samba - Nov 2004

Tuesday November 30 2004
10:33PM 1 PDF Print From Windows 98
10:23PM 1 smbd won't start - new installation
10:16PM 0 XP Client: Domain Downgraded from Win2K+ to NT4-
10:01PM 0 upgrade from 3.0.7-2 to 3.0.9-1 problems
9:25PM 0 Numerous errors trying to authenticate samba against w2k3
7:49PM 2 problem with cached netbios name of wins server
7:19PM 2 Useradd doesn't accept dollar sign ($) and "add machine script" doesn't work
6:06PM 1 Kerberos authentication sigsegvs
5:31PM 3 Question about samba 3.0.9
5:00PM 1 Session Control
4:58PM 1 getent passwd and wbinfo -u returns machine names too
4:22PM 0 Problem with printer in win98
4:03PM 2 XP bug -- client spooler loop (MS KB 329234)
3:53PM 1 cannot change user password with CTRL-ALT-DEL
2:12PM 1 LDAP authentication only with SAMBA
1:40PM 1 DFS root - slow writes
1:15PM 1 Problem with static WINS entries
1:12PM 0 strange behaviour of Windows Clients regarding HTTP/PDC
11:41AM 0 Securty hole (to Jeremy Allison):password chat
10:47AM 0 Problem with smbclient
9:48AM 1 3.0.8/3.0.9 printing tdb entries not clearing
8:03AM 0 Samba Authenticate against Active Directory
5:49AM 0 NT4 replacement + NT4 BDC
4:55AM 0 Help!!!
4:10AM 0 query in samba client caching password
4:05AM 1 profiles and home directories
2:58AM 1 Viewing ACL permissions via windows kills smbd (help)
2:22AM 0 Using winbind in PDC
12:34AM 1 AD member ticket verify errors
Monday November 29 2004
11:49PM 0 samba, nss and openldap
11:36PM 0 OS X Server (Samba 3.0.5) and Windows clients logging on with cached credentials
10:40PM 0 Compile problem on Solaris 8
10:12PM 1 SuSE 9.2 - Browsing Windows Network
9:37PM 1 root ownership on some profile files cause login errors
9:15PM 0 [newbie] SQUID/SAMBA problems with NTLM_Auth
7:25PM 0 How to access samba directory on WinXP via ssh tunnel
5:46PM 0 Able to read directory as the correct user, but unable to write to the directory even though I have permissions
4:40PM 0 ntlm_auth
4:20PM 1 authentication problem pam_mount
4:06PM 0 Filesystem Corruption
3:03PM 2 Permissions Problem
2:48PM 0 Dfs Question
2:33PM 1 logon scripts execute randomly
2:19PM 1 SAMBA 3.0.x and ADS v2.0
1:09PM 0 How to change workstations parameter with pdbedit
10:45AM 0 delay in winbindd user/group lookups with many users/groups in domain
10:05AM 0 Compile error with 3.0.8
8:55AM 0 win 2000 and active directory
7:20AM 0 Problems with mod_ntlm_winbind
5:53AM 1 SAMBA / LDAP / Domain Password change problem
5:31AM 0 Multiple groups and access
Sunday November 28 2004
11:52PM 1 Preventing Samba from acting as a domain controller
8:43PM 1 Cann't get Windows XP system to find Samba printers
8:28PM 1 YASP (Yet Another Samba Problem)
6:39PM 3 file_set_dosmode / No data available with 3.0.8
5:15PM 1 Samba Shares Not There
5:11PM 0 3.0.9 - net groupmap
4:12PM 0 HELP: Win2k/XP Question / Profile Question / Root Share Question
7:12AM 0 Samba File locking details
Saturday November 27 2004
11:47PM 0 adobeps drivers
6:07PM 2 Samba fc3: accent problem
4:54PM 2 smb-scripts package
1:47PM 0 Samba 3.x problem setting up DFS and XP2
Friday November 26 2004
3:08PM 1 net rpc shutdown not working
1:46PM 1 SAMBA 3.0.7 domain member can't be browsed
12:10PM 0 samba 3.0.9, winbind and NT4
11:43AM 1 User notification for jobs - windows clients
11:39AM 3 [Off Topic] Managed desktop virus scanner in Samba 3 Enviroment
10:36AM 0 How to increase the max connections allowed on samba 3.0.8
10:28AM 1 Logon Problems with Samba 3.07 after password changes
9:13AM 0 migrating domain user accounts
1:22AM 3 W2k fails to join samba domain
Thursday November 25 2004
10:57PM 0 Problema con Samba + LDAP en Fedora 3
8:30PM 0 Problem with groups in "valid users="
8:26PM 0 Solaris 9 (sparc), Heimdal kerberos and Samba 3.0.9
6:57PM 1 A little help with nss_ldap - User xxx in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!
6:41PM 0 How to share USB printer to windows users
6:29PM 0 Fwd: Problems with samba under FreeBSD, not under Linux
5:03PM 0 Editing samba.log
2:36PM 0 samba+postscript
2:31PM 0 rpcclient <hostname> -P work / smbclient -L <hostname> -P don't
2:22PM 0 Samba 3.0.7-2 keeps IPC$ pids after client shutdown or reboot
2:06PM 0 Binaries
2:02PM 1 Domain trust relationship Q
2:01PM 1 PDC and BDC - do they need the same SIDs or different?
1:30PM 0 SAMR_CREATE_USER not running add machine script
1:26PM 0 smb.conf for PDC
12:41PM 1 SAMBA 3.0.9 - Password Change
10:40AM 0 Samba 3.0, LDAP, OUs and how to add machine accounts
10:24AM 0 compilation error on solaris
10:14AM 0 Unable to join Redhat 9 samba server to a windows 2003 domain
8:38AM 0 roaming and local profile
8:35AM 1 Mounting
7:07AM 1 Where to find the CUPS-SAMBA client drivers for Win2K/XP?
6:40AM 0 smbmount, max_xmit and block size negotiation
2:29AM 1 trouble connecting to domain controller
1:35AM 0 Publish printer into ADS
1:18AM 1 VFS module to block directory listing
Wednesday November 24 2004
11:51PM 0 Samba connection through NT 4.0 explorer
7:58PM 0 Weird group mapping problem
6:03PM 1 Problems with samba under FreeBSD, not under Linux
5:59PM 1 Roaming Profiles XPSP2 - SAMBA 3.0.9
5:52PM 0 User not Administrator to add machine to domain
5:25PM 0 smb_open and smb_readpage_sync errors
5:12PM 0 Access from Apple Powerbook fails
5:08PM 0 (no subject)
4:49PM 2 PROFILES - XP - SAMBA 3.0.8 - 3.0.9
4:04PM 0 Missing smbd, nmbd in Samba package 2.2.10?
2:34PM 1 smbldap-usermod over ssh
1:19PM 0 Problem with certain users logging into a Samba PDC (Reposted)
12:32PM 1 upgrading print server from 2.2.8a to 3.0.8 - more info
11:35AM 1 User sessions opens and closses very quickly
11:10AM 2 Samba performance issues (compared win2k)
11:02AM 2 Files being corrupted on export, md5sums don't match.
10:52AM 0 Samba 3.0.8 + AD 2003 + Windows 2000
10:06AM 2 calculate machine SID?
9:07AM 0 how to test membership with samba
8:29AM 0 Upgrade from 3.0.7 to 3.0.8 breaks winbind
8:10AM 0 very large smbprn files
7:48AM 0 Inplace upgrade from 2.2.12 to 3.0.7/9
4:32AM 0 Issues with Samba file sharing
2:55AM 0 net getlocalsid as opposed to rpc info
12:58AM 0 cups / samba job control issue
12:39AM 0 School project
12:24AM 0 Problem accessing win2k3 shares -- permission denied!
Tuesday November 23 2004
11:55PM 1 Samba 3 can't listen on VPN / tun interfaces?
11:54PM 0 after 3.0.9 upgrade windows wants to sync home drive
11:35PM 0 FW: User/Group name not showing
11:29PM 0 Error: Too many ACE entries for file xxx.txt to convert to posix perms.
10:59PM 0 [OT] *nix Server/Windows Client Tips and tricks
10:57PM 1 BDC with mysql
9:53PM 0 samba install help on redhat 7.1
7:32PM 0 smb_open + smb_readpage_sync error
7:02PM 1 Fw: Users being deleted from Domain Users group on Samba BDC during vampire process of migration
6:52PM 2 Users being deleted from Domain Users group on Samba BDC during vampire process of migration
6:00PM 0 Problem with certain users logging into a Samba PDC
5:00PM 1 Samba 3.0.9 not authenticating completely
4:13PM 1 Trans.: Mounting a MSWindows share containing a $ sign
4:08PM 0 Mounting a MSWindows share containing a $ sign
3:56PM 1 roaming profiles not saved over VPN
3:16PM 0 problem setting up dfs
2:12PM 1 problem with machine joining domains
2:11PM 1 Samba + CFS
2:02PM 0 upgrading print server from 2.2.8a to 3.0.8
1:02PM 1 making winxp machine a member of the domain
12:39PM 0 Strange error
12:33PM 0 problem with Windows User manager
12:28PM 0 Tool to Search SMB networks?
12:17PM 1 File Creation Error on an SMB Volume
12:06PM 0 make an *identical* copy of a Samba server - how?
12:01PM 0 Samba 3.0.7+Winbind+Cups 1.1.20: Printing from w2k OK, but cannot delete print jobs
11:13AM 3 3.0.9
11:08AM 0 Version 3.0.x make errors
11:07AM 0 Very strange problem with Samba 3.0.X and Windows XP
9:50AM 0 "Delayed write failed" when word/excel tries to save file on samba share
6:45AM 1 input/output error
4:30AM 5 vampire fails because of Debian smbldap-tools problem
2:30AM 1 samba pdc acting weird
2:00AM 1 winbind samba-3.0.2a-1 ADS
1:54AM 1 Winbind and changing directories
Monday November 22 2004
8:44PM 0 Samba connection problem
6:53PM 0 Help with ERROR message, adding machine to ADS server
6:48PM 0 SaveAs Permissions
5:28PM 1 Windows 98 can't print to Samba printer
5:25PM 1 Fedora Core 3 and Samba
5:21PM 1 Files not appearing on Samba mount.
4:43PM 0 Cross-subnet browsing, with a twist
4:37PM 0 XP/PDC/Directory Server
3:55PM 0 Re: XP Pro - Folder Redirection / Roaming Profiles Question
3:53PM 0 Re: XP Pro Folder Redirection / Roaming Profiles Question
3:19PM 0 Samba Swat and win2K domain
3:17PM 0 Samba 3.0.x, Crystal Reports, roaming profiles
2:40PM 0 RE: Samba installation error
2:10PM 1 RE: Samba installation error
1:38PM 1 Linux Administration Course
11:50AM 0 RT_SIGNAL_* issue - samba 3.0.9
8:49AM 0 conflicting credential setting samba as PDC
7:16AM 0 Virus Found
3:42AM 0 Samba machine wanting to connect to
2:55AM 0 Samba 3 and network printing setup
2:31AM 1 setfacl fails for some user names and not others
2:23AM 1 request [*] timed out!
Sunday November 21 2004
5:57PM 0 Windows 2000 Small Business Server to Samba migration
12:03PM 1 will BDC work if PDC crashes?
Saturday November 20 2004
11:37PM 0 NT_LOGON_FAILURE setting up a Linux BDC
10:12PM 0 Samba Internet Proxy Access Problem
9:11PM 0 mount.cifs: mount error 5 = Input/output error
9:06PM 0 samba problems after change of unix uids
8:10PM 0 winbind-3.0.9 + suse 9.1
3:53PM 3 Another try: apps can't see data files until use of Win. Expl.
1:28PM 1 printer shares
10:08AM 1 Change Group/Permission problem
3:39AM 0 smbpasswd produces INCORRECT sambaNTPasswd hash on ppc (yellowdog 4.0 on xserve G5)
1:04AM 1 Messages in log file every 5 min ... how to stop or redirect to a different log file.
12:54AM 0 Samba 3.0.8 on Solaris with AD group
Friday November 19 2004
11:09PM 1 du size differences
10:25PM 1 Active Directory, Listing Users in Groups.
9:45PM 0 Samba PDC and a backup PDC in a different LAN - how?
9:41PM 2 bit by 3.0.8 username map affect on homes share
9:36PM 0 XP SP2/Samba3.0.8 PDC/Directory Server 5.2 backend
9:08PM 2 LDAP and userPassword
9:04PM 0 VFS - databaseFS
7:24PM 0 Samba Netatalk VFS module changes with 2.0.1
7:16PM 1 cups newbe
6:18PM 0 winbindd server did not respond problem
5:45PM 1 algorithmic rid base problem after upgrade to 3.0.9
5:24PM 0 Broken pipe errors
5:23PM 1 Running Samba 3 as PDC
5:12PM 0 Machine accounts disabled when created on the fly
5:06PM 0 winbind + trust relationship on wan
2:43PM 0 Kerberos Ticket Issue
2:38PM 2 Samba 3.0.9 Available for Download
2:16PM 0 Profile Error
1:59PM 0 Samba cannot sync browser lists.
1:52PM 0 Net error
1:32PM 2 Anonymous printing with User-level security
10:08AM 2 strange error in 3.0.8
10:03AM 0 color profiles
9:54AM 1 Lagging failed login attempts
9:20AM 0 wbinfo works but getent not
6:53AM 4 Trying to find a bottleneck
Thursday November 18 2004
10:30PM 0 Samba and UNC Question
9:02PM 0 why does samba need "anonymous access enabled" on windows to join AD server?
8:20PM 2 Recycle VFS Second Pair of Eyes
7:59PM 3 date/time stamp
7:57PM 0 (no subject)
7:37PM 3 Domain authentication failing after a period of time
6:50PM 1 Samba 3.0.8 - Unable to login/logon from Windows 2003 or CIFS
6:47PM 1 Empty Network Neighborhood"
6:14PM 0 Trouble compiling / using mysql plugin on FreeBSD 4.8
5:01PM 3 storing profiles on a 3rd host (NetApp), and [profiles] section of smb.conf
4:43PM 3 Connecting Suse9.2 to Samba shares in a windows network
4:39PM 1 auth against unix accounts
1:59PM 0 Difficulty joining domain
1:52PM 0 Questions about Domain Member server
1:51PM 1 share names longer than 12 characters
1:29PM 0 Samba Training in UK - Dec 06-09, 2004
12:37PM 2 Samba 3 as domain member of w2k realm
11:36AM 0 Strange Errors appearing in my log
11:18AM 0 Inplace upgrade 2.2.12 -> 3.0.7
9:39AM 0 Win SBS 2003 ADS and samba 3.0.8 authentication problem for 11th user
7:12AM 2 segmentation fault
3:49AM 1 Migrating to Samba 3
1:46AM 0 Samba ADS Winbind unable to join SuSe 9.1
Wednesday November 17 2004
10:48PM 0 Installing Samba 3.0.5 in Mac OSX 10.3.4 server
8:48PM 1 winbind: authenticating UNIX user before Win Domain user
7:57PM 0 More compile problems with Samba 3.0.8a...
6:59PM 0 fix for libldap configure error when using openldap on FreeBSD
6:53PM 1 iplanet ldap and samba
5:18PM 0 Problem with joining Active Server Domain
4:44PM 0 3.0.7 problems with LDAP groups
4:38PM 0 AD Account locked out issue
2:36PM 1 User Administrator in passdb, but getpwnam() fails when trying to add XP machine to smb/ldap domain
2:23PM 0 Limit the size of file sended to samba server
2:16PM 2 Profile inaccessable
12:12PM 0 Windows - Samba freeze/slow browsing problem
11:06AM 5 create account that can join machines but not admin access on domain
10:52AM 0 samba+nis
10:36AM 0 Authenticating off a Windows 2003 ADS DC with Samba/Winbind
7:30AM 1 Samba-2.2.x and CAN-2004-0930 & CAN-2004-0882 ?
5:34AM 3 Samba share to access windows folders in linux.
5:33AM 1 A device attached to the system is not functioning
12:08AM 2 Error with ACLs and follow symlinks=no
Tuesday November 16 2004
9:15PM 0 Connecting Users to Windows Home Directory From Linux Server
9:06PM 1 solaris samba ldap
8:57PM 0 DC 2003's users in Samba DC
8:32PM 0 File/Print wait wait wait and Samba 3.0.8
8:31PM 1 Samba 3.0.4 and DOS 6.2.2 - MSDOS Copy problem
8:05PM 3 authentication against win2k3 server
6:06PM 1 smbpasswd and password on command line
5:30PM 1 More Printing Fun (Point and print not working)
5:28PM 0 PDC domain name change
5:13PM 1 Access Denied - XCopy from Win2K SP3 to Samba 3.0.8
5:10PM 0 problem w. samba - "disk full" error
4:06PM 4 Samba/Netscape Directory Server
3:01PM 0 smbpasswd - Segmentation fault
2:47PM 0 Upgrading a Samba Domain - SECOND REQUEST FOR HELP
2:39PM 1 Why some WinXP machines won't reconnect on reboot
2:23PM 2 Samba + Exchange 5.5 SP4 (UPDATE)
2:02PM 1 Samba Won't Work
1:19PM 1 %macros not expanded in ldap attributes?
1:05PM 0 RE: Primary Domain Functionality On Additional SAMBA Servers.
11:02AM 3 How to access samba without login prompt. !
8:33AM 0 user does not exist nsswitch/windind error
6:00AM 0 Printer window does not show jobs.
12:27AM 1 samba backup domain controller
Monday November 15 2004
11:02PM 0 problems to join a XP pro client to the PDC
10:10PM 0 Samba + winbind :shared resource not found
10:06PM 2 Slow update time for Desktop icons
4:09PM 0 Winbind installation on AIX installation woes
3:45PM 0 Log Query
1:58PM 0 Problem with password program setting. Maybe my upgrade did not go good?
12:58PM 0 [SECURITY] CAN-2004-0882: Possible Buffer Overrun in smbd
11:29AM 0 documents and mail on the pdc
11:18AM 0 Stale NFS file handle error when you try and browse a Windows mounted folder
9:59AM 0 Çocuklar İçin İlk Müjde!
8:43AM 1 No connection to SAMBA server
8:43AM 0 dying network drive connections with Windows 2000 Pro/Samba 3.0.7
8:40AM 1 pdc and shellinfo
7:49AM 1 Win98 Login Problem
7:17AM 0 How to verify correct member server integration?
2:29AM 2 Problem with "include=smb.%U.conf"
Sunday November 14 2004
10:01PM 0 winbind: some user are lost
9:02PM 0 iptables on samba in AD native
7:12PM 2 Problem running kde
6:02PM 0 Su requerimiento. [uid]32970290976c28da20be3d174e1d1712[/uid]
3:15PM 0 Windows 2000/2003 shares -> danish character problem
3:01PM 0 smbmount and posix ACLs
2:00PM 3 Changed SID after copied secrets.tdb
12:51PM 1 Samba cannot find group in ADS
12:44PM 2 SWAT not running
Saturday November 13 2004
10:16PM 1 Recycle does not work in [homes]
8:16PM 1 samba and a kernel oops on nfsd
5:07PM 1 Rejoin Domain
Friday November 12 2004
11:58PM 0 problem with samba-3.0.8
9:48PM 0 pdb_ldap.c Compilation Errors during "make"
9:26PM 2 Windows XP SP2 slow printing solution
7:02PM 1 Win2K Terminal Server and roaming profiles issue
6:55PM 0 My Network Places
5:11PM 0 samba 3 as PDC
4:23PM 1 Panic in log when Win98/ME tries to print on samba 3.0.8
4:16PM 1 libldap is needed for LDAP support
4:15PM 3 98 reboots after login
3:46PM 1 MS User Manager Permission Denied
2:39PM 2 Logon fails due to "The system cannot find the file specified"
1:56PM 1 Winbind, still unreliable
1:48PM 1 VSS on samba
1:27PM 1 Why %M makes two log files?
1:25PM 0 machine accounts not found with 3.0.8
12:58PM 1 Migrating to samba 3.07
12:25PM 2 How to add samba admins in local admin group of workstations
12:15PM 0 Printing ask password
8:33AM 0 more 'Quota/disk space display in windows'
8:32AM 0 (no subject)
7:33AM 0 having problem with multipale interfaces
7:13AM 0 Point n print woes
6:42AM 0 Problems with password encryption
4:33AM 0 [Very Strange] Windows Networking suddendly stopped working
4:21AM 0 insconsistent server behavior
4:15AM 1 GID-to-SID mapping fails
2:08AM 0 3.0.8 upgrade; winbind problem
Thursday November 11 2004
10:02PM 1 Performance of Samba across WAN Links
9:57PM 1 Beating a dead horse - Roaming profiles / logon scripts
9:03PM 2 Restricting access to [homes]
8:09PM 1 Compile issues on Fedora Core 3
6:25PM 0 Browsing to Windows 2000 Servers & winbind
6:19PM 2 Migration to Samba
5:19PM 0 Name not resolved in SWAT server status page
4:46PM 1 Suse 9.2/Samba 3.0.8 question
3:58PM 0 Quota/disk space display in windows
2:01PM 0 Mini HowTo AIX4.3.3-AD-Winbind
1:13PM 0 Cannot resolve name <name>#0x3
12:47PM 0 different announces between w2k and xp
8:11AM 0 MS ADS Authentication
3:30AM 0 MailMarshal has detected a Virus in your message
Wednesday November 10 2004
11:28PM 0 Unable to see Users for ACLs with 104,000 users?
10:24PM 1 implications of running nmbd without smbd?
10:09PM 1 Samba 3.0.8 compiles but fails to install
8:10PM 1 Office moving to a Domain system. Looking for some advice.
7:54PM 0 nmblookup failing
7:33PM 0 Automatic Password Reset
6:45PM 1 Samba panics after error connecting to cups
5:18PM 1 Slow login/out with XP and SAMBA PDC?
4:30PM 1 Netscape samba schema needs updating!
4:08PM 0 Firewall Blocking PDC
4:01PM 0 Initial install - networking problem
3:57PM 2 Compiling on OS X
3:54PM 1 Samba 3.0.8 breaks all printing from Windows 98
3:40PM 0 winbind use default domain
1:59PM 1 samba, ldap, tls and certificates
12:58PM 0 problems with user-level Access Control on win9x
12:50PM 2 Login scripts based on group
12:13PM 1 Samba BDC with LDAP support
12:11PM 1 cannot open netsamlogon_cache.tdb for write!
11:27AM 0 Samba domain trouble
11:18AM 2 Problem with lowercase Computernames in winbind samba 3.0.8
11:06AM 1 Program for encrypt passwords
10:56AM 0 Permission / file_set_dosmode problem in 3.0.8
10:21AM 3 Transfer winbind idmap to LDAP
9:49AM 0 Samba 3.0.4 and DOS 6.2.2
9:35AM 0 samba 3.0.8: smbd/trans2.c file_set_dosmode
9:24AM 0 Samba and Autodir
9:01AM 0 dos filetimes = yes is not correctly used? - utime function calls fail (Version 3.0.7)
9:00AM 0 Migrating from a samba PDC to another
6:38AM 0 Samba + cups not working (intermittently)
6:28AM 0 audit module
6:17AM 0 ftp and samba "domain memeber" server ?
3:07AM 0 lots of samba temporary file under my /tmp
2:49AM 3 SerNet Samba RPMs for SuSE and RedHat
12:47AM 0 Security Permissions
Tuesday November 9 2004
11:53PM 1 Unix install question.
11:41PM 1 Improper link handling?
10:58PM 0 unexpected.tdb (26628, 93068) is already open in this process
10:55PM 2 3.0.8 and testparm, smbstatus, tdbbackup
10:20PM 1 3.0.8 and looong logout time
9:46PM 5 Unable to join AD (FreeBSD)
9:27PM 0 smb.conf issue
9:13PM 1 Upgrading a Samba Domain
8:38PM 3 3.0.8 compile warnings and link error
8:36PM 0 Samba 3 upgrade
8:04PM 1 group a machine account belongs to (samba pdc)
7:55PM 2 PAM Error 9
6:38PM 1 groupmap + ldapsam questions
6:31PM 2 3.0.8 build failure OS X 10.3.6
5:31PM 0 couple of minor issues with the Samba 3.0.8 release
5:01PM 1 config.pol
5:01PM 1 LDAP suffix question
4:59PM 1 samba 3.0.2a and passwords
4:58PM 1 Migrating NT4 Domain with Idealx tools
4:34PM 1 samba 3.08 winbind question
4:15PM 2 AW: Permissions problem with 3.0.8
4:05PM 4 Roaming Profiles
3:51PM 0 workgroup set in smb.conf doesn't show on w2k clients
3:30PM 0 windows explorer lockup
3:27PM 0 smbmount and session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.
3:25PM 0 Samba: CUPS connection refused
3:05PM 0 samba 3 openldap posixAccount
2:04PM 1 Permissions problem with 3.0.8
12:48PM 1 Windows 2000 Scheduler Permission Problem
12:06PM 1 PANIC in logs. What does it mean? How to avoid?
11:56AM 2 Segmendation Fault with smbpasswd
11:45AM 0 conecting xp client to a smb server
11:17AM 0 Option "password never expires" does not work correctly
11:17AM 0 net rpc user add fails
11:10AM 0 Domain doesnt work anymore
10:15AM 0 mount: only root can do that
9:19AM 1 Differences: ADS vs Samba-3 controlled domain
7:59AM 2 Compile samba 3.0.8 fail
7:33AM 0 smbmount mapping as diff uid doesnot work
5:51AM 0 BOUNCE Non-member submission from []
1:45AM 1 Confused with profile filesystem permissions
1:26AM 0 smbfs
1:19AM 1 Popup messages on login
Monday November 8 2004
8:36PM 0 ACL posix on shared directory
8:31PM 0 3.0.7 server "NetBIOS over TCP disabled -- no workgroup available"
7:04PM 0 Better way to enumerate hosts in domain?
6:56PM 0 Printer properties and [print$]
6:36PM 0 XP shares not visable.
5:52PM 0 [SECURITY] CAN-2004-0930: Potential Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability in Samba 3.0.x <= 3.0.7
5:32PM 2 Samba 3.0.8 Available for Download
4:29PM 0 Samba or HW
4:01PM 2 Winbind Problem
3:40PM 0 HKCU\Printers\Connections subkeys
3:24PM 0 smbclient too slow when copying from a NT Server
2:58PM 0 pdbedit "user must logon to change password"
8:29AM 1 Upgrade RPM for redhat 9 to solve password change problem
8:27AM 0 win2000 e win xp announce
6:14AM 0 v3.0.4 and remote browsing over VPN (fwd)
1:01AM 0 Making Share Visible To Particular Users Only
12:24AM 0 Unix-Windows Kerberized Setup
Sunday November 7 2004
9:51PM 1 Spoof server name to redirect calls to another server?
9:12PM 0 getfacl not show permissions on samba share
4:12PM 0 3.0.8pre2 and convert_string
4:04PM 13 distribute/deploy software to clients
5:46AM 1 Slow printing / print properties with CUPS and Samba sort-of-solved
2:24AM 0 Documentation Update
Saturday November 6 2004
9:32PM 1 Typo in Samba HOWTO collection example 19.2
6:58PM 0 Access control to printer sharings
2:05PM 0 Access to share is denied for groups on samba 3 - ADS
12:43PM 1 how do I get rid of printer icon?
4:43AM 0 Re: Trusting and trusted domain (home mapping) problem
Friday November 5 2004
10:51PM 0 HP-UX binary help
9:36PM 0 cupsaddsmb problems...
9:00PM 0 for small samba srv, need both smbd and nmbd?
8:45PM 1 Samba + LDAP PDC on Gentoo - UPDATE
7:48PM 1 Samba + LDAP PDC on Gentoo
7:11PM 0 Options fmask,dmask etc doesn't work in FC2
4:36PM 1 Configuration with Windows clients
3:29PM 1 3.0.8pre2 and domain admins question
2:49PM 0 smbpasswd hash type
2:49PM 2 HELP - Samba/Swat 3.0.2 and OsX 10.3.5
2:32PM 2 for samba 3 branch?
12:25PM 0 TR: Configuration with Windows clients
12:14PM 0 Problems trying to print to Windows printer via ssh and Samba
10:41AM 0 Upgrading 2.2.8a to 3.0.7 UID problems
10:12AM 1 Using winbind authentication with Windows 2003 AD - SSH login failures
8:15AM 0 Q: winbind getgroups errors?
2:40AM 0 Can't access files at WinXP boot time
12:05AM 1 Possible bug with Samba and LDAP
12:00AM 0 Slow Mapped Drive
Thursday November 4 2004
11:54PM 2 Doubt about samba
11:41PM 0 KRB5 error code 52
11:03PM 0 Domain member ACL does not show correct domain name
10:28PM 1 Password expire message on XP clients
10:20PM 0 v3.0.4 and remote browsing over VPN
9:19PM 0 minimalist secure samba server config needed
9:00PM 1 3.0.8pre2 and tdbackup
8:55PM 1 samba and mysql backend
8:22PM 1 Static Entries wins.dat/browse.dat
7:36PM 0 Degrees from an Established,Prestigious College - negligee
7:22PM 0 schema problems with 3.0.8pre2
7:03PM 0 Any guides/howto for implementing slave samba and Ldap?
4:48PM 1 Allow access to a share to all members of a container?
3:32PM 6 installing printer in a logon script
2:40PM 0 long connection time when mapping shares - ADS member
2:34PM 3 netlogon scripts for machines / groups - possible?
2:09PM 0 Samba 3.x performance bug?
1:30PM 0 Accents
12:57PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 23, Issue 5
9:30AM 0 interdomain trust relationship Error!
8:39AM 0 Warning: Unacceptable file attachment detected
8:21AM 0 Samba 2.28 / SuSE 8.2 pro - slightly OT?
7:44AM 0 Performance Issues
6:14AM 0 Errors converting postscript file to ascii
5:19AM 0 Problem in restarting samba server
Wednesday November 3 2004
11:17PM 0 ADS Domain Member Server + PAM problem
11:16PM 2 WINS setup / browsing
10:04PM 0 Setting uid and gid with smbmount
9:15PM 1 File case sensitivity
9:13PM 1 3.0.8pre2 and smbstatus
9:11PM 2 Samba Issue
8:54PM 0 samba browsing not responding
4:26PM 0 Local administrator for domain user, vs local user
4:26PM 0 Adding domain user as local administrator
4:20PM 1 %D returning machine name instead of domain/workgroup
4:17PM 0 uid not being set
3:32PM 0 samba 3.0.2a with windows XP
3:31PM 0 Question on Samba 3.07 compared to 2.2.6
2:19PM 0 error with script on win xp
1:51PM 0 Question about size folder
1:22PM 0 Sharing a Samba Share?
1:10PM 3 Trust between SAMBA and NT server
12:55PM 2 Samba3 + LDAP - troubles joining domain (have to do it twice)
12:22PM 0 Idmap_ad troubleshooting assistance
12:13PM 0 SAMBA - Access control to printer sharings
10:01AM 1 configure with ldap and ads
8:21AM 0 Netlogon
6:54AM 0 Cups and Samba paper size mismatech
2:45AM 1 Compiling Samba 3.0.7 on FreeBSD 5.2.1
1:12AM 1 samba and domain local groups
Tuesday November 2 2004
10:35PM 1 net ads join fails
9:42PM 0 Samba groups and LDAP, and printer question
8:29PM 2 Wierd 8.3 Name Mangling
8:20PM 0 FWD: Letters Only LM Hash Database
7:17PM 0 problem with profiles
5:50PM 0 Name resolution
5:26PM 0 A couple of questions.
5:12PM 0 Question about Samba 3.0.2a with Windows XP client
3:40PM 1 Network failure?
3:33PM 0 More AD integration questions
2:59PM 0 debug level on version 2.28a
2:29PM 1 Samba3 + LDAP - w2k says it couldn't change password (but it did)
2:11PM 0 Domain merging problems
1:03PM 0 Logon Problems with Samba3.0.7 and LDAP
12:54PM 0 Samba3 and "public = yes"
11:49AM 2 Winbind type email
7:12AM 0 Problem with files owner and quotas
4:03AM 0 Difficulty mapping 2 different drives from a Solaris 8 host using samba by the same XP user
Monday November 1 2004
9:53PM 0 ERROR: Unable to fetch machine password
8:59PM 4 FreeBSD kerberos for AD integration: MIT or Heimdal?
8:47PM 0 Cross-subnet netbios announcing?
7:18PM 0 Wins Server
6:29PM 1 how can i change samba/system password
6:29PM 0 how get alert on samba password
4:31PM 0 Excel opens files as read-only
3:45PM 0 problem wiht --require-membership-of"
3:42PM 1 Samba, print$, HP Laserjet 8500, XP
3:38PM 3 users in multiple groups?
2:28PM 1 Newbie needs help with failed RAID5 disk
2:00PM 0 samba 3.0.7 on linux with gigabit = very slowupload speed
1:28PM 1 samba 3.0.7 on linux with gigabit = very slow upload speed
1:02PM 0 Re: Two Questions concerning samba - file access times- two instances on one server
1:01PM 2 Problem with 3.0.7 - set_filetime
12:58PM 0 Samba setup with Winbind connecting to NT4 PDC - Login is Slow...
12:50PM 0 Problem with 3.0.7
11:32AM 2 NIS as user authentication
11:16AM 1 Machine accounts by migrating from smbpasswd to ldapsam
8:57AM 0 Gateway IP of win-tap disappeared.
8:23AM 0 Problem mounting with CIFS, error 22
7:57AM 3 Samba help
7:34AM 2 SuSE9.1 Hylafax 4.1.8-21
6:59AM 0 samba v3.0.7 and Suse firewall
12:03AM 0 Re: Re: Question [#2157030]