PM 0 Weird thing with Samba and Final Cut Pro
2:43PM 0 samba printing on windows
2:34PM 0 Samba Configuration
2:32PM 1 Re: [cups.general] Re: Windows Clients keep finished jobs in Queue
1:37PM 0 Trust
1:37PM 0 rpcclient adddriver error
12:59PM 0 Samaba 3.0.4 on solaris 8 with winbind
11:08AM 0 samba settings for ldap
10:53AM 0 Réf. : Re: Réf. : Puzzle -- Logon/Login from Windows XP
10:09AM 0 Réf. : Puzzle -- Logon/Login from Windows XP
9:58AM 6 Puzzle -- Logon/Login from Windows XP
9:50AM 0 sambaPwdMustChange not properly set with smbldap
7:33AM 0 Réf. : security in samba
7:14AM 0 Slow Samba - Winbind - NT PDC - low bandwidth - Why slow lookups?
7:04AM 0 How to assign a change file permission
4:07AM 0 rsync makes winbind stop responding
1:21AM 1 Samba's ADS security mode on Sun Solaris
12:20AM 0 Are User Logon Hours Enforced on 3.0.7?
Tuesday September 28 2004
10:52PM 0 domain admin group does not have root privileges on windows 2000 or xp machines
10:43PM 1 WINBIND Problem.....
10:15PM 0 Samba 3.0.5 error
10:03PM 0 Samba 3.0 a BDC to a Samba 2.2.7 PDC ?
9:54PM 0 Can't copy/move old files?
9:48PM 0 LDAP password/group problems when upgrading to Samba 3.0.7 (previously 3.0.4)
9:06PM 0 Confused by winbind trusted domains only
8:18PM 1 testparm bug in 3.0.7?
7:49PM 1 smbmount curiosity - cant mount share in rc.local
7:48PM 2 Cross-subnet browsing and oplocks
7:25PM 1 Can join domain, can't login -- LDAP PDC
6:44PM 0 two SAMBA Server with common password base
6:35PM 1 winbind stops responding
4:31PM 2 Samba 3.0 VFS recycle
4:16PM 0 Group Problem
4:11PM 0 Samba 3.0.7-1 on Debian Problems connecting
4:06PM 0 reoccuring smbd error messages *getpeername*
3:35PM 0 Max fs size viewed with linux samba client
3:35PM 0 Strange behavior with file that have a .exe extension...SOLVED
3:13PM 1 security in samba
3:00PM 5 Samba / cups problem
2:58PM 1 New here ... with an NT Group problem
2:50PM 0 Problem XP Pro SP2
2:49PM 1 Strange behavior with file that have a .exe extension...
2:27PM 0 having login issue
2:06PM 0 Réf. : Re: Re: Authenticateing DC's on an ldap backend... nobody knows how?
1:35PM 1 Authentication in remote domail
1:02PM 1 winbind problems
12:17PM 3 Roaming Profiles:Samba PDC:WinXP:User must be local admin
12:01PM 0 Samba PDC:Win XP client:profile problem:must be local admin
10:25AM 1 Printjob stuck spooling
10:02AM 1 Samba 3.0.7 PDC + W2K terminal server + profiles
10:00AM 1 winbind error message: krb5_cc_get_principal failed (No such file or directory)
9:23AM 0 (no subject)
9:15AM 2 Cannot enable "Enable advanced printing features"
7:43AM 0 nss and pam with ssl and sarge debian
4:34AM 3 Authenticateing DC's on an ldap backend... nobody knows how?
4:31AM 2 Windows XP - Explorer crashes when I try to open a file on a Samba share
3:04AM 0 Terry Glagowski
2:53AM 0 My testimonial about skuper viakgra
12:23AM 0 \\<IP ADDRESS>\ works, but \\<machine name>\ gives permission error.
Monday September 27 2004
10:42PM 0 Need to connect using AD creds with and without NIS equiv
8:20PM 0 Setting up Samba on Solaris for Windows XP & MAC OSX access with a single point for authentication
5:58PM 2 why does samba need "anonymous access enabled" on windows to join AD server?
5:49PM 1 Public share
5:43PM 2 How to hire a samba developer?
5:37PM 0 failing connection
5:36PM 0 Using samba with my router
5:25PM 1 Roaming profiles problem
5:16PM 0 Samba/AD/Kerberos issues on RHEL platform
5:00PM 3 winbind still asks for password
4:40PM 1 nmbd died: smb_panic2(1385)
4:33PM 1 Listing users in a single group
4:20PM 0 home template not expanding for winbind (repost)
4:16PM 3 Make archive bit map to ACL?
3:43PM 3 Problems with the IdealX scripts
3:37PM 0 smbmount dying after upgrade to 3.0.7
2:46PM 1 lost trust with win2k -> win2003 upgrade
2:44PM 0 samba + TRUE64 +active directory
1:27PM 2 Newbie: SAMBA, LDAP, Kerberos as password Database
11:59AM 6 PDC for XP: empty desktop and desktop.ini showing up
11:56AM 0 Problem with groupmembership of ads-user and winbind
11:46AM 0 hiding guests' workgroups from the browse tree
10:58AM 1 Samba 3 trusting Windows 2003 (Native Mode)
10:23AM 0 Logon problem with windows 9x
10:05AM 0 "Trans2 request" after an "andx create request" problem (bug?)
9:34AM 1 net ads user and utf8
9:08AM 3 must use dns-name for shares
6:28AM 0 Re: Mail Delivery (failure
4:18AM 2 Getting Samba to ask for Username and Password
4:14AM 0 removing icon from gnome desktop
12:20AM 0 samba client slow when copying files
Sunday September 26 2004
11:39PM 1 Poblems with RaiserFS
11:36PM 1 Problems with roaming profiles // Samba 3.0.7 from Sernet
11:21PM 1 samba, wireless, winamp or windows media libraries - slow, hangs
8:00PM 3 smbpasswd with password on the command line
5:29PM 1 where is an explain of the tdb -files in Samba?
5:14PM 0 some users cannot login on some machines
9:41AM 3 Implementing samba3/LDAP system across several schools
8:57AM 1 Samba 2.2.11 upgrade funkyness !!!
6:42AM 0 Slow Samba - Winbind - NT PDC - low bandwidth - Understanding the reason
Saturday September 25 2004
10:29PM 0 Yahoo! Mail -
3:47PM 1 Printer Share Not Shown by smbclient on 3.0.7
3:22PM 0 Unable to view samba shares from winxp home client
3:08PM 2 Unable to view samba shares on Windows XP Home Client
12:44PM 2 Accessing Samba shared files causes Windows programs to lock up.
12:32PM 0 smbd hangs regardless of version
12:03PM 0 net rpc shutdown and XP SP2
5:17AM 1 Logon Script to go down one folder?
3:55AM 1 Partitioning samba server
2:30AM 0 Installing Samba for Solaris 8's (SPARC 02/04 Editon) from the Companion Cd
2:17AM 0 mdk 7.2 init.d script Mystery....
1:12AM 0 Unable to see shares on Samba server from Windows XP home machine
12:52AM 0 Redhat 9/Fedora Core 2 RPMS for 3.0.8pre1
12:50AM 1 Samba 3.1.0 Available for Download
12:46AM 2 Samba 3.0.8pre1 Available for Download
Friday September 24 2004
10:39PM 1 Do software raids don't dance Samba?
9:38PM 0 webDAV (webclient) interferes with XP logons
8:29PM 1 Samba 4 future schedule
8:22PM 1 Very weird access problems from win2k3 to samba 3.x
8:11PM 1 Idmap backend for winbind
7:48PM 2 Trouble setting up an Anonymous read/write samba server for WinXP Pro users
5:58PM 1 Mixed Network Issues
5:45PM 3 Configure Samba 3 to auth off a MIT KDC.
5:39PM 1 Application Server
5:24PM 0 SMB Client connect to windows 2003 server.
5:11PM 0 [BULK] - Compilation error
5:04PM 1 Restoring PDC after Crash, Confused
4:26PM 2 Write permission for only server machine.
3:39PM 1 Samba and "Enable advanced printing features"
2:39PM 1 Problem joining domain
2:18PM 1 sendfile failed
1:21PM 0 Problems with Winbind
12:23PM 0 browsing in subnets
8:55AM 0 Locking DB corruption
7:23AM 3 Arrggg Samba is not behaving
6:49AM 1 Difference in terms of charset between smbmount and smbclient
5:35AM 1 Re: Samba 3.0.3 on FC2: windows machine cannot join domain
5:25AM 0 winbind samba PDC
5:06AM 0 How to upgrade Samba
5:00AM 3 Automating Windows Update
2:29AM 0 configuring home shares under security = ads
2:20AM 1 Compile from source FAILED - Mandrake 7.2
1:40AM 1 Compilation error
12:27AM 0 3.0.6 Creates Uppercase Folders
Thursday September 23 2004
11:25PM 0 smbd hangs on startup
11:15PM 0 Re: Samba 3.0.3 on FC2: windows machine cannot join domain
10:17PM 0 Spanish Domain Group Mapping
10:10PM 1 Samba PDC and NT Domain Policies on XP Professional.
8:40PM 0 Printer name includes IP address instead of server name
8:27PM 0 Need some help with ldapauth so I can fix Samba dn
8:16PM 0 Winbind issue
7:11PM 4 checking a users last login
7:09PM 1 smbfs mounts cause hangs in kde/gnome
6:56PM 0 Re: Missing data
6:14PM 0 Standalone file server - messages
6:11PM 1 Re: Samba 3.0.3 on FC2: windows machine cannot join domain
5:58PM 3 Help, Phantom directories-missing data
5:54PM 0 Directory Date
5:45PM 1 How to forbid directory creation
5:07PM 3 Problems with Samba 3.0.5 only seeing 1360 files on a share to a Windows 2000
4:28PM 0 limits on quota sizes
4:15PM 1 Trouble connecting to Samba shares from other Linux boxes
3:50PM 1 invisible server
3:46PM 0 solaris 8 and ls -l problems
2:59PM 0 IdealX Webmin
2:46PM 2 Printers Showing up on Alternate Server Names
2:45PM 5 Which distribution to rollout
2:41PM 3 Deleting Old Printer Drivers
2:29PM 0 Printer connection query - (Samba/Unix/Citrix)
2:29PM 0 MSDOS Client very slow with writing
2:01PM 5 Script to clean the recycles...
1:33PM 0 SWAT weirdness
1:15PM 2 Samba acting as ADS Server
12:59PM 2 Per-alias shares?
12:35PM 0 upcoming releases (3.0.8pre1 and 3.1.0)
11:55AM 2 Group Policy on Samba - is it possible?
10:47AM 0 samba as DC, winbind, squid...
10:39AM 0 Problem with Windows 9x
10:04AM 0 Problems writing to a mounted CIFS share
9:32AM 3 Cannot get HP1055CM Color Plotter to work with "Point and Click"
9:02AM 1 openldap PDC : can't add machine account ; "too many domain info entries"
8:42AM 0 3.0.7 net join to NT4 domain - silently fails?
7:07AM 0 wrong used/Free space
6:57AM 3 Samba public directory on FreeBSD
6:22AM 3 VFS Extended Auditing Module Debug Information
5:30AM 1 Re: [Solved] Re: idmap_ad: sid to uid conversion fails
Wednesday September 22 2004
10:50PM 0 [Solved] Re: idmap_ad: sid to uid conversion fails
10:13PM 1 Protocol negotation failed
10:05PM 0 Eliminating "offline caching" events on XP workstatons?
9:44PM 0 Compiled 3.0.7-1 on Mandrake 7.2 -- Did it work?
9:29PM 0 "strict locking = yes" 3.X Default?
8:11PM 6 login scripts do not run
7:16PM 9 Winbindd on FreeBSD 4.10 Help
7:02PM 1 idmap_ad: sid to uid conversion fails
6:34PM 1 Unable to map or view resources by name
5:59PM 0 file transfer freeze with SW [smbiod] process..
5:21PM 1 Kernel Oplocks and FC2
4:54PM 0 Samba 3.0.7 and CUPS 1.1.21rc1 - document pages and submission date not showing up
4:48PM 0 Re: [SLE] Samba, CUPS, or ?
4:31PM 1 iptables protection and broadcasts
3:57PM 1 mdk 7.2, Upgrade 2.0.9 to 3.0.7, Help with ./configure
3:55PM 2 Winbind, rids, gids, uids
3:47PM 0 Slow file writes to server
3:41PM 0 Samba 3.0.7, print banner pages
3:08PM 0 Address expired
3:03PM 0 ADS and trusted domains=no
2:24PM 0 samba 3.0.7 cannot join NT4 domain
2:21PM 1 3.0.7/LDAP/referrals...
2:02PM 1 Server change
1:51PM 1 limitations
1:28PM 0 SWAT reports smbd not running
1:04PM 3 How can I give write permission to only one machine ?
9:43AM 0 winbind is loosing domain prefix
9:43AM 1 SAMBA 3.0.7 and NIS
8:18AM 2 Filename problem (filenames containing slashes aka.\and /)
8:04AM 1 Samba 3.0.7, WinXP Pro SP2 printing issues with netbiosnames.
8:03AM 1 Log level and debug classes
7:55AM 0 internal error after updating 3.0.2a to 3.0.7
7:28AM 2 winbind users get lost sometimes (repost)
7:24AM 0 exited on signal 6
5:10AM 1 Updated 2.2.8a to 3.0.7-1 and Cups went South
3:01AM 0 What is required for User/Domain managers?
2:19AM 0 Invalid Password or Username
12:57AM 0 kernel: smb_proc_readdir_long: name=, result=-2, rcls=1, err=123
Tuesday September 21 2004
11:58PM 0 join ldap pdc domain "Access is denied."
10:49PM 2 login from XP
10:10PM 1 SFU Samba Permission Denied
9:24PM 0 XP Pro SP2 issues
9:07PM 2 Folder Permissions
8:37PM 0 USRMGR.EXE & smbpasswd as password backend
7:34PM 0 All Roaming Profiles Point to Same User
5:51PM 1 files being blanked by writing
4:23PM 2 Corrupted userid in mail folders - Crisis
4:01PM 0 mapping multiple groups with: net groupmap?
3:13PM 3 Upgrade Novell 4.11 to Samba 3.0.7 wisdom needed
2:30PM 2 Filename problem (filenames containing slashes aka. \and /)
2:08PM 7 Samba Share Help Needed
1:43PM 3 Filename problem (filenames containing slashes aka. \ and /)
1:36PM 0 3.0.7; "string overflow by 1 (32 - 31) in safe_strcpy"
1:31PM 3 Samba server authenticating to NetWare server?
1:21PM 1 Problem adding users with smbpasswd
1:11PM 1 Fw: failed tcon_X with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
1:10PM 2 Corrupted userid in mail folders
12:05PM 0 (no subject)
11:11AM 4 Problems compiling samba-3.0.7 on Redhat-7.2
10:50AM 2 Samba as Active Directory replacement - is it possible?
10:05AM 1 Copying
8:12AM 1 windows program over a samba share
7:50AM 0 winbind users get lost sometimes
7:07AM 0 arc furnace
6:30AM 0 Trouble while join domain from Windows 2k/SP3 looking for SRV records
1:38AM 0 Incorrect Permissions/Owner on smbmount
1:01AM 2 Question on Load Balancing between password server
12:27AM 1 mapping winbind users to nis uids and gids
Monday September 20 2004
10:46PM 1 print command=... not longer working after update
10:21PM 0 Samba Errors
10:11PM 1 NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE with pdc samba + openldap + SuSE9.1
10:02PM 4 failed tcon_X with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
7:56PM 0 AFS?
7:28PM 0 Solaris9 and winbind
5:35PM 0 Just a quick suggestion for backup solution, please?? ?
4:24PM 2 Folder Permission
4:23PM 0 New Server, New Samba
3:58PM 0 Re: again: documentation error in "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide" ?
3:52PM 0 Re: Samba Authentication
3:41PM 0 thank you for your help -
3:02PM 0 Pbs with smbprint, password and windows shared printer..
2:37PM 0 problem with 10mb network card
1:55PM 0 winbind can´t see local users on linux
1:35PM 1 Audit
1:30PM 2 Samba + Share Quota's
1:29PM 1 Re: Just a quick suggestion for backup solution, plea se???
9:22AM 1 samba quota
9:02AM 1 Problem mit Passwortänderung
8:56AM 2 Can't delete smbpasswd user if not in /etc/passwd
8:31AM 0 samba and winbind
8:07AM 0 ACL's are lost when upgrading from Samba 3.0.4 to 3.0.7
7:40AM 1 howto deny writing specified files
6:45AM 2 Problem with Excel on a share with ACLs
5:36AM 1 Samba, CUPS, or ?
4:47AM 1 RE: Samba 'make install' chokes on textproc/expat2 & now openldap
12:52AM 0 Samba Client in Windows Domain
Sunday September 19 2004
11:35PM 1 upgrading samba
11:14PM 1 Network Drives Dropping Out
4:56PM 0 Re: Status
3:09PM 3 samba w/ ldap - groups scalability and performance
1:41PM 0 cp input/output error
8:43AM 1 suggestion to Samba-Official-Howto (name resolution order on Windows)
8:43AM 1 change samba access password
7:29AM 6 Samba Configuration Options for small 2-3 person office?
1:03AM 1 Two logs for each daemon?
Saturday September 18 2004
11:38PM 4 Samba Script?
10:24PM 1 upgraded old smb system to new release with a few errors
8:23PM 1 Samba : Lock table full errors making my life miserable ..
7:19PM 1 Copy from Samba to XP Very Slow
1:24PM 2 3.0.7: PANIC: deferred_open_entries_identical: logic error
12:44PM 0 Samba mount with Kerberos of 2000/2003 share
11:53AM 1 Win XP Logoff confusion
8:48AM 0 Migration Samba 2.2.x ADS - Samba3 ADS
7:35AM 5 windows share automatically mount on linux box
7:12AM 1 Window share access through linux (SAMBA)
1:28AM 6 Just a quick suggestion for backup solution, please???
Friday September 17 2004
11:17PM 6 smbmount hanging
9:16PM 0 2k3 DC shares mounting without permissions
7:32PM 1 Archive attribute problem
6:05PM 3 Samba NT Domain Controller Help & Possible Walkthrough Please
5:34PM 5 msaccess db corruption
5:28PM 0 Upgrading from 2.2.4
5:17PM 1 Change in smbpasswd in 3.0.6
5:10PM 0 could not fetch trust account password for domain
4:59PM 0 Winbindd crash after upgrade to 3.0.7
3:17PM 1 Mounting http://server/share ?
3:17PM 0 Re: My details
2:58PM 1 remote name change & machine account creation (Bug ?)
2:57PM 3 Cannot join SAMBA domain from XP/2K
2:43PM 0 Fwd: Problems with Windows sharing samba printers
2:42PM 0 WinXP/SP2 can't find service ".exe"?
2:13PM 0 test
1:42PM 0 Samba PDC report generator???
1:09PM 2 create mask command in smb.conf
12:47PM 1 background lpq update not working
12:10PM 1 No such file or directory - but it is there.
9:25AM 3 PANIC in pdb_ldap.c
7:42AM 1 New Users cannot login on W2k client (Samba 3.01 on debian linux)
1:00AM 3 wbinfo -g works, -u fails
Thursday September 16 2004
10:16PM 1 Cannot find KDC for requested realm
8:30PM 0 MAXScript over SAMBA
8:09PM 1 cannot copy from win2k client to samba share
8:02PM 0 Executing programs causes the 'Would you like to download or open file' interface
7:23PM 2 cannot access files, directory browsing fine ...
5:26PM 2 Disabling NETBIOS over TCP/IP
4:52PM 0 password synch with Active Directory and v. 2.0.9
4:39PM 2 Home Directory Winbind
4:26PM 1 Samba Not Reading files.
4:02PM 0 Can't become connected user! - network browsing issue
3:56PM 0 "chdir failed" - could someone please explain what this error mea ns?
3:39PM 0 set a machine accout password fails
3:38PM 0 ADS membership with Samba 3.0.4
3:22PM 1 does SMB run over DCOM ?
3:22PM 0 printer offline
3:15PM 1 Antwort: Re: large file support >4GB (nt4.0sp5->smb3.0.6-suse9.0-kernel2.4.21)
3:12PM 1 Winbind AD-LDAP errors
1:32PM 1 Compile problems with 3.07 on solaris
1:13PM 0 Inconsistant AD group authentication
1:13PM 2 File locking in NFS on Solaris
12:35PM 1 (no subject)
11:56AM 1 MAX PRINT JOBS bugg
10:09AM 0 xp problems joining 3.0.7 domain
9:52AM 0 Nyíllal szemben
9:04AM 0 James Allen Did Not Receive Your Message
8:45AM 2 mount -t smbfs
6:48AM 1 how to submit patches ? (patch for pdb_xml.c included)
6:23AM 1 Samba and Windows XP
6:08AM 0 Windows 2000 Server
2:22AM 2 Samba Printer Accounting
12:36AM 0 Freebsd lockup smb_maperror:Unmapped error 1:158
Wednesday September 15 2004
11:18PM 1 deprecated entries?
9:47PM 1 RV: Samba(PDC) - LDAP problem only with W2KAS and XP clients
9:40PM 1 Samba and NtBackup 3.0.7: Revenge of NtBackup
9:22PM 2 smbclient's tar_re_search broken?
9:01PM 1 Restart Samba to pickup added CUPS printers?
8:46PM 0 Print Corruption - Vendor Driver, CUPS in RAW mode
8:23PM 4 Samba Losing election
8:22PM 1 Help !! Samba Redhat ES distro release
8:07PM 0 well-known groups and i18n
7:27PM 2 Samba 2.0.6-3 (productive env.) slow down dramticaly
7:07PM 1 Retrieving UNIX UID/GID directly through Active Directory
6:27PM 0 Weird Problem after Upgrade 3.0.7
6:19PM 1 3 questions
5:03PM 0 intermittent NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED - part2
4:51PM 2 auto Sync username when connecting SMB using winbind feature
3:58PM 0 No Domain Controller, Please help to interpret tcpdump
2:51PM 1 large file support >4GB (nt4.0sp5->smb3.0.6-suse9.0-kernel2.4.21)
2:51PM 0 Printing Problems With Samba Version 2.2.7a.
2:49PM 0 passwort set problem
2:30PM 3 Desktop.ini showing up
2:18PM 1 Samba cannot authenticate users from child domain
1:57PM 2 username map --update dynamically?
1:54PM 0 Problem with "inherit permissions" parameter
1:50PM 1 Re: Samba3 - LDAP - USRMGR.EXE
1:38PM 0 Problems with Windows sharing samba printers
1:30PM 4 Samba3 + smbldap-tools & smbpasswd
1:22PM 0 ldapsam_compat broken in 3.0.6/7?
12:33PM 0 migration windows 2000 to windows 2003
12:16PM 0 Creating
11:35AM 2 Winbind could not convert sid to gid...
11:30AM 1 force user problem
11:14AM 0 Incorrect beahvior of many options in per-user config files
10:38AM 0 Add samba to Windows 2003 domain
10:35AM 1 Character encoding problems
10:15AM 0 upgrade samba
7:58AM 1 problem with groups and permissions
7:13AM 1 (no subject)
2:31AM 1 NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE on auth to a win NT4-server
2:08AM 0 In need of some help - Samba on a NIS Client server
1:41AM 1 authentication problems after upgrade to samba 3.0.7-2.FC1
12:45AM 3 Second Copy 2000 problem
Tuesday September 14 2004
10:42PM 0 Problem with a share without errors
10:32PM 0 Problem with a share
8:49PM 0 Error with samba version above 3.0.6
8:40PM 0 Access Denied
8:02PM 1 intermittent NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
7:10PM 1 standalone file and print server inside SAMBA network problem
6:14PM 0 Newbie question - Wrong Way to map a share?
5:29PM 0 RV: SAMBA & ISAM Databases
5:05PM 0 change Active Directory Password with client tools (smbpasswd, net arp) ?
4:58PM 4 Access from Windows to Samba/LINUX
4:52PM 1 samba documentations
3:44PM 0 Change the unix charset
3:22PM 1 Memory allocation error: failed to expand to 1108555744 bytes
2:33PM 1 Interdomain trust to Windows 2003 native mode domain ?
2:14PM 1 samba >= 3.0.6 connection timeouts
2:06PM 0 home template not expanding
1:50PM 2 which version to install/???
1:38PM 1 Smbpasswd problem fine before but now ?
1:35PM 0 printing is broken at reboot - HELP
12:48PM 2 Samba 3.0.7 and SuSE Yast2.
12:13PM 0 some question
11:46AM 0 giving write permission to a machine
9:55AM 0 domain groups and winbind
9:36AM 2 I finde the files but I cannot open them!
9:11AM 1 Workgroup Browsing Issue and wins on 3.0.6
8:37AM 1 Profiles pemissions and ldap backend
8:24AM 5 SAMBA & ISAM Databases
7:32AM 1 quota-support seems to be broken in 3.0.6/3.0.7
7:11AM 0 mount smb auto-reconnect?
6:12AM 0 problem adding an user as non-Manager with smbldap-tools
12:13AM 2 Field Definition for objectSid (LDAP)
Monday September 13 2004
10:58PM 1 Signal 11 error
10:17PM 6 Migrate BACK to WINDOWS -> Talk me out of it QUICK
9:39PM 1 mount.cifs doesn't do japanese?
7:35PM 1 Browsing Sucks on VPN
7:22PM 2 Winbind - Getting W2K-User Names Problem
6:46PM 0 Migrating to a new PDC
5:57PM 2 Update FC1 samba-3.0.6 breaks system
5:34PM 0 smbmounting share with japanese name
4:55PM 1 throughput of 300MB/s
4:40PM 1 Offline Files won't sync after Samba upgrade
4:08PM 0 Winbind uid/gid issue.
3:57PM 0 Samba without password
3:32PM 0 short utf8 char
3:31PM 0 System preferences
3:30PM 0 smbf errors with kernel 2.6
3:26PM 2 Login restrictions through winbind
1:55PM 1 Joining an AD domain without password
1:35PM 0 How can I mount a remote dos-partition?
11:52AM 0 Samba 3.0 DoS Vulberabilities (CAN-2004-0807 & CAN-2004-0808)
11:51AM 1 Samba 3.0.7 Available for Download
11:50AM 0 Samba 3.0.6 & Krb5-1.3.4 problems
11:16AM 0 Modifying ACL's from client without using winbind
10:23AM 0 SAMBA configuration on windows!
8:58AM 1 samba client warning for password transmitted with noencryption
8:21AM 0 Samba 3 PDC
6:01AM 0 Survey on Open Source
3:03AM 0 Samba 3.0.2 PDC, reinstallted box fails to rejoin domain
Sunday September 12 2004
5:29PM 1 Can't get logon script option working with PDC
1:53PM 0 Archive attribute
11:51AM 1 homedir login account issue
9:48AM 1 cannot add domain user to directory security on 3.0.6 from Windows Explorer
Saturday September 11 2004
4:28PM 0 Re: Here is the document
4:20PM 1 Sage Problem
1:05PM 0 Questions on VFS modules (audit)
8:25AM 1 failing to print 'point-n-print'
1:48AM 2 PDC from 2 to 3, SID headaches
Friday September 10 2004
11:47PM 0 Smbfs problems after upgrading from Woody to Sarge
8:33PM 0 mysql settings in smb.conf
8:07PM 0 Logon Scripts Fail to Execute at Logon
7:26PM 0 Samba(PDC) - LDAP problem only with W2KAS and XP clients
5:55PM 0 create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID
5:48PM 1 CUPS Printer Class support?
4:51PM 0 NT Domain Failure issue when new users map share
2:49PM 0 samba 3.0.4
1:30PM 0 tech: Samba configuration settings.
12:58PM 0 Re: Mail Delivery (failure
11:30AM 0 Samba password synchronization
11:01AM 1 smbf errors
10:57AM 0 samba client warning for HELP password transmitted with no encryption
10:10AM 1 my surver is fail
10:07AM 1 Using Samba over VPN - shares disconnect on Windows clients
8:10AM 0 Using debian as backup authentication for win2003 AD server?
7:16AM 0 SAMBA with mysql backend...
6:51AM 0 WindowsXP SP2 shuts down while trying to log into samba 3.0.6 domain
3:40AM 0 adduser fails ???
1:32AM 0 duplicate print driver listing
Thursday September 9 2004
10:49PM 3 Could not create posix account info
10:08PM 1 ntlm_auth with usernames that include spaces
8:21PM 1 "username map" parameter not working after upgrade to SAMBA 3
8:09PM 2 Samba droping connection
8:04PM 1 winbindd or nss issue?
6:59PM 2 winbind logon username is too long
6:40PM 1 3.0.6 ? and XP SP2
6:30PM 1 Permission weirdness
6:18PM 0 Auto disconnect from printer service.
5:23PM 1 (no subject)
5:13PM 0 Problem joining SAMBA domain with LDAP from 2K/XP
4:31PM 0 Access problem from Linux workstation to Samba share Server
3:56PM 2 Problem using pam_winbind to authenticate with Windows 2003 Active Directory Server.
3:48PM 0 samba3-3.0.4-1 / citrix / terminal services
3:38PM 0 multiple users from the same machine?
1:46PM 1 Missing charset in 3.0.6?
1:24PM 0 Error Samba NTLM
1:23PM 1 read write - yes .. but delete - No
1:01PM 3 Samab 3.0.6 problems
12:57PM 0 Samba, Bind and OpenLDAP
12:20PM 0 Still not working! Users are home directories are not acessible
11:58AM 2 Local vs Domain sid using net commands
11:53AM 3 -- required_membership argument
10:20AM 0 Samba users authorization
10:09AM 3 oplock_break failed
9:47AM 3 upgarde smbd to 3.0.6 and keep winbind to 3.0.2a, possible ?
9:22AM 0 winbind can't find sid
9:03AM 0 Exportin ASCCI files
8:57AM 0 samba server -> NT
8:35AM 0 file context menu takes for ever with 3.0.6,bothserne tand suse
7:01AM 0 refresh problem on windows
6:37AM 0 Home directory is not acessible
6:17AM 0 Users are home directories are not acessible
3:57AM 0 Query on Authentication with ADS
3:16AM 0 Lam Research Messaging Security Notification
2:01AM 1 General Question
Wednesday September 8 2004
11:17PM 1 Samba performance issue
9:43PM 0 3.0.6 PDC/tdbsam backend
9:06PM 0 Possible passdb corruption on upgrade to 3.0.6?
8:57PM 2 Best way to update old Mdk box w/2.09 to 3.06??
8:56PM 0 Runaway processes on Solaris
8:41PM 3 Samba Password Problems (Alt-Characters)
8:29PM 1 Best strategy to undo an update
6:22PM 2 Hot to configure Samba 3 as PDC and BDC for a Windows network
6:20PM 0 create 350 accounts
6:12PM 1 UID and GID's
6:11PM 1 CUPS integration does not work properly when not linked
5:56PM 0 New projects
5:37PM 0 Problem compiling on solaris 9
5:29PM 4 Where are the ADOBE PS Drivers?
4:18PM 1 locked files in smbstatus
4:12PM 1 Logging the hostname with a Samba share connection
3:41PM 2 net getlocalsid
3:17PM 6 Samba 3.0.6 Problems w/AD and Kerberos
2:26PM 0 Samba passwords problems
2:03PM 1 smb.conf syntax
1:22PM 0 Permission denied after upgrade to FC2
1:20PM 0 postfix > sasl > pam > winbind
12:58PM 0 Re: Mail Delivery (failure
12:26PM 1 curious behavior
12:08PM 0 Postfix > sasl2 > pam > winbind
11:04AM 4 machine account with w2k
10:12AM 1 SIDs , RIDs & UIDs
10:08AM 0 samba 3 share folder
6:28AM 0 [WINBIND] adds "weird" attributes in LDAP
6:20AM 1 Trying Samba 3.0.6
5:35AM 0 PDC/Samba 3.0.6/tdbsam
5:00AM 2 2 HD, same PC
4:40AM 0 samba server error message
1:15AM 1 whats the right path
Tuesday September 7 2004
10:31PM 0 Internal error: signal 11
10:01PM 0 Login Script won't load if XP user is not local admin.
9:33PM 1 Minimum Permissions Required to Associate to a Windows Server 2003 AD Realm
8:13PM 1 SAMBA Server and Domain Mismatch Problem
5:33PM 1 upgrade from 3.0.2a to 3.0.6
4:41PM 3 How to Upgrade from 2.2.8a to 3.0.6
4:09PM 0 authenticate with kerberos via login to X Windows
3:53PM 0 Please help with winbind setup
3:33PM 1 Need LDAP machine entry
3:27PM 1 issues with samba / shares
3:25PM 1 Type of loggon
3:06PM 0 pdf section with smbprngenpdf
2:54PM 0 Win98: supply other username for accessing share
2:01PM 1 PRINTER share not appearing
1:08PM 1 Problems with 'ntlm_auth --require-membership-of' using Samba 3.0.6
11:44AM 0 [HELP] understanding winbind smb.conf parameters
11:21AM 0 Accessing a mounted smb share hangs
9:56AM 0 XP SP2 firewall does not activate domain profile
9:23AM 0 SAmba internal error.
8:57AM 0 file context menu takes for ever with 3.0.6, bothsernetand suse
7:10AM 0 solaris + vxfs + quota
5:30AM 2 Printing an extra blank page all the time.
5:22AM 0 IPv6 smb and dcerpc captures
4:45AM 0 windows printer status not update
2:48AM 1 CUPS printing postscript code not my document
Monday September 6 2004
8:54PM 1 file context menu takes for ever with 3.0.6, both sernetand suse
7:39PM 0 Excel Word XP slow response from Samba
5:32PM 2 Sorry, Gerald (Jerry) Carter now please help me
5:11PM 3 file context menu takes for ever with 3.0.6, both sernet and suse
4:31PM 4 Network LookUp
3:58PM 1 2 servers
2:26PM 1 Upgrade from Samba 3.0.2 to 3.0.6 smbclient -k fails
1:56PM 0 3.0.6 & "string overflow by 1" revisited
1:35PM 2 Win2K and Samba 2.2.5
12:54PM 0 What is the correct SambaPrimaryGroupSID
12:38PM 1 Samba 3.0.6 speed problem
11:41AM 3 Samba + Exchange 5.5 SP4 (UPDATE)
10:57AM 0 Samba Winbind and NT PDC
10:28AM 2 Samba + Exchange 5.5 SP4
9:51AM 3 samba 3 / AD / krb5_cc_get_principal failed
9:09AM 0 ADS/DFS Problem
4:22AM 1 netbios aliases ?
3:52AM 0 [Fwd: Bug#267766: samba: incredible slow reads - may be a sendfile problem?]
3:44AM 1 A few odd problems after server migration
1:31AM 0 [HELP!!!]: Fail to mount with NULL password in samba 3.0.6
12:39AM 0 Strange problems with my Samba Domain - Any ideas?
Sunday September 5 2004
9:37PM 2 Upgrade 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 causes client hang on file access
8:08PM 5 'point-and-print' general questions
6:09PM 0 Modifying Domain field of pdbedit dump
6:08PM 0 Getting postscript code from windows
5:40PM 1 Samba SOHO
11:50AM 0 older packages?
9:51AM 1 Printing Problem
8:07AM 1 Segfault in Samba
6:10AM 1 RH7.3 compatibility with SRPMS
4:30AM 1 Charset Problem
Saturday September 4 2004
7:40PM 0 Problem accessing samba shares from Win2k...
10:43AM 0 Auto-remove home-directories from Active Directory?
9:08AM 0 Bali Special Getaway Villa Packages
2:28AM 2 Browsing a across subnets
Friday September 3 2004
11:10PM 1 kinit username@REALM
9:27PM 1 smbclient -k fails
6:12PM 2 HELP
5:54PM 0 Winbindd - ADS errors
5:01PM 1 smbclient: support for long share names..?
4:59PM 1 Winbindd can't find ldap server
4:28PM 0 setsockopt returning Invalid argument
3:33PM 1 process hang when accessing a mounted smbfs
3:27PM 4 NTFS-type directory permissions
3:02PM 0 Wins sync?
2:56PM 0 Samba Bug?
2:56PM 0 Can't join Domain on PDC: NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO (PAM: 4)
2:52PM 1 Problem when switching from NIS+ to LDAP
2:26PM 2 Forcing RIDs to desired value
2:09PM 3 file open problems
1:35PM 2 Global Windows Environment-Variables
1:19PM 1 Newbie question on AD permissions
12:57PM 0 files on shared ntfs-disk in linux-pc are not accessible
11:34AM 0 samba lock problem
8:55AM 0 documentation for samba + Novel edirectory NLS
7:42AM 0 [Fwd: samba3 vscan recycle exclude does not work] solved
6:54AM 1 samba3 vscan recycle exclude does not work
3:58AM 1 Slow access when opening shares
3:26AM 0 smbpasswd problems with RedHat 9.0
3:25AM 0 samba 3.0.6 error
3:04AM 2 Samba Issues
2:26AM 0 ACL on 3.0.6 ADS
Thursday September 2 2004
11:13PM 0 important tone up
8:39PM 3 Etiquette question
7:55PM 0 wb_getgrgid: failed to locate gid == 10002
7:27PM 4 Matching Group ID Numbers With Names
6:45PM 1 Samba 2.2.8a Compatibility
5:50PM 0 Samba 3.0.2 Joining an active directory domain
5:46PM 5 LDAP search failed: Size limit exceeded
4:43PM 2 Windows XP SP2 doesn't login to SAMBA domain
4:09PM 0 Need clarification of "read list" option in smb.conf(5)
3:53PM 1 Samba 4
3:36PM 0 Upgrading Kerberos 5 to version 1.3.x for smb 3.0.6
3:35PM 2 IP Appears Rather Than Servername
3:13PM 0 fs in windows
2:57PM 1 samba 3.0.4 and -with-ldapsam
2:50PM 2 Can't mount samba drive or join domain with W2K3 server
12:45PM 0 Need help with LDAP naming in SAMBA
12:36PM 0 Remote command Exection?
10:35AM 0 a question
8:45AM 0 samdump
8:32AM 0 Samba / LDAP no account in domain
5:22AM 4 Slow Printing from XP clients with SP2?
4:27AM 1 Roaming/local profiles behavior in XP
4:21AM 1 netbios alias upper case file name problem
2:40AM 0 logon script running for xp clients but not 2000 clients
2:20AM 1 Upgrading from Samba 2.2 to 3 causes WinXP machines to drop off the domain.
1:42AM 1 smbldap_search_suffix: Problem during the LDAP search
12:38AM 0 Mounting a share with ads
Wednesday September 1 2004
11:12PM 2 Help Me Update to samba-3.0.6-1 from samba-3.0.3-5
9:49PM 0 shared UDF volume and "attempt to access beyond end of device" errors
9:41PM 1 cannot mount share from netapp device
6:56PM 4 usermgr.exe
6:48PM 1 Kerberos issue
6:43PM 1 Minimum password works but displays wrong.
6:37PM 0 Can't Log on with WinXP
6:02PM 0 Mapped drive problems XP
5:27PM 1 slow backup using W98
5:13PM 0 Impossible to use rpcclient on solaris 8
4:35PM 1 Giving Up On ADS
3:44PM 0 Issues after upgrade to 3.0.6 from 3.0.4; fixed in 3.0.7?
3:18PM 0 Can't log on
3:13PM 1 problem with net rpc samdump
1:54PM 0 sambaAcctFlags question
1:43PM 0 MMC and Permission view
12:44PM 0 encrypted passwords: what negotiation with what client?
12:34PM 0 Problem with winbind and UNIX file permissions
10:18AM 2 Errormessage
9:28AM 1 Trusted domain Authentication
9:24AM 0 findsmb and XP SP2
8:17AM 1 Successive writing to a Samba 3 Beta 3 server problem
7:53AM 0 Clients get disconnected / Server hangs
6:44AM 0 AntiVir VYSTRAHA [Vas e-mail: "Mail Delivery (failure"]
6:19AM 1 gcc: file path prefix `symbolic' never used
4:38AM 0 Clients hang on file access - Samba 3.0.6
1:18AM 1 Printing help from Windows XP