R help - Oct 2012

Wednesday October 31 2012
11:09PM 2 how can xyplot word when with for control flow
11:08PM 1 Clustering groups according to multiple variables
10:41PM 1 ffdfindexget from package ff
9:26PM 1 gauss fit with outlier removal
9:14PM 1 Strange compiling behaviour
8:18PM 3 expand.grip for permutations
8:04PM 0 Webinar signup: Gradient Boosting and Classification Trees: A Winning Combination. November 9, 10-11 a.m., PST
7:05PM 0 predict glm() with offset
5:48PM 0 Stock & Watson DOLS in R
5:46PM 1 Problem Installing Packages
5:41PM 1 party tree coordinates
5:32PM 0 FW: replace repeated id in a pedigree list
5:15PM 0 pseudo R-squared for model generated with spgm (splm)
4:56PM 3 grep txt file names from html
4:46PM 5 extracting information from txt file
4:38PM 2 Aggregate Table Data into Cell Frequencies
2:50PM 2 Forward and backward algorithm in R?
2:35PM 0 gamlss mu.start vector ?
2:32PM 1 From summary function to formula
2:29PM 2 Snallball, rJava, and R 2.15.1
1:47PM 1 Lavaan model
1:41PM 0 Mixed modelling course with R in Portugal
1:18PM 3 Mean Help
12:47PM 3 Cannot rescale a constant/zero column error.
9:46AM 1 aggregate.formula: formula from string
6:59AM 0 IBrokers readBin is of argument NULL
3:13AM 2 R crashing after successfully running compiled code
1:17AM 0 combined dependent pvalue
Tuesday October 30 2012
11:25PM 0 R/S+ Courses: Nov 2012 - Melbourne & Sydney
11:19PM 2 bootstrapping quantile regression
11:16PM 0 Error em plot.xy(xy.coords(x, y), type = type, ...) : objeto 'membros' não encontrado
11:15PM 1 homebrew install R
10:26PM 1 sqlFetch doesn't read the whole objects.
9:08PM 2 "NA-friendly" operator
8:51PM 0 lapply and kernelUD (adehabitatHR package): Home Range kernel estimation for a list of individuals
8:06PM 2 POSIXct date missing "time component"
7:57PM 1 centroid based ellipse
7:01PM 1 mapply instead for loop
6:59PM 5 Swap rows and columns in a matrix
6:21PM 3 boxplots of various levels
6:16PM 2 help with for loop: new column giving count of observation for each SITEID
5:35PM 2 issues with krige function
5:27PM 2 box() doesnt work
4:30PM 2 RCurl - curlPerform - Time out?!?
3:51PM 1 rJava Out of Memory Error
3:22PM 0 Isomorphic matrices
3:12PM 3 HELP!! how to remove 10% of data randomly in R
3:08PM 3 create 3x2 panel boxplots
2:59PM 0 map similarity spatial autocorrelation in R
2:59PM 1 Data set BregFix in package flexmix
2:22PM 1 peer-reviewed (or not) publications on R
2:09PM 4 help - extract data using column names
2:00PM 1 Creating dataframes with unique, sequential names
1:46PM 6 standard error for quantile
1:37PM 1 print and execute functions in a package namespace
1:35PM 1 Amelia imputation - column grouping
12:42PM 3 newbie: embeding seq in a list
11:53AM 1 Is there an lm() equivalent of panel.lmline()?
11:32AM 2 Java Exception error while reading large data in R from DB using RJDBC.
10:51AM 2 error in lm
10:43AM 0 Checking for different hazard distributions in interval censored data
10:25AM 3 subtract a time period from a date
9:34AM 0 ensembleBMA pit function warnings
8:16AM 3 Named list of data.frames to data.frame with names
8:08AM 2 help with lme
7:30AM 2 Put submatrices in an array
4:34AM 4 Error unary operator
12:37AM 2 changing date by +/- days
Monday October 29 2012
11:53PM 1 How emulate the function 'order' without with the function 'sort' in R
10:07PM 0 model average for GLM comparison
9:42PM 2 Two-way Random Effects with unbalanced data
8:23PM 1 Interaction
8:14PM 1 Hausman test error solve
8:11PM 2 Retrieving data from aspx pages
7:39PM 2 GTK_2.18.5-X11.pkg
7:09PM 0 I'm missing observations in plm()
6:56PM 0 why isn't integrate function working in a likelihood
6:28PM 3 Opening SAS file using read.sas7bdat() function in sas7bdat library.
6:08PM 4 replace repeated id in a pedigree list
5:43PM 1 Help with toupper()
5:30PM 0 Marginal Effects on Odered Logit (Package VGAM)
5:10PM 2 naming datasubsets in a loop
4:27PM 2 Performing multiplication on duplicate values
3:21PM 0 Check Isomorphism between matrices
3:17PM 1 Java, rJava, and Windows x64
3:14PM 2 Problems plotting a sparse time series in R
2:08PM 2 the right reference for the R Stats package for a scientific journal
1:12PM 2 Which test should I use for comparing the change of two samples
1:06PM 0 (no subject)
12:54PM 1 XML namespace control
12:06PM 1 convert ff_vector object into as.Date
11:10AM 0 conditional covariance matrix estimator
10:43AM 6 export variable from bash to R
9:13AM 3 How can I map numbers to colours with raster?
6:11AM 2 find the Best-ticker
3:01AM 1 change lm log(x) to glm poisson
Sunday October 28 2012
11:55PM 1 Why are coefficient estimates using ML and REML are different in lme?
11:01PM 2 List of arrays - problem with dimensions
8:33PM 6 Hausman test in R
5:25PM 0 lbfgsb from C
2:20PM 0 In is.euclid(m2) : Zero distance(s)
12:49PM 1 Best fitted curve
11:42AM 1 interpreting repeated measures mixed model
9:32AM 6 Having some Trouble Data Structures
4:16AM 2 keep average values and delete duplicate rows
2:05AM 1 Trouble with first passage time analysis using adehabitatLT
Saturday October 27 2012
11:41AM 2 Getting error while running unix commands within R using system() function
11:37AM 1 help install RExcel
9:16AM 2 why sd() can be applied to character vector?
8:41AM 0 Remote access to R/Bioconductor on EBI's 64-bit Linux Cluster
6:07AM 2 Searching up a list of values
5:34AM 1 Encoding
4:00AM 0 [gam] [mgcv] Question in integrating a eiker-white "sandwich" VCV estimator into GAM
Friday October 26 2012
11:34PM 3 summation sign
9:54PM 0 Problems getting slope and intercept to change when do multiple reps.
9:22PM 1 Where Can I Find the Function letterTrevor?
8:34PM 1 SPACECAP error "subscript out of bounds"
8:10PM 2 Stata Database & R
8:00PM 3 regression analysis in R
7:23PM 1 backward stepwise model selection
6:40PM 1 Openbugs- Array Index
6:33PM 1 rollapply() by time, not entries (width)
5:35PM 0 G-test function in the stats package or on CRAN?
5:25PM 1 Reading Chinese Language (gb18030) Input
5:00PM 1 Parsing very large xml datafiles with SAX (XML package): What data structure should I favor?
4:57PM 1 using match-type function to return correctly ordered data from a dataframe
4:49PM 1 Parsing very large xml datafiles with SAX: How to profile <anonymous> functions?
4:32PM 1 Gini with bias correction
4:25PM 1 Creating a certain set of points with geographic coordinates between two endpoints
4:02PM 1 Package RODBC sqlQueries
3:53PM 1 SQL via RODBC
3:46PM 0 combined output with zelig is not working!?!
3:31PM 2 Wrong output in R.14
3:13PM 1 matrix algebra for constructing a special matrix?
2:40PM 1 Why my code does not draw? how to fix it? plz....
2:26PM 3 Delete row if two values in a matrix are equal
2:20PM 0 Seasonal smoothing of data with large gaps (mgcv)
1:57PM 2 Number of decimal places
1:52PM 1 Creating a correlation matrix from a vector
1:48PM 2 Grid Width in polar.plot
1:28PM 3 Updating R 2.15.0 to 2.15.2
11:57AM 4 R 2.15.2 is released
11:41AM 2 connect points in charts
11:39AM 1 asking about R Code
11:30AM 0 How to replace the row number for each product by real product name in as.dendrogram in cluster analysis..HELP!
10:03AM 0 mean of a value of the last 2 hours using plyr (Thank you)
9:45AM 1 Delete first row
9:33AM 0 colorspace: interactive HCL palette chooser
8:14AM 2 deconstructing curve into rising and falling limbs
6:39AM 0 fft and significance
6:31AM 1 Is there any way of weighting individual data points in a logistic regression
5:32AM 2 Interpreting and visualising lme results
3:51AM 4 Merge matrices with different column names
3:49AM 3 wanna create all points.....
3:23AM 3 how to make simulation faster
1:17AM 1 Generate two bell curves
Thursday October 25 2012
11:14PM 5 system is computationally singular: reciprocal condition number
10:17PM 1 Demo code
9:45PM 2 error bars
9:24PM 4 How to draw the graph???
8:08PM 1 Estimating credit card default probabilities.
7:28PM 2 How to extract auc, specificity and sensitivity
7:24PM 3 How generate random numbers from given vector???
6:30PM 3 Change to daily digest
2:35PM 2 mean of a value of the last 2 hours
2:19PM 5 trying ti use a function in aggregate
2:11PM 2 Plot lmer model with Effects package
2:04PM 2 Egarch (1,1) with Student t distribution in RExcel
11:21AM 3 Expression in legend of plot
10:31AM 1 cut point in ROC
9:32AM 2 Regarding the memory allocation problem
8:47AM 1 parallel processing with foreach
7:34AM 1 correlated events in time series
6:37AM 1 How to quit R script & return to R prompt
6:33AM 0 Instrumental variables for the competitive price
6:24AM 3 problem in finding sizes of objects using a for loop
Wednesday October 24 2012
11:47PM 0 extracting variance co variance matrix from system package
10:52PM 1 Defining categories
9:33PM 2 Kaplan Meier Post Hoc?
7:56PM 1 randomly select another observation with same grouping factor and year value, do for every record in dataframe
5:48PM 0 how to get underlying values being plotted in garchfit predict plot
12:25PM 2 for ( i in 23:0 ) { V <- vector [ 1 : i ] }
11:30AM 0 recursive function on a structured list of lists (dendrogram)
11:08AM 0 Five cases of the Multivariate VECM
9:17AM 2 Recode function car package erases previous values
9:14AM 2 R5: Lock a class field from within a method?
8:04AM 1 equation solver
6:44AM 3 Results not dispalying in R console
6:17AM 4 Z score
2:43AM 1 R untar error
1:20AM 1 incomplete final line found by readTableHeader
Tuesday October 23 2012
11:43PM 1 parsing a structured object
11:43PM 0 lm and glm
10:56PM 1 apply and sapply oddity
10:22PM 4 Changing radii line type in radial plots
9:59PM 1 Understanding lattice barchart() display
9:52PM 1 ROC with more than one predictor
9:42PM 1 help using optim function
8:13PM 1 How Rcmdr or na.exclude blocks TukeyHSD
8:12PM 1 SEM multigroup modeling
7:45PM 4 daylight
7:14PM 3 frequency
7:00PM 1 scatterplot with wrong line offset
6:43PM 3 Error in contrasts message when using logistic regression code.
6:17PM 1 Summary of variables with NA, empty
6:02PM 1 factor or character
5:50PM 1 Creating a polygon from an unordered set of points
5:07PM 0 Random Forest imbalanced data and partial plots
4:51PM 0 Best R textbook for undergraduates
4:34PM 2 After sorting a dataframe by date
4:21PM 2 barplot
4:19PM 1 Testing proportional odds assumption in R
3:59PM 1 Filling a covariance matrix
2:43PM 2 Data type in a data frame
2:37PM 1 repeat takes along time
2:33PM 1 find similarity between two spectral profile
2:11PM 5 List of multidimensional arrays
2:08PM 2 multi-panel figure: overall title for each row
1:35PM 1 doubt in command
1:33PM 1 Extracting results from Google Search
11:45AM 6 Join data frame columns
11:37AM 1 Mirror of the R manuals with a new visual style
11:30AM 0 Rserve-PHP client warning
11:28AM 2 Export summary from regression output
10:06AM 1 Minimizing Computational Time
9:37AM 10 How to pick colums from a ragged array?
9:21AM 2 vector indexing
9:03AM 1 Olmstead-Tukey Diagram
8:22AM 2 plotting multiple variables in 1 bar graph
7:11AM 0 SPI using Nonparametric Approach
3:17AM 2 Downloading a html table
12:14AM 1 Polynomial optimisation in R
Monday October 22 2012
11:47PM 0 CFP
11:31PM 3 Error: object 'CO2' not found
10:28PM 1 boot: how is t0 calculated?
9:30PM 0 Lattice to ggplot2: Reference graphics across facets
8:17PM 1 BiodiversityR GUI error message
6:41PM 5 Help plz to fix it
5:10PM 4 Help with applying a function to all possible 2x2 submatrices
3:44PM 2 bitwise XOR of Matrix
3:40PM 0 Navigating a grid: update
3:31PM 0 "Vars" package: impulse response function
3:15PM 0 exporting plm results to latex with texreg
3:05PM 0 Help with a R script using grid
2:51PM 4 creating a function using for if
2:31PM 1 how to group smooth line by two groups?
2:17PM 1 quartz.save of the FAQ (Mac)
1:46PM 1 What is behind class coercion of a factor into a character
1:35PM 2 Any good R server-with connection examples
12:41PM 1 Friedman with post Hoc
11:38AM 0 DLM package Fail or not !!!!!
11:08AM 1 Testing the equality of two variances
11:04AM 3 Remove records from a large dataframe
10:42AM 0 Unicode JSON Support
10:39AM 2 Problem installing ndf library
10:38AM 1 4253H twice implementation
10:09AM 0 Unicode Support
9:51AM 1 Package "Design"
9:37AM 0 Integrating R into a web application
8:56AM 1 Egarch (1,1) with Student t distribution using rugarch
8:34AM 5 Represent point size according to frequency
7:49AM 1 Matlab code to R code
7:24AM 4 help stored permanently
4:39AM 2 Assigning values to several consecutives rows in a sequence while leaving some empty
2:25AM 1 Margin annotation
2:02AM 6 Counting duplicates in a dataframe
1:59AM 1 random forest
12:28AM 6 How to use tapply with more than one variables grouped
12:23AM 1 glm.nb - theta, dispersion, and errors
Sunday October 21 2012
11:05PM 1 Parameter Matrix
10:53PM 2 conditional value assignment
7:29PM 0 R^2 in Poisson via pr2() function: skeptical about r^2 results
7:03PM 3 Help me please to code....
6:48PM 0 "DLM " package + State Space
6:06PM 2 help speeding up simple Theil regression function
5:10PM 0 longitudinal data
5:08PM 1 Navigating a grid.
3:14PM 1 Changing a for loop to a function using sapply
3:04PM 1 [Vars] package: impulse response function
2:32PM 1 Linear discriminant function analysis based median as group centroid and nonparametric scale estimators???
7:33AM 1 [newbie] failure to plot a RasterLayer with raster::plot or fields::image.plot
12:47AM 1 FreeBSD installation problems
Saturday October 20 2012
11:26PM 1 rms plot.Predict question: swapping x- and y- axis for categorical predictors
10:35PM 0 Credit Scoring in R - Weight of Evidence
9:37PM 1 Logistic regression/Cut point? predict ??
4:23PM 4 Error in integrate(integrand, 0, Inf) : non-finite function value
4:16PM 3 system.time question
3:18PM 1 Trouble returning 2D array into R from Fortran
11:22AM 1 supply methods to read.table
11:21AM 1 Error: not 'a real'?
10:27AM 2 can't find the error in if function... maybe i'm blind?
7:36AM 2 Help with programming a tricky algorithm
6:33AM 2 mark sections on a time chart
6:31AM 0 xyplot type 'a' with mean symbols
Friday October 19 2012
9:26PM 3 Newly installed version; can't run lm function
7:54PM 3 saving to docx
7:30PM 1 multiple graphs, lapply and different titles
6:50PM 5 RColorBrewer
6:42PM 1 ggplot specify line type
6:31PM 0 Lattice bwplot: Adding mean with panel.points fails in vertical arrangement
6:00PM 2 Which package/function for solving weighted linear least squares with inequality and equality constraints?
5:51PM 4 Creating a new by variable in a dataframe
3:46PM 3 how can i plot dotted regression line shaped with condition using ggplot
3:30PM 1 factor score from PCA
2:50PM 2 Axis Breaks with ggplot2
2:39PM 5 Centering labels on X-axis
2:25PM 1 Optimization in R similar to MS Excel Solver
1:30PM 1 Looping survdiff
12:55PM 1 Converting character values to time values when no date information is present XXXX
12:52PM 1 Egarch (1,1) with Student t distribution in R
12:10PM 1 Which packages are incompatible with 64-bit R?
11:06AM 2 replacing rows data.frame
11:04AM 4 Matrix to data.frame with factors
10:25AM 0 impute multilevel data in MICE
10:18AM 1 grid(Base): How to avoid "Figure region too small and/or viewport too large" by specifying 'relative' units?
9:25AM 1 to.yearly()
8:06AM 1 quantile regression using copulas
7:46AM 1 Memory issue with svm modeling in R
7:25AM 2 Post Hoc tests for ANOVA
7:02AM 2 Question about survdiff in for-loop.
5:47AM 2 MLE of negative binomial distribution parameters
2:40AM 2 likelihood function involving integration, error in nlm
Thursday October 18 2012
10:18PM 0 want to count 2 NULLS as disimilar with DIANA/DAISY/GOWER
10:11PM 1 Mapping
10:07PM 1 Keep loop running after webpage times out?
10:05PM 1 help finding edge connecting two nodes
7:42PM 3 bigmemory for dataframes?
7:33PM 7 summation coding
7:03PM 1 looping survdiff?
6:50PM 0 how to add mean value to regression line using ggplot?
5:49PM 3 svyplot and svysmooth with hexbin
4:56PM 1 good documentation on use of Rscript. where to find?
3:59PM 1 mean value calculation
3:32PM 1 spTransform longlat to utm
3:29PM 1 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
3:13PM 1 multivariate way to aaply on different arrays
3:06PM 1 Getting a table of coefficients from R
2:33PM 1 WGCNA: Combining block-wise dendrograms and modules into a single figure
2:23PM 2 Assessing overdispersion and using quasi model with lmer, possible?
1:57PM 4 speeding read.table
1:52PM 2 Re-projecting geotiff
1:40PM 3 "State Space" + "Kalman Filter "
1:24PM 1 filling NA gaps according to previous data mean and following data mean
1:14PM 2 How to import data from text file using scan() Function?
1:08PM 4 converting a string to an integer vector
12:58PM 1 Kaplan-Meier plotting quirks
12:44PM 4 Help with
12:16PM 3 Upper limit in nlsLM not working as expected
10:45AM 0 Please help a struggling student with data set-up for
10:36AM 0 siar error
10:35AM 3 For loop with i and j and multiple if statements... help!
10:22AM 0 vertical slices in persp or drape.plot
9:31AM 1 legend of maps generated by function symbols
8:07AM 0 ggmcmc 0.2 has been released
7:55AM 2 help in R
5:51AM 0 Adding labels to spatial line objects
4:44AM 3 how to concatenate factor vectors?
3:52AM 2 adding a new individual
1:16AM 3 replacing random repeated numbers with a series of sequenced numbers
12:18AM 1 R Package for Longitudinal Binary Response Data?
Wednesday October 17 2012
11:16PM 1 how R implement qnorm()
10:04PM 0 Can R load ICS calendar files?
9:12PM 1 Autorun when library("xxx") is called
9:09PM 1 Comparing dcast and reshape
8:45PM 3 aggregate function not working?
7:54PM 1 Retaining X axis labels when combining lattice graphs
7:48PM 2 Completely ignoring an error in a function...
7:42PM 2 cut2 error
7:25PM 1 Please help a struggling student with data set-up for lmer crossed random effects
6:58PM 4 function logit() vs logistic regression
6:16PM 1 for loop output
5:44PM 1 xyplot(): How to Apply Conditional?
3:37PM 1 Unable to install rtiff package
3:21PM 0 In mean.default(X[[50L]], ...) : argument is not numeric or logical: returning NA
2:58PM 3 subtotals based on price bands?
2:51PM 2 Setting all rows of a certain level to NA in a factor
2:26PM 0 postForm() in RCurl and library RHTMLForms
2:23PM 2 loop of quartile groups
1:39PM 3 history and readline, Mac OSX
12:56PM 1 R packages dawnloading
12:44PM 4 How to count rows with a condition
10:10AM 0 Svm modeling :: Error in which.max(votematrix[, x]) : subscript out of bounds
8:49AM 1 Moving a file from one location to another
8:40AM 0 Passing the parameters for web form using getHTMLFormDescription
6:45AM 3 z.test for dataframe
5:01AM 0 How to optimize or build a better random forest?
4:22AM 1 sas7bdat package running very slowly
4:16AM 1 Downloading latest version - keeps freezing
2:47AM 1 Random Forest for multiple categorical variables
2:23AM 1 extracting and restricting coefficients
Tuesday October 16 2012
11:37PM 2 frequency table with custom bands
11:07PM 1 vectors comparison
10:43PM 2 Creating Optimization Constraints
10:17PM 2 sliding window analysis with rollapply
9:44PM 0 "invalid times argument in rep function"
9:23PM 1 Question about use of sort.list(sort.list(x)) in rank.r
7:46PM 1 How to create a high-dimensional matrix
6:06PM 2 Penalty function constrained optimization
5:57PM 1 Problems with xlsx and rjava
5:54PM 2 cannot coerce class '"rle"' into a data.frame
5:24PM 1 how to fit Cox model with time dependent covariates?
5:06PM 0 Test for treatment effect in a logistic regression
4:41PM 2 Windows 7 R (32/64bit) running under cygwin: package not found
4:36PM 2 R Kaplan-Meier plotting quirks?
3:19PM 2 List of Levels for all Factor variables
3:13PM 1 cannot open gplots libray
3:03PM 5 uniq -c
12:45PM 2 unique
11:17AM 4 how to extract from list
11:01AM 0 data.frame and commandArgs problem
10:04AM 1 XTS Subsetting question (noob)
9:40AM 1 Package survey: Compute standard deviations from complex survey designs
9:26AM 1 data dividing
9:05AM 0 maps in R from a list of x y
8:16AM 1 R Errors
8:08AM 3 Excluding all teh columns from a data frame if the standard deviation of that column is zero(0).
6:32AM 2 gam (mgcv) problem: Error in while (mean(ldxx/(ldxx + ldss)) > 0.4) { :, missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
5:13AM 1 nnls() help
3:18AM 1 anova test for variables with different lengths
3:12AM 2 dynamic plots
2:24AM 1 Building a package with an existing dll
Monday October 15 2012
11:58PM 2 Chopping a two column data frame by rows into a three dimensional array.
11:08PM 1 Calling R from C (Windows)
11:08PM 2 warning message
10:25PM 0 First time Rcpp user needs compiler help, I think
9:56PM 0 Error message with the effects package - 'Subscript out of bounds'
8:32PM 3 time extraction and normalization
7:31PM 1 library(rmeta)
6:01PM 1 Rgraphviz: how to read a "dot" file?
5:57PM 3 Referring to matrix elements by name, iteratively
4:47PM 0 Externally studentized residuals for Generalized Least Squares model (gls, package: nlme)
4:43PM 2 fit a "threshold" function with nls
4:32PM 1 trouble with extracting Date string from my data.
3:37PM 1 rJava install - "%1 is not a valid Win32 application."
3:33PM 0 what to use for sna/graphs?
3:18PM 0 calculate RMSE using bootstrap
2:41PM 1 weighting variables using Gower with DAISY
12:49PM 1 How to read XML in UTF-8 format?
12:20PM 2 median between matrix column
10:49AM 1 calculate out of different lists in R
10:47AM 1 how to include --configure-args= in R CMD INSTALL
8:57AM 2 Download a file from url
7:32AM 1 How to use internationalization of R on Linux?
5:44AM 1 performance analytics
5:13AM 2 ANCOVA with 2 within-subject factors
3:04AM 0 installing spsurvey, rgeos on Ubuntu SOLVED
2:46AM 0 installing spsurvey, rgeos on Ubuntu
2:42AM 0 (no subject)
2:19AM 0 problem in installing RMySQL
Sunday October 14 2012
8:08PM 1 Problems with coxph and survfit in a stratified model, with interactions
5:29PM 0 How to transform the paths of MST {ape} in SpatialLines objects {sp} ?
5:14PM 4 Date Math
4:44PM 1 Unable to work with Rattle
4:26PM 1 Is there any R package that contains Rusboost based on Adaboost.m2?
4:13PM 6 transforming a .csv file column names as per a particular column rows using R code
4:12PM 0 Asking help about drawing and saving candle chart automatically....
4:00PM 2 Poisson Regression: questions about tests of assumptions
3:23PM 1 Efficient method: Equality of all elements of two vectors
2:52PM 0 multivariate lognormal distribution simulation in compositions
2:36PM 3 how to show iterations
12:34PM 0 error: unable to load installed packages
12:18PM 1 PFIM 3.2
10:08AM 1 Finding root of quadratic equation
10:02AM 1 plotting principal components on geographic map
7:13AM 4 listing the files in a directory using regular expressions
5:12AM 1 daily batch mail in R?
4:13AM 1 stop at error point in for-loop
2:02AM 2 svyhist and svyboxplot
1:26AM 0 Least upper bound in PPS systematic sampling
12:38AM 3 Pivot Table "like" structure
Saturday October 13 2012
11:26PM 1 Please remove my email address from the list
9:16PM 1 input arguments in a file into rscript
8:52PM 4 Problems with coxph and survfit in a stratified model with interactions
8:40PM 2 White test
7:20PM 2 Problem with a submission to jss
7:07PM 1 WLS regression weights
6:59PM 3 Replace column values in R conditional on values from different column
5:21PM 0 XML_3.95-0.1.tar.gz does not build on FreeBSD
2:48PM 4 Filtering few column from one data frame based on another data frame
1:31PM 2 Function hatTrace in package lme4
11:21AM 1 hep on arithmetic covariance conversion to log-covariance
4:36AM 1 DCC help
3:07AM 0 RS-MySQL.h:32:19: fatal error: mysql.h: No such file or directory
Friday October 12 2012
9:43PM 1 R not finding function in installed pscl package
9:02PM 0 goodness of fit for logistic regression with survey package
8:38PM 4 dotchart ordering problem
6:52PM 1 Error in rowMeans function
6:39PM 1 better example for multivariate data simulation question-please help if you can
6:01PM 1 RTAQ - convert function: warning causes incorrect loading of data
5:59PM 1 Adding Time when Blanks
4:50PM 1 missing gcc-42-5666.3-darwin11.pkg
4:45PM 2 Problem to read non-standard csv file
3:41PM 3 average duplicated rows?
2:30PM 3 Autofilling a large matrix in R
11:17AM 0 Creating a correlation matrix with significance levels
10:31AM 1 Problem with which function
9:52AM 3 Loss of dimensions in subsetting arrays
9:50AM 7 ifelse reformulation
9:41AM 1 How to get rid of page 1 and 4 i.e Only dots pages while generating the graphs?
8:37AM 2 party for prediction [REPOST]
7:05AM 3 rank() not doing really what I want
6:09AM 0 installing RMySQL error due to cygwin
5:52AM 1 problem in downloading RMySQL pkg
3:27AM 0 (no subject)
3:09AM 1 ks.test not working?
2:16AM 5 How to handle Chinese character in R plot?
12:55AM 3 Columns and rows
12:26AM 1 error msg using na.approx "x and index must have the same length"
Thursday October 11 2012
11:28PM 2 ccf(x,y) vs. cor() of x and lagged values of y
11:26PM 1 nls NAs
11:03PM 1 mclogit
10:50PM 2 extracting groups from hclust() for a very large matrix
10:38PM 0 Error with cForest
10:12PM 1 Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection
10:05PM 4 Changing NA to 0 in selected columns of a dataframe
10:05PM 1 Fonts in *.Rd files.
9:43PM 2 Question on survival
9:32PM 4 characters, mathematical expressions and computed values
9:11PM 2 In vegan package: running adonis (or similar) on a distance matrix
8:29PM 1 a question
7:58PM 2 simple parsing question?
7:48PM 2 Selecting n observation
7:26PM 2 struggling with R2wd or SWord? Try rtf!
7:22PM 0 epiR//Incidence rate//beginner question on syntax
6:53PM 0 Course: Data exploration, regression, GLM & GAM with R introduction
6:37PM 1 Problems with getURL (RCurl) to obtain list files of an ftp directory
6:09PM 2 Repeating a series of commands
6:03PM 0 party for prediction
5:56PM 2 survey package question
5:56PM 2 bug tracker broken
5:22PM 2 Help on probability distribution question
5:08PM 3 Sorting a data frame by specifying a vector
5:08PM 1 plots for presentation
3:55PM 3 Formatting data for bootstrapping for confidence intervals
1:48PM 1 dotplot in ".R" with lattice & latticeExtra: proper visualization
1:04PM 2 Exporting each row in the table as new table
12:45PM 2 Options to extend memory limit
10:41AM 0 Case study in forensic computing domain
10:30AM 0 Ptak and Candpara
10:07AM 0 R(BCA Package)
10:04AM 1 performance analytics- package
4:10AM 1 replacing ugly for loops
12:11AM 2 model selection with spg and AIC (or, convert list to fitted model object)
12:08AM 2 Converting factors to bounded random numerical data
Wednesday October 10 2012
11:09PM 7 multiple t-tests across similar variable names
10:22PM 2 GAM without intercept
9:05PM 2 svyplot
8:31PM 3 practical to loop over 2million rows?
8:16PM 1 "optim" and "nlminb"
7:43PM 1 "nlmnib" Package + Hessian Output
7:42PM 1 combine unadjusted and adjusted forest plots
6:39PM 3 Numeric "Label" of Factor value?
6:15PM 0 interaction testing in GAM
6:09PM 3 How to replicate SAS by group processing in R
5:29PM 2 reading in a (very simple) list from a file
5:11PM 0 history() does not work? 2
5:07PM 6 Exporting summary plm results to latex
5:03PM 1 glmmPQL and spatial correlation
4:59PM 5 Contacting Delphi ??
4:03PM 2 history() does not work?
3:47PM 1 histogram & corelation plots
2:58PM 1 contour plot help
2:44PM 1 write.csv with append = TRUE
2:35PM 2 lm on matrix data
2:15PM 3 Generating random geographical coordinates
1:49PM 2 se's and CI's for fitted lines in multivariate regression analysis
1:42PM 1 omega vs. alpha explanation
12:47PM 2 Summary using by() returns character arrays in a list
12:17PM 1 impossible to fill point glyphs in a lattice plot
11:50AM 2 Strange email i'm getting whenever i post to the list
11:45AM 2 pattern matching
10:49AM 1 Filling points in a trellis object
10:15AM 4 own function: computing time
10:08AM 0 HoltWinters
9:57AM 5 Connect R and Lyx in UBUNTU
9:31AM 2 r-plot help-it prints outside frame
8:12AM 1 "Optimx Package" Error
7:41AM 1 Data Frame processing.
6:36AM 1 package request
6:23AM 1 Regarding R's png device in linux
4:46AM 1 Rmpi installation trouble
3:16AM 0 Finding the p value of the intercept in model 2 regression
12:41AM 3 RGL package surface plot
Tuesday October 9 2012
11:37PM 1 Error in if (is.na(n) || n > 65536L) stop("size cannot be NA nor exceed 65536") : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
9:54PM 2 Error in matrix (unlist(value, recursive = FALSE, use.names = FALSE), nrow = nr, : attempt to set an attribute on NULL
9:30PM 2 Constant Error in R
9:08PM 2 RMySQL install on windows
8:06PM 1 synthetic distribution built upon set of discrete values
7:26PM 2 plot.new() and grid functions in multipage pdfs
6:54PM 3 Qustion about Creating a sequence of vector
6:49PM 0 NA When Setting Options to See Fractions of Seconds
5:04PM 1 converting dgCMatrix to regular matrix
4:53PM 1 how to convert by lists in data.frames
4:27PM 4 R stickers
3:35PM 2 append for .Rdata?
3:03PM 2 How to write out this regression equation in R?
1:35PM 1 Send Email from R
12:29PM 1 other way of making a table?
10:15AM 2 Text file: multiple matrix
9:28AM 1 ylim with only one value specified
9:25AM 1 How to create a column in dependence of another column
8:54AM 2 How to deal with thousands of seconds in R?
5:04AM 2 simulating a toss of a coin
4:56AM 4 Convert COLON separated format
4:12AM 4 Modern Symbolic debugger for R programmes?
3:04AM 2 Up key is not the previous command
2:07AM 1 car::linearHypothesis Sum of Sqaures Error?
12:43AM 1 why does R stepAIC keep unsignificant variables?
Monday October 8 2012
11:12PM 1 3d polar coordinates in rgl function view3d()
10:42PM 4 How can I write the square root symbol in an axes label?
9:49PM 3 turn list into dataframe
9:43PM 4 Need some help reproducing a graph
7:14PM 0 time series data failing ncv test
7:11PM 6 How to use Lines function to draw the error bars?
6:26PM 2 converting DOB format to age
5:53PM 3 How to create a table with borders?
3:33PM 1 Diagnostic testing in a VEC
3:04PM 2 PKPD modelling in R
2:54PM 0 Mininum number of resamples required to do BCa bootstrap?
2:23PM 1 arima.sim
1:54PM 0 time series data failing non-constant variance test
1:46PM 0 curve fitting an exponential function
1:40PM 1 weighted cumulative distribution with ggplot2
1:39PM 2 device error pdf
1:25PM 1 Survival prediction
12:55PM 1 Simple - Finding vector in a vector
12:42PM 3 How to count combinations
11:05AM 1 How can I remove my e-mail address from R mailing List
10:02AM 0 Best method for comparing rectangles sections of beach
9:40AM 0 Mean SD in ANOVA Table
9:20AM 2 Update CSV file content
8:57AM 1 installation of R (14.1 and 15.1) fails: [reg-packages.Rout] Error 1
8:26AM 2 Graphs using R
8:22AM 0 recurrent event data generation in r
7:25AM 1 Any better way of optimizing time for calculating distances in the mentioned scenario??
4:39AM 0 aov(HSuccess ~ different VegIndexes)
4:36AM 0 nlminb problem, convergence error code = 1
3:33AM 2 How to remove the obs column in R?
3:12AM 3 Removing header from a matrix
2:49AM 2 aov() usage
Sunday October 7 2012
11:56PM 0 dist based kmeans clustering
11:37PM 1 Why do I get different results for type III anova using the drop1 or Anova command?
11:22PM 1 Error - function join()
9:00PM 3 Robust regression for ordered data
8:40PM 2 Reshape2, melt, order of categorical variable and ggplot2
8:11PM 1 variances of random effects in coxme
5:49PM 1 Testing volatility cluster (heteroscedasticity) in stock return?
4:22PM 1 BioConductor package: 'oligo'
4:07PM 1 Problem with national characters in main, xlab, ylab with pdf{grDevices} / postscript {grDevices}
3:34PM 2 a merge() problem
2:00PM 2 gam error message: matrix not +ve definite
10:05AM 1 (no subject)
9:16AM 3 get: problem with environments
7:27AM 1 Computing for Data Analysis ~ R
1:44AM 3 what exactly is the dim of data set yarn in package "pls"?
12:17AM 1 two indirect effects of path analysis
Saturday October 6 2012
9:10PM 0 Quantile Granger causality
8:05PM 1 R Update Failed !!!
5:51PM 1 sample with equal probabilities
4:02PM 2 sample
8:12AM 2 warning in summary(aov())
7:19AM 1 Download limit
6:14AM 3 vector is not assigned correctly in for loop
6:04AM 0 BCA Package Doubts
3:48AM 2 Expected number of events, Andersen-Gill model fit via coxph in package survival
2:14AM 2 Presence/ absence data from matrix to single column
2:07AM 0 SPM/SemiPar -- Plotting additive interactions
12:12AM 0 Two questions about R2BayesX package
12:09AM 1 arrange data
Friday October 5 2012
10:33PM 1 svyhist
8:32PM 1 LaTeX consistent publication graphics from R and Comparison of GLE and R
8:05PM 3 loop for column substraction of a matrix
7:47PM 2 Using variables from different environments in one function
4:39PM 2 Test for Random Points on a Sphere
4:01PM 3 Multiple graphs > boxplot
3:12PM 0 survival predictions
3:08PM 0 Setup Alias & Working Directory
2:46PM 0 problems with printing and plotting aareg
1:56PM 2 Dúvida função Anova pacote car - Medidas repetidas
1:47PM 1 LMMs with some variance terms forced constant
1:38PM 2 R: machine for moderately large data
1:36PM 0 Likelihood: Multiple Maxima
1:26PM 5 Missing data (Na) and chi-square tests
1:12PM 0 jointModel error messages
12:56PM 4 Minute Difference
12:44PM 1 Bayesian inference distribution parameters
12:19PM 1 avoid <<- in specific case
12:01PM 1 Setting the desired reference category with contr.sum
11:53AM 1 BCA Package
11:18AM 1 glm (probit/logit) optimizer
9:27AM 11 Calculating the mean in one column with empty cells
9:04AM 0 seasonal ARFIMA for fractional values for lag non-seasonal and seasonal lag
8:43AM 1 Error in lmer: asMethod(object) : matrix is not symmetric [1, 2]
8:27AM 3 Anova
8:19AM 0 many-facet rasch analysis in R
7:30AM 1 Format of numbers in plotmath expressions.
5:12AM 2 problem with convergence in mle2/optim function
Thursday October 4 2012
11:49PM 4 barplot with some 0 frequencies
9:52PM 0 converting matlab code including C/mex to R
9:47PM 1 Error not found - for file retrieval with head()
8:03PM 0 extract fit values from geom_smooth
8:01PM 2 help with making figures
7:39PM 1 geoRglm with factor variable as covariable
7:18PM 0 P value discrepancy plots
6:47PM 1 R help - Adding a column in a data frame with multiple conditions
6:26PM 0 Revolutions blog: September Roundup
6:26PM 1 can stepAIC be customized to exclude coefficients with p-value less than certain values?
6:22PM 1 Coda, HPDinterval and multiple chains
6:06PM 1 data structure for plsr
5:40PM 3 (no subject)
4:56PM 1 problem with the installation of r commander on a mac
4:14PM 0 Analysis of Means in R
3:55PM 3 Failure of sas7bdat package
3:26PM 0 problems with plotting and printing aareg
2:28PM 3 "Explore" SPSS function in R
2:27PM 2 How to convert array dim names to expressions for plotting?
2:20PM 4 Subsetting a group of data
1:54PM 3 convert multi dimensional array to list
1:30PM 1 (minor) R syntax error in help page to the function makeCluster of library(snow)
1:19PM 1 running a regression
1:12PM 1 (no subject)
12:44PM 0 RPostgreSQL Date format problem
12:31PM 3 Text to Speech In R
12:25PM 3 Problem with colors in contour plot
12:19PM 1 Rainflow, range pair counting
11:18AM 3 R combining vectors into a data frame but without a continuous common variable
10:42AM 2 Help with R Fitting an inverse Gamma
9:34AM 2 t-test
8:33AM 1 Error in installing package wordcloud in R
8:07AM 1 Ops.factor(point1, point2) : - not meaningful for factors
7:27AM 4 Creating vegetation distance groups from one column
6:43AM 4 Class for time series
6:08AM 1 Is there any package for Vector Auto-regressive with exogenous variable other than fastVAR?
5:31AM 1 Find the average line from several lines
3:29AM 1 Intermittent connectivity issues for JDBC / Oracle
2:09AM 0 Geographical Interpolation functions
Wednesday October 3 2012
10:47PM 1 patch download?
8:59PM 2 integrate / Vectorize question
8:58PM 1 can't see colors with "col" in boxplot()
7:58PM 2 Legend Truncated Using filled.contour
7:42PM 2 Failed installWithVers from local tar.gz
7:14PM 2 how to flip row/ column of a matrix?
6:05PM 2 Creating tiff with 1200 dpi
6:00PM 3 "options" in R
5:58PM 1 will 9 data points work for a regression in R?
5:48PM 1 stepAIC in R
5:47PM 2 Error in if (any(ch)) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
4:21PM 0 optimize and mcparallel problem
3:54PM 1 Difficulties in trying to do a mixed effects model using the lmer function
3:51PM 1 Errors when saving output from WinBUGS to R
3:28PM 1 System/SUR equations and panel
2:37PM 3 predict.lm if regression vector is longer than predicton vector
2:21PM 1 How to draw a graph after model selection?
2:16PM 0 Debug newbie
1:41PM 5 error bars on line plot with error bars using ggplot
12:45PM 0 error in Deducer in 1-m: m is missing
11:41AM 1 Get Cran R to use system proxy settings
11:31AM 0 ggplot2 problem
11:30AM 7 How to add a new row in to an existing data set in R Language?
10:23AM 0 V4Error in factor(x[, type == (-2)]
9:49AM 4 Regarding licensing Terms
9:12AM 2 How to limit memory on a server
5:59AM 1 distinguishing input objects for a function
5:28AM 0 calculating gelman diagnostic for mice object
4:30AM 1 help: ks test fit Poisson-ness (D and p) with one sample data
Tuesday October 2 2012
11:51PM 2 svyby and make.formula
11:33PM 2 Efficient Way to gather data from various files
9:25PM 2 add values in one column getting range from other column
8:18PM 4 Having two different versions of a package in the same R installation
7:55PM 1 ffsave problems
7:36PM 1 Parametric effects in GAM
6:54PM 0 Possible error in BCa method for confidence intervals in package 'boot'
5:17PM 1 R process must die - can I save history?
5:01PM 2 Proposal: Package update log
4:40PM 0 Error messages when attempting to calculate polychoric correlation matrices using the psych package
4:10PM 1 count data as independent variable in logistinc regression
3:35PM 4 kmeans cluster analysis. How do I (1) determine probability of cluster membership (2) determine cluster membership for a new subject
3:23PM 3 Integration in R
2:20PM 2 Problem with mutli-dimensional array
1:08PM 1 glpk package missing?
10:59AM 3 lattice xyplot, get current level
10:08AM 0 Release plans: R-2.15.2 on October 26
9:51AM 5 Is there any R function for data normalization?
4:50AM 2 problem about R
4:00AM 2 Basic question about: <<- and method start with dot.
3:38AM 5 smoothScatter plot
1:45AM 1 Ifelse Execution
Monday October 1 2012
11:14PM 0 glmmPQL and spatial autocorrelation
9:53PM 2 mlogit and model-based recursive partitioning
9:25PM 3 (no subject)
9:22PM 0 clustering spline-based models
8:42PM 2 Reading labels for very large heatmaps
6:07PM 3 ffbase, help with %in%
5:21PM 1 Points on a Sphere -- How to visualize them?
4:33PM 2 Hmisc describe error
4:19PM 1 Error messages when attempting to calculate polychoric correlation matrices
4:17PM 4 Transform pairwise observations into a table
3:27PM 1 Problem with nls regression fit
1:54PM 1 can't create png graphics under linux anymore
1:48PM 1 Retrieve hypergeometric results in large scale
1:46PM 3 calculating probability from the density function
12:02PM 1 which() with multiple conditions
11:48AM 2 installing a package from Archive
10:10AM 2 enquiry
8:55AM 0 [Fwd: REML - quasipoisson]
6:29AM 3 merge.zoo returns unmatched dates
4:18AM 1 lme help configuring random effects
3:38AM 2 Input and output of time series data - any function or packages that helps?
3:17AM 0 Error in JohnsonFit
1:48AM 6 nlme: spatial autocorrelation on a sphere