R help - Mar 2014

Monday March 31 2014
11:40PM 0 help with fitting a distribution
11:01PM 0 grf in geoR
10:45PM 0 distribution modeling help
10:41PM 1 labelling a plot in binom library function call
10:25PM 2 Label axis tick marks with a simple function of axis value
6:29PM 0 <NA> to NA
5:31PM 0 monthly sum
5:28PM 0 Re: Please help
4:42PM 0 Fwd: rbind error - duplicated row.names not allowed
2:57PM 0 Setting Plot() Window Shape
2:40PM 0 Default argument not passed to subfunction when argument name matches default expression
Sunday March 30 2014
10:30PM 0 cov.wt gives different results from other (co)variance functions (cov, wtd.var)
9:31PM 0 Re: Please help
8:54PM 0 regsubsets
1:23PM 0 about lm()
10:58AM 0 unlist( list( factor( 'a'), 1)) == c( 1, 1); unlist( list( factor( 'a'), factor( 1)))==c( 'a', '1')
9:01AM 0 Error in match.names(clabs, names(xi)) : names do not match previous names
8:42AM 0 metafor combining escalc effect-sizes
7:43AM 0 continuous time AR - predict/interpolate
7:08AM 0 [RODBC] ERROR: Could not SQLExecDirect
1:22AM 0 Computing predictive values
Saturday March 29 2014
8:18PM 0 Re: Plotting the result of a gamm in lattice
7:47PM 0 R CMD bulid Syntax
7:00PM 0 Re: Nested boxplot groups
6:52PM 0 Re: Include Random Effects in Poisson Regressing (Nested Data)
5:02PM 0 Re: select maximum values
4:48PM 0 Re: Remove suffix of all columns
1:51PM 0 problem of tapply function
10:16AM 0 Making visible Rcommander
8:00AM 0 vector density plot
1:31AM 0 Contradicting results on stationary test!!!
Friday March 28 2014
8:38PM 0 numeric to factor via lookup table
6:04PM 0 starta.sampling with many (1000 times) and average them
5:14PM 0 help with pROC installation on a Debian box (Rcpp related)
5:09PM 0 ask for your help
4:39PM 0 GC overhead limit exceeded
3:29PM 0 Consistent size dashes...
3:10PM 0 Re: [R-SIG-Mac] upgrade to Mavericks
1:05PM 0 uncompress gz and bz2 and read nc
10:51AM 0 add points and labels to a 3 dimensional plot
10:01AM 0 Problem of "!" operator
8:51AM 0 match from a data.frame in dependence of an ID
6:27AM 0 Simple loop question
5:51AM 1 Centered difference operation on matrix with R
5:42AM 0 accessing members of a list
5:37AM 0 Multcomp for interaction term
Thursday March 27 2014
11:17PM 0 Problem with do.call().
9:10PM 0 Select random observation from a group
8:48PM 0 summarizing a dataset on a factor
7:33PM 0 going backward in code
4:35PM 0 Moving Average Non Uniform Vectors
4:27PM 0 index polygons
3:09PM 0 Subsetting a dataframe by dynamic column name
2:57PM 0 Finding max number in R
2:29PM 0 R CMD check and foreach code
1:53PM 0 Clinical significance - Equivalence test
1:14PM 0 completely different results for shapiro.test and ks.test
12:21PM 0 Multilevel Modelling
11:31AM 0 generate
11:01AM 0 using data.table ,plyr
10:40AM 0 Re: Merging two data frames
9:46AM 0 Re: one more favor needed
8:57AM 0 lattice change font of one specific axis label in each panel
7:46AM 0 Selecting numbers not divisible by 3
5:39AM 0 R autocompletion configuration
4:35AM 0 Bayesian 95% Credible interval
1:41AM 0 how to do ARIMA prediction with high performance
12:45AM 0 reading dataset
Wednesday March 26 2014
10:07PM 0 acf(ts.union()): Missing Values in Object
6:35PM 0 kmeans function
6:34PM 0 dummy coding problem
5:44PM 0 Problem with R
5:13PM 0 lavaan fit indices & Chronbach's alphas
4:44PM 0 How to create an ifelse statement where it matches a different data.frame variable
4:09PM 0 dataframe calculations based on certain values of a column
2:06PM 0 How to rbind() two matrices that have different column sizes?
11:27AM 0 Question about c.trellis (latticeExtra)
10:51AM 0 [igraph] number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
Tuesday March 25 2014
11:02PM 0 Bootstrapping mean for two and more variables by group
8:36PM 0 ? ~ ADONIS
6:36PM 0 Syntax for order()
6:35PM 0 How to creat a dummy coding in R? (URGENT!)
6:02PM 0 Residuals of tobit{AER} and testing distribution normality
5:32PM 0 Bars on stl() plot
4:52PM 0 R mail list archive Google search function not work
4:36PM 0 tripack package
4:31PM 0 Re: Extraction of few columns with desired values
2:16PM 0 "no 'nobs' method available" error when using BIC selection in glmulti with genetic algorithm and lmer
1:41PM 0 Principal Components Loadings
11:17AM 0 Digits in R
8:51AM 0 Calculations with aggregate data: confidence intervals
Monday March 24 2014
10:35PM 0 How to get a subset with a date such as Date=11/03/2013 HE=02*?
10:26PM 0 installing biOps on MacOSX fails
9:48PM 0 Bayesian Belief Networks in R
9:27PM 0 Bayesian Regression with half-normal distributions
7:13PM 0 Re: Data Subsetting - First/Before/Last conditions
6:47PM 0 How to join data.frames with different row lengths
6:42PM 0 Re: How to join data.frames with different row lengths
5:50PM 0 Analyse the effect of group membership
4:02PM 0 function "Stack"
2:52PM 0 (Seismic) signal deconvolution with R
2:02PM 0 How to select multiple cells in a matrix and perform an operation on corresponding cells in another matrix of the same size?
1:58PM 0 Re: Removing Special Characters
12:44PM 0 field of two possible types in reference classes
12:05PM 0 Can't write to an device after catching a warning.
11:57AM 0 how to check "capabilities" of an graphics device?
11:11AM 0 Reshape large Data Frame to new format
4:14AM 0 Simulating from the Weibull with right censoring
3:47AM 0 Help with 4 parameter logistic fit. Warning message
Sunday March 23 2014
10:49PM 0 install gam in LINUX R
9:57PM 0 What formula does the acf() function use?
8:00PM 0 Customise a symbol in a scatterplot with for loop
6:57AM 0 R task views graph representation
6:09AM 0 Wanted to make g widgets GUI a Package
2:21AM 0 Conditional expressions in commands -- basic
2:01AM 0 points with-in boundaries of a map
12:32AM 0 time series processing - count of datestamp delta's, per group
Saturday March 22 2014
10:22PM 0 Merge two vectors into one
8:18PM 0 Re: Latest question
4:47PM 0 applying dglm() to a binary outcome
4:15PM 0 Determine breaks based on a break type...
3:01PM 0 [R-pkgs] new version of effects package
1:51PM 0 Fw: Removing blank cells and shifting data in df
11:18AM 0 plotting vectors of different lengths
10:06AM 0 How to split a Spell Data Frame into long format (irregular episode length)
2:48AM 0 Re: [Re: Does a survival probability(the probability not, experiencing an event) have to be non-increasing?
1:33AM 0 Running Rmpi/OpenMPI issues
Friday March 21 2014
11:18PM 0 Adding points to a topo map
10:04PM 0 Re: names wise flge values
8:41PM 0 Krippendorff's alpha bootstrapping implementation
6:05PM 0 Java error while using XLConnect
5:24PM 0 geoghraphical coordinate
4:38PM 0 Warning message for TukeyHSD test - error
3:39PM 0 pglm: probit random model
7:57AM 0 How to import SAS file defining codes by SAS format catalog file
1:18AM 0 Re: how to write a regular expression for this?
Thursday March 20 2014
8:30PM 0 How to importing a CVS file with multiple tables?
7:42PM 0 rounding to whole number
7:30PM 0 Setting plot() parameters
6:47PM 0 Re: Expanding matrix
4:50PM 0 smoothing a plot in r
4:25PM 0 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 5.2 Gb
12:47PM 0 dnearneigh::spdep: undesired behaviour with SpatialPoints object: bug or feature? Please confirm.
12:46PM 0 Re: [Re: Does a survival probability(the probability not, experiencing an event) have to be non-increasing?
9:10AM 0 Re: Fwd: cforest sampling methods
8:55AM 0 How to make a code last until a condition is completed ?
8:41AM 0 ASReml-R Course - Chicago APRIL 24/25
7:26AM 0 randomForest warning: The response has five or fewer unique values. Are you sure you want to do regression?
5:15AM 0 Import multiple files into R
Wednesday March 19 2014
9:46PM 0 "2013-06-28" coverts to 15884?
7:57PM 0 How to fix the warning message "the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used"?
7:32PM 0 cforest sampling methods
6:36PM 0 reading row title
6:15PM 0 Calculations with aggregate data: mean +/- standard deviation
4:51PM 0 ZOO objects: Creating, Plotting, Analyzing
4:41PM 0 Does a survival probability(the probability not experiencing an event) have to be non-increasing?
3:09PM 0 fitting
10:36AM 0 Row names at the end of the record
10:34AM 0 computationally singular
10:12AM 1 write.csv: set the name of the column containing the row.names
10:10AM 0 Fwd: help
4:03AM 1 Data file verification protocol
2:48AM 1 get is.na & !is.na count of various combinations of columns
Tuesday March 18 2014
9:41PM 1 The lib.loc argument to library().
7:29PM 0 RCurl: How to select options in online form and download the data
6:53PM 1 Installation of R-3.0.3
5:43PM 1 automatically replacing the third period with a break
5:31PM 0 multicore - handling a list of return values
5:17PM 0 passing variables into R
3:34PM 1 Unable to install Rhipe package for R version 3.0.2 in ubuntu-12.04
3:30PM 0 nlrq-{quantreg}
3:26PM 3 Help with finding mean at 1 second interval
2:09PM 1 Error message
12:28PM 0 format of output of residual standard errors of manova()
11:14AM 3 Which() missing a number
10:10AM 2 Fwd: R basic data manipulation Queries
9:10AM 0 Double-logistic or double-sigmoid in R cran
2:32AM 3 Beginner: How do I copy the results from a for loop in a csv file?
2:16AM 0 locpoly is returning NaN if bandwidth is small
1:59AM 0 [R-pkgs] RSelenium package
12:58AM 1 Reshaping Data in R - Transforming Two Columns Into One
12:52AM 0 Error Message Help
Monday March 17 2014
11:39PM 0 mgcv, should include a intercept for the 'by' varying coefficient model, which is unconstrained
10:18PM 2 is it possible to get the coordinate of mtext()?
9:22PM 0 error with sendplot
9:13PM 2 Beginner: how to split up character string into different columns
7:25PM 0 ffload "unzip not found"
7:06PM 3 open unknown file format in R
3:05PM 1 naming files or lists
2:44PM 0 [R-pkgs] New package metap on CRAN
2:44PM 0 New package metap on CRAN
2:25PM 1 data.table - How do I transform a set of column?
2:03PM 0 Plot network communities
11:57AM 1 linear programming
11:27AM 1 Extract part of a list based on the value of one of the subsubscript (weird, but with a reproducible example for clarity sake)
6:07AM 1 How to plot? stack line plot with different Y axis
4:58AM 1 assigning dataframes in an ifelse statement
4:06AM 1 Issue with special assignment operator
Sunday March 16 2014
9:09PM 1 Overriding predict based on newdata...
6:57PM 3 data frame vs. matrix
6:45PM 1 Problems with clmm2 (ordinal data fit)
6:44PM 0 R help
6:27PM 2 plot average from aggregated data
10:33AM 0 permutational ANOVA with random factors
4:21AM 3 Help using order with data.frame
Saturday March 15 2014
5:42PM 2 plotting residuals/error message
5:14PM 1 Coding for segmented regression within a hurdle model
3:56PM 1 Access column after hp filter
7:18AM 1 Calling a source file from R to C#
4:43AM 2 survfit question - Q1 and Q3 survival time?
2:10AM 0 Plot fn, xlim when x is a date. XXXX
12:59AM 1 strangely long floating point with write.table()
12:45AM 1 R Running slow on Ubuntu
Friday March 14 2014
11:24PM 1 smooth spline with R
7:02PM 1 FrailtyHL package does not work
6:15PM 0 Determining Total Number of Multiple Comparisons
6:15PM 1 Simple plot with line instead of dashes
2:47PM 0 filter seq wise
2:32PM 0 Splitting of Single value data into Multiple columns
1:32PM 1 apply a function containing a reduce statement to all rows of a 2d array?
1:13PM 0 bayesglm function in ARM package
12:25PM 0 Random effects model with PLM: "System is computationally singular"-Error?
12:15PM 1 data.table and R package check
12:11PM 3 survreg and predict probability of failure
9:11AM 1 Metafor - why use escalc?
9:08AM 1 combinatorics for minimal set of samples
7:55AM 3 plots
3:43AM 1 GLM vs GAM
Thursday March 13 2014
11:33PM 1 Negative binomial models and censored observations
9:30PM 1 boxplot with x-axis time
7:52PM 2 Creating a box plot with whiskers when I only have mean, sd and n
7:03PM 2 centroid of diamond
6:58PM 2 create dataframe using structure ()
4:30PM 0 SL 6.5 R from source; should I update texlive? if yes, how to point configure to new binary.
4:29PM 1 R bug on survival library Windows 7
3:59PM 1 How to get the adjusted R squared from GLS() estimator
3:29PM 0 Intraindividual means, SDs, and n's
3:27PM 0 R question about intraindividual variables
3:19PM 1 Duplicate of columns when merging two data frames
3:01PM 1 creating table with sequences of numbers based on the table
2:02PM 2 behaviour of rows and colomns suppression in a matrix
1:57PM 2 change date format
1:57PM 0 Estimate LA/AIDS elasticities with Heckman correction in R
1:22PM 1 Downloading a RData file and problem with loading it
12:35PM 3 replace duplicates with 0
12:27PM 0 outlier detection in nonlinear regression
9:11AM 1 UTF-8 characters in pandoc template variables using knitr
8:50AM 1 NAG (NAGFWrapper) or any optimization package recommended?
4:31AM 1 Error installing extrafonts from local zip file
12:31AM 0 Plotting Mean in plotting degree distribution
Wednesday March 12 2014
10:41PM 2 Colorspace: bug in HLS conversion?
5:55PM 2 Calculating RMSE in R from hurdle regression object
3:57PM 0 geoR: trend.spatial
2:45PM 0 filter data
1:33PM 0 ggplot2 Histogram with density curve
12:25PM 0 fit and predict binomial gbm with two offset terms
10:26AM 1 summary.lm() for zero variance response
9:13AM 5 Assign numbers in R
7:42AM 2 From Strings to Variable name. When get does not work
4:10AM 4 RTools and previous Cygwin installation--conflict?
3:42AM 0 qvalue error
3:00AM 1 R seems to mangle LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Tuesday March 11 2014
4:40PM 1 Calling .NET from within R
3:43PM 1 Revolutions blog: February roundup
3:41PM 2 novice questions
3:16PM 0 two maps with different color legends in spplot: PART 2
1:40PM 0 ezmlm warning
12:00PM 3 Read text file
11:38AM 0 fitting a bivariate model using the copula package
10:16AM 0 summarize values in R
10:15AM 1 summarize data
10:06AM 0 software "R"
10:02AM 3 grab values in R
9:20AM 0 How to set up the plot size and fonts in ggplot2
6:07AM 0 PLM falling into the dummy variable trap -- how to fix?
5:14AM 1 ts instead of xts object
5:04AM 1 Deletion of rows
1:13AM 0 How to know the what functions have used datasets in loaded packages.
Monday March 10 2014
11:09PM 1 plotting tripgrid on PBSmapping
11:04PM 0 Rare Association Rule Mining
10:11PM 0 Why does ar.ols manual caution against intercept=T, demean=F
8:04PM 0 Course: Beginner's Guide to MCMC, mixed models and GLMM with R
6:19PM 1 strucchange w dummy variables
5:24PM 0 Raster projection shift Biomod
4:10PM 1 using diff function with by function
3:26PM 3 Change of sign with division by zero, i.e. -1/0 = Inf ??
2:54PM 0 3.1.0 on April 10
2:54PM 0 3.1.0 on April 10
2:47PM 1 Subsetting between two values (into a range)????
1:34PM 0 two maps with different color legends in spplot
1:22PM 2 F10.1 and i3 format in R
11:34AM 2 catering for rescaling
9:34AM 0 Graph densification in large networks
8:59AM 2 R Help
5:18AM 0 Normalized Maximum Likelihood (NML) criterion
2:39AM 3 How to obtain a mean by more than one other variable
12:30AM 2 Help resolving issues with generating a chi-squared density plot from scratch
Sunday March 9 2014
7:23PM 1 Help - Strucchange pakage
6:57PM 2 cum sums
11:32AM 1 Can rJava connect with Oracle JDK7 on Mac OS X?
10:34AM 3 as.Date converts to NA
12:45AM 1 Saving R files
Saturday March 8 2014
9:33PM 0 multiple plots
9:21PM 0 Selecting a maximum value in same ID
5:18PM 1 BoxPlot basic help
4:26PM 0 Selecting a maximum value in same ID
4:09PM 0 multiple plots
12:40PM 0 Calling a R function in RDOTNET inside C#.
9:06AM 1 package opVar
8:13AM 0 fitting the lognormal and binomial into a gumbel copula
3:41AM 3 Data Frame to list?
3:20AM 0 Reading xlsx files in R
Friday March 7 2014
9:22PM 2 regular pentagon
7:56PM 2 stratified sampling
6:57PM 0 Question: How Kolmogorov Test is computed by R function "ks.test", using scaled difference or unscaled
5:16PM 1 posting for R-help on the predict function and categorical variables in R
4:45PM 1 obtaining prediction intervals from lrm() in rms library
3:54PM 0 Bootstrapping with Kendall's tau---Wild bootstrap
3:46PM 1 [OT] Advice for medium size data management
3:16PM 1 package environment versus namespace environment
3:01PM 1 Making a dll in C# using R codes.
2:53PM 1 What does the bandwidth at the bottom of periodogram mean
2:46PM 1 Survfit error
2:10PM 0 I have an error with frailtypack , multivePenal function
12:03PM 1 Using comma as decimal mark in plots
11:17AM 2 function doesn't change the variable in the right way
10:30AM 0 heatmap indexing x axis and y axis
10:24AM 1 Help with prob in sample()
9:07AM 1 RJSONIO: toJSON integer conversion problem
7:41AM 0 fitting the lognormal and negative binomial into a gumble copula
4:41AM 1 details of cor function
1:38AM 2 trying to plot.
Thursday March 6 2014
11:56PM 1 Importance Sampling Monte Carlo method for bivariate integration
11:26PM 1 object.size vs. workspace size
11:21PM 0 More efficient data-block processing
11:13PM 0 More efficient data-block processing -revised
10:53PM 1 Emacs/R/SSH But View( ) Doesn't Work
10:16PM 0 strange behavior of intToUtf8() and text()
9:51PM 2 shapes of woodpeckers' cavities
9:13PM 0 Time Series Plots: Adding Custom Y-Axis Labels
9:08PM 1 Zero-dose constraint in modeling dose-response curves with gam
8:16PM 1 Error with glmulti
8:03PM 0 Error importing data from a personal geodatabase
7:23PM 1 question on more efficient data block-match processing
6:38PM 0 Registered, subscribed and still can't post
6:33PM 1 Question on 'get'
6:28PM 1 Another question about bootstrapping cor
5:28PM 0 how to count dates in R
5:23PM 4 Parsing aspects of a url path in R
5:07PM 0 Interpolation grid with points outside data area- gstat
4:16PM 1 64 bit R for Solaris
3:56PM 1 Errors Calculating MVN Likelihood of Time Series with AR(1) Errors
3:53PM 0 Bootstrapping with Kendall's tau
9:51AM 1 Updating R and Bioconductor packages in a different folder.
8:37AM 0 Social network analysis, retrieve brokered nodes
8:35AM 0 R 3.0.3 is released
8:35AM 0 R 3.0.3 is released
5:07AM 1 Survfit Error
3:51AM 1 How to use restricted cubic spline in survfit.cph function in "survival" package?
2:01AM 0 Collapsing columns to one
Wednesday March 5 2014
10:38PM 0 Fitting two parameter observations into copulas
10:28PM 1 AIX 7.1 and R build problems
9:11PM 2 Remove lattice panel
8:36PM 0 ZeligChoice - error
6:40PM 1 books and datasets
5:44PM 0 Two maps with different legends with spplot
2:20PM 1 Sampling according to type
2:19PM 0 Script question
2:06PM 0 To obtain a graph by geom_bar or other
2:06PM 0 To obtain a graph by geom_bar or other
1:44PM 2 histograms embedded in a plot (as alternative to jitter)
1:34PM 1 pdf: plotting very small points
12:52PM 0 margins and device: different results with pdf() and svg()
12:32PM 1 Sweave: cat() in a chunk with option results=tex doesn't producelinebreaks at the end of a character string anymore
9:59AM 1 Having a plot with points and line with different colors
9:32AM 0 help with stepAIC and boot
12:17AM 1 problem with previous code
12:00AM 0 New package on CRAN: greport
12:00AM 0 [R-pkgs] New package on CRAN: greport
Tuesday March 4 2014
9:44PM 3 Building R for better performance
9:06PM 0 Numbers at risk below cumulative incidence function plot
8:41PM 0 (no subject)
8:21PM 1 Is this a mistake in 'An Introduction to R'?
7:49PM 2 Specifying strip.names in Lattice plots
6:20PM 0 cross validation with variables which have one factor only
6:13PM 0 Shortest connected path in a matrix
5:01PM 2 Using indirect arguments in tapply
1:25PM 0 [R-pkgs] rms package updated
1:25PM 0 rms package updated
1:21PM 0 [R-pkgs] New version of Hmisc package on CRAN
1:21PM 0 New version of Hmisc package on CRAN
10:57AM 2 format for as.Date and inserting missing rows in a data frame
10:56AM 1 alternative to wireframe()
8:23AM 1 delayedAssign list members
Monday March 3 2014
11:39PM 2 From data frame to time series matrix and plot
11:14PM 1 phlyloclim help
9:02PM 1 ggplot2: how to increase size of legend box when converting to pdf
8:53PM 0 "Error: attempt to apply non function" and reference classes
5:56PM 1 Error Message when running Linear regression
5:55PM 1 Reordering Factors
4:33PM 1 Extracting slope coefficients for each team
4:10PM 0 dependence of a variable from the others
3:42PM 0 Circular density estimate to a raster for mapping in GIS - help
3:18PM 0 new column that applies function to all rows based on last row
3:01PM 0 Weighted pairwise LDA
2:37PM 0 Replacing a plotting function in a package with a ggplot2 version
1:40PM 1 How to set up the plot region
8:40AM 0 rpostgresql - write table to specific tablespace?
Sunday March 2 2014
7:55PM 2 Pattern Matching
5:26PM 1 Difficulty with what is probably a basic function to retrieve data from a data frame.
5:16PM 2 gamm design matrices
4:56PM 1 Help with Sequences.ind.0, package Biograph
7:59AM 1 Is it possible to include shiny code in a package?
5:07AM 0 Adding n column equal to the number of items in the row
4:47AM 0 How to create a new variable?
Saturday March 1 2014
11:47PM 1 Extract Data form Website Tables
11:32PM 1 test the return from grep or agrep
9:45PM 1 Substitute German "Umlauts" with function
6:51PM 2 A question on graphical representation
5:51PM 1 geeglm error NA/NaN/Inf in 'y'
5:22PM 2 Time Series Data Analysis
4:26PM 1 cvm.test in CvM2SL2Test package and loops....
12:38PM 0 Time Series on Binary Data.
3:08AM 1 How to change the label size in axis
1:56AM 2 Multilevel analysis for ordinal responses
1:49AM 3 reshape non-square matrix
12:40AM 1 a geographical factor