R help - Jun 2014

Monday June 30 2014
8:57PM 1 Getting data from Table in RStudio
5:56PM 1 R Console Output
5:23PM 1 How to plot individual pdf files for each wrapped plot with ggplot2?
4:31PM 2 Delaunay triangles with LONG/LAT + biomass
3:27PM 1 matrix
2:03PM 1 How to combine/join/merge etc PCA and Cluster?
1:13PM 4 yet another regular expression
11:59AM 0 New editions of R Books from Chapman & Hall/CRC
10:47AM 0 solving pde with given boundary condition (heat equation)
10:07AM 0 convergence warning in betamix()
8:58AM 0 perform a double poisson in R
8:42AM 1 x,y scatterplots, with averaging by a column
8:38AM 0 How to document an S3 class?
7:39AM 2 Population growthrate with Euler-Lotka
7:06AM 0 getPairListElement()
6:43AM 0 Version 1.3.5 of apcluster package
5:05AM 1 Time series
3:46AM 1 From long to wide format
1:44AM 2 Change database in SQL Server using RODBC
Sunday June 29 2014
11:56PM 1 mixing grid and traditional graphics
11:51PM 0 R Functional/Failure Errors Questions
10:22PM 1 A Question about read.table and Data Frames in R
6:55PM 0 RSQLite -- Stopping / Aborting Queries and Data Integrity
4:24PM 2 merge question
3:34PM 1 R Studio Not Working Windows 8.1
1:41PM 1 Analysis using repeated measure mixed effect anova
12:46PM 3 Dataframes and text identifier columns
11:53AM 0 Monotonic Increasing
11:12AM 1 Linear Regression Warning after plot: NaNs produced in
5:12AM 1 test if a url exists
1:59AM 0 h2o - fast scalable glm, deeplearning, gbm, randomForest, plyr for big datasets
1:59AM 0 [R-pkgs] h2o - fast scalable glm, deeplearning, gbm, randomForest, plyr for big datasets
Saturday June 28 2014
10:54PM 0 quartz() and windows()
7:23PM 0 quartz() and windows()
7:01AM 0 sampleSelection 1.0 released
7:01AM 0 [R-pkgs] sampleSelection 1.0 released
Friday June 27 2014
8:05PM 1 ggplot2 - change title and size of legends - time series.
7:39PM 0 standard error of survfit.coxph()
5:59PM 1 Generate data follows space-time clustered inhomogeneous Poisson point process in 3D space
5:59PM 0 Generate data follows space-time clustered inhomogeneous Poisson point process in 3D space
12:53PM 2 Data Frame Members
7:43AM 0 Localization of R script output
6:46AM 1 Basket Analysis in R: extract rules
2:49AM 2 Error in foo[[1:3]] : recursive indexing failed at level 2
2:34AM 1 [HELP] Setting plot colors such that category/color mapping persists across plots
2:08AM 1 non-interactive subset, `$`, and quotes
12:05AM 1 regular expression help
Thursday June 26 2014
7:43PM 1 subtracting degree minutes
4:37PM 0 QQ - Plot Inconsistency
4:37PM 0 Question about Entropy
4:17PM 3 Stringr / Regular Expressions advice
4:04PM 0 fitdistrplus : how to get around sigma must be between 0 and 1
1:53PM 1 Erro atualização java
1:12PM 0 AICc in MuMIn package
11:01AM 1 decreasing blank space in ggplot2 geom_area
10:42AM 1 Combining character, numeric and dates fields in one data frame
10:07AM 0 Réponse automatique
10:03AM 1 finite differences
7:32AM 5 read a file of text with read.table
7:05AM 1 Marginal Effects for Hurdle (Two-part) models in R
6:47AM 3 graph
3:05AM 0 Space-time non-homogeneous Poisson process
3:05AM 0 Space-time non-homogeneous Poisson process
Wednesday June 25 2014
9:02PM 1 How to troubleshoot issue with curve() function?
8:59PM 0 Join the TIBCO TERR team at useR 2014!
8:37PM 0 plot a 3-D marked point process
8:37PM 1 plot a 3-D marked point process
8:22PM 3 Simple permutation question
1:56PM 3 matlab serial date to r
10:04AM 1 Duncan test: 2-way ANOVA without repetition, but with multiple subjects
9:35AM 0 SD of Residuals by group
5:14AM 2 Generating Patient Data
2:43AM 0 Assigning document id to each document containing in the Document Term Matrix (R Package "tm")
Tuesday June 24 2014
6:26PM 0 Biplot interpretation
5:49PM 1 Query
4:56PM 1 converting a list with named member to a vector maintaining original names
4:32PM 0 ASA Conf. on Stats Practice - deadline THURSDAY
2:41PM 2 Sample all possible contingency tables both margin fixed
2:40PM 0 Need help to understand ecdf (empirical cumulative distribution function)
1:43PM 2 (no subject)
1:24PM 2 non-interactive error in .First function
1:17PM 2 Making several plots using a loop function
12:38PM 1 matrix built by diagonal matrices with a given structure
10:19AM 0 Retaining the original document id in #topicmodels in R
5:16AM 0 Saving Lattice Plots with RInside and Rcpp
2:20AM 1 help plsr function
2:06AM 0 [R-pkgs] icd9 - a new R package
Monday June 23 2014
11:15PM 1 Using RPostgreSQL
9:52PM 2 c() with POSIXlt objects and their timezone is lost
9:11PM 1 Custom sampling method in R XXXX
7:41PM 2 Dead link in the help page of as.Date()
5:42PM 1 Reading CSV file every time when R starts
4:14PM 0 Problem with "nlm" function to minimize the negative log likelihood
4:14PM 0 Problem with "nlm" function to minimize the negative log likelihood
1:11PM 1 sparse factor and findAssocs
9:37AM 0 Fwd; Trellis devices and pointize
9:06AM 1 fortran package crashes
3:58AM 0 LASSO coefficients for a specific s
3:28AM 0 Cox regression model for matched data with replacement
Sunday June 22 2014
4:00AM 2 local and global variables
Saturday June 21 2014
8:49PM 0 Error creating daisy matrix in R cluster package - Cannot allocate vector of size 66.0 Gb
3:49PM 1 Layout of two graphs on a page...
3:30PM 1 Using R Studio Version 0.98.507, having trouble with read.table and an Excel CSV file, keep getting '+'
2:57PM 2 counting the number of rows that satisfy a certain criteria
3:54AM 1 ANOVA for proportions with large mass on an extreme of [0, 1]
Friday June 20 2014
11:58PM 0 How to define a "nonlin.function" object for the spherical function to be used in the gnm model?
7:45PM 3 lattice : superpose symbols with a great many points
7:42PM 3 Data extraction and assembly from a data frame
6:45PM 0 Is there anyone who is familiar with PtProcess package?
6:45PM 0 Is there anyone who is familiar with PtProcess package?
4:18PM 1 Loops to produce plots and leyend
3:17PM 1 Delaunay Graph, once again
2:12PM 1 random forest application
1:58PM 1 zuzufarah Help with ggplot 2 error: Aesthetics must either be length one, or the same length as the dataProblems
10:42AM 2 Reading in a csv - 2 different results
10:02AM 1 EOF error reading csv file
9:20AM 2 Rstudio: is it possible to create a document out of a working script?
7:26AM 1 How to process a log file in R ?
2:22AM 1 as.Date(Sys.time()) returns tomorrow !
1:23AM 1 CoDA: Count Zeros in Biological Data
Thursday June 19 2014
10:07PM 1 CoDA DataFrame: Change Column to Row Name
9:50PM 2 selecting columns based on partial names
9:47PM 0 How to invert a matrix in R?
7:08PM 1 R is converting arg input to scientific notation, which is bad!
5:39PM 0 Working with Oracle large objects in R
5:21PM 1 Restrict a SVAR A-Model on Matrix A and Variance-Covariance-Matrix
4:21PM 0 HLM time series using Bayesian Inference in R.
1:42PM 3 bar plot stacked
1:41PM 1 apply diff type function to matrix
1:39PM 0 How to delete designated sequences in alignment (DNAbin object)
1:10PM 1 infix paste and package
12:45PM 1 Convert nlme formula to nlmer
11:19AM 1 extract a subset of non-contiguous elements of a matrix
7:07AM 2 Principal component analysis with EQUAMAX rotation
4:31AM 1 Output levels of categorical data to Excel using with()
2:53AM 1 Creating a Series of Maxima
1:02AM 1 RWeka: how to pass arguments to BayesNet for specific search method
Wednesday June 18 2014
7:17PM 2 Publication-ready figures with two plots
4:41PM 3 How can I avoid the for and If loops in my function?
3:47PM 0 Very very small problem...
2:48PM 2 Basic plot density question
1:12PM 1 a workaround for indexing a function?
8:50AM 1 how to decompose a daily time series
8:24AM 1 How to output name of object
7:14AM 1 title size problem
7:10AM 0 multcomp: Contrasts for Tukey
Tuesday June 17 2014
11:58PM 1 Pairwise Tukey test with letter in descending order
8:42PM 0 LA useR ride
8:30PM 2 apply switch to a table
6:36PM 0 ASA Conference on Statistical Practice
6:10PM 1 mgcv: BAM convergence conflicting messages
4:20PM 2 writeWorksheet(....,rownames..) warning
2:40PM 1 mgcv: I can't manually reconstruct a P-spline from a GAM's coefficients
2:38PM 1 prediction based on conditional logistic regression, clogit
12:32PM 1 hypergeometric integral
12:00PM 1 Writing "monthly" .txt or .csv files from a long time series
9:19AM 0 Matrix Tests
7:49AM 1 C: drive memory full
7:39AM 1 fitting grid-based models
6:51AM 2 to extract extreme data for specified period
3:27AM 1 Error: C stack usage
Monday June 16 2014
10:21PM 1 Error in merge [negative length vectors are not allowed]
7:34PM 1 glm.fit: fitted probabilities numerically 0 or 1 occurred for a continuous variable?
6:11PM 0 R, Rserve logging
5:56PM 0 Any refit function available for 'car' package?
5:10PM 0 Question on JAVA and R
3:44PM 1 Power graph for two Proportion
1:05PM 0 Determination lag order - problem with daily data and AR / ARIMA
10:05AM 0 xml package - free document / memory leak
9:23AM 1 correlation given p value and sample size
8:41AM 1 Aggregating 15 minute xts sequence to hourly
3:22AM 1 prediction based on conditional logistic regression clogit
3:15AM 2 Help with SEM package - model significance
Sunday June 15 2014
6:39PM 1 reading time series csv file with read.zoo issues, then align time stamps
3:04PM 0 Problem with converting a list of grids to a list of polygons
10:51AM 0 How to draw Bubble chart with mini pie charts as bubbles
5:15AM 2 sort() depends on locale
4:53AM 0 imlib2, pixmap?
3:34AM 2 abline; setting plot limits
Saturday June 14 2014
8:03PM 1 How to draw Bubble chart with mini pie charts as bubbles in R
5:53PM 1 Logistic Regression
2:40PM 1 Numerical integration with R
9:04AM 1 .Internal(filledcontour()) - ancient history or just plain wrong?
8:15AM 1 Output for Boot function in Car package
8:01AM 1 question about chi values GLM
1:59AM 1 I have a question
Friday June 13 2014
3:55PM 1 data format setting
3:52PM 0 Error message in varimp function: "Party" package
2:18PM 0 Release of R 3.1.1 scheduled for July 10
2:18PM 0 Release of R 3.1.1 scheduled for July 10
10:20AM 1 Defining default method for S3, S4 and R5 classes
9:50AM 2 barp {plotrix} Start bars at 0 with a vector of positive values
3:25AM 1 Extracting data from density plots
2:47AM 2 no x label using axis.Date
Thursday June 12 2014
7:55PM 0 Simulating spatio-temporal marked ETAS point process
7:55PM 0 Simulating spatio-temporal marked ETAS point process
7:22PM 2 Rscript fails where Rterm works
5:16PM 1 Using reduce to merge multiple files
4:37PM 0 help with apply and nleqslv
3:58PM 0 Vegan pca and cor
3:34PM 1 Experiment Design
3:21PM 0 Block Recursion and Structural Vector Autoregressions
3:06PM 2 Add points to subplots
10:49AM 1 How to print something in the same location in console?
10:35AM 1 help in writing an R-function for Residual correlated structures
4:21AM 1 multiple groups anova
Wednesday June 11 2014
8:53PM 0 install.packages problem with R 3.1.0 on a multiuser linux system
8:02PM 0 Help using Rwinsteps
2:42PM 0 rbind multiple data sets (.csv)
2:19PM 1 Pulling data based on the quater
12:17PM 2 Average value in a particular range of a matrix
10:15AM 0 R function for Step-wise Panel Regression
9:02AM 2 Rgl: set trackball behavior
8:01AM 1 aov + pairwise.t.test: only selected pairs
Tuesday June 10 2014
6:33PM 0 Deploying R in a corporate environment
4:28PM 0 Spatio-Temporal marked Hawkes (self-exciting) point processes
3:50PM 0 dimensions of polyhedrons
1:52PM 1 r internet connection is very slow
10:03AM 1 Forst Plot: Multipage Output
6:31AM 1 Recurrent analysis survival analysis data format question
Monday June 9 2014
11:59AM 0 Convert the column values to frequencies
8:12AM 1 how to get information of many stocks by using loop cycling in R
6:54AM 1 Trellis devices and pointize
3:29AM 1 Map insets and par(usr) values
1:27AM 3 NA/NaN values in bnlearn package R
Sunday June 8 2014
11:56PM 0 ltm package: how to calculate ability
8:30PM 3 Split a string vector with '[ ]'
6:59PM 0 How to use fixed parameter in mle2() function from bbmle package?
4:55PM 0 optFederov question
4:17PM 1 Error in x@coords[i, , drop = FALSE] : subscript out of bounds
7:17AM 1 Standard Deviation in R
7:11AM 0 algo trading mcx india
Saturday June 7 2014
9:34PM 1 Help with R package
5:59PM 0 Discrete distributions in R
3:22PM 2 rake() error message
2:23PM 2 Interval for rnorm command?
1:48PM 1 Help on postscript
8:39AM 0 finding average of entire rows to equal values in a vector
2:47AM 1 Data framing question
Friday June 6 2014
9:45PM 2 Identifying one or more TRUE in the middle of an array
6:16PM 2 Help with factor levels and reference level
4:53PM 0 Revolutions blog: May 2014 roundup
3:28PM 2 Package 'effects' plotting allEffects question
2:26PM 1 Use of library(X) in the code of library X.
2:03PM 1 What is SE and how do you calculate it in svymean()?
1:21PM 1 SAS VS R - What type of analysis is better?
12:56PM 2 RODBC - address 0x407, cause 'memory not mapped'
12:41PM 0 SAS VS R - What type of analysis is better?
11:37AM 0 Course: Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis using WinBUGS and R
9:38AM 1 halfwidth in twoord.plot
8:42AM 1 command
3:09AM 1 How do I do a conditional sum which only looks between certain date criteria
Thursday June 5 2014
10:45PM 0 Error Correction Model on Panel Data
10:13PM 1 Why have my glmms stopped converging (lme4)
9:50PM 1 Understanding svymean
8:13PM 1 Understanding survey design (svydesign)
8:12PM 0 Run R Code Continuously in the Background of HTML
8:00PM 2 Mapping
7:17PM 0 Reading specific lines from a text file in r
6:43PM 1 Bitwise operations on large numbers
2:18PM 1 .Rprofile: "contains invalid line(s)"
1:45PM 0 error in R program
1:43PM 1 R 3.1.0 interpreting large negative seconds since epoch as LMT?
1:26PM 1 big matrix reading and writing
12:58PM 2 distance by sea
12:10PM 1 Trucated Normal Function
9:11AM 0 access scopus data
Wednesday June 4 2014
11:05PM 0 I need help computing PRESS statistics (qpcR package) of a nlsLM model (minpack.lm package)
8:52PM 1 Collapsing data.frame to its or xts
6:28PM 0 Selecting first and last row for each date
5:54PM 0 How to extract data for the week ending on Friday from date column.
5:41PM 1 Preserving topology when simplifying Spatial Polygons
2:45PM 2 SEM specify RAM model
1:13PM 0 StarCluster + R
11:52AM 0 question about how the mantel test is run in the ade4 package
3:07AM 1 as.character.call?
Tuesday June 3 2014
11:47PM 1 tab auto-fill and arrow keys are not working in R on a linux cluster
9:54PM 0 Multiplicative Heterogeneous DIFFusion (mhdiff) models in R
9:46PM 0 Extraction of forecats from VAR prediction
6:31PM 1 Star schema
6:03PM 2 detect escape character
3:25PM 0 Online, automatic evaluation of class assessment R scripts
2:52PM 0 Prediction interval with GAM?
2:42PM 0 control for repeated observations in a simple correlation design
2:05PM 1 R-memory: clearing memory within a function?
1:05PM 0 Yield Curve Package Svensson
12:40PM 0 Descriptive Stat
12:32PM 1 tkbind (callback)
11:42AM 0 Change the raster data extent
9:17AM 1 Code for generating states and observations for HMM
9:09AM 0 ECCB 2014
9:09AM 0 ECCB 2014
6:28AM 1 plot in package psych with function error.bars.by
Monday June 2 2014
8:49PM 1 Help with polychoric correlation in psych library
7:56PM 1 HAC standard errors
6:12PM 0 Bootstrapping Tukey Kramer:
3:15PM 1 testing and comparing transformations to get a gaussian distribution
12:00PM 2 Error clmm(){ordinal}
6:57AM 4 Question about setdiff()
4:31AM 0 Updates from the useR! 2014 organizing committee
4:31AM 0 Updates from the useR! 2014 organizing committee
12:37AM 1 Conditional mean for groups, new variables
Sunday June 1 2014
8:22PM 1 Fwd: consultation
8:20PM 1 Plotting issues with -par(mfrow=c(r,c))- after -boot-
6:29PM 2 Cargar csv 16 GB en R
5:49PM 3 Problem with rbind.fill
4:39PM 0 adonis output not significant even with dummy input?
11:51AM 1 Loop Autoregression
9:29AM 0 copula fitting
1:37AM 0 split string and count