R help - Sep 2007

Sunday September 30 2007
6:56PM 1 Append the sum of each row and column to a table matrix
6:52PM 1 Save and load workspace in R: strange error.
3:49PM 1 Problem with Palatino font in pdf figures
12:16PM 1 clipping viewports
12:11PM 1 R CMD build not excluding .svn
1:12AM 1 memory size
Saturday September 29 2007
11:49PM 1 Shapiro-Welch W value interpretation
10:12PM 2 Help with functions (iterations)
9:05PM 1 Visualization of two-mode matrix/ networks/ graphs
7:43PM 2 resetting par() to all defaults: par(reset=TRUE) ?
12:57PM 0 variables selection in Aalen and Cox model
12:02PM 0 help with within subject modelling of experimental data
10:03AM 0 stiglijk
9:32AM 3 Data manipulation
7:02AM 1 Problems installing GammaTest
5:09AM 0 frixion
4:00AM 1 [Help] Error when using nls
1:51AM 1 Problem compiling R - "use of NULL environment is defunct"
12:26AM 1 RODBC and Oracle
Friday September 28 2007
11:30PM 2 Importing only one function from a package
9:48PM 1 Selecting values
9:12PM 1 plot x-axis at 0
7:47PM 0 boot.ci and NA values
7:16PM 1 P-P plot
7:04PM 1 fitted values in LMER for the fixed-effects only
5:24PM 0 Elasticity
5:16PM 0 error message from dbConnect, using ROracle
5:12PM 1 Drawing functions on Cartesian coordinate systems
5:03PM 2 plot graph with error bars trouble
3:35PM 0 lmer giving negative, or no, estimated standard errors
3:20PM 3 orientlib
3:13PM 2 simple matching with R
3:00PM 2 Is there a model like that in R?
2:24PM 1 Converting to mode numeric within a matrix
2:11PM 0 off topic: Job advert - computational biologist
2:03PM 4 Creating nice looking lists: how?
1:49PM 0 Writing successful self-starting models for nlme
1:45PM 0 Printing the contents of a list
1:39PM 0 BATCH run library problem
1:13PM 2 File selection by condition
11:49AM 6 Graphics and LaTeX documents with the same font
11:27AM 1 errorbar il lattice plot
11:06AM 1 Help with "old" function in "base"
10:55AM 1 RMySQL installing problems
10:39AM 3 kurtosis
10:00AM 0 Barnard's exact test
9:21AM 0 transparency of one layer in multiple wireframe plot
8:01AM 2 ELF file OS ABI invalid yes?????
12:04AM 2 Plots with discontinuity balls
Thursday September 27 2007
11:17PM 2 create data frame(s) from a list with different numbers of rows
11:14PM 1 including images in a plot
10:09PM 5 New R website: R-Cookbook.com
9:28PM 0 Question on gplot heatmap.2
9:18PM 1 lm error and how to sidestep an error occured in for loop to keep it going without being interrupted
8:47PM 1 crashing R through lattice
8:14PM 0 convergence problem in boolean logit
8:09PM 1 ifelse and dates do not work together: What workaround?
7:03PM 1 RMySQL NA/NULL value storage error
6:52PM 3 testing the contents of an environment
6:19PM 1 Getting intervals for within-group standard errors for each group using nlme and varIdent
6:07PM 1 converting numbers in "YYYYMM" format to last calendar day and last exchange trading day of the month
5:56PM 2 center option of basehaz in survfit
5:44PM 1 Post-hoc after Anova() car package using linear.hypothesis() in a Repeated Measure Analysis
5:30PM 1 Reading SAS SD2 Data file
5:19PM 1 Y-axis scale in Q-Qplot
5:08PM 1 A matrix multiplication
3:24PM 1 Cairo on windows
3:16PM 1 add a row to a data frame
2:45PM 1 TukeyHSD doubts
2:09PM 3 moran's i
1:36PM 3 Expressing number in percentage
1:03PM 1 ReL plot(cox.zph())
12:38PM 0 Confidence interval
11:52AM 2 plot or boxplot!
11:08AM 1 problem loading hexbin associated package colorspace
10:52AM 3 Plotting from different data sources on the same plot (with ggplot2)
9:40AM 0 New version (2.2) of the sm package
7:44AM 0 grossing-up weights in Survey package
7:21AM 3 different colors for two wireframes in same plot
6:36AM 1 SAS proc reg stepwise procedure in R
5:46AM 1 nonlinear regression
5:29AM 3 Sweave problem in Windows
2:42AM 1 curvilinear grid
1:18AM 2 Connecting R to PostgreSQL via RODBC, on Windows
12:37AM 1 plot(cox.zph())
12:34AM 1 R: anova.Design
12:27AM 1 error message in eval
Wednesday September 26 2007
11:07PM 4 Arrows Pointing to Curve
9:14PM 1 Repeated tests against baseline
8:56PM 2 Getting group-wise standard scores of a vector
8:24PM 2 generate fourth vector based on known correlations
8:18PM 2 Password-protect script files
7:06PM 1 Accessing the fixed- and random-effects variance-covariance matrices of an nlme model
6:42PM 1 Area of overlap between polygon and circle
5:46PM 1 plot rows of matrix against a vector on one graph
4:07PM 0 font family 'symbol'
3:43PM 1 rpart error: "Error in dimnames(X)"
3:24PM 3 Scientific Notation
3:18PM 2 AIC questions
3:12PM 0 examples of use of snow package
2:44PM 1 using transcan for imputation, categorical variable
2:25PM 3 wordReport
2:25PM 2 date
2:23PM 0 Sample size
1:37PM 1 add points to wireframe
1:32PM 0 How to avoid printing index on the screen
11:28AM 1 Some simple questions about neural networks
9:42AM 0 Q: confidence intervals & plotMeans, how do i discard NA's
9:21AM 0 R on webserver with browser-gui
3:38AM 1 Calling R function from Java
2:53AM 5 sprucing up the R homepage
2:03AM 0 xtable with dupplicate rownames
12:29AM 1 Paste a matrix column in pairwise fashion with other columns?
Tuesday September 25 2007
10:14PM 0 Can't update packages because of -lgfortran
10:12PM 3 Legend
9:02PM 2 Constraining Predicted Values to be Greater Than 0
8:39PM 5 extracting data using strings as delimiters
8:02PM 0 R lmer with problem of 'sd slot has negative entries'
7:04PM 6 R2Winbugs problem
6:34PM 2 3d barplot in rgl
3:17PM 0 jumpstation
3:05PM 1 fSeries Garch and Arfima Ox interface
2:39PM 0 Multiple comparisons; rank-based anova
2:31PM 1 Rolling Window with 2 Input Vectors
2:09PM 0 Announcement: 2008 ASA Computing/Graphics Student Paper Competition
1:39PM 1 Spacing between x axis and labels
1:20PM 2 Need help with function writing
1:00PM 1 Erro plot
12:30PM 1 Create grouping from TukeyHSD (as a duncan test does)?
11:23AM 2 Adjust barplot to the left
10:46AM 7 Who uses R?
9:28AM 0 R Wiki down on 27 September
9:00AM 3 finding a stable cluster for kmeans
8:54AM 1 10- fold cross validation for naive bayes(e1071)
7:46AM 5 Am I misunderstanding the ifelse construction?
7:26AM 1 How to read stored functions
4:15AM 1 Cumulative Frequency table
1:36AM 1 Score test in logistic regression in R
1:28AM 2 Package Building help
Monday September 24 2007
11:15PM 1 GWR modeling with dummy variables
10:02PM 1 partial plots for logistic regression using glm
9:55PM 1 parse in text function of plots, confusing behaviour
9:52PM 1 PicTeX output: how to suppress escaping of $ signs and braces?
9:43PM 0 fuzzy logic
9:12PM 1 Error: cannot allocate vector of size...
7:55PM 1 hypothesis testing
7:49PM 2 how to export.RDA file to a text file?
6:13PM 0 linear model contrast questions
5:15PM 0 error rate for cluster analysis
4:51PM 1 save 3dplot to file
4:07PM 2 truehist?
3:07PM 0 Plotting tree tips in a specific order! how?
2:48PM 1 3d plot with dates on axis
2:40PM 2 making R packages and compacting an entire R set up
1:55PM 0 longitudinal imputation with PAN
1:21PM 1 urgent for R graphics
1:14PM 0 Position Openings at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
12:52PM 2 calculating/plotting error ellipses
11:35AM 0 R Courses in Munich
10:23AM 2 Calculate difference between dates in years
9:49AM 2 a bug when subtracting vectors?
9:38AM 1 Sweave and ggplot2
9:36AM 2 Performance problems to fill up a dataframe
9:20AM 1 Root finding problem
8:13AM 3 Data manipulations with numbers which are in 'comma' format
8:09AM 1 weighting question
7:59AM 0 Need help to create a monotone missing data pattern
7:23AM 0 assign one 'id' one colour for xyplot
6:48AM 3 Separate colour for comments in scripts
4:45AM 2 What is RDA file and how to open it in R program?
Sunday September 23 2007
6:34PM 1 Correlated frailty model
6:19PM 0 glmpath: how to choose best lambda
5:50PM 2 Plotting numbers at a specified decimal length on a plot()
4:04PM 0 Beginners question about Percentage similarity in R?
3:39PM 3 Network Construction in R
2:17PM 4 nls fits by groups
1:09PM 3 saving results under specified file name
8:38AM 0 Any functions available for significant increment in R-square?
7:53AM 2 return(x=x,y=y,prob=prob) hasn't been used in R now?
Saturday September 22 2007
8:35PM 0 R and Reuters 3000 Xtra.
8:07PM 1 reshape() to wide with varying number of responses to fields
7:59PM 1 R Extensions: Hyperlinking a pdf (not generated by Sweave/not a vignette) from a .Rd file
4:11PM 2 A weird observation from using read.table
4:06PM 0 error messages
12:46PM 0 Significance in Count data
9:34AM 0 How to explain the meaning of mu in the variance function of GLMs?
Friday September 21 2007
10:19PM 1 Error: (subscript) logical subscript too long
8:51PM 2 Adding a table to a plot area
8:47PM 1 Stats 101 : lm with/without intercept
8:40PM 0 Adjusting axis in forestplot()
8:37PM 1 problem with 'integrate'
8:19PM 2 duplicated names and values
5:15PM 3 Q: appending to non-existent vector?
4:38PM 1 Is it solve.QP or is it me?
4:16PM 2 getAnywhere
4:00PM 3 really dumb question | loop counters in
3:30PM 0 This site provided an excellent answer to my raster / vector plot question
3:24PM 2 truncating a data frame based on a function
3:02PM 2 text formatting
2:08PM 2 Likelihood ration test on glm
1:13PM 1 A reproducibility puzzle with NORM
12:57PM 1 Error using nls()
11:45AM 1 help with rq
9:45AM 1 fPortfolio Package
9:36AM 0 Would you please tell me about "Parallel Markov Chains "?
8:17AM 1 Building packages including Java files
5:59AM 3 Estimate correlation with bootstrap
3:13AM 0 RJDBC connection help needed
1:57AM 3 Line Graph - Greater than 2 variables on plot
1:29AM 1 BRugs package question
12:30AM 1 Help create a loopto conduct multiple pairwise operations
12:27AM 0 Time series graphs, question about using zoo [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Thursday September 20 2007
10:34PM 1 Time series graphs, question about using zoo
7:34PM 0 error in manova
6:28PM 1 convert data from
6:22PM 1 Conditional Logit and Mixed Logit
6:00PM 1 Non-metric multidimensional scaling
5:45PM 1 Time series graphs
5:32PM 2 Superimposing vector polygons over raster grid in a plot
5:31PM 1 how can I attach a variable stored in
4:46PM 1 help with making a function of scatter plot with multiple variables
4:06PM 0 Portfolio Optimization
3:54PM 2 Plotmath issue superscript "-"
3:15PM 0 Problem with lars
3:03PM 0 It works but I don't know how (nice scientific notation with Lattice)
2:48PM 2 warnings although R CMD check runs without any problem
2:07PM 0 comparing survival curves(weighted log rank test)
1:28PM 1 ggplot and xlim/ylim
1:24PM 2 Comprehensive New Learning Resource for R
1:11PM 2 Package Survey
1:08PM 2 SEM - singularity error
1:08PM 2 Cutting & pasting help examples into script window
11:59AM 2 referencing packages?
9:45AM 2 combine mathematical expressions with plain text
8:45AM 1 R
8:19AM 1 problem with generalized singular value decomposition using LAPACK
7:49AM 3 Ambiguities in vector
7:39AM 0 The Survey package again
4:24AM 1 SHLIB problem under Vista
4:11AM 1 Identify and plotting symbols. [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
3:47AM 0 R-related: problem with openvt on Ubuntu 7.04
2:19AM 0 What is the preferred method to view a pdf (not a vignette) in a package /doc ?
Wednesday September 19 2007
11:04PM 2 how to find "p" in binomial(n,p)
10:45PM 1 Subset any value and blanks
10:13PM 0 How to find "p"(proportion) in binomial(n, p)?
10:04PM 2 Identify and plotting symbols.
9:38PM 0 fCalendar
8:09PM 3 Smooth line in graph
5:34PM 2 How to pass a string as an argument to a function?
4:53PM 0 micEcon: selection(,method="ml") . Predict method?
4:50PM 3 Row-by-row regression on matrix
4:00PM 1 Strange behaviour of lars method
3:37PM 2 By() with method = spearman
3:18PM 0 ChiSquare-Test
2:23PM 0 Memory Issue
2:03PM 3 Robust or Sandwich estimates in lmer2
1:03PM 1 apply
11:48AM 1 CRAN mirror for R in India: new one at WBUT, how do we get listed in the CRAN website?
11:35AM 1 Running tcltk From a batch file
11:26AM 3 layout function for several plots
11:16AM 2 function on factors - how best to proceed
10:17AM 1 glmpath error
9:21AM 1 x and y coordinates (Rfwdmv Package)
9:04AM 0 independent plotting of predicted terms with gamlss
7:40AM 1 lmer using quasibinomial family
7:33AM 1 SEM - standardized path coefficients?
6:40AM 1 certain number of equations in function depending on parameter
5:07AM 0 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
2:18AM 0 about "normalized y" via covariance analysis
2:04AM 4 fontsize in mosaic plot lables
1:35AM 1 R advice
12:36AM 2 recommended package/docs for analyzing multiple choice tests
12:23AM 0 Create a loop to conduct multiple pairwise binary operations Retry
12:15AM 0 Create a loop to conduct multiple pairwise binary operations
12:00AM 0 Microarray Workshop in Tucson, January 2008
Tuesday September 18 2007
7:56PM 1 a quick question about "format()"
6:08PM 1 installing rgl package on linux platform
4:41PM 3 Cox regression and p-values
2:54PM 0 Linear model with svyglm
2:05PM 0 Nested loop ok now. Thanks to you all
1:11PM 0 Sorry,an other question..
1:01PM 0 Time series analysis
12:18PM 0 lme, diagnostic plots and missing values
12:07PM 1 Problem updating packages
11:46AM 0 systemfit: data
9:00AM 5 Need help on "date"
8:49AM 2 How to Standardise the x/y coordinates to the unit square?
8:38AM 0 Extracting variance-covariance matrix from nlme object
6:34AM 0 FW: ISIN numbers into Bloomberg tickers
6:08AM 1 Problem in extracting EQY_DVD_HIST from Bloomberg
5:23AM 1 Installing add-on packages
Monday September 17 2007
10:56PM 3 Sourcing encrypted files
10:22PM 0 Time-dependent association rules
9:24PM 0 Problems with compiling rimage on macOS
8:11PM 3 Histogram with colors
8:10PM 0 Intermediate R-squared results in stepwise regression
7:55PM 3 machine learning and horse racing
7:48PM 2 how to compare 2 numeric vectors
7:04PM 0 color schemes in Tinn-R
6:28PM 2 problems with nested loop
6:21PM 1 map issues
6:11PM 1 How can I write routines and scripts in the R environment ?
6:00PM 2 How to produce a macron symbol (overline / overbar) on a plot
5:19PM 2 What's the corresponding function in R for lo() function in S-PLUS?
5:17PM 1 Create correlated data with skew
5:10PM 1 var/cov matrix for a quantile regression model
4:05PM 3 data frame
3:21PM 2 removing a specific number of digist from a character string
2:42PM 2 system.time behavior using source
2:35PM 1 side bars on dendrograms with latticeExtra
2:34PM 1 Converting zoo dates to ts dates
2:18PM 0 Survey package question
1:36PM 4 graphs with gradients of colors
1:25PM 0 add group to boxplot
1:18PM 2 Matrix entries not recognised as numeric
12:15PM 1 aggregate function oddity
11:38AM 1 Importing a dataset
11:27AM 2 vector name
10:26AM 1 longtable and Sweave
10:08AM 4 Must be easy, but haven't found the function (numerical integration)
5:36AM 1 Stepwise logistic model selection using Cp and BIC criteria
4:18AM 1 random Forests
3:55AM 1 GR&R - Best methods in R
Sunday September 16 2007
10:24PM 2 power calculation for repeated measures ANOVA?
9:39PM 1 Problem with nlm() function.
9:35PM 1 programming question
5:53PM 0 Using different symbols for different points in coplot scatter diagram
4:44PM 1 Identifying objects from a data set
3:18PM 1 Factorial, L-moments, and overflows
1:25PM 2 stalled loop
8:46AM 1 Putting column names in some automated way
4:04AM 2 Plotting (vector,matrix)
2:03AM 0 my previous message: Memory Management
2:01AM 1 (no subject)
1:44AM 2 are hurdle logit-poisson model and posson model nested?
Saturday September 15 2007
11:52PM 1 Cannot get contrasts to work with aov.
10:56PM 2 naming columns of data frame
8:36PM 0 Question about VarSelRF
4:23PM 1 Pulling out parts of a generated array in R
4:11PM 2 Help with a problem
4:02PM 3 applying math/stat functions to rows in data frame
10:41AM 1 Class probabilities in rpart
10:21AM 3 starting with a capital letter
9:43AM 1 how to change print limit on screen
9:20AM 2 HTML reading,
Friday September 14 2007
11:51PM 2 locate word in vector
11:07PM 0 lme for repeated measurements over time
11:00PM 1 question on layout and image.plot
10:15PM 1 generate ROC curve using randomForest package
8:58PM 1 Copying row names
8:24PM 2 Storing Variables of different types
7:18PM 2 unbalanced effects in aov
7:09PM 1 add boxplot to histogram
6:08PM 1 Intercept in lm and in library(car): Anova
6:02PM 2 Cross Compiling
5:12PM 0 Bootstrapping / stats question (not R)
3:31PM 3 x-axis order
3:26PM 1 R2 in mixed model
2:15PM 1 add a row...
1:42PM 1 ISIN numbers into Bloomberg tickers
11:59AM 1 covariates in nlmer function
11:41AM 1 Yahoo data feed in R / Corporate Actions
11:23AM 2 quantiles and dataframe
10:56AM 1 segfault in download.file
10:50AM 2 How to remove index from list after split?
10:17AM 1 Print to file
8:34AM 1 Sweave: tables vs matrices
8:08AM 6 replace NA value with 0
3:41AM 1 Calculate the angles for a point dataset?
Thursday September 13 2007
10:33PM 1 grouping data by a portion of the row name
10:26PM 1 Looking for instructions for several questions with R
9:24PM 1 Subset Quirk?
9:21PM 2 Export Step Function Coefficients to Spreadsheet or Text File
8:20PM 1 Collapsing data frame; aggregate() or better function?
8:06PM 2 beginner's questions ... sorry
6:47PM 6 help with unit indication when plotting
6:27PM 2 loop function
6:18PM 5 statistics - hypothesis testing question
5:37PM 1 Origin label in lattice
4:50PM 3 How to delete a duplicate observation
4:12PM 0 ROracle and R 2.5.1 on Windows
4:01PM 3 t.test() with missing values
3:32PM 5 Logistic regression
3:16PM 3 how to obtain the CPU time of my program
2:55PM 2 How to use available.packages
2:54PM 6 Number -> Fraction
2:49PM 1 Multiple R sessions, Mac version
1:34PM 1 Very new help needed.
12:18PM 2 handle dates in R?
10:58AM 0 ade4 on the web: new graph gallery
10:52AM 1 smooth scrolling with windows() function
10:52AM 4 how to plot shaded area under a curve?
10:44AM 1 which test for seven groups with dependency in replication and discrete values
10:34AM 1 rearrange problem
9:47AM 3 difference between unique() and !duplicated()
9:26AM 1 pick time intervalls
7:44AM 1 minimize white space around lattice plot
6:52AM 0 Re : 财务心声。
5:05AM 3 Call C code from R
4:10AM 1 Problem using xtable on an array
3:59AM 2 Running R file from Command line.
2:50AM 3 Someone Using Java/R Interface--- JRI ?
2:08AM 2 Multivariate, multilevel regression?
12:06AM 1 trouble with installing Biobase package
Wednesday September 12 2007
11:45PM 0 Email Classified Send Over 100000-Pakistani BIZ Email Addresses
9:33PM 0 New Course*** R / S-Plus Graphics for SAS Users --- October 2007
9:24PM 1 convergence error with heidel.diag
9:11PM 1 Flaw in the installation procedure ?
8:36PM 1 how to make an orthogonal contrasts matrix?
7:58PM 1 reshape help
7:56PM 1 Wilcoxon Rank test
7:43PM 2 barplot border width
7:26PM 0 New package: hbim - Hill/Bliss Independence Model for Multicomponent Vaccines
7:05PM 1 "Save to File..." option on File menu
6:38PM 2 Nested anova with unbalanced design and corrected sample size for spatial autocorrelation
6:19PM 1 labels into graph
4:50PM 0 one-class SVM in kernlab
4:48PM 2 Evaluating args in a function
4:24PM 2 Tick intervals
3:42PM 1 irregular time series
3:13PM 2 k-means clustering
3:11PM 1 vars package, impulse response functions ??
3:04PM 0 Producing Date Reference Series...
2:33PM 0 : Error on tomcat...
2:32PM 2 vectorize a matrix conversion
2:08PM 0 looking for a french speaking R specialist for training
2:03PM 2 fail to recover decimal value from data frame
1:54PM 0 super and subscript in tcltk
1:34PM 1 plot contour map for irregular data points
1:08PM 2 Bootstrap tree selection in rpart
1:03PM 0 constructing an lm() formula in a function
12:55PM 1 Title and labelos in ggplot2
10:51AM 1 enquiry
10:33AM 1 stastistical test on normalized data
9:08AM 1 Error handling
8:32AM 3 Passing parameters to 'optim' fn function
8:12AM 1 plot vs curve
4:06AM 1 Create a "local" repository
3:09AM 1 Integrate() error message, I am at a loss
2:59AM 0 Problem with integrate()
2:49AM 1 install R packages [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
2:01AM 3 R: to view the memory
Tuesday September 11 2007
9:35PM 2 Missing data
8:26PM 0 Implementation of the butter() function for filtering.
7:56PM 2 building with atlas version of blas and lapack
7:25PM 0 Online course - Introduction to Data Handling in R.
7:18PM 1 Fitting Data to a Noncentral Chi-Squared Distribution using MLE
7:05PM 1 Vector Size Error Message
6:38PM 0 Fitting data to chi-squared or noncentral chi-squared distributions
4:56PM 2 Help regading time series data reading
4:25PM 5 Percentiles in R
4:09PM 0 Odp: storing text and decimal values in a matrix form
4:04PM 0 Meeting this week
4:00PM 6 xyplot question
1:45PM 1 as.POSIXlt, starting at 0 or 18000?
1:43PM 1 storing text and decimal values in a matrix form
1:36PM 6 Editor for R under Fedora 7
1:22PM 1 why I cannot change the font and use hot-key in Editor of JGR 1.5-6
12:54PM 1 alternative way to loop
12:30PM 0 how to run a mixed design ANOVA with repeated measures
10:36AM 2 Function to get a sequence of months
9:38AM 2 Inferences for ratios of non-normal means
9:01AM 1 Creating Hmisc labels inside a function
8:48AM 1 Multiple contrast of ANOVA
8:01AM 0 composition of a matrix by matches between two data frames
3:47AM 1 POSIXct dates on x-axis using xyplot
3:05AM 0 scuba 1.1-8
1:44AM 5 install packages automatically
1:32AM 1 what am I missing
Monday September 10 2007
9:39PM 1 Generating Replicate Datasets (using loops or other means)
9:17PM 1 using bootstrap for tree selection step in rpart
9:16PM 0 new package 'trackObjs' - mirror objects to files, provide summaries & modification times
8:01PM 1 MLE Function
7:48PM 1 persp() problem
6:52PM 1 Too many warnings when updating R
6:20PM 5 finding the minimum positive value of some data
6:08PM 1 is clustering analysis possible with R ?
5:38PM 0 State observation in predict.arima
5:36PM 1 S-Plus "resample" package and associated functions
5:02PM 0 Loop and loop output [Cox model, for, function, loglik]
4:22PM 4 off-topic: better OS for statistical computing
3:12PM 0 machine learning on ordered (ranked) feature
3:08PM 1 RWinEdt installation problems with Vista
2:26PM 2 mode or parameters of readBin
2:00PM 0 \uxxxx in libraries
1:22PM 0 corrected resampled t-test
1:16PM 1 I can't do it again on an other PC : R+RMySQL ->error loading dll
10:08AM 1 overlay lattice histograms with goodness-of-fit pdfs
10:02AM 1 Help in installing and loading the BradleyTerry add on package in R
9:35AM 0 Information theoretic approach
6:58AM 2 Are the error messages of ConstrOptim() consisten with each other?
6:05AM 3 plot legend: combining filled boxes and lines
5:54AM 1 lattice panel.lmline problem
Sunday September 9 2007
11:21PM 0 QCA version 0.4-5
7:32PM 1 fitdistr()
5:36PM 1 loop execution problem
4:27PM 1 NA in AR model residuals
1:59PM 1 stacking data frames with different variables
1:46PM 1 command to plot variannce of data (like error bar plot)
11:24AM 1 Sweave figure aspect ratio
11:07AM 1 artificial data matrix with 100000 rows
11:01AM 2 What does it mean by "initial value not available"?
9:57AM 2 Problems with strsplit
12:39AM 1 writing complex outputs to table
Saturday September 8 2007
7:01PM 2 Problem in installing packages on linux machine...
6:40PM 1 predict.arima
6:25PM 1 statistical tests under serial dependence
3:41PM 1 Suppress 'x' when appending to a csv file
10:26AM 1 argument 'lib' is missing: using '/usr/lib/R/library'
3:00AM 1 ggplot legend consolidation
1:34AM 0 Problem with the Aggregate command (PS)
1:26AM 1 Problem with the aggregate command
12:41AM 0 sqldf rocks
12:37AM 1 remove particular elements in a vector
Friday September 7 2007
11:01PM 3 Plotting lines to sets of points
10:32PM 2 R first.id last.id function error
9:59PM 1 tcl/tk help
9:42PM 3 enable object name to be called as object (a dataset)
9:04PM 1 How to obtain parameters of a mixture model of two lognormal distributions
9:00PM 1 'initial value not feasible' in constrOptim
7:53PM 2 confusion matrix - better code?
7:45PM 3 Help with color coded bar graph
7:15PM 2 Running a PERL script from R
7:09PM 1 aggregate factor
6:34PM 2 Matlab's lsqnonlin
6:17PM 2 Optimization under an absolute value constraint
5:20PM 1 Q: loess-like function that allows more predictors?
4:36PM 1 plotting to stdout
3:53PM 1 PCA IN R
3:20PM 3 Delete query in sqldf?
2:39PM 2 Automatic detachment of dependent packages
2:35PM 2 ploting missing data
2:02PM 2 help on replacing values
1:25PM 0 computing distance in miles or km between 2 street
1:00PM 1 Using clustering functions
11:42AM 1 R survey package again
9:08AM 1 negative value for AIC and BIC
8:25AM 0 Covariates and clustering of extremes
4:46AM 1 Finding convex hull?
4:40AM 5 SQL like function?
1:28AM 1 contourplot lines, text, and mtext
1:19AM 1 write.csv / string extraction and field limits
Thursday September 6 2007
8:55PM 0 incomplete latin square design
8:33PM 1 text in boxplots
7:24PM 2 larger decimal numbers get rounded ....
6:42PM 1 computing distance in miles or km between 2 street addresses
6:33PM 1 write geotiff with projection - RGDAL package
6:29PM 2 problems in read.table
5:26PM 3 Lisp-like primitives in R
1:45PM 4 Monotonic interpolation
12:49PM 1 labelling specific points xyplot
12:36PM 3 Survey package
11:51AM 1 read.table
10:27AM 3 creat list
10:02AM 1 order intervals in a data.frame
9:15AM 1 the survey package
8:13AM 1 smooth functions
7:54AM 3 Warning message with aggregate function
7:48AM 3 kendall test
6:55AM 2 How to do ANOVA with fractional values and overcome the error: Error in `storage.mode<-`(`*tmp*`, value = "double") : invalid to change the storage mode of a factor
2:57AM 1 Rggobi compilation error: display.c
2:49AM 1 The variables combined in a table from other table and combination questions
1:06AM 1 change all . to 0 in a data.frame
Wednesday September 5 2007
11:43PM 3 'singular gradient matrix’ when using nls() and how to make the program skip nls( ) and run on
11:17PM 1 question: randomization t-test function already defined in R?
10:55PM 0 confidence intervals of proportions from complex surveys
9:48PM 1 writing elements in list as a data frame
8:18PM 1 Question about making array dataset inside a package
8:17PM 0 Round Off Error Variance
5:47PM 3 list element to matrix
5:27PM 0 level names with groupdedData object
4:34PM 1 ecological meaning of randomForest vegetation classification?
4:15PM 0 New R package plink for separate calibration IRT linking
2:54PM 2 Multiple xyplots
2:43PM 0 multivariate ARMA simulation
2:34PM 1 geotiff or tiff files with world files
1:50PM 6 length of a string
1:45PM 0 Spline
12:35PM 1 Monotone splines
11:15AM 1 Running geeglm unstructured corstr
7:51AM 2 question about non-linear least squares in R
7:20AM 1 How to extract part of an array?
4:47AM 3 [Lattice] Incrase the height of strips in Trellis plots
3:13AM 1 problem formatting and positioning title in heatmap
Tuesday September 4 2007
11:02PM 2 Help on inverse distribution
10:14PM 4 Q: selecting a name when it is known as a string
9:13PM 1 UseR! 2007 presentations and posters - now available
8:43PM 1 Rcmdr scatter3d
8:32PM 2 lattice xyplot with bty="l"
8:12PM 2 Howto sort dataframe columns by colMeans
7:51PM 2 Confusion using "functions to access the function call stack" example section
7:32PM 1 bootstrap confidence intervals with previously existing bootstrap sample
6:42PM 2 Recursive concatenation
5:59PM 1 rug() colors
5:55PM 1 Robust linear models and unequal variance
4:52PM 2 capture.out(system())?
4:17PM 1 SOLVED: importing huge XML-Files -- new problem: special characters
4:05PM 1 Variable scope in a function
4:02PM 2 multiphasic growth curve analysis
3:05PM 3 Pie Chart Labels
3:05PM 1 interpolation
2:57PM 1 how to extract t-test statistics from glm()?
2:52PM 1 data.frame loses name when constructed with one column
2:30PM 3 variable format
2:04PM 0 ML fit of pareto and lognormal distributions to grouped data
1:59PM 2 For loop with if else statement
11:56AM 1 Executing a DOS proram from R
11:38AM 0 Incomplete rank functions
10:34AM 3 how to do interpolation
9:53AM 4 integers
8:52AM 2 Table and ftable
8:07AM 1 kendalls tau c
7:53AM 0 Announcement: CRAN packages 'urca' and 'vars' on R-Forge
7:53AM 1 Help: how can i build a constrained non-linear model?
7:22AM 0 Trying to simulate
3:48AM 2 Efficient sampling from a discrete distribution in R
Monday September 3 2007
9:05PM 2 Derivative of a Function Expression
8:25PM 1 how to compute cross correlation
6:42PM 0 ADV: Support and Services for R from Random Technologies, LLC.
6:16PM 2 Row-Echelon Form
5:01PM 1 match help
2:32PM 2 Fitting Pattern-Mixture Models
2:03PM 1 using temporary arrays in R
11:59AM 3 plotting predicted curves with log scale in lattice
11:11AM 1 Graphic representation of model results
10:12AM 1 Legend issue with ggplot2
9:55AM 0 Plotting a table under a dendrogram
9:04AM 0 some problems with "linebuffer"; was: Bug?
8:08AM 2 The quadprog package
7:37AM 1 Ask alpha cronbach and Hoyt method
7:31AM 0 adehabitat version 1.7
6:43AM 4 sin(pi)?
6:36AM 3 element wise opertation between a vector and a list
4:38AM 1 Embedding Audio Files in Interactive Graphs
Sunday September 2 2007
10:03PM 2 Different behavior of mtext
4:53PM 0 ggplot2 - version 0.5.5
2:20PM 2 NAs in indices
2:04PM 1 how to sub-sample a variable on another file coordinates
10:29AM 5 Function modification: how to calculate values for every combination?
7:31AM 1 Question on graphs and simple if statements
Saturday September 1 2007
7:34PM 2 Importing huge XML-Files
4:48PM 1 why doesn't as.character of this factor create a vector ofcharacters?
2:44PM 0 Visual details in integration of emacs, ess, Sweave (under aquamacs on OS X)
1:33PM 1 Problem in downloading Yahoo Finance data from R
1:23PM 2 Comparing "transform" to "with"
12:47PM 1 genoud problem
11:27AM 0 iplots Java
7:59AM 0 Neural network
3:57AM 1 row echelon form
12:36AM 1 Sweave rendering of simple character