R help - Jun 2006

Friday June 30 2006
10:13PM 0 "{Spam?} {Virus?} Message could not be delivered"
8:17PM 0 useR! 2006: presentation slides
7:58PM 3 Creating Vectors
7:31PM 1 lme and SAS Proc mixed
7:08PM 0 SAS Proc Mixed and lme
7:01PM 1 send output to printer
5:42PM 1 tkbutton command - how to know which button was clicked?
3:30PM 5 median of gamma distribution
2:50PM 1 apply a function to several lists' components
2:49PM 2 Passing arguments to glm()
2:11PM 5 Way to convert data frame to matrix
1:22PM 2 Query : Chi Square goodness of fit test
1:18PM 2 incomplete final line found by readLines on ...
12:26PM 0 Customizing breaks for histograms of unequal ranges
11:45AM 3 data extraction
5:57AM 1 Empirical CDF
5:01AM 1 Random numbers from noncentral t-distribution
2:54AM 2 aggregate data.frame by one column
1:41AM 1 Trellis.par.set/ family/ global change font?
Thursday June 29 2006
9:33PM 2 help with coxme
9:07PM 0 gmp: bigintegers with matrix computation
8:59PM 1 Passing argument in nested function calls
8:50PM 0 twang - Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups
8:03PM 3 cat and positioning of the output
7:44PM 2 How to use a for loop to generate two sequences
7:20PM 1 Cointegration Test in R
7:10PM 1 RCOM Package
5:47PM 2 Biobass, SAGx, and Jonckheere-Terpstra test
5:27PM 1 Internet Problem in R
4:05PM 2 R server
3:33PM 1 initializing table and filling it out
3:06PM 1 Problems Creating an R package
2:37PM 0 multivariate normality test
2:26PM 0 function in boot
1:53PM 0 boxplot of subset of factors, in an order of my choice [B roadcast]
1:52PM 1 lmer - Is this reasonable output?
1:40PM 0 boxplot of subset of factors, in an order of my choice
1:39PM 1 Problems using na.include
1:17PM 1 specify y axis values
11:23AM 2 numerical integration problem
11:04AM 0 Package Spatialkernel Annocement
10:18AM 1 using "rbinom" in C code gives me erroneous results... random variable is not random (always zero)...
9:34AM 2 zero.print in print.table after adding margins
9:23AM 1 kmeans clustering
5:15AM 4 Extracting R plots from MS Word
2:42AM 1 Question on memory allocation & loop
2:28AM 4 re-direct to "more" or "less"
2:18AM 1 Help needed understanding eval,quote,expression
1:26AM 3 Continuation and parse
Wednesday June 28 2006
11:13PM 0 Address of FactoMineR package author
9:14PM 3 Problem with package sem
8:51PM 0 superimposing histograms con't [Broadcast]
8:34PM 0 Fwd: add1() and anova() with glm with dispersion
7:56PM 0 data.frame error using sem package
7:53PM 3 R project question (SEM)
7:53PM 2 superimposing histograms con't
7:04PM 1 y-axis break with lattice graphics
6:09PM 1 superimposing histograms
5:25PM 1 calculating the spacial autocorrelation for poisson data
4:25PM 1 lme4 - higher level
4:18PM 3 lme convergence
3:48PM 2 read file with readBin (the file was saved with a C-routine)
3:43PM 0 Help on hclust and viewing the results as PDF and JPEG please
3:17PM 1 Error: evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion / options(expressions=)?
3:04PM 1 lme - Random Effects Struture
2:31PM 0 Help with topTable function in limma
2:06PM 5 sapply question
1:08PM 1 Transform Normal Dist to ArcTan Dist
12:55PM 1 persp/ scatterplot3d
12:49PM 0 New version of glmmML (p-values!)
12:43PM 1 Very slow read.table on Linux, compared to Win2000 [Broad cast]
12:42PM 0 New version of eha
11:31AM 1 Simulate dichotomous correlation matrix
11:26AM 1 Help with circular statistics
11:04AM 1 NLME Fitting
8:39AM 0 Data in R for tag clouds
7:02AM 1 Linear Mixed Effects
4:55AM 1 Reporting ppr fits and using them externally.
4:15AM 0 Question regarding topTable function in limma
3:18AM 1 installing R on RedHat
2:12AM 2 hopefully my last question on lapply
Tuesday June 27 2006
11:34PM 0 the plot of parametric model curve
9:54PM 0 Robustness of linear mixed models
8:36PM 0 Passing argument to a function called within another function
8:31PM 1 Mixing grid and base graphics--need help understanding this quirk
8:19PM 2 supplying dynamic main argument to plot?
7:02PM 0 Outliers and robust methods
6:55PM 3 Possible to get a definition of a function from a package to use without invoking the package?
6:53PM 1 Reading a set of values from a numeric matrix
6:28PM 2 distribution of daily rainfall values in binned categories
6:22PM 1 rotate text using mtext
5:42PM 2 Random numbers negatively correlated?
5:25PM 3 how to rotate a triangle image(ZMAT) ?
4:07PM 1 Very slow read.table on Linux, compared to Win2000
3:26PM 0 significant test of Cross correlation coeficent
3:06PM 3 reading a matrix from a file
12:23PM 1 Memory available to 32-bit R app on 64-bit machine
11:57AM 2 Survival
11:45AM 1 Boxplot questions.
11:05AM 2 horizontal yaxis label
10:21AM 1 compositional time series
9:54AM 1 change the class of an object within with()
9:33AM 0 Monte carlo simulations
9:18AM 1 weights in multinom
9:05AM 2 Mauchly and Levene
8:56AM 3 R on MAC OS X
7:19AM 2 RMySQL...Can't initialize driver???
5:28AM 1 Adding elements of matrices of different dimensions
2:44AM 0 New version of plotrix
2:11AM 0 almost figured it out but failed
1:46AM 1 related to my previous sapply question]
12:21AM 3 looking for a more efficient R code.
Monday June 26 2006
10:17PM 1 Passing arguments from a function within another function
9:52PM 1 Griddy-Gibbs sampler
9:47PM 1 princomp and prcomp confusion
9:25PM 2 compare odds ratios
9:13PM 1 Some tcltk-related packages not loading (OS X)
8:37PM 0 Tcl/Tk failing in JGR, but not in R for Mac OS X GUI
7:26PM 2 Inverse Error Function
7:14PM 3 questions on local customized R distribution CD
6:34PM 2 write.table & csv help
5:40PM 2 probably need to se sapply but i can't get it
5:25PM 1 Problem running one of the rgl demo scripts...
5:21PM 1 comparing 2 odds ratios
4:32PM 0 X11 font troubles (Knoppix/Debian unstable)
4:17PM 6 Finding a color code.
4:14PM 1 How to generate a figure using par( ) with some densityplot( )'s
1:59PM 1 Plylogenetic analysis
1:08PM 1 Patch for rgl with gcc 4.0 in R 2.3.0 on OS X
1:07PM 2 converting to time series object : ts - package:stats
12:23PM 2 reshaping data.frame question
11:52AM 1 NLS and fitting of x-values?
10:35AM 0 Function with upper/lower bound, shift,slope,curvature
7:15AM 1 About filled.contour function
6:40AM 0 C stack usage is too close to the limit
Sunday June 25 2006
11:54PM 2 R Reporting - PDF/HTML mature presentation quality package?
9:32PM 0 Fighting with GDD & lwd
9:11PM 1 Generating Correlated Random Variables
6:28PM 2 Error in model.frame: invalid variable type
4:02PM 1 analyze summary data
3:00PM 0 hier.part function???
2:49PM 3 warning messages
2:48PM 1 help with contrasts.
1:33PM 1 Puzzled with contour()
11:27AM 1 R memory size increases
8:14AM 1 Inverting a large Matrix (14000 x 14000)
4:05AM 1 GARCH message 75
Saturday June 24 2006
10:00PM 1 Rebuild private R package.
6:41PM 3 getting the smoother matrix from smooth.spline
3:35PM 2 smoothing splines and degrees of freedom
2:22PM 0 my poor post formatting in "data frame search" and "Problems creating packages" (a summary)
11:07AM 1 difference in results from R vs SPSS
9:47AM 1 Overlaying 2D kernel density plots on scatterplot matrix
7:22AM 2 data frame search
Friday June 23 2006
11:54PM 1 Running executable files from R
10:00PM 1 numeric variables converted to character when recoding missing values
8:20PM 1 Problems creating packages.
8:07PM 3 Interpreting as.factor
7:52PM 3 Problems with weekday extraction from zoo objects
6:57PM 3 R connectivity to database
6:38PM 1 looping through a data frame
5:42PM 2 Tetrachoric correlation in R vs. stata
4:46PM 0 stat question but maybe related to R
4:28PM 0 Testing for Significance Between Logistic Regressions
4:27PM 2 problem with hist() for 'times' objects from 'chron' package
4:25PM 0 R: rearranging data frame rows
4:23PM 2 Producing png plot in batch mode
4:10PM 1 rearranging data frame rows
3:53PM 2 columnwise multiplication?
2:30PM 1 assign / environment side effect on R 2.4.0
2:21PM 3 problem installing gsl package under Ubuntu Breezy Badger
1:35PM 1 command line boa problems...
1:29PM 1 How to use mle or similar with integrate?
12:44PM 1 problem with "code/documentation mismatch"
12:12PM 1 integrate
11:28AM 7 PowerPoint
3:48AM 2 Time series labeling with Zoo
2:45AM 0 "improvements" in RSiteSearch
12:31AM 0 hurdle and zip model
Thursday June 22 2006
7:19PM 0 Package structure question (resolution)
6:21PM 1 High breakdown/efficiency statistics -- was RE: Rosner's test [Broadcast]
6:03PM 1 Strings to Numbers?
5:27PM 1 QUERY: correlation between two time series
4:44PM 0 Package structure question (progress!)
4:16PM 1 Package struction question (second try)
4:09PM 1 Why different results with different initial values for MLE (optim)!
4:08PM 1 Basic package structure question
3:58PM 2 programming advice
3:27PM 1 GLM plotting estimated responses
2:11PM 1 As.Factor with Logistic Regression
12:59PM 1 problem with integrate() - correction
11:47AM 1 problem with integrate()
11:41AM 1 Two sets of axis in a lattice plot?
8:20AM 1 Not able to save the work space
5:54AM 1 Basic NA handling problem
1:21AM 1 How to plot a image with restrictions?
Wednesday June 21 2006
10:44PM 1 eliminating a do loop
9:52PM 0 Some R-Tcl/Tk-BWidget newbie questions.
9:01PM 3 effect size
7:50PM 5 colClasses
7:21PM 0 Eclipse plugin for R code submit to Rserve available (Alpha)
6:23PM 0 Courses - R/Splus Advanced Programming in San Francisco This July ***by the R Development Core Tean Guru
5:43PM 5 rank(x,y)?
4:22PM 4 help on ploting various lines
3:42PM 0 R Reference Card and other help (especially useful for Newbies)
2:12PM 0 rJava: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
10:38AM 3 sort matrix by sum of columns
9:46AM 3 png() or jpeg() in a php script
9:35AM 3 latex function with lm
6:58AM 0 A question related with resale()
6:07AM 2 IMSL Wrapper
3:02AM 1 xyplot, type="b"
2:47AM 0 how to finish my task?
2:25AM 1 Extract information from the summary of 'lm'
Tuesday June 20 2006
10:24PM 2 multi-dimension array of raw
9:59PM 1 weird application of apply again
8:57PM 1 Query about getting a table of binned values
8:48PM 1 Determine the data type of a function to an argument
8:23PM 2 strange use of sapply
7:52PM 1 Sort of data.frame yields a thing which is not a data.frame...
7:52PM 0 Successfully building 2.3.1 with Sun One Studio 8 on Solaris 9 (SPARC)
7:08PM 1 Comparing partial response curves from GAM
5:54PM 1 Packaging platform-specific functions
5:54PM 1 arima fails when called from command line
5:00PM 1 Help with dimnames()
4:40PM 0 FW: multivariate splits
4:37PM 1 changes to terms.formula in 2.3.x
3:18PM 2 glm beta hypothesis testing
3:09PM 2 $
2:13PM 0 write.table decimal digits
1:34PM 1 Bayesian logistic regression?
1:24PM 0 npmc package error
1:23PM 1 list of interdependent functions
12:51PM 1 GARCH
12:49PM 1 rcor.test keeping column names
12:44PM 0 How large a genetic analysis will you be able to do in R...
12:39PM 1 rescale the data into unit square?
12:20PM 1 nested for loop restriction?
12:20PM 2 Accessing date subfields
11:10AM 2 expanded dataset and random number
10:38AM 2 timediff
9:41AM 2 NLME: using the layout option with the plot command
9:38AM 1 Installing bioconductor
9:32AM 0 inplace assignment: solution
8:53AM 3 hello Excel... (native/Package/BETA)
8:42AM 3 Create variables with common values for each group
7:19AM 0 survest function and counting process style input
6:59AM 1 R galleries
1:09AM 3 how to put the results of loop into a dataframe
Monday June 19 2006
9:04PM 1 binary for Rmath standalone library for Visual C++ 8.0?
8:06PM 2 Nested variance-covariance matrix in Multilevel model
6:00PM 2 strange digit switching
5:50PM 1 lattice xyplot - aligning date labels so that they align with the grid lines in panel.grid
5:25PM 2 frechet distance
5:10PM 1 Plotting Upper triangle of Matrix with diagonal as the Base
4:59PM 0 Compute in C a loop with the lm() function and back to R
4:54PM 0 objects
4:52PM 1 Display Conditional Probabilities on y-label
4:33PM 0 Problem in Projection pursuit regression . [Broadcast]
3:29PM 1 Graph and function
2:32PM 2 eacf
2:28PM 0 help on nlm (gradient) (fwd)
2:17PM 5 multivariate splits
12:51PM 2 Function hints
12:11PM 2 saving rounded numbers as a new variable in a dataframe
11:14AM 3 MLE maximum number of parameters
10:52AM 4 Qurey : How to add trendline( st. line) in Graph
10:17AM 1 how to do this sum?
10:14AM 1 useR! Thanks
9:53AM 2 function call
9:36AM 3 can I call user-created functions without source() ?
9:34AM 1 Foometrics in R
7:59AM 0 Generating Random Numbers after Momentfitting
7:33AM 2 combining tables
7:22AM 3 Border line width?
5:12AM 0 help on nlm (gradient)
5:03AM 1 Custom Command to Generate SQL
4:57AM 0 Problem in Projection pursuit regression .
Sunday June 18 2006
10:47PM 0 more of a statistics/display question
8:06PM 1 Post Stratification
7:53PM 1 Bayesian Networks with deal
3:27PM 2 Books
2:22PM 1 Method for selection bias with multinomial treatment
1:12PM 1 GAM selection error msgs (mgcv & gam packages)
1:03PM 0 R Wiki - official launch!
11:48AM 0 R Community mailing list
10:16AM 1 how to successfully remove missing values for a repeated measures analysis
10:04AM 2 analyze amino acid sequence (composition)of proteins
6:45AM 1 about the analysis of strings, thanks
Saturday June 17 2006
6:47PM 0 Panel Bar plots
5:06PM 1 Having a go at Rpad
3:31PM 2 substr or split help needed
1:40PM 2 managing data
11:19AM 0 Projection pursuit regression method
9:58AM 1 Getting forcasting equation from nnet results
Friday June 16 2006
11:48PM 0 prob in sample function
11:32PM 2 Effect size in mixed models
9:59PM 2 scatterplot but a little tricky
9:16PM 0 Object polygon data frame
8:46PM 3 Vector Manipulation
7:16PM 1 any function for monotone nonparametric regression?
6:42PM 1 problem with legend on other graphics devices
5:31PM 6 modeling logit(y/n) using lrm
3:50PM 0 a method to trim composite objects?
3:46PM 0 interfacing ocaml with R
3:07PM 0 diagonal matrix: rows rearrangement
2:50PM 1 R in ConTeXt
2:31PM 0 how to setup parallel environment?
1:30PM 1 doubt concerning a closed visualization of a ternaryplot
12:27PM 0 A doubt concerning a closed visualization of a ternaryplot
9:23AM 2 inplace assignment
9:13AM 1 Assignemt problem ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:52AM 2 Yahoo data download problem
7:26AM 0 The qurey about kolmogorov-smirnov test & adding the trendline to graph
1:16AM 1 Change the range of a 'ternaryplot'
Thursday June 15 2006
11:05PM 1 running R in batch with stdin input
9:11PM 1 Touch options
8:15PM 1 individual scales in random subset of pairwise distance survey
8:12PM 0 Open Position (Off-topic)
8:00PM 1 more function in R?
7:35PM 0 Histbackback and adding color
7:19PM 0 Problem with Fortran 95 code in R
6:55PM 0 Standard Deviation Distribution - solved
6:20PM 0 log returns (was: Re: help with table partition)
5:13PM 0 dpss.taper for spectral estimation
5:02PM 1 flipping a plot vertically?
5:00PM 1 R with tcl/tk 8.5
4:58PM 1 Simulation / bayesian model
4:55PM 1 Compact sums in functions definitions
4:40PM 2 Name of a column
3:36PM 1 Repost: Estimation when interaction is present: How do I get get the parameters from nlme?
3:29PM 0 how to set up parallel environment?
3:27PM 2 y-axis label location relative to tick label width?
3:14PM 1 xyplot problem
3:06PM 1 SSPIR problem
3:05PM 3 Install R 2.3.1 on SUSE Linux
2:49PM 2 Standard Deviation Distribution
2:34PM 1 Array
1:54PM 1 Question concerning mle
1:41PM 3 matrix selection return types
1:38PM 4 help with table partition
1:26PM 0 select.list
12:27PM 1 Access and assign list sub-elements using a string such as "l$a$b"
11:50AM 1 Problem with Julian function
9:56AM 0 survival probabilities with cph (counting process)
8:18AM 2 Latex-Style Characters in R
6:10AM 2 Problem on Matrix multiplication
3:42AM 3 MDS with missing data?
12:36AM 1 How to change the margin widths in png-plots?
Wednesday June 14 2006
10:47PM 2 Saving R graphics with version 2.3.1
6:14PM 3 A question about stepwise procedures: step function
5:23PM 1 graph
5:08PM 0 FireFox Upgrade Breaks R(?)
4:31PM 3 appending
3:35PM 2 data managment
3:33PM 0 storing/retrieving simulation data
3:23PM 2 positioning of separate y-axis labels in xyplot
2:55PM 2 merge dataframes with conditions formulated as logical expressions
1:59PM 0 fclustIndex(package e1071) error: LaPack Routine dgesv
1:59PM 1 lmer and mixed effects logistic regression
12:38PM 2 lmer binomial model overestimating data?
11:24AM 1 Estimate region of highest probabilty density
10:41AM 4 write data from function into external table
10:41AM 1 R internal clock time discrepancy
8:27AM 1 set.seed
8:26AM 1 matrix log
8:01AM 4 could someone tell me how to implement a multiple comparison test for proportions in a 2xc crosstabulation
7:24AM 1 R ``literal'' comand
6:53AM 2 A whine and a request
6:17AM 3 Decimal series how to make.........
3:21AM 2 data set size question
Tuesday June 13 2006
8:47PM 1 Rosner's test
8:05PM 0 Failed library(ncdf)
8:00PM 2 R kicking us out
7:34PM 2 automated data processing
7:25PM 1 Cramer-von Mises normality test
7:19PM 2 missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
7:03PM 0 underscores
6:18PM 3 if syntax error :(
5:51PM 1 2 Courses Near You - (1) Introduction to R/S+ programming: Microarrays Analysis and Bioconductor, (2) R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
4:41PM 0 rqss.object
2:57PM 2 Numerical print format and loading with RMySQL
1:37PM 0 DSC 2005 proceedings?
1:08PM 0 problem with write.table
12:04PM 2 levelplot and source() problems
11:45AM 1 sorting matrix elements by given rownames and colnames
11:27AM 1 Slight fault in error messages
11:11AM 1 bubbleplot for matrix
10:54AM 2 Garch Warning
8:37AM 1 Predict with loess
6:42AM 1 plotting gaussian data
5:31AM 2 Updating R on an old Linux installation (was: Where is package gridBase?)
5:24AM 1 how to make a series with decimal increment
2:16AM 3 Multiple lag.plots per page
1:35AM 0 help on remote sensing
1:27AM 0 Where is package gridBase?
12:28AM 2 plot two graphs with different length of data
Monday June 12 2006
11:51PM 0 binomial dat set
11:13PM 0 Local Ripley's K and L
10:21PM 1 Anybody ever notice...
10:00PM 0 non parametric estimates of the hazard with right censored data
9:19PM 3 Group averages
9:14PM 0 multivariate quantile estimation
8:45PM 0 scripts to process array CGH data files from NimbleGen
8:22PM 0 bootstrap cauchy
5:34PM 2 select the last row by id group
5:18PM 1 r's optim vs. matlab's fminsearch
4:38PM 0 New version of Subselect package
1:06PM 0 Limit extension with geodata
12:48PM 3 NA values
12:38PM 2 weird behaviour of summary.default
10:51AM 2 Fitting Distributions Directly From a Histogram
10:26AM 1 strange behaviour with rotated viewports in grid
9:45AM 2 solving first-order differential equation
9:14AM 2 Combinig two data frames
8:38AM 0 quantile() with weights
5:19AM 1 variance specification using glm and quasi
5:05AM 1 lowesp program in simpleLoess
3:54AM 1 cumulative time durations of specified periods (chron)
2:14AM 2 Chapters
Sunday June 11 2006
9:24PM 2 seemingly simple read.table question
7:59PM 0 Error in "[.default"(mf[, 1], , 1) : incorrect number of dimensions
7:25PM 2 regular expression question
3:24PM 0 [OT] Information about genetic algorithms
10:24AM 1 MS-Access and R
2:44AM 2 assign sequence numbers by group of value
1:26AM 1 using several columns from a Table in a procedure
Saturday June 10 2006
6:52PM 1 Calculating survival for set time intervals
6:31PM 2 R usage for log analysis
5:53PM 3 sparse matrix, rnorm, malloc
8:06AM 1 Maximum likelihood estimation of Regression parameters
5:30AM 1 Math symbols for labels in Perspective plots
2:46AM 2 Regex engine types
12:34AM 1 multiple return values and optimization
Friday June 9 2006
10:45PM 0 Quantile Regressions/Multi-stage complex survey design
8:54PM 0 interaction terms in regression analysis
8:36PM 1 seeing the code that is called inside a function
8:20PM 1 question about using ancova in R to do variable selection
7:56PM 3 function parameters - testing
7:13PM 1 date.mdy in date package
3:54PM 1 glm with negative binomial family
3:19PM 1 How can i add a color bar with base package
3:16PM 1 Postscript output encoding on Windows
3:07PM 1 reverse variables
3:00PM 1 Saving dns2.plot as a jpg image
2:40PM 1 Mod function?
1:55PM 1 binomial lmer and fixed effects
1:16PM 0 generate random data
1:13PM 1 Rotate values on Y axis
1:11PM 2 Date calculation
12:59PM 1 random generation for a quasi distribution
12:51PM 3 sqlSave() and rownames=TRUE makes my Rgui crash
12:24PM 1 deal with R.package panel
11:01AM 2 How add degree character in axis?
10:53AM 2 appending arrays
10:26AM 2 barplot dataframes w/ varying dimensions
9:58AM 4 HTML nsmall vector format problem
7:59AM 1 script for multi linear regression
6:17AM 2 How to request AIC information from "lm" object?
3:43AM 1 X'W in Matrix
Thursday June 8 2006
10:45PM 1 make check errors for R-2.3.1
9:42PM 1 Formatting numbers for printing
9:19PM 0 Dimension Err using marks in ppp.object
7:43PM 0 Error in plot.new() : plot region too large ?
7:09PM 2 nested mixed-effect model: variance components
4:59PM 0 BioC2006 Conference, Aug 3-4 in Seattle
4:57PM 0 convert type list to character
4:47PM 4 apologies if you aready received this ?
4:03PM 1 [Fwd: R 2.20 Windows XP anaolgue of Splus unix() command ?]
3:55PM 0 New R package "pcalg"
3:30PM 1 "reversed" dendogram
3:03PM 1 Example(chron) doesn't work
2:44PM 1 Rotate numbers on the Y axis on a multiple Boxplot chart
1:51PM 0 Rgraphviz overlap of nodes and edges
1:10PM 3 Reading in a table with ISO-latin1 encoding in MacOS-X (Intel)
1:07PM 0 installation problems Rgraphviz
11:59AM 1 Problems Building R-2.3.1 on Alpha server ES40 running Tru64 V5.1B PK#5
10:00AM 2 Plotting female and male signs
9:46AM 3 Re-binning histogram data
9:43AM 1 panel.abline and xyplot
9:13AM 1 expand only one of variable
4:10AM 1 how to analyze the following data?--anxious for the result
3:41AM 1 How to do this simple integration?
Wednesday June 7 2006
8:49PM 1 bootstrapping
8:01PM 1 Using data=x or subset=y in user-defined functions
7:32PM 4 R crashes on quantreg
7:24PM 1 simplier way to import txt time-series data
6:47PM 0 decideTests extraction of p-values
6:04PM 2 help with combination problem
5:00PM 4 Density Estimation
4:38PM 0 how to do multiple comparison in the nonparametric statis tical analysis?
4:10PM 1 how to do multiple comparison in the nonparametric statistical analysis?
3:30PM 2 multiple data sets on one plot
2:11PM 1 Fw: Help needed using lattice for area plots lpolygon, xyplot.
1:57PM 2 Help with sample function
1:37PM 2 how to read hdf files under R?
1:34PM 0 Help needed using lattice for area plots lpolygon, xyplot.
12:35PM 4 Edit function
12:32PM 1 Help with selecting data from irregular time series {its} objects
10:40AM 3 smoothing plot(x, type ='l')
5:14AM 3 Building packages in R - 'private' functions
1:51AM 1 S4 Methods with large numbers of args using memory
12:29AM 1 knn - 10 fold cross validation
Tuesday June 6 2006
11:35PM 1 spatial corStruct in lme
10:26PM 1 gamm error message
9:31PM 0 zoo: new version 1.1-0
9:07PM 2 Subset data in long format
8:52PM 1 vague errors on R CMD check for very minimal S4-style package
8:44PM 3 build R with Visual Studio
8:44PM 2 Strange behaviour of cbind
7:57PM 0 Score test to evalutate the proportional odds assumption.
6:03PM 1 Accessing lme source code
5:27PM 1 bootstrap data from groups
5:10PM 3 Suspicious behaviour of sort on POSIXct vectors in R-2.3.0 and R-2.3.1
4:40PM 3 memory.limit function not found
4:31PM 1 [OFF] The "best" tool for a space-temporal analyses?
4:31PM 0 Blocked File Type
3:40PM 0 misc3d_0.4-0 now available on CRAN
3:10PM 0 xYplot, lmline and abline
2:38PM 2 How to create list of objects?
2:12PM 0 "Returned mail: see transcript for details"
2:09PM 0 parameters in fitdistr
11:52AM 2 Error in inherits(x, "data.frame") : object "Dataset" not found
10:13AM 1 Problems using quadprog for solving quadratic programming problem
9:06AM 2 SPSS variable lables import
8:40AM 2 about string
7:17AM 1 10 superscript x lables in log-plot
3:20AM 2 error bars in lattice xyplot *with groups*
12:02AM 0 Survival Statistics
Monday June 5 2006
10:54PM 1 use of R in big companies (references) & R-support esp in Germany
10:36PM 1 Selective Survival Statistics with R
9:58PM 0 CCA Plot
8:24PM 1 simpel POSIXlt question
8:01PM 1 Constrained regression
7:27PM 3 Fastest way to do HWE.exact test on 100K SNP data?
7:19PM 1 Editor/environment problem
4:12PM 1 Survey - twophase
4:03PM 1 anova for the objects of list
2:22PM 0 Problem with Sweave
2:10PM 0 How to compute Commutation Matrix With R
1:16PM 1 case insensitive regular expression
12:05PM 1 negative binomial: expected number of events?
11:56AM 0 evir: generalized pareto dist
11:41AM 1 Status of "data.table" package
11:25AM 2 making matrix monotonous
10:39AM 0 significance test and cronbach
8:22AM 2 Calculation of AIC BIC from mle
5:35AM 2 Functions starting with underscores
4:55AM 1 Tcltk Default Background Color Question
4:29AM 1 Extracting Variance components
Sunday June 4 2006
8:10PM 1 Nested and repeated effects together?
5:53PM 2 evaluation of the alternative expression in ifelse
4:42PM 1 strange (to me) ncolumns default value in 'write'
4:12PM 1 Fwd: Re: How to call a value labels attribute?
3:23PM 2 slanted ends of horizontal lines for certain line widths
11:10AM 0 new package QCAGUI
10:39AM 1 logistic regression enquiry
9:39AM 1 How to use lmer function and multicomp package?
5:37AM 0 dependencies ERROR during R CMD check
2:12AM 1 text bubble (rectangle)?
1:28AM 1 Problems using lwd in GDD
1:21AM 2 surprising dates
12:06AM 2 difference in behavior between batch and source
Saturday June 3 2006
8:43PM 2 Problem with pointsizes in Graphics
6:44PM 1 warnings messages from R when returning nothing
12:00PM 1 default value for cutoff in gstat variogram()
11:24AM 0 multiple crosstabulation
9:54AM 2 Help on plotting a 3 dimensional surface
6:24AM 1 strucchange package for windows
4:11AM 1 HTML masked (due to Rpad?)
3:44AM 1 time series clustering
Friday June 2 2006
9:17PM 3 lm() variance covariance matrix of coefficients.
7:33PM 0 Clumpy in image & Landscape Ecology metrics
7:29PM 1 ANCOVA in S-plus/R?
7:16PM 1 presetting R environment
7:10PM 2 plot with different color
6:54PM 1 geoR, plot of variog4 lines incomplete
6:52PM 1 doubt with integrate ()
3:41PM 4 function environment
3:02PM 2 Problem with mle
2:52PM 3 Intercept of confidence interval with a constant
2:44PM 3 Table collumn to single var in lowcase
2:41PM 2 speed?
1:28PM 2 Running Demos
1:01PM 1 nlme: extract covariance matrix of the random effects
12:24PM 2 a question about a simply figure
9:22AM 1 Multivariate skew-t cdf
8:14AM 2 basic array question
Thursday June 1 2006
11:57PM 1 a matrix in a seprate window?
11:22PM 4 A coding question
11:09PM 1 how to add point and label to boxplot using bwplot
10:11PM 0 DSC 2007 info
10:08PM 1 Help with evaluation of expressions
9:09PM 1 "predict" function does not provide SE estimates for multivariate timeseries VAR models?
8:57PM 1 nls model singular gradient matrix parametrization
8:23PM 0 Re random number seeds
7:32PM 3 Key titles in Lattice
7:13PM 3 Random number generation
7:01PM 0 strange behavior when adding a day to dates
6:09PM 0 progressive slowdown during script execution? [Broadcast ]
6:03PM 1 progressive slowdown during script execution?
5:27PM 1 setting the random-effects covariance matrix in lme
4:28PM 0 interacting with X11() device
4:26PM 1 date sequencing using the Fcalendar package
3:12PM 1 help with syntax of nlme function
3:06PM 2 simple index question
2:25PM 0 HELP Running R [Broadcast]
1:57PM 1 understanding the verbose output in nlme
1:47PM 0 plotting grouped data with nlme over several pages
1:33PM 0 Help on the association between two events
1:12PM 1 Merging files function
1:08PM 0 HELP Running R
12:59PM 2 merge function in R
10:40AM 4 FW: How to create a new package?
10:25AM 2 Help: lme
9:04AM 0 R 2.3.1 is released
9:02AM 1 problem when calling help.search() a second time
7:43AM 1 why does arima returns "NAN" standard error?
5:19AM 0 Some non-fatal startup issues
2:44AM 0 R News, volume 6, issue 2 is now available