R help - Dec 2012

Monday December 31 2012
10:25PM 3 cut ()
8:38PM 1 Installing R-2.15.2 in Debian Wheezy/Testing
6:13PM 0 Help w/ FF package to upload large file.
5:12PM 3 Question on creating Date variable
4:54PM 1 (no subject)
10:45AM 4 error when using subset (0 observations)
10:13AM 2 group values in classes
9:21AM 2 a problem for metafor package
2:49AM 2 code to convert 3D geographical coordinates to Cartesian?
Sunday December 30 2012
11:37PM 0 ANOVA repeated measures and post-hoc
6:14PM 3 Odds Ratio and Logistic Regression
2:34PM 1 Sheet index (-2147483648) is out of range (0..15)
2:25PM 2 levelplot
11:22AM 4 Starting with R
10:26AM 4 How to multiple the vector and variables from dataframe
7:47AM 1 acf () and pacf()
Saturday December 29 2012
8:47PM 1 AIC values with lmer and anova function
8:40PM 2 Error in plot.envfit(ef, p.max = 0.1) : (subscript) logical subscript too long
1:47PM 2 I need intercept in plm model
7:14AM 1 Problem to load a shape file
5:44AM 0 shell function in R
1:36AM 0 thanks -- Re: syntax for identifying more than one
12:34AM 1 parallel error message extraction (in mclapply)?
Friday December 28 2012
5:43PM 3 Any simple way to make this happen?
5:37PM 2 multiple sheet in r
5:23PM 1 Using grImport to create a watermark
3:45PM 1 Question about Linear Regression
11:46AM 3 Merging data tables
10:54AM 1 Irreproducible exception in R extension
7:02AM 3 help with reshaping wide to long format
5:33AM 4 efficiently multiply different matrices in 3-d array with different vectors?
3:31AM 1 Multicore/Parallel
3:25AM 0 How to apply XPath query on XML nodes separately?
3:01AM 4 R crashing inconsistently within for loops
Thursday December 27 2012
11:29PM 0 glmnet_1.8-4 on CRAN
11:10PM 1 Conjunction and disjunction in pubmed query
9:38PM 2 Help reading matrixmarket files
8:38PM 4 vectorization & modifying globals in functions
8:30PM 4 Finding (swapped) repetitions of numbers pairs across two columns
7:17PM 3 Retrieve indexes of the "first occurrence of numbers" in an effective manner
6:14PM 1 Help in using col in plot()..
5:59PM 1 Regarding multiple axes in plots..
3:43PM 0 c-stat from lrm
2:14PM 0 Node Information - Decision Trees
2:09PM 1 Ridge Regression variable selection
11:55AM 1 Convert json data to an r dataframe
12:54AM 3 how to apply two or more functions to each columns in a time?
12:00AM 1 sqldf merging with subset in specific range
Wednesday December 26 2012
11:38PM 1 Converting R script to Matlab
10:28PM 2 Problem with large/small numbers in knitr
9:04PM 1 Is there a package to output midi files for sonification of data
6:31PM 3 Working with date
12:44PM 1 Change class of elements in list
12:37PM 3 data comparison
12:34PM 3 R graphs from database
7:58AM 1 3D Gaussian with different colors
Tuesday December 25 2012
7:11PM 1 path analysis
5:52PM 2 splitting a long dataframe
4:34PM 5 aggregate / collapse big data frame efficiently
4:13PM 1 Sampling data without having infinite numbers after diong a transformation
12:28PM 1 as.Date to as.POSIXct
5:03AM 2 for loop not working
Monday December 24 2012
7:42PM 1 R and Matlab
7:21PM 2 apply with missing values
6:34PM 0 Is there a point-biserial corr version of mvrnorm?
6:25PM 2 parallelized version of "by" and "ave"
4:34PM 2 whats wrong in my codes???
5:55AM 1 How to do it through 1 step?
12:17AM 2 colmeans not working
Sunday December 23 2012
10:10PM 1 problem in installing RcppBDT_0.2.1
9:42PM 1 Esttab error while exporting regression results
9:16PM 2 Select maximum subset
8:54PM 0 (no subject)
6:46PM 3 Spammer radhi
5:43PM 1 wireframe and margins
3:08PM 0 small issue with over-zealous clean.
2:49PM 1 MLE with R
10:14AM 1 Calling a .bat to set environment variables and subsequent .exe execution from within R
7:50AM 0 permutation test for PLS/PLSDA
6:32AM 0 outlier color change in lattice bwplot()
2:19AM 1 correction needed in codes
Saturday December 22 2012
11:47PM 1 Character Variable in X axis scatter plot
11:37PM 0 Regression Modeling Strategies 3-Day Short Course March 2013
8:34PM 1 plotting and saving diagrams automatically
4:35PM 0 Help on PK.fit
10:58AM 4 Does R have an equivalent for Matlab's cell array?
9:29AM 1 creating a function
1:13AM 1 how to control the naming of factors in regression
1:07AM 1 NRI reclassification table improveProb Cox
1:06AM 0 texreg error while exporting regression table
Friday December 21 2012
10:42PM 0 setting the margin size in ggplot2
10:35PM 2 ggplot2: setting martin
10:06PM 1 Legend symbols
8:51PM 0 segfault reading large BLOB from SQL Server
5:43PM 1 remove from column a group of elements I have in another vector
5:39PM 2 Difficulty importing data from PARI/GP
5:16PM 1 Rterm does not load personal library
4:43PM 2 how to recode an ordered factor
3:42PM 1 Parallel code using parLapply
2:51PM 2 how can I import op.gz files with read.csv or otherwise
2:28PM 2 useR meetup group in Munich, Germany
2:05PM 2 Why can't I "unclass" an array?
1:59PM 2 Can data.frame be saved as image?
9:07AM 1 How to run chaid in R
12:47AM 0 variable names in numeric list and Bayesian inference
Thursday December 20 2012
11:26PM 4 Memory filling up while looping
11:08PM 3 Optmatch Package Question
8:42PM 0 sitools: bug: f2si(0)=>""
7:22PM 2 axes labeling
6:42PM 4 comparison of large data set
5:29PM 2 lattice::xyplot & file output
5:13PM 1 Plot multiple Graphics via Layers
4:28PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 118, Issue 20
4:22PM 0 Package exams with Moodle and OLAT support
4:10PM 3 Problem loading .r file
3:45PM 5 an entry level (stupid) question
3:42PM 0 scale Problem in Survreg function
3:37PM 2 How to count the nos. in a range?
3:17PM 0 Nested ANOVA
2:49PM 1 Problem with simulation
12:52PM 6 permutation of vectors (1 or 0)
12:46PM 2 Filling Lists or Arrays of variable dimensions
11:45AM 2 how to make a table of summary statistics
4:24AM 2 how to read different files into different objects in one time?
2:06AM 1 [mgcv][gam] Problem defining axis labels for non-smooth terms (via termplot)
Wednesday December 19 2012
10:36PM 0 Fitting a predefined classification tree
9:29PM 1 confirming a formula for use with lmer
9:08PM 1 Theoretical confidence regions for any non-symmetric bivariate statistical distributions
8:42PM 1 "For" loop and "if" question
8:23PM 2 create stratified splits
7:28PM 1 Display of data points in the Scatterplot
6:57PM 1 problem with opening more than one SOCK cluster with package snow
6:22PM 2 Copy data from Excel
5:42PM 1 Non-linear regression analysis in R‏
4:31PM 0 JRI and XTS library
3:10PM 2 probability of binary data
3:03PM 2 Convert negativ number to 0
2:17PM 0 sas2rd - write an .Rd file for a sas data set
1:26PM 0 structural breaks estimation
12:47PM 2 pROC and ROCR give different values for AUC
12:18PM 1 triax.plot: control legend position and size of point labels
7:45AM 4 How to convert xts data into list
5:07AM 1 random sampling matrix
3:16AM 0 SNPRelate problems
1:52AM 0 Help with building taxonomies through package "ade4"
12:02AM 1 Using PCNM() in Vegan and calculating Moran's I
Tuesday December 18 2012
10:24PM 0 Clustering newbie question
8:09PM 3 Regression line does not show on scatterplot
8:05PM 2 Fwd: I need help with an R function! Thx!
6:40PM 1 multi dimensional optim problem
6:25PM 2 Changing Variable Names In VCD
6:02PM 1 Breaking out of multiple loops
5:34PM 2 how to get a value from a list (using paste function)?
3:24PM 1 xtable with psych objects
2:36PM 7 Summarizing elements for a data.frame
2:09PM 2 Set a zero at minimum row by group
1:59PM 1 How to draw frequency domain plot with xts time series data
12:37PM 1 pscore.dist problem when running optmatch
11:24AM 0 syntax for very simple derivative function
10:18AM 0 R function for computing Simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportions
9:56AM 3 Calculate geographic/euclidian distance between consecutive XY-pairs
9:07AM 1 random sampling vector from any dsitribution
12:47AM 0 Wald Test for rqpd package
Monday December 17 2012
11:37PM 1 subset handling
11:03PM 2 ggplot add a legend?
10:01PM 1 Code works standalone, yet same code fails when part of package
9:06PM 1 rms R code
8:24PM 3 How to test whether is.element() returns only TRUE's
7:22PM 2 Why does matrix selection behave differently when using which?
5:44PM 2 Formatting a path for unix with gsub
5:38PM 1 Triple Integration in R
5:16PM 4 R beginner: matrix algebra
5:11PM 3 mean of each month in data
4:31PM 1 Problems with building R from sources
4:06PM 1 How to make Ordinary Kriging using gstat predict?
4:03PM 3 Merge more than 2 dataframe
2:55PM 2 calculate a "rolling mean" including standard deviation
2:17PM 4 ggplot geom_smooth colour
1:04PM 3 simplifying code
12:04PM 7 split character line into rows
11:11AM 0 Specific structure of variance-covariance matrix in the lme function for a linear mixed effect models
10:02AM 4 Splitting up of a dataframe according to the type of variables
8:55AM 2 How to get transparent colors to sum to complete opacity?
7:45AM 1 seeking a help on if function
7:07AM 2 looping through spatial points and getting counts of spatial points in spatial grid in R
4:29AM 2 forecasting accuracy problem in R
4:11AM 2 Mixed Anova
4:01AM 0 User defined functions error - where is it ?
1:30AM 5 save to file
Sunday December 16 2012
11:57PM 1 nls for sum of exponentials
11:56PM 2 non-numeric argument to binary operator
5:42PM 1 sweave and lessR
5:38AM 2 Picking out certain elements in an matrix
4:15AM 3 averaging X of specific Y (latitude)
4:12AM 1 average X value of specific Y
4:02AM 1 How to make a prior graph
3:44AM 3 how to handle NA values in aggregate()
12:14AM 3 xlim/ylim problem
Saturday December 15 2012
10:23PM 2 troubles reading a text file
7:03PM 0 Single node in tree
6:33PM 0 Problem when plotting
5:47PM 0 Scanning Grep through Huge Files
5:29PM 0 how to run MCMC with binomial distribution
4:27PM 1 How to limit string size when displaying data frames?
3:10PM 3 How to speed up the for loop by releasing memeory
9:04AM 3 kruskalmc, significant differences while median values are the same
9:02AM 3 interfacing with .Call
Friday December 14 2012
7:48PM 1 format.pval () and printCoefmat ()
6:58PM 5 A question on list and lapply
4:37PM 2 Manipulation of longitudinal data by row
3:55PM 1 COZIGAM removed from CRAN
3:51PM 5 Hello R User
3:23PM 0 The R Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2
1:58PM 2 plotting log regression
1:39PM 0 winBUGS with R2WinBUGS on a mac – path issue
1:11PM 0 Problems with displaying graphics in Linux
1:00PM 1 Problem loading .Rdata file
11:28AM 1 Plotting from a matrix, where column 1 is your x value
8:33AM 1 Beta-coefficients for ZINB model
8:01AM 1 How to import the large dataset into R
7:09AM 1 Define a custom-built loss function and combine it with nls()
2:50AM 2 How can I read the following complicated table
Thursday December 13 2012
11:09PM 3 Combined Marimekko/heatmap
10:53PM 2 replace parenthetical phrases in a string
9:43PM 1 duplicated.data.frame() and POSIXct with DST shift
9:30PM 2 changing character strings with hash marks
7:56PM 0 Available Memory
6:56PM 1 CPOS from cwhmisc package not found
5:16PM 2 More efficient use of reshape?
4:52PM 3 subsetting time series
3:45PM 1 recursion depth limitations
3:39PM 1 Pairwise deletion in a linear regression and in a GLM ?
3:22PM 2 abline of an lm fit not correct
2:31PM 1 How do I make a loop to extract a column from multiple lists and then bind them together to make a new matrix?
2:21PM 0 Webinar: Advances in Gradient Boosting: the Power of Post-Processing. TOMORROW, 10-11 a.m., PST
2:15PM 3 Repeat elements of matrix based on vector counts
12:52PM 2 How to create multiple country's data into multiple sheets of one excel
12:38PM 2 How to select a subset data to do a barplot in ggplot2
10:52AM 2 Installing Packages from a Local Repository
10:42AM 3 how to aggregate the dataset
10:16AM 0 max_prepared_stmt_count exceeded using RODBC + 64-bit win7
9:07AM 0 How to aggregate the dataset?
8:48AM 0 how to aggregate the data ?
8:20AM 5 remove NA in df results in NA, NA.1 ... rows
7:08AM 1 Physically extracting P-value from TukeyHSD test output
3:49AM 4 Running MCMC in R
3:22AM 1 An important question about running MCMC
3:06AM 0 GLMM - lme4 - binomial family, quadrinomial data: Can one partition be response and another be dependent variable?
2:34AM 2 simulate time data
1:54AM 1 possible bug in function 'mclapply' of package parallel
Wednesday December 12 2012
11:41PM 1 neural net
8:39PM 1 Subset of Data
7:48PM 1 data download
7:34PM 1 EMA Package
6:35PM 0 2013***R Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp at 9 USA Cities: San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, etc
6:12PM 1 ggplot - adding regression lines
5:51PM 0 State-space model with long tails
5:33PM 1 extracting splitting rules from GBM
5:14PM 2 using 'apply' to apply princomp to an array of datasets
5:00PM 1 Adding a value to one dataframe from another dataframe
4:34PM 3 Fw: regarding plot
3:32PM 2 Problem installing package "caret"
2:35PM 0 PST version 0.81
1:40PM 2 how to grep in r
12:50PM 2 help with predict.glm, and charting with factors
12:27PM 1 Problems with plot maps
12:00PM 3 create a color palette with custom ranges between colors
9:45AM 1 How to know what device I am using
8:28AM 1 ggplot: geom_line with only pairs of points connected
7:45AM 1 remove last row of a data frame
7:22AM 2 long margin text below lattice plot - how to wrap lines?
7:19AM 4 Matrix multiplication
5:48AM 0 Bayesian Haplotype analysisin R
12:17AM 1 Multiple palettes on single plot don't get rendered when I use dev.copy2pdf
Tuesday December 11 2012
11:05PM 1 Rprof causing R to crash
8:10PM 1 Solving Simultaneous nonlinear equations
7:32PM 1 Reassign functions called by other functions in package graphics
7:19PM 1 Interpretation of ranef output
6:59PM 1 Focus on a sub-panel of a splom with trellis.focs() -- return coordinate of sub-panel, or names of variables therein
6:17PM 2 debug on lapply
5:46PM 5 Retain last grouping after a strsplit()
5:09PM 0 eigenvector centrality
3:59PM 2 Tools for Building Packages (Fedora)
3:56PM 2 VarimpAUC in Party Package
3:45PM 0 Variable importance in Party package
3:04PM 0 R users in Sarasota FL
2:45PM 1 converting manual command to loop command
2:42PM 1 query multiple terms in PubMed abstract
2:23PM 1 Removing duplicated values
2:09PM 1 Troubles with subset()
1:57PM 0 about difMH, loop, and output
1:44PM 0 Comparing Kappa coefficients
12:46PM 1 Dispatching on a dgCMatrix does not work.
11:17AM 6 Latitudinal mean of values in a data frame
10:55AM 5 Renaming column names according to another dataframe
7:01AM 1 How do you use agrep inside a loop
5:34AM 0 Bayes weighted regression?
4:46AM 2 Writing escaped unicode
3:03AM 2 lattice question: how to change the dot on boxplot to line
2:26AM 1 glm - predict logistic regression - entering the betas manually.
12:55AM 2 Two statement logical dealing with NAs
12:10AM 2 questions on French characters in plot
Monday December 10 2012
11:24PM 0 Revolutions Blog: November roundup
10:41PM 3 splitting dataset based on variable and re-combining
9:40PM 2 Removing named objects using rm(..)
9:03PM 3 use variable in for loop to name output files
8:50PM 1 Can somebody suggest how to achieve following data manipulation?
8:47PM 0 bootstrap a multinomial regression
7:29PM 5 sum portions of a vector
4:27PM 1 qplot error -
3:29PM 1 Sweep out control
2:33PM 3 equivalent of group command of the egen function in Stata
1:40PM 3 Warning message: In eval(expr, envir, enclos) : non-integer #successes in a binomial glm!
12:08PM 1 Getting the latex file from R CMD check
11:08AM 1 Creating a geographical grid
10:34AM 0 can R read a binary data block file (.DBL)?
9:43AM 1 Marginal effects of ZINB models
8:50AM 3 Count cell Count by her frequency
6:01AM 1 Class definition and "contains": No definition was found for superclass
5:40AM 1 Creating an R package in windows- where to put images?
5:02AM 1 Long equation in documentation
3:13AM 0 Time Series Prediction using Gaussian Process
Sunday December 9 2012
11:18PM 1 Making fifo work (Linux)
10:31PM 1 Error message "cs_lu(A) failed: near-singular A (or out of memory)"
9:04PM 1 Some coefficients are doubled when I use the step() function
7:36PM 3 Where is located the rscript in mac osx??
6:52PM 1 unrelated to R but possibly interesting
5:06PM 1 about loop, 10 times, 10 matrix
2:28PM 0 macosx 10.8 install of rgl
1:03PM 0 How can I cite the result of a symbolic calculation when defining a function?
11:11AM 1 defmacro and bwplot incompatibilities?
5:05AM 0 (Re-posted as Plain Text ) Modelling a skew-normal distribution using glm/ mgcv
Saturday December 8 2012
11:00PM 3 Mean-Centering Question
9:34PM 2 Why my lapply doesn't work with FUN=as.Date
9:01PM 0 Modelling a skew-normal distribution using glm/ mgcv
8:17PM 0 Oracle Approximating Shrinkage in R?
8:16PM 0 Dbscan Clustering Feature Question
8:04PM 1 print and cat not working with parallelised functions?
7:10PM 4 read.table()
5:44PM 1 KMP String search
11:54AM 1 Sampling from a Population
11:28AM 5 How to efficiently compare each row in a matrix with each row in another matrix?
6:07AM 1 file.link fails on NTFS
4:54AM 1 imputation in mice
Friday December 7 2012
11:42PM 0 Score residuals with glm()
9:22PM 1 Error using constrOptim in constraint definition
8:13PM 1 Polychor() - why does it take that long?
7:51PM 0 Conditional inference forest error: levels in factors do not match
7:31PM 0 inserting jpg
6:35PM 1 Fwd: Simulation of spatial Log-Gaussian Cox process in Spatstat
6:21PM 1 upgrade to 2.15.2 can't load stats package
6:14PM 0 Problem with ggmap
2:25PM 0 fft and wavenumber
2:23PM 2 Converting character to numeric: Error: (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double'
2:22PM 0 apply a function at: dateX, dateX+1, dateX+2, ....
2:12PM 1 how to add a column from another dataset with "merge"
12:27PM 2 Assigning cases to groupings based on the values of several variables
12:00PM 1 Negative Binomial GAMM - theta values and convergence
10:41AM 0 Tinn-R - new stable version
10:39AM 1 Problem with special characters
9:50AM 0 loop for calculating 1-se in rpart
5:36AM 1 Help with manipulation of matrix object
12:20AM 1 points3d and ordirgl
Thursday December 6 2012
10:00PM 2 Best way to coerce numerical data to a predetermined histogram bin?
8:15PM 0 Digital terrain model
8:10PM 1 Fuction Error
7:35PM 1 Can somebody help me with following data manipulation?
7:35PM 1 Use .Call interface
7:28PM 1 scope, lme, ns, nlme, splines
7:12PM 2 lme4 glmer general help wanted - code included
6:33PM 0 Summary command: Two independent variables against dependent.
6:14PM 1 Get an expected value for Order Statistics by applying double integrals
6:13PM 1 Analyze multiple data set simultaneoulsy
6:10PM 1 Vectorizing integrate()
6:08PM 1 clustering of binary data
5:29PM 0 Bootstrap estimates and variance
5:09PM 0 Increased Spamming via Nabble
4:32PM 0 substitute in a list
4:30PM 5 2-15.2 Windows 32-bit version anywhere ?
4:17PM 2 Design library
3:57PM 1 Fitting a multinomial model to a multi-way factorial design with repeated measures: help on package and syntax
2:01PM 1 tool for cluster analysis
1:49PM 2 function to filter identical data.fames using less than (<) and greater than (>)
1:48PM 3 Colors according to value (Excel-Export)
1:45PM 1 "Simplifying" matrices ?
12:54PM 0 Package party Error in model.matrix.default(as.formula(f), data = blocks) :allocMatrix: too many elements specified
11:00AM 1 Anomalous outputs from rbeta when using two different random number seeds
9:14AM 1 R --no-readline ?, was: history and readline, Mac OSX
7:37AM 1 Incorrect DST time changes in DateTimeClasses
6:21AM 1 gamcheck doubts
3:52AM 1 bootstrap based confidence band
2:47AM 4 Assignment of values with different indexes
Wednesday December 5 2012
8:53PM 1 duplicated() with long vectors
8:52PM 1 In factor analysis in the psych package, how can I work out which factors the columns in $scores relate to? How do I know what each of the scores is scoring?
6:51PM 4 Changing data frame column headings
6:30PM 3 data manipulation between vector and matrix
6:21PM 1 loading & using Ryacas
5:09PM 1 Using multcomp::glht() with Anova object
4:33PM 2 How can I unsubscrie to this R forum¿?
4:26PM 0 Reminder: useR! 2013 call for tutorials
3:09PM 0 Incidence Matrix of Experimental Design Using R language Program
3:08PM 0 MBA with FP Growth
2:35PM 0 SamplingStrata version 1.0
1:15PM 0 Makehelpneeded:No rule to make target `w'. Stop
1:09PM 0 AQ-R 0.2 // realtime messaging.
1:08PM 1 catching errors in RNetCDF
1:03PM 2 What is "print print print" ?
12:44PM 1 alternative to leaps command
12:26PM 2 how to assign factor level into each value
11:09AM 0 Réponse automatique
10:46AM 4 Trim
10:15AM 1 request
9:47AM 0 Problem in summary of var results
8:15AM 2 stiff delay differential equations
7:13AM 0 Global variable in the C code used to create R extension
5:27AM 0 RWeka - weighted instances
2:37AM 4 Import multiple data frames and combine them using "cbind"
12:52AM 1 nlme starting values are not the correct length
Tuesday December 4 2012
11:58PM 0 glm2 version 1.1
11:01PM 0 latticeExtra tileplot question - tiles are not all the same size, need help.
10:48PM 1 bigglm (but not glm) error with poisson distribution
9:17PM 3 reformatting some data
9:17PM 1 How do I get internal nodes of dendograms produced by R?
9:16PM 3 How to find matching columns in a matrix of lists?
8:09PM 3 list to matrix?
7:05PM 1 control point size of superscript when labeling axes with title()
6:47PM 1 Large loops in R
6:21PM 3 monte carlo simulation on R
6:05PM 1 error reading xlsm file with read.xls
6:02PM 3 Read.csv
5:54PM 3 odd behavior of browser()
5:24PM 2 Labelling x axis in plot function
4:06PM 1 Solve system of equations (nleqslv) only returns origin
3:18PM 0 Spatial AND Temporal Dependency with lme, or other function?
2:34PM 1 julia language unfair comparisons against R
2:01PM 6 Help for a function
1:45PM 0 Subsetting columns in data.table
1:17PM 1 Winbugs from R
12:38PM 3 do.call
9:49AM 2 computing marginal values based on multiple columns?
9:26AM 4 partial analisys of a time series
8:34AM 2 problem with factor levels
7:59AM 5 question about sum of (column) elements in R
3:30AM 1 Reading JSON files from R
1:30AM 1 Periodicity of Weekly Zoo
Monday December 3 2012
11:53PM 1 Resampling Help Needed
11:37PM 0 Creating Venn-like intersections for multiple data sets: Vennerable Package help
11:30PM 2 Different results from random.Forest with test option and using predict function
10:49PM 3 Speeding reading of a large file
10:21PM 3 Histogram plot help
10:12PM 0 Nested ANCOVA question
10:00PM 1 .Rd vs. .R, matrix multiplication
9:52PM 0 CTM and survival analysis with heterogeneity
9:40PM 4 Chi-squared test when observed near expected
9:22PM 1 discrepancy in fisher exact test between R and wiki formula
9:19PM 1 Confidence bands with function survplot
8:42PM 1 How do I make R randomForest model size smaller?
8:39PM 1 Forest plot
8:30PM 3 r function definition
6:52PM 0 switch() vs eval() for choosing pre-existing alternatives?
6:05PM 2 R-Forge not building packages?
5:06PM 1 Non-quadratic plots
4:44PM 1 How to pass a vector of characters with Rscript through commandline
3:55PM 2 How to read SPSS file in R
3:32PM 3 match and substitute two variables
3:15PM 4 How to calculate the spatial correlation of several files?
3:07PM 2 Excluding all missing values with dcast ("reshape2" package)
2:52PM 0 help on interpreting nonlinear regresson modelling results
1:46PM 1 Help R CMD check
12:59PM 5 xlsx file read in R
12:20PM 1 Calculation of extremely low p-values (in lm)
11:19AM 1 fitting a gamma frailty model (coxph)
10:59AM 0 internal validation_logistic regression results
10:56AM 0 Species scores on PCoA
10:14AM 2 Using multicores in R
10:00AM 2 How to rename the columns of as.table
5:49AM 2 Solving a multinomial gompertz partial differential equation in r
4:27AM 2 How to find the lenth of more than ten variables?
3:41AM 2 How to make the cell background of a table informative?
2:43AM 1 How to mix three different classification techniques
2:38AM 0 need help for R's installation
1:07AM 0 trying to understand the names of the loadings and factor scores from fa()
12:00AM 3 error of installing/building an R package (PortfolioAnalytics) on Win 7
Sunday December 2 2012
10:45PM 2 R beginner
10:42PM 1 Problem with figures
9:59PM 0 marginal structural modeling
8:46PM 2 Change case of factor in data frame
8:18PM 1 Repeated-measures anova with a within-subject covariate (or varying slopes random-effects?)
7:19PM 6 Warning message: In scan(file, what, nmax...)
6:21PM 1 2 x 2 Contingency Tables and Type II Error
6:09PM 2 How to calculate mean of every nth time series data with zoo or xts ?
5:21PM 4 simple subset question
5:17PM 0 help setting up crossed data
5:10PM 0 suggestions for nls error: false convergence
5:08PM 0 Labeling a range of bars in barplot?
5:05PM 0 superimpose density line over hist
5:02PM 1 concatenating expressions and standard text
5:00PM 1 Fitting binomial lmer-model, high deviance and low logLik
4:57PM 2 How to simulate correlated data
4:52PM 0 Kalman Filter Forecast using 'SSPIR'
4:47PM 0 Hmisc latex cell background color
4:44PM 2 finding index of maximum value in vector
4:40PM 0 residual and null deviance of an lme object with correlation structure
4:38PM 1 Linking C/C++ GUI to R.dll
4:32PM 0 Problems of metafile plots when converting word to pdf file
4:25PM 1 Reading PDF files
4:23PM 1 Sullivan, Timmerman and White 1999: TA rules, and R
4:10PM 1 e1071 SVM: Cross-validation error confusion matrix
4:06PM 0 Conjoint Analysis in R??
4:00PM 1 Object Browser
3:51PM 1 postForm() in RCurl and library RHTMLForms
3:19PM 1 overlapping graphs in logarithmic y-axis
12:31PM 0 What is "ts" command for?
11:57AM 2 function stays in loop
9:18AM 1 Fwd: How to calculate different groups of varialbes importance level?
9:15AM 1 How can i change the number of iterations in lme function
4:04AM 2 How to re-combine values based on an index?
Saturday December 1 2012
10:49PM 1 x axis labels
9:06PM 0 Relative strength of regression predictors (relaimpo vs. relimp)
8:47PM 1 reading json tables
7:02PM 1 Simulation in R
6:26PM 4 Daily Time Series, patterns.
4:50PM 3 screen if a value is within range
12:37PM 5 How to built a pivot table of value
12:25PM 4 Getting all possible contingency tables
12:09PM 3 cubic spline
10:13AM 0 Package SixSigma updated to version 0.7-0
3:29AM 0 Determine most rows in a matrix