R help - Nov 2007

Friday November 30 2007
11:25PM 2 Quantiles and QQ plots
10:09PM 1 about col in heatmap.2
8:21PM 6 Generating a value
8:12PM 7 Rating R Helpers
7:48PM 3 How to choose 3 random numbers from 1 up to 9?
6:44PM 1 how to find critical values of t in R
6:15PM 0 Correlation among random effects in lme
6:10PM 1 Help with tables
4:59PM 2 finding roots (Max Like Est)
4:53PM 0 get rid of format padding
4:49PM 1 Set panel background color in a multi-group trellis plot
4:39PM 0 problem using MICE with option "lda"
4:12PM 2 assign vector name
3:16PM 2 making annotations on graph window
3:09PM 1 Boxplots illustrating the fixed effects in a lme object
3:06PM 1 formula substitution by its calculated value
2:38PM 1 No quote
2:25PM 2 nls and discontinuous functions
12:56PM 1 meta-analysis on diagnostic tests (bivariate approach)
12:38PM 1 Rolling Correlations
12:06PM 0 problem when use R plug-in of Eclipse
11:55AM 2 Organising tick-marks in plot()
11:36AM 0 Is there any multivariate regression function to combine all variables from a dataset?
10:27AM 1 rollapply on zoo object
10:21AM 0 hierarchical clustering
9:42AM 1 simplex projection and S-Map
8:56AM 0 How to Compute envelope of Khat in Splancs Package
5:54AM 1 what to do if residuals produced by lm() have long tails?
3:44AM 2 using color coded colorbars for bar plots
2:33AM 0 vector sprintf argument [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
2:09AM 2 lmer and method call
2:05AM 1 main plot title
1:42AM 1 vector sprintf argument
12:07AM 2 List operations in R
Thursday November 29 2007
10:41PM 1 configure the margin of the plot
9:22PM 1 Controlling Postscript output, size and orientation
9:00PM 4 How can R be used to solve algebra equations?
7:52PM 1 Wireframe graph: black and white shading instead of color
7:45PM 1 extracting items from R objects and using them in \Sexpr with Sweave--problem with $
7:38PM 1 error in utils:::menuInstallPkgs() for R 2.6.1
7:07PM 1 Anova(car) SS digits
6:47PM 1 Working with time series class object
6:36PM 0 fatal error from R function "gls"
6:13PM 1 Question on structuring variances using the lme4 package
5:39PM 2 How to take the ave of two rows in a data frame
5:14PM 2 How to align the text in the legend
4:25PM 1 coloring leaves in clustering
4:06PM 2 How to manipulate a data frame
3:22PM 1 Bootstrap Correlation Coefficient with Moving Block Bootstrap
3:05PM 0 rpvm error when loading
2:51PM 1 relative importance of predictors
2:48PM 0 Listing factor levels for elements of letters in an rpart plot
2:48PM 1 Data sets with usage in documentation object but not in code
2:40PM 0 empty cells in ftable
2:25PM 0 New versions of the caret (3.08) and caretLSF (1.12) packages
2:04PM 0 Doing PCA
1:42PM 0 Boxplots from lme objects
12:03PM 2 sqlQuery of variable of type varchar - confusion with "."
11:52AM 2 image() plot with z not in matrix format
11:24AM 1 Testing normality
11:04AM 1 How to perform Bayesian analysis in R?(corrected)
11:00AM 0 How to perform Bayesian analysis in R?
10:54AM 0 R , Eclipse
10:53AM 2 library(RII)
10:45AM 0 Crossed factorial design with 2 random factors
10:08AM 0 Influence of subdataset
8:23AM 1 Prorating scale items
6:48AM 0 LOCFIT:Automatic bandwidth selection for kernel regression
6:38AM 0 Locfit kernel regression: automatic bandwidth selection
6:12AM 0 how to call out the estimated parameter values
4:02AM 1 Question about using “par”
3:54AM 6 MS Excel Data
3:06AM 1 help!!!
2:51AM 2 convert an S plus file to R?
1:11AM 1 Survreg(), Surv() and interval-censored data
Wednesday November 28 2007
11:49PM 0 6 Courses: Upcoming January-February 2008 R/S+ Course Schedule by XLSolutions Corp
11:46PM 2 how to read in a txt file with some blanks
11:40PM 0 convert an S file to R?
11:13PM 1 Power model in R
10:59PM 1 boxplot with datapoint
10:38PM 0 Designs with many periods
10:09PM 0 trouble for building R package in Windows
9:56PM 0 Heatmap or Heatmap.2---hclust
8:11PM 0 Rmpi : openmpi and mpi.spawn.Rslaves
7:53PM 0 Power Spectral Sensity
7:44PM 2 Dates in R
6:27PM 6 How to create data frame from data with unequal length
6:14PM 0 Package dlm version 0.8-1
6:12PM 1 ggplot2 melt function "value"
5:05PM 2 Graphics after invoking R from the command line
4:54PM 1 Can't make affylmGUI work
4:14PM 2 alternatives to traditional least squares method in linear regression ?
3:47PM 3 Simulate an AR(1) process via distributions? (without specifying a model specification)
3:38PM 3 Recommended textbooks for R?
2:53PM 4 Replacing values job
2:52PM 3 using names with functions..
2:41PM 1 Fail to open R 2.6.1 - additional information
2:34PM 0 Fail to open R 2.6.1
2:31PM 0 Antwort: Re: Order observations in a dataframe
1:28PM 1 question about warning message in nlme model
12:58PM 1 simulating a 2-parameter integrated ornstein-uhlenbeck process?
12:49PM 1 Http_proxy settings with autoproxy.php
12:11PM 1 interaction of continuous terms
11:41AM 0 Vacancy: UC Merced
11:18AM 2 Clustering
11:10AM 0 Plotting Vector Fields
9:57AM 2 fit linear regression with multiple predictor and constrained intercept
8:56AM 2 Different value between R variance and definition of variance
8:16AM 1 Order observations in a dataframe
8:08AM 1 How can I read the actual value (?) defined by set.seed(?) earlier?
7:55AM 1 how to find and use specific column after spliting dataframe
6:48AM 0 qestion on cmd scale
6:44AM 0 question on cdf compare in R
5:12AM 3 Fortran Code to R Code
4:14AM 2 [OT] putting URLs in Latex
3:45AM 1 ifelse function
2:43AM 0 Questions on RWeka classifiers
2:41AM 1 Print Summary
2:02AM 0 R crash using rpanel on mac os x
1:56AM 1 interaction of shingles and tapply()
12:57AM 2 extracting year an month from ts data set
12:08AM 1 Histograms and Sturges rule
Tuesday November 27 2007
9:40PM 5 windows vista
8:37PM 1 Re place values in Data matrix
7:27PM 2 R graph window
7:06PM 1 Questions on RWeka classifiers?
6:55PM 2 str() options
6:43PM 4 if condition and for cycles
6:01PM 3 problem with plotting table
5:27PM 2 max() and min() functions not found
5:19PM 2 rearrange data: one line per subject, one column per condition
5:09PM 1 help in ar function
4:51PM 1 voronoi/Delaunay/Dirichlet tessellation on sphere in R or S?
4:31PM 1 Export in pdf, png, jpg, eps, etc...
4:19PM 2 measure smoothness
1:36PM 1 Difference between AIC in GLM and GLS - not an R question
1:26PM 0 Function to calculate eigenvector bootstrap error
12:41PM 2 exporting clustering results to table
11:41AM 2 exporting a split list
10:49AM 1 Packages for Animal Models & QG analyses
8:28AM 3 R 2.6.1 & library(svIDE)
5:13AM 1 recovering "status" after q(status=n) in Windows
1:49AM 2 lme object manipulation
12:59AM 2 calculate column means when missing data is present
12:02AM 0 Please ignore previous .Rd question
Monday November 26 2007
11:59PM 3 generating .Rd files
10:50PM 1 anyway to force rpart() to include a specific predictor
10:19PM 2 2d Joint Density Plot
9:07PM 3 Time Series Issues, Stationarity ..
8:20PM 1 Odds Ratio calculation
8:07PM 1 spss, string factors, selecting
7:43PM 1 newbie polr() question
7:40PM 0 Specification Tests for Tobit Models
7:34PM 3 Problem with avoiding rep
7:16PM 1 Plotting with R: setting the y axis
6:57PM 0 writing statistical function for boot
6:48PM 1 Preserving output of MCMC iterations
6:34PM 1 looking for packages that visualize nucleotide sequence properties
5:33PM 1 visualizing nucleotide sequence properties
5:25PM 1 mvr error in PLS package
5:11PM 3 Communicating from one function to another
4:49PM 0 All files inactive in installing R
4:45PM 2 Problem installing R on Solaris 9
4:03PM 1 limits on the length of the name of a script file in R 2.6.0.?
3:35PM 3 Fwd: Empty list to use in a for cycle
2:44PM 2 ftable as latex (with Hmisc?)
2:38PM 0 R-2.6.1 is released
2:31PM 2 Filling in a Zero Matrix
2:31PM 4 writing summary() to a text file
2:08PM 1 pass lm( ) a char vector as the variables to be included
12:19PM 0 help in md scaling
11:32AM 1 Unweighted meta-analysis
6:29AM 1 CPCA?
3:49AM 1 problem in closing R console
3:00AM 3 determine the number of digits printed into graph with "text(...)"
2:22AM 1 about Runtime Error
Sunday November 25 2007
10:43PM 1 attribute evaluation
10:41PM 2 Install repeated library
10:33PM 1 Set the grid.layout programmatically?
8:01PM 2 rowMean, specify subset of columns within Dataframe?
7:35PM 0 Assessing accuracy of clustering output
6:54PM 1 spec.pgram() - circularity of kernel
6:42PM 2 accessing the "address" of items in a recursive list
3:45PM 1 Package Building under Windows with MikTeX 2.6
1:18PM 1 Constructin a call of function including permutation of column names - how to escape parentheses?
1:15PM 2 how to wait after plotting in BATCH mode?
12:30PM 0 What is the "deviance " and the "change in deviance" of a logistic regression?
12:12PM 3 howto remove all variables (cleanup)
8:48AM 1 GAM with constraints
4:10AM 0 time series analysis with covariates
Saturday November 24 2007
11:18PM 1 'Split' chracter
11:15PM 2 'Split' character
10:42PM 1 Customizing x-axis with stripchart
10:35PM 1 R2winBUGS | option to turn off GUI?
9:26PM 5 Dot plots in R
5:47PM 1 question regarding an error message from survey package
5:42PM 2 AIC and model selection; not a R question
4:52PM 1 Indexing and partially replacing 99, 999 in data frames
3:41PM 1 Hmisc: can not reproduce figure 4 of Statistical Tables and Plots using S and LATEX
2:07PM 5 how to calculate the return?
1:47PM 1 scan(file, encoding=?)
12:43PM 2 how to compute highest density interval?
10:59AM 1 ragged array with append
9:49AM 2 [:]
9:28AM 0 Help on State-space modeling
8:55AM 2 truncated fields with RODBC
7:55AM 3 help in plotting
7:38AM 1 how to label multiple plots
4:44AM 1 grDevices
Friday November 23 2007
9:16PM 0 missing values: a question
9:13PM 2 updating matrix from a dataframe
9:02PM 2 looking for function like rollmean()
8:08PM 0 Major update to package relimpo: Version 2.0
6:49PM 1 missing values
6:20PM 1 ggplo2: fixed extent greater than data?
5:07PM 1 complex conjugates roots from polyroot?
5:00PM 1 intercept in lars fit
4:54PM 1 multiple comparisons/tukey kramer
4:45PM 2 R2winBUGS & WinBUGS gui
3:58PM 0 Mutual information
3:42PM 4 PCA with NA
3:38PM 4 help pleaseeeeeeeee
3:09PM 3 matrix (column-wise) multiple regression
9:25AM 2 rbinom with computed probability
8:48AM 0 bootstrap for nlme
7:12AM 0 2.6.1 and 2.7.0 installation bug?
5:35AM 0 R users in Cyprus
5:27AM 1 R 2.6 and library(survival)
3:42AM 1 formatting POSIXlt object as strip labels in lattice plot
3:38AM 1 Problem with environments
1:21AM 0 compiling R on a shared webhost
1:04AM 2 BUG: choose function
12:52AM 0 Binary data
12:32AM 2 printing levels as tuples
Thursday November 22 2007
11:57PM 4 more outrageous plotting
10:25PM 1 axis invertion
10:12PM 2 Clean programming with R
8:48PM 1 Cluster Analysis:build a classifier?
7:38PM 3 anova planned comparisons/contrasts
7:36PM 1 how to build a saturated model for logistic regression?
7:19PM 1 problem updating packages on Ubuntu 7.10
6:49PM 0 apache and php running R
6:13PM 0 Problem with tsboot
6:09PM 2 function for all binomial combinations?
4:58PM 1 Any useR conference in US in YR2008
3:58PM 1 Package specific dependencies...
1:45PM 1 match
1:20PM 1 Summary: Process multiple columns of data.frame
12:46PM 3 question about extreme value distribution
11:52AM 2 Cutting a vector
11:43AM 6 Packages - a great resource, but hard to find the right one
11:16AM 5 testing independence of categorical variables
10:28AM 2 manual parallel processing
10:14AM 1 Matrix of dummies from a vector
9:58AM 2 Vectorize a correlation matrix
9:52AM 0 instalation problem WXP
9:30AM 1 A installation problem that needs your supports.
8:16AM 3 Naming elements of a list
7:27AM 1 grDevices package
5:52AM 1 distance matrix to coordinate format for spatial stats
4:24AM 1 dev.off()
2:50AM 0 wujinja@yahoo.com.tw
2:43AM 2 Heatmap problem
Wednesday November 21 2007
11:42PM 1 Plotting + saving to file on Linux
11:19PM 0 Vanishing Font Path
10:55PM 0 survest and survfit.coxph returned different confidence intervals on estimation of survival probability at 5 year
9:12PM 1 Different freq returned by spec.ar() and spec.pgram()
9:10PM 1 R 2.6.0 Error in X11() : could not find X11 fonts
8:45PM 3 How can I save a plot ?
8:37PM 1 fitting a line to a logaritmic plot
7:53PM 1 ggplot2 axis labels
7:30PM 2 matrix elementwise average with NA's
5:16PM 0 Choosing the right model
4:29PM 1 better curve
4:20PM 1 Help Required in using cast (reshape package) function
2:53PM 2 Changing axis scale
2:24PM 3 Packages - a great resource, but hard to find the right one.
2:08PM 2 Reconstruct array dataset
12:28PM 1 multiple comparison (glht) problem
12:27PM 2 uniq -c
12:18PM 1 question about multiple comparison in ANOVA
12:06PM 3 R as server application
11:42AM 1 normalised Voigt random numbers
11:15AM 4 NA values
10:05AM 3 shrink a dataframe for plotting
9:56AM 3 sorting dataframe
9:45AM 1 ave and sd
8:06AM 0 How to extract the Deviance of a glm fit result
7:35AM 1 Calculating AUC from ROCR
6:43AM 1 problem modeling time series
6:26AM 1 equivalent of Matlab robustfit?
4:53AM 1 Help Required
3:04AM 1 Manipulating x axis in stripchart
2:53AM 1 How to select rows with identical index from two matrix?
1:41AM 1 problem with nb2listw
1:13AM 1 Is there a simpler way to do this?
12:28AM 1 Frailty
Tuesday November 20 2007
11:42PM 1 Vectorization/Speed Problem
11:09PM 1 skewness: generating distribution and estimating M3.
10:29PM 1 display basename
8:06PM 5 Loc function in R??
8:06PM 0 asymptote
7:14PM 2 Adding points on top of lines in xyplot
6:20PM 2 Logarithmic axis
5:56PM 1 R 2 UDB
5:27PM 1 Process multiple columns of data.frame
4:57PM 0 try FlexMix RE: mulitmodal distributions
4:17PM 0 Problems with fonts on linux using GDD
4:16PM 2 barplot problem
4:03PM 0 Move R to a clean Linux install from an old install
3:57PM 1 print " character
3:50PM 2 as.character(seq(-.35,.95,.1))
3:47PM 1 Canonical Correlation Analysis
3:41PM 1 xy.coords and log10
3:39PM 1 intercept in multiple regression
3:12PM 2 Friendly way to link R - MySQL and non-(R and Mysql) users ?
2:26PM 2 adding an image to a plot
2:18PM 0 randomForest() question
2:03PM 0 p.adjust on matrix of P-values from correlations
1:21PM 1 How to map clusters to a correlation matrix
1:02PM 1 plotting confidence intervals of regression line
1:00PM 1 Problem with code for bootstrapping chi square test with count data
12:01PM 2 Use and misuse of "update" function for non-models. Any views/recommendations??
11:53AM 2 How to improve a function converting year, day of year, decimal hour into date ?
11:48AM 0 significance levels for partial correlations?
9:03AM 2 if ( expr )
5:46AM 1 How is the Gauss-Newton method compared to Levenberg-Marquardt for curve-fitting?
3:18AM 4 Problems with NA's
2:08AM 1 Help with talking to R from Java (on Window)
12:37AM 2 Plotting Non Numeric Data
12:32AM 1 assign if not set
Monday November 19 2007
11:41PM 2 Effective code for 2 vector multiplication?
11:01PM 0 add points to xyplot() from alternate data frame
10:57PM 1 mulitmodal distributions
8:35PM 2 delete a row in a matrix
8:16PM 1 reading graph metadata text from a file
8:11PM 2 Search for a usable pan manual
8:09PM 2 Using windows() and jpeg()
8:00PM 1 Convert from ppp to spp objects
7:44PM 1 biocep project (R for the Web and the Virtual R Workbench)
6:51PM 2 biplot
5:16PM 0 it looks like ...
5:15PM 1 any measure for curvature
4:47PM 2 ASCII character set and hyphen
4:45PM 1 Problem in R 2.6.0 for windows ?
4:08PM 0 R code for L-moment digram
3:55PM 1 snow, MPI, comm
3:36PM 3 Trying to get around R
3:16PM 1 print matrix content on plot
3:14PM 0 hypen in pdf
2:59PM 4 sequence of vectors
2:46PM 1 Finding proportion of observations that are outliers from the left tail of the normal distribution
1:45PM 1 spatial overlap of datasets
1:28PM 2 Date and lattice
1:17PM 0 Using density() and turnpoint to Identify maxima in data
1:14PM 0 defining error families in lme?!
11:29AM 1 building packages: hhc.exe not found using xp
11:10AM 0 ave and levels
9:57AM 2 All nonnegative integer solution
8:32AM 6 Reg : using two different matrix : how to do t.test
8:29AM 1 using two different matrix : how to do t.test
7:14AM 2 Extracting only one part of an string
1:35AM 2 Editorial in Notices of the AMS: Open Source Mathematical Software
Sunday November 18 2007
11:38PM 4 Re ad HTML table
8:36PM 2 Getting theta in italic in a plot
8:19PM 0 Problems with connection via proxy
8:04PM 1 Exporting a plot with the LaTeX font lmodern
6:46PM 2 Obtaining x-values from ECDF
6:35PM 1 how to sort a data.frame by ascending some columns
5:35PM 1 many zeroes in rgamma ... what's going on?
10:58AM 0 question regarding time series packages
10:05AM 1 "Couldn't find function par"
2:28AM 2 makeGOGraph node spacing
1:29AM 3 Linear Regression with lm Forcing the Slope to Equal 1
Saturday November 17 2007
10:04PM 1 protecting "..."
8:46PM 3 R and reading matlab compressed files
8:45PM 2 Rename Variable and package gdata
5:03PM 0 Drawing to a buffer (or double buffering)
12:51PM 2 Getting Annual (Conditional) Averages
6:42AM 1 odf and unzip: unzip not found
5:26AM 1 OT: good code snippet manager
1:04AM 1 save p-value in mshapiro.test(mvnormtest)
Friday November 16 2007
11:42PM 4 Permutation of a distance matrix
11:31PM 1 Nonparametric manova
10:24PM 2 analysis of large data set
9:43PM 1 How to save multiple graphs into a single file
8:28PM 1 graphics - line resolution/pixelation going from R to windows metafile
8:27PM 1 Exponential Smoothing for ggplot2's stat_smooth()
8:07PM 1 options$max.print
7:27PM 3 R det
6:53PM 0 Help on ANCOVA
6:38PM 2 Help with R software
6:30PM 0 New version of actuar
6:08PM 1 Extracting x-values from an ecdf
4:12PM 1 How do I import packages with the package I've built?
4:12PM 1 generate multivariate F with specified correlation matrix
4:07PM 1 Question about lmRob
3:46PM 2 Arranging multiple lattice plots in one page
3:33PM 1 ggplot2 frequency Y axis label
3:07PM 0 Fixed heritability in an lme model
2:38PM 1 constraint matrices in vglm (VGAM package)
2:34PM 4 alternative to logistic regression
2:22PM 1 Efficient way to compute power of a sparse matrix
1:30PM 1 monthplot () - axis change color
12:59PM 0 accessing nodes in a dendrogram
11:58AM 2 Debugging a hanging function within R
11:50AM 1 logrank test
11:35AM 2 expand.grid overflows?
10:38AM 0 Odp: R: ave and quantile
10:22AM 2 ks.test
10:21AM 7 sorting factor levels by data frequency of levels
9:36AM 2 creating discretized data
5:28AM 3 Rgraphviz
Thursday November 15 2007
10:10PM 1 Why is model.matrix creating 2 columns for boolean?
9:54PM 3 How to deal with character(0)?
9:07PM 3 Graphics device storable in a variable
9:00PM 1 Writing a helper function that takes in the dataframe and variable names and then does a subset and plot
8:08PM 1 Equal confidence interval arrowhead lengths across multiple-paneled lattice plots with free y-scales
8:06PM 2 RMySQL installation problem
8:03PM 3 not R question : alternative to logistic regression
7:47PM 2 Normalizing data
7:12PM 2 Using plotmath expressions in lattice key text
6:45PM 1 HELP: How to subtract a vector out of each row of a matrix or array
6:05PM 2 how to extract the elements of a list of vectors in a fixed position?
5:55PM 2 Rgui Windows command history
5:54PM 2 sample nth day data in each month
5:50PM 5 Multiply each column of array by vector component
5:11PM 0 Error with read.delim & read.csv
4:26PM 1 Plot problem
4:07PM 0 quadratic solver, constrained problem
4:01PM 0 syntax for a 3-level nlme model
3:53PM 1 Problems working with large data
3:36PM 3 Ancova doesn't return test statistics
3:07PM 1 homogenity inside groups
3:03PM 2 font formating
2:51PM 2 counting strings of identical values in a matrix
2:18PM 0 Re : Unable to save plot as ".pdf" , "ps" , "eps"
2:15PM 5 Romoving elements from a vector. Looking for the opposite of c(), New user
1:11PM 1 Unable to save plot as ".pdf" , "ps" , "eps"
11:55AM 0 Package to make stepwise model selection using F or Chisq test
11:09AM 1 read complicated file
10:01AM 1 problem with png()
9:55AM 1 histogram plot as step function
6:57AM 1 what is the "right" way to obtain frequencies of vector values?
5:05AM 1 R Help
4:51AM 3 generate combination set
4:41AM 3 kalman filter estimation
3:01AM 1 Moving to a Mac environment - quick question
12:43AM 1 Quantile Regression Question
Wednesday November 14 2007
11:20PM 0 Question about AGNES by Rousseeuw et al. in the package "cluster": How many clusters?
11:07PM 1 Help with K-means Clustering
10:41PM 2 adding in missing values in a sequence
10:09PM 0 Piecewise Linear Regression
9:49PM 1 calc dist AB for B at levels of A
9:06PM 1 Changing the text in the strips of lattice plots and y axis
8:27PM 2 where is library file
7:19PM 2 Help with Bartlett's test on linear model
7:18PM 2 Generating these matrices going backwards
6:49PM 1 reading tables from url
6:21PM 2 About print a label in plot
5:58PM 1 enumeration variable by groups
5:53PM 1 Name collisions
5:10PM 2 executable script
4:51PM 1 intersect character
4:06PM 2 no applicable method for "names"
3:56PM 3 How to get row numbers of a subset of rows
3:51PM 0 forecasting package installation errors
3:49PM 0 as.data.frame.array
3:46PM 1 graphics in cocorresp package
3:31PM 2 convex optimization package for R, specifically semidefinite programming
2:22PM 1 label plotting on nmds diagram
1:15PM 1 Projection of Shapefiles using Maptools
12:30PM 0 Weights argument in loess (stats)
10:37AM 1 test for existance of a method for given class
10:31AM 1 problems with splinefun()
10:31AM 2 Generating log transformed random numbers
10:27AM 2 Log random number
10:21AM 0 polygon overlap in multidimensional space
9:02AM 0 R Crashes on certain calls of Adapt
9:00AM 0 Help about nnet library
8:25AM 0 Hottelings T2-test for multivariate lingitudinal data
8:22AM 2 geotiff calculations
8:18AM 1 Newbie question about data preparation
6:35AM 0 Is there any document explaining the pararell regression detailly ?
2:23AM 1 differing scales for lattice plot panels
Tuesday November 13 2007
11:33PM 3 cronbach's alpha
10:47PM 0 Difficult to set a quiet formula in maanova
10:30PM 1 ggplot2: changing axis labels in ggplot()
10:29PM 2 Getting mean in a dataframe
10:03PM 0 Yet Another Image Format: tikz/pgf
10:02PM 0 Integrating a two variable function
9:59PM 1 logistic regression model specification
8:57PM 0 Splines and piecewise polynomials
7:34PM 1 Cleaning database: grep()? apply()?
6:58PM 2 question about glm behavior
6:43PM 0 need help with error message:Error in lm.fit(design, t(M)) : incompatible dimensions
5:55PM 1 building a data.frame from a matrix: preventing conversion to factors
5:16PM 1 Error while calculating AOV
4:52PM 1 Discrimination of almost-random time series
4:51PM 2 cbind function
4:26PM 2 Query an Access database based on a date attribute (Tudor Bodea)
3:45PM 2 group mean, minus each row's value
2:35PM 0 constraining the shape of a PDF
2:29PM 2 map - mapproj : problem of states localisation
1:39PM 1 `eval' and environment question
1:29PM 4 factors levels ?
1:12PM 2 negative binomial lmer
1:07PM 2 How to count the number of sequences in matrix?
12:39PM 1 script fails because of library loading
12:30PM 3 ESRI Shapefile for EU-25
11:53AM 2 plotting coxph results using survfit() function
11:49AM 7 combine two dataframe
11:41AM 1 R: Query an Access database based on a date attribute
11:16AM 0 resampling
10:01AM 1 a very easy question, how to extract the name of the response variable
9:59AM 2 tapply, mean and subset
9:50AM 2 modal
9:24AM 0 Odp: cor.test() and binary sequences
8:46AM 2 Plot segments with different colors
7:44AM 2 finding the annual maximun within several years
6:39AM 0 cor.test() and binary sequences
6:12AM 1 FW: Reference category for explanatory factors
6:08AM 2 percent inclusion in cph
3:16AM 1 TRUNCATED error with data frame
1:44AM 2 connection diagram
1:07AM 3 The "reverse" of do.call("rbind",) on a list
Monday November 12 2007
11:00PM 2 Query an Access database based on a date attribute
10:28PM 0 MASS library rob.cov ellipse
10:15PM 1 Tick mark puzzle.
10:01PM 4 how to assign a group mean to individual cases?
9:54PM 1 update matrix with subset of it where only row names match
9:40PM 1 Using lme (nlme) to find the conditional variance of the random effects
9:02PM 0 Kronecker product in C file
8:52PM 1 mtry in ctree_control()
8:42PM 1 How to set up your library location for multiple users
8:18PM 4 a repetition of simulation
7:42PM 1 referring to a data-frame column using a variable
7:27PM 2 How can I fitting this function from values.
6:47PM 4 time plotting problem
6:39PM 0 installing R with RPM
6:37PM 3 How to pool a group of samples and take the ave.
6:31PM 1 Microsoft SOAP - Help!!
6:10PM 1 Resample a matrix (table)
5:55PM 0 na's and continuous variables
5:46PM 0 a very little help with sample weights
5:31PM 0 Package fEcofin fails to download
5:09PM 1 help in long loops
4:41PM 0 dtp point and pdf
3:42PM 1 plot
1:54PM 2 R 2.6.0 & RMySQL
1:49PM 0 Resid() and estimable() functions with lmer
12:26PM 1 (no subject)
12:23PM 1 removing nodes from a dendrogram
11:51AM 2 strange `nls' behaviour
11:39AM 2 how to extract the original data of a glm object
10:12AM 1 bootstrap
10:07AM 2 specifying decimal places
9:51AM 0 How can Bradley Terry package for log-linear model be applied since design matrix is properly build
6:49AM 2 how to randomize a vector
3:32AM 2 graphical parameters and acf
2:53AM 1 R - lme
1:28AM 1 how to run a linux syntax within an R script?
12:51AM 3 help on drawing a tree with "ape"?
Sunday November 11 2007
11:43PM 4 Largest N Values Efficiently?
9:52PM 1 how to emerge two tables by taking the ave.
9:10PM 2 using RSperl with "tree" package
8:20PM 1 Non-crossing Nonparametric quantile regressions
7:52PM 1 Extracting Number from Output of Coef()
7:10PM 0 Stopwords in tm package
6:32PM 1 State-space model estimation with EM
4:49PM 1 Removing axes / frame from plot()
4:40PM 5 Multivariate time series
3:24PM 0 Removing dendrogram nodes with < 2 members
12:32AM 2 reading csv files - SYLK : file format not valid
Saturday November 10 2007
11:27PM 1 Add another set of labels in a plot for X axis
9:07PM 1 polr() error message wrt optim() and vmmin
8:06PM 0 is there a useR group in atlanta?
7:56PM 3 Is this mailing list available on/as a news group?
6:44PM 1 about R sna package source code
2:25PM 5 How to log-2 transform a matrix
1:50PM 1 Microsoft Live Search SOAP Requests using R
1:19PM 3 attribing frequency of "levels" to each matrix cell
12:37PM 1 legend of type "b"
11:33AM 2 from XPPro to Linux what distribution to use for R ?
11:04AM 3 producing output as *.spo (spss output format)
7:58AM 2 interpreting an LME regression result...
4:39AM 7 How to more efficently read in a big matrix
3:58AM 6 How to subset a portion of columns from a matrix
12:54AM 1 Need something like multiple plots in ts.plot but then change x values
Friday November 9 2007
11:11PM 1 Binary data sets
11:05PM 0 SASxport v. 1.2.2
10:40PM 5 Multivariate integration with infinite limits
9:40PM 2 diagonal LDA
9:23PM 1 White's test again
8:51PM 0 Automated Binning for building predictive models
8:19PM 1 decompose () vs stl () - reference search
7:48PM 1 help with lasso2 package
7:45PM 1 Error running OC package - program ending
7:42PM 0 Re : writing a categorical var. with condition
7:41PM 1 scaling x-axis in hist function
6:20PM 1 fisher.test, chisq.test
6:18PM 0 wilcox.test help
5:47PM 2 PDF file creation, font problem
5:46PM 1 Confidence Intervals for Random Effect BLUP's
5:32PM 0 Saving
5:31PM 1 Problem reading data in Rmetrics
5:04PM 2 wrapper for coxph with a subset argument
4:43PM 2 RE xcel Macro Mode
4:06PM 0 Automatic Ticks along Axis
3:54PM 1 Problem Installing 2.6.0 on Mac
3:21PM 3 Problem with R version 2.6.0
2:48PM 1 interpretation for multiple regression
1:46PM 1 Recycling Rule
11:32AM 0 JGR, install problem on Vista
11:25AM 2 rowSums() and is.integer()
10:56AM 3 Normalizing grouped data in a data frame
8:02AM 0 I am on leave and will return on 12/11/07.
6:12AM 0 question about fitted values from geoR - results 'too good'
3:28AM 1 Fligner-Killeen
Thursday November 8 2007
11:15PM 3 Testing Normal Distributions
10:42PM 2 Sweaving single master file to get multiple individualised reports
9:51PM 1 How to create an array of list?
9:43PM 2 mapply, coxph, and model formula
8:58PM 1 finite mixture model (or latent class)
7:22PM 0 why double precision in R?
7:14PM 4 vectorize a list
6:54PM 2 Calculate percentages in a table of data
5:27PM 3 "pattern matching" accross multiple matrices
5:16PM 1 ggplot2
4:51PM 2 question on image() function?
4:16PM 2 centile reference chart / clildren growth chart - what package/method to use
3:43PM 6 Extract correlations from a matrix
3:35PM 1 Help me please...Large execution time in auto.arima() function
1:52PM 1 ggplot2 facets as rows and columns
1:52PM 1 Installing the Matrix package
1:24PM 0 Function arguments sometimes ignored
1:02PM 1 ggplot2 geom_abline slope not working?
11:20AM 1 Bug (?) in read.fwf
11:06AM 0 Chanching a undirected graph into directed graph
10:41AM 0 Grouping Data for Repeated Measure Mixed Model
9:19AM 3 skip non-sequential lines using scan?
8:19AM 1 how to generate data in a simulation study
5:32AM 0 analysis of 2x2 tables of various designs
4:03AM 0 Shade Maps with R
3:26AM 2 a newbie question about "data"
12:01AM 1 Mixing lty specifications in legend
Wednesday November 7 2007
10:59PM 2 running sum of a vector
10:27PM 2 creating a dynamic output vector
10:15PM 1 Dealing with schema in RODBC
9:14PM 2 Adding submenus to existing consol GUI menu
8:32PM 1 function
7:53PM 1 Homework help: t test hypothesis testing with summarized data?
7:27PM 1 Shortcut to refer to an attached dataframe?
6:49PM 1 PVM error message
6:28PM 0 SE of mean using subsampling bootstrap
6:21PM 2 Trouble in creating a list
6:19PM 0 Help please with predict.lme from nlme with nested random effects
5:48PM 1 Estimate a logit of shares
5:27PM 1 bug in multcomp?
5:23PM 1 (no subject)
5:10PM 0 normalizing data for low kurtosis
4:46PM 1 Aggregate with non-scalar function
4:43PM 2 Save as postScrips latest R version
4:00PM 3 Can I replace NA by 0 (if yes, how) ?
2:55PM 1 mixed model testing
2:30PM 1 histogramme
2:11PM 4 partially sum variable of a dataframe
2:01PM 1 Graphics devices: windows() and x11() vs default
12:46PM 3 R as a programming language
12:14PM 2 Linear Regression
11:12AM 2 dates
10:30AM 1 strwidth and strheight for rotated text
8:05AM 3 Using R for large econometric models
4:45AM 3 Indexing, and using an empty string as a name
12:16AM 0 Help of sort()
Tuesday November 6 2007
7:48PM 1 color2D.matplot
7:10PM 1 Algorithms for coincidences
7:08PM 3 help needed: taking a function out of a package and it can not find some funtions
4:54PM 1 Problem with a non-factor, non-numeric variable in a data.frame
4:14PM 2 translating R code to C code
4:05PM 4 C++ and R interface
3:58PM 1 seasonal time serie with missing values
3:53PM 2 Kolmogorov-Smirnoff test
3:03PM 0 pipe scan timeout
2:21PM 1 Statistics for the Grouped data
2:18PM 3 Produce a multiple formats graphic
1:49PM 1 Integrating a function
12:55PM 1 Produce graph that looks nice on screen and on paper
12:43PM 2 Is it possible to modify the position of the graphic window ?
12:08PM 1 library(tcltk) fails
11:30AM 2 wilcox test on two data frames
11:19AM 1 Running R2WinBUGS on Linux using Wine
10:50AM 1 virus warning from escan to mail-sender!
10:28AM 0 Non-parametric tolerance limits
10:19AM 0 Importing Data
8:13AM 1 How to find the zero (only the real solution) with the package polynom ?
7:24AM 1 Pass Array input to web service
5:07AM 3 How to know created time of object in R?
2:48AM 0 Discrepancy of Neg. Binomial Estimation in R
1:10AM 2 Mac OS X Leopard and C compiling
12:59AM 0 Bootstrap CI of Slope in a Weighted Simple Linear Regression
12:33AM 2 Unique Pairs based on a Minimum Value
Monday November 5 2007
11:39PM 1 Help with Error Message
11:29PM 0 2.6 install on RedHat EL4
10:40PM 1 Combining Density plots
10:11PM 1 question about running out of memory on R
9:27PM 1 Help translating S-Plus command
8:50PM 2 its does not recognize POSIXct w/ both time and Date?
6:52PM 1 Help with cochran.test
6:31PM 1 R on OS X Leopard?
5:37PM 0 Heat map with PNGs instead of numbers on axis?
5:29PM 0 OT: Best applied MCMC textbooks?
5:28PM 0 vector graphics/ SVG plots via RSvgDevice
5:08PM 1 order a matrix
4:50PM 1 power function fitting
4:31PM 5 xtable.by
4:22PM 0 A question regarding two dimensional optimization with constraints
1:34PM 2 Print list structure
12:49PM 1 Identify() : How to set the offset , or a reference
11:57AM 1 R CMD Check fails under Windows XP
10:12AM 1 do.call without arguments?
8:18AM 1 How to reconstitute a Product-Outcome table?
8:02AM 1 R2HTML package and Open Office: text only pasted
3:32AM 0 multidimensional integration with adapt
3:25AM 0 multidensional integration with adapt
1:45AM 5 Sending E-Mail from R
12:31AM 0 R package "segmented"
Sunday November 4 2007
9:48PM 1 hierarchical mixed model
8:17PM 0 [Spam] Re: Problems with garch() function tseries package R 2.6.0
5:43PM 1 Problem implementing adapt()
4:34PM 4 Why can repeated measures anova with within & between subjects design not be done if group sizes are unbalanced?
2:06PM 2 help on error message!!!
1:45PM 4 Problems with garch() function tseries package R 2.6.0
1:28PM 1 Installing R on Mac OS X Leopard
11:55AM 2 Where to ask general stats questions?
11:18AM 1 Help in error of mixed models
9:05AM 0 SuSE 10.3 R GUI up&running
5:28AM 2 structure vs. matrix
5:11AM 2 install problem 2.6 mac os x 10.5
3:49AM 2 Help about exception handling in r-project.
2:02AM 0 Garch() function of tseries package doesnt work anymore
12:15AM 2 Fw: Creating a barplot--advice needed
Saturday November 3 2007
11:09PM 2 R CMD SHLIB gives error: bad value (generic) for -mtune= switch
9:36PM 0 installing packages on OS X -- lgfortran problem
8:27PM 0 are there any R-help list in spanish.
7:47PM 2 perl module for R
5:36PM 0 suggest appropriate model?
3:06PM 1 mantel tests
2:21PM 0 Job opening at Merck, NJ
12:21PM 0 Categorical data
12:21PM 1 Pearson residuals
12:14PM 0 R validation. If you know what you want, it's simple. If you don't know what you need to do, there are problems...(with any validation)
11:41AM 2 cumsum
8:03AM 2 R validation
5:19AM 0 rank-deficient model matrix
Friday November 2 2007
8:29PM 1 hide or minimize graphics
8:05PM 1 [OT] vista question
8:02PM 3 writing a categorical var. with condition
7:47PM 4 when deleting a row from a matrix gives a vector
7:47PM 0 gplots 2.5.0
7:38PM 1 lme model with replicates within a random factor
4:58PM 0 loading installes package including all needed subpackages
4:04PM 3 duplicate rows in a matrix
4:01PM 1 counting with factors
3:48PM 1 R timeDate does not allow seconds?
3:37PM 1 snow and Rmpi, delayed starting-times at nodes
3:36PM 1 groups in lattice
3:28PM 0 RMySQL inserting data problem
2:56PM 1 GLS with nlme
2:16PM 4 Permutation test, grouped data
2:16PM 1 How to see source code of nnet package
2:11PM 2 question on the 'stats' package
2:09PM 2 add histograms or distributions on regression line
10:35AM 0 Significance-Problems by using arma/xreg.
10:17AM 1 Sweave, and long lasting scripts
9:35AM 3 list to Matrix
9:31AM 0 function over variables in a list
4:55AM 2 correct wording and notation for R stuff in LaTex
1:52AM 2 Shading area under PDF of t -distribution
Thursday November 1 2007
11:55PM 0 Mplus and R
11:34PM 2 unable to install package ff
11:21PM 1 R and Debian Linux
11:17PM 0 missing data
11:12PM 4 simple averaging question?
8:39PM 1 Need help on an error, when looding library(uroot)
7:55PM 0 Reading R-help Digests with Mozilla Thunderbird
6:53PM 1 Rcmdr Plugin and menus.txt
6:05PM 0 SASxport v. 1.2.0
5:53PM 0 nlme installation/ loading problem
5:48PM 0 useR! 2008 - last call for tutorial proposals
5:40PM 2 problem with log axis
4:44PM 4 subsetting problem with multiple criteria: Works in some but not all cases.
4:17PM 0 RFA package
4:09PM 1 ctest package
4:09PM 1 Calculate aggregate differences
3:03PM 0 density calculation
2:57PM 0 Question about lme object
1:59PM 1 A question about lme object
1:12PM 2 ploting a comparison of two scores, including the labels in the plot
1:04PM 1 structure data
11:11AM 1 Zelig and the "blogit" model
11:08AM 1 Problem with compiling 64bit R(2.5.1) under HP-UX(ia64)
9:00AM 1 Matrix package problem: dsyMatrix %*% vector gives error
8:34AM 2 computing the mean of a few variables
7:47AM 1 Start plot really at baselines x=0, y=0
7:40AM 2 Some problem in opening connection with" .dat" extention file in matrix(scan) function of R 2.5
7:38AM 1 ggplot2 - expand range?
7:17AM 2 F distribution from lme()?
6:33AM 1 loops & sampling
6:25AM 1 Updating packages
5:45AM 1 Help me in Cochran armitage trend test Coding
5:11AM 1 RWeka and naiveBayes