R help - Feb 2014

Friday February 28 2014
10:29PM 2 aggregate and sum on some columns fromduplicate rows
9:47PM 1 Problem importing file in R after switching from windows to Ubuntu
9:20PM 1 which(rsts$date<2011-03-01)
6:38PM 0 Points to spatial polygons
6:10PM 0 Importance Sampling and a bunch of questions
4:45PM 2 Solving Classification problems in R
4:44PM 1 sub function problem
4:22PM 1 Saving a map as a postscript file
4:07PM 1 logit estimation is not convergent!
3:10PM 1 Conditional polygon colouring
2:53PM 2 Map plotting in a box
2:19PM 0 (no subject)
11:56AM 1 pivot table
10:26AM 1 do calculation within expression(), text in plot
10:16AM 2 include sql statements
10:04AM 0 stepAIC with lm
10:00AM 1 Recognizing patterns in time series data
9:15AM 0 OrchardSprays reference
6:37AM 1 ggplot/ barplot
6:13AM 1 how is the model resample performance calculated by caret?
5:52AM 0 acessing symbols dynamically through a gedit box using getsymbol function
4:24AM 1 New to R
3:53AM 1 pre-allocation not always a timesaver
3:24AM 2 Data Rearrangement
12:19AM 3 Three questions about plotting
Thursday February 27 2014
11:26PM 0 Parameter fitting by using minpack.lm package
5:09PM 1 Controlling plot axis for dates
4:49PM 0 scales percent precision
4:32PM 1 time series analysis
4:19PM 0 Problem with user-defined split function in rpart
3:20PM 1 NOTE when checking CRAN income feasibility
3:00PM 2 Basic question for subset of dataframe
12:22PM 1 Non-negative solution to an underdetermined linear system
12:10PM 1 Finding files matching full path regex
10:31AM 1 Fast linear convolution with R
9:33AM 0 pel fitdistr how to estimate distribution parameters?
9:01AM 2 data.frmae : Error: unexpected numeric constant in:
7:05AM 3 find max value in different columns
6:06AM 1 problem of calculate mean value of large time series data
6:03AM 2 write function to convert to date or delete
3:29AM 0 [SPAM?] R Progress Bar
Wednesday February 26 2014
11:47PM 0 additions to r pivot table
8:56PM 1 longitude, latitude, heat map
8:08PM 1 How to assign membership after hierachical clustering(agnes{cluster})
6:50PM 0 Add primary key to sqlite table
6:27PM 0 install packages from R-forge SVN
4:42PM 1 how to fit a sine curve to those data
3:56PM 0 R help table from HTML
11:59AM 0 multcomp Westfall use up RAM memory
11:20AM 0 Error message in `fitdistr` function in the MASS package
11:00AM 0 [R-pkgs] new package: hrr version 1.0.1
11:00AM 0 new package: hrr version 1.0.1
8:28AM 0 Team Foundation Server with R
8:24AM 1 Fitting glm with maxit=0?
1:03AM 0 ddply
12:37AM 1 R Progress Bar
Tuesday February 25 2014
10:57PM 4 plot out the predicted values and the upper and lower limits
9:49PM 2 A couple of issues with lattice::bwplot
9:03PM 1 matrix merging question
8:51PM 2 SEs rms cph vs survey svycoxph
8:09PM 0 R: Re: how to extract consecutive subvetors of different lengths from an existing vector and create a matrix
7:57PM 1 a question about ks.test
7:34PM 2 Adding lines to complex xyplot
7:09PM 0 About xlsx package and reshape
6:57PM 1 libPaths how to change (R 3.0.2 64bit, RStudio 0.98.501, Windows 7)
6:45PM 0 ggplot: choropleth map with polygons that have holes
6:36PM 5 png-generation from script (non-X11 env) now broken?
6:31PM 0 multinomial mixed logit model mlogit r-package
5:18PM 4 Plots with Y axis split into two scales
3:34PM 1 how to extract consecutive subvetors of different lengths from an existing vector and create a matrix
2:54PM 1 mcr mcreg: Why are BCa and quantile se values calculated, stored, then the stored values set to NA?
2:39PM 0 Negative binomial distribution mixture model
1:59PM 0 Restricted Cubic Spline using rms package
1:08PM 0 MatchIt package
12:40PM 1 GLM with Numeric and Factor as an Input
11:20AM 1 [R 3.0.2] Compilation error in toms708.c during installation on Suse using icc
9:39AM 1 combine 2 data.frames in dependence of the ID
8:08AM 2 Environmental problems.
7:36AM 1 fitting a time series into a GARCH model using fGarch
3:07AM 1 (no subject)
12:14AM 1 Problem getting the chron package
Monday February 24 2014
10:20PM 1 Discrepant lm() and survreg() standard errors with weighted fits
8:36PM 0 Logistic regression and FIML for treating missing values
6:58PM 1 simulation of Hierarchical design
5:45PM 3 scatter plot to contour plot
5:06PM 0 Plotting the effect of a predictor using RMS
4:10PM 0 groupedData in nlme
3:19PM 0 Help creating a panel dataset
2:18PM 1 Installing WinBUGS & OpenBUGS on OS X 10.8.5
2:09PM 1 output error in MatchIt
12:17PM 1 Count the number of unique days
10:51AM 2 boxcox alternative
10:43AM 0 scatter plot to continuous plot
9:30AM 0 Version 1.3.3 of apcluster package (+ Rcpp compatibility issue)
Sunday February 23 2014
11:44PM 0 predict.lm() does not take ts() objects in formula
11:44PM 0 Basic R codes
11:34PM 2 predict.lm() does not take ts objects in formula
7:25PM 0 Running an encryption function on a column in a data.frame
6:53PM 0 help with encrypting a text string in a data.frame
3:11PM 1 Proportional Venn diagram 6 sets with labels
3:06PM 0 Proportional Venn diagram with 6 sets and labels
2:32PM 0 Proportional Venn diagram with 6 sest and labels
3:29AM 2 equivalent of $\check Y$ in plotmath
Saturday February 22 2014
9:57PM 2 seeking alternative method to copy a large section of my R program
9:06PM 1 how to plot a logarithmic regression line
7:25PM 0 create video?
7:06PM 0 hist: argument '...' is not made use of
4:14PM 0 Hi everybody, your help would be very appreciate, thanks !
3:48PM 0 Learn R in a Day - new ebook
2:29PM 0 Exposures in bernoulli glm()
11:24AM 1 Math symbols in ggplot facets
8:30AM 0 Help: Split-Split model nested in a nested structure
8:30AM 0 Help: Split-Split model nested in a nested structure
7:50AM 0 How to make a scatter plot
2:13AM 1 Performance issue with attributes
2:05AM 0 for loop with multiple conditions in R (e.g. for(i in x & j in y)
1:59AM 0 predict model time series
12:50AM 0 PLM falling into dummy variable trap -- how to fix?
Friday February 21 2014
9:56PM 0 R plot type
9:06PM 0 How to add box layer using levelplot in R?
7:50PM 1 [e1071] Features that are factors when exporting a model with write.svm
7:00PM 1 Venn diagram with identification numbers
6:44PM 0 Venn diagram with numbers within each class
3:59PM 1 shapiro.test
10:40AM 1 help with gettext() for translating text
10:07AM 1 Assigning & function to variable
9:13AM 0 how to estimate the CI in glm()?
2:30AM 1 Detecting Vehicle locations using R
Thursday February 20 2014
11:27PM 0 enet and lars alternatives to estimate linear models with lasso regularization.
10:54PM 1 Data manipulation in a data.frame
10:43PM 0 Call for abstracts to present at useR! 2014
8:29PM 1 data frame manipulation
8:03PM 3 bi-monthly time series
5:36PM 0 Add rows to dataframe by split values
3:54PM 1 Problem installing packages
3:08PM 0 Rule Mining - Cross Analysis
2:40PM 0 An unbalanced factorial experiment - function for GLM model with quasi-Poisson distribution
1:45PM 2 listserv subscription
12:28PM 0 Add rows to dataframe by split values
12:10PM 1 CRAN policies - citing others
10:44AM 0 unit choice in saveHTML function
9:47AM 0 writing netCDF with irregular grid
7:05AM 1 geneation
5:07AM 1 data
2:06AM 1 Mapping two data files
12:04AM 2 ISwR Plotting Issue
Wednesday February 19 2014
9:09PM 0 Package development: overriding a function from one package with a function from another?
7:19PM 2 dependent column(s) in data frame
6:26PM 1 Generalizing a regex for retrieving numbers with and without scientific notation
3:48PM 1 multiplot contour
3:47PM 3 princomp/prcomp packages not available for 3.0.2
3:18PM 3 Change data format query
1:04PM 1 R multiplot problem
12:03PM 1 i need a help users
10:35AM 1 GAM using penalized regression splines with 4 degress o.f.
8:40AM 0 how should the program looks like?
Tuesday February 18 2014
10:08PM 1 calculate probability of union of independent events
6:20PM 2 3D graphics
5:47PM 1 Convergence problem
5:24PM 1 Updating a data frame based on if condition
3:57PM 2 Errorbar
3:20PM 1 party::ctree
9:32AM 1 association of multiple variables
8:47AM 1 TS: Calculating the mean by month
8:44AM 1 converting time data in R
7:59AM 0 plotting decision tree from Mapreduce output
3:01AM 1 one last date object question please
12:41AM 3 plot a list of trellis objects
12:35AM 1 date objects
Monday February 17 2014
10:41PM 3 scatterplot of two y's
9:22PM 3 Checking for and adding "..." arguments to a function...
6:45PM 3 How to calculate moving average without using filter()?
4:54PM 0 Convert values below threshold to 0 (different threshold/column)
4:47PM 1 Return rows with largest, cumulative, between column differences
4:18PM 1 Subset for plot in R
2:27PM 1 Interpretation / Usage of davies.test
7:54AM 1 R-Help. Error in file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w")). No connection.
7:38AM 0 2 phase coxian distribution
7:38AM 1 Filling missing data in a Panel
7:00AM 0 DESeq2 nbinomLRT reduced formula
5:54AM 0 Plot of Word Frequency between two groups..
3:27AM 1 Defining array for nested for.loop.
Sunday February 16 2014
6:05PM 1 Lattice Barchart
6:04PM 1 amqp_connection:open_channel link channel
5:49PM 2 need help to convert in to panel data format
1:34PM 2 interaction.plot for continuous variables
12:50PM 1 Extracting everything between two symbols in a string
10:02AM 0 merge two forest plot in one graph with meta package
5:54AM 0 Help on reorder the dendrogram
3:34AM 0 counting words that are contained in a list
Saturday February 15 2014
8:16PM 2 trouble using sapply to perform multiple t-test
7:26PM 0 Writing R code in C# and Executing
4:43PM 1 Random Forest, Variable Mismatch
1:38PM 1 Subsetting a named list of parameters in mle
9:34AM 1 Aligning names with variable values
4:19AM 1 why warnings message is there after running the plm regression
3:30AM 1 For two vectors, how to plot bin-to-bin histogram comparision in R?
12:26AM 0 Product of MSE and number of parameters when generating covariance matrix for Nonlinear least squares?
Friday February 14 2014
10:24PM 2 psych package - Cronbach`s Alpha - warning message
10:05PM 0 samSeq and poissonSeq - quantile.default error
5:20PM 2 How to superscript
3:26PM 2 dim vector or data.frame
12:57PM 2 duplicate couples (time-id) Error in pdim.default(index[[1]], index[[2]]) :
11:17AM 0 Simulate from an ARIMA Model with fixed errors
11:05AM 1 R windows close while calculating frequency
9:29AM 1 Regex with criteria from multiple lines
9:13AM 1 Ignore errors and proceed to next
8:52AM 1 a question about boxplot
8:23AM 1 Problem with POSIXt time zone
4:35AM 1 What is the effect of how.many in the "contrast" function
12:15AM 0 Unicode symbols not working with ggplot in R
Thursday February 13 2014
10:17PM 1 NextMethod in boxcox
10:16PM 1 Changing Character Value
10:07PM 2 Printing a matrix in latexVerbatim without rownames.
9:46PM 1 abbreviate function using 'with'
9:27PM 1 Aggregation
8:23PM 0 Standardisation of variables with Lasso (glmnet)
8:16PM 2 I am new to R
7:36PM 1 minor version upgrade requires library refresh?
7:16PM 1 the unwanted persistence of refClass methods
4:13PM 2 plyr: colvar value corresponding to max Date
3:57PM 0 RHadoop
3:30PM 2 How to plot a shifted Gamma distribution
2:43PM 3 grep for multiple pattern?
8:00AM 1 Grouping on a Distance Matrix
4:39AM 1 impossible to install package
2:01AM 2 Inquiry
Wednesday February 12 2014
11:55PM 1 Help on best way to calculate and plot overall mean from dataset with two treatment groups
11:09PM 1 Java 7.51 broke rJava?
9:09PM 2 Urgent Inquiry
7:22PM 3 simple linear regression
6:20PM 2 mean help?
3:49PM 1 plot with 3 axes and different shades
2:55PM 1 Actual code for LDA
9:51AM 0 creating a figure with different shades in R?
6:05AM 1 r hepl
5:37AM 0 Form groups of lines and select specific values
Tuesday February 11 2014
11:13PM 1 Conditional formatting of POSIXct date axis labels to only print year at a change
10:11PM 2 metafor package
9:36PM 1 installing from source on a new Windows machine
8:54PM 2 Scatter plots using pairs()
8:15PM 2 turn string into expression for paste
8:07PM 0 Problem plotting RDA Results
6:51PM 0 Font Path question
5:51PM 3 value on logarithmic axis
5:21PM 0 select groups
1:26PM 3 (no subject)
1:07PM 1 Problem with default location of workspace in RStudio
10:30AM 3 if(...){next} with "foreach" loop?
8:54AM 2 help
8:27AM 1 need for help!
7:56AM 0 how can i count appearence of zero?
4:45AM 1 building a package
4:05AM 1 hepl
3:01AM 0 Dividing by NA?
12:53AM 0 sensuc function in rms package
12:00AM 0 rpart - Export rpart object branch splits
Monday February 10 2014
10:10PM 1 svyglm error message
9:49PM 0 Exclude lines in based in multiple strings
8:40PM 0 stats course
6:08PM 1 Help with SEM: "Error in 1:m : NA/NaN argument"
5:55PM 0 eutils query not working
4:58PM 3 Split dataframe by year
4:05PM 1 fitting structured conditional (subset) models with loglm
2:39PM 1 How to write a regression model for finding the radius of a cylinder given height and volume
1:14PM 0 reversing data axis in stripchart not working?
11:26AM 2 Problem with metaMDS in vegan
10:48AM 1 lattice question: removing strips
8:25AM 1 Which distribution to select (massive fitting)
6:07AM 0 model specification issue
4:03AM 4 Conditional recoding for purpose of imputing
1:20AM 0 Help
Sunday February 9 2014
10:48PM 2 Text Input from a Non Delimited File
9:19PM 0 Geomorph package: gpagen coordinates in tangent space?
6:26PM 1 meaning of lubridate setdiff
4:12PM 0 ggplot2 counts versus percentages
12:14PM 2 How to get function arguments as list?
7:49AM 1 Help required for using the prettyTree() to plot a regression tree graphically.......!!!!!!
Saturday February 8 2014
10:57PM 2 Two x axes - top and bottom
10:22PM 1 subset of data frame
8:56PM 1 running Rstudio on public server using putty
8:28PM 1 Plotting a loess line when the abcissa variable has numerous NA's
2:40PM 1 (no subject)
Friday February 7 2014
9:50PM 0 Why does a date frame returning date with a time zone sometimes?
9:18PM 0 Merge two data frames on date field
7:24PM 0 rsm package
5:47PM 1 Send html body email in R
4:58PM 0 Remove duplicate rows based on condition
4:54PM 0 repeating rows in R
3:54PM 2 Legend text populated with calculated values and super script?
Thursday February 6 2014
9:32PM 1 count and sum simultaneously in R pivot table
8:53PM 1 Trouble with pmvnorm?
8:10PM 0 GCV=0 in gam fitting
7:49PM 0 package parallel help
6:55PM 1 Regular expressions, genbank
6:39PM 1 Reading data from Census API into R
6:24PM 2 why is as.date function not working for me? (dd/mm/yyyy h:mm)
6:00PM 2 r noobie, reading my text file into r
4:48PM 1 problems using identify() after plot()
3:26PM 2 Missval in netCDF and its handling by the ncdf package
3:00PM 2 Passing vectors through a dataframe
2:24PM 3 Packages Depending on my package
1:21PM 0 To map population of European countries from Eurostat
1:21PM 1 To map population of European countries from Eurostat
4:04AM 0 R help
3:05AM 2 replacing zeros with above/below numbers ?
Wednesday February 5 2014
11:26PM 1 Nested foreach loops in R repeating items
11:20PM 0 Coxph convergence
9:40PM 1 proportional weights
7:37PM 2 RMySQL with Windows 7
4:27PM 0 [R-pkgs] New package: RoughSets (v1.0-0)
4:27PM 0 New package: RoughSets (v1.0-0)
4:11PM 2 avoiding "multiple actual arguments" in default function behavior
4:05PM 1 Sensitivity analysis - minimum effect size detectable by a binomial test
4:02PM 1 Removing cell borders from svg or eps in levelplot
3:59PM 1 Count observation based on hour
9:46AM 2 expected value with R
5:44AM 1 error in building R-2.15.3: configure: error: linking to Fortran libraries from C fails
1:41AM 1 Justify axis labels in mosaic plot
12:57AM 2 Obtain the hex code for a given character.
12:35AM 0 Pubmed (XML) data to data.frame
12:07AM 1 Merging xts List created using panel data
Tuesday February 4 2014
11:52PM 2 Adjusting the x axis range in effects plots
11:24PM 0 Revolution blog: January 2014 roundup
10:37PM 1 Renumber series
5:13PM 0 creating an equivalent of r-help on r.stackexchange.com ?
5:08PM 1 two active RGL device / linked devices
4:27PM 1 Categorizing and displaying excel data in tabular format
4:27PM 1 Not able to find files in working directory
3:58PM 1 Handling special characters in reading and writing to CSV
3:43PM 1 correlog function in pgirmess package
3:30PM 0 GCV=0
3:06PM 0 R Books from Chapman & Hall/CRC
2:09PM 0 How to describe gls post-hoc test in manuscript
12:20PM 1 Running the Loop
11:42AM 2 Selecting elements in lists with a row condition
10:49AM 1 Writing Unicode Text into Text File from R (in Windows)
9:25AM 1 mgcv: distribution of dev with Poisson data
9:19AM 1 Which analysis for a set of dummy variables alone ?
7:12AM 2 GLM weights for the Poisson family
6:12AM 2 Trying to install package for LMER, getting a ton of errors
2:28AM 0 [R-pkgs] Rcpp 0.11.0
2:28AM 0 Rcpp 0.11.0
1:41AM 1 parallel coordinate plot showing density of curves
1:08AM 0 Docs missing on Debian Wheezy
Monday February 3 2014
9:00PM 1 package mgcv - predict with bam: Error in X[ind, ] :, subscript out of bounds
8:53PM 1 update.formula() to add interaction terms
8:32PM 1 MCPMod method
4:36PM 2 In RStudio/Win7, which directory stores the "markdown.css" file?
3:48PM 3 Change file name
11:54AM 1 ggplot2: removing empty factor levels in facet_grid
10:18AM 2 match - returns a vector of the positions of (first) matches - looking for All positions.
10:06AM 1 stats::runmed - crashes R - session
1:53AM 2 datetime and date
1:09AM 5 Capturing output of a C executable
1:07AM 0 [as.numeric]Convert Category data to Numeric Data
Sunday February 2 2014
10:40PM 0 Lapply to create sub categories based on categorical data
9:49PM 2 creating an equivalent of r-help on r.stackexchange.com ? (was: Re: Should there be an R-beginners list?)
7:09PM 4 Plotting multiple time series with variables having different units
3:00PM 0 R question
12:32PM 2 aggregate()?
7:16AM 0 book on parallel programming
7:16AM 0 book on parallel programming
2:37AM 3 (no subject)
1:57AM 1 meta data on infert data set
1:05AM 1 predicted values
Saturday February 1 2014
4:40PM 4 Avoid using "eval" in a neat way
11:44AM 1 CCA no scores for some constraining variables
3:40AM 2 Problem connecting to database via RPostgreSQL/RS-DBI: "could not connect" error