R help - Jul 2014

Thursday July 31 2014
8:16PM 0 Working with the Animation package in R
6:57PM 0 Configuring Rserve for remote access on Windows Server
4:26PM 0 keep information on the number of warnings
2:37PM 1 Multiple plots and postscripts using split function
1:45PM 0 Re: simulation dichotomous data
11:49AM 1 Need(?) way to create a "picture" (or "plot") of a data.frame
8:27AM 0 Regex - subsetting parts of a file name.
5:19AM 0 Re: Question
3:35AM 0 Eager To Learn And Contribute!
Wednesday July 30 2014
8:13PM 0 separate numbers from chars in a string
8:07PM 0 a quick list mode question
7:56PM 0 binary to R object
5:08PM 0 is.na() == TRUE for POSIXlt time / date of "2014-03-09 02:00:00"
5:01PM 0 xtable problems with xts objects
3:54PM 0 Re: Technological/Logistic substitution model.
11:58AM 0 one more knitr question, please
9:18AM 0 Map with no political border
8:58AM 0 ATTN: Urgent Guidance Needed on scraping tweets for last 10 years using TwitteR / search twitter function.
7:08AM 1 Count number of change in a specified time interval
Tuesday July 29 2014
10:50PM 0 Out of example forecasting plot
10:22PM 0 a knitr question
7:57PM 0 Post hoc comparissons
6:04PM 0 Help with splitting up values in a data set
4:35PM 0 Trouble with function nnetar
4:02PM 0 Dependency Injection & Inversion of Control for Data
3:24PM 0 Copulas and spatial modeling
3:11PM 0 venn.diagram, error message: Incorrect number of elements
1:01PM 0 analyzing qualitative data sets
3:05AM 0 Error in validObject(.Object) : while running rqpd package
1:47AM 0 outputting R loop to a csv file
12:48AM 1 interactive labeling/highlighting on multiple xy scatter plots
Monday July 28 2014
9:40PM 1 Split PVClust plot
8:44PM 0 rgl.postscript doesn't show the colors correctly
1:46PM 0 Is dataset "headsize" from MVA or HSAUR2 packages missing or am I missing something ?
1:07PM 0 Calculate depth from regular xyz grid for any coordinate within the grid
10:19AM 0 using foumula to calculate a column in dataframe
9:08AM 0 Differencing between 2 previous values
6:38AM 0 lattice, latticeExtra: Adding moving averages to double y plot
4:46AM 0 Is there a package for EFA with multiple groups?
3:33AM 0 A quesion about Shiny
Sunday July 27 2014
1:41PM 0 How to modify the body of a function?
9:08AM 0 function that join my model & these coefficients
8:41AM 0 (no subject)
7:04AM 0 incorrect correlation coefficients
Saturday July 26 2014
6:07PM 0 Using R to Compute Covariance
12:29PM 0 Function assignment
12:11AM 0 Redefining reference class makes persistent object partly unreadable
Friday July 25 2014
7:34PM 0 Turn Rank Ordering Into Numerical Scores By Transposing A Data Frame
7:11PM 0 Reproducibility issue in gbm (32 vs 64 bit)
5:20PM 0 Multiple imputation, multinomial response & random effects
4:26PM 0 Determine all specific same dates between two given dates
2:07PM 0 R and external C library " cannot open shared object file" while LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set
1:26PM 0 SASxport function read.xport gives error "object 'w' not found"
1:24PM 0 Fwd: Need help in finding ppval function and xirr function of matlab in R
1:07PM 0 Problem using ggplot2 with the legend of a stacked bar chart
12:42PM 0 selection of probes, probesets mapping to the same gene
12:22PM 0 R function returning a list of variable(s) conditional on the value of an option?
10:52AM 0 Set Conditional Breakpoint with setBreakpoint Function
10:18AM 0 svm implementation using RTextTools
8:11AM 0 clustering with hclust
6:11AM 0 Fwd: Converting Lat Lon data in coordinates in R
5:12AM 0 Prooblem using RMpi on OSX moutain lion
1:36AM 0 XLConnect on Linux Mint Maya
Thursday July 24 2014
10:52PM 0 R-3.1.1 - R CMD INSTALL problem
9:19PM 0 working on a data frame
9:05PM 0 Retrieve Axis coordinates from map
5:25PM 0 Kernel smoothing density function
5:07PM 0 Using apply() with functions I wrote
4:23PM 0 Re: Technological/Logistic Substitution Model
4:16PM 0 R CMD BATCH *without* saving output
1:35PM 0 Creating Functions in R
7:28AM 0 MCMCglmm question
6:40AM 0 A question about call()
4:11AM 0 Problems with Installing RMySQL Package (Windows, R: 3.1.0 (64 bit), using RStudio)
1:25AM 0 Cairo package error: "unable to load..."
Wednesday July 23 2014
11:38PM 0 Fast function for each row of a data.table
8:07PM 0 Re: filter one entry, in dependence of date
7:16PM 0 corresponding replicated el of one matrix in another matrix or vector
3:33PM 0 Importing random subsets of a data file
1:47PM 0 Trying to change a qplot() to a ggplot()+
1:31PM 0 shading cells in a latex table by value
1:08PM 0 Windows R doesn't recognize shortcuts ?
11:06AM 0 R_HOME setting on Linux
9:51AM 0 Feature Selection and Regression
6:26AM 0 need help for ppval() and xirr() in R
Tuesday July 22 2014
10:08PM 0 Randomly sample data frame points relative to raster grid cells
5:53PM 0 Partition of sums of squares (ANOVA)
2:47PM 0 Expressing a multinomial GLM as a series of binomial GLMs
2:36PM 0 Code formatting question - too ugly?
11:59AM 0 repeated anova
10:29AM 0 lattice -xyplot
10:13AM 0 how to put two plots of scatterplotMatrix side by side in one plot?
9:21AM 0 2 remaining seats on stats course at Murdoch University
8:00AM 0 Multiple Imputation of longitudinal data in MICE and statistical analyses of object type mids
4:46AM 0 I need help in seeing the code
2:24AM 0 Application design.
Monday July 21 2014
8:33PM 0 odd, even indices of a vector
7:55PM 0 1st el of a list of vectors
7:40PM 0 anova.lme
7:10PM 0 Maximum likelihood estimation (stats4::mle)
5:56PM 0 deviance as a goodness of fit in GLM
5:46PM 0 Generating nonlinear Poisson time series data
4:22PM 0 Error message for corAR1()
3:38PM 0 Estimation of Zero Inflated Over dispersed Beta Binomial Using glamADMB()
3:13PM 0 Weight, weight - do tell me
2:54PM 0 duplicated rows of a matrix
2:04PM 0 Semi Markov warnings ( for dummies)
12:10PM 0 Include plotting symbals pch 16 and 17 into captions / text in pdf graph
11:24AM 0 packages across different versions of R
10:13AM 0 plotly
Sunday July 20 2014
5:28PM 0 dx accuracy measures from raw data
3:02PM 0 How to determine if GARCH model has 'false convergence'
11:33AM 0 help with column substaction with a twist
8:11AM 0 spplot help
7:50AM 0 roxygen2
7:39AM 0 (no subject)
Saturday July 19 2014
5:01PM 0 nlxb CI
2:57PM 0 How to bin x,y,z vectors into matrix?
10:41AM 0 using postscript() for multiple individual files
3:08AM 0 R code for Forecasting ARDL
Friday July 18 2014
10:42PM 0 Weird but interesting behavior of ggplot2 in a loop
9:04PM 0 setting axis limits and breaks in ggplot2
8:41PM 0 Fwd: Plot the means with simultaneous horizontal and vertical error bars
5:12PM 0 Problem in installing package "ggplot2"
5:00PM 0 understanding the parameters of 'spca' function of 'elasticnet' package
4:17PM 0 String comparison, trailing blanks make a difference.
2:47PM 0 modifications for ONLY local repository?
2:39PM 0 Problem with residualPlots with type "rstudent"
1:15PM 0 help with script to get starting date of blooms
10:39AM 0 QR code?
7:07AM 0 Use of different colours in plot
Thursday July 17 2014
7:19PM 0 Equivalent of chartr to numeric
3:00PM 0 Mapping from one vector to another
1:09PM 0 Definition of the shape paramter in PERT (mc2d)
12:43PM 0 download.file: unsuppported url scheme
11:32AM 0 Model for lm keeps producing an error
6:00AM 0 Vector of Numbers Not Output to Screen
4:53AM 0 information
Wednesday July 16 2014
10:08PM 0 dplyr problem in shiny
9:37PM 0 Correlation
7:25PM 0 GAM model output error(?)
5:42PM 0 Checking modeling assumptions in a binomial GLMM
5:04PM 0 long tk2listbox display offset
1:51PM 0 Area Graphs
1:46PM 0 ANOVA for RCBD, two factors: how to plot residuals?..
1:07PM 0 how to subset based on other row values and multiplicity
10:04AM 0 New book: Beginner's Guide to GAMM with R
Tuesday July 15 2014
11:27PM 0 Error with named definition argument to match.call
3:35PM 0 request of information about creating DLL from R to be used in other languages/programs
3:24PM 0 Help with Download of a comma separated file in zip format
2:38PM 0 Reading SQL data - all at once, or "as needed"?
1:16PM 0 Meaningfulness of applying the delta method (sensu alr3)...
12:44PM 0 Granger causality test using VECM in R
9:20AM 0 Set file path in Biomod2
3:00AM 0 Update fail
1:38AM 0 Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.3 Big Problem - New User
Monday July 14 2014
8:05PM 0 New details about Cochran and Cox's chocolate cake data
7:49PM 0 Determine the order of Time series
6:45PM 0 List of Lists by for Loop
6:35PM 0 List of Lists in For Loop
5:54PM 0 Dimensionality of Higher-Order Moments of rmgarch
4:42PM 0 two questions - function help and 32vs64 bit sessions
4:17PM 0 how to remove outliers
1:42PM 0 R] R GUI for undergraduate lab class?
11:52AM 0 sqldf problems
10:43AM 0 Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Sunday July 13 2014
6:30PM 0 Scatterplot3D in r
3:14PM 0 3.1.1-win.exe download
3:03PM 0 Norton Virus program indicates that R3.1.1 is not reliable
12:27PM 0 non causality test and wavelet decompostion
4:05AM 0 gamm4 and lme4 error
Saturday July 12 2014
10:13PM 0 canonical correlation
8:47PM 0 R GUI for undergraduate lab class?
3:25PM 0 Metropolis-within Gibbs sampling
2:11PM 0 lm and 450k data
1:25PM 0 lapply returns NULL ?
11:25AM 0 multiplicative error
4:44AM 0 Zeta-squared transformation use R?
Friday July 11 2014
11:46PM 0 Finding sparse cuts in a graph
10:18PM 0 Correlating multiple effect sizes within a study to study-level predictors: metafor package
6:43PM 0 CI for nlme predictions
4:19PM 0 Merge rows
2:15PM 0 Problems with read.table and data structure
1:11PM 0 (no subject)
6:38AM 0 Grouped Boxplot
6:17AM 0 Paper on Analytics using R
3:38AM 0 Build and install of Rstudio on ARMv7/Linux freezes
12:35AM 0 Porting GHC neccessary to install RStudio on ARM/Linux?
Thursday July 10 2014
11:59PM 0 Installing RStudio for ARM architecture
7:34PM 0 Installing RMySQL on Debian
5:03PM 0 table over a matrix dimension...
2:50PM 0 list of valid R encodings.in source(...,encoding=)
1:49PM 0 nScree
12:34PM 0 find & remove sequences of at least N values for a specific value
12:18PM 0 R on Windows crashes when source'ing UTF-8 file
11:40AM 0 Error in installing package raccumulo for R version 3.1.0
10:23AM 0 Median expected survival
10:04AM 0 linearHypothesis() ERROR-Message
8:51AM 0 R 3.1.1 is released
5:34AM 0 Decision Tree
3:59AM 0 quantmod: How could I change the name in chartSeries
2:47AM 0 Information about font
Wednesday July 9 2014
11:47PM 0 function completing properly
10:08PM 0 Installing rgdal and rjags packages on a linux cluster
7:58PM 0 using match to obtain non-sorted index values from non-sorted vector
5:19PM 0 < symbols in a data frame
4:36PM 0 Cansisc: Error in eigen(eHe, symmetric = TRUE)
3:24PM 0 How to include factor levels into plot title?
2:52PM 0 Revolutions blog: June 2014 Roundup
1:10PM 0 HPGL or PCL plotting device? Or otherwise plotting plots
12:06PM 0 Cutting hierarchical cluster tree at specific height fails
7:17AM 0 How to process each element in 3 minute interval using a for loop in R?
2:34AM 0 R Studio v3.0.3 for Windows 32bits is too slow
Tuesday July 8 2014
11:21PM 0 Error evaluating partitioning around medoids clustering method R clValid package
9:28PM 0 Error in file.exists(swf.file) : invalid 'file' argument
7:11PM 0 Re: Seprate last name and first name into two columns
7:11PM 0 unable to install rJava in centos R
5:12PM 0 Re: [R-es] Consulta paquetización con versión R 3.1.0
4:39PM 0 reorder a list
4:29PM 0 Re: PCA with a lot of zeros
4:00PM 0 Survival Analysis with an Historical Control
2:07PM 0 Extrapolation of rarefaction curve
9:56AM 0 Formating cell with xlsx package
8:30AM 0 Fwd: Need some assistance in plotting distributions
Monday July 7 2014
8:56PM 0 eclat problem
7:27PM 0 eclat help
6:02PM 0 Re: [R-es] Consulta paquetización con versión R 3.1.0
3:54PM 2 getting numeric [0..6] day of week from POSIXct?
3:42PM 3 Plot does not show in R
3:13PM 0 How to build and importance chart with mlp function from RSNNS package in R?
1:50PM 0 nls - Error in qr.qty(QR, resid) : NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 1)
12:56PM 0 interesting article
11:03AM 1 RMS equation
8:21AM 0 Consulta paquetización con versión R 3.1.0
8:21AM 2 Consulta paquetización con versión R 3.1.0
8:05AM 1 writing matrices of different rows in a file
1:33AM 1 Box-cox transformation
Sunday July 6 2014
11:35PM 2 Question regarding lattice::levelplot and distribution of colors
5:34PM 1 package: RWinEdt question
3:38PM 1 Expanding dataset on the values of one of its variables
3:31PM 2 A custom legend for three data frames in one plot
12:36PM 1 spatstat package: Simulating from fitted Matern cluster process model fails
10:32AM 0 sort order of a character sequence is different on windose and linux (windows result)
10:30AM 1 sort order of a character sequence is different on windose and linux (linux result)
Saturday July 5 2014
12:28PM 1 Predictions from "coxph" or "cph" objects
Friday July 4 2014
10:35PM 2 how does a valid subscript can produce an "subscript out of bounds" error?
9:44PM 0 data.table merge question...
6:55PM 0 Training and testing on Unbalanced Data Set
5:00PM 1 Calling Matrices from a Function
3:12PM 0 Rugarch package: arfimaspec and arfimafit
12:50PM 2 Transform a data.frame with "; " sep column and another one in a a new one with the same two column but with repetitions
12:47PM 1 How to extract convergence code from lmer object?
11:25AM 0 How to apply data sets in Vennerable?
11:04AM 3 Best practice: to factor or not to factor for float variables
7:12AM 1 sammon fails with duplicates error, but no duplicates there (MASS package)
Thursday July 3 2014
10:53PM 1 applying operations within() a matrix's environment
7:56PM 2 Display a dataframe
7:45PM 2 Using subplot (from Hmisc) along with par(mfrow)
7:35PM 2 access an element of a list without looping
6:55PM 1 intermittent errors in [.data.frame
6:28PM 2 odd behavior of seq()
5:32PM 1 Fisher Scoring v/s Coordinate Descent for MLE in R
4:17PM 0 How to hide the vector number output in write.table function?
3:09PM 1 Using R to analyze multiple MRI studies
2:53PM 0 correlation structures in gls models
2:49PM 0 RPostgreSQL, RS-DBI error
2:18PM 1 Residual-Plotting and na.exclude
1:07PM 1 metafor package: changing decimal in forest plot to midline decimal
11:40AM 2 How to install Vennerable
8:32AM 2 Comparing two times with different format
7:04AM 1 Compilation fails for package 'BayesTree' on R 3.0.1 for Windows
6:29AM 1 Problem in compiling a function
5:45AM 1 Data frame with unequal lines per case
2:33AM 5 Help with tables in R
Wednesday July 2 2014
10:26PM 0 Checking whether a time series is stationary with irregular spaced data
9:54PM 0 survplot invert number at risk labels
9:49PM 1 parLapply on sqlQuery (from package RODBC)
4:19PM 0 robust standard errors in maximum likelihood estimation; sandwich estimator for mle/mle2
4:04PM 0 correlation structures in gls
3:41PM 0 How do I call a C++ function (for k-means) within R?
2:42PM 1 error:max not meaningful for factors
1:31PM 3 Sorting data.frame datewise in a descending order and geting datewise subtotl
7:21AM 0 What is the group generic mean?
Tuesday July 1 2014
10:46PM 1 Data visualization: overlay columns of train/test/validation datasets
10:12PM 1 Using RCMD INSTALL under Spanish version of windows.
8:27PM 2 an incredibly trivial question about nls
5:41PM 3 x axis labelling
3:44PM 0 Using CSS package to extract text from html
3:18PM 1 R help
2:24PM 1 logistic regression for data with repeated measures
2:21PM 1 (PLM- package) Residual-Plotting and missing Values
12:37PM 1 Socket Connection in R
12:08PM 0 Order Book details in R Interactive Brokers Package
12:06PM 1 combining data from multiple read.delim() invocations.
7:02AM 1 plot in generalized additive model (GAM)
6:37AM 0 Using external SQLite installation for RSQLite in Windows?
2:47AM 0 Must array methods be defined for user defined classes?
2:35AM 1 1-dinemsional point process
1:55AM 0 What are the other Options for hiddenActFunc in the RSNNS r package?