R help - Oct 2007

Wednesday October 31 2007
11:56PM 0 model.matrix consistency across repeated calls
11:04PM 2 Don't understand write.csv default: Why is column name for column of row names blank?
10:43PM 2 R GUI for Linux
10:26PM 2 Shell Bash with R
9:51PM 1 Axis Location/Data view in scatterplot3d
8:33PM 2 mosaic row and column order
8:13PM 3 Find A, given B where B=A'A
7:56PM 3 Homework help: Is this how CIs of normal distributions are computed?
7:35PM 1 seg fault with randomForest ( ... , xtest )
7:22PM 1 textplot() in gplots causes problems (0x9)
7:07PM 0 Problem With SciViews-R
7:04PM 1 Multiple calls to a function
6:54PM 1 Lattice: par.ylab.text alpha ?
4:43PM 1 problem with package fSeries
4:15PM 1 Simple Umacs example help..
4:15PM 0 clim.pact: change group of stations object into a field
4:08PM 0 Problems with generating F-distr from lme()
3:49PM 1 Error optimizing Poisson log-likelihood with L-BFGS-B
3:47PM 0 set initial parameter values for GLMM estimation
3:47PM 0 manipulating large data and lmer
3:11PM 0 accessing SAS libraries using RODBC
3:00PM 0 quantreg log and polinomial functions
2:05PM 3 thicker axis in levelplot
2:01PM 1 find overlap between intervals - Correction
1:54PM 1 find overlap between intervals
1:36PM 0 forecasting multiple regression model
1:25PM 2 R WinEdt on Windows vista
12:13PM 0 formula interaction and centering
12:06PM 2 cbind()
11:50AM 3 Performance of concatenating strings
10:56AM 1 reversing the scale on ggplot
10:52AM 2 ylim in barplot2 function?
9:22AM 0 Biostatics position
9:16AM 1 error in display function of the ARM package
8:47AM 1 datadist options error, DESIGN library
5:55AM 2 DBI Package
3:03AM 2 survey weights in sample with replacement
2:17AM 2 reversing perspective plot axis
1:54AM 0 R installation on Linux/SuSE10.3
Tuesday October 30 2007
10:33PM 1 Difficulty Compiling RSQLite on Solaris x86 Using Studio 12 Compilers
10:27PM 0 data types changing
9:40PM 1 R 2.6.0 crashes when opening some .R files
8:46PM 1 NAIVE BAYES with 10-fold cross validation
8:28PM 2 markov regime switching models
8:24PM 3 Homework help: Is this how CI using t dist are constructed?
8:22PM 1 data.frame, ggplot vs matplot
7:44PM 2 R installation on SuSE 10.3
7:40PM 1 Reading a file with read.csv: two character rows not interpreted as I hope
7:18PM 1 timezone conversion difficulties with the new US daylight saving time switch over
6:57PM 3 Implementing R through Oracle
6:29PM 1 drawing direction fields
6:22PM 1 Place a string into the header/footer of a pdf file generated during a plot session
5:47PM 3 strwidth of bold font
5:30PM 1 high RAM on Linux or Solaris platform
5:22PM 0 force interactive
4:44PM 2 Splitting up the micEcon package?
4:15PM 0 kernlab/ ksvm: class.weights & prob.model in binary classification
3:49PM 2 calculate spatial distance
3:32PM 2 Where can I find package "segmented" ?
2:46PM 1 Polygon shading line colors
2:41PM 1 bitmap patterns in R fill
2:39PM 3 data format
2:18PM 2 How to switch off accepting the shortcut of column names
2:18PM 2 flexible processing
1:27PM 1 Some matrix and sandwich questions
1:04PM 0 R News, volume 7, issue 2 is now available (fwd)
12:40PM 1 Sweave line length
11:22AM 1 axis title on two lines
9:39AM 0 Plotting question: how to plot SNP location data?
9:37AM 1 postscript(), used from a pre R-2.6.0 workspace
9:25AM 0 miscalculate AUC
8:25AM 1 proportional curves
8:10AM 1 Query installing R on Mac OS X Leopard (new release)...
6:17AM 1 R segmented package
4:46AM 0 Stoping rule for hierarchical clustering
1:19AM 1 Regression query ...
Monday October 29 2007
10:42PM 1 VGAM and vglm
9:21PM 3 Converting a string
9:12PM 1 How to test combined effects?
9:10PM 0 gradient and Hessian from lmer2
8:45PM 0 Error from lm.fit follow-up
7:56PM 1 lm.boot function gives error
7:36PM 2 Adding pagebreaks on files???
5:30PM 6 covariance matrix of the regression coefficients
5:05PM 1 time difference error
5:03PM 0 Non-independent paired measures
4:46PM 3 Strange results with anova.glm()
4:34PM 0 Wilkcoxon with bootstrap
4:06PM 2 Qsub - unable to open connection to X11 display
3:44PM 3 how to split data.frame by row?
3:40PM 0 Loop
3:15PM 1 shading of curves with polygon
3:01PM 1 biserial correlation with pkg polycor
2:28PM 0 quantiles for timestep out of large list
2:20PM 1 SavePlot in the Batch mode
12:45PM 2 Cannot install 'rgl'
12:43PM 4 PDF output
11:20AM 1 Can I create pdfs with dataframes instead of images?
9:53AM 2 Changing size of lattice plot?
9:04AM 3 using survfit
8:17AM 1 meaning of lenwrk value in adapt function
6:59AM 1 lm design matrix bug?
2:57AM 2 help please
12:23AM 2 flops calculation
Sunday October 28 2007
9:49PM 1 tree problem
9:16PM 0 Request for help with nls error
6:57PM 0 Attaching interactive plot to existing PDF file
4:57PM 1 how to download pdb structure files?
2:30PM 1 maximizing a function
2:16PM 0 Help for Beginner
2:14PM 5 Help for Beginner!!
1:37PM 0 Standard errors of sample autocorrelations
12:53PM 3 plot for binomial glm
8:52AM 1 gam for longitudinal data?
6:50AM 0 calibration question
Saturday October 27 2007
10:03PM 1 Markov models
8:46PM 1 Package Installer Fails in OSX 10.5 Leopard
8:08PM 2 How to generate all permutation of 0-1 sequences in R?
6:46PM 1 Selectively swapping labels between factors
5:30PM 1 creating large graphs
4:04PM 2 Comparing lagged time series
4:02PM 3 How to make own function load automatically on startup
3:34PM 1 having problems re-ordering a dataframe
2:20PM 0 Bandwidth selection for kernel regression.
9:30AM 1 problems in cross validation of SVM in pakage "e1071"
9:30AM 0 Oracle and RJDBC
8:27AM 0 [non-R question] methodological problem
8:21AM 1 [non-statistics question]methodological problem
3:25AM 1 Newton method iteration problem
Friday October 26 2007
11:54PM 5 help
11:09PM 0 "free" y-limits in xYplot
10:22PM 2 calculating correlation of a Supply/Demand measure and price change (in high frequency time series data)
10:01PM 1 bugs() ignores my inits
8:19PM 2 function in R that's equivalent to SQL's "IN"
7:54PM 1 Problems with scan() in a tab-sep .txt file with cells that have '///' (three frontslashes)
7:35PM 0 Using frequency weights in ANOVA
6:31PM 3 linking Tinn-R to a new R version
6:21PM 2 how do i find the annual maximun within several years?
6:05PM 1 importing Expressions
4:21PM 0 Space Filling and Weights
4:10PM 1 Effect sizes
4:02PM 1 2-way Factorial with random factors
3:09PM 1 Fwd: Ajuda em R
2:45PM 0 Aligning gel data
2:19PM 1 How to remove non-UTF-8 characters from a string
2:00PM 0 plotting survival curves
12:39PM 1 Newey-West and SUR regression models
12:32PM 1 Help needed on calculation of Moran's I
11:51AM 1 Post-hoc test for Kruskal-Wallis
11:28AM 0 pls version 2.1-0
11:14AM 1 [Fwd: Re: subsetting]
9:40AM 2 cut.dendrogram and cutree
8:23AM 1 glm with Student t for error distribution
7:57AM 0 R does not run my scripts!!!!!
7:25AM 0 another resampling question
2:49AM 1 Accessing scripts in a different directory on a Mac
12:22AM 1 finding birth position
12:09AM 3 How to plot multiple variables on the same graph
Thursday October 25 2007
10:44PM 2 the difference between temp and .temp
10:38PM 0 statistics question not R question
9:38PM 3 Deparsing part of a list argument
9:14PM 1 1-d function fitting
7:59PM 1 Strange behavior with time-series x-axis
6:12PM 4 ploting labels on barplot
5:58PM 1 Appropriate measure of correlation with 'zero-inflated' data?
5:49PM 0 How to coerce this?
5:21PM 2 Find duplicates and save their max value
5:07PM 2 data frame usage
4:36PM 2 Changing steps on a graphic axes
4:08PM 0 Semi-supervised clustering using constraints?
3:47PM 1 Trellis dotplot label keys (update)
3:25PM 1 Trellis dotplot label keys
2:49PM 0 ploting survival curves
2:25PM 1 problems with the last version of R
2:15PM 1 subsetting
1:27PM 1 Indexes on dataframe columns?
12:31PM 0 Error message from nlmer
10:46AM 0 Fatal error
7:07AM 0 change in I(x) ? in R 2.6.0
6:35AM 0 adjust labels in plot:terminal_panel {party}
6:28AM 1 Match and replace between two data.frames
5:01AM 1 Executing a Function in a Loop With a Changing Value for an Argument
1:35AM 2 Novice programing question
Wednesday October 24 2007
11:59PM 0 random walk w/ reflecting boundary: avoid control construct? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
11:58PM 3 how to loop over a group of variables?
10:45PM 1 calculate residue by groups
10:41PM 1 Zicounts package
9:10PM 1 GAM vs. MGCV packages
8:48PM 1 X Axis labeling with class zoo
8:19PM 2 adding total row/column to table-command
7:43PM 3 scoping problem
6:21PM 1 Adding a second y axis and specifying yaxs="i"
5:00PM 1 vectorized mle / optim
4:27PM 1 Package Build fails: make ./help: no such file or directory
3:33PM 2 random walk w/ reflecting boundary: avoid control construct?
3:06PM 2 Plots in Meta-Analysis
3:04PM 0 Package forecast
2:56PM 3 jEdit for R
2:42PM 0 Different results in the unit root test. Why?
2:36PM 1 plot within a loop
2:32PM 2 Graphics - plotting two graphs
2:30PM 1 Looping
2:16PM 4 X11 graphics windows under CMD BATCH
1:30PM 3 Partial aggregate on sorted data
1:23PM 1 Error in nls model.frame
1:11PM 6 Fetching datapoints from a Time Series
1:00PM 1 rcmdr and mailing lists
12:51PM 3 convert factor dataframe into numeric matrix
12:43PM 1 is there a similar function to perform repeated statements as in SAS PROC MIXED?
11:25AM 1 Rotated viewports in Grid
10:01AM 2 help with image function
9:44AM 2 subset data.frame with constraint of many values?
9:24AM 1 understanding dt function and fitting distributions
8:51AM 1 Imputation method on binary data
8:13AM 2 analytical solution to Sum of binominal distributed random numbers?
7:42AM 0 BMA and Poisson regression
4:49AM 1 Calling php web service fails
3:37AM 3 multiply for vector in R
3:15AM 2 functions applied to two vectors
3:08AM 1 (no subject)
1:02AM 2 multicomp plotting
Tuesday October 23 2007
10:40PM 1 robustSmoothSpline
9:37PM 0 Autocorrelation Matrix
8:58PM 2 2-D numerical integration over odd region
8:44PM 2 Plot a line according to a specified equation
8:42PM 1 How to avoid the NaN errors in dnbinom?
8:17PM 4 Replace values on seq
7:24PM 1 simple data.frame question
5:10PM 1 Strange dataframe behavior
5:02PM 2 Using a data frame in a function call
3:26PM 1 multivariate Stochastic Volatility and GARCH
3:03PM 1 "adding" matrix of smaller dimensions to matrix of larger dimensions and "apply" question
2:40PM 1 distributing the values of data frame to a vector based on......
2:21PM 0 Specific examples especific of use library RODBC - Ejemplos especificos de uso de la libreria RODBC
2:05PM 1 Compute R2 and Q2 in PLS with pls.pcr package
1:14PM 1 create diagonal matrix within a for cycle
1:13PM 0 Multiple comparison tests - Homogenous subsets (i.e. for Tukey)
11:52AM 1 Multivariate regression tree: problems with surrogate splits (complete commands)
11:51AM 1 error message: "the instruction at "0x6c72c676" referenced memory of "0x00000010". The memory could not be "written"."
11:51AM 3 sum variable as long condition is true
11:45AM 1 Multivariate regression tree: problems with surrogate splits
11:27AM 1 Custom colourkey spacing in levelplot, contourplot
10:55AM 1 passing subsets of '...' to several other functions
10:45AM 6 "flipping" vector and matrix
10:34AM 1 grep with "|" character
10:28AM 2 Question: Rcmdr and macbooks
10:15AM 0 SOLVED
10:04AM 0 Residuals from biglm package
9:49AM 1 How to unlist Dates
9:02AM 1 Sum of binominal distributed random numbers
8:21AM 0 Problem with R(D) Com and R within Excel
2:10AM 0 MPI implementations of fanny or cmeans
1:56AM 0 Fatal error message in Windows version of 2.6
12:33AM 2 A very simple question
Monday October 22 2007
11:48PM 1 question on axis box with asp=1
11:26PM 1 Unicode 16-bit, Lao
10:58PM 2 Repeated Measures/Linear Mixed Effects function
10:30PM 1 Looped t.test results according to a subset variable
10:22PM 2 Matrix manipulation
10:15PM 3 How to format data for time-series analysis
9:03PM 4 Bar plot with error bars
8:01PM 0 RODBC problem: sqlSave not working after an update
6:36PM 2 Help interpreting output of Rprof
6:09PM 1 Meta-analysis mixed model
5:16PM 1 format.data.frame and NA control
4:40PM 0 Howard Harris k-means
4:32PM 3 retrieve version information for a package?
3:23PM 1 grouping rows into bin ranges
3:14PM 0 anova and contratst
2:48PM 3 median value dataframe coming from multiple dataframes
2:17PM 1 ANOVA within a GAMM framework
1:56PM 0 How to use a specifical graphical device (e.g., png, bmp) with R version 2.5.1under Linux
1:54PM 1 plot3d with more than 8 colors
1:24PM 3 Elasticity in Leslie Matrix
12:01PM 2 Normalized data
12:00PM 0 beginner's tutorial, books, etc re: time-series analysis, ARMA/ARIMA models...
11:13AM 3 Spatial autocorrelation
10:54AM 2 having problems with the lme function
10:04AM 2 save as pdf
8:32AM 2 "Estimate effects may be unbalanced" in aov()
8:31AM 0 (no subject)
7:14AM 1 inference from dual frame surveys using R
5:43AM 3 strsplit
4:46AM 0 missing values in mixed model
4:01AM 1 Newbie help: Data in an arma fit
3:37AM 1 loess coefficients output
3:02AM 1 Format of a data frame
2:32AM 0 Test
Sunday October 21 2007
11:44PM 4 Input appreciated: R teaching idea + a way to improve R-wiki
10:47PM 0 R 2.6.0 packages for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
10:07PM 2 Sweave Xtable row names
10:07PM 0 ggplot2 - version 0.5.6
6:43PM 2 Help installing Rstem package
4:40PM 6 exporting text output to pdf
2:43PM 1 Error in if loop
1:13PM 1 How to count the number of objects in a matrix?
10:35AM 2 image 256 x 920 data points too slow
8:37AM 2 scatter plot with 1 standard deviation for each point
7:28AM 2 Setting a pdf reader different from acroread under *nix
6:50AM 2 finding paired values from common subjects -- vector operation?
3:25AM 0 building a copy of R with certain packages in Linux
Saturday October 20 2007
10:28PM 0 mixed model with factor
9:08PM 2 formatting a list
8:29PM 0 saturation binding in nlme
3:50PM 0 pairs, par("plt")
1:43PM 1 Getting at what a named object represents in a function...
11:45AM 1 path to libgfortran 'hardcoded' in R?
11:15AM 1 mussy data
8:35AM 1 extending zoo (or ts) objects
7:42AM 1 How to plot with txt or symbol instead of number as x-axis scale ?
Friday October 19 2007
10:20PM 1 beginner's tutorial, books, etc re: time-series analysis, ARMA/ARIMA models...
9:07PM 0 MailMarshal Message Digest
8:40PM 2 Help deeded: Does a R graphical function return something special?
8:19PM 1 conduct pairwise column comparisons without comparing a column to itself
8:05PM 1 (no subject)
7:47PM 0 How to use lm() with both subset and weights argument
7:47PM 2 In a SLR, Why Does the Hat Matrix Depend on the Weights?
7:19PM 0 Announcement: 2008 John Chambers Statistical Software Award
6:13PM 0 question about anova
5:38PM 0 RMySQL LoadLibrary failure: Invalid access to memory location.
4:54PM 1 controlling plot range
4:18PM 2 Order of Dotplot output
2:38PM 1 export R-data to VisIt
2:14PM 2 adding aggregate data to data frames
2:11PM 0 lmer(.): extract fitted values
1:58PM 1 Manual recycling of vectors?
1:46PM 1 plot.Design
1:06PM 1 unable to interactively label curves on a plot
12:53PM 2 header
12:07PM 2 replacement
11:42AM 1 resclaing/resampling data
11:27AM 1 tcltk: help with tkmenubutton
10:52AM 1 inverser terrain.colors
9:36AM 6 r achives
9:31AM 0 calculating power of log rank test
9:27AM 0 FatherIn manners as in shape. thy.
9:23AM 1 R forum
7:05AM 0 mar-arch code
6:00AM 1 Using grid graphics (hexbin) in pairs() plot problem
4:05AM 2 Declaring variables in R
2:36AM 1 X matrix deemed to be singular in counting process coxph
1:38AM 0 setSqlTypeInfo function in RODBC package
12:33AM 0 Rmpi and Ubuntu
Thursday October 18 2007
10:48PM 0 Anyone have links to pusblished data quantity or time benchmarks for R?
10:33PM 5 vector graphics/ ungroup and edit in CorelDraw
10:13PM 5 alignment algorithm or pattern frequency calculation
9:55PM 1 programming question
9:53PM 1 cut with intervals open on the right?
9:42PM 2 error: unused arguments
5:11PM 0 [R} Getting 'tilting' confidence intervals in R
5:11PM 0 Getting 'tilting' confidence intervals in R
5:02PM 8 cluster analysis
4:17PM 0 class weight
3:42PM 0 how to do monte carlo error propagation simulation
3:18PM 1 Binomial Power/Sample Size
3:12PM 0 Courses**November-December (1) R/Splus Fundamentals (2) R/S Advanced Programing by XLSolutions Corp
2:38PM 2 How to avoid conversion to factors (data frame to zoo)
1:48PM 1 R-graphics printing greeks
1:23PM 0 EM algorithm on a mixture of two negative binomials?
1:23PM 5 Secondary Y axis title
1:04PM 0 Nice reference to R
12:48PM 0 manipulating 3-way array
12:43PM 2 image quality of plot inserted into PowerPoint
12:18PM 0 tcltk: I guess I am starting to get it
11:56AM 3 Writing a R-Script
11:02AM 5 R-squared value for linear regression passing through origin using lm()
9:44AM 0 upgrade: relations
9:37AM 0 combining data from 2 independent surveys
8:42AM 0 fit to power law with inknown zero
8:02AM 1 Help: Side-by-side named barplot bars
7:31AM 3 Adding horizontal lines to Boxplot
7:16AM 1 Lattice fails to draw insets
6:41AM 0 coxph | anova results
1:19AM 0 homals-0.9.0
Wednesday October 17 2007
11:57PM 0 Using R.dll in .NET IPC
11:03PM 1 modeling large data
7:57PM 1 problem with anova() and syntax in lmer
7:50PM 3 type conversion
7:23PM 3 R and TeraData
7:16PM 0 Problem loading spatstat.
5:54PM 3 Multi-objective optimization
5:03PM 1 Error message in GAM
4:35PM 1 passing arguments to functions within functions
3:06PM 0 curly bracket in plot (reply)
2:36PM 2 wilcox.test test statistic
2:33PM 3 Trouble with R CMD INSTALL
2:23PM 1 correlated data
1:32PM 2 power law fit with unknown zero
1:16PM 0 question about mclust and prior probabilities
12:53PM 0 JGR makes help more helpful
12:30PM 2 Need help with function that includes 2 summation
11:53AM 0 Another problem with drawing curly brackets
11:42AM 2 Problems with paste and blank
10:43AM 0 automaticly adjust coordinates for text() labels
10:37AM 1 Documentation for Pearson Residuals
10:31AM 1 How to compile sources?
8:47AM 0 help me
8:44AM 5 One pdf file with plots and text output
8:26AM 1 ignorable warnings of as.numeric: NAs introduced by coercion
8:10AM 1 y_hat
8:03AM 3 how to repeat the results of a generated probabilities
7:58AM 1 Multiply a 3D-array by a vector (weighted combination of matrices)
7:06AM 0 Problem in Saving Workspace
7:01AM 1 Problem with saving pdf file graphics in R-2.6.0
6:46AM 1 How to save association rules generated by arules package
6:23AM 4 polygon overlapping
6:06AM 3 Observations on SVD linpack errors, and a workaround
4:58AM 1 Time Series - Function to fit ARIMA and GARCH components
1:32AM 1 Finding NA values.
Tuesday October 16 2007
11:46PM 1 The itemize command in *.Rd files.
11:28PM 0 doubts about Silhouette
10:53PM 1 error in sample ()
10:41PM 2 How to speed up multiple for loop over list of data frames
9:12PM 2 histogram labels
9:06PM 0 RMySQL LoadLibrary failure: Invalid access to memory location.
8:54PM 1 try / tryCatch for download.file( ) within a for loop when URL does not exist
8:30PM 1 Calculating confidence in an estimate including number of trials?
8:04PM 0 univariate impulse responses
7:27PM 0 Mutual Information on continuous variables
6:02PM 1 data structure for plsr
5:59PM 0 Bravington debug package with ESS
4:48PM 1 Adding axis lines to splom plots
4:32PM 0 Simple plot of IR and option prices
3:41PM 0 the new package "sets"
3:33PM 1 underdetermined system
3:20PM 1 library(car): Anova and repeated measures without between subjects factors
2:19PM 0 Comparison
1:45PM 5 help with nls and Hill equation
1:41PM 3 R-2.6.0 - packages installation through a proxy - not working
1:39PM 1 problem with RCurl 0.8-1 installation on Debian Etch
1:38PM 9 Import from excel 2007
1:36PM 0 Help with repeated measures!
12:33PM 0 Newey-West corrections in SUR regression models
11:52AM 1 saving as PDF in R2.6.0 (MS Windows GUI)
11:16AM 0 New package: sets
10:43AM 1 Chronological data manipulation question
9:47AM 1 simulation
9:05AM 3 Updating R-Software without complete new installation
7:47AM 2 Canberra distance
6:31AM 4 Create *png or *.jpeg plot under Linux
5:18AM 1 Problems with F77_CALL and Visual C++
4:39AM 0 partitioning data [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
4:19AM 2 Bootstrapping Contrasts for Repeated Measures ANOVA
2:34AM 2 survreg's algorithm
Monday October 15 2007
11:47PM 2 Linear regression and slope from 1
8:38PM 0 help with simple goodness of fit test
7:30PM 1 Strange results converting string to number
7:30PM 0 partitioning data
7:20PM 2 coef se in lme
7:04PM 2 Wildcards
6:21PM 1 avoiding a loop?
6:17PM 2 Get data from matrix
5:27PM 4 Get the last 3 chars of a string
5:14PM 0 residual s.e. by group in mixed model
4:43PM 2 ERROR while importing data
4:25PM 1 String concatenation, File Path Handling to pass to download.file( ) [backslash in DOS paths]
4:07PM 1 Distance matrix in SpDep-package
4:04PM 2 clipping off words inside a vector of strings
4:03PM 1 Rmpi building
3:36PM 2 Bad EMF export
3:17PM 1 Need help ploting time series(2)
2:08PM 3 for loop if else conditional
1:38PM 1 Error: X11 cannot allocate additional graphics colours.
1:28PM 2 Variable which has the maximum value of DF
12:58PM 1 Fonts do not display properly in R 2.5.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
11:41AM 0 new package 'nnls'
11:21AM 1 Download old R-2.5.1 version?
11:18AM 0 iplots question
10:27AM 0 oanda and yahoo get.hist.quote
9:46AM 2 cumulative frequency plots for factors
9:36AM 1 The "condition has length > 1" issue for lists
9:12AM 1 Save variable with loop part
7:07AM 0 iwidgets not found in r on windows
5:21AM 2 Need some help
3:57AM 1 Need help ploting time series
3:10AM 2 some question about partial prediction in survival
3:00AM 1 how to use normalmixEM to get correct result?
12:08AM 0 specifying models ":" and %in% and soforth
Sunday October 14 2007
9:48PM 1 significance for a random effect in Mixed Model ANOVA
6:28PM 1 Dendrogram
5:06PM 1 ggplot2 geom_hline error
4:34PM 0 repeated measures - aov, lme, lmer - help
9:30AM 1 ggplot2: ordering categorial data
8:33AM 1 Adjusting for heaping in data
4:39AM 1 cross tabulation
3:40AM 0 lme() random form
3:00AM 1 Question re matplot
Saturday October 13 2007
9:58PM 1 R API - optim
8:48PM 1 Make playwith a default graphic device
7:33PM 1 reading data and Variance Ratio Tests for Weak-form Market Efficiency
4:53PM 2 the use of the .C function
4:29PM 1 geom_errorbar with ggplot2
1:39PM 1 Controlling values in read.table
12:13PM 0 shocks
12:10PM 0 vars shocks assumption
12:08PM 2 a question on impulse responses
11:55AM 0 impulse responses: standard deviation or unit shocks?
8:45AM 1 Error Message from R
6:53AM 2 How to identify the two largest peaks in a trimodal distribution
3:03AM 0 TLCA Admin Email Connectivity Re: Returned mail: Data format error
1:45AM 1 Plotting with 2 y axes
Friday October 12 2007
11:46PM 1 use 'lapply' to creat 2 new columns based on old ones in a data frame
9:14PM 1 Addition operation based on specific columns and rows of two data frames
7:47PM 2 Q-type factor analysis
7:36PM 1 Differencing data by groups
6:53PM 0 similarity measure for two different clusters
5:50PM 0 Utility data uploading functions prior to analysing data using CGIwithR
5:25PM 1 Batch-Plot Histograms
5:16PM 2 Automating binning for chisq.test()
5:14PM 3 collapsing a data frame
4:16PM 1 calculate impulse responses
4:05PM 1 embedding plots
3:43PM 0 Disregard my previous question
3:41PM 1 hist () x-axis
3:33PM 2 Plotting question
3:31PM 2 Basic plot question: Figure 1.1 Pinheiro & Bates
2:59PM 0 irfs from a no intercept VAR
2:28PM 0 Problem with two libraries
12:58PM 3 Anybody has ever met the problem to add a legend to a figure generated by image()?
12:48PM 2 accessing ylim set by xyplot
11:10AM 0 change of variance components depending on scaling of fixed effects
10:47AM 2 how to know whether Vector B is a subset of Vector A
7:25AM 0 I am away on 12 Oct pm.
7:05AM 1 Image analysis and image questions
4:25AM 1 load non-default libraries during start-up
1:20AM 1 rearranging vectors
Thursday October 11 2007
11:23PM 1 random forest mtry and mse
10:11PM 1 chisq.test in batch
8:42PM 1 A read.table mystery (data for Framemaker Mac)
8:41PM 1 PS graphs in R 2.6.0
8:16PM 0 Centroid
7:34PM 6 confusion with R syntax
7:23PM 1 which package does interpSpline belong to ?
6:41PM 2 how to get the sample size in lm
6:17PM 3 reason for error in small function?
6:10PM 0 SAS Enterprise Miner -- OT
5:24PM 2 Type III sum of squares and appropriate contrasts
4:55PM 1 constraining correlations
3:26PM 0 Goodness-of-fit of GLM for Gamma Distribution
2:51PM 1 Fiting of gamma distribution
2:27PM 0 Zoo: yaxis inversion with zoo not possible?
1:54PM 0 DFT w/ higher definition in frequency increments.
1:47PM 2 Identifying and characterizing strings of NA in a vector
1:34PM 0 change missing values
1:32PM 2 Matching and merging two rows with missing values
1:05PM 0 (no subject)
1:02PM 1 Interpolation across merged zoo columns
12:47PM 2 Operating matrix positions
12:29PM 1 How to avoid saving the row index of a data.frame into MySQL ?
12:11PM 2 test for whether dataset comes from a known MVN
11:55AM 5 rearrange data columns
11:40AM 0 Time varying regression coefficients
11:13AM 2 reference for logistic regression
11:05AM 1 problem installing MCMCpack
11:01AM 3 lme4 install trouble
10:12AM 1 Axis value as percentage
9:58AM 0 Cox with time varying effect
9:31AM 0 Help Problems formatting date and using Regul function
9:05AM 1 creating summary functions for data frame
8:33AM 1 strange: yaxis inversion with zoo not possible?
8:05AM 1 maps does not work
7:57AM 1 How can I obtain a boxed sweave output within Latex?
5:26AM 2 Rearranging dataset
4:59AM 1 wireframe shade=T colorkey
1:58AM 1 Searching for attributes
Wednesday October 10 2007
10:17PM 1 weird (?) resid(.) from 2-level lme()
8:47PM 1 psi using .C with R
7:43PM 4 simple function with if -> lapply to dataframe
6:58PM 2 Deleting the White Space in an R graph
6:01PM 0 about regression tree label
5:12PM 1 caTools package
3:47PM 3 transparent colors
3:45PM 3 (no subject)
3:10PM 0 Thank you, and your suggestion works
3:03PM 1 Deleting for() loop in function
2:47PM 2 download.file not working
2:42PM 3 as.dist with diagonal unequal zero
2:17PM 1 gee, error=104
2:16PM 1 detrending a time series
2:13PM 3 simulated data using empirical distribution
1:59PM 2 how to generate and evaluate a design using Algdesign
1:57PM 1 disperse variable
1:49PM 2 How to catch a R error in R code
1:10PM 1 Setting qplot default options
1:09PM 0 Odp: Data manipulation question
1:07PM 2 Rooting trees using ape
12:35PM 0 Warning message when using "reldist" package
10:59AM 5 chi2
10:59AM 1 average waveform over many cycles
10:40AM 0 Current status of Sweave PNG functionality
10:12AM 1 Using expression for Italics and object evaluation in plot title
10:10AM 4 Data manipulation question
9:13AM 0 detecting finite mixtures
9:12AM 1 subsetting a data.frame
8:44AM 0 error message with option checkBuild in update.packages in R2.6.0
8:13AM 1 error message with option checkBuild in update.packages in R 2.6.0
8:07AM 2 Problem with RCMD CHECK (or BUILD)
7:04AM 11 please help me
6:36AM 1 global object in user defined function
5:49AM 0 Studentized maximum distribution
4:23AM 1 R Graphical Manuals Web API
12:39AM 3 save lm output into vectors
12:35AM 1 silhouette: clustering labels have to be consecutive intergers starting from 1?
Tuesday October 9 2007
11:48PM 2 regression by groups
10:53PM 2 R dynamic memory management
10:37PM 3 2 Sample Confidence Interval - Formatting Data?
8:45PM 1 Visualize cox proportional hazards
8:21PM 2 bug: wireframe and tcltk
6:46PM 0 weighted symmetric estimator
5:39PM 1 Multivariate chi-square distribution function
5:34PM 1 Handling two lists of matrices
5:28PM 2 Help with gamm errors
4:18PM 0 Fwd: Summary vs fivenum results for Q3
4:08PM 0 00LOCK error on site-library
3:41PM 5 continue for loop in case of erros
3:20PM 3 Summary vs fivenum results for Q3
2:34PM 3 How do I obtain the design matrix of an lm()?
2:29PM 1 problem with lower, upper triangles and diagonal
2:28PM 3 identify number of sequences from a vector
1:55PM 0 new package ppls
1:40PM 2 lattice/xyplot: horizontal y-axis labels with scales(relation="free")
1:34PM 2 extract year or month from date
1:13PM 0 Trouble writing distance matrices to file
1:07PM 0 coxph models for insects
1:05PM 1 read only certain parts of a file
12:47PM 1 Plotting two distance matrices
12:30PM 2 AlgDesign--exact and approximate design
10:59AM 2 window (x,y) co-ordinates of datapoints
10:26AM 1 pseudo code
10:22AM 0 R Help
10:10AM 2 fit.contrast and interaction terms
9:55AM 0 Using Rexcel: How to work with a range of data?
9:55AM 0 16-way comparison.
9:34AM 1 Read in date fomat while colClasses="character"
8:28AM 0 histograms and significance values
4:36AM 0 simulation using ranks
3:53AM 2 read sas data into R
3:40AM 2 Greek in vector
2:02AM 3 How to create something between a script and a package
1:09AM 1 Linear regression with constraints on the parameters.
12:44AM 1 saving simulation as .dat
12:27AM 3 igraph and plotting connected components
Monday October 8 2007
11:04PM 2 graph or svn
10:46PM 0 shared object for Rmpi
9:42PM 2 Fill a polygon with a pattern
9:37PM 1 How put description under the graph (using different lines)
9:17PM 1 do not plot polygon boundaries with spplot {sp}
8:46PM 0 "xlab" and "ylab" in clusplot
8:25PM 0 lmList function in lme4
7:31PM 3 embedFonts rotates figure
7:19PM 2 variance explained by each term in a GAM
6:28PM 0 coxph() command design and data setup
6:04PM 0 another try with Rmpi on Linux
5:50PM 5 Dice simulation: Getting rep to re-evaluate sample()?
5:08PM 2 estfun & df
4:50PM 2 as.ordered
4:04PM 1 Error message on script execution
3:44PM 0 pruning of Additive Regression Trees
3:14PM 1 Reading distance matrices
2:38PM 1 problem with times
2:26PM 2 sort time
2:22PM 1 .C("myHadamaProduct", xx, yy, nr, nc, out=as.double(rep(0.0, n)))
2:13PM 2 Applying function to data.frame
1:24PM 1 semivariogram
1:15PM 5 Specify plot size
12:42PM 1 Mouse Location on Plots
12:24PM 1 How to change row value based on previous row value
11:35AM 1 How to remove legend?
11:28AM 2 heatmap
11:20AM 1 How transform log(x+1) all data matrix?
11:19AM 0 Residuals for binomial lmer fits
10:24AM 1 data.frame's and [2, c(T, F)] in R 2.6.0
10:17AM 2 Incompatible methods ("-.POSIXt", "Ops.difftime") for "-"
5:21AM 3 tcltk scrollbar
3:49AM 1 special characters in linux using dev.print
3:43AM 0 How can i perform Fisher Exact Test for such data in R?
1:51AM 0 "R graphical manuals" updated.
12:40AM 2 R and FDA trials
Sunday October 7 2007
11:45PM 1 multcomp and lme4
8:55PM 1 Old packages to updated R
8:38PM 0 Break
7:49PM 1 Arguments to "personalised" plot()
6:59PM 1 Errors in R-2-6-0?
6:36PM 1 Question about aov
6:32PM 2 Trust p-values or not ?
5:09PM 0 Fwd: cluster analysis
4:21PM 0 ex-post prediction
3:52AM 2 Re-ordering factors
2:38AM 5 how to use \Sexpr{} with sweave
12:33AM 1 a function to compute the cumulative distribution function (cdf) of the gamma
12:01AM 1 constructing a self-starting non-linear model
Saturday October 6 2007
11:53PM 1 Tricky vectorization problem
10:48PM 2 plot the chi-square distribution for n=1 through 10, on one plot
8:05PM 1 problem installing fields package 3.5 on R 1.8.1 on linux
7:49PM 3 list matching
7:05PM 1 Question about Distinguishable Permutation
4:51PM 2 factanal: error message
3:05PM 1 Bug or not
10:01AM 2 help_R2.5 updating
8:12AM 4 R-2.6.0 and RWinEdt
2:27AM 1 replacing NA's with various numbers
Friday October 5 2007
11:30PM 1 (no subject)
9:55PM 4 Replacing NA values when building matrix using tapply
9:29PM 0 Post-hoc tests for Cox proportional hazards
9:17PM 3 Mac GUI and .Renviron
8:51PM 0 Opening Scripts with long paths causes R 2.6.0 to crash
8:33PM 1 Variable characterization by the modalities of other variables
8:02PM 1 installing Rmpi
7:54PM 1 creating objects of class "xtabs" "table" in R
6:49PM 0 compiling a module
6:33PM 0 new packages: caret, caretLSF and caretNWS
5:47PM 0 Extracting df (degree of freedom) & estfun (estimating function) from model built in lmer or lmer2
4:56PM 8 Linux editor for R+LaTeX, but not Emacs
4:47PM 0 Object oriented programming: R x S+
4:36PM 1 lme (or lmer) question
4:34PM 3 Tart charts
3:50PM 0 Optim routine loses function name
3:25PM 2 question about predict.gam
3:18PM 0 use of specaccum in routine procedure
2:03PM 0 RMySQL db connect
1:20PM 3 help in substitute function
1:20PM 0 Rpad textarea handling
12:52PM 1 skill scores
11:29AM 0 JSS: Special volume about R in ecology and ecological modelling
9:47AM 3 Remove zero row from data.frame
9:34AM 1 using spplot (sp package) with 5 quantiles
9:19AM 2 Apply vector of labels to columns of data frame
8:30AM 2 Splines
8:10AM 0 Sample size for reference data (with covariate)
7:44AM 1 R 2.6.0 Windows/lme4 Rblas load problem
7:36AM 2 know java version
7:10AM 1 Matrix package installation problem
5:39AM 0 discrepancy in the result of R and SAS on same data in logistics regression
2:09AM 1 Confused about Tukey mult. comp. after ANCOVA
1:48AM 1 Sklyar's inline package: how to return a list?
12:07AM 2 plotting region
Thursday October 4 2007
10:52PM 4 Matrix bar plot
9:11PM 1 Convergence problem in gam(mgcv)
8:34PM 0 New version of GillespieSSA package uploaded to CRAN
7:35PM 1 comparing matched proportions using glm
6:17PM 1 R2.6 + Error saving plots as PDF
5:51PM 5 combining vectors on unequal length
5:50PM 1 grep in filename
5:00PM 0 Amap new release
4:01PM 1 Problem with .libPaths & Rterm.exe (under Vista)
3:39PM 5 A rebel boxplot question
2:43PM 0 RMySQL dbConnect
2:10PM 0 caching of lengthy install?
12:44PM 2 Bug or just a problem with the computer precision?
12:32PM 3 Contour plot (level curves)
11:13AM 1 Updating packages for R 2.6.0
11:05AM 1 Sweave and LaTeX
10:41AM 2 print Text on device
10:12AM 0 SETAR and nonlinear model estimation
9:37AM 1 hessian matrix in arima
8:22AM 2 how to specify bin width in hist()
8:21AM 3 pdf() device uses fonts to represent points - data alteration?
8:20AM 2 plot from source file
7:50AM 2 what does "size" of a plotting character mean?
5:51AM 0 Missing value analysis in time series
3:23AM 1 tcltk question
2:47AM 2 as.numeric(FALSE) fails after loading the Matrix package
2:02AM 1 linewidth in Rgraphviz
12:10AM 0 ??clusplot
Wednesday October 3 2007
11:41PM 2 Windows OS, R and unicode
10:47PM 1 FW: help with mclust
10:26PM 0 Trouble with znorm
10:03PM 0 help with mclust
9:48PM 2 Forcing zero intercept in two predictor case - stat question not R question
9:31PM 1 table with a weight variable?
9:21PM 2 Shading area under density curves
8:19PM 0 datasets
7:40PM 0 Foometrics in R
7:16PM 1 help with stepclass (klaR)
6:40PM 1 Checking for adequate disk space
5:59PM 0 New package to read and write SAS Transport (XPORT) files
5:12PM 1 ggplot2: problem with geom_errorbar and geom_abline
4:45PM 2 Speeding up simulation of mean nearest neighbor distances
4:34PM 1 accuracy of pt for x close to 0
3:43PM 1 inverse of matrix made by low.tri function
3:25PM 1 Making a table: collapsing across sub-strings
2:44PM 1 offset in survreg
2:37PM 0 variance explaine by each term in GLS model
2:01PM 1 Nomogram
1:24PM 1 error installing gsl pkg
12:59PM 5 r-package RDCOMClient
12:56PM 2 Error in lm.fit(
12:37PM 1 Reimplement order somehow
11:56AM 2 R 'function' as "subroutine"
11:51AM 2 Sample selection problem
11:12AM 1 Plotmath integral gets horrible with URWPalladio
9:41AM 2 Change title size in plot(model)?
9:28AM 1 R-2.6.0 is released
9:27AM 3 P-value
9:22AM 0 leaps: regsubsets, formula including interactions
8:54AM 0 regression tree output
7:01AM 1 standard errors of regression coefficients
5:55AM 1 How to avoid overfitting in gam(mgcv)
4:57AM 3 Factor levels.
4:45AM 0 can you help me with empirical probability
4:30AM 2 How to modify function for list
Tuesday October 2 2007
9:33PM 1 Design package: plot summary
9:14PM 1 GARCH simulations
8:54PM 4 R routines vs. MATLAB/SPSS Routines
7:48PM 1 Trouble obtaining results from a loop
6:58PM 0 Adehabitat package question - trying to generate animal home ranges
6:54PM 4 Strange names when creating a data.frame: Difference between <- and =
6:53PM 2 Problem loading a txt file as a data.frame
6:29PM 0 Variable selection in R
6:23PM 3 "unique" rows in data frame
4:03PM 2 plot question
3:39PM 2 zoo timeserie continuous? complete with NaN
3:37PM 1 phyper returns negative results
3:19PM 2 Calculating proportions from a data frame rather than a table
3:12PM 2 How to add legend for image()?
3:06PM 1 permutations of a binary matrix with fixed margins
2:52PM 1 How to view the code of a method?
2:50PM 3 mcv package gamm function Error in chol(XVX + S)
2:48PM 1 Cannot Install rimage
1:53PM 0 SVM: stratified cross-validation
1:36PM 2 using sprintf with dates
11:04AM 5 Linear Regression
9:38AM 1 problem with ARES
8:49AM 1 splom pairs and groups argument
8:44AM 2 Calculating group means using self-written function
8:41AM 1 Printing to jpeg (dev.print)
3:45AM 2 building packages on Windows
3:34AM 1 problems with glm
3:19AM 2 convert a tar.gz to a Windows zip
2:33AM 2 Ordering of names on X- and Y-axis
1:35AM 0 Dealing with multiple observation per time point in time series
1:21AM 0 Avoiding overfitting in gam(mgcv)
Monday October 1 2007
10:57PM 1 tricky problem with "if" function -
10:35PM 1 sub or gsub function
10:28PM 1 lpSolve doesn't compile because of a malloc.h error
6:33PM 4 how to plot a graph with different pch
5:59PM 0 plots
5:53PM 1 saving and loading complex objects
5:10PM 1 Clustering techniques using R
4:56PM 1 Plot for two Series
4:37PM 1 function for special matrix design
4:25PM 0 Clustering literature was Re: nonlinear regression
4:09PM 0 Interpretation of residual variance components and scale parameters in GLMMs
4:01PM 2 Idioms for empty dataframes
3:57PM 3 mean of subset of rows
3:40PM 0 Multiple Regression
3:36PM 0 Re : how to create this graph?
3:30PM 1 Error loading DCluster
3:06PM 1 Graphics and LaTeX documents with the same font - multiple y-axes
2:20PM 2 xyplot
1:27PM 3 Apparently Conflicting Results with coxph
1:17PM 4 Disentagling formulas
1:13PM 3 export csv
1:02PM 1 Adding circles or ellipses to graphs
12:47PM 1 Errorlog
12:41PM 1 corMatrix crashes R 2.5.1 (windows XP) with corARMA structure
12:39PM 1 Diff. between time series and stochastic process
12:23PM 4 Concatenating one character vector into one string
9:27AM 1 Speeding up image plots
8:32AM 3 "continuous" boxplot?
8:09AM 1 read .txt
8:03AM 1 merging, interpolating two simulataneous time series
7:50AM 1 Sample fromt he real line
7:41AM 1 how to create this graph?
5:29AM 3 optimize() stuck in local plateau ?
4:27AM 2 convert time series to data.frame
2:51AM 4 data structure with coefficients, and call from lm()
2:45AM 3 3-dimensional graph
2:27AM 1 Reenviar: variables selection in Aalen and Cox model
1:52AM 2 non-linear model parameterization
12:37AM 1 [nls] singular gradient