R help - Jan 2014

Friday January 31 2014
9:36PM 0 sapply returning list instead of matrix
8:11PM 0 Automatically naming subsets in a for loop
6:46PM 0 Controlling visibility of top-level functions
5:29PM 0 Defining function help
5:13PM 0 Problem relocating the R installation tree
11:35AM 0 use of "effects coding" in instrumental variables estimation
9:58AM 0 plotting points over a map using R
9:27AM 0 truncated cone / frustum in R rgl
9:01AM 0 Error Help "only 0's may be mixed with negative subscripts"
8:41AM 0 Fit Negbin glm model with autoregressive correlation structure
5:59AM 0 How does R determine best value of alpha in forecasting
4:14AM 0 Change points in R
1:07AM 0 error in assetsFit function of fPortfolio package
Thursday January 30 2014
9:48PM 0 glmmADMB error
9:24PM 0 Universal regression program - multiple regressions on set of data
8:42PM 0 Generalized Ordered Logit in R
6:13PM 0 mlogit: message "invalid 'row.names' length" after subsetting data
5:15PM 0 Coeficiente Gini
3:22PM 0 [R-pkgs] SPRINT 1.0.5 release (parallelised R functions for complex analysis and large data sets)
2:46PM 0 print.matrix
12:20PM 0 package mgcv - predict with bam: Error in X[ind, ] : subscript out of bounds
4:35AM 0 Re: Assigning a successive set of values to newly created variables
12:25AM 0 Regsubsets n<p
Wednesday January 29 2014
10:19PM 0 Understanding namespace for plyr / dplyr
10:14PM 0 Parsing Complex Text in Single Cell
8:00PM 0 Installing diversitree 0.9-6 on R 3.0.2
7:49PM 0 Creating a R-package in R-Studio
7:25PM 0 testing xts values in if command?
5:21PM 0 Re: how to read data
5:03PM 0 Problem with plm package
4:49PM 0 Controlling font size on code chunk outputs using Knitr
4:39PM 0 clusterCrit package produces Nan
4:32PM 0 "for" loop in R - strange behaviour
4:16PM 0 generating a rank variable using date in a data.frame: overcoming a date origin error
4:03PM 0 BioNet::runFastHeinz error
3:33PM 0 error message "system is computationally singular" under mlogit
2:29PM 0 Best way to get the prices from these strings?
1:29PM 0 Inconsistent results between first run of Rprof and next runs of Rprof
11:41AM 0 vectorization
9:29AM 0 how to exclude level 1 residuals from multilevel model with lme4
9:26AM 0 sourcing scripts
9:04AM 0 Ideas for a short R course
6:11AM 0 Convert txt file to time series and conduct trend and wavelet analyses
4:43AM 0 Diagnostic and helper functions for defective & hard-to-import files
1:15AM 0 Difference between two datetimes
Tuesday January 28 2014
10:06PM 0 unique rows
9:28PM 0 Problem while plotting some plots
9:13PM 0 Re: passing variable names to dplyr - SOLVED
7:27PM 0 median survival
6:32PM 0 anova.coxph with subsets of data
6:32PM 0 Help for how to use "snowfall" package
5:04PM 0 Re: Three values that add to the same number by 0.01 steps
3:59PM 0 Handling large SAS file in R
3:58PM 0 Survival analysis
3:58PM 0 Exporting aggregate summary
2:24PM 0 ggplot different shapes and legend in one plot
2:07PM 0 The R Series from Chapman & Hall/CRC
11:14AM 0 augPred subsets
11:12AM 0 Publication-ready figures in R?
7:48AM 0 Arguments in functions when packaging
7:16AM 0 Markov chain simulation
4:18AM 0 How do you install cran mac binaries
3:36AM 0 Assigning a factor to a data frame
3:35AM 0 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award 2014
2:51AM 0 Re: subset a data frame into multiple data frames
1:38AM 0 Use calc function to do RKT over raster stack
1:20AM 0 Error msg while trying to install package ncdf4
12:49AM 0 KnitR/RMarkdown: Is there a way to not print a section of the document?
Monday January 27 2014
11:47PM 0 Predictor Importance in Random Forests and bootstrap
9:30PM 0 Numeric Column Labels in Excel Function
9:25PM 0 Re: Handlig large SAS file in R
9:23PM 0 using substitute with multiple parameters
5:15PM 0 Bug or my misunderstanding?
4:52PM 0 Problem in overlying two figures in ggplot2
4:04PM 0 Simplifying matrix computation
3:45PM 0 passing variable names to dplyr
2:11PM 0 R and kerberos
1:56PM 0 Using apply function
1:00PM 0 problem (un)detecting changepoints
12:38PM 0 Statistics courses
11:19AM 0 Prediction Intervals predict.Arima
11:13AM 0 Overlaying two graphs using ggplot2 in R
4:28AM 0 problem in getVarianceStabilizedData
Sunday January 26 2014
9:33PM 0 How can I cluster a set of formulae?
3:01PM 0 pair-wise computation of columns in a matrix
10:58AM 0 ETAS-Error
6:24AM 0 What is tested in Ass.3 part 2
6:19AM 0 Ass. 3 part 8 - output is correct but submission fails
1:45AM 0 Packaging - Function with dots as argument
12:55AM 0 Regression of complex-valued functions
12:16AM 0 Re: R dataframe question
Saturday January 25 2014
10:48PM 0 Not sure if I have the requirement right.
3:29PM 0 gam(mgcv) predicting across random effect and understanding narrow CI
3:27PM 0 testing if xts date exists ?
8:35AM 0 definite matrix
1:09AM 0 R 3.0.2 How to Split-Apply-Combine using various Columns
Friday January 24 2014
9:03PM 0 reversed variables in stats::reshape()
7:22PM 0 How to read this data correctly
6:59PM 0 readLines() behavior is really strange
3:11PM 0 RSA and lmer
2:14PM 0 keep track of variables created in each chapter of a knitr book
11:41AM 0 Regression on presence/absence matrix
8:14AM 0 Plotly Beta: Online Plotting with R
2:09AM 0 Safe prediction does not work for bivariate polynomial terms?
1:53AM 0 memory use of copies
12:56AM 0 Comparing two HMMs to time series data using a Monte-Carlo method
12:54AM 0 Help with importing scripts within the same package?
Thursday January 23 2014
11:31PM 0 [R-pkgs] Major update to Hmisc package available on CRAN
11:23PM 0 Biology package install error
9:33PM 0 Re: Converting Matrix to List
9:00PM 0 degrees of freedom
8:55PM 0 add median/mean line to stri-plot in lattice
8:27PM 0 summary() and the mode
7:04PM 0 Re: Deleting subsequences from a string sequence
5:14PM 0 Determining appropriate order of Markov chain
5:12PM 0 Re: Matching data in two files but returning a value from a adjacent column
4:26PM 0 Re: counting matches in two vectors
4:15PM 0 R Installation Options
3:43PM 0 counting matched elements in two vectors
11:51AM 0 modify subset of array in list in a function
9:22AM 0 R-3.0.2 installation breaks up with error
8:43AM 0 direct AUC maximization in R
3:36AM 0 unable to carry through object in a nested function
Wednesday January 22 2014
11:58PM 0 subset and na.rm not really suppressing <NA> values
10:10PM 0 xyplots in lattice - strange behaviour, possible bug?
9:40PM 0 Multiple corrgrams or joining jpg/png
8:55PM 0 install ggplot2
8:51PM 0 geo_bar x= and y= warnings and error help
8:07PM 0 reduce space between factors groups in a graph
4:35PM 0 New version of document on R programming - with videos [French]
4:04PM 0 a problem with table() and duplicates
2:58PM 0 Variance analysis
2:49PM 0 Problems with a R-packages
12:43PM 0 R in remote mode
11:33AM 0 complicated IF
11:03AM 0 ETAS-Help
8:37AM 0 Density or Boxplot with median and mean
7:00AM 0 Strange error on text assignment to variable
3:54AM 0 Porting Legacy R Code to Different Language
12:27AM 0 Getting the current number of rows in windows R gui console (Carlos Arias)
Tuesday January 21 2014
8:57PM 0 Re: how do I extract all possible combinations of rows from a column
8:49PM 0 Windows7, R-Studio, can't find package rJava,
8:48PM 0 Re: [datatable-help] Error in structure(ordered, dim = ns) : dims [product 1] do not match the length of object [0]
8:05PM 0 obtain mean trait values by haplotype in haplo.stats package
6:58PM 0 Strange gcfit output in R package Grofit
6:17PM 0 PCA factominer package, question about changing labels in individuals factor map
5:56PM 0 repeated measures ANOVA using Anova in car library
9:15AM 0 (no subject)
6:35AM 0 how to get the numbers of factors in a matrix
6:33AM 0 long vectors in R 3.0.x
6:17AM 0 My problem with R
12:25AM 0 [R-pkgs] psych version 1.4.1
Monday January 20 2014
9:25PM 0 lattice
7:50PM 0 Re: Setting up an R server.
6:31PM 0 Q: vcd - assocstats - scaling phi/phi max
5:47PM 0 Type III tests and Cox models
5:07PM 0 Select 5 identical numbers
2:07PM 0 Reading SDMX Files in R
1:51PM 0 "non-deletable" varibles like in packages but during runtime?
1:12PM 0 Grouping commands so that variablas are removed automatically - like functions
12:39PM 0 [R-pkgs] TAQMNGR
12:44AM 0 collapsing records
Sunday January 19 2014
9:59PM 0 Re: Generating weights based on certain condition in the dataset
9:13PM 0 changing font size in Forest plot code.
7:39PM 0 how to replace <NA> values
3:21PM 0 Re: subset every 5th row
3:33AM 0 Discussion board
Saturday January 18 2014
9:21PM 0 accessing an object with a variable ?
8:48PM 0 remove axes on barp from plotrix
7:54PM 0 lm(y ~ group/x ) + predict.lm(...,type="terms")
6:56PM 0 2 phase coxian phase distribution
7:37AM 0 shading and estimating area abetween two cdf curves
4:46AM 0 Performing same steps on multiple dataframes using a loop - vijay
12:26AM 0 For loop on column names
Friday January 17 2014
6:47PM 0 *** caught segfault *** :: a common problem in 3.0.2
6:21PM 0 Start-up functionalities bypassing Rprofile
5:53PM 0 R build a package
4:18PM 0 eliminating white space in lattice plot
2:54PM 0 Implementing a Formula into a Column of a Data Frame
2:30PM 0 Implementing a formula into a column of a data frame
1:53PM 0 error message when I try to use help to look at html files
12:01PM 0 Library splines
9:49AM 0 Non-linear models estimability
9:12AM 0 calculate an value in dependence of another column
6:00AM 0 Setting hetmap.2 Color Key Range Outside of Data Limits
4:38AM 0 Any recommendations for reusable profiling of name fields?
2:53AM 0 Predicting probabilities from a logistic regression by hand (in code)
1:32AM 0 xts error: number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
Thursday January 16 2014
11:45PM 0 Re: grepping with a variable trouble
9:47PM 0 Question on adding a p-value in bwplot
9:34PM 0 Re: extracting rows from data frame that approximately equal another data frame
8:47PM 0 Re: names of columns
6:45PM 0 barplot: segment-wise shading
6:32PM 0 Object not Found Error on a .csv file
5:49PM 0 Revolutions blog: December roundup
3:59PM 0 Estimating parameters of 3 parameters lognormal distribution
3:26PM 0 DTM Package removeSparseTerms function question
1:31PM 0 ifelse...
1:24PM 0 predefined area under the curve
12:25PM 0 Doubt in simple merge
8:50AM 0 Subgroups definition with rpart
5:14AM 0 R-Query (fine-classing_Logistic Regression)
3:22AM 0 demonstrating R in introductory class using point-and-click software
12:58AM 0 Curious behaviour of lapply and lists of functions
12:37AM 0 Regular expressions on filenames
Wednesday January 15 2014
9:36PM 0 Merge and specify column output order
8:17PM 0 Online profile validation period has expired today.
6:19PM 0 Behavior of self-defined function within ddply
4:33PM 0 Re: Need some suggestions for outlier detection in a matrix
3:15PM 0 Generate Variable Length Strings from Various Sources
2:56PM 0 Format Sys.time()
2:51PM 0 Weibull selfStart
2:41PM 0 Estimability of non-linear models
2:38PM 0 How to get a substring from a string
2:31PM 0 problem with Rstudio e X11
1:14PM 0 set new path for package installation, because In normalizePath(path.expand(path), winslash, mustWork) :
8:42AM 0 ggplot2: how to add new names to legend
6:39AM 0 Model averaging using QAICc
6:30AM 0 (no subject)
3:45AM 0 Why is kmeans incredibly slow on this Ubuntu machine?
3:00AM 0 rJava works on R-32bit but fails in R 64bit
Tuesday January 14 2014
10:56PM 0 Implement a Fomula
9:41PM 0 Assignment Week 1
8:23PM 0 Different output for lm Mac vs PC
7:38PM 0 Subsetting on multiple criteria (AND condition) in R
6:29PM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 131, Issue 15
6:08PM 0 barchar or barp on multiple data
5:41PM 0 Bivariate Binary model with conditional synchrony measures (CSM) and Odds Ratio
1:22PM 0 About Assigning Missing Values
1:17PM 0 Problems with table
11:29AM 0 about linear model in R
8:28AM 0 How fast is the JSS reviewing process?
2:48AM 0 "squashed" domains when doing PCA with bio3d
12:39AM 0 Plot only a portion of a record
12:28AM 0 Running multidimensional regressions
Monday January 13 2014
10:43PM 0 likelihood ratio test for mean difference assuming unequal variance
9:29PM 0 How to use ddply
7:15PM 0 Barplot not showing all labels
6:50PM 0 coxph with time-dependent covariates
6:30PM 0 tcltk makes R crash under Mavericks
5:23PM 0 Re: HOW TO CREATE A SUBSET FROM A LARGE DATASET based on some conditions
4:50PM 0 Re. Confidence intervals for prediction with R2Bayesx
11:52AM 0 To modify FMCD
7:48AM 0 [R-pkgs] package JMbayes -- version 0.5-0
7:09AM 0 computation
6:03AM 0 How to convert .dot file to gml file in R
5:02AM 0 tables package and alternative to col percent
3:26AM 0 how to change the color of the regression line when using effect function
Sunday January 12 2014
11:30PM 0 use grep in lists and vectors
11:19PM 0 adding legend to choropleth map using GISTools
10:27PM 0 Re: convert a vector to a symmetric matrix with all 0 on the diagonal
11:02AM 0 ggplot2 axis label German formatting
10:48AM 0 How to subscribe this mailing list
10:06AM 0 Re: How to plot contours for joint density of 2 independently distributed r.v.?
Saturday January 11 2014
8:31PM 0 Re: Concatenating rows of a column vector
6:46PM 0 Nested for loop help please.
6:09PM 0 Exact logistic regression, data frame issue
5:29PM 0 How to show Vignettes download link on CRAN package page
3:15PM 0 Re: Importing data into R
3:00PM 0 Re: Find the maximum value of a column in a matrix
3:54AM 0 Fwd: Need to delete my messages in Nabble
2:49AM 0 Find the package of a class given classname
Friday January 10 2014
10:22PM 0 Tinn-R eBook (free)
8:45PM 0 Conditional inclusion of an element in an R object
8:41PM 0 Problem with barplot
8:32PM 0 SE for R-squared
8:31PM 0 Re: Maximum of Maximum
7:29PM 0 embedd fonts in pdf generated by R
7:14PM 0 ggplot2; svg; text point size specification
5:13PM 0 Time Series STL
4:17PM 0 Species Distribution Modeling in R, with already extracted environmental values
3:55PM 0 How do you transform a dataframe to a corpus?
3:20PM 0 Selecting individuals to maximize the correlation of two variables
3:11PM 0 Package TM & dataframes
2:50PM 0 Re: R riddle
1:21PM 0 MuMIn Z-Test
11:03AM 0 How to determine the order of a time series object
10:45AM 0 barchar and box on the same figure! is it possible
7:09AM 0 GA optimization in two dimensions
7:04AM 0 using lapply to get function values
7:02AM 0 locate pattern in matrix
3:23AM 0 Re: subsetting 3D array
Thursday January 9 2014
8:46PM 0 Re: looping through 3D array
7:56PM 0 convert real valued matrix to binary matrix
6:29PM 0 Having a problem with labels
5:29PM 0 Re: Error in t.test
4:46PM 0 Unable to Install a package from source in Windows
4:42PM 0 Re: tt() function (was "Package dependencies in building R packages")
3:14PM 0 recoding table dimensions interactively
2:47PM 0 transmission of parameters to the glmmadmb function
2:25PM 0 Replace value in a matrix according to a list with a list of value .
12:21PM 0 Standardised Pearson residuals
10:50AM 0 Call for papers: Geospatial Semantic Array Programming
10:41AM 0 DanteR problems
9:10AM 0 reinstall all packages - easy way?
3:55AM 0 Numerical solution
12:57AM 0 Installation folder
Wednesday January 8 2014
9:23PM 0 Best practices for loading large datasets into R
6:23PM 0 Function inside Sweave
4:27PM 0 How to include (source) R script in other scripts
4:23PM 0 bug in rle?
3:55PM 0 Converting list with different vector lengths into a dataframe (or export it as .csv)
3:49PM 0 Linear relative rate / excess relative risk models
12:24PM 0 Re: How do I perform conditional annotation of lattice
10:32AM 0 Strange behaviour of `dlm` package
7:32AM 0 Raster in parallel computing?
6:24AM 0 Different colours for LatticeExtra graphs
3:36AM 0 Re: How to detect a sequence of NA values?
1:30AM 0 Re: Dataset to single column matrix
Tuesday January 7 2014
11:11PM 0 Patterns on postal codes
11:06PM 0 Re: Dataset to single column matrix
10:46PM 0 Implementing A Formula
9:15PM 0 about R
8:21PM 0 A calculation in data.frame
5:44PM 0 How to "apply" correctly.
4:42PM 0 Question regarding the package rugarch
3:35PM 0 with() and within() functions inside lapply() not seeing outside of its environment?
2:40PM 0 NAs introduced by coercion warning, while plotting data
2:06PM 0 How do I perform conditional annotation of lattice panel plots?
7:55AM 0 how to plot the spectrum by log-log axis
3:19AM 0 Levelplots with non-continuous x-axis breaks
12:36AM 0 Re: Removing unused parameter in qqplot
Monday January 6 2014
10:36PM 0 Packaging: Doubt in relation with "R CMD Rd2pdf packagename"
5:38PM 0 Encoding issue
5:06PM 0 Is this a bug or am I making a mistake?
4:40PM 0 OT: regex golf
4:32PM 0 R ggplot vertical and horizontal line intercept at center
2:44PM 0 2 bugs in R's grDevices, and fixes.
1:53PM 0 Signif. codes
11:57AM 0 replace "" to NA.
11:41AM 0 Reversing the Equation to find value of variable
11:36AM 0 R compatible with Office 2013
10:11AM 0 fancyRpartPlot and the title at the bottom of the plot....
Sunday January 5 2014
8:59PM 0 delicate problem with permutation test and raster images
8:47PM 0 For Loop Help
4:12PM 0 Error in dispersionPlot using cummeRbund
3:35PM 0 Re: How to get the row index numbers in a matrix
2:56PM 0 help
8:45AM 0 Extract part of string
4:37AM 0 change the reference level in plot(summary(cph-fit))
1:42AM 0 very basic series correlation question
Saturday January 4 2014
1:06PM 0 zero-inflated negative binomial model with random effects
8:35AM 0 RSQLite: Tracking an error message to its source
6:11AM 0 [R-pkgs] caret version 6.0-21
5:39AM 0 p value of trends for odds ratios (or hazard ratios)
12:47AM 0 Unstack a dataframe using RCommander
12:41AM 0 Parse character strings so they "align" (line up/match) properly
Friday January 3 2014
11:48PM 0 Permutation test with raster data
8:09PM 0 robust definition of \code{} for a knitr-produced document
5:57PM 0 The R Journal, Volume 5, Issue 2
4:21PM 0 multitaper power analysis
4:08PM 0 APA two-way bar-chart
3:52PM 0 (no subject)
2:45PM 0 Package LaplacesDemon information
2:41PM 0 Ordering the rows of a data frame
1:29PM 0 Linear transformation of multivariate normal
9:04AM 0 Select rows of a data frame according to values of vector in a list
12:04AM 0 Re: Subsetting vector with preserved order
Thursday January 2 2014
11:05PM 0 Tracking what R actually executes
10:36PM 0 Help with {tables} package
7:33PM 0 Re: looping function through list
7:11PM 0 Re: For loop for frequency counting
7:03PM 0 A question in rms package
3:52PM 0 compare two rows in same column in data farme
2:59PM 0 Any R-package geared towards Endorsement Frequencies?
1:12PM 0 Discrete-continuous equation system in R
12:47PM 0 How to remove rows in a matrix having 0 as value in columns per condition
11:32AM 0 Create a unique group id
7:07AM 0 R crashes with memory errors on a 256GB machine (and system shoes only 60GB usage)
6:17AM 0 How to verify char variables contain at least one value
3:55AM 0 Data parsing question: adding characters within a string of characters
Wednesday January 1 2014
10:12PM 0 Question: reproducibility of random sampling with replacement
9:35PM 0 Re: looping through columns in a matrix or data frame
3:24PM 0 expression in xlab for a plot
10:41AM 0 mgcv - markeov random field option