R help - Aug 2014

Sunday August 31 2014
7:37PM 1 Netcdf
5:39PM 0 Rcurl error
2:52PM 1 estimation for growth incidence curve
11:31AM 1 help.start() has a faulty link
5:04AM 1 what happened when copying a function definition into R prompt then press Enter?
Saturday August 30 2014
9:11PM 1 ddply question
8:40PM 0 Error in inDL(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now), ...)
8:30PM 0 clean email addresses?
12:46AM 3 Bus stop sequence matching problem
Friday August 29 2014
9:13PM 1 posterior probabilities from lda.predict
7:20PM 1 Not display message when using system()
5:49PM 0 environment question
2:11PM 0 nlsystemfit help
9:27AM 0 Conjoint Package
8:53AM 3 Unexpected behavior when giving a value to a new variable based on the value of another variable
8:44AM 0 what 's meaning of setting options() through .onLoad() funtion in making a package?
7:31AM 1 dont remenber my password
6:47AM 1 How should I do GO enrichment of differential expressed miRNA?
4:41AM 1 R-tool - OS compatibility help
4:12AM 1 new error with QuantMod getSymbols
3:57AM 1 Question regarding the discrepancy between count model parameter estimates between "pscl" and "MASS"
1:48AM 0 How to add a legend with symbols()
12:01AM 1 distance matrix from metaMDS
Thursday August 28 2014
9:03PM 0 Linear relative rate / excess relative risk models
8:46PM 0 minimum r installation to run a script
8:29PM 0 Using mlogit with case weights
7:29PM 2 R packages for power analysis
7:06PM 1 Apply rmarkdown::render() outside the RStudio don't find pandoc
5:41PM 4 split a string a keep the last part
4:06PM 0 [R-pkgs] rsdmx - a package to read SDMX data and metadata
4:06PM 0 rsdmx - a package to read SDMX data and metadata
2:35PM 0 ASA Conf. on Stats Practice - deadline TUESDAY
10:33AM 1 ANY ONE HERE PLZ Urgent
9:45AM 1 Using openBLAS in R under Unix / Linux
7:56AM 2 re arrange according to first positions
5:41AM 2 R ERROR- Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection
Wednesday August 27 2014
11:08PM 0 favorable mention and use of R on the net
11:01PM 3 Best cross-platform OSS GUI CSV management application?
8:16PM 0 ANOVA MS residuals estimation: two models
7:52PM 0 nlxb generating no SE
6:19PM 1 Issue with formula conversion
4:22PM 1 Problems bootstrapping multigroup SEM
1:42PM 3 scatterplot using plot() function with factorial data
11:48AM 1 Metafor -can't calculate heterogeneity with non-positive sampling variances
9:58AM 1 problem when I Call C subfunction in void function
9:18AM 2 simple plotting wcor (Rssa) question
7:01AM 1 21 R navigation tools
4:56AM 2 NA's introduced by coercion
3:54AM 2 working with matrices
3:14AM 2 Where to find source of C_pbinom?
12:24AM 1 Mixed sorting/ordering of strings acknowledging roman numerals?
Tuesday August 26 2014
11:46PM 1 Clip smaller domain from large domain netCDF file
10:25PM 1 lattice: packet.number() versus panel.number()
9:33PM 1 plot for "survreg" and "intcox" (rewritten)
6:45PM 1 buit a package using Rstudio and existing R files
1:21PM 1 StackRaster problem
1:03PM 0 package 'gradientForest' and 'extendedForest'
11:17AM 1 Plot survreg and intcox
9:08AM 0 What would a typical miRNA microarray analysis workflow look like?
8:30AM 1 VennDiagram
1:42AM 0 What is RVM t test? Is it possible to use it in R?
1:26AM 1 How to do t.test to rows of a dataframe using apply family function?
12:51AM 0 panel.cor NA's
Monday August 25 2014
9:05PM 1 Display warning only once in session
5:39PM 1 How to plot multiple density plot and scatter plot together
3:34PM 2 recording age into different variables
2:31PM 1 Help with lsmeans
12:00PM 2 yaxs Causes Boundary Line Colour to Change
9:58AM 1 Preventing loading of user packages
8:57AM 1 rJAVA and JGR doesnot get installed,
8:31AM 1 Trace and inverse of big matrices
6:07AM 2 What the difference between .Golbalenv and package:base?
4:01AM 0 adaptivetau with time-dependent rate "parameters"; non-autonomous population dynamics via Monte Carlo
Sunday August 24 2014
8:30PM 2 Filled vector contours
7:51AM 2 Filled vector contours
7:51AM 0 Filled vector contours
12:52AM 3 converting dataframe into multiple time series
Saturday August 23 2014
3:22PM 0 simulation data with dichotomous variables
3:00PM 0 Error in geeglm
12:22PM 2 How can I let the dimension change via the circulation?
7:31AM 0 Banking Data Profiling: Need suggestion on R packages
Friday August 22 2014
6:00PM 0 I cannot register but I have a burning Question about mcmcPack
12:18PM 1 print vectors with consecutive numbers
11:51AM 1 Help with analysis of variance
10:02AM 1 knitr and stopifnot replacement.
7:36AM 2 Help on installing "R" packages in a Citrix
Thursday August 21 2014
10:15PM 1 Help to install package "mlegp"
9:45PM 1 Subsetting data for split-sample validation, then repeating 1000x
8:57PM 1 hadley's book
5:19PM 0 R version of MATLAB interpn?
2:38PM 1 require() but for source()d files
2:20PM 1 How to view the whole dataset that is imported through sasxport.get
11:53AM 1 bam (mgcv) not using the specified number of cores
10:08AM 2 anova
9:12AM 0 Calculating contrasts in Anova with interaction term
9:00AM 1 Error - "cannot coerce type 'closure' to vector of type 'character' "
3:19AM 1 file.show() may have some bug?
Wednesday August 20 2014
11:56PM 1 ggplot2: how to jitter spaghetti plot so slopes are preserved
10:54PM 1 Line Graph greater than 2 variables on plot
10:43PM 2 Installing RODBC
9:01PM 1 ordinary kriging: the edges of the polygons are ignored
8:12PM 1 Euclidean Distance in 3 Dimensions
6:56PM 1 as.Date woes
11:53AM 4 DateTime wrong when exporting to csv in R
Tuesday August 19 2014
6:09PM 1 Negative values on output
2:01PM 1 Weighted Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon-Test
10:14AM 1 A question in Rinternals.h
9:21AM 1 GSUB and Data.frame format lost
4:34AM 1 programme bivariate binomial negative
12:30AM 2 loading saved files with objects in same names
Monday August 18 2014
11:31PM 1 principle component values on PCA plots do not match
7:58PM 1 Building and scoring multiple models with dplyr functions
1:35PM 1 About radial.labels in plotrix
9:13AM 2 GSUB function and regex problem
8:51AM 1 filled.contour key axis
5:45AM 1 Fwd: error in installing rpud package
Sunday August 17 2014
11:13PM 0 (no subject)
7:58PM 2 Making my own graphics device
4:32PM 0 ggplot2/heat map/duplicated level problem
1:36AM 1 "no visible binding for global variable" and with() vs. within()
Saturday August 16 2014
11:32PM 1 BNF description for R
7:42PM 1 data.table/ifelse conditional new variable question
Friday August 15 2014
4:18PM 5 regex pattern assistance
3:15PM 0 NA error with the dredge function
2:51PM 4 Generating a polygon around points
2:36PM 1 how to avoid change string to number automaticlly in r
5:54AM 1 Obtaining predicted values for glm() function
4:44AM 0 Using Moran.I
Thursday August 14 2014
10:57PM 1 identicalFiles(filename1, filename2)?
10:08PM 1 reshape a dataset
9:56PM 0 Coding up GAMMs for multi-site trends analysis.
9:53PM 1 unable to call certain functions
7:47PM 1 Sldf command returns negative value for date
6:30PM 0 Pollution-mortality prediction.
4:15PM 2 Installation of R version 3.1.0
3:07PM 1 Operating on the value from row i and row i+1
6:57AM 3 How Can SVD Reconstruct a Matrix
Wednesday August 13 2014
9:41PM 1 opinion - sharing problem data and other stuff.
7:43PM 1 save results in a loop
6:56PM 2 find the data frames in list of objects and make a list of them
2:19PM 0 Cox regression model for matched data with replacement
1:24PM 0 Cox regression model for matched data with replacement
1:01PM 1 scale_*_manual in ggplot2
12:18PM 0 Cox regression model for matched data with replacement
11:33AM 2 Parameter of a function used after $ in a data frame
4:42AM 0 Cox regression model for matched data with replacement
12:14AM 2 populating matrix with binary variable after matching data from data frame
Tuesday August 12 2014
7:57PM 2 A basic statistics question
6:57PM 0 Validation of the Markov chain assumption
6:51PM 3 generating a sequence of seconds
5:16PM 0 t.test of matching columns from two datasets using plyr
3:55PM 1 pass vector binding to DBI parameter (rsqlite)
12:42PM 1 script to data clear
12:09PM 1 Multivariate tobit regression
7:23AM 1 Prediction intervals (i.e. not CI of the fit) for monotonic loess curve using bootstrapping
Monday August 11 2014
9:40PM 2 efficient way to replace a range of numeric with a integer in a matrix
1:06PM 0 building a BIGLM model from three tables (related)
11:05AM 0 [vegan]Envfit, pvalues and ggplot2
9:06AM 3 Superimposing graphs
8:24AM 0 Need help in using Rcpp
8:17AM 2 C.D.F
8:05AM 0 GSoC 2014 - an R package for working with RRD files
2:08AM 2 Problem with assignment 1 part 1
1:34AM 1 Just stumbled across this: Advanced R programming text & code - from Hadley
Sunday August 10 2014
6:51PM 3 "Best" way to merge 300+ .5MB dataframes?
Saturday August 9 2014
10:46PM 0 Time series analysis for a large number of series
10:31PM 2 Reading chunks of data from a file more efficiently
8:39PM 1 loops with assign() and get()
12:15PM 2 R Package for Text Manipulation
9:46AM 1 Possible pair of 2 binary vectors
5:19AM 1 grofit package problem inputting dataset
Friday August 8 2014
8:29PM 3 Installing manual package problem
6:28PM 1 circlize package: some error message
6:25PM 3 how to process multiple data files using R loop
2:12PM 2 boot strapping poisson getting warnings and negative values
2:02PM 0 Need help on boot strapping
1:26PM 4 color palettes
1:13PM 0 glmnet, Error in apply(nz, 1, median) : dim(X) must have a positive length
1:07PM 0 inverse Gaussian data transformation in R?
1:04PM 1 map column name in matrix to multiple elements
9:28AM 0 Problems installing Packages
Thursday August 7 2014
11:32PM 1 Applying Different Predictive Models over Different Geographic subsets of a RasterStack
10:37PM 2 Output from file.info()$mtime
7:59PM 1 problem with labeling plots, possibly in font defaults
7:50PM 0 Dose response glmer
7:21PM 0 Issues in using GP_fit() of GPfit package
2:07PM 1 Legend in ggplot2
1:32PM 1 dynamic runSum
1:18PM 0 K-nearest neighbor
10:19AM 1 Some hpc problems with doMPI and runmpi (I know there is R-SIG-HPC)
4:20AM 1 Logical operators and named arguments
2:12AM 2 ask for help
Wednesday August 6 2014
11:21PM 0 Using axis limits with plot3D
11:11PM 0 Fractal package - FDWhittle - Estimating the Hurst exponent
10:30PM 0 sendmailR error: if (code == lcode) { : argument is of length zero
8:58PM 0 Amelia: pool data from multiple imputated datasets - for descriptives
8:11PM 1 lattice scales format dates
3:24PM 2 citation() command doesn't work in R.3.1.1
3:22PM 1 R Foundation publish citable Manual for packages
2:11PM 0 How to perform training and testing using DPpackage of R for Non parametric Bayesian predictive analysis?
11:47AM 0 Breusch-Pagan heterosckedasticity test for mixed models - does it exist ?
6:46AM 2 Old g++ in Rtools
12:50AM 1 weighted network centrality measures by network size
Tuesday August 5 2014
8:53PM 1 R script in batch mode — Echoing messages to windows shell
5:58PM 0 Revolutions blog: July 2014 roundup
5:39PM 3 Frequencies for a list of vectors
5:29PM 2 Equivalent of read.table for object rather than file
5:22PM 0 doubleYScale from latticeExtra, problems with style
5:20PM 2 big data?
3:28PM 0 Package gptk, no default option
1:06PM 0 Optim function collectively for all Rows in a dataframe
1:06PM 1 (no subject)
12:46PM 0 Calculation of weighted network centrality measures
12:31PM 0 New version of the symmoments package
12:31PM 0 [R-pkgs] New version of the symmoments package
12:13PM 1 break loop with keypress
11:33AM 2 object of type 'closure' is not subsettable
10:48AM 0 [R-pkgs] rPref - new package for preferences and Skylines
10:48AM 0 rPref - new package for preferences and Skylines
10:35AM 1 Library(mice) too slow for my dataset
10:27AM 2 Generate quasi-random positive numbers
9:36AM 2 extract descriptive stats for categorial data from dataframe
7:31AM 0 The R Journal, Volume 6, Issue 1
7:31AM 0 The R Journal, Volume 6, Issue 1
6:51AM 1 How to optimizing the code for calculating the launch time
1:17AM 1 Apply quantile function to each dataframe in a List R
1:08AM 1 simulation data with dichotomous varuables
Monday August 4 2014
11:50AM 0 Calculation of network centrality measures weighted by network size
9:53AM 3 Compare data in two rows and replace objects in data frame
9:02AM 1 Filling in missing values in a column based on previous and following values
7:48AM 2 memory corruption in R
2:33AM 0 About a R learning course
Sunday August 3 2014
10:12PM 1 Convert some columns of List to dataframe R
7:38PM 2 qqnorm with histogram?
4:33PM 1 Reading specific rows and columns xlsx file: Error in strsplit(names(res), "\\.") : non-character argument
1:57PM 1 Rmarkdown Installation error on Shiny server , CentOS 6.4 x64
5:17AM 1 Extract particular months from List in R
12:58AM 1 How to remove latex message from a resulting rmarkdown pdf?
Saturday August 2 2014
6:11PM 3 mutually exclusive events
2:01PM 1 How to overlay contourplot of a dataset A and a levelplot of a dataset B?
2:36AM 2 How to change print behaviour within a markdown document
Friday August 1 2014
7:56PM 2 Combining Rows from One Data Frame, Outputting into Another
6:58PM 2 How to randomly extract a number of rows in a data frame
3:36PM 1 lm weights argument within function
2:46PM 4 Better use with gsub
2:38PM 0 How to transform the data frame into the list?
12:12PM 0 R sensitivity/fast99 n=65
12:09PM 0 Weighted Logistic Regression in R: Can R do what SAS PROC LOGISTIC does?
11:48AM 1 installing package 'rqpd' (Regression quantiles for panel data) on windows
11:41AM 2 How to avoid the three loops in R?
6:25AM 1 Merging outbreak data
3:37AM 0 hist3D (output control)
1:51AM 1 how to extract word before /// in a data frame contain many thousands rows.
1:00AM 2 Rmixmod Memory Leak