R help - Jun 2011

Thursday June 30 2011
11:17PM 1 testInstalledBasic
9:55PM 1 storing the return of system() function
8:16PM 1 source, echo...and clicking the mouse
7:48PM 2 sdev value returned by princomp function (used for PCA)
5:41PM 1 Zero Inflated Models - Plotting Results
4:51PM 2 error building package: packaging into .tar.gz failed
4:38PM 1 Expected Value of Normal Order Statistics
4:08PM 1 R 2.13 installation
3:47PM 0 CCF of two time series pre-whitened using ARIMA
3:47PM 1 Looking for Filliben (correlation test)
3:41PM 0 pH calculation
3:21PM 0 Specifying State Space model to decompose structural shocks
2:40PM 0 lm.fit error in scatterplot matrix
2:03PM 0 serial autocorrelation tests for VAR model under heteroskedasticity
1:56PM 1 Analysing insecticide biossays using lmer
1:35PM 1 Match strings across two differently sized dataframes and copy corresponding row to dataframe
1:14PM 1 Error "singular gradient matrix at initial parameter estimates" in nls
1:11PM 0 Distribution class
12:31PM 2 Points but no lines in qplot.
12:22PM 0 socket blocking with readBin
12:15PM 0 Sys.glob() doesn't handle a UNC windows path beginning with backslashes
12:13PM 0 R 2.13.1 scheduled for July 8
10:32AM 0 help with interpreting what nnet() output gives:
8:57AM 0 S4 group generic with additional argument
7:28AM 4 aggregating data
4:40AM 1 Upgrading R in Ubuntu
4:16AM 2 Saving fExtremes estimates and k-block return level with confidence intervals.
1:14AM 2 volcano plot.r
12:24AM 1 Italicized greek symbols in PDF plots
Wednesday June 29 2011
11:52PM 1 Numerical integration
11:08PM 0 Converting large JSON data into multidimensional array
9:38PM 2 Sum Question
9:28PM 3 very large pair() plot
8:43PM 2 Executing a script "hand-made" and time
8:04PM 1 Fwd: help
7:37PM 1 centre two graphs on one plot
7:34PM 1 RWinEdt
7:31PM 1 lmer() computational performance
7:07PM 1 update.packages fail
6:31PM 2 optimization in for loop
6:29PM 2 Unexpected R Behavior: Adding 4 to Large Numbers/IDs Containing Current Year
6:24PM 1 Update MS Windows PATH variable based on a R script
5:32PM 0 Error in testInstalledBasic
4:50PM 3 4D data acsess
3:54PM 1 Measure the distance/home range along terrain surface
3:42PM 2 Testing if a variable is specified within a function & adding TRUE/FALSE options to functions
3:27PM 3 time series interpolation
3:24PM 1 median time period
1:15PM 1 R package Forecast
12:25PM 1 Tell emacs to load new R version
11:12AM 0 XML parsing
10:01AM 2 2d rndom walk
9:49AM 0 Problem: Update of glm-object cannot find where the data object is located
9:38AM 2 Find the function of a line
9:20AM 1 Gaussian low-pass filter
8:54AM 0 customer segmentation using a large data with many zeros
7:17AM 2 parse XML file
7:10AM 0 Help with estimating copulas
2:47AM 1 library(doBy) will not load
2:03AM 8 Derivative of a function
1:59AM 1 Querying the path separator?
1:18AM 2 Indexing to Insert values from a dataframe into a matrix
Tuesday June 28 2011
11:22PM 3 Extract elements from objects in a list
9:48PM 1 a Weighted Least Square Model for a Binary Outcome
9:46PM 1 plotting survival curves with model parameters
8:22PM 2 Question about error message
7:59PM 1 create a factor variable from two numeric variables when order is irrelevant
7:47PM 4 Separator of data
7:46PM 0 Weighted Least Square Model for a Binary Outcome
7:39PM 0 indexing with which, logical indexing, and missing values
7:17PM 1 parallel computing with 'foreach'
6:48PM 1 Testing the proportional odds assumption of an ordinal generalized estimating equations (GEE) regression model
6:21PM 1 Axes labels, greek letters and spaces
5:44PM 2 Loop through each subject
5:25PM 4 how to print "<=" in plot title
5:23PM 0 renaming multiple columns + interpolating temperature series
5:21PM 2 R-Installation on Unix -- "Make: Don't know how to make #. Stop."
4:28PM 1 extracting data
4:26PM 0 Function unfold package RcmdrPlugin.survival
3:05PM 2 How do I output all the R-squares of an SUR? summary(fitSUR$eq[[1:4]])$r.squared does not work
2:55PM 0 problem with rJava : same as message from wwreith on Mon, 27 Jun 2011
1:38PM 2 A masked function is a masked function by any other name
12:15PM 2 connecting R and PostgreSQL
12:09PM 3 Error in library (nls)
12:04PM 2 Date format issue.
11:48AM 2 chull increase number of points
11:25AM 0 Regarding accuracy function in library forecast
11:11AM 2 problem with corrgram function
10:51AM 2 coxph() - unexpected result using Crawley's seedlings data (The R Book)
10:18AM 1 Using Match in a lookup table
9:54AM 2 Running R from windows command prompt
9:34AM 1 help required for GO Annotation problem
9:26AM 0 time series question
7:12AM 1 means and error bars on xyplot for binary data
6:47AM 3 data.frame: How to get the classes of all components and how to remove their factor structure?
5:46AM 1 lattice multiple y-scale possible?
3:51AM 1 Error: cannot allocate vector of size
2:45AM 2 gam confidence interval (package mgcv)
2:02AM 1 About the covariant
1:51AM 1 maximum likelihood using nlm to estimate 4 variables
Monday June 27 2011
11:47PM 0 how to have R tell me which node is being used in a multi-node cluster
11:37PM 0 cld object did not plot
11:23PM 2 Help with histogram intervals
10:39PM 0 TL diagram
10:35PM 3 Creating a Polar Plot with expanding points as radius increases
10:22PM 0 new read.table() error message in R 2.13.0 reading UTF-8 input
10:01PM 2 Executing the same function on consecutive files
10:01PM 1 create a new data frame after comparing two columns of the previous data frame
9:56PM 3 testInstalledPackages
9:54PM 1 R-GUI shutdown
9:23PM 0 Customizing a heatmap plot
9:08PM 3 Simple simulations
8:31PM 7 cumulative incidence plot vs survival plot
8:29PM 0 missForest to impute missing values
6:48PM 3 XLConnect Error
6:08PM 1 Hardy Weinberg Simulation
5:18PM 1 how to replace the following string
4:56PM 1 Recoding several variables into one use the most recent data
2:59PM 1 Neg Binomial In GEE
2:51PM 1 show colums x till end
2:34PM 3 assign using =
1:00PM 2 Add use of dput() to the instructions at bottom of post?
12:53PM 1 group interaction in a varying coeff. model (mgcv)
12:36PM 0 Package Snow 0.3-5 hangs on windows 7 (follow-up)
12:24PM 4 Standards for delivery of GPL software in CRAN packages
12:09PM 1 import text-records and set the fields in a table
11:27AM 0 plot a time series against another
10:27AM 0 OpenBUGS and glmmBUGS package
10:19AM 1 Differences between ROC curves
10:02AM 2 R PLS package data format
8:46AM 1 Package Snow 0.3-5 hangs on windows 7
8:45AM 0 help me
8:22AM 1 Upgrading R
7:43AM 3 New to R, trying to use agnes, but can't load my ditance matrix
6:47AM 0 Extracting certain text using tm package
1:59AM 0 Errors when installing RSPerl-0.92
1:34AM 1 (no subject)
12:47AM 1 Estimate zero inflated mixed model parameter
12:02AM 1 Kernel Density Estimation at manually specified points
Sunday June 26 2011
11:40PM 1 Plotting a gragh or histogram in a certain colour
9:05PM 1 bwplot questions: box order, axis breaks, and multiple y-axis labels
8:43PM 2 Issue with dataset inclusion in CRAN packages
8:21PM 1 changing graphs in qqplot2
7:26PM 2 sampling from the multivariate truncated normal
6:33PM 2 Only one strip with italic font.
5:10PM 1 download R Package for HP-UX ia64 server
4:19PM 0 tl moments diagram
2:54PM 2 String manipulation
2:06PM 2 how to extract data from a function printout - example provided
1:42PM 2 Ordering a matrix based on cluster no
1:29PM 1 RJDBC and multiple classpaths
12:00PM 2 Accessing variables in a data frame
11:36AM 3 Overlapping areas under normal distributions
10:15AM 1 columnwise nnzero for dgCMatrix
9:26AM 2 how to simulate Likert-type data using R
7:20AM 0 memory usage upon web-query using try function
6:56AM 2 Why is looping in R inefficient, but in C not?
6:17AM 3 i want to unsubscribe
Saturday June 25 2011
10:48PM 2 cluster() or frailty() in coxph
8:03PM 0 log-link function problem
7:15PM 1 Moving average in a data table
5:46PM 3 How to export to pdf in landscape orientation?
4:49PM 2 Vector with factors inside lists/tuples
3:48PM 1 integration function
3:18PM 2 calling R from C
3:02PM 0 AUTO: Chalk, Alan has a new email address
1:58PM 2 Multivariate normal density in C for R
9:48AM 2 Problems setting language in R-2.13.0 and opening RData
9:18AM 2 Access R functions from web
7:17AM 0 about partial response and partial residual
1:28AM 0 Error in qr.solve(crossprod(xsar), t(xsar)) when using SpatialFiltering
12:12AM 2 On .. glibc detected home/sguha/lib64/R/bin/exec/R: realloc(): invalid next size: 0x000000000209e210 ***
Friday June 24 2011
11:24PM 0 a Weighted Least Square model for a binary response variable
10:31PM 2 Need help on a R script part
10:07PM 0 rle with NA values?
9:58PM 4 What does class "call" mean? How do I make class "formula" into a "call"?
9:12PM 1 reading data from password protected url
8:53PM 1 Installation of bigmemory fails
8:12PM 2 SQL Changing Data Type
7:29PM 1 try to generate graph for each element of my list
5:58PM 2 gaoshan
4:52PM 4 ggplot2 month and year boxplot x axis order problem
4:33PM 0 understand GEE output for wald test
3:17PM 1 Model II regression
2:59PM 2 mgcv:gamm: predict to reflect random s() effects?
2:39PM 4 How to capture console output in a numeric format
2:07PM 2 text overlap in plot
1:55PM 3 Fwd: Extract element of a list based on an index value
1:44PM 1 Editor color
1:24PM 1 Kalman Filter Estimation
1:11PM 1 Help with lmer
11:14AM 2 counting columns that fulfill specific criteria
10:14AM 0 lag and diff with transformBy
10:09AM 1 Declustering data
10:07AM 1 UnoC function in survAUC for censoring-adjusted C-index
8:57AM 1 Fastest way of finding if any members of vector x fall in the range of the rows of matrix y
8:29AM 1 Installing packages
8:13AM 3 Error using betareg
8:01AM 0 reshape: cast(x, a ~ b ~ .) vs. cast(x, a ~ b) difference
7:52AM 1 Competing-risks nomogram
7:43AM 1 Is R a solution to my problem?
7:15AM 4 (no subject)
6:26AM 3 R-help
6:06AM 3 Extract character from the end of a string
5:45AM 0 replacing empty cells, and Date question
4:41AM 3 extract worksheet names from an Excel file
2:58AM 1 Converting an ftable (contingency table) to a dataframe in R
12:31AM 1 'Rscript -e' and stdout() puzzle
Thursday June 23 2011
11:46PM 2 packages which call functions which run C code...
9:16PM 1 Generate the next column from previous column
9:15PM 0 maximizing the LDV model
9:12PM 1 reading the results of a within subject test
9:11PM 2 change plot area in barplot2
8:49PM 1 Using 'foreach' for parallel computing
8:42PM 2 new to R need urgent help!
8:39PM 1 gcc-4.5.2 and install.packages("glmnet")?
8:28PM 0 Loops, Paste, Apply? What is the best way to set up a list of many equations?
7:16PM 1 concordance
6:19PM 1 two panel figure using barplot2
6:19PM 1 Help using cutreeHybrid
6:00PM 3 trying to import xls or xlsx files
5:47PM 1 subset
5:32PM 1 Ranking submodels by AIC (more general question)
5:00PM 3 help- subtitles for multiple charts
4:53PM 2 Merging multiple data sets
4:45PM 1 Lattice xyplot to group by two parameters
4:31PM 0 Glmnet Variable Questions
4:12PM 1 split dataframe by sample()
4:00PM 1 Finding the "levels" in a data frame column
2:59PM 1 else problem
2:39PM 2 Loading List data into R with scan()
1:59PM 0 agrep: How to match with more than 1 substitution?
1:48PM 3 How to delete file - http://CannotDeleteFile.net
1:44PM 2 Confidence interval from resampling
1:44PM 3 problem (and solution) to rle on vector with NA values
1:41PM 0 R-squared values for multiple linear regression with a matrix of multiple response variables
12:45PM 2 Rms package - problems with fit.mult.impute
11:33AM 0 MST dissimilarity
11:26AM 1 Subtracting TimeStamps
10:26AM 0 Fwd: Re: Help with winbugs code
10:13AM 0 The R Journal Vol. 3/1 now published
3:07AM 1 Saved EPS does not match screen when using bquote(.(i))
12:10AM 2 plotmath: unexpected SPECIAL
Wednesday June 22 2011
11:19PM 0 Fantastic! So many interesting and useful!
11:05PM 1 Subsetting data systematically
10:58PM 1 lme convergence failure within a loop
10:46PM 1 numerical integration and 'non-finite function value' error
9:45PM 1 question about read.columns
9:02PM 1 Factor Analysis with orthogonal and oblique rotation
8:38PM 1 AIC() vs. mle.aic() vs. step()?
8:10PM 1 Appending to list
7:58PM 1 mlogit model that contains both individual-specific parameters and universal parameters
7:37PM 1 caret's Kappa for categorical resampling
6:02PM 2 Linking 2 columns in 2 databases and applying a function
5:12PM 1 binary in R
4:39PM 2 VGAM constraints-related puzzle
4:25PM 1 VAR with excluded lags
3:40PM 2 strange date problem - May 3, 1992 is NA
2:58PM 1 setting 'layout' locally within functions
2:57PM 3 Documenting variables, dataframes and files?
1:19PM 2 analysing a three level reponse
12:52PM 0 (no subject)
12:40PM 0 GLS models and variance explained
10:34AM 0 How to plot 4 variable/distribution as tetrahedral
9:30AM 0 distribute variance
7:29AM 1 Help with winbugs code
6:35AM 3 Help Needed on Merging Columns by Summation
4:09AM 1 error while install RCurl
3:58AM 1 Package warnings
3:13AM 2 error using glmmML()
2:31AM 1 Saved EPS/PDF graphics not same as JPG/BMP graphics
2:24AM 1 Time-series analysis with treatment effects - statistical approach
1:30AM 2 Hardy Weinberg
Tuesday June 21 2011
10:22PM 1 Setting up list of many equations for systemfit
10:13PM 2 Tricky (?) conversion from data.frame to matrix where not all pairs exist
9:27PM 0 "subscript out of bounds" error when trying to make heatmap
9:19PM 1 Compare AUC of uncorrelated ROC curves
8:42PM 1 Pulling data from remote MySQL database
8:38PM 5 converting character to numeric
8:29PM 2 par code help
7:35PM 1 Help interpreting ANCOVA results
6:52PM 1 dynlm
6:36PM 1 Doubit about ts() functions
6:30PM 4 ddply to count frequency of combinations
5:14PM 0 How does rpart computes "improve" for split="information"?? (which seems to be different then the "gini" case)
5:03PM 2 qplot/ggplot2 Questions
3:28PM 1 Stepwise Manova
3:27PM 5 please help for mgcv package
3:26PM 0 R crash when using pan for multiple imputation
2:45PM 1 Estimating choice models at the individual level
2:43PM 2 WG: R-Problem
2:31PM 2 How to add label to lines()
2:11PM 1 RBloomberg data account for dividend
1:53PM 1 Getting SNPS from PLINK to R
1:48PM 1 working with sparse matrix
1:33PM 2 R Script Help!
11:56AM 1 ipred: possible to use svm in errorest?
9:42AM 0 relation between tdrocc AUC and c-statistic from rcorr.cens
8:37AM 2 Italicize Greek symbols in axis
8:33AM 0 binary goal programming in R
8:04AM 2 Documentation
7:49AM 3 question about linear regression and leverage
7:01AM 2 Regularized logistic regression
6:39AM 2 interaction between categorical variables
4:56AM 0 optimize weights for a weighted average?
4:21AM 2 function to undo the DIFF command in ARIMA command
3:45AM 5 omitting columns from a data frame
3:32AM 4 Re; Getting SNPS from PLINK to R
1:51AM 1 (no subject)
1:35AM 0 Regression evaluation
1:33AM 1 plot error bars on skyline plot
1:17AM 1 (no subject)
12:46AM 2 and now a "cut" question
12:16AM 2 setting breaks in hist
Monday June 20 2011
11:23PM 0 Mixed model for count data?
9:18PM 1 access objects by name
9:16PM 3 importing a file
9:12PM 3 Unreasonable syntax error
9:10PM 0 AUC calculated from Epi package
8:52PM 1 General Plotting Commands Help
8:10PM 0 searching through two different texts files to find a common variable
7:54PM 3 matrix problem
7:36PM 1 Stepwise model comparisons for mlogit
7:23PM 6 for loop and linear models
7:10PM 1 Vi mode in Linux console - how to stop it ?
6:52PM 1 Can mathematical formula be used in the help file of a R function or package?
6:38PM 1 Tell R where to look locally for library?
6:37PM 0 dynlm question
3:31PM 1 Quick R syntax question
2:32PM 0 ade4 package
2:21PM 0 Activity budgets with multiple proportions as response
1:04PM 2 help: X11-fonts and X-locale related complaints from plot() function
12:55PM 0 Average skyline plot from newick trees stored
12:31PM 0 Solutions to exercises in "Introductory Statistics with R" OR Intro. to R Book Suggestions with Solutions Available
12:25PM 1 Can I disable Cairo?
11:38AM 1 Elbow criterion
11:01AM 0 non-recursive SVAR model with vars
9:06AM 0 R crashes with 'nlme' and corStruct
9:00AM 2 Adding objects to a list
8:40AM 2 Replace selected columns of a dataframe with NA
6:02AM 0 “foreach” loop : Using all cores in R (especially if we are sending sql queries inside foreach loop)
5:34AM 2 Error of Cross Validation
5:25AM 3 About GAM in R, Need YOUR HELP!
2:57AM 2 analysis with the data from mysql database
2:32AM 2 Model Formulae Evaluation
1:05AM 2 (no subject)
Sunday June 19 2011
9:38PM 0 roundoff error in recursion
9:04PM 1 Skyline plots from several trees in newick format
8:38PM 3 extract data from a column
8:20PM 4 For loop by factor.
7:03PM 0 Colors in a dendrogram
6:40PM 1 Transfer my package in CRAN
3:25PM 1 Accessor functions in lattice graphics
2:35PM 1 hello about proxy configuration
2:26PM 1 save and load in R
1:23PM 0 apply kmeans into every level of the tree..
11:25AM 0 ODB : connecting OpenOffice Base with R
9:43AM 1 how to get the miminum value in the list???
7:39AM 2 please help! what are the different using log-link function and log transformation?
7:06AM 1 Multivariate HPD credible volume -- is it computable in R?
Saturday June 18 2011
9:05PM 1 Trouble with Paste and Quotes and List Objects
7:47PM 1 [rgl] Dynamically change the color of 3d objects
6:08PM 1 Pass Vector from R to C
5:00PM 0 help with quantification of high density region
2:45PM 3 Array
2:26PM 1 "Justify" PCA? -- was: Bartlett's Test of Sphericity
1:44PM 2 different results from nls in 2.10.1 and 2.11.1
10:47AM 1 Required libraries
10:24AM 0 Unexpected result with lag() et diff() in plm package.
8:36AM 3 how to subtract one string from another in R
6:17AM 1 double integral calculation
6:08AM 1 Applying function to all elements of a formula
4:34AM 1 can this sequence be generated easier?
2:36AM 1 Conditional Correlation
1:51AM 1 Vim-R-Plugin issue : Python interface must be enabled to run Vim-R-Plugin
Friday June 17 2011
10:55PM 3 rle on large data . . . without a for loop!
10:21PM 0 Inconsistent results from var.get.nc in RNetCDF
10:04PM 2 Using MCMC sampling to estimate p values with a mixed model
9:55PM 1 graphsheet and export.graph equivalents in R?
9:14PM 2 Non-linear Regression best-fit line
8:49PM 1 is this a bug?
7:43PM 4 profile plot in R
7:43PM 4 Bartlett's Test of Sphericity
7:31PM 1 plot the y-axis upside down
4:55PM 1 issue with strptime
4:32PM 0 Discrete Test in R
3:48PM 0 observation limits on correlog and mantel?
2:35PM 3 Server question
1:59PM 3 Size argument in sample function
1:32PM 1 Factor labels
1:24PM 1 Errorbars
1:07PM 1 Will R CMD build delete the .Rnw file?
12:49PM 0 fitting an ARMA model
12:34PM 1 question about split
11:42AM 0 the c implementation of loess
9:41AM 1 sink() and library() calls cause script to stop when called from php
7:53AM 0 eRm question
7:47AM 3 Hidden Markov Chains - mhsmm
6:58AM 1 rgeos- installation help
5:55AM 1 [RExcel] please help me to set up RExcel via a remote server
5:45AM 1 Rcmdr Plugin error
1:59AM 4 combining strings
12:38AM 0 caret for non-numeric data
Thursday June 16 2011
11:55PM 1 Merging rows in a dataframe
11:20PM 1 Merging yields "Error: unexpected input ..."
9:52PM 1 Matching vector order by indicators in a matrix
9:35PM 2 Polygon question
9:29PM 2 optimization with Sparse matrices
9:23PM 0 how to customize row order from clustering in a heatmap?
9:04PM 1 Placing Text on ggplot2 graphics vs. xyplot
8:34PM 1 Scatter plot produces "'x' and 'y' lengths differ"
8:00PM 0 I need help with the mean equation in rgarch package
7:36PM 0 coxph: cumulative mortality hazard over time with associated confidence intervals
7:03PM 1 lines(..., lwd=3) inaccuracy
5:58PM 0 Hauck-Donner
5:34PM 1 Specify ID variable in daisy{cluster}
5:33PM 1 prediction intervals
5:13PM 0 lmer: How to plot a spline from function
4:08PM 0 proportion explained by each term in a GAM
2:35PM 1 alphahull: is low level plotting possible?
2:21PM 0 waiting at end of script
2:19PM 1 problem with missing package
12:52PM 1 Question about R.oo package
12:46PM 5 Porting "unmaintained" packages to post R 2.10.0 era
12:46PM 1 Read file line by line
12:13PM 1 Replacing values without looping
11:16AM 1 R in MAC add many extra <´s
10:33AM 0 Best package suggestion
9:12AM 3 Multiple (7) Y axes?
9:12AM 2 Save the results of data analysis in R
9:09AM 1 Do a corelational analysis in R
8:27AM 1 Fwd: varimp_in_party_package
8:25AM 1 Constrained Optimization
8:23AM 4 NonParametric Anova
8:06AM 0 package VGAM: vglm.fit()
7:17AM 2 cannot install Rcmdr on ubuntu 11.4
12:41AM 2 Bayesian Credible Intervals for a Proportion
Wednesday June 15 2011
11:07PM 2 Trouble with compound functions---differential equations
10:17PM 1 When models and anova(model) disagree...
9:42PM 1 Print the summary of a model to file
8:37PM 4 R string functions
6:49PM 0 Cross-correlogram error message?
6:47PM 0 prediction intervals using R
6:44PM 0 varimp_in_party_package
5:45PM 0 function optimization
5:04PM 0 PC biplot display
5:00PM 1 Error bars
3:35PM 1 Problem auto.arima() in R
3:06PM 4 Problems with nls
2:51PM 3 Column of numbers added to dataframe when saving with read.csv
2:37PM 1 Problem in reading Missing and Measure values, using read.spss().
2:31PM 2 Correlations by subgroups
2:28PM 0 Year cost optimisation
2:23PM 0 specifying interactions in a gam model with "by"
1:58PM 2 Escape sequence in eval ()
12:25PM 5 Rmpi installation
11:51AM 2 plot with two y axes BUT unaligned x axis
11:32AM 1 Query regarding auto arima
10:41AM 1 Fitting a choice model (Bradley-Terry generalization)
10:21AM 0 Find values from one dataframe between certain values in another dataframe
9:09AM 2 Count occurances in integers (or strings)
9:05AM 1 Legend in lattice
8:46AM 1 Reshaping data with xtabs reorders my rows
7:06AM 1 Using ts and timeSeries
4:06AM 1 animation error
1:51AM 1 How to include multiple random effects in 'lme' function
Tuesday June 14 2011
11:36PM 1 xyplot Legend Title and Position
11:31PM 1 "non-numeric argument to binary operator"
10:39PM 1 R 2.13.0 on windows 7 x32 - always requires admin to run
9:30PM 1 Invalid Regular Expression
8:58PM 0 Contrasts
8:57PM 4 BIZARRE results from wilcox.test()
8:39PM 2 gridExtra with cairodevie and ggplots
8:23PM 0 error message trying to plot survival curves from hypothetical covariate profiles
8:10PM 1 color specific(!) lines in different color with in parcoord plots
7:47PM 1 how to convert careers to social network description
7:18PM 0 sqlFetch and factor conversion
7:03PM 2 Standard deviation and Mean
5:04PM 1 Using MLE Method to Estimate Regression Coefficients
4:35PM 1 Putting commas in between character strings
4:28PM 1 problems with plots in loop (corrected Email)
4:18PM 0 problems with plots in loop
4:06PM 3 Read in from multiple Excel wksheets
3:46PM 2 Still have problems with tcltk in R 64 bit
3:40PM 1 [Resolved] combine the data frames into comma separated list.
3:40PM 2 How to generate bivariate exponential distribution?
2:53PM 1 Procesamiento paralelo
2:07PM 0 Lattice legend
1:49PM 0 Textmin
1:42PM 0 2d loess question
1:19PM 1 Factor analysis on ordinal & nominal data
12:59PM 1 Obtaining OLAP cubes using R
11:55AM 2 Need script to create new waypoint
11:32AM 1 Expand DF with all levels of a variable
11:04AM 1 Renaming variables
10:53AM 1 heatmap with values
10:23AM 1 txtProgressBar and parallelized foreach
10:23AM 1 Calling R from Java
10:22AM 1 Setting up RODBC or RMySQL package.
10:04AM 1 Reset R's library to base packages only (remove all installed contributed packages)
9:02AM 2 How to run zero inflated mixed model and hurdle mixed model in R
7:11AM 1 predictive logistic model cell-biology, non-dichotomous data
6:03AM 1 Multiply list objects
3:26AM 1 Change Data Point Label in biplot()
2:44AM 1 About 'hazard ratio', urgent~~~
2:20AM 0 Analyzing three-way contingency tables with many zero cells
1:02AM 2 Off-topic: (Simple?) Random Sampling when n is a random variable
12:34AM 1 functions for polynomial and rational interplation?
Monday June 13 2011
10:49PM 1 Count objects and print it into a new variable
10:37PM 0 Hadoop Hive output read into R
9:34PM 1 Composing two n-dimensional arrays into one n+1-dimensional array
9:17PM 3 combine the data frames into comma separated list.
8:33PM 1 glm with binomial errors - problem with overdispersion
8:30PM 1 maintaining row connections during aggregate
8:01PM 1 persp and trans3d for type="h" points
7:45PM 0 Setting up counting process data for survival analysis
7:39PM 1 Convert SAS code to R code about survival analysis
7:12PM 1 Heatmap in R and/or ggplot2
6:48PM 0 Strange R/party behaviuor in CentOS
6:41PM 1 SAS Mixed
6:33PM 3 plotting on an image
6:28PM 1 using Scheirer-Ray-Hare in R?
5:37PM 1 Logistic regression with 2 factors and 3 covariates
5:22PM 1 Question about license for redistribution of R package
4:07PM 0 garch() false convergence
3:59PM 2 log2() and -min() very quick question
3:48PM 4 remove commas in a number when reading a text file
2:13PM 2 use variable value to create new variable name
1:57PM 0 Extracting SNP data from database
1:23PM 2 cause 'memory not mapped'
1:23PM 4 How to calculate the product of every two elements in two lists?
12:47PM 1 In rpart, how is "improve" calculated? (in the "class" case)
11:45AM 1 Help: which R packages are for time series data mining
10:49AM 0 How to formulate an (effect-modifying) interaction with matching variable in a conditional logistic regression?
10:06AM 3 How to create a numeric data.frame
6:40AM 1 documentation in R
3:19AM 2 computer name
3:18AM 1 Somers Dyx
Sunday June 12 2011
10:34PM 1 Pointers in R
7:46PM 2 Side by side scatter plots with specified regression lines
7:43PM 3 Running a GMM Estimation on dynamic Panel Model using plm-Package
7:41PM 0 statistical model with censored independent variable
7:11PM 1 add a curve that fits the highest values on the plot.
6:25PM 1 Error in NLS example in the documentation
6:21PM 0 plotnetwork {spaa} : how to get an absolute interval (i.e. not based on the range of input data) ?
5:25PM 1 Linear model - coefficients
5:00PM 2 R graphs differ from exported one
4:57PM 2 NLS fit for exponential distribution
4:17PM 11 automatically generate the output name of my "for" loops
3:43PM 0 plot probabilities of occurrence of values in a vector using connected points
12:25PM 1 snow package
10:50AM 1 welch anova and post-hoc
9:06AM 0 logistic regression where the independant variable is a ratio
6:46AM 1 partial correlation
6:38AM 2 using categorical variable in multiple regression
4:46AM 1 Score Test Function
12:44AM 4 How to compute the P-value for a mixture of chi^2 distributions
Saturday June 11 2011
10:06PM 2 Factor Analysis/Inputting Correlation Matrix
6:19PM 0 Is there an implementation of loess with more than 3 parametric predictors or a trick to a similar effect? [re-posting as plain text to pass char-set filter]
2:50PM 2 Inspecting C code in an R package
1:01PM 0 plot of hierarchical clustering results
12:32PM 0 To add cut-off points in surface response with lattice
11:26AM 1 plot of tree
11:03AM 1 Amazon AWS, RGenoud, Parallel Computing
10:44AM 0 GLS model - diagnostic plots
7:10AM 3 rcspline.plot query
4:14AM 0 problems with geom_vline, histograms, scale=free and facets in ggplot
1:14AM 1 NDCG in R?
12:59AM 1 Is there an implementation loess with more than 4 parametric predictors or a trick to similar effect?
12:55AM 1 Memory(RAM) issues
Friday June 10 2011
9:43PM 2 How do I make proper use of the by() function?
9:42PM 1 change value in one cell
9:29PM 4 running R commands asynchronously
8:45PM 0 'PROC CONTENTS' = ?
6:26PM 1 Help with Median test and Coxon-Mann-Whittney test
6:08PM 1 Double x grid in ggplot2
6:00PM 2 Problem loading packages in R 2.13.0 on Mac
5:58PM 2 Plotting NLS profiles
5:23PM 3 Test if data uniformly distributed (newbie)
4:48PM 2 Counting the Number of Letters in a row
3:54PM 0 read.graph: vertex labels in GML file?
3:35PM 2 R program writing standard/practices
1:55PM 1 ggplot2 avoid automatic color selection
10:46AM 0 Multilevel pseudo maximum likelihood
8:35AM 2 Sorting Data Frame Without Loop
5:22AM 1 Remove Duplicate numbers from a vector through witing set of commands
5:15AM 3 how to convert a vector to an upper matrix
4:23AM 4 Linear multivariate regression with Robust error
2:57AM 2 merge large number of raster objects
1:15AM 0 Need help of using R in cox regression model
1:12AM 1 smoothScatter function question and adding a legend
Thursday June 9 2011
10:10PM 2 Calculating a mean based on a factor range
9:34PM 1 Question on Manova
9:09PM 0 nls Error Message - Singular Gradient Matrix
8:41PM 1 Item analysis
7:48PM 2 Coercing Output from mget() into Proper Data Frame
7:34PM 3 How to subset based on column name that is a number ?
7:27PM 1 Trying to make code more efficient
7:27PM 1 package.sk​eleton() does not create 'data' folder
7:20PM 0 missing values and error message
7:02PM 1 Rcpp and Object Factories
6:31PM 0 Help on survival analysis
5:04PM 0 How to display the mean source?
4:56PM 0 Specifying grouping factor for augPred in nlme
4:22PM 1 histogram - density on y axis and restriction to interval [0, 1]
4:07PM 0 Fwd: Re: residual checking for GAM (mgcv)
3:14PM 4 set.seed and for loop
3:14PM 2 Problem with a if statement inside a function
2:51PM 2 scatterplot3d - help assign colors based on multiple conditions
2:48PM 0 how can I compute the multidimensional extension of the McDonald's omega by using R?
2:40PM 1 cairoDevice on Windows: succesful installation but does not load
1:58PM 0 Help creating a scatterplot with errorbars using gplot
1:17PM 0 County map for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
1:12PM 2 Rtools - "The setup files are corrupted" message when trying to install
11:51AM 1 k-nn hierarchical clustering
11:22AM 2 Adapting R code for different traps
11:00AM 1 lattice plot query
10:34AM 0 Any tests/exams freely available with answers to test basic R knowledge
10:21AM 0 booklet on using R for time series analysis
9:21AM 1 any documents
8:26AM 0 SOM for binary data
8:19AM 0 How to shift the heat map
8:19AM 0 Data projection in correspondence analysis
8:14AM 1 what is the mistake?? the coding still not function. no result display
8:11AM 0 (no subject)
7:10AM 2 Reshape:cast; error using "..." in formula expression.
6:29AM 0 Accessing Havers data from R?
5:10AM 1 Permission denied in Windows 7
4:50AM 1 a bug in heatmap.plus?
3:54AM 3 Resources for utilizing multiple processors
3:45AM 1 Error: missing values where TRUE/FALSE needed
12:43AM 1 Using a function inside a function
Wednesday June 8 2011
11:18PM 0 Automating a process
10:25PM 1 ANOVA with many IV's
10:06PM 1 return counts of elements on a table column depending on elements on another column
9:35PM 2 accessing files from subfolders
9:14PM 1 Autocorrelation in R
8:17PM 2 Questions about building R packages
8:14PM 2 Results of CFA with Lavaan
7:27PM 0 svmpath_0.95 uploaded to CRAN
7:26PM 3 How to suppress factor labels
7:10PM 1 Help with plotting plsr loadings
3:59PM 0 PS to Taking Integral and Optimization using Integrate() and Optim()
3:45PM 0 CGHcall and normalization
3:30PM 1 The simplest bar graph with ggplot is difficult to realize
3:10PM 0 package.skeleton() does not create 'data' folder
2:57PM 1 3D-plotting a 2D-matrix that contains z-values (3rd dimension)
2:52PM 1 install the “impute” package in unix
2:50PM 0 residual checking for GAM (mgcv)
2:11PM 1 Variable in file name png
1:57PM 0 how can I??
1:28PM 1 R command window
1:14PM 3 Histogram
1:04PM 0 histogram help
11:02AM 2 Decision Trees /Decision Analysis with R?
10:38AM 0 MBA the h value?
9:56AM 0 plotting boxplot based on frequency/count data
9:54AM 1 2.13 version doesn't load packages
7:56AM 1 using stimulate(model) for parametric bootstrapping in lmer repeatabilities
7:07AM 5 Can we prepare a questionaire in R
6:23AM 3 determine frequencies in a matrix by row
12:09AM 1 predict with model (rms package)
Tuesday June 7 2011
11:30PM 3 Cleveland dot plots
10:30PM 1 Adding values to the end of a data frame
9:49PM 1 XML segfault on some architectures
9:07PM 0 Generic function to split a vector by user defined values
8:55PM 1 Regular Expressions for "Large" Data Set
8:38PM 1 Error message
8:31PM 0 WinBUGS on survival, simple but confusing question
8:19PM 0 MARS for complex survey data
8:01PM 2 ggplot2 and facet
7:44PM 0 MARS for complex samples / survey data?
5:59PM 1 ggplot 2: Histogram with bell curve?
5:38PM 0 Arima and Sarima Models
5:19PM 0 Get RStudio to show line number of error
5:16PM 0 predictor raised to a constant power using gnm
4:50PM 1 RgoogleMaps Axes
4:41PM 1 Creating a file with reusable functions accessible throughout a computational biology cancer project
4:24PM 2 Setting up a State Space Model in dlm
4:00PM 2 gam() (in mgcv) with multiple interactions
3:47PM 3 Classifying boolean values
3:42PM 4 Sorting DataFrames
3:30PM 1 giving factor names
3:08PM 1 ggplot2 Histogram with density curve
2:59PM 0 tab-completion + running R from gedit
2:25PM 1 count length of continues elements in a vector
2:24PM 1 assign a cluster based on a variable
1:51PM 1 Sorting a data frame with values of different lengths
1:47PM 1 Help on selecting genes showing highest variance
1:24PM 1 rgl: insert pauses in animation sequence / movie formats other than gif?
12:42PM 1 write gene_id in a bed file
12:22PM 1 Draw a Dendrogram
11:31AM 0 ID50 i) comparisons ii) dose.p vs Reed-Muench
10:35AM 1 Populating values from html
9:51AM 2 About DCC-garch model...
9:42AM 0 Probit Transformation
9:40AM 1 access data on server
8:38AM 3 Logistic Regression
8:14AM 1 R results explanation
7:13AM 1 variable selection in linear regression
5:04AM 1 extract data features from subsets
4:53AM 1 error with geomap in googleVis
4:42AM 2 Line Graphs
3:22AM 1 Custom Sort on a Table object
12:22AM 1 extract data from a data frame field
Monday June 6 2011
10:10PM 2 A Calculation on list object
8:20PM 1 list demographics
7:46PM 2 Plot many x and y
7:27PM 0 lme, stepAIC, predict: scope and visibility
6:39PM 1 Question with RExcel
6:14PM 2 Taking Integral and Optimization using Integrate, Optim and maxNR
5:19PM 1 Seeking help to define method for show() for an S4 object
4:40PM 1 RPostgreSQL && snowfall
4:22PM 1 Merge two columns of a data frame
3:44PM 1 draw text outside plot boundaries
3:15PM 1 How can I write methods for 'as()'?
3:12PM 0 test cases (data) for data based modeling
2:32PM 2 adding an ellipse to a PCA plot
2:10PM 1 RCurl and kerberos
1:56PM 0 Denton benchmarking method
1:56PM 0 Problem plotting in R under linux (centos)
1:49PM 2 qplot fill and colour not working as expected
1:39PM 1 How to assess the accuracy of fitted logistic regression using glm
1:33PM 2 Wireframe, custom x-axis values
6:41AM 2 Problem in R documentation
5:04AM 0 anacor graphics
4:12AM 2 Can R do zero inflated gamma regression?
4:03AM 0 ANACOR coordinates
1:12AM 1 Lasso for k-subset regression
12:13AM 1 parallel computing package on a multicore windows workstation
Sunday June 5 2011
11:02PM 1 Can't compile rtiff for OSX
8:07PM 3 reproduction archives
7:59PM 1 Negating two identical characters with regular expressions
7:18PM 1 panel.loess confidence interval
5:13PM 1 Question about example function
5:07PM 3 Question about curve function
2:21PM 1 unwanted switch to DST with POSIXct objects
1:36PM 2 kronecker sum
12:23PM 3 ifelse strips POSIXct class from object
10:28AM 0 Remove row.names column in dataframe
7:39AM 1 conditions simpler way
4:31AM 3 How to convert a factor column into a numeric one?
1:09AM 2 Binary response GLM Question
Saturday June 4 2011
11:14PM 3 cbind 3 or more matrices
10:44PM 1 Partial Matching
9:08PM 1 Interpreting Quantile Regression
9:01PM 1 packages for power law distribution
8:25PM 0 using Tps function
8:24PM 0 Predicted values based on fixed effects do not correspond with actual data in cross-classified generalized linear mixed model (lmer)
8:11PM 1 Problem with Snowball & RWeka
7:22PM 0 Nonlinear model fitting of numerical integral function
5:46PM 1 OAuthFactory error
3:41PM 1 nonparametric logistic regression based on locally weighted scatterplot smoothing (lowess)
2:33PM 1 LM/two way analysis/classic parametrisation
1:16PM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] Measure quality of fit for MA(q), ARMA(p, q) and GARCH(p, q)
11:14AM 0 Bootstrap or Wilks ?
7:21AM 1 library(SenoMineR)- Triangle Test Query
4:17AM 2 logistic growth model
2:38AM 0 Does anyone running the latest version of R on IBM AIX 5.3?
1:55AM 1 R Crashes when using "large" matrices (Ubuntu 11.04)
Friday June 3 2011
11:30PM 1 movie3d in rgl object 'movie' not found
11:20PM 1 outlining data points
10:32PM 2 Arules: R Crashes when running eclat with tidLists=TRUE
9:38PM 1 Superscripts in strip labels of lattice plot
8:55PM 0 How to reconcile Kalman filter result (by package dlm) with linear regression?
8:49PM 1 debug R code
8:34PM 2 modify a data frame by values in the columns
7:46PM 2 Checking and building package
6:14PM 0 Fit data to distribution
5:17PM 0 Package dlm generates unstable results?
5:04PM 0 Revolutions Blog: May Roundup
4:18PM 4 Notes on R Objects
3:42PM 1 function to reduce resolution of a vector or matrix?
3:42PM 2 tkrplot Newbie
3:41PM 2 Y error bars, dates on the X-axis
2:59PM 1 VLOOKUP in R - tried everything.
2:39PM 0 "invalid times argument in rep function"
2:30PM 0 predict witht he eha package
2:24PM 4 Problem using read.xls - Everything converted to factors
2:08PM 1 Outputting data from TukeyHSD
12:49PM 3 Not missing at random
12:35PM 0 Pareto Chart using GUI
12:13PM 0 New version of rms package on CRAN
11:37AM 0 cor.test() running out of memory on 64-bit system
11:02AM 2 plot + axis: Individually moving tick labels with hadj?
10:46AM 2 GUI Experience - Box Plots
10:17AM 1 Surv(): Stop time must be > start time, NA created
9:17AM 1 append date to write csv filename
9:09AM 0 Importing JSON Hash Table
8:58AM 0 C-side: Applying a function (given as param) to data (given as param)
8:09AM 1 trheshold matrix
7:18AM 1 R and DBSCAN
6:47AM 0 Checking for combination of words in a sentence
3:21AM 1 how do I extract a certain column from a dataframe without headers???
1:47AM 0 power function using gnm()
1:03AM 0 ragged data.frame? using plyr
12:43AM 1 Traversing KD-tree (or equivalent) for radius-based search
Thursday June 2 2011
11:42PM 4 generating random covariance matrices (with a uniform distribution of correlations)
10:50PM 2 lattice + plotmath: how to get a variable in bold face?
10:26PM 1 barplot - change width of bar outline
9:03PM 4 Use line break at scrip but avoid line break on graphics
8:52PM 1 Plotting Data Table
8:33PM 0 print overlaid plots to a pdf file.. - Help please...
8:28PM 1 newton raphson
8:25PM 1 censorReg/survreg
8:19PM 2 Removal of elements from nomograms
8:09PM 1 Adding a line to a beside=TRUE barplot
8:08PM 2 heatmap question
7:52PM 0 Constraining estimates for random effects
7:49PM 1 Plot cdf, pdf
7:41PM 1 Paid R Help
7:20PM 0 Error message while mapping probes with hgu133plus2.db
6:54PM 2 Matrix Question
6:43PM 2 plotmath: paste string and expression [from a vector of expressions]
6:42PM 2 complex search between dataframes
5:32PM 0 confusion matrix error
5:26PM 1 generically forward low-level graphic parametres in function
3:59PM 0 Using SQLDF to pick values based on word count
3:51PM 0 What type of bootstrapping is used in package vars?
3:48PM 1 an efficient way to calculate correlation matrix
3:41PM 2 Counting occurrences in a moving window
3:28PM 1 Help in a project
3:23PM 3 Removing rows of zeros from a matrix
3:22PM 0 multicore: collect slow on large objects?
3:04PM 2 shading in overlap between two ranges
3:04PM 1 Line histogram for a matrix
2:33PM 1 ARM package for R 2.10.1
1:54PM 0 Nuisance parameters
1:53PM 0 predict with eha package
1:46PM 0 Reparamaterization for threshold values for ordinal regression
1:02PM 0 mChoice prb in rms
11:05AM 2 based on mean and std
9:27AM 0 allowing individual level correlations to differ by cluster in lme in R
8:31AM 1 (no subject)
8:27AM 2 Export a function from RCPP in R of type double
7:56AM 1 Random Selection of numbers
6:18AM 0 Fw: Value of 'pi'
6:18AM 4 [Plea to the R Gods] Theoretical and Empirical CDFs
5:29AM 1 need help for R Installation in AIX 5.3
3:59AM 1 ylab spacing in resizePanels in latticeExtra
12:47AM 1 aucRoc in caret package [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
12:24AM 1 mixed model question and using lmer
Wednesday June 1 2011
11:50PM 1 Run R script automatically each morning and email results?
11:29PM 0 Building package with vignette
11:00PM 4 subsetting with condition
9:53PM 1 How to write random effect in MCMCglmm
9:07PM 1 finding numbers in a range
8:59PM 2 Problems Dating....
8:04PM 1 Plotting from functions
8:01PM 1 Contributed Packages - Hmisc & survey
7:39PM 1 Function to save plots
7:25PM 1 Force the for loop to stop
7:19PM 1 as.character limits length of result for formula
7:17PM 1 weird error from MASS::eqcsplot with postscript driver
7:08PM 2 BiodiversityR GUI on macosx
7:06PM 0 problems with copula
6:33PM 1 xtable with conditional formatting using \textcolor
6:30PM 1 Replacing variables in one dataset with those from another
5:45PM 0 MAP datafile
5:37PM 0 Memory management
5:19PM 5 Recode numbers
5:00PM 2 lattice panel fine control
4:59PM 1 Qs on "vector of lists", etc.
4:53PM 0 Anyone have experience with kinship pedigree plot?
4:16PM 2 Create Matrix with Float32 values
2:37PM 0 Overlaying two matrices to create a heatmap
2:29PM 0 Plot a network with edges of specified length
2:13PM 1 Force Sweave to add figure filename extension
1:43PM 2 re-write plot function for ggplot
1:24PM 2 interpolation and extremum location of a surface‏
1:12PM 0 Simulating SVAR Data
12:56PM 1 graphical output - customization of x axis
12:40PM 0 Retaining MatchIt output as a dataset
11:26AM 1 retrieving name of a function inside this function
10:39AM 0 treemaps
10:31AM 3 error in model specification for cfa with lavaan-package
10:27AM 3 Identifying sequences
10:21AM 1 Missing completely at random
10:19AM 1 Problem with as.POSIXct()
9:10AM 2 load seven files (named by date) at a time
8:44AM 0 bayesglm with weights
7:45AM 3 conversion of matrix into list
7:30AM 0 problems with converting into dxf file
5:58AM 1 different results from lme() and lmer()
3:02AM 0 Clean up Rmpi when there is a bug in the code
12:39AM 3 Zero-inflated regression models: predicting no 0s
12:23AM 1 nnet inappropriate fit for class error
12:02AM 0 Statistics related question...compute RSE