R help - Jul 2006

Monday July 31 2006
11:43PM 1 questions regarding spline functions
11:43PM 1 standard dev in glmmPQL
10:37PM 0 Fred Mosteller and the "star" data from package "mlmRev"
9:54PM 2 if function and apply
9:47PM 1 How does biplot.princomp scale its axes?
8:33PM 3 na.rm problem
8:09PM 1 RCurl
7:19PM 3 read.spss 'error reading system-file header'
5:35PM 1 Sweave error in example code
4:12PM 0 Help with documentation of a data set
3:20PM 0 standardized residuals (random effects) using nlme and ranef
2:08PM 0 user defined covariance structure
1:37PM 1 Monospaced fonts in legends
1:22PM 1 Random Effects Model with Interacting Covariates
12:36PM 0 Three questions about a model for possibly periodic data with varying amplitude
12:10PM 2 Please HELP: Problem with BUILD command
10:35AM 0 LIMMA: makeContrasts() function
9:57AM 1 glmmNQ
9:44AM 1 Algebraic operation on the missing values
9:11AM 2 math symbols and text with mtext()
9:09AM 3 Great R documentation
9:01AM 1 Possible to subscribe to RNews?
8:29AM 2 Problem with allp ossible combination.
5:46AM 2 Functions ,Optim, & Dataframe
4:36AM 1 RGB function
2:45AM 4 question about dataframe ("sensory") in PLS package
Sunday July 30 2006
9:20PM 1 manova and table of means by factor levels
9:15PM 3 main= bquote(paste("Results for ", beta, "3", ==.(b1)))) doesn't work.
6:53PM 1 Power of a single sample binomial test
5:17PM 0 re 11. uniroot and function opposite signs warning
4:33AM 2 Question about data used to fit the mixed model
2:16AM 1 Log color scale
1:16AM 2 Reading multiple txt files into one data frame
Saturday July 29 2006
9:52PM 1 uniroot
9:20PM 3 placing rectangle behind plot
9:19PM 0 Colours in Lattice
9:19AM 1 fancier plotting
6:52AM 1 boxcox transformation
4:43AM 1 DOE in R
2:02AM 0 Help with clogit in survival - conditional logistic regression
1:44AM 0 Version 0.4.3 of odfWeave
Friday July 28 2006
11:43PM 3 random effects with lmer() and lme(), three random factors
11:26PM 1 maximum likelihood
10:02PM 1 (no subject)
8:35PM 3 scatter plot with axes drawn on the same scale
5:58PM 1 Normal score transform of spatial data
5:24PM 2 subset of rows from matrix
5:13PM 1 Running R on a 64 bit processor
4:40PM 2 Extracting from a matrix w/o for-loop
4:29PM 0 heatmap problem with clustering columns
3:40PM 1 arules package: using image() deliveres unexpected results
2:56PM 0 tests performed by anova
2:42PM 1 mult comp significance
2:04PM 1 could someone help me to install packages "gam" (ubuntu 6.06)
1:56PM 1 HTTP User-Agent header
12:08PM 1 BUILD command fails with large R source file
11:41AM 1 Comparison of linear models
11:29AM 0 Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling in R (Tobias Verbeke)
11:13AM 1 spliting
10:39AM 1 Calculate x-values from a spline
9:53AM 1 order() 'decreasing =' argument must be typed in full
7:50AM 2 mirror vector?
6:44AM 2 Help with matrix manipulation
5:30AM 1 odesolve loading problem
2:00AM 2 negative binomial lmer
Thursday July 27 2006
7:53PM 0 Moving from Splus to R - advice/opinions request from amanagement perspective
7:27PM 0 FW: RODBC on linux
7:22PM 1 Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling in R
6:40PM 2 Non-interpreted strings
4:44PM 2 Moving from Splus to R - advice/opinions request from a management perspective
4:25PM 1 replace values in a distance matrix
2:16PM 0 package/namespace load failed for 'Rgraphviz'
2:00PM 1 transformation matrice of vector into array
1:54PM 4 inserting rows into a matrix
1:23PM 2 Vector extracted from a matrix. How can I specify dimensions in as.matrix?
12:18PM 3 deparse(substitute(foo))
9:42AM 2 How to get the name of the first argument in an assignment function?
9:37AM 3 how to resample (or resize) matrix?
9:16AM 1 Problems with RODBC
1:49AM 2 Non-parametric four-way interactions?
1:35AM 1 seq unexpected behavior
12:12AM 2 memory problems when combining randomForests [Broadcast]
Wednesday July 26 2006
10:00PM 2 Codes; White's heteroscedasticity test and GARCH models
9:52PM 2 RODBC on linux
8:30PM 2 creating a color display matrix
8:15PM 1 configure fails for R 2.3.1 on SunOS 5.8
7:54PM 0 ks.test exact p-value
7:20PM 1 arima() function - issues
7:04PM 0 How to split the left and right hand terms of a formula
7:01PM 2 residual df in lmer and simulation results
5:47PM 1 bug?
5:45PM 2 R vs. Stata
4:57PM 3 memory problems when combining randomForests
4:54PM 0 Bootstrap within litter
3:34PM 1 implementing user defined covariance matirx
3:16PM 2 Branching on 'grep' returns...
2:34PM 2 String frequencies in rows
2:29PM 3 Moving Average
2:23PM 0 randomForest question [Broadcast]
1:13PM 0 R: the first and last case
12:41PM 1 Faster alternative to by?
12:22PM 3 the first and last case
11:32AM 0 randomForest question
11:17AM 2 Main title of plot
10:11AM 0 Power tests for ROC analysis
3:36AM 1 S curve via R
1:15AM 1 generating sequences with gaps
Tuesday July 25 2006
11:45PM 1 Drosophila Genome 2.0 annaffy annotation
10:52PM 1 HELP with NLME
10:48PM 1 command completion in R-WinEdt
10:27PM 0 Normalization problem
10:19PM 0 Tips on creating html reports from Sweave LaTeX documents
9:44PM 1 how to fit with "lme" function
9:16PM 1 [Way OT] New hardware
8:12PM 5 greek letters, text, and values in labels
7:50PM 1 [RODBC] ERROR: Could not SQLExecDirect
7:48PM 1 Follow Up To: Splitting the left and right hand terms of a formula
6:36PM 0 Version 0.9-4 of sem to CRAN
5:02PM 2 convert decimals to fractions - sorted
4:44PM 1 Citations relevant to lmer methods
2:41PM 2 Sweave and tth
12:36PM 1 cluster analysis of microarray data
12:25PM 0 seqinr updated : release 1.0-5
11:29AM 3 Axis Title in persp() Overlaps with Axis Labels
10:48AM 1 Multiple tests on repeated measurements
2:34AM 1 PCA with not non-negative definite covariance
1:28AM 3 Overplotting: plot() invocation looks ugly ... suggestions?
Monday July 24 2006
8:04PM 3 standardized random effects with ranef.lme()
7:45PM 1 deparse - width.cutoff
7:43PM 1 User defined covariate structure.
7:30PM 2 running jobs in background
5:59PM 2 RandomForest vs. bayes & svm classification performance
5:37PM 1 Memory exceeding for split
5:00PM 3 unique, but keep LAST occurence
3:45PM 5 grouping by consecutive integers
3:18PM 3 random section of samples based on group membership
3:16PM 3 Identifying peaks (or offsets) in a time series
1:42PM 3 trim function in R
1:39PM 0 (no subject)
12:04PM 1 Plotting league tables/ caterpillar plots
11:55AM 1 conflict of package "Matrix" and summary of lme object
10:34AM 2 Correlations by group
9:31AM 1 Referring on the value of a counter in a loop
9:06AM 5 change the name of file
3:21AM 2 How to obtain 95th percentile of a normal distribution of a continuous variable
1:36AM 1 Saving R objects
Sunday July 23 2006
11:19PM 1 Re constructing a dataframe from a database of newspaper articles
9:26PM 0 Using DDF With Data Import into R
6:50PM 0 Matthew Nash has left the SGDP
4:52PM 1 Iterated Data Input/Output with Random Forests
3:14PM 3 Is there anywhere recycle()?
11:05AM 0 test
7:27AM 1 How to pass eval.max from lme() to nlminb?
7:17AM 1 diff, POSIXct, POSIXlt, POSIXt
6:39AM 2 constructing a dataframe from a database of newspaper articles
2:07AM 1 Warning Messages using rq -quantile regressions
1:48AM 3 RfW 2.3.1: regular expressions to detect pairs of identical word-final character sequences
Saturday July 22 2006
5:00PM 3 Multcomp
4:23PM 1 multcomp plotting Please help :)
2:59PM 1 Why the contrain does not work for selecting a particular range of data?
1:57PM 0 mvpart
1:37PM 1 compile R with ACML support | RHEL 4
12:25PM 1 ifelse command
12:22PM 1 R shutdown
9:34AM 1 How to add a line on the boxplot
6:07AM 2 (no subject)
12:51AM 1 nested repeated measures in R
12:18AM 1 Putting x into the right subset
Friday July 21 2006
11:03PM 0 connection to X11 problem: problem fixed
9:30PM 2 equality constraint
8:33PM 0 One arm survival sample calculations
8:23PM 1 table elemets testing
8:15PM 1 character to vector
7:51PM 0 multicomp plotting
6:47PM 2 connection to X11 problem
5:39PM 3 intersect of list elements
5:12PM 0 A statistical question
4:55PM 2 seeking robust test for equality of variances w/ observation weights
3:43PM 2 Problems with character spacing in windows metafiles...
3:04PM 1 : Arial font for text in lattice plots under Linux
2:32PM 0 (no subject)
12:59PM 3 positive semi-definite matrix
12:43PM 4 Reading data with blank elements
12:06PM 2 rpart unbalanced data
11:36AM 4 unexpected results
11:35AM 2 glm cannot find valid starting values
9:58AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Parameterization puzzle]
9:55AM 1 from character to numeric over multiple columns
8:19AM 0 tsDyn and RTisean packages on CRAN
7:38AM 1 insert insertRow?
7:33AM 1 Merge two dataframes of different column length and row length by two columns at a time
5:19AM 1 Parameterization puzzle
2:22AM 1 Q. regarding optim()
12:30AM 2 Order-restricted inference
Thursday July 20 2006
9:09PM 1 Loss of numerical precision from conversion to list ?
9:05PM 0 Job Openings: Nonclinical statistics Positions at Genentech, South San Francisco, CA
8:46PM 2 failed installing rgl
7:49PM 3 How do I modify an exported function in a locked environment?
7:42PM 2 function names in a vector used by for (){} character problem ?
6:15PM 0 Convergence warnings from zeroinfl (package pscl)
4:40PM 2 Correspondence analysis with R -follow up
4:15PM 3 throwaway() function
3:29PM 2 how to print table with more columns per row?
2:47PM 1 Help on making code faster-would C help ?
2:38PM 3 Correspondence analysis with R
2:02PM 2 (robust) mixed-effects model with covariate
1:15PM 1 Can make no plots !!!
12:14PM 2 Timing benefits of mapply() vs. for loop was: Wrap a loop inside a function
10:34AM 3 Question about functions in R
10:12AM 1 Function with an array (extracted from a matrix) as argument
9:32AM 2 dotchart with log scale?
8:10AM 0 RE : how to use large data set ?
7:55AM 1 hist or barplot
7:08AM 3 Permutation Distribution
3:26AM 0 Confirmação de pedido para entrar no grupo python-brasil
2:56AM 1 Rearrange data.
Wednesday July 19 2006
11:24PM 1 Automating package building packages and repository uploading
10:23PM 0 Data from Ying, Jung and Wei (1995)
8:53PM 3 error when compiling "stats" library in R-2.3.1 on Solaris x86
8:21PM 2 voronoi tessellations
8:09PM 4 Wrap a loop inside a function
7:42PM 1 fracdiff
3:41PM 2 how to use large data set ?
3:41PM 2 trellis.focus with postscript device
3:29PM 0 connection network - influence of site
2:47PM 1 plain shading (not residuals) in mosaic plot
2:22PM 1 WLS ins systemfit question
2:12PM 3 Progress in a loop
1:25PM 2 Stirling numbers
12:45PM 1 How would you export a 3-dimensional array to an SQL database?
11:56AM 1 Test for equality of coefficients in multivariate multipleregression
11:36AM 1 Random structure of nested design in lme
10:58AM 2 Plotting lines and points on the second plot when using gap.plot in plotrix
9:58AM 3 Fitting a distribution to peaks in histogram
9:03AM 2 Aligning ragged text columns
8:27AM 2 get rid of error in Factor Analysis
6:37AM 1 R & Visual Basic
5:01AM 2 conditional plot
4:20AM 0 Problem with ordered logistic regression using polr function
4:17AM 1 Problem with ordered logistic regression using polr function.
3:09AM 0 [R-pkgs] odfWeave Package
2:58AM 0 odfWeave Package
1:08AM 0 JavaGD
Tuesday July 18 2006
11:16PM 2 Plot fit of a "generic" function
10:22PM 1 Classification error rate increased by bagging - any ideas?
9:23PM 1 How to write a function in a graph
8:40PM 0 Extended example of R2HTML?
7:27PM 1 Question about summing to zero
6:48PM 1 Reproducible Research - Examples
6:30PM 2 R-help in a newsgroup
6:28PM 2 Using corStruct in nlme
6:18PM 0 JGR & help()
6:15PM 3 Test for equality of coefficients in multivariate multiple regression
5:36PM 1 bilinear regression
5:31PM 0 How best to deal with returned errors?
4:42PM 1 Reconfiguring wide frame to long frame
4:36PM 2 Sweave and multipage lattice
4:21PM 0 Endogenous Tobit/Probit model
4:06PM 4 How can I extract information from list which class is nls
3:43PM 2 I think this is a bug
3:42PM 1 Survey-weighted ordered logistic regression
3:25PM 2 how can I delete rows?
3:18PM 2 A contingency table of counts by case
2:45PM 0 using split.screen? [Broadcast]
2:06PM 1 Inflated Array
2:01PM 1 using split.screen?
1:26PM 1 RSiteSearch() not in posting guide
1:20PM 2 FW: Large datasets in R
12:37PM 0 Surv analysis with multiple internal time-dep covariates measured over different time intervals
11:01AM 2 Running R as root
9:42AM 0 Spectral data analysis - parameter selection
9:14AM 1 package installation problems
8:50AM 3 Object name and Strings?
Monday July 17 2006
11:57PM 1 use "factor" for categorical covariate in Cox PH model
10:05PM 0 dpss.taper for spectral estimation
8:35PM 6 Output and Word
8:34PM 6 Nested functions
7:00PM 4 Large datasets in R
6:39PM 1 sem: negative parameter variances
5:13PM 0 Auto update package scripts
4:56PM 1 Variance functions in package nlme
4:24PM 1 glmmPQL help
4:20PM 7 R and DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
2:27PM 2 Quantreg error
2:07PM 10 String manipulation and formatting
12:46PM 0 Handshake exception in Rserve [Broadcast]
11:05AM 3 information about a function
7:21AM 0 Questions concerning function 'svm' in e1071 package (solved)
4:52AM 0 Handshake exception in Rserve
4:23AM 2 planned comparisons for ANOVA
3:15AM 3 Correlation Mapping
2:56AM 0 a question about data combination
2:18AM 1 Getting rid of for loops
Sunday July 16 2006
11:30PM 1 Hmisc xYplot
10:11PM 1 Manipulation involving arrays
9:08PM 1 install.packages for local zip files
7:10PM 2 rbind, array
4:46PM 2 Trailing on r-help messages
2:11PM 0 problem with installation of older R-version
1:35PM 1 break axis using plotrix
1:01PM 0 dataframe computation behaviour
12:09PM 2 CFD Plots in R and Other Things
9:11AM 1 Generating valid R code using R
4:12AM 1 princomp and eigen
Saturday July 15 2006
11:44PM 4 put R on a web server
9:24PM 0 last OSX 3.9 release
9:03PM 1 Some problems with latex(ftable)
7:03PM 2 intersect() question
3:22PM 3 names() function and lmer()
1:10PM 1 termplot and ylim
11:55AM 1 Find peaks in histograms / Analysis of cumulative frequency
11:51AM 0 How to Interpret Results of Regression in R
2:24AM 0 Ordered Logistic Regression in survey command
1:41AM 1 R installation - WINDOWS - problem
1:02AM 2 lm: Displaying 95% confidence and prediction intervals on scatterplots
Friday July 14 2006
6:23PM 1 Splitting the left and right hand terms of a formula
5:56PM 2 Recreate new dataframe based on condition
5:09PM 1 Optim()
4:43PM 1 Error in Quantile Regression - Clear Message
4:35PM 1 SAS to R translator for particular procedures
4:26PM 0 Quantile Regression Object
4:18PM 1 Questions about extract-lme.cov
3:26PM 1 Help for updating package
2:57PM 3 Generate object names from variables
2:53PM 1 party - ctree() - terminal nodes reference for every obs
2:44PM 0 Competings risks
2:15PM 2 R as shell script
2:10PM 1 Cluster Analysis with flexible beta linkage method
1:35PM 1 Listing all of combinations
1:12PM 2 Negative Binomial: Simulation
12:14PM 3 Generating random normal distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation 1
8:42AM 2 References verifying accuracy of R for basic statisticalcalculations and tests
8:23AM 1 mgcv::gam error message
8:23AM 2 Export to LaTeX
4:18AM 0 EOF: object needs to be "field"?
4:04AM 1 regarding filtering the data
Thursday July 13 2006
11:27PM 1 ols/gls or systemfit (OLS, WLS, SUR) give identical results
10:40PM 1 looping using combinatorics
9:42PM 0 collapsing plot lines
9:22PM 0 comparison between parametric and semiparametric models
8:39PM 2 Write a summary or a longer text to a graphical device
6:51PM 2 MLE and QR classes
6:38PM 2 References verifying accuracy of R for basic statistical calculations and tests
6:32PM 3 Invoke operating system command
4:58PM 0 R-2.3.1 --enable-R-shlib
3:47PM 1 TR: Latent Class Analysis
3:33PM 1 Clique-Method-Package-Help
3:29PM 0 List 'sssitalk' closed to public posts
3:25PM 1 Problem installing local additional packages of Rcmdr (WinXP)
3:25PM 0 Clique- Method-Package
2:59PM 0 Inspecting a dataframe inside a dataframe
2:31PM 3 set the bahavior that R deal with missing values?
2:25PM 1 how to make a contour plot using data in long format
2:02PM 1 Question for LM intercept
1:46PM 1 sem question
1:26PM 3 colors on graph
1:21PM 0 Problem installing ROracle
1:08PM 1 ts and stl functions - still a problem
12:44PM 1 Problems plotting a function defined as a product
12:40PM 1 step method in glm()
11:23AM 1 Extracting Phi from gls/lme
11:02AM 1 R --gui=GNOME problem
10:47AM 2 VERY TINY question: missing function to clear the console?
10:32AM 2 package GLLMGibbs
9:38AM 0 SAR with count data
8:47AM 1 Matrix binary for Mac OS X
7:53AM 2 simple question about variables....
6:43AM 1 Scalling/Centering the Data by an Index
3:22AM 1 writing R output to a specific file type
1:28AM 3 question about cross-validation for mutivariate linear regression
Wednesday July 12 2006
11:36PM 1 adaptive knot placement for splines
10:28PM 1 RODBC, missing values, and Excel
9:13PM 2 shapiro.test() output
6:46PM 1 saving intermediate graphics
4:59PM 0 glmmML updated
4:48PM 1 Prediction interval of Y using BMA
4:41PM 4 Keep value lables with data frame manipulation
3:05PM 0 New R-Packages: Triangle and LHS
2:54PM 0 clear window on Mac OS X
2:46PM 1 DTW - dynamic time warping - and time series in R
1:58PM 2 AICc vs AIC for model selection
1:53PM 1 ts and stl functions
1:28PM 2 Error install rgl package on linux
1:05PM 0 ts command and stl function
12:37PM 4 Is it possible to only read a subset by read.table ?
11:45AM 2 Are infix binary operators ** and ^ aliased?
11:26AM 1 Query : Modification of graphs
11:25AM 0 Discretize data.frame
11:24AM 1 legend outside plotting area
9:05AM 1 Access to conditioning values in "xyplot"
6:41AM 2 plot.ts panel function
5:42AM 0 Rgnome in Ubuntu
3:58AM 1 help in vectorization
3:08AM 1 PDF version of Chinese translations of the manual "An Introduction to R"
12:08AM 0 0* log(0) should be zero but NaN [Broadcast]
Tuesday July 11 2006
10:27PM 2 use of NULL environment is deprecated?
10:12PM 3 least square fit with non-negativity constraints for absorption spectra fitting
8:58PM 1 generating clustered data
8:21PM 2 0* log(0) should be zero but NaN
8:08PM 0 August R/Splus course @ 5 locations *** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
7:47PM 0 (no subject)
7:25PM 0 (no subject)
7:11PM 0 script problem to obtain pairs of overlap values
6:51PM 2 R newbie: logical subsets
6:04PM 2 detach
5:41PM 1 Query about getting averages across a certain parameter in a table
4:23PM 4 Date Format
4:09PM 1 problem of fixed-formated output using sprintf
3:56PM 0 tcltk: help pop-up
3:51PM 1 Question on partial effect
3:18PM 3 storing the estimates from lmer
3:15PM 0 Error With TIFF of Plots
2:52PM 2 Multiple tests on 2 way-ANOVA
2:32PM 0 help on Rserve
1:40PM 0 Two Phase Sampling
1:31PM 2 non positive-definite G matrix in mixed models: bootstrap?
1:30PM 0 the problem of install Bugs package in R under linux environment
12:16PM 1 Misunderstanding with lines (or elsewhere)
11:20AM 2 new object
10:59AM 2 Proportional Hazard Function and Competing risks
10:22AM 1 Coxph
9:44AM 0 Coxph function
9:29AM 1 Table of P values for Fisher's exact test
9:19AM 1 Second Partial Derivatives
9:12AM 0 Assistance with dll's to use with dyn.load
8:30AM 1 DIfferent lengths
6:41AM 1 Other models of GARCH
6:30AM 1 Plot Date
6:27AM 0 Tobit variance covariance matrix
2:57AM 1 problem with install gstat package
1:57AM 3 --no-save and --save toggle from inside R? + BATCH stderr
1:10AM 1 test regression against given slope for reduced major axis regression (RMA)
12:51AM 3 file.choose but for folder/directory?
12:30AM 2 help
12:26AM 1 move axis label text
Monday July 10 2006
8:03PM 1 R newbie
8:00PM 1 print color
7:52PM 2 Source code for R graphics devices
7:30PM 0 Counting observations split by a factor when there are NA s in the data
7:24PM 1 Counting observations split by a factor when there are NAs in the data
6:45PM 0 Starting Rserve in Java using Runtime Failed
5:16PM 2 Setting the colors of lines in a trellis plot...
4:43PM 3 10^x instead 10EX on plot axes. How?
2:00PM 0 Query: chi square test
1:54PM 3 retrieving object name
1:44PM 1 Query:chi-squre test
1:16PM 1 How can I obtain the values of BIAS and STD. ERROR from a bootstrap.
12:23PM 1 How to include NA's of a factor in table?
11:52AM 0 tree-ring response function in R?
10:56AM 2 pvclust missing values problem
9:09AM 1 par(mfrow,mai) and multiple plot problem
9:02AM 0 Weighted histograms
8:43AM 1 Sjava on Windows?
6:29AM 1 weights in glmrob
5:27AM 2 A possible too old question on significant test of correlation matrix
4:26AM 2 about overdispersed poisson model
3:53AM 2 problem in my code
3:01AM 2 How to get R to ignore certain values when analyzing a column in a data table ?
Sunday July 9 2006
7:32PM 1 Error Calculating Mean
5:21PM 2 distance in kmeans algorithm?
4:54PM 4 string problems with "\\" (Windows)
2:24PM 1 KS Test Warning Message
12:43PM 0 help on executing JRClient examples
12:06PM 0 R
3:45AM 1 package:Matrix handling of data with identical indices
2:05AM 1 last 2 questions about save and load
12:53AM 1 Hunting for snow...
12:50AM 0 Combining a list of similar dataframes into a single data frame [Broadcast]
Saturday July 8 2006
10:41PM 1 denominator degrees of freedom and F-values in nlme
10:40PM 1 Combining a list of similar dataframes into a single dataframe
9:29PM 2 String mathematical function to R-function
7:44PM 1 Summary Statistics for data.frame
7:05PM 2 Adding Lines to Plot
5:11PM 1 another tcl/tk query
3:12PM 0 which model (GLMs)is the best?
2:45PM 2 Non-Numeric Histograms
2:39PM 1 survfit, unused argument(s) (error ...)
1:39PM 1 Availability of quadplot3d package (UseR!2006 Four Dimensional Barycentric Plots in 3D)
9:14AM 1 can rows of text be repeated using R to create a new datafile
3:12AM 0 heteroskedastic ordered probit
12:39AM 1 KhmaladzeTest
Friday July 7 2006
8:17PM 1 FW: Levels and GLM
7:05PM 2 Multistage Sampling
6:22PM 1 Levels and GLM
5:57PM 3 attach and detach question
5:06PM 3 Converting data frame to zoo
3:53PM 1 Rpad Server Installation on Windows XP
3:47PM 4 How to change the type of segments ends?
3:45PM 0 graphlets
3:33PM 2 dotplot (lattice) with panel.segments and groups
3:20PM 1 replace values in data frame
3:00PM 6 parametric proportional hazard regression
2:06PM 0 Calling R from Java
1:18PM 1 convert ms() to optim()
11:13AM 2 Diverging results with SPSS
9:14AM 1 how to name a variable?
7:32AM 1 Polynomial kernel in SVM in e1071 package
6:24AM 1 Query regarding modelling using R
1:58AM 1 computational speed question
12:15AM 1 densityplot and panel.groups
Thursday July 6 2006
11:42PM 1 Rgraphviz: Setting the edge width
9:58PM 4 engineering notation format
9:42PM 0 Efficiency of subsetting with x[someCode] or test<-someCode and x[test]
9:41PM 1 a question about glm( )
9:22PM 0 nonparametric estimation of the density with right censored data
7:42PM 1 Access values in kpssstat-class
6:47PM 1 RMySQL Suse 10.0 installing problems
6:17PM 2 [Fwd: as.data.frame question]
5:42PM 1 which data structure for a set of time series ?
5:18PM 0 problem installing package on ppc
4:29PM 1 custom tick labels on image
4:19PM 0 read.xport issues
3:32PM 0 biostatistics help list
2:28PM 1 problem with rdocdir option when installing R2.3.1
2:16PM 0 Warning message
2:16PM 2 KPSS test
1:59PM 2 tapply question
1:52PM 0 pvclust Error:NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 11)
12:58PM 1 package download numbers
12:36PM 3 Comparing two matrices [Broadcast]
12:30PM 2 use of apply in a data frame on a row by row basis
12:18PM 3 Comparing two matrices
11:34AM 1 Software for Epidmiological, Longitudinal Data
11:19AM 1 Problem with garchFit function in fSeries
10:04AM 1 Usage of repeat,while or loop. Documetation?
9:37AM 1 as.data.frame question
8:40AM 0 About Arrangements sets
4:53AM 1 Warning while subsetting using Matrix package
1:49AM 2 questions on data management
1:36AM 1 PLS method
12:21AM 1 Rgraphviz: How to control the colours of edges in a graph
Wednesday July 5 2006
9:33PM 2 apologes if you already saw this :efficiency question
6:06PM 1 fMultivar rollMax question
5:28PM 1 tcl/tk with R
5:00PM 2 install RMySQL under Mac OS X 10.4.7
4:54PM 3 Invoking SAS in order to use sas.get
4:39PM 1 question
3:44PM 0 package simecol uploaded to CRAN
3:16PM 2 Colinearity Function in R
3:11PM 0 Problem with coxme
2:25PM 0 Run-Sequence Plot
1:55PM 1 R 2.3.1 on Mac OSX: apply a function to 'dist()' ?
1:55PM 1 i suspect that there a memory leak in "vmmin"?
1:23PM 2 auto load package splines
1:11PM 1 Crosstabs
10:30AM 2 R 2.3.1 on OSX: scrolling command line
8:17AM 0 relaimpo: CRAN package for relative importance in linear regression
8:14AM 2 Editors which have strong/solid support for SWeave?
7:09AM 2 p-values
5:19AM 1 yaxis in plot(density(...))
4:46AM 1 creating a data frame from a list
Tuesday July 4 2006
8:21PM 1 summary.formula table questions
6:26PM 1 Exporting tables to RTF?
4:37PM 0 Latent Class Analysis
4:33PM 2 unique deletes names - intended?
4:14PM 2 Robust standard errors in logistic regression
3:42PM 1 coloring individual points in lattice xyplot
3:11PM 1 Problems when computing the 1rst derivative of mixtures of densities
3:03PM 1 [Fwd: formatting using the write statement]
2:44PM 0 who can explain the difference between the R and SAS on the results of GLM
2:20PM 1 lmer print outs without T
1:31PM 1 change a specific time into seconds since midnight
12:55PM 0 add plot to heatmap
9:49AM 1 Column Selection
9:43AM 5 removing for loop
8:52AM 1 using weights in lrm
7:57AM 0 how do we sample in spatial statistics?
7:56AM 2 random sampling problems?
5:38AM 0 randomization test for a two-way ANOVA
3:38AM 1 Problems on testing moderating effect (or interactive effect).
3:24AM 1 parameter las (function par / graphics) on right axis
Monday July 3 2006
10:05PM 0 gamm and binomial data
9:56PM 1 analogue of group option of SAS MIXED/random in R
8:37PM 1 difficult data manipulation question
7:52PM 1 xlab, ylab in balloonplot(tab)?
6:26PM 1 gamm
2:15PM 0 do i set the correct argument?
1:46PM 1 problem with --vanilla in R
11:40AM 2 legend with filled boxes AND lines
11:39AM 6 macro facility in R
11:21AM 2 Determine file access modifiers at file creation
11:17AM 2 help a newbie with a loop
8:41AM 1 Harmonic Regression in R
8:28AM 1 rownames, colnames, and date and time
7:37AM 2 could i change the ouput style on summary?
7:25AM 1 ggplot: a new system for drawing graphics in R
6:52AM 0 Questions concerning function 'svm' in e1071 package
6:51AM 1 Problem with try()
4:10AM 1 panel ordering in nlme and augPred plots
3:11AM 1 how to get the studentized residuals in lm()
Sunday July 2 2006
9:33PM 1 Calculation of lags
9:24PM 0 Rassist - Student-friendly package
2:12PM 3 large dataset!
12:38PM 1 sparse matrix tools
12:33PM 2 how to recode in my dataset?
10:00AM 1 workaround for numeric problems
7:57AM 1 problems with simple statistical procedures
5:34AM 1 Optional variables in function?
4:39AM 2 replace values?
Saturday July 1 2006
6:23PM 2 curiosity question: new graphics vs. old graphics subsystem
4:57PM 1 nlme: correlation structure in gls and zero distance
2:50PM 4 Start Model for POLYCLASS
6:54AM 0 SUMMARY: making contour plots using (x,y,z) data
6:50AM 1 general linear model and generalized linear model
5:15AM 5 generate bi-variate normal data
4:11AM 1 polynomial expansion in R
12:50AM 1 postscript file too large : maybe an R question