R help - Nov 2012

Friday November 30 2012
10:55PM 2 NA return to NLM routine
10:38PM 1 Workarounds to Rd file name conflict when extending a S4 method of some other package
10:06PM 3 (no subject)
9:22PM 3 Line numbers with errors and warnings?
9:10PM 1 Fw: quantreg installation and conflicts with R 2.15.2
9:08PM 0 Training, Validation and Test Sets and LDA with MASS package
9:05PM 3 protentially serious R error
8:16PM 1 quantreg installation and conflicts with R 2.15.2
6:34PM 1 Choleski decomposition
5:50PM 3 repeating matrices in a list
5:47PM 4 qbinom
5:43PM 3 Reading .gsheet within R
5:02PM 3 segfault debugging
4:12PM 0 Standard errors for predictions of zero-inflated models
3:27PM 5 subset data frame by variable with missing value
3:08PM 3 loop function and integrate?
3:01PM 0 what is the cost in cv.glm?
1:32PM 0 flip heatmap (pheatmap)
12:55PM 5 how to separate stuck row elements?
12:34PM 0 Help regarding calendar heatmap
12:32PM 1 can't integrate in loop
12:26PM 2 Generating sequences of dates
12:24PM 4 Nightingale’s Rose chart-any suggestion?
12:18PM 2 subgroup-based quantiles
12:07PM 2 missed values
11:54AM 0 log-scale xy-plots
11:51AM 1 help on "stacking" matrices up
11:27AM 1 CreateThread failure since R 2.15.2 (32-bit)
10:50AM 1 Changing the base of geom_bar in ggplot
10:16AM 0 Oracle database connction from R in Linux
10:15AM 0 Shipping densitty
9:32AM 1 xts indexed with Date class
9:30AM 0 TSCov function from RTAQ package
7:28AM 1 How to add widgets of gWidgets to widgets of rgtk2 ???
7:23AM 1 How to repeat replication
5:57AM 1 Little's Chi Square test for MCAR?
3:24AM 1 Example metropolis hasting
Thursday November 29 2012
11:55PM 1 Help with this error "kernlab class probability calculations failed; returning NAs"
11:44PM 1 [mgcv][gam] Manually defining my own knots?
10:27PM 1 instrumental variables regression using ivreg (AER) or tsls (sem)
9:55PM 3 How to subtract the counter i in for loop?
8:39PM 2 Analysis of Variance
8:38PM 0 kernlab 0.9-15 on CRAN
8:25PM 2 Data Cleaning -New user coming from SAS
7:58PM 3 Help
7:53PM 2 googleVis plot and knitr/sweave
7:53PM 1 Read in alphanumeric column without decimals
7:19PM 1 Coerce rownames to factor for ordering
6:55PM 7 Fast Normalize by Group
5:32PM 0 What am I missing when using zoo on version 2.15?
4:56PM 1 How to use doSMP(revoIPC) with R 2.15.x version
4:33PM 0 bootstrapped cox regression in rms package (non html!)
4:32PM 2 Deleting certain observations (and their imprint?)
4:00PM 5 bootstrapped cox regression (rms package)
3:18PM 3 Help in Bissection algorithm
3:03PM 1 QQplot
2:43PM 4 splitting a string by space except when contained within quotes
1:38PM 0 Simper analysis with Morisita-Horn
1:28PM 3 comparing two vectors
1:18PM 1 libary survival
12:20PM 3 Label axis with strings instead of numbers
11:10AM 2 deleting data of a given date range.
10:53AM 0 Survreg Problem
10:53AM 1 worldmap_region/country problem
10:26AM 0 RGtk2 widget font changing
10:26AM 0 Fwd: Re: choose folder interactively
9:28AM 0 New package "gdimap"
8:42AM 1 How to handle Chinese character in R plot?
2:42AM 1 Error 0ps.factor: level sets of factors are different
2:10AM 3 Ceiling function gives me wrong answer
12:44AM 3 what's this character?
12:07AM 2 Confidence intervals for estimates of all independent variables in WLS regression
12:03AM 0 constrOptim
Wednesday November 28 2012
11:03PM 1 Weight matrix in linear regression
10:59PM 1 GSEA package error
10:00PM 1 Windows 8 stability
9:59PM 0 dealing with different kinds of environmental data in one matrix
9:02PM 2 hhmm time format, strptime and %k
8:42PM 1 How to change smoothing constant selection procedure for Winters Exponential Smoothing models?
8:23PM 0 genomewide linkage plot?
8:21PM 1 in Rd documentation, line breaks in code blocks?
7:36PM 1 Problems with nls
7:32PM 3 Conditional model in R
6:37PM 2 Error message R2Jags
6:05PM 1 Installing R under Redhat el6
5:42PM 3 Speeding reading of large file
5:27PM 1 Stripchart colors don't vary after I sort a data frame
4:06PM 1 Plot 3d density
3:30PM 3 write out list of lists with names
3:04PM 2 Can R be embedded in html?
2:40PM 0 How to impute MNAR by using ML
1:17PM 1 how to keep all zeros in 1st row (not NA)
1:02PM 2 Plot with residuals in mgcv
12:39PM 2 choose folder interactively
12:13PM 2 output data by date?
11:52AM 1 Introduction text in R help files
11:17AM 0 Numbers at risk below cumulative incidence function plot (plot.cuminc, cmprsk-package)
11:12AM 1 Parsing of the comment character when sourcing a file
9:53AM 0 Comparing and Analysing Slopes from GLM abline?
9:33AM 2 data frame: adding columns from data and file title
9:12AM 3 filter data.frame with a vector
8:53AM 4 remove NA or 0 values
8:03AM 2 comma as a seperator to numeric
6:01AM 3 Accessing List within a List in a for Loop
5:38AM 0 GLUE (Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation) and Bayesian Updating
5:35AM 7 zeros in double matrix rather than character matrix
5:30AM 1 generating sets of parameters, when some parameters are vectors
3:48AM 1 Help setting optimization problem to include more constraints
3:25AM 3 error, R commends cannot show the expected output
1:22AM 2 NRI or IDI for survival data - Hmisc package
1:15AM 0 Fixed Effects using AER's Tobit function - system is singular
Tuesday November 27 2012
11:40PM 1 Using factor variables with overlapping categories
10:17PM 4 Finding values in one column and
9:43PM 1 code optimisation problem
9:38PM 1 Plot from a jpeg
9:33PM 5 Predict function in Raster package
9:22PM 1 For-loop,string variables, and the $-operator
8:47PM 4 Order function
8:35PM 1 CCA plot
7:41PM 2 Books for fully understanding internal logics on some packages(quantmod, xts, zoo and chron)
7:37PM 2 Error: R could not find "listDescription"
6:06PM 2 Some questions about chron package..
6:00PM 1 GLM Coding Issue
5:51PM 3 loop command to matrix
5:44PM 4 Fitting and plotting a coxph with survfit, package(surv)
4:49PM 1 Concordant und Discordant Paars of Logistic Regression
4:45PM 2 Stuck trying to modify a function
4:42PM 1 interactions in GAMs
4:21PM 0 R.dll problem during loading the package lme4
4:21PM 1 calling c function from R
4:17PM 1 error of installing a R package on Win 7
4:16PM 0 Help with optimization problem
3:51PM 1 best HDF5 package: h5r or rhdf5?
3:46PM 2 in par(mfrow=c(1, 2)), how to keep one half plot static and the other half changing
2:59PM 2 binning by frequency
2:43PM 0 Variance component estimation in glmmPQL
2:02PM 5 loop with date
11:40AM 1 Effect of each term in the accuracy of Nonlinear multivariate regression fitting equation
10:36AM 2 order.max specification problem in the ar.ols function
10:27AM 3 Problem installing knitr 0.5 or higher in Ubuntu
10:12AM 2 Anova
9:13AM 2 sum per day
8:30AM 2 install the ggplot2 package
6:33AM 1 Problem in Starting R Server - object of type 'closure' is not subsettable
6:21AM 0 Class Not found exception from RCosole
6:09AM 1 Accumulate objects in list after try()
5:27AM 2 error of runing R in R 2.15.2 w/o graphes generated
4:08AM 3 Psych package: fa.diagram, how to re-arrange layout so numbers do not over-write each other
2:46AM 1 glm convergence warning
12:07AM 2 Help with graphics in gamm4 library
Monday November 26 2012
10:05PM 1 A problem subsetting a data frame
8:43PM 1 Help on function please
7:10PM 0 Savitzky-Golay filtering with missing data
6:31PM 3 Plot(x,y) help
6:20PM 0 wavelet Variance Error
5:41PM 0 ncvreg question
5:40PM 0 cacheSweave problem
5:19PM 1 cosine curve fit
4:25PM 1 reclassification function
3:59PM 3 wrong data interpretation in R
3:03PM 1 Plotting an adjusted survival curve
2:46PM 0 cluster analysis error - mclust package
2:41PM 1 error in plot(table(c('a','a')))
1:37PM 2 puzzling RODBC error
1:31PM 0 Webinar signup: Advances in Gradient Boosting: the Power of Post-Processing. December 14, 10-11 a.m., PST
12:33PM 1 Problem with glm, gaussian family with log-link
11:36AM 1 zoo timeseries plot; minor tic mark level control
10:51AM 3 Help in splitting the records
10:38AM 2 Help R
10:24AM 2 merging two specific rows in a DF
10:20AM 3 How to count the number of different elements in a column
10:01AM 1 Class Not found execption
9:53AM 1 Connect R with SQLSERVER
8:22AM 3 R strange behaviour when building huge concatenation
8:00AM 0 R jags clear deviance
6:50AM 2 compatibility of load() in R 2.15.2
5:48AM 1 Problem with cbind() and arguments
1:24AM 3 Passing lists between functions
1:17AM 1 Plotting an adjusted kaplan-meier curve
Sunday November 25 2012
8:24PM 1 Issue with using geocode
7:41PM 0 Variance gamma process simulation and plot
6:57PM 1 rjags and parallel chains
6:22PM 3 "argument is missing, with no default" OR "replacement has length zero"
5:27PM 0 densregion
3:49PM 2 creation of an high frequency series
3:25PM 1 I'd like to know more efficient method to verify the pre-packaged codes
2:37PM 1 overlapping matplot
2:21PM 1 gradient
1:52PM 5 bbmle "Warning: optimization did not converge"
12:55PM 2 Finding the Degrees of Freedom in a Wilcoxon Test
11:52AM 2 RExcel, ROOo and LibreOffice inquiry
11:29AM 2 How to import data from a text file in R
11:16AM 1 Import/Export excel files to/from R, without changing the file type
7:04AM 1 Error : Error in if (antipodal(p1, p2))
5:41AM 1 Multiple Range Means Test
3:54AM 0 Bayes Logit
3:48AM 0 How to map new data to the existing cluster assignments in R mclust?
12:55AM 1 Iterate by Factor - Newbie Question
12:27AM 3 Comparing linear regression coefficients to a slope of 1
Saturday November 24 2012
10:33PM 1 Adding a new variable to each element of a list
10:18PM 0 Grouped data objects within GLS and Variogram
9:51PM 0 Please help me
9:01PM 3 Designating a new year (Sept-Aug) in R
8:29PM 0 robustbase error message
7:07PM 1 Bootstrap lmekin model
6:28PM 2 Comparing the Means of Two Normal Distributions
5:21PM 0 Does R has any SVG devices that allow setting of zooming and panning (in addition to Tooltips and Hyperlinks) ?
5:02PM 1 A Question About Plotting
4:41PM 2 Error in Random Effect Panel
4:04PM 3 How to Label Cases in Scatterplots?
2:39PM 3 Help!!!!!
2:07PM 2 Performing operations only on selected data
8:20AM 0 How to discretize the Variance Gamma Process for stock price simulation?
7:45AM 0 Plot of 3d stock price density
5:35AM 3 function call from another r file
4:42AM 2 Building factors across two columns, is this possible?
2:55AM 5 subsetting - questions
Friday November 23 2012
10:52PM 1 caret train and trainControl
10:42PM 1 Results displayed in Console
9:14PM 4 R help..subsetting data frame that meeting multiple criteria
8:13PM 1 Problems with weight
8:08PM 1 problem with svyglm
6:08PM 0 r cloud computing
6:04PM 3 daily maximum temperature
5:36PM 1 Spatstat: Mark correlation function
4:56PM 1 lines()
4:54PM 1 Add column index number to str() output
4:12PM 3 read.csv.sql() to select from a large csv file
4:05PM 2 R lapack routines cannot be loaded
3:40PM 1 Student-t distributed random value generation within a confidence interval?
3:23PM 7 Why do i get "Error: unexpected input in "A<-lm(GandW ~ Authocracy, Data)"
2:56PM 1 Joining two files
10:43AM 1 column name prefix 'x' after data import via read.delim
9:42AM 2 error in IF condition with factor evaluation
9:06AM 1 invalid colour name 'rgb(1.000,0,0)' error
8:29AM 1 Failed to install RMySQL,help!
7:33AM 2 Barplot with lines
5:17AM 1 Sentiment analysis in R
4:26AM 2 What is the . in formula ~. syntax?
4:02AM 1 How to override gWidgets:gvarbrowser_classes
3:38AM 1 Constant (= wrong) historical quotes via get.hist.quote() from yahoo.finance
2:17AM 1 Adding a function with default parameters into the Rcmdr menu
1:53AM 2 Data frame manipulation
1:14AM 6 Summary statistics for matrix columns
Thursday November 22 2012
10:33PM 1 SEM raw moment matrix
10:15PM 1 help in M-estimator by R
10:00PM 0 (no subject)
9:55PM 1 Optimizing nested function with nlminb()
9:12PM 1 Factor function for coded numerical values
7:22PM 2 Plotting specific points with type='l'
7:01PM 1 Partial dependence plot in randomForest package (all flat responses)
6:58PM 3 ROC Curve: negative AUC
5:58PM 1 How to control plotting formula above lm diagnostic plots?
5:45PM 0 Mixed models and learning curves
5:37PM 0 Simulating a VEC
5:24PM 0 error in replor: Results suspect!
5:20PM 1 Data Extraction - benchmark()
5:08PM 4 Using cumsum with 'group by' ?
3:57PM 0 selcting a random sample and saving it in a seprate dataframe and also remaining part in other data frame
2:33PM 1 ggplot2 and the legend
2:11PM 4 Data Extraction
12:56PM 2 Trick to replace NA
11:23AM 2 lapack routines cannot be loaded [Help request]
10:11AM 0 Extracting random rows from a dataset
10:00AM 1 prediction problem
9:55AM 1 error message in Linkcomm package
9:45AM 1 problems with RPostgreSQL compilation
9:16AM 1 [lattice] Increase distance between tick labels and ticks in wireframe plot ("pad")
7:21AM 1 How to read jpeg image with russian font in R?
6:02AM 2 ROCR package not installing
4:56AM 1 rapache memory problem
12:35AM 1 Efficiently creating/defining new variables transformations
Wednesday November 21 2012
11:35PM 1 Listing elements of a 4D array
11:32PM 0 Making part of a data frame into a time series
10:44PM 0 Question about VAR (Vector Autoregression) in differences.
10:34PM 2 ifelse + numeric
10:26PM 0 Lattice and a color problem
9:48PM 1 update fit (removing insignificant variables)
9:41PM 3 Problems understanding use of regular expression (in gsub) for manipulating currency
9:13PM 0 Integration in R
8:39PM 1 Regression: standardized coefficients & CI
8:12PM 1 Using doMC to run parallel SVM grid search?
7:52PM 1 remote connection to an Oracle database - using RODBC - RMySQL..?
7:35PM 1 lmer model specification
7:22PM 1 printing difftime summary
6:16PM 0 Bayesian cluster analysis - R functions
6:15PM 2 histogram help
6:07PM 2 plotting 1000 simulations, error message: plot.new has not been called yet
5:52PM 4 Remove Column from matrix
5:44PM 2 Modify Y axis
5:44PM 1 Help: is there a R Package for L1-regression (not regression with L1-penalty)
5:10PM 1 Finding a max
5:09PM 2 Spider Graph
5:05PM 4 help with if statement
4:40PM 2 installing Rmpi on centos 6 with mpich
4:39PM 3 Help with loop
4:11PM 1 lists as matrix cells ?
3:32PM 6 Scaling values 0-255 -> -1 , 1 - how can this be done?
2:34PM 2 Weighted least squares
1:19PM 5 Creating a frequency table for binomial varaible
12:21PM 1 creat an interactive graph
11:49AM 3 Sourcing files with Umlaut in path no longer works
11:42AM 0 size of the side panel in gvisMotionChart
11:03AM 1 dúvidas com matriz de correlação e covariancia
10:58AM 2 Create BATCH file
10:05AM 0 Statistical significance in robust estimation rlm()
9:45AM 1 [lattice] print only legend
9:10AM 1 FW: Select a random subset of rows out of matrix
7:54AM 0 Two way manova
7:46AM 0 BiodiversityR and box cox transformation
6:14AM 4 Function storing error messages in 32 bit R-2.15.2 version
2:57AM 1 I don't know the difference between rank and order
Tuesday November 20 2012
11:40PM 2 [lattice] how to overlay a geographical map on a levelplot?
11:24PM 0 McNemar's Test Question
11:06PM 0 quantifying the latent variable of an ordered probit
10:03PM 1 Removing columns that are na or constant
9:52PM 2 about MCMC
9:02PM 0 Help with glht function and binary data!
8:47PM 3 Greek letters on title
7:30PM 3 data after write() is off by 1 ?
7:08PM 5 Using if
6:49PM 1 parApply computing
6:06PM 2 Updating Tom Short's R Reference Card, contacting him?
5:54PM 2 Puzzling "Execution halted"
5:48PM 2 Controlling the number of interactions of a lme
5:39PM 2 correct function formation in R
5:39PM 3 Deviation standard & variance
5:06PM 1 Read Write permissions in current directory
4:40PM 2 Ordering List Items Chronologically
3:55PM 0 Multilevel analysis using nlme (lme) . Error using z-scores
3:28PM 0 R.matlab
2:13PM 1 lattice density plot: add vertical lines at groupwise medians for all panels
2:07PM 0 centering gWindow on maximising
11:15AM 1 Is it possible to draw with function "image.asc " and show a legend strip in the same window?
10:54AM 0 double gaussian with mixdist: what's wrong?
10:25AM 1 tcl/tk problem with tklistbox,the " " character and Rcmdr.
9:24AM 1 Coefficient of determination for non-linear equations system (nlsystemfit)
8:33AM 1 Fit Gumbel Distribution using Method of Moments
4:58AM 1 Closest fit data to a particular formula
3:20AM 2 Help with loess
2:07AM 4 github
1:57AM 2 kinitr
12:21AM 1 method show
Monday November 19 2012
9:39PM 2 Is it possible to be sponsored by R?
9:36PM 0 Find the number of intersections according factor levels
9:01PM 5 Coefficient of Variation, NA, Aggregate
7:12PM 2 Performing gage R&R study in R w/more than 2 factors
6:07PM 2 generated list element names
5:55PM 1 Help: Meta-analysis with metacor
5:27PM 1 xts plot behavior
5:27PM 1 how to get bootstrap estimates
5:20PM 2 scatterplot3d and box3d
5:16PM 6 How to subset my data and at the same time keep the balance?
5:04PM 0 expand time period
4:40PM 0 Help vectorizing data generation for IRT graded response model
3:51PM 3 Plot Area Dimensions
3:47PM 1 RMySQL install on windows
3:16PM 2 Classification methods - which one?
3:10PM 2 Ben Bolker's '‘emdbook’ Package , rbetabinom
3:07PM 0 Question about Package 'sampleSection' for IRT model
2:51PM 0 R SNA: Creating a adjacency matrix containing all actors but only values of a subset
2:48PM 1 Biologist R learner problem!!!help pls
2:32PM 2 Biologist R learner
2:30PM 5 help on matrix column removal based on another matrix results
1:59PM 0 internal cluster quality indexes
1:19PM 0 Introductory R course: 6-8.12.2012
12:42PM 2 lattice: defining grouping variable only for the upper/lower panel with splom
11:06AM 0 RQuantlib - Convertible Bond Pricing
10:04AM 1 side by side boxplots
7:49AM 9 Stepwise analysis with fixed variables
7:07AM 2 read.table
2:34AM 0 glht function in multcomp gives unexpected p=1 for all comparisons
2:34AM 1 Error in `[.data.frame`... undefined columns selected
1:41AM 6 loop to subtract arrays / error
1:20AM 1 (no subject)
Sunday November 18 2012
9:45PM 2 Question about making histogram and x must be numeric
9:23PM 1 Best prediction to use to use for basic problem?
9:18PM 3 Replace <NA> with something else
8:54PM 1 identical matrices
8:42PM 2 [lattice] format and rotation of strip text
8:24PM 0 subtract multiple columns from single column for Nash Sutcliffe efficiency
7:01PM 1 Decimal places
6:34PM 1 How to fix it?
6:21PM 1 i want to put the results of the list in a for loop
5:37PM 3 area under the curve
5:20PM 2 list.files, recursively
2:43PM 3 [lattice] how to label panels with variable value (not name)?
1:25PM 1 centroid of hclust
12:02PM 1 Fill in a pdf with colour
11:00AM 1 Examining how cases are similar by cluster, in cluster analysis
5:30AM 1 dealing with Date vars
5:19AM 1 help interpreting dudi.pco
4:36AM 2 [newbie] convert 3D spatial array to dataframe
2:07AM 2 euclidean dist. between matrices
1:50AM 1 about scor {bootstrap} R version 2.15.2
Saturday November 17 2012
11:00PM 2 library/function to compare two phrases?
9:28PM 2 coarsening levels problem
9:18PM 1 Strange problem with reading a pipe delimited file
7:43PM 3 Reshaping a dataframe
7:42PM 0 Re problem with "any" function
6:54PM 1 Install 64 bit version of package on OS X
6:36PM 2 problem with "any" function
5:55PM 1 fold change calculation
3:41PM 3 transform input argument (matrix) of function
12:56PM 1 Can R change my input at higher precision
11:50AM 2 Basic Stats question
10:38AM 2 lines density
8:56AM 3 manipulating longitudinal data in r
6:45AM 0 help with a programme
5:39AM 2 Using cbind to combine data frames and preserve header/names
2:38AM 1 how to create dispersion graphic
2:32AM 1 how to create a tree in R
2:05AM 4 survfit & number of variables != number of variable names
Friday November 16 2012
11:41PM 1 tol in prcomp
10:59PM 2 Question about contour3d and writeWebGL: rgl and misc3d package
9:58PM 0 dixon test
9:05PM 2 simple linear regression with proportion data
8:58PM 2 Calculateing means
8:39PM 0 strange results
8:04PM 2 Boxplot in R
7:57PM 1 Interpretation of davies.test() in segmented package
7:42PM 10 about lm
7:26PM 1 Error in Sweave but not underlying script
6:50PM 0 how to specify random effects on intercepts for mlogit?
5:30PM 3 How to do an infinite sum in R
4:34PM 4 Multiple Vector with matrix in R
4:01PM 1 simple question on loop
3:32PM 1 polynomial svms and in-sample error
3:27PM 2 Import excel file
3:05PM 1 discrete discriminant analysis
2:58PM 1 pairing data using combn with criteria
2:52PM 2 source file on startup question - why does an old version of a function show up? ggplot or R?
2:50PM 3 apply calculations to elements in a vector
2:41PM 1 Sum Column in data.frame for Excel-Export
2:04PM 4 Deleting rows with special character
12:58PM 1 polycor package
11:41AM 0 rq summary plot: specify ylim for each coefficient
11:27AM 2 How to retrieve data from a matrix
11:02AM 1 How to get the result of eval()
10:49AM 1 fitting
10:14AM 1 Build without warning RSvgDevice
10:01AM 2 How to create as.numeric.xxx
8:55AM 1 function customization
6:35AM 0 TWS and R
3:48AM 2 R-Square in WLS
2:36AM 2 lubridate concatenation issue
1:48AM 1 Code works, but not as function.
12:37AM 2 Dealing with factors ???
12:05AM 1 Split data frame and create a new column
Thursday November 15 2012
11:46PM 2 Creating dates to plot
11:44PM 0 Stepwise
11:01PM 2 Removing default loess line from scatterplot ({car})
11:00PM 1 problem with XML package
9:10PM 0 Error when launching rJava
9:01PM 2 assigning NULL to a list element without changing the length of the list
8:53PM 1 strip.custom() with more than one conditioning variable
8:45PM 1 Step-wise method for large dimension
7:55PM 3 Can you have a by variable in Lag function as in SAS
7:52PM 1 how to create a 95 percent confidence interval using the diference of the mean using Bootstrap
7:52PM 4 Selecting the "non-attribute" part of an object
7:21PM 3 how to view source code of a function inside a package?
6:37PM 0 R KNN Regression Help
6:37PM 1 confidence intervals with glmmPQL
6:17PM 1 Compraring two independent samples
6:14PM 5 cluster analysis in R
5:06PM 0 Changing start and end in a time serie
4:14PM 1 Installing R on Ubuntu
4:10PM 2 Adding two different factors to one observation?
3:54PM 0 problem in fitting model in NLS function
3:25PM 1 hessian fails for box-constrained problems when close to boundary?
3:13PM 1 Stepwise regression scope: all interacting terms (.^2)
2:47PM 3 merge dataframes with condition
2:15PM 1 Can't see what i did wrong..
1:54PM 0 finding the lowest which is not an outlier
1:40PM 1 create function to solve derivative
1:38PM 2 survreg & gompertz
1:26PM 1 configure: error: --with-x=yes (default) and X11 headers/libs are not a
12:00PM 2 How to modify a S4 function (in the package NADA)
11:20AM 0 SVM? Comparison method wanted: 3 Groups, Microarray data
11:19AM 4 using ifelse to remove NA's from specific columns of a data frame containing strings and numbers
10:52AM 0 correct use with fligner test
10:36AM 1 combine similar variables in chart
10:14AM 1 Extracting list names within a looped function
9:45AM 1 Function for extracting Lambda Sets
7:15AM 0 benchmark package
6:31AM 3 GUI Development reg
4:52AM 4 Importing Data for a two sample t-test
4:48AM 1 depmixS4 prediction
1:23AM 2 Optimizing
Wednesday November 14 2012
11:10PM 2 R.dll Reference Guide?
10:13PM 3 Replacing string in matrix with zero
9:05PM 1 Winsorisation function
9:00PM 0 fda prediction problem
7:27PM 0 ARIMA\GARCH forcasting
6:19PM 0 Write to MS SQL Database
6:01PM 2 indexing for Wilcoxon test (take 2)
5:43PM 1 install own package ?
5:05PM 2 vectorized plotmath expressions via substitute()
4:54PM 0 R in batch mode: cannot mkdir R_TempDir
4:39PM 2 Jackknife in Logistic Regression
3:58PM 1 indexing for Wilcoxon test
3:46PM 2 aggrete data from combination
3:30PM 0 Time Series with External Regressors in R Problems with XReg
2:33PM 3 reversing distance matrix for original values
2:10PM 2 error data frame
1:40PM 1 Switch "Groups" in ehplot (x-axis)
1:30PM 1 devtools - document() weiredness
1:25PM 0 SIAR: problem> session aborted
1:06PM 0 Generating autogressive model in R
12:46PM 0 Rcpp 0.10.0
12:25PM 3 ctree
11:50AM 1 R wildcards, sapply and as.factor
11:11AM 5 aggregate combination data
9:31AM 1 heatmap with symbols
4:55AM 2 How to filter xml value in R?
2:13AM 1 Random sampling many times and run through glm model
2:06AM 2 Macro Variable in R
1:50AM 3 numbering observations: help please!
12:04AM 2 Multiple groups barplot
Tuesday November 13 2012
10:31PM 1 OT: Any web based report delivery software that support R out there ?
10:30PM 2 Can't format x axis on a stacked plot of a zoo object
9:23PM 0 Effective degrees of freedom
9:05PM 1 How do I step thru all lines (including step into sub-routines) in a R script?
8:55PM 0 Starting the line at zero in ggplot
8:10PM 1 Matrix in R
6:49PM 1 Using lubridate to increment date by business days only
6:49PM 2 How to permanently change console colours in R
6:33PM 2 Is function(x){x}(5) a valid expression?
6:20PM 0 Comparing goodness of fit between two logistic regression models
5:37PM 0 Issues running sensitivity analysis
5:28PM 0 sum of squared loadings after varimax?
4:56PM 0 GAM model to reduce PACF of a model
4:27PM 2 Tukey test for subgroups in a data frame
4:08PM 1 Confidence intervals in Ripley's K function - a little challenge...
4:01PM 0 Polya distribution
3:34PM 1 About systemfit package
3:25PM 0 Restricted Domain Optimization Problem
2:45PM 1 Simulation with cpm package
12:47PM 0 standardized residuals / adjusted residuals
12:41PM 2 multiply each row in a matrix with the help of the for loop
12:06PM 1 Matrix package will not loead
12:05PM 2 How to visualize relation between two sets of rel. frequencies?
11:12AM 3 Can't remember which package I used. Anyone can help please?
10:47AM 1 help formatting data for clustering
9:57AM 1 Quastion
5:30AM 2 Discrete trait Ornstein–Uhlenbeck in R?
5:25AM 0 Forecast Package: Draw two lines on the same plot
4:23AM 5 Getting information encoded in a SAS, SPSS or Stata command file into R.
2:15AM 4 for loop
1:55AM 1 Proc Nnpar1way with D option - equivalent in R
Monday November 12 2012
10:52PM 1 reshape
10:34PM 3 select different variables from a list of data frames
10:16PM 1 Invalid 'times' argument three-category ordered probit with maximum likelihood
9:35PM 1 System problem: Sys.time() returns GMT, says NZDT
5:39PM 2 Using "apply" instead of "for" loop / multithreading
5:04PM 0 Multiple imputed data and variable selection / significance
5:01PM 2 order in stacked barplot
3:55PM 2 how to enter a string value
3:45PM 5 Matrix to data frame conversion
3:43PM 1 How to generate a random field with truncated marginal distributions?
2:40PM 1 R lmer & SAS glimmix
1:57PM 0 How to document Reference Classes using Roxygen? Will Roxygen3 work for those?
1:49PM 1 problem with Erlang function
12:43PM 0 srikanth@codeforce.com
11:50AM 1 1-KM and Cumulative incidence
10:36AM 0 Adding Spatial Correlation Strucutre to Logistic Regression / Contingency Analysis
10:08AM 8 no y-axis
9:00AM 1 A question about function of chisq.test fuction
7:56AM 2 Selected matrices of an array and put into a list
7:53AM 0 Weka on command line c.f. using RWeka
7:05AM 1 Bootstrapping issues
4:09AM 0 Question about MICE and Amelia II
4:08AM 1 R Premanently Occupy Server Memory
3:13AM 2 FW: Two-line title in R legend
2:39AM 3 arrange data
12:54AM 0 ~
12:08AM 1 3d plotting from a 2d array
Sunday November 11 2012
11:46PM 0 Graphing a non-linear regresion line on a scatter plot.
9:28PM 2 Cropping a matrix by rows
7:06PM 2 biasing conditional sample
4:33PM 4 Multiplying elements of a list by rows of a matrix
3:57PM 2 Djjlölkjhfyn kb noknkkkkokljjyikkk hyjjjjjkjjjjkjkkpooololåååååååååååååååääääkkuiivjkoööklopipållällnbbbn mml ömmmm
1:28PM 1 multiple variable basic plot
12:34PM 0 Problem to fetch data from access using odbc connection
11:41AM 1 plot matrix
8:06AM 2 changing the signs in rows or columns in matrices and check them if they are identical
8:03AM 0 Changing the signs in rows or columns in matrices and check the matrices if they are identical
5:36AM 2 Plotting the regression curve with its confidence interval
5:22AM 1 maximum likelihood estimation in R
Saturday November 10 2012
10:39PM 0 test for a condition in a vector for loop not working
10:36PM 2 For loop question
10:07PM 1 help with for loop to test for a condition in a vector
9:24PM 1 Jian-Feng Mao wants to share new pictures with you
7:57PM 1 Likelihood ratio
6:32PM 3 matrix of all difference between rows values
6:23PM 3 sample mean, variance and SD
4:34PM 2 Problem with if
3:56PM 1 Prediction problem.
1:21PM 4 help on date dataset
11:39AM 1 colineraity among categorical variables (multinom)
7:41AM 2 Problem with recursion
3:13AM 3 Is there a way to export regression output to an excel spreadsheet?
3:10AM 1 Why does my regression output look like this?
Friday November 9 2012
10:52PM 0 Can pgmm in the plm package include additional endogenous variables?
9:10PM 1 decorating API in R
7:44PM 1 mean and kurtosis
7:21PM 4 as.data.frame(do.call(rbind,lapply)) produces something weird
7:16PM 1 Fwd: Simulate nested data
7:07PM 2 sink() doesn't work
7:00PM 0 10-Fold Cross Validation AND Random Forest
6:52PM 1 Logistic curve fitting with y values >1 (R version 2.15.2, OS is OS X 10.6.8)
6:30PM 1 Script for searching in a kinship matrix
5:57PM 1 Counting the numbers of items in vector according to their size
5:53PM 1 R and google analytics
5:52PM 3 Problem with
5:52PM 1 Finding the percentage of points in a designated vector
5:38PM 1 R function data variable name argument
5:27PM 0 Kinship2 and GenABEL
5:21PM 1 lm function - na.action
5:13PM 1 Breakpoints and non linear regression
5:07PM 1 Running a loop of random generated sums
4:50PM 1 Remove missings (quick question)
4:37PM 9 lm function - strange error
1:56PM 1 Mean of matrices entries in list of lists
1:10PM 3 if between 500-600 give 550
11:33AM 3 Labeling position barchart
11:06AM 1 predict.zeroinfl not found
10:43AM 2 Error in memory.size(size) when calling R in batch mode (but not in interactive mode)
10:26AM 0 useR! 2013: call for tutorials
9:33AM 3 General function to substitute values in a data frame
9:18AM 2 Simple Likert count data visualization
9:08AM 1 problem with function "qdagum"
9:01AM 0 (no subject)
8:51AM 1 CCA with Vegan - Plot problem
6:46AM 2 TreynorRatio
3:39AM 2 Creating yyyymm regexp strings on the fly for aggregation.
3:06AM 5 using lapply with recode
12:23AM 3 Looking for a test of standard normality
Thursday November 8 2012
10:30PM 0 FW: Interfacing R and Weka
9:14PM 3 Beginner help about output in R
9:02PM 1 the results of the SORT function differ from Scilab/Matlab for Complex Numbers
8:03PM 0 package bit64 with new functionality
7:58PM 3 Obtaining R-squared value in Logistic Regression
7:37PM 0 Rgraphviz 2.2.1
5:51PM 3 Regrouping dataframe
5:15PM 0 Estimate two parameter for exponential dist
4:58PM 0 mirt vs. eRm vs. ltm vs. winsteps
4:14PM 2 Formatting digits in a table with mix of numbers and characters
4:00PM 1 Extract cell of many values from dataframe cells and sample from them.
3:50PM 3 Extracting columns
3:05PM 3 vectorized uni-root?
2:42PM 4 Accessing selected elements of a list
2:23PM 4 Line feed on "main" title of the plot
1:48PM 2 Looping matrix multiplication
1:12PM 5 map two names into one
1:11PM 1 A panel of contour plots through a iteration process
1:02PM 2 How to include CI in a grouped barplot?
1:00PM 2 Controlling R fonts through LaTeX
12:17PM 3 difference percentile R vs SPSS
11:39AM 3 strsplit with invalid regular expression
11:23AM 2 Stacked Barchart as relative share
11:18AM 0 calling ./configure and make in an extension
11:14AM 3 R
10:46AM 0 RGoogleTrends vs Google
10:29AM 1 sweave xtable and driver RweaveHTML
10:24AM 1 Package "glmulti": Include a variable in ALL models
10:18AM 1 Produce "a prism like plot"
10:18AM 1 Dataframe,Matrix,Table
10:17AM 1 twitteR return error message
10:16AM 2 Comparing nonlinear, non-nested models
10:04AM 1 if url.exists() or not
10:02AM 1 Dabbling with R5 setRefClass - Inheritance problems
9:40AM 1 Simple plot help
7:11AM 2 Help Read File With Odd Characters
7:06AM 1 ratios
6:37AM 2 A question on "xyplot" function in Lattice package
12:11AM 3 problem with package development and older defs earlier in search order
Wednesday November 7 2012
11:31PM 1 Issues with Heat Map Images
11:07PM 4 conditional coding question
10:58PM 2 Absolute path in gdata library
10:20PM 1 Newbie question : selecting subset of a Matrix
10:03PM 3 extract indep vars from formula
9:32PM 0 fdrtool
9:20PM 0 on Rclusterpp package usage
8:57PM 1 LiblineaR: accept sparse matrices
8:53PM 3 c weirdness
8:52PM 1 A warning message in glht
8:18PM 0 rJava not loading on Windows
7:11PM 0 customizing asix in xyplot in lattice
6:41PM 1 row index for max values of row groups
6:24PM 9 Executing SAS Codes in R
6:17PM 1 Excel Regression Function
6:08PM 0 times-series HLM in R
5:46PM 4 save/load and package namespaces
5:32PM 8 Aggregate data frame across columns
5:01PM 2 pseudo R-squared with likfit (geoR)
5:00PM 0 generic question about differences between PCA and DMFA
3:39PM 1 total number of citations for R project
3:31PM 5 Calling R object from R function
3:27PM 1 Welch Two Sample T-Test
2:54PM 2 R: net reclassification index after Cox survival analysis
2:54PM 0 Annotation using org.At.tair.db package in R
2:51PM 1 error message no lines available in input
2:37PM 0 RODBC to MS SQL Server update error
2:25PM 0 export home range image to google earth (alternatively a shapefile)
1:53PM 0 connecting R & eclipse problem
1:02PM 6 how to generate a set of random numbers that sum to 1 with uniform distribution of elements
12:22PM 0 Tinn-R released
11:50AM 2 simple coversion of matrix rows to matrix columns
11:27AM 1 maptree package
11:22AM 0 Problem with CANDPARA
10:51AM 0 R: Genotype-quantitativa phenotype linear regression
10:33AM 2 New Learner
10:32AM 2 R + Hadoop on Amazon
10:20AM 0 Learning New
9:48AM 0 GMM Gaussian Mixture Model in R
7:11AM 1 change colour of geom_step by scale_colour_manual
5:35AM 2 a simple list question
4:25AM 0 (no subject)
3:00AM 2 LMER vs PROC MIXED estimates
12:20AM 3 HELP! Excel and R give me totally different regression results using the exact same data
Tuesday November 6 2012
10:00PM 1 Ordered probit using clm2
9:44PM 1 glm fitting routine and convergence
9:39PM 2 R and SPSS
9:29PM 1 sample from list
9:08PM 1 Mixed Data Sampling Regression Models
8:37PM 1 pivot table
7:48PM 0 Emulating SPSS's /emmeans in UNIANOVA
7:02PM 0 Fwd: Average my data each hour
6:57PM 2 avarage my data each hour
6:39PM 0 Revolutions blog: October roundup
6:01PM 0 library(RCurl) quamtmod yahoo data source
5:01PM 1 options()$width ignored by print.formula
4:44PM 4 Plot in function
4:10PM 3 Survplot, Y-axis in percent
3:55PM 1 plm(): observations not used for modelling
3:03PM 2 Question on callNextMethod
2:49PM 1 Multinomial MCMCglmm
2:14PM 0 how are the values in ksvm related to the svm formula ( the parameter for kernal function)
1:53PM 1 For the function loc()
1:47PM 0 Problem in rhipe.lm.R
1:31PM 1 Confidence intervals for Sen slope in zyp-package
1:21PM 2 Column names containing ` in R
12:13PM 1 how Can make function for selecting the products
11:50AM 1 Filling dataframe incorrectly in for loop
10:59AM 0 How to read all table in r using dbreadTable, autimatically read in whenever I save new table in SQLite db
4:11AM 1 Filling matrix elements with a function
3:01AM 0 R comic graph
2:37AM 2 Append Data to an Excel File through each Iteration of a For Loop
2:23AM 0 GLM and WLS
Monday November 5 2012
11:10PM 1 Plot 3 lines in one graph
5:51PM 0 Diference in results from doBy::popMeans, multcomp::glht and contrast::contrast for a lme model
5:40PM 1 no method for coercing this S4 class to a vector
5:38PM 2 Empty plot in R
5:33PM 1 custom function & missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
5:24PM 1 r-help or r-devel ?
5:14PM 2 fusion of overlapping intervals
4:43PM 1 A general question: Is language S a component part of R?
4:33PM 0 Customly low standard deviation in fracdiff.var function
3:48PM 1 relative convergence in 'optim'
3:23PM 2 Problem compiling Rnw file
2:45PM 1 Logistic Regression with Offset value
2:23PM 2 exporting 3D dynamic graph
11:49AM 3 Error message
11:25AM 0 error in comparisons using glht function
10:32AM 2 averaging a list of matrices element wise
9:57AM 1 division giving spurious NA
9:56AM 1 Error message in nmkb()
8:51AM 1 Post hoc tests in gam (mgcv)
7:51AM 1 Dates as POSIXt
7:48AM 0 slider control questions
3:22AM 2 Replace array with percentile values
12:13AM 1 Problem with polygon vertices
Sunday November 4 2012
7:27PM 1 structural equations using sem package
7:25PM 4 select duplicate identifier with higher mean across sample columns
6:50PM 1 Fw: 95% Q-Q Plot error message
6:39PM 0 Q-Q Plot error message
6:30PM 1 95% Q-Q Plot error message
3:57PM 1 Apply same linear model to subset of dataframe
3:31PM 1 Struggeling with nlminb...
2:40PM 2 Excluding fixed number of rows from calculation while summarizing using ddply() function.
1:50PM 1 Rd2pdf freeze
1:29PM 2 lines with colored segments
1:16PM 1 what is the function naming convention?
1:06PM 1 blackboost (mboost package) function leads to non-reclaimable memory usage
12:07PM 2 For loop...
10:47AM 1 sample equal number of cases per class
4:16AM 3 Saving R Graph to a file
4:09AM 2 Replacing a string
12:09AM 1 Changing Date Variables as Continuous Variables
Saturday November 3 2012
9:41PM 1 Logical vector-based extraction
9:31PM 8 Can you turn a string into a (working) symbol?
7:27PM 1 Violin plot of categorical/binned data
6:54PM 1 sqldf Date problem
6:15PM 2 optim & .C / Crashing on run
5:14PM 2 Replacing NAs in long format
4:07PM 7 some help
4:01PM 0 AUTO: Alan Chalk has left RSA (returning 30/11/2012)
3:52PM 3 to print system.time always
2:49PM 0 Contrasts in manova
3:04AM 2 reorder() in the latticeExtra library
2:06AM 1 How to make pch symbols thicker?
Friday November 2 2012
11:47PM 1 rgl package and animation
11:12PM 1 Linear regression on dataframe's sample
11:02PM 1 mergeing a large number of large .csvs
10:31PM 0 stepAIC and AIC question
10:02PM 2 backreferences in gregexpr
9:20PM 2 Determine longest run of number
6:41PM 2 Date format conversion from "2012-09-20" to "2012:09:20"
6:20PM 2 Merge data frame with mispelling characters
6:11PM 3 Question about cut()
5:47PM 0 R IMA sitetest problem
5:32PM 1 Bioconductor, merging annotation with list of probeids
4:57PM 3 Strange behaviour of setwd/getwd
2:41PM 1 importing jpeg 2000
2:05PM 1 Shapiro-Wilk normality test
1:46PM 0 \lstdefinelanguage error: undefined control sequence
12:24PM 2 Append two lists
11:55AM 2 override date in xts time series
11:09AM 1 can not read table in dbReadTable
10:56AM 4 Loop over several Variables, add on question
9:49AM 1 add1() alternative
6:32AM 0 Mixed model with multinomial distribution
1:09AM 0 calculating a gradient in optim without calling a separate function
12:41AM 2 If loops?
Thursday November 1 2012
9:16PM 2 Name assignment in for loop
8:59PM 2 constrained optimization help please!
8:23PM 1 GraphNEL object retrieve edgenumber from acc() or is it list of lists?
8:09PM 0 Upcoming R training: SF Dec 3-4, DC Dec 10-11
7:59PM 1 What does uniroot return when an error occurs
6:47PM 7 Reduce(paste, x) question
6:04PM 3 finding global variables in a function containing formulae
5:49PM 1 Looking for mingw32-make.exe (make.exe not working) in RTools
5:28PM 2 subset a defined row plus the aforegoing
5:24PM 2 SEM validation: Cross-Validation vs. Bootstrapping
5:08PM 0 Categorical variables using mle2 and slope comparisions
4:24PM 0 (no subject)
3:18PM 4 Select the last rows of when specific conditions are met.
12:36PM 4 Return Vector Component
11:37AM 0 oblique.tree : the predict function asserts the dependent variable to be included in "newdata"
11:32AM 4 Loop over several variables
9:32AM 1 How to nicely display R code with the LaTeX package 'listings'?
8:25AM 2 Problem with lm
8:14AM 3 Start R from bash/bat file and end in interactive mode
8:11AM 3 convert list without same component length to matrix
4:29AM 1 How to parse xml with same key name ?
3:19AM 2 Subsetting year range
3:15AM 1 possible bug with largest.cliques in igraph_0.6-3
2:44AM 1 fitting weibull curve to data using nls