Rails - Jan 2007

Wednesday January 31 2007
11:36PM 2 Ad rotation: Calling an action each time a layout is display
11:09PM 1 Re: Dynamic selects won't fire events in some cases
10:50PM 1 Hosting a QuickTime file on Amazon S3
10:20PM 5 Extending a class from plugin, need always restart server?
9:56PM 2 advice/suggestions for testing helpers
9:17PM 0 radio buttons => What if the value is a FK?
9:11PM 2 loading ActiveRecords only once per page
8:42PM 2 has_many :conditions
8:38PM 0 Avoiding filesorts in MySQL with tagging
7:34PM 2 NoMethodError in ClassifiedController#create
7:24PM 1 Need help creating a route
7:18PM 0 Problems Using Net::HTTP
7:09PM 0 WSDLDriverFactory over HTTPS (SSL)
6:36PM 0 peculiar behavior of logger.rb under Rails
6:34PM 2 multiple :includes not working
6:24PM 1 ActiveRecord on Threads: close and reopen the connection?
6:23PM 0 Using link_to_remote to submit results of javascript func
6:00PM 5 What should I ask for an hourly rate ?
5:12PM 1 help please!
5:00PM 2 how to determine controller and action from filter
4:56PM 0 EasyRails : new all-in-1 installer package for Windows
4:18PM 3 Missing template isn't missing
4:08PM 1 [OT] Tool to export subset of database in presence of foreig
3:50PM 1 help with extensions
3:31PM 0 Railsforall.org - a non-profit for the promotion of Ruby on
3:00PM 1 RESTful Resources/ Caching Issue?
2:37PM 1 Just copied my app to another puter, and now...
2:14PM 0 [ADV] MountainWest RubyConf (more info)
1:53PM 1 Submit() a remote_form - using remote link_to?
1:02PM 0 3rd party libs (.so)
12:56PM 8 ruby gems error?
12:31PM 6 Dynamic (database driven) Routes Problems
12:08PM 2 SystemStackError: stack level too deep
11:47AM 0 London Ruby User Group - Monday, February 12th
11:39AM 1 conditions
10:55AM 1 Passing objects??
10:40AM 1 RJS collection proxy
10:12AM 0 >|< Secrets of Windows XP >|<
9:34AM 7 Flex_Image Quality Option
9:02AM 0 Selection list in ruby on rails (Combo Box)
7:04AM 0 process scripts
6:09AM 6 code that won't run
6:03AM 0 ActiveRecord::Extension Previews
5:19AM 0 Need some idea to move data's from the list box to text area
3:56AM 2 Views Question / Problem
3:50AM 4 naughty radio_buttons
3:46AM 0 weird objects passing to partials
2:58AM 4 NET::HTTP uninitialized constant
2:54AM 0 warning while requiring 'net\http'
2:53AM 1 escaping from Ajax in 1.2.1
2:02AM 1 in_place_editor_field and custom highlight color?
1:40AM 5 Troubleshooting "can't modify frozen object" in tzinfo_timezone
1:20AM 2 Help making a collection available in a view...
12:51AM 2 CSV::Writer with Rails 1.2.1
12:45AM 6 Using hash.keys - why doesn't it display in order created
12:41AM 32 The speed of Rails
12:05AM 5 pass an object or an id??
Tuesday January 30 2007
11:06PM 2 Hello! I'm getting
10:23PM 2 How to give a model a defaulted attribute?
10:18PM 5 How to install plugins
9:05PM 8 Just want a good Rich Text Editor for RoR
8:53PM 2 Layout that loads only for specific actions
8:22PM 3 Get parameter from form
8:20PM 0 Invoking an External WebService from Rails (WSDL...)
7:55PM 2 date_select intercept in model
7:52PM 3 ar_fixtures "broken?" in rails 1.2.1???
6:52PM 7 @session deprecation and markaby
6:33PM 0 Online editor
6:08PM 2 simple radio_button
6:02PM 7 text_field_tag
5:41PM 0 Autocomplete nested within AJAX partial
5:31PM 10 Help with TinyMCE
4:33PM 5 [OT] Good Flash Training for Programmers?
4:07PM 5 Engines kills my app
3:56PM 1 beginner drop down list question
3:39PM 3 Using one model in multiple associations to another model
3:22PM 2 How to use migrations to convert engine type to InnoDB?
3:17PM 3 How to deal with user rights in the views ?
3:06PM 0 No reaction from memcached
2:54PM 2 Calculations & joins
2:08PM 1 Ajax .rjs replacing an element class
1:58PM 5 Newbie question about POSTing xml file to RESTful rails app
1:21PM 0 How can I save a image with an image url in ruby?
12:55PM 4 Installation of binding database using Gem or apt-get
12:47PM 5 nested loops
12:40PM 1 Rails migration data types
12:40PM 2 save does not cascade in 1.2.1?
12:39PM 5 problem with to list the data's in a list box
11:50AM 2 Is there frequency option in link_to_remote?
11:50AM 3 docs gem_server vs http://api.rubyonrails.org/ layout
11:24AM 8 List of Checkboxes
11:22AM 4 Obsolete warning
11:18AM 2 display datas from database using List box
11:15AM 5 how to test if is a property is a foreign key
10:13AM 2 i want to fetch the data's from the datanase. it display in
10:06AM 3 Interesting Framework Speed Test Results. Shows Rails 1.2.1 trailing 1.1.6.
9:45AM 3 How to Model a table with two foreign keys of the same table
9:45AM 0 Collision between Transaction::Simple and ActiveRecord
8:58AM 0 added ` with rails 1.2.1?
8:21AM 1 Setting the table name for the test units
7:26AM 0 Dynamically control Model.Save to use ActiveRecord or ActionWebService
6:41AM 0 AWS
6:26AM 15 Upgraded to 1.2 and my controllers are lost!
6:08AM 0 How to get the selected option of select tag in the controll
6:01AM 4 dynamically defined ar classes
5:43AM 0 My EuroRailsConf talk is now online
5:37AM 1 Calendar Helper Previous and Next features
5:30AM 1 Open source ecommerce suite in rails
4:40AM 1 how to fetch data's from database in a drop down box
4:36AM 4 Parent child relations
4:31AM 3 How to tell if you are in a controller module
1:26AM 2 Has_many association
12:41AM 13 Nested restful routes broken in edge?
12:13AM 6 is there an "official" rails installation process for Mac (OSX) ???
Monday January 29 2007
11:19PM 4 Help with fastercsv
11:16PM 3 RoR newbie needs help with instance variables and view
11:03PM 3 Eager Loading: Stacking Includes?
10:50PM 5 Getting the reason why this fails ??
9:29PM 0 Ruby on Rails Essential Training
9:24PM 2 String.join() ??
9:18PM 2 custom rails resource action fails to restfully route
8:47PM 2 sharing session data between apps
8:20PM 3 would someone take a quick look, please?
8:07PM 7 how to drop table and recreate the table using migrate
7:40PM 2 changing order of form fields
7:02PM 4 Latest Edge Build Breaks Functional Tests
6:30PM 0 CoderPath's Ruby on Rails Screencast - Iteration 2 - Amy Hoy
6:07PM 5 rake db:migrate as in Agile Web Development with Rails
5:28PM 3 Recommended Hardware for Ruby Setup
4:52PM 0 Rubyforge down for svn?
4:51PM 0 Rails 1.2.1 reload of active record changed?
4:47PM 5 params with '.' dot in them
4:33PM 2 Putting "RE:" in the subject line of Private Messages
4:06PM 1 the selected element in a list.
3:44PM 8 Cluster 3 mongrel servers residing in different machines (Windows)
3:08PM 1 create a BD table with Rails?
2:51PM 5 how set background image inside <td > tag dynamically
2:44PM 4 How to use two attributes in one validates_inclusion_of statement?
2:41PM 2 image source problem - help me
2:02PM 1 SOAP4R Error in Rails
1:58PM 3 Drop down list with ability to take a new entry
1:25PM 2 Why Module/Class/Object are redefined in Active Support?
12:44PM 5 tail -f to a view
12:41PM 2 The sum of the values
12:01PM 1 Barcode ... How can I generate it?
11:44AM 3 stupid question
11:24AM 7 DRYing code through meta programming
11:12AM 0 Ruby In Steel Developer For Visual Studio
7:13AM 4 Acts_as_attachment and validations / errors
6:39AM 1 How do i get a Form id (Not the action id one)
6:35AM 2 What does Reloadable mean in rails source code?
6:25AM 7 how to show multiple errors
5:23AM 0 acts_as_versioned - summing prior records
4:00AM 2 Secure Actions Plugin
4:00AM 6 replace_html and Prototype
3:08AM 6 RJS problem
2:32AM 2 A Better Way Idiom here..
12:49AM 1 validating relationship exists
12:34AM 2 Idiomatic way to merge "multivalued" options
Sunday January 28 2007
11:31PM 0 Aggregation with inheritance
11:02PM 1 Content Management System with/on Rails?
10:38PM 3 today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, etc
9:54PM 1 Order of error_messages_for
9:40PM 0 Avoiding duplication in Has Many :through polymorphic associations
9:12PM 1 ActiveRecord query, dot notation for associations
8:52PM 0 Any wagers on how fast RailsConf registration will fill up?
8:44PM 0 problems with acts_as_paranoid (noticed while using acts_as_versioned)
8:08PM 3 Help
7:48PM 1 ::*:: Chocolate World Just For Chocolate Lovers ::*::
7:13PM 16 [OT] Suggestions on SVN client for OS X
6:15PM 2 Views just returns #
6:01PM 5 Image_tag and Rails 1.2.1
5:54PM 3 end_form_tag not generating </form>
5:35PM 6 How do I make this association?
5:10PM 0 tzinfo on dreamhost - help?
4:33PM 0 assert_select alternative
4:15PM 3 always Not Found
4:05PM 0 html frames any1
3:57PM 3 model validation with SQL Server
2:00PM 1 RubyForge outages
1:36PM 6 Where do i put classes that i want to use in Controller??
1:19PM 0 ANN: Philosopher-kings unite!
11:37AM 2 Organisation of code in rails app
7:28AM 6 find_all is now deprecated...how do I convert my code?
7:21AM 0 Possible bug in form_for...
7:11AM 1 OT: Open source business models
6:32AM 4 form_remote_tag
5:39AM 11 info on high-level control flow of Rails?
5:11AM 1 rhtml in emacs
4:23AM 4 ActiveRecord validation without saving?
1:44AM 3 DateTime attribute not formatted properly for MySQL
12:33AM 0 lighttpd.conf with mod_proxy
Saturday January 27 2007
10:23PM 1 is it possible to check on extension and delete a file?
10:18PM 1 Ajax question
10:00PM 2 link_to_remote with confirmation popup
9:23PM 1 Basic date_select questions
9:07PM 1 Polymorphic Associations or not
3:40PM 1 collection_select & selected value
3:12PM 2 Mac OSX, ruby 1.8.5 and a breakpointer error
2:30PM 6 Static variable
2:27PM 1 Creating new object
2:26PM 0 A layout generator that combines YUI Grids with Mollio templates
11:17AM 5 how to have many controllers under one admin page?
10:33AM 4 issues with rails 1.2: passing an array using link_to
9:13AM 0 Melbourne Ruby meetup: Tuesday 30th January
8:57AM 4 form_remote_tag - redirect_to working very weirdly
8:08AM 4 Background tasks in rails - any improvement on drb or rinda?
7:39AM 0 Interchanging ActiveRecord and ActionWebService... Help with my problem and suggestions for Best Practices.
6:43AM 0 Problems with implementation of dynamically updating scores
6:25AM 1 Passing off values
5:54AM 5 Unwanted empty lines in the resulting HTML files.
5:09AM 0 apache 2.2 + mod_fcgid + suexec?
4:50AM 3 really simple question please
4:35AM 2 Help, sqlite3 is failing on adding columsn to existing table
2:10AM 7 undefined method `target' in Rails associations (1.2)
1:59AM 11 Windows+Ruby+MySQL
1:04AM 1 undefined method after freezing rails
12:43AM 1 [Very OT] Which solution is better?!? iMac 20 + MacBook? or MacBook Pro 17?
Friday January 26 2007
11:58PM 4 Simple Association Help
11:56PM 6 [Very-OT] Which Mac to buy? iMac 20 + MacBook or MacBook Pro 17?
11:43PM 0 Rake doesn't run tests?
10:58PM 4 Starting unit testing with Rake?
10:55PM 0 Vadalism on Rails Wiki
10:50PM 0 Recompiling hpricot_scan.so
10:37PM 2 0 errors with 'autotest' BUT 30 errors with 'rake test:units'
10:04PM 2 acts_as_taggable from dema.ruby.com.br?
9:41PM 1 inserting multiple rows in the table ?
9:39PM 5 non-creative POSTs with REST
9:30PM 2 Querying on join-tables in Rails
9:18PM 0 [ADV] Ruby on Rails plus JRuby training workshop - St. Louis, MO Feb 22-24
9:05PM 2 newbie alert! tagging with tags with spaces
8:30PM 3 ActiveRecord Multiple Inheritance solution
8:10PM 6 can associations take arguments?
7:28PM 5 Require in models?
7:10PM 5 Can RoR call java or C code
7:04PM 1 generic methods (like find_by_xxx)
6:31PM 0 Can it access C or java API
6:31PM 2 Confirm new version
6:23PM 2 ActiveRecord: Reading MySQL views
6:16PM 2 How to put common utils in the app without polluing environment.rb
5:22PM 4 Validation errors
5:14PM 9 I have this error message and don't know what to do
4:44PM 0 GoogleMaps problem using YM4R Clusterer
4:39PM 10 Rendering jpeg from database blob
4:28PM 7 How to protect attributes from being updated?
4:24PM 1 testing Googlemaps on localhost
3:59PM 6 has_many :through query question
3:37PM 4 REST actions changing more than 1 record
2:49PM 1 nested looping
2:24PM 1 preventing delete of parent with children.
2:15PM 1 Mechanize out of buffer space
1:55PM 1 RJS problem makeing text appear and grow seamlessly
12:30PM 44 Should I go to MacBook??? (or Windows with: Sony Vaio, or Acer TravelMate Series 3010 ???)
10:45AM 2 Starting RoR application in production
7:21AM 1 session variable nil in benchmarking environment
7:20AM 1 rake test:x recreates tables in MySQL with server (not database) charset and collation
4:39AM 9 Rails Wiki spam problem with solution
4:09AM 2 Mechanize Tutorials
3:56AM 0 Problems with assert_select in integration tests
3:03AM 0 from attribute in actionmailer not working w/ gmail
2:47AM 3 Switching to Rails 1.2.1, Painful, or NBD?
2:40AM 1 Preferred find method: :has_many, :belongs_to relationship
1:29AM 1 File upload problem with enctype
12:42AM 3 Removing tags with acts_as_taggable plugin?
12:23AM 6 newbie alert! diff between @session['user'].id and @session[:user].id
Thursday January 25 2007
11:52PM 2 render .rhtmlx if present, otherwise render .rhtml
11:46PM 2 How to tell db:migrate to continue on exception
11:31PM 11 Storing ActiveRecords in the Session
10:35PM 2 where line #3 raised:
9:15PM 2 ActionController::observer deprecation fix?
9:08PM 1 <!--[if IE]>....?
9:05PM 1 image_tag size question
8:23PM 1 NameError in StoreController#add_to_cart
8:15PM 4 How to change the menu depending on the controller/method?
8:12PM 2 Need help for Helper
8:08PM 7 Form Help
7:53PM 9 Html formatting w/ Atom feeds
7:53PM 2 acts_as_nested_set usable?
7:47PM 7 Avoiding repeated calls to the DB
7:42PM 8 Rails CMS - Testers Needed
7:29PM 3 Sum multiple columns individually
7:27PM 1 Controller, Actions and Views
7:26PM 1 acts_as_tree with acts_as_list
7:26PM 0 Helper help
6:51PM 3 newbie alert! Need help in extracting parameters from the post request
5:44PM 2 Putting Some Logic in Accessors That Get DB Field Data
5:42PM 0 routing error and wildcard character
5:23PM 2 React on select_tag (onchange)
4:52PM 1 Deprecated "model" - what should it be replaced with?
4:41PM 2 form problem
4:33PM 0 Fragment Cache in ActionMailer
4:18PM 6 What IDE shuuld I use ?
4:00PM 0 << PC Security - Best Spyware Removal >>
3:42PM 0 Active Record, and multiple models in memory
3:07PM 0 substruct
3:00PM 0 Scaffolding and editing of numeric(xxx,0) columns
2:55PM 0 [OT] Application server - User interface
2:25PM 0 editing method_missing
2:04PM 6 how do I list all the tables in a database?
1:24PM 8 cattr_accessor and ActiveRecord attribute mass assignment
12:38PM 0 sample code ping remote ip in windows..
11:55AM 0 Levyo Ajax Gallery supports Firefox 2.0.1 only??
11:50AM 4 nil in ActiveRecord and SQL
11:20AM 2 Multiple record updates in batch with ActiveRecord?
10:02AM 1 Again the vendor directory
9:20AM 2 strange File.open and Dir.mkdir issue
9:00AM 5 smallest laptop for Rails development on-the-go??? any recommendations
7:23AM 0 Opening for "Ruby On Rails" Developer [Mumbai]
7:01AM 2 strange thing w/ array.map
6:25AM 1 Need help regarding RESTful and Ajax Form
5:56AM 2 Multiple Nested RESTful Resources
5:10AM 3 Buffer problem
5:06AM 2 text_field_with_auto_complete problem
3:05AM 1 has_and_belongs_to won't delete records
2:46AM 0 ::: Hair Treatment and Tips :::
2:23AM 1 Problem with Hpricot and attributes
1:37AM 23 RoR on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (ec2)?
1:32AM 0 Full-Dulpex Ajax module for Lighttpd
12:09AM 0 Dynamic forms - using radio buttons to show form items
Wednesday January 24 2007
11:12PM 2 Adding multiple rows of data using a single form
11:06PM 0 idea: rails + mysql master/slave replication ==> mysql_replication connection adaptor
11:04PM 3 array position
10:59PM 4 Alternative to Rails Heartbeat.
10:24PM 2 New Project - In need of ruby developer
9:58PM 0 problems with themes in rails 1.2.1 -> named_route
9:36PM 6 ssl - browser warning on IE - page contains both secure a
9:28PM 2 how to force https: browsing on your app
9:18PM 0 the vendor dir, gems and openid
8:38PM 1 Timezone abbreviation question
8:27PM 0 Motiro 0.6.1 released
8:21PM 5 Real-time message passing to browser in Rails?
7:46PM 0 testing FAQ monitoring
7:36PM 1 random access to my data
7:19PM 7 Differences between assert_tag and assert_select
7:13PM 1 generated check_box(es) & committing to db
7:00PM 1 Testing controllers where authentication is needed
6:51PM 2 Model.find(:first, :lock=>true) Unknown key(s) :lock
6:44PM 4 Is this list slow for new posts?
6:33PM 1 Resource nested in multiple other resources
6:16PM 2 Calculating minutes, hours or days since now
6:15PM 2 Console possible error?
6:10PM 7 Conditional statements in rhtml
6:07PM 1 params and attributes confusion. Maybe my routes? I included my code and log snips.
5:37PM 3 How to add dropdown list to this?
5:23PM 2 Sleep blocking other users.
5:04PM 2 Drag and drop with sortables between two lists
4:52PM 5 rjs not executing?
4:02PM 1 Problem with selection lists
4:00PM 1 Ultra-slow DB connection / Reverse DNS
3:43PM 1 basic tree questions
3:22PM 1 www.rubyonrails.com bug
3:15PM 4 params
2:07PM 0 Komodo 4.0 - Ruby and Rails editor
1:42PM 1 Problems with railsbench - "benchmarking database is not configured"
1:42PM 3 looking for people to join a new web 2.0 social site
1:35PM 0 no such file to load -- RMagick.so
1:17PM 6 How to insert class name with link_to
1:11PM 3 500 error after upgrading to RoR 1.2.1
12:34PM 4 ImageMagick and RMagick on Mac OSX
12:26PM 0 Storing a string..
11:48AM 1 Compound model names
11:34AM 1 Making New Screencast
11:21AM 0 FormBuilder help
9:08AM 2 Missing Template Should be 404 Error
7:14AM 1 Removing empty class attribute from @template.content_tag
6:15AM 12 RailsManual.org (the PHP like searchable doc site) just updated to 1.2.1
6:14AM 3 windows username of user
5:11AM 3 acts_as_versioned only for certain fields?
3:43AM 0 Installation vs development
3:03AM 2 attr_accessor vs attr_accessible
2:47AM 0 Creating a callback for ActionMailer
1:46AM 0 ActionView::Helpers::InstanceTag#to_date_tag help
1:28AM 0 validation question
1:14AM 8 Viewing Rails from non-localhost using WEBrick server
1:08AM 4 Small files getting corrupted on upload
12:27AM 0 Is it bad to create a lot of instance variables from a view?
12:21AM 5 text file uploads come across as strings instead of files ?
12:16AM 0 Why does development.log get message from testing?
Tuesday January 23 2007
11:32PM 2 Validate Before RJS/Ajax Execution?
11:20PM 0 Does render(:file => some_file) interpret file as Erb?
11:16PM 0 about REST....
10:53PM 8 in_place_editor with resful routes
10:45PM 2 link_to_remote with anchor
10:41PM 1 Rails and queries
10:33PM 2 validates_presence_of in parent ok. but how in children?
10:26PM 0 validates_presence_of fields. in parent ok, but how in children?
10:06PM 4 Are Mongrel instances "sticky" with respect to sessions?
9:41PM 1 Beast integration into existing Rails application
9:37PM 1 are serialized fields required?
9:33PM 0 Styling select_time
9:04PM 3 Deploying Rails google group
9:01PM 6 RoR Mailing list FAQ
8:53PM 1 fetch html and strip tags
8:33PM 4 Rails bug reports & patches - why no action?
7:54PM 10 Rails 1.2.1 breaks all urls
7:40PM 2 bcc's visible in message? using actionmailer and smtp
7:37PM 0 XML Connection Adapter for ActiveRecord
7:19PM 1 Generating restful routes
6:59PM 0 Bad Header - Length Required
6:42PM 3 Too many session numbers per page request?
6:36PM 3 Rails logger.silence on controller action
6:21PM 7 Ajax
5:30PM 8 Deployment questions
5:29PM 2 Nil object when an array was expected.
5:10PM 3 Trouble installing Ruby on Rails with Apache 2 on Linux
4:19PM 3 Use ActionView stuff inside controller action
3:44PM 3 New Rails Site
3:37PM 6 form_remote_for can do :put
3:27PM 1 How I posted xml in a functional test
2:42PM 6 basic Ruby question
2:27PM 11 dynamic tablenames
1:07PM 0 Inconsistency of data in controller and irb
12:47PM 1 Insertion failed in remote database
12:22PM 2 how can integrate apache2 with ruby on rails ?
12:19PM 2 Trouble with Rails on a shared host : error 400 dispatch.cgi
11:19AM 3 Engines plugin 1.2 release coming real soon now...
11:15AM 7 ActiveRecord requires sequence numbers in Oracle join table
10:48AM 3 N:M find confusion
10:45AM 0 Select Helper with html option
10:43AM 2 file_column error
10:19AM 3 Execute shell command from Rails
9:51AM 2 Date arithmatic
9:43AM 0 Help with acl system
7:53AM 1 Forms Using Rails
5:52AM 1 need advice on autocomplete+multiselect
5:43AM 3 Observers
5:43AM 6 How do I use a helper inside a helper ?
4:59AM 2 Understanding :dependent => :delete_all?
3:33AM 1 assert_select issue
3:12AM 4 Can't read my MySQL Tables
2:58AM 2 [OT] Speeding Up Safari
2:50AM 2 Modifying _form.rhtml after column changes
2:41AM 3 Installing rails app on shared hosting
2:33AM 1 javascript popup not firing
1:30AM 0 Three Fragment Caching Questions
12:03AM 0 rails 1.2.1 breaks web service: "Unknown charset: u"
Monday January 22 2007
11:47PM 3 How to stop action in controller trying to render something?
11:41PM 10 using SSL with Rails Apps
11:36PM 5 using mongrel to serve 2 rails apps
11:21PM 0 Houston RoR group meeting for January
11:13PM 1 mutliple dynamic images from same data in one view?
10:47PM 3 Which architecture to choose for a common website
10:45PM 0 Converting a Legacy Database Using ActiveRecord
10:25PM 0 [OT] How to Serve Outlook Task from Rails?
10:20PM 4 Overriding AR accessors
10:16PM 5 multiple database users for rails app?
10:15PM 2 Copying data from SQL Server to MySQL for Rails app
9:38PM 0 Capistrano Hangs on OSX
9:32PM 0 MountainWest RubyConf: Open for Registration
9:26PM 2 Group Moderator - Ban member Eminaeem
9:15PM 3 The Ultimate solution to Global Warming
9:14PM 1 Global Hash?
9:08PM 2 Help with remote_function
8:29PM 1 acts_as_taggable uses mysql innoDB tables - does innoDB flush on write on Mac OS X?
8:13PM 5 rails helpers are adding extra folders
7:49PM 1 imagescience
6:54PM 2 Help with Validation errors
6:50PM 1 add_index() naming error
6:25PM 1 RoR Affiliate Management App?
6:19PM 0 How use variable in action List?
6:09PM 0 Help: Why does this fail
6:01PM 3 Best way to populate a calendar
5:40PM 3 time manager
5:34PM 1 named nested resource routes/polymorphic relationships
5:31PM 4 CHM Documentation for Rails 1.2.1
5:06PM 8 Email Injection attacks
4:49PM 0 problems in script/console after reload!
4:46PM 0 what is the Admin Console repository
4:42PM 4 Rails still trying to access table that has been renamed
4:40PM 0 Displaying view when using :order in find
4:02PM 12 Setting up your MacBook for ROR
3:50PM 0 using window.onload commands the 'rails way'
3:49PM 2 deploy with SSH and Apple ?
3:47PM 1 SOAP Service
3:34PM 5 passing parameters to action
3:34PM 0 acts_as_tree help
3:20PM 3 has_one behavior - AWDWR page 332
3:03PM 1 Arrays being changed to dates from 1.1.6 to 1.2
2:31PM 6 postgresql vs mysql ?
2:22PM 9 Primary Keys
2:21PM 7 How to implement testing?
2:20PM 0 create unique IDs
1:41PM 3 Bug in @flash deprecation?
1:25PM 0 Join Table Migration Error
12:30PM 0 rail 1.2.1: Fireruby exception with firebird
12:22PM 7 ldap application using rails?
12:20PM 1 Broken Umlauts (ÄÖÜäöüß) since Update on Rails 1.2.1
12:07PM 3 Subtlety: RSS For Your SVN
9:52AM 1 Syntax in calling function of acts_as_taggable_on_steroids
9:31AM 4 Calling JS from controller and RJS
8:54AM 0 How to stop return key from submitting form
8:22AM 2 caches_action :index for site root gets propagated to lower levels (how to stop?)
5:37AM 0 hen to pluck: script/generate mailer
5:13AM 0 select the item
3:48AM 4 newbie questions
3:00AM 1 Broken tests after upgrading to Rails 1.2
2:05AM 0 Ajax Drag & Drop not updating (Up & Running Tutorial)
1:40AM 5 Auto-populate authorization rights
1:39AM 0 n:through:1 Relation or n:m with another table
Sunday January 21 2007
11:50PM 1 Strange Ajax Error Since Upgrade
11:30PM 2 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.9.0
11:21PM 2 Deployment nightmares
11:00PM 0 Displaying currency symbols with select(), is it possible?
10:04PM 2 Advice on the definition and use of a rails controller.
9:50PM 0 Redcloth - ok, i give up. Please help!
8:41PM 0 Top 10 Science Discoveries in 2006
8:28PM 1 plugins don't bubble syntax errors up correctly
8:04PM 2 Actions on form objects in general
7:54PM 1 Form question
6:39PM 2 rake freeze error
5:09PM 2 Script to put column names as comments in model class files
5:03PM 1 class variables with migrations
4:51PM 0 Seeking Ruby on Rails Contractor
4:31PM 0 white_list plugin, how to use?
4:26PM 1 self_referencial!!!
3:35PM 0 select box selected on value ? w option_for_select
3:11PM 4 new, form_for and automatically-determined values
3:05PM 2 scanning for links
1:41PM 2 Ruby variable to JS in controller
1:08PM 0 Safari doesn't pass the headers.
12:30PM 8 simple banner / ad rotation on page (newbie question)
11:45AM 0 using http-access2 to talk to https servers??
10:54AM 6 eager loading : find_with_association
10:42AM 5 Problems using the RedCloth gem !?!
9:50AM 6 best way to do facebook style photo gallery ? use flash ?
8:59AM 3 Hide/unhide using prototype
7:04AM 5 Funny singularization/constantization in scaffold controller
7:00AM 2 is the flash hash stored clientside or serverside?
6:41AM 4 Copying controller methods to helpers.
6:25AM 0 Displaying errors using form_remote_tag?
6:04AM 6 rake db:migrate "undefined method `default'" error
5:30AM 1 Weirdness when save symbols to AR string fields
5:05AM 0 Functional Test Fails with before filter in application.rb
4:10AM 7 Best Book For Rails
4:01AM 1 noob with :method => :post vs. :post => 'true' dilemma
2:31AM 1 Virtual Hosts problem
2:28AM 0 Simple question about FastCGI and fastcgi.crash.log
1:24AM 5 flash[:notice]
12:52AM 6 What exactly does map.connect mean?
12:36AM 9 dispatch.fcgi not putting server into Production mode
Saturday January 20 2007
11:34PM 6 how to check database's queries?
10:19PM 3 Different sessions for different users
8:45PM 2 Record.count('whatever = whatever') will be deprecated in Rails 2.0
8:19PM 0 caches_action, before_filter and globalize
8:05PM 3 Aliasing Active Record Attributes (also delegation issues)
7:22PM 2 Conditional pluralize without the number
6:31PM 2 Rails 1.2.1 console not working
6:19PM 2 How to pass local variables to render_to_string?
6:15PM 2 Debug help -- simple method produces NoMethodError
6:03PM 0 Engines, plugins, migrations.. and moaning
5:24PM 5 feedback please to new site emokoo.com
5:11PM 1 Freezing Rails question
4:53PM 1 Not appear error message
4:41PM 2 Helper versus Partial
3:53PM 3 Making tables with SQLight
3:14PM 3 Download Weather Toolbar
2:50PM 1 Missing action error not being caught
2:39PM 2 find_by_sql with named parameterized sql
1:33PM 0 anybody here using ActiveRDF?
1:20PM 0 Fwd: Engines, plugins, migrations.. and moaning
12:27PM 0 caches_action and before_filter
10:41AM 2 Finding duration of mp3 in Rails?
10:16AM 3 Self Referential HABTM Checkbox Example or Tutorial Needed
10:15AM 0 testing with specific request env
8:46AM 2 Can link_to have both an image and some text?
7:52AM 9 MySQL Losing Connection?
6:26AM 0 [PLUGIN] instance_validations
6:18AM 4 find_by_sql sanity check
4:57AM 0 Best way to force a respond_to format
4:36AM 0 Rails can't find my Rake Tasks
2:03AM 1 instance variable as source in image_tag
1:30AM 0 actionrecord gem update produces Zlib::BufError
1:29AM 2 Problems when freezing gems (rails 1.2.1)
1:10AM 3 Help with radio buttons
1:06AM 1 Problems freezing gems to rails 1.2.1?
1:00AM 8 Position Mouse Curser - RoR way
12:53AM 6 Best way to update attributes on AR objects without saving?
Friday January 19 2007
11:07PM 2 Does AR::Base#save update the entire object tree on update?
11:01PM 1 radio_button_tag - not checking as expected
10:52PM 3 "Safe" template engine with custom tags?
10:47PM 0 Acts_as_taggable (the gem) woes (solved)
10:43PM 1 simple realtime search not working with utf8 on rails 1.2
10:07PM 1 Resource-based routing
9:56PM 2 Auto-generate database schema based upon model?
9:29PM 0 How To Copy PS2 Game
9:25PM 0 Do transactions fail with polymorphic has_one relationships?
9:19PM 2 Version reporting mis-match
8:59PM 20 Hiding a model function
7:42PM 0 About that auto-complete select box...
7:27PM 1 Where to put code?
6:54PM 1 New complex AR object saves - how is tree traversed?
6:40PM 8 What are Stack Frames?
6:29PM 3 [Annoying] Flash not getting cleared after upgrade to 1.2.1
6:26PM 1 Actions from radio_button_tag
5:54PM 0 AR transaction method doesn't rollback in all cases
5:43PM 3 app failing -- configuration issue?
5:30PM 3 Unable to include mixins with Rails 1.2 update
5:21PM 0 Partial - variable not being sent
5:09PM 0 Redirects and IP addresses
4:56PM 0 Many to Many associations
4:55PM 1 Re-post: Problem with dashes in URL / Routes
4:26PM 0 Fleximage get a resized thumbnail
3:53PM 6 Problem w/ routes.rb
3:35PM 0 SVG-Rails???
3:32PM 0 Ruby on Rails now tracked by Update-Scout
3:22PM 0 Rails-1.2.1 hosting available at WebFaction
3:16PM 5 New Rails 1.2.1 Error with text_area
3:09PM 1 Trouble with Rails/Ri18n
3:01PM 1 Ruby on Rails now tracked by Update-Scout.com
2:29PM 3 Rails file sharing application
2:22PM 2 partials and objects...?
2:19PM 2 Showing options on radio button click
2:13PM 8 Should I Learn RoR
1:44PM 2 Calling method through variable
1:42PM 1 Where should I put ruby code for layouts
1:41PM 6 Help with sanitize and escaping
11:54AM 3 Re: Load errors in 1.2.1
11:23AM 5 How long do you think host providers will take to go to Rails 1.2?
10:52AM 14 Rails/Gem errors?
10:04AM 1 Dry way to validate custom form fields
9:40AM 1 Calculation delegating on Association
9:33AM 2 URL pop-up from selection (select box)
9:27AM 4 Problem with link tags
7:52AM 0 List of 1.2.1 deprecations
6:57AM 1 saving second order association with ActiveRecord
6:50AM 1 rails 1.2.1 singleton resources (map.resource)
6:23AM 1 many to one relation.
6:23AM 13 many to one relation
5:43AM 9 werid error, please help
5:38AM 0 WEBrick cookies not persisting?
5:36AM 1 FC4 and ruby 1.8.5
4:50AM 2 route issue after update to 1.2.1
4:20AM 3 stripping html from form inputs
4:04AM 0 Re: Receiving and Processing Inbound Email on Dreamhost
4:03AM 0 Re: Receiving and Processing Inbound Email on Dreamhost
3:58AM 0 Re: emacs: truly a textmate equivalent?
2:41AM 4 Nil Instead of Empty String
1:51AM 1 Route in layout doesn't work with params
1:20AM 4 Rails 1.2: REST admiration, HTTP lovefest, and UTF-8 celebrations
1:13AM 0 Upcoming Madison, WI Ruby/Rails events
12:48AM 2 mephisto syntax highlighting plugin broken with javascript?
12:32AM 1 Model relationships and clean views
Thursday January 18 2007
10:43PM 1 Generate links with dashes in :id
10:31PM 0 Re: emacs: truly a textmate equivalent?
9:38PM 0 HOWTO: remote logging with syslog-ng
8:57PM 4 Problem with encoding - characters such as öäü
8:40PM 1 Plugin/engine for generating menus?
8:15PM 2 loading ActiveRecords via a complex query
8:09PM 14 AJAX to Partial?
7:50PM 4 :has_many :through Question
7:25PM 2 Expiring Cookies when the Browser is Closed
7:20PM 2 How to use API from AWS -- help!
7:09PM 0 Destroy error in verification.rb:64
6:53PM 0 assert_redirected_to
6:34PM 1 model_auto_completer plugin
6:31PM 14 LoadErrors in Rails 1.2
6:15PM 1 Internet Explorer - Sanitize Uploaded Filenames
6:15PM 2 Suppress Routing Errors for Missing Static Files
6:04PM 9 hpricot results in an rhtml file
5:59PM 0 second/overlay rails root directory ?
5:35PM 0 where has gem update rails gone?
5:33PM 1 IE6 ajax requests and mod_proxy problem
5:22PM 2 group by (2 -levels)
4:48PM 1 Autoincrement on Join Table not working
4:37PM 1 Trying to install SessionTimeout plugin
4:24PM 0 How do I "share" an image model?
4:19PM 1 Line breaks changing meaning?
4:17PM 3 how to get version of installed rails
3:44PM 5 Session IDs and SWFUpload
3:09PM 0 return value from collection_select
3:06PM 6 Expecting a definrd model id, but returning object id
2:59PM 2 problem w/shared partials
2:39PM 5 Gem Update Connection Error??
2:32PM 2 Trouble reading attachments on OS X
2:23PM 2 Throw default text when yield doesn't render anything ?
2:20PM 4 Rails and TDD
1:59PM 7 Associations Confusion
1:13PM 10 rails 1.2 released!
12:13PM 7 Crazy looping in render partial
12:11PM 4 Deploying an application to the web
11:40AM 2 How to connect to a mail server using SSL?
11:20AM 2 Non-standard primary key column
10:59AM 0 bug? found by way of counter_cache/default bug
10:10AM 1 3des encryption
9:36AM 0 help on has_one
9:19AM 1 Where to put Javascript?
9:09AM 8 Include JavaScript from view helpers
8:55AM 8 How can I find out which attribute is screwing up pluralize/singularize?
8:42AM 0 Using a search path for templates?
7:37AM 1 Error on updateing!
7:27AM 1 Patch attempt for ActiveRecord::Base#clone
6:53AM 6 can't convert Hash into String
6:29AM 2 value of an instance variable from selection list
3:45AM 7 form_tag broken in Rails 1.2 RC2 or is it me?
3:34AM 1 Using ODBC under windows without "default database"
3:30AM 0 Ruby 1.8.5 on FC4
12:27AM 2 Conditional validates_inclusion_of execution problem
12:25AM 1 multithreading in rails
Wednesday January 17 2007
10:24PM 1 LOGS in the server, where are they??
10:22PM 0 High Cholesterol = Heart Attack
10:16PM 4 ||= operator
10:08PM 1 Suggestion on how to start a remote application from rails
9:46PM 1 include ClassMethods in plugins
9:32PM 9 Why is RedCloth 3.0.4 so borked?
9:28PM 0 Not sure how to update..
9:05PM 2 rake test and validates_inclusion_of
8:59PM 26 What's a good non-Apple OS for RoR developers' workstations?
8:44PM 13 Can I store a piece of code outside a module or class?
8:06PM 3 REST and habtm relationship
8:01PM 1 A new window after a form? How?
8:01PM 0 Active Record, MySQL 5 BIT field
7:59PM 4 where are the doc. for "render :update do |page|" ???
7:57PM 1 Where do I put my JavaScript?
6:48PM 6 evolving to the tdd mindset
6:33PM 1 Help with undefined method error
6:32PM 0 Include a array from Better Nested Set in paginated statement?
6:30PM 0 undefined method error
6:06PM 5 AJAX select: How to send the selected value to AJAX action?
5:39PM 8 can i force a favicon.ico ?
5:24PM 1 Localizing Substruct
5:24PM 12 Excel sheet generation
3:13PM 1 ActiveRecord find with :include and :select ignores :select
2:54PM 2 Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce: best book to learn test?
2:27PM 2 Fast lookup in drop down menu using javascript
2:16PM 0 How to inetgrate an addressbook/calander
2:09PM 0 resilience to database restart
1:49PM 2 intersection of join models?
11:35AM 3 Problem in Database Connection...
11:04AM 6 Globalize Plugin : How to get it ?
11:00AM 1 select_tag onchange problem
10:56AM 1 problem installing plugins
10:39AM 1 csv upload and utf-8 ?
10:37AM 1 Get "Uninitialized constant" with Globalize
10:19AM 1 rendering fails (Ajax - problem?)
10:04AM 1 Updating to RUBY 1.8.4
9:35AM 1 Ajax <select> boxes?
7:54AM 3 link_to_remote and forms
6:25AM 0 instiki markdown vs Redcloth
6:09AM 0 question about code reuse and session variables
6:06AM 2 Problem in Installing Rails
5:55AM 0 Fixture like imports...
5:49AM 1 error when trying to create mysql database
5:43AM 2 Using IO.popen to capture stderr?
3:35AM 4 Intermittent problem finding records - ever seen this?
1:42AM 0 How to modify the query ruby/mysql driver sends?
1:23AM 1 foreign key select
1:14AM 0 Where to store long code block
1:10AM 6 find_by_like?
12:43AM 1 Model Accessor Question
12:15AM 1 SQL Server nvarchar support?
12:04AM 0 Models and Modules and subclassing, oh my!
12:04AM 3 Gem vs. other package managers
12:01AM 4 group owner or group admin: => please read
Tuesday January 16 2007
11:56PM 4 Subdomain Account Keys Best Practice
11:52PM 2 how to format '.inspect' output?
11:48PM 0 Ruby On Rails programmer needed for 1/2-built webstore
10:16PM 0 RubyGems 0.9.0 and earlier installation exploit
10:09PM 5 RubyGems 0.9.1
9:54PM 0 rails logger
9:16PM 4 RJS - What the the advantages? / Why use?
8:59PM 1 Self Directed 401k - IRA Notes
8:54PM 0 Houston RoR group meeting delayed
8:47PM 1 calling java API from ruby
8:38PM 1 Can't pass parameters to Ziya controller using url_for
8:29PM 1 strange urls from url_for_file_column
8:21PM 1 Foreign keys
8:13PM 4 script/runner: what the...!?
8:06PM 2 chapter 11, second edition.. little help please.
8:01PM 4 question about sessions and code re-use
7:47PM 1 WebService XML-RPC session access?
7:07PM 3 odd error with sqlite3 adaptor
6:52PM 6 Use the same page header/footer across apps within a domain?
6:39PM 2 what do you do in this case?
6:35PM 9 Best way to go - query large database?
6:31PM 0 Rails Developers Needed
6:16PM 2 uninitialized constant Enum with Webrick & RMagick
6:09PM 0 Restful routes for ajax?
6:04PM 1 i need to work with group by
5:55PM 5 Tips and Tricks
5:40PM 4 Heavy Database Polling, Optimization question, (for CTI App)
5:16PM 0 Best Implementation Web-Configurable Custom Model Properties?
5:11PM 3 reusable code in AWS
4:53PM 0 How-to ImplementWeb-Configurable Custom Properties?
4:49PM 5 unique values
4:40PM 0 Errors in i2 code?
4:35PM 2 problem with mod rewrite
4:17PM 1 Problems with fields_for
4:05PM 1 protocol
2:34PM 5 skipping validation during create?
2:28PM 1 Problem in interaction with UnixODBC
1:55PM 4 Plugins - Gems, not working?
1:53PM 2 RESTful routes and Mime::Type
1:49PM 2 :include with conditions.
1:01PM 2 Custom Time Format Breaks In Test
12:52PM 0 Need a programmer in Bangkok, Thailand
12:44PM 1 Unit Testing and assert_match
12:18PM 2 CSS Calendar in Rails
12:16PM 2 Question about AR associations (belongs_to)
12:15PM 1 Testing
12:07PM 2 Why No installation steps available for Rails standalone?
11:35AM 4 how to round up a float number?
11:33AM 0 Building a Basecamp Project Overview using the API
11:28AM 0 setting the host in a functional test
11:18AM 4 find_by_name -> Lost connection to MYSQL server during query
9:59AM 0 checkbox onclick event detect inside a table column
9:56AM 7 Rails on a "/cgi-bin" and ".rb" focused web server
9:40AM 0 Web Service/RSS bus
8:14AM 2 datetime_select validation
8:01AM 0 Uploading and image and seeing it on the list.rhtml
7:17AM 1 What is this error ?
6:57AM 3 Instantrails.exe process wont shutdown.
6:18AM 4 Controllers without Models
3:43AM 2 Using view helpers in migrations?
3:12AM 0 rake bootstrap in test environment
3:00AM 1 Rails model naming conflict
2:52AM 3 YAML model initializations
2:02AM 3 Small design question ... good or bad ...
1:16AM 3 Quick questions about link_to
12:50AM 0 Forcing times in the database to UTC?
12:14AM 2 Support multiple databases.
Monday January 15 2007
10:41PM 5 Numerous developers developing Rails app on different OSes
10:32PM 2 Create a log of changes to an attribute
10:25PM 0 Twice select_date -> Date range
10:13PM 1 How do I update the mysql db ?
10:13PM 1 Using One Lookup Table for Multiple Model Properties
10:10PM 2 Email Injection Protection
10:07PM 5 Sorting
10:00PM 1 Routes + page cache + default route = not caching?
9:12PM 1 Strange parameters added to image and CSS URLs
9:02PM 0 SQlite server for multiple users,
8:53PM 7 starting Mongrel via script/server
8:15PM 4 Rails Screencasts?
7:46PM 0 Awesome Austin TX - ROR Job
7:39PM 1 AR clone interaction with initialization logic in model
7:16PM 2 Getting extra information from the url
7:15PM 0 Can someone explain...
7:07PM 1 Qn on exact phrase matches on a MySQL db from a RoR Controller
6:55PM 0 Backward migration fails on segmentation fault when using RC2
6:51PM 2 Some basic RoR questions
6:40PM 0 scaffold_resource doc / usage bug
6:02PM 0 Call clients in view of order
5:54PM 1 Rails Hosting on Mac
5:52PM 1 Best practices advice: Redirecting-to vs. rendering errors
4:54PM 2 will using ajax to fetch email help protect againt harvest?
4:37PM 3 pedigree tree modeling RoR
4:19PM 3 Deployment problem, FreeBSD, mongrel_cluster
4:18PM 0 One controller, multiple scaffolds?
4:10PM 0 Accessing fields from observe_form AJAX request
4:06PM 1 Validating that a record in a related table exists
4:04PM 2 Self-referential has_many :through associations
4:03PM 0 ANN: Rails UAE meeting #1 - January 2007
2:12PM 4 Applying style to the URLs
2:01PM 4 Application error after server reset
1:54PM 2 AJAX, checkbox array.
12:54PM 0 polymorphic on has_one side of relationship
12:47PM 0 has anyone tried running nginx on their local machine?
12:37PM 2 offensive/rude word <<bleeping>> for posted text??? is there a plugin / existing mechanism to do this???
11:46AM 0 suggestions for photo notation library ala flickr
10:22AM 6 How colud i can run application on remote system in the netw
10:05AM 5 ActionController::UnknownAction (No action responded to xxx)
9:09AM 1 Abstract Class/Model
8:41AM 5 Dynamic Error Pages
8:37AM 2 Moving an existing Rails app, css links are wrong
8:27AM 2 Password Protecting Documents with Rails Authentication
6:54AM 0 possible file naming inconsistency (w/ example/suggestion)
6:08AM 2 Help with with displaying a selected list.
4:49AM 6 eliminating trailing commas
4:35AM 0 rails-plugins used
4:19AM 0 SMTP behavior different in different actions
4:08AM 1 Flickr.rb - displaying tags
3:27AM 9 unpopulated in_place_editor_field not working
2:22AM 13 how can I take the advantage of scaffolding?
1:41AM 6 breakpointer doesn't show local variables
Sunday January 14 2007
11:23PM 0 Frozen gem, how to use on shared server?
10:40PM 1 Rail Class name to File name
10:28PM 15 Is possible to order a nested model?
10:18PM 5 Recommended Graph module?
10:18PM 3 1.2 rc2 installation problem
10:01PM 1 ZiYa Plugin - Getting started - on YouTube
9:13PM 1 Rails complaining of nil object and aborting
8:37PM 0 »¦« Unbelivable Buildings and Constructions of the Year »¦«
8:36PM 4 Why does this error occur ?
7:12PM 0 javascript dialog libraries
5:35PM 1 migrate problem (have to go back, then forward, to "stick")
4:54PM 1 IRB Abilities
3:57PM 7 In_place_editor_field for select tag
2:53PM 5 how to see if string is true compared with a pattern
1:51PM 0 problems with file_field
11:26AM 1 Catch MYSQL errors
9:56AM 1 disable lighttpd
9:33AM 0 Unassign Object Attributes
9:14AM 16 Good tutorial
8:52AM 1 ~^~ Secrets of Windows ~^~
8:18AM 6 How to Run Scheduled Tasks?
8:17AM 10 restful polymorphic
8:10AM 0 Tutorial - Writing a Template Handler
6:50AM 3 Podcast API?
5:48AM 2 undefined method `each' for
5:34AM 4 where to define global functions and classes?
4:23AM 2 give me a heads-up on my article teaser code.
4:14AM 6 Anyone RoR users in Sarasota Florida Or Tampa want to network?
1:00AM 2 Storage of constants
Saturday January 13 2007
11:39PM 2 Page layouts / general site layout with RoR
11:02PM 3 Page layout problem ...
10:40PM 2 error_messages_for, can i overide the name in the title?
10:21PM 0 before_filter not executed in functional tests
10:14PM 1 Ambiguities in documentation
9:41PM 4 Running Rails alongside IIS
9:11PM 0 select option redirect
9:09PM 0 Flaws Are Detected in Microsoft's Vista
8:54PM 1 preventing duplicate inserts?
8:22PM 1 validates* losing css file when redisplaying form?
8:15PM 0 Load Testing a Rails Application - What tool is most used??? (performance testing / benchmarking)
6:24PM 5 Displaying SVG images
4:25PM 3 how to toggle several divs at the click?
2:29PM 4 is this group moderated in any way, and what's up with google search ?
11:41AM 0 better nested set 0.1
11:26AM 0 Notifier checking SMTP
10:36AM 3 Escaping SQL?
7:50AM 0 فـازتـ بـ 720 دولار وانـهـبـلـت ,,
7:43AM 1 fieldWithErrors - does not work
7:22AM 1 batch script using active record
7:00AM 6 Engines, Plugins, Gems and Components ...
6:35AM 3 Newbie question on using javascript within rails view
6:05AM 5 Which country did a user request come from? How can I determine this???
5:12AM 5 Variable Method Name
3:57AM 6 nice date function
3:26AM 5 preload class at start up
3:17AM 5 problems with destroy
3:13AM 2 Help with destroy method - newbie
1:02AM 1 need help with form_remote_for to start_form_tag
12:51AM 0 talented developer avail for Rails $25/hr Boston area or anywhere
12:46AM 1 How to validate multi-option checkboxes
12:23AM 0 Odd issue relating to polymorphic associations and find_or_create_by_xxxx ?
Friday January 12 2007
10:59PM 2 Forking a process in Rails is messing up mongrel
10:34PM 1 capistrano setup bails with RegexpErr on show_tasks
10:06PM 1 Joins, paginate and casting an integer to a string
10:04PM 2 >>|<< Hair Treatment & Transplantation >>|<< Tips
9:45PM 0 Decorating Your Teens Bedroom
9:30PM 0 Association: has_many_reflexive?
9:26PM 6 pluralization for 'EventSeries' turns into table name 'event_sery'
9:04PM 1 Deploying with Capistrano to a Windows box
8:22PM 0 Meet up at RailsConf 2007
8:13PM 2 Querying children optimized sql?
8:10PM 1 DB design/query
7:47PM 2 avoiding duplicate inserts from multiple ruby processes
7:05PM 3 Large file storage in database
7:00PM 0 Capistrano > 1.2, shared host and permissions errors
7:00PM 1 assert_redirected_to Exception occurs with RESTful application
6:50PM 2 trouble invoking dispatch.rb via cgi on IIS5
6:47PM 3 timestamp - automatically inserting
6:36PM 1 Gallery appliction
6:31PM 0 implementing interface tabs
5:33PM 10 There appears to be a new version of the AWDWR 2.0 book
5:21PM 0 Denying requests for Amazon Product Previews?
5:18PM 2 how to collapse all with a toggle
5:16PM 0 mod_rewrite, DNS, and controllers
5:13PM 2 Mongrel Error causing 500 redirects
5:10PM 4 Onchange, select, and Ajax
4:56PM 1 Does Rails cache join table definitions?
4:44PM 1 suggestion for valid date checking
4:27PM 0 suggest about customization
3:44PM 10 Problems with Find
3:41PM 3 Where to put algorithm class
3:40PM 4 acts_as_taggable and new taggable items
3:18PM 0 customize streamlined
2:59PM 3 has_one confusion
2:54PM 2 how to overlap some text with a div on toggle?
2:53PM 2 component like behavior with nested restful routes in beast
2:50PM 0 mail_to link character limit?
1:53PM 4 Information in all controllers?
12:53PM 3 Distributing controllers across several Rails servers and url_for
11:01AM 2 how to update/create a collection of two models in one form
9:56AM 7 how to convert a string into class name?
9:48AM 4 How to install Rails stand-alone?
6:30AM 2 Installing RubyGems Problem
5:55AM 1 dropdown select
5:47AM 0 Problem with assert_redirected_to on a RESTful route
5:03AM 6 crash if too many processes
4:14AM 21 where are the widgets?
3:30AM 8 Posts not showing up in group
3:18AM 1 First time AJAX and need help
3:02AM 3 SSL for login page only
2:32AM 6 using mongrel and want whole site ssl
2:19AM 9 Nil object in E1 capture the order
12:39AM 1 complex sql query approach
12:15AM 1 rails payment plugins
12:01AM 3 creating a temporary link with rails
Thursday January 11 2007
11:56PM 0 Can I configure the type value for STI?
11:42PM 0 Check out, Say No To Mark Implant video....
11:16PM 1 undefined method `' for nil:NilClass
10:40PM 0 Earn Money Online With MyLot
10:31PM 1 Clean sheet, PHP/Java to a Rails core via <insert method>, but secure.
10:24PM 2 Finding and Sorting
10:08PM 0 Functional tests with actions that send files
10:06PM 0 Beach Theme Bedroom
9:22PM 1 Rails Error When Accessing New Controller
9:06PM 3 How i can deploy ROR on a Win 2k server?
8:52PM 3 does a partial have access to all the variables of the calling controller
8:48PM 4 collection_select - how to set selected options?
8:40PM 6 Haml 1.0 - Stable Sam (!!!)
8:34PM 0 file_column Plugin "Picture invalid image"
8:28PM 5 how to have default date for date_select
8:22PM 2 Can't send email from my mac?
8:18PM 3 Newbie after Depot apps
8:15PM 0 writing tests for rescue_action_in_public
8:09PM 2 noob ques:50mb of memory on mongrel and LightTPD w/ FastCGI.
8:00PM 1 Updating set of images with RJS
7:46PM 0 Including partials in ActionMailer template files?
7:44PM 0 RoR opportunity in Los Angeles
7:41PM 3 So how do I work authentication into an API?
7:27PM 3 nice tab implementation - rails?
6:55PM 3 rake db:migrate doesn't work anymore
6:05PM 0 Ruby on Rails Jobs in California and North Carolina
5:45PM 0 Rake doesn't load test DB
5:25PM 3 Installation RoR on SUSE + Plesk Server.
4:59PM 0 forms contains collections ... with related objects
4:44PM 0 multiple classes in the same file
4:39PM 2 send_data bombs out after 64K
3:05PM 2 text_field_with_auto_complete() - problem
2:05PM 2 text field as date selector (not comboboxes) => how to create customized form helpers?
1:43PM 0 suggestion??
1:01PM 10 how to deploy with RoR 1.2?
12:03PM 1 sending a mail from the form
11:50AM 0 Upload files automatically from remote machine
11:39AM 2 Two-side-polymorphic association - or: how to link multiple models to each other
10:28AM 4 More views for more domains.
10:04AM 7 FCGI Issues on Dreamhost
8:23AM 6 nil object while the required parameter are in the request
7:19AM 1 شاهدوا طريقة الذبح في منغوليا
5:16AM 0 Is there anything like Quartz in Rails ?
5:15AM 0 Check Box and database
4:51AM 2 checkbox to toggle div
4:36AM 1 Nice UI Tabs - based on a click
4:02AM 0 Gallery application or plugin/gem
3:18AM 2 Routing Error Recognition failed for "/..."
3:13AM 0 <<= END OF THE WORLD =>>
2:20AM 1 Widgets GWT, newbie to rails
1:56AM 1 find_by_somefield() in routes?
1:47AM 0 Single Sign On (SSO) and SAML
1:46AM 0 RDoc for associations
1:28AM 25 Good Linux distro for Ror
12:57AM 2 Writing a test for IP addresses
12:38AM 0 Re: RailsTagList
12:15AM 0 مـديرة مدرسة تجـبر الطالبات على التعـري الكـامل..
Wednesday January 10 2007
11:38PM 2 RoR Roadmap
11:34PM 11 Inferring timezone for HTTP headers
11:23PM 0 Seeking Ruby on Rails Co-worker in Boston. jobs!
11:12PM 0 rails:freeze:edge hanging...?
10:53PM 2 Get fields in a generator
10:31PM 0 AJAX versus the DOM
10:28PM 6 MySQL lost connection errors - related to DB session store?
9:52PM 1 Ruby LSAPI 1.12 is release
9:42PM 0 Your Bed: Does It Invite You?
9:23PM 3 Rails 1.2
9:12PM 0 Rails Developer wanted in Kansas City, MO
8:49PM 1 500 Error but log shows 200 OK
8:28PM 0 Duplicate lines in Rails 1.2rc2 reports
8:21PM 0 capistrano disable_web with mongrel_cluster
8:09PM 0 SQLite3::CantOpenException
8:08PM 0 nested resources with nested controllers
7:51PM 2 Threading nightmare
7:31PM 0 Trouble saving HABTM relation
7:16PM 4 Action Caching - Where'd the files go?
7:08PM 4 Grouping. Difficult find statement. Brain hurting.
6:58PM 0 Where to put large algorithm class
5:58PM 0 Class namespace
5:53PM 0 Reminder: Milwaukee Ruby Users Group tonight at 5:30
5:42PM 1 Changing database.yml file
5:17PM 1 Unable to get input for certain fields to post to mySQL db
4:58PM 0 ClockingIT closing in on v1.0
4:53PM 3 getting host server name
4:48PM 0 Want to have user feedback to my email.
4:38PM 3 ActiveRecord Error?
4:37PM 1 Country --> countries ?? it doesnt work
4:35PM 2 how to build a Time Trigger action?
4:15PM 0 ActiveRecord errors in a custom FormBuilder
4:04PM 1 Accessing ActiveRecord errors in a custom FormBuilder
4:03PM 3 Functional tests : rescue_action-rewrite causing problems (autotest)
3:22PM 1 Solution for undefined method `use_transactional_fixtures=' ... problem
3:17PM 3 Rails 1.2.0 RC2 has 4125 duplicate lines
2:54PM 1 "def rescue_action(e) raise e end" causing problems in integration tests / autotest
1:49PM 6 customize scaffold
1:20PM 0 many_to_many relationship problem
1:12PM 2 Rails App Showcase
12:11PM 0 forms contains collections ... of child-objects
12:03PM 6 Updating an attribute in db
11:30AM 0 sqlite3 not setting default attributes to nil?
10:29AM 1 Allowing XML-RPC class.methodName (not MethodName)?
9:28AM 1 Action Mailer
9:10AM 2 Using Rails config /load path/etc from external app..
7:50AM 7 ultramonkey vs pound?
6:26AM 1 POP3 and Ruby on Rails
5:46AM 4 Edge, RESTful controllers and an admin section. How?
3:54AM 0 :=: Free CDs & DVDs :=:
2:19AM 0 1.2RC2: Broken Table Aliasing for Associations
12:49AM 2 Where to get started with RoR?
12:18AM 0 Requesting Newbie Guidence and Advice
12:04AM 2 Newbie problem with destroy
Tuesday January 9 2007
11:28PM 2 More Money 0.0.6
11:03PM 0 development_structure.sql?
10:37PM 1 Routing Error
9:09PM 1 assert_redirected_to not working as expected
8:50PM 4 trying to install edge rails and...
8:09PM 0 Call any phone anywhere Free
8:05PM 1 Validation problems.
7:59PM 8 Polymorphic table - find one associated object
7:39PM 1 i2 code
6:55PM 0 observe_field(s) on a set of radio_button
6:44PM 2 Connect to two databases / Delegate authentication?
6:42PM 9 Accessing controller methods in the view
5:45PM 3 Data migration of date constant
5:03PM 4 link_to with all properties of a model
4:34PM 16 text drive or dreamhost
4:10PM 1 Browser Issue
3:50PM 0 Materialized Views, Summary Tables, MQTs
3:50PM 6 Form and Symbol
3:48PM 0 Routes with apache
3:45PM 0 how to show a fied FK - belongs_to
3:02PM 19 Better way to do this?
2:47PM 0 Duke Apartments page
2:28PM 2 Eclipse IDE
2:12PM 2 RESTful blog??
1:57PM 0 AJAX previous/next links to update entry
1:56PM 7 - places2go.org: New RAILS website released.
1:11PM 1 ruby18.core purpose?
12:47PM 0 Google site search plugin for Rails?
12:35PM 0 country_options_for_select: city and state?
12:00PM 2 Gettext and Rails Edge
10:56AM 0 Production Mode with SCGI
8:56AM 3 One connection per session
7:53AM 4 Translator in Ruby on Rails
7:28AM 4 classmodel - example
6:31AM 0 New Article: Attributes > Classes: Custom DOM Attributes for Fun and Profit
6:30AM 0 InstantRails upgraded from 1.1.6 has problems:.rb:423:in `remove_const': cannot remove Object
6:20AM 0 Newbie Question
5:43AM 0 account_location question
5:33AM 1 Display list based on date
3:48AM 0 ~^~ Secrets of Windows XP ~^~
3:46AM 1 1.2RC2: Help With Controller Anonymous Modules and Namespaces
2:51AM 2 leading blanks in text areas
12:56AM 5 rake stats: code to test ratio
12:48AM 10 Writing a breakable loop? If it gets a match it should stop.
Monday January 8 2007
11:30PM 1 Using acts_as_ferret outside Rails?
11:26PM 5 Edge Rails: parse error, unexpected $, expecting kEND
11:16PM 2 deleting all related tuples in all relevant tables
11:02PM 4 assert_equal fails on BigDecimal with Oracle in Rails 1.2 RC2
10:05PM 0 deleting params so overwrite_params doesn't include it
9:53PM 0 Accessing ActiveRecord#errors inside FormBuilder
9:29PM 4 Multiple instance of same AR validation error - Rails 1.2 RC2
9:27PM 1 Trying to format a phone number in PDF::Writer
8:36PM 1 methods inheriting from applicationcontroller
8:31PM 0 Creating a gem from a generator
8:21PM 0 ActiveResource and pagination
8:12PM 0 www.redblueus.org - New rails app live
7:48PM 0 Random Model Errors
7:33PM 3 DB Best Practices: Contacts
7:32PM 2 RJS: how to generate different code? plugins?
6:45PM 2 before_create firing twice on a save - RC2
6:41PM 0 Testing RSS feeds on functional tests (yet another question)
6:35PM 3 Relating Tables
6:33PM 0 How to I provoke the recalculation of a session variable?
6:06PM 0 prevent double logins
5:52PM 1 How to add to string a large text with single and double quotes
5:50PM 0 side-blocks without components
5:25PM 0 amazing screensavers and wallpapers
4:46PM 1 newbie CRUD problem
4:32PM 1 Got a problem with has_many through
4:24PM 3 use a Progess bar, but not for upload ???
4:22PM 2 RailsConf Hackfest 2007 and CD Baby sprint
4:13PM 2 how to have a "select all" checkbox ?
4:00PM 5 New site to compare Rails hosting companies
3:29PM 4 Oracle OCI8 connection error
3:19PM 1 delete a file from the server
2:44PM 3 CSV filepath
2:27PM 5 Install vs. zip
2:06PM 6 two submit buttons..
1:51PM 1 -text_field_with_auto_complete- browser problems
1:24PM 5 Accessing fields in ActiveRecord
1:16PM 2 Two problems with Acts_as_paranoid
9:18AM 1 php over rails?
8:14AM 1 Rails Order of Execution
8:00AM 11 mongrel memory usage
7:30AM 0 Embedding an action on a page
7:14AM 0 (undefined method `belongs_to' for ListItem:Class [NoMethodError])
6:24AM 0 NoMethodError and the select form helper
6:22AM 2 smtp server in rb
6:20AM 2 RESTful routes - nested AND direct?
6:02AM 8 word wrap ?
5:45AM 0 create file in a buffer mode
5:39AM 1 How to validate a date_select field
5:39AM 4 Updating Rails
4:46AM 1 Anybody know how works -> set_sequence_name?
3:26AM 5 RESTful and pretty URLs
3:19AM 3 AR object takes several forms to complete...how should I handle that?
2:26AM 6 Restfully Noob
2:16AM 0 Contact Form Validation
2:14AM 0 query keywords with capitalization insensitive in Oracle
1:21AM 0 RubyGems Beta
1:20AM 0 Can't get text to wrap in pdf::writer loose object
1:14AM 0 strange sql being generated
12:39AM 0 datetime - allow changes to time part but not date part
Sunday January 7 2007
11:16PM 2 Circular Relationships
10:58PM 0 New web site: hallwaytesting.com
10:44PM 0 Accessing error messages in a custom FormBuilder
10:20PM 5 do I need to do mysql_escape_string and how?
9:37PM 2 date validations
9:33PM 0 Scruffy (Nice work!) - Is this possible?
8:17PM 3 Which page an object is from
8:11PM 1 Email attachment
8:10PM 0 simple question about datetime select
6:50PM 5 how to make a string into an object instance name?
6:32PM 2 Capistrano recipe help - dual svn repository paths
5:07PM 1 Primary Key in table has the format -> YYDDHHXXXX
4:20PM 2 RC2 or Edge?
3:55PM 0 making textfields unscannable by spammers? use fleximage?
3:24PM 0 How to get the browser date from a request, in Rails?
12:23PM 2 basic gallery implementation
12:08PM 5 Adding `:null => false` column to a table containing records
8:09AM 1 main features of Rails 2.0 ?
5:44AM 6 How do require a gem from a model or anywhere other than just environment.rb
4:31AM 2 migrations and drop_table parameters
2:58AM 0 ActiveRecord.find :include and :conditions(value or null)
2:34AM 0 howto display multiple symbol values in collection_select()
2:25AM 2 Not recieving ID for update action
2:22AM 2 random numbers/characters for a spam preventer
1:36AM 1 validation error messages
12:10AM 1 Truncating binary data in log files ?
Saturday January 6 2007
10:59PM 0 partial _form not rendering
10:46PM 2 S3 throwing invalid argument using AWS S3 API
10:26PM 0 <:: Heart - Profile ::>
10:01PM 3 Redirect to last page in pagination
9:09PM 10 Newbie questions - storing and crossing controllers
8:43PM 6 Exception notifier not working
7:58PM 2 Server issues
7:56PM 4 Dumping current database to a migration?
7:43PM 1 500 Error returned, yet Rails log says everything is ok
6:29PM 3 speeding up pagination
6:19PM 0 Using ActiveRecord With (Previously) Derived Classes
6:01PM 0 undefined method 'markdown'
5:24PM 9 Routes question
4:16PM 7 Testing ApplicationController with Sessions
3:59PM 1 escape string
3:46PM 0 Formatting output using redcloth and .to_html
11:10AM 0 helo needed on usage of file_column plugin
10:39AM 1 help: cant get count for has_many :through
9:18AM 2 Get column value of col1 .. col10
8:36AM 0 both user and secret are required, an error from sending ema
8:03AM 3 Validation with Ruby on Rails
7:31AM 0 Scaffolding, how to automatically fill the form with params?
6:48AM 0 both user and secret are required, an error from sending email
6:06AM 0 Controller Module Problem
5:40AM 2 hiding id parameter
4:44AM 0 ApplicationController common view
4:08AM 1 External data file for a model
3:10AM 6 Rails Recipe 31 - Authenticatin Users Logs Reveals Passwords
2:56AM 1 Creating arrays inside of hashes dynamically
2:12AM 6 sitemaps gem - request for suggestions
1:14AM 3 net/http
1:03AM 0 Field default value in console
12:57AM 7 Query Question
12:31AM 1 Testing 404 responses
Friday January 5 2007
11:04PM 4 datetime_select problem
10:45PM 2 Migrations confusion in AWDWR v2
10:39PM 4 how to use routes.rb to shorten url??
10:11PM 4 VIM with Ruby Rails?
10:04PM 0 RailsConf
9:39PM 1 true combo box from <select><option>...
9:21PM 0 web service scaffolding: array and 2d array params
9:19PM 4 Migration tutorial for RadRails
8:53PM 2 Advice: Need to escape password chars w/SHA digest?
8:02PM 3 Capistrano and uploads to the public directory
7:54PM 0 Documentation
7:36PM 2 display pictures in database
7:23PM 3 Many to many relation in one model
7:22PM 1 [OT] too much spam, goodbye
7:09PM 2 Content-length:1 for render :nothing => true
6:59PM 1 Timestamp in log files
5:37PM 11 How do I use SSL only for actions, not stylesheets, javascript, and images...
5:18PM 1 Capistrano & update_current problem
5:10PM 0 ActiveResource cache using memcache-client
4:53PM 2 Ferret
4:40PM 0 got SQL error (no id) when updating a join table...
4:33PM 1 polymorphic associations ok in read but not in create...
4:29PM 2 AJAX issue: replace followed by show is not working
4:24PM 1 1.2RC2 Question - Anonymous Modules
4:00PM 1 download free games
3:33PM 11 Intellectual Property of building a Rails app
3:20PM 8 how to show waiting msg while rails is doing something else
1:28PM 1 domain (not subdomain) routing
12:29PM 0 problem with in_place_checkbox
11:32AM 0 Using ActiveRecord to peek into a WordPress database, but incorrect query generated?
10:53AM 3 view problem - incorrect image
10:30AM 0 When does Rails remove 'association' methods?
8:22AM 2 cant covert array of string in integers
8:12AM 0 uninitialized constant ActionView on Linux installation
7:19AM 2 RMI in ROR
7:04AM 1 (Enhancement?) for self referential has_many :through, w/ scoped create...
4:24AM 8 Rails 1.2: Release Candidate 2
2:54AM 0 Validating unique habtm?
2:36AM 2 Ruby LDAP interface
2:00AM 4 stuck on an rjs thing
12:17AM 0 Help with rflickr
Thursday January 4 2007
11:26PM 0 Trying to peek into a WordPress database
10:53PM 8 Job market Rails, Java, C++, etc
10:49PM 0 Saucy >>> Unobtrusive Styling Plugin
10:47PM 2 basic belongs_to question.
9:42PM 10 Only one "initialize" method allowed on AR objects?
9:18PM 7 ActiveRecord validation reflection.
9:09PM 1 require a specific gem-version
9:02PM 2 Dynamically choosing views
8:45PM 8 developed in window... hosting in a linux box..
8:40PM 1 Sharing sessions between users; Multiple sessions per user
8:26PM 0 How to extend rake loading path ?
8:02PM 1 :has_many :through problems...
7:08PM 1 Yet Another Rails Translation System
7:06PM 1 rmagick working in console but not in my app
7:03PM 2 newbie question concerning a simple thread
6:53PM 0 blog api?
6:46PM 1 The Rails Edge Conference in Reston, VA on Jan 25, 2007
6:36PM 4 Am I retarded?
6:14PM 0 javascript_include_tag emits self-closing <script> tag
6:03PM 5 ActionMailer
5:53PM 0 STI with numeric keys as types
5:44PM 1 Cascading validation
5:26PM 2 remove html tags from string in controller, how?
5:25PM 0 Lamp/Ruby on Rails Engineers needed - Santa Clara, CA
4:52PM 1 bring migration up to date
4:49PM 5 uninitialized constant oddities
4:49PM 0 [ADV] Ruby/Rails training in Alexandria, VA, by Accelebrate
4:48PM 0 view/_form.rhtml help, joining multiple tables, one form
3:37PM 1 Class/Object lifecycle?
2:56PM 12 AWDWR Depot App / Ruby question
2:54PM 0 creating many-many relation
2:40PM 4 RMagick problems
2:12PM 0 Hpricot
1:06PM 0 Way to extract strings for autocompletion?
10:18AM 0 options_from_collection_for_select
10:07AM 5 Mashup Tutorial
9:33AM 2 RoR Developer Recruiting
9:05AM 6 after_update attributes problem
8:16AM 2 Formating Help
6:35AM 7 Overriding initialize without causing infinite loop
5:25AM 1 What's RJS stand for?
5:20AM 0 Overriding initialize without causing an endless loop
5:18AM 0 Firefox not using cached JS Files
5:10AM 1 dynamic migration
4:52AM 8 RailsMachine + Mint
4:20AM 14 Question re: .rjs files
3:58AM 1 How to add random flickr images to your website?
2:15AM 2 assign defaults to fields
1:34AM 0 Launching "CheckItOut" a Rails Open Source app.
1:32AM 0 Project available
12:52AM 0 ::: AVG Anti-Virus Protection :: Free Download Latest updated :::
12:06AM 3 Disabling links to current page in Layouts
Wednesday January 3 2007
11:44PM 0 ~^~ 100 Secrets of Windows XP ~^~
11:40PM 2 RoRED released
10:57PM 1 Problem with partial's object being nil
10:50PM 4 Using TextMate with Rails .log Files
10:34PM 1 Square thumbnails are blurred
10:00PM 2 Rails and bb forum integration
9:30PM 0 RMagick and Hebrew
9:29PM 5 youtube and rails, how to show video in player
8:39PM 1 Searchable Map
8:12PM 1 Sample Code for Ajax on Rails book
7:33PM 4 Pluralize off, however one table in plural
6:48PM 3 Any news on JRuby?
6:06PM 2 Mixing Single Table Inheritance and RESTful routes.
5:56PM 2 simple two-table one-many relationship
5:36PM 1 file_column plugin and mime types
5:34PM 0 make free calls across the globe
4:59PM 0 Rest and Tagging
4:48PM 3 Access "session" from Model
4:22PM 0 ActiveRecord - has_many :through w auto referenced table
3:13PM 0 Create new exceptions
3:10PM 0 submit_form for Ajax via xhr
2:58PM 0 Implement action web service interacting /w bookmarklet?
2:55PM 0 How to implement action web service interacting with a bookmarklet
2:54PM 4 Put code in model or controller. Any general rules of thumb?
2:46PM 1 looking for an embedable calendar/scheduling plugin
2:45PM 0 NoMethodError when using Breakpoint
2:38PM 3 Self-referential habtm with condition is broken
2:22PM 1 Common query conditions
2:19PM 6 ActiveRecord find exceptions
1:56PM 4 Action Mailer and Hotmail
11:52AM 0 Models, migrations and data changes
11:42AM 1 Dynamic Configuration Setting
11:15AM 2 how to convert string into int
11:10AM 2 `render :nothing => true` whines about "missing template".
11:03AM 0 `ActionController::Base#render :nothing => true` still whines about "missing template"
10:26AM 6 AJAX request
10:02AM 0 Launching CheckItOut, Open Source Rails app
9:55AM 3 scaffolding on a table with a foreign key
7:52AM 0 datetime_select and preserving NULLs
7:47AM 1 Requirements for Web-hosting providers
6:55AM 3 Get Image Dimensions Given Local File Path
5:42AM 13 redirect_to problem .. caching?
5:26AM 0 Setting Applications URL prefix
4:12AM 10 Agile Web Development with Rails - Chapter 8, Task C, Error
4:02AM 0 [OT] Counter?
3:59AM 2 error_message_on broken?
3:20AM 0 keeping track of changes in sortable elements
1:01AM 1 ENV['RAILS_ENV'] get nil on *nix but works fine on windows
1:00AM 0 Cron job with script/runner not working
12:55AM 0 just asking a question
12:50AM 7 Editing FlexImage filenames
Tuesday January 2 2007
11:47PM 5 can this be done without resorting to sql?
11:31PM 0 ANN: blog entry about your tests whispering their results to you
10:59PM 2 link_to method throws a url_for error
10:22PM 2 Remove Commas from String
10:13PM 0 Instant Rails - conflicts with existing sites and db
9:55PM 13 fcgi problems - rails and dreamhost
9:53PM 3 Customizing save or moving a method for better design?
9:51PM 0 problems with mysql
9:19PM 9 So stuck, yet easy problem
8:58PM 1 array_or_string_for_javascript
8:47PM 0 RailsRemoteControl 1.0.0 Released
8:11PM 0 Large use of render :partial
7:41PM 3 Ruby In Steel Release Candidate 1
7:37PM 0 Sending email with Rails and Godaddy.com
6:31PM 3 Keyword "Include"
5:46PM 0 Rewriting URLs
5:41PM 2 Yellow Fade Technique After A Redirect?
5:39PM 1 Why doesn't any ajax work on my linux/lighttpd server
5:05PM 4 Where to store Application parameters
5:03PM 7 The dreaded Unicode issue
3:54PM 0 bug on this forum
3:53PM 6 Migration doesn't load data. How to debug a migration?
3:42PM 0 Retrieving a large number of ActiveRecord objects
3:35PM 2 Nil error when trying to rake
3:26PM 4 Can I have a ruby code inside a .js file?
3:20PM 0 Can I use erb code inside a .js file?
3:03PM 19 Rails API Documentation
2:23PM 1 RESTful actions' context
1:56PM 2 newb: integration of pre-made rails modules (blog, wiki, others)
1:39PM 4 manuals.rubyonrails.com down AGAIN!
1:23PM 1 what's happened with the destroy action
12:37PM 4 I do not configure firebird
11:53AM 0 New Year Horoscope
11:32AM 2 Listboxes in forms
11:20AM 3 Rails based forum system
11:08AM 2 Unicode on SQL Server with Rails 1.2 RC1
10:45AM 2 flush buffer in rails
10:38AM 1 two questions about forms
10:32AM 1 a string function to get a substring
8:35AM 0 Render error message for NULL object
6:45AM 4 ruby-fcgi on Windows
6:20AM 2 A better way to delete all associated records in a join table
3:53AM 0 logins+security for a website
2:42AM 10 problems when i follow the tutorial
2:40AM 0 to_xml eager loading?
12:47AM 2 Ruby 1.9 is released, with material perfornance improvements -- why no hoopla?
12:39AM 4 I cant understand what Ruby On Rails does
12:07AM 0 Pre-packaged modules for use in rails projects ( blog, wiki, etc.)
Monday January 1 2007
9:18PM 0 Should we override model accessors?
9:12PM 0 Simple question on inserting child data
8:30PM 9 Complex Javascipt Stopped Working after AJAX Call
8:26PM 0 Ruby on Rails blogging contest
8:03PM 4 Small file upload
6:59PM 1 ActiveResource params and xml
5:47PM 9 web site monitoring
5:26PM 1 Odd deprecation warnings...
5:07PM 2 def (tag) ....find_by_name(tag.to_s).......end
4:41PM 4 Ruby on Rails Installation Help
3:47PM 0 CRUD and actions' context
3:14PM 2 Convert Existing Site
2:54PM 0 Net::HTTP.get_response with local files "file://..."
2:29PM 4 Changing the system date for functional tests
1:25PM 1 RJS error on IE only: will trade (virtual) beer for (real) answers!
7:21AM 0 I would like to say to all railers
7:04AM 4 rails and mysql cluster
6:37AM 2 [:year, :month, :day].each { |m| delegate m, :to => :published_at }
3:05AM 0 problem with pagination