R help - Aug 2006

Thursday August 31 2006
11:49PM 5 Tables with Graphical Representations
9:24PM 1 differnce between lme and proc mixed
9:05PM 1 grep question
8:22PM 2 cumulative growth rates indexed to a common starting point over n series of observations
8:03PM 0 alpha-channel transparency in filled.contour
6:49PM 0 Ooops, small mistake fixed (pretty printing multiple models)
6:43PM 0 Pretty-printing multiple regression models
6:23PM 1 alpha in Holt-Winters method
6:14PM 0 java R interface [Broadcast]
5:24PM 1 java R interface
5:19PM 0 periodic spline in glm
5:00PM 0 ANN: R/BioC Intro Course Oct 9th-11th in Seattle
4:51PM 0 Weighed 2D kernel density estimator
4:36PM 1 S4 Method Dispatch for Sealed Classes
4:30PM 4 problems with plot.data.frame
4:04PM 2 Consulta sobre bases en R
3:27PM 1 problem with postscript output of R-devel on Windows
3:14PM 0 sample size for recurrent events
2:41PM 6 newbie question about index
2:12PM 3 what's wrong with my simulation programs on logistic regression
1:32PM 0 New package ffmanova for 50-50 MANOVA released
12:52PM 1 Problems with OS X R
12:33PM 3 predict.lm within a function
12:32PM 0 Summary and thanks: .Rprofile under Windoze.
11:58AM 2 need help with an interaction term
11:47AM 1 Error in memory allocation
10:49AM 0 plot(augPred) and abline help
8:08AM 0 Moving Window regressions with corrections for Heteroscedasticity and Autocorrelations(HAC)
7:26AM 0 Weigthed mixed variable distance function needed for clustering
7:15AM 2 DCOM 1.3.5 Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040013 on iR.Init("R")
6:30AM 0 Question about the test of hartley and box
6:12AM 0 Data Download Probelm from Yahoo
4:36AM 2 Combine 'overlapping' dataframes, respecting row names
3:14AM 0 New package 'random' for non-deterministic random number
2:18AM 1 NaN when using dffits, stemming from lm.influence call
1:28AM 1 Frequency tables without underlying data
Wednesday August 30 2006
11:47PM 1 Update new version
10:28PM 2 how to read just a column
9:49PM 10 .Rprofile under Windoze.
8:45PM 0 Debugging with gdb
5:58PM 2 Ranking and selection statistical procedure
5:16PM 0 bootstrap for group and subgroup
5:02PM 1 lmer applied to a wellknown (?) example
2:27PM 5 working with summarized data
2:26PM 0 function which gives the hessian matrix of the log-likelihood of a nonlinear mixed model?
2:04PM 8 converting decimal - hexadecimal
1:56PM 1 Optimization
1:49PM 4 Create a vector from another vector
12:47PM 3 Antwort: Buying more computer for GLM
12:30PM 1 Datetime
11:37AM 0 Version 1.2-0 of the Rcmdr package
10:27AM 2 density() with from, to or cut and comparrison of density()
9:43AM 4 Barplot
8:55AM 1 How to put title Vertically
8:42AM 2 MCMClogit
7:35AM 1 Installation of SrcStatConnectorSrv on Windows
6:37AM 0 fitting an interaction term
5:47AM 1 Cross-correlation between two time series data
5:47AM 1 Need help to estimate the Coef matrices in mAr
12:27AM 1 Handling realisations in geoRglm
12:18AM 1 Help on apply() function
Tuesday August 29 2006
10:25PM 3 Substring and strsplit
9:35PM 0 my email: jonathan gheyssens (université de Montreal)
9:03PM 3 Producing R demos
8:18PM 2 lattice and several groups
8:05PM 1 subset by two variables
7:59PM 2 lattice/xyplot: plotting 4 variables in two panels - can this be done?
7:42PM 0 Key() and par(mfrow)
7:40PM 1 Dendrogram troubles
6:55PM 1 forestplot fucntion in rmeta package
4:59PM 0 Write signed short into a binary file (follow up and conclusion)(for real)
4:09PM 0 how to contrast with factorial experiment
4:08PM 1 passing namees
3:36PM 0 The rpanel package
3:08PM 2 Bioconductor installation errors
2:51PM 1 spectral clustering
2:35PM 0 symbols in coplots
2:17PM 1 First elements of a list.
12:24PM 0 MODWT exceeds sample size
11:11AM 1 AffyChip Background Analysis
10:53AM 2 EOF and CCA analysis
3:32AM 1 Deviance function in regression trees
1:34AM 0 En: Bootstraping for groups (right data tables)
1:13AM 1 Bootstraping for groups and subgroups and joing with other table
1:12AM 2 singular matrix
12:43AM 1 Legend box line thickness
12:15AM 1 standardized partial regression coefficients
Monday August 28 2006
10:45PM 1 Bug/problem reporting: Possible to modify posting guide FAQ?
10:28PM 7 Time plots
8:36PM 1 Extracting column name in apply/lapply
8:08PM 2 Cannot get simple data.frame binding.
7:16PM 3 matrix "Adjoint" function
5:54PM 2 regex scares me
5:20PM 6 Remove empty list from list
4:50PM 2 Help with Functions
3:39PM 1 Help on function adf.test
2:52PM 0 Write signed short into a binary file (follow up and conclusion)
1:34PM 0 Write signed short into a binary file
1:09PM 1 How to change the color of Plot area.
1:06PM 0 I'm on vacation
12:50PM 3 screen resolution effects on graphics
12:29PM 0 debugger
12:27PM 1 Modified Bessel function of third kind (fractional or real order)
11:44AM 1 Merge list to list - as matrix
8:56AM 1 Rgraphviz - neato layout - edge weights do not have an effect
8:45AM 0 Splancs Query
6:23AM 3 Firefox extension fo "R Site Search"
4:56AM 1 Download problems
Sunday August 27 2006
4:02PM 1 refer to objects with sequential names
7:30AM 0 (no subject)
2:53AM 1 Simulations in R during power failure
1:50AM 1 how to create many objects with sequencial names?
Saturday August 26 2006
11:00PM 2 Importing data from clipboard on Mac OSX
10:44PM 2 Permanently changing gui preferences
10:42PM 1 Capture of iterative integration output
10:07PM 5 Type II and III sum of square in Anova (R, car package)
8:28PM 0 boxplot( ..args.., axes=FALSE, frame.plot=TRUE) doesn't frame the plot
7:01PM 4 Can R compute the expected value of a random variable?
5:06PM 3 for() loop question
12:56PM 1 Adding a footnote in plot-window in R
12:47PM 1 problems with loop
11:48AM 1 Implementing EM Algorithm in R!
7:11AM 1 Problem on Histogtam
4:35AM 1 Memory usage decreases drastically after save workspace, quit, restart, load workspace
Friday August 25 2006
10:41PM 0 Problem with geeglm
7:35PM 2 horizontal direct product
7:16PM 5 Quickie : unload library
6:54PM 1 tick.number for date in xyplot
6:52PM 4 How to iteratively extract elements out of a list
6:36PM 0 tcltk command to figure out which widget is on focus (or clicked)
5:23PM 1 Modifying the embed-results
4:49PM 1 R.squared in Weighted Least Square using the Lm Function
4:18PM 1 Calculating critical values
3:52PM 4 fitting a gaussian to some x,y data
3:51PM 2 xyplot with different symbols and colors?
3:46PM 1 Plot y ~ x under condition of variable a and b [Broadcast ]
3:37PM 1 How to get back POSIXct format after calculating with hist() results
2:48PM 2 increasing the # of socket connections
2:47PM 0 biglm 0.4
2:14PM 0 correlation between 3 vectors
1:08PM 2 plot question
8:08AM 1 exact Wilcoxon signed rank test with ties and the "no longer under development" exactRanksumTests package
7:04AM 2 R in Nature
6:49AM 0 tktoplevel & tkgetSaveFile options
2:25AM 0 tcltk command to figure out which widget in active or in focus
1:28AM 0 sandwich: new version 2.0-0
1:19AM 0 zoo: new version 1.2-0
Thursday August 24 2006
11:29PM 1 Need help with difficulty loading page www.bioconductor.org
10:17PM 0 R News, volume 6, issue 3 is now available
9:30PM 1 Using a 'for' loop : there should be a better way in R
9:21PM 2 Problem in library.dynam problems on Linux
9:01PM 3 generating an expression for a formula automatically
8:05PM 4 extremely slow recursion in R?
7:41PM 1 how to constrast with factorial experiment
6:51PM 0 ca.po Pz test question
6:21PM 0 forum.LancashireClubbers.co.uk - LAUNCH
4:59PM 5 Check values in colums matrix
4:30PM 1 Lattice symbol size and legend margins
3:53PM 5 xyplot tick marks and line thickness
3:23PM 1 problem in install on ubuntu
3:15PM 0 [Rd] reshape scaling with large numbers of times/rows
3:06PM 2 Why are lagged correlations typically negative?
2:53PM 2 installing the x86_64 R Binary on Fedora Core 5
1:58PM 1 lmer(): specifying i.i.d random slopes for multiple covariates
1:05PM 0 R and time series
12:54PM 1 Optim question
12:43PM 1 help: trouble using lines()
12:38PM 1 metaplot and meta.summaries
12:09PM 6 Intro to Programming R Book
11:41AM 2 my error with augPred
10:33AM 0 syntax for pdDiag (nlme)
10:03AM 3 How to compare rows of two matrices
9:34AM 0 Lost command area in R-SciViews
9:31AM 1 Omegahat-site down?
9:21AM 0 Waring message in mvBEKK.est
6:27AM 2 Search for best ARIMA model
3:01AM 2 help with pasting + expressions?
2:58AM 0 how to replace one row with other row?
2:55AM 2 "fixed effects" transformation
2:38AM 0 ess-remote question
2:00AM 0 Classification tree with a random variable
12:50AM 0 spatstat 1.9-5
Wednesday August 23 2006
9:15PM 3 rgl: exporting to pdf or png does not work
8:13PM 1 rgl package: color of the axes
7:07PM 0 Wavelet Output
5:28PM 1 covariance matrix of predictions
4:58PM 2 editing ".Internal" functions
4:48PM 0 Calculating the combined standared errors from two regression equations
4:34PM 0 How would you run repeated-measures multifactorial MANCOVA?
2:55PM 2 nonlinear least squares trust region fitting ?
1:39PM 0 problems installing odrpack
12:08PM 5 negatively skewed data; reflecting
11:40AM 0 Random structure of nested design in lme
11:11AM 5 two density curves in one plot?
11:06AM 1 how to get a histogram of an POSIXct vector ?
9:41AM 0 creating a list from distance matrix
9:37AM 1 3d timeseries dataframe
3:30AM 1 glm inside one self-defined function
3:23AM 1 how to complete this task on data management
12:21AM 0 Rtangle in R-2.3.1
Tuesday August 22 2006
10:46PM 0 rpart output: rule extraction beyond path.rpart()
9:51PM 2 R is wonderful
8:59PM 2 how to run ANCOVA?
8:32PM 1 Question on R Training
8:01PM 1 a generic Adaptive Gauss Quadrature function in R?
6:51PM 0 Mac os
6:27PM 1 Marginal Predicitions from nlme and lme4
6:15PM 1 Selection on dataframe based on order of rows
4:36PM 5 Authoring a book
4:30PM 0 Job Opportunity - Citigroup Quantitative Equity Research
3:20PM 0 NonLinearLeastSquares Trust-Region
3:19PM 0 3 September Courses: (1) Regression Modeling Strategies in R/Splus, (2) R/Splus Advanced Programming, (3) R/Splus Fundamentals
2:42PM 0 Comparing pre-post effect sizes and areas under the curve, resp.
2:35PM 1 HH and Rcmdr.HH packages available
1:50PM 2 new version of "The R Guide" available on CRAN
1:45PM 1 summary(lm ... conrasts=...)
1:41PM 0 :Circular-Linear Correlation
12:28PM 3 How to interrupt running computation?
12:27PM 1 boxplot order of the levels
11:29AM 2 listing a sequence of vectors in a matrix
10:47AM 1 big numbers
10:42AM 2 Rgraphviz installation Problem
9:31AM 4 Successive subsets from a vector?
6:41AM 2 Adding Grid lines
4:19AM 0 gl1ce warning message?
2:21AM 1 ANN: 'weaver' package, caching for Sweave
2:08AM 1 Total (un)standardized effects in SEM?
Monday August 21 2006
11:06PM 2 polychor error
10:15PM 1 return tree from .Call
9:39PM 4 question about 'coef' method and fitted_value calculation
9:00PM 0 Question about the varmx.pca.fd
8:52PM 1 Retrieving p-values and z values from lmer output
8:43PM 1 Escaping " ' " character
7:31PM 0 removing for-loop question
6:00PM 4 aggregate example : where is the state.region variable?
5:56PM 1 Dataframe modification
5:51PM 0 Fw: Permutations with replacement
5:49PM 5 lean and mean lm/glm?
4:57PM 1 "vcov" error in svyby and svytable functions
3:46PM 1 Fwd: Re: Finney's fiducial confidence intervals of LD50
3:29PM 0 R-packages posting guide (was: Re: [R-pkgs] New version of glmmML)
3:25PM 1 Creating a pixel image
2:57PM 1 reshape a data frame
2:57PM 0 Assistant Professor Position - Univ. of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)
2:29PM 1 R2WinBugs
2:05PM 1 interpreting coxph results
12:17PM 0 RE : test the tcltk package
12:06PM 0 test the tcltk package
12:03PM 2 Finney's fiducial confidence intervals of LD50
9:12AM 1 New version of glmmML
6:19AM 1 Clique technique-Package
Sunday August 20 2006
8:45PM 3 plot problem
6:39PM 1 C compile problem on Ubuntu linux
2:13PM 1 fit the series data
12:37PM 2 Grid Points
10:49AM 3 unquoting
6:46AM 2 how to the p-values or t-values from the lm's results
12:19AM 1 issues with Sweave and inclusion of graphics in a document
Saturday August 19 2006
11:58PM 2 question about cbind()
7:38PM 2 A matrix problem
7:10PM 0 [S] lapply?
6:41PM 0 centroid of manually given groups in a cca-plot
2:01PM 1 lapply?
12:54PM 1 need to find (and distinguish types of) carriage returns in a file that is scanned using scan
12:30PM 1 problem with Rcmd check and fortran95, makefile
11:58AM 4 string-to-number
Friday August 18 2006
8:44PM 1 list of lists to a data.frame
8:43PM 0 Affy: problems using neweS
8:26PM 1 multivariate analysis by using lme
8:25PM 1 Permutations with replacement
6:55PM 2 Floating point imprecision in sum() under R-2.3.1?
4:13PM 2 dataframe of unequal rows
4:13PM 0 [Fwd: Trend test and test for homogeneity of odd-ratios]
3:49PM 1 Boxplot Help
3:17PM 2 apply least angle regression to generalized linear models
2:50PM 2 R-update - what about packages and ESS?
2:50PM 3 Query: how to modify the plot of acf
2:41PM 5 as.data.frame(cbind()) transforming numeric to factor?
2:27PM 0 lmList and missing values
12:40PM 1 Insert rows - how can I accomplish this in R
10:17AM 2 4^2 factorial help
9:16AM 0 rotating axis labels in plot with multiple plots
8:28AM 1 Maximum length of R GUI input line?
8:13AM 1 using R to perform a word count - syntax refinement and incorrect number of dimensions error
8:03AM 1 Odd behaviour of R
3:23AM 3 Lattice package par.settings/trellis.par.settings questions
2:00AM 0 Fitting Truncated Lognormal to a truncated data set (was: fitting truncated normal distribution)
Thursday August 17 2006
11:46PM 0 Font-path error when starting X11 device in Gentoo
11:25PM 0 DSC 2007
10:04PM 2 getting sapply to skip columns with non-numeric data?
8:53PM 0 Rgraphviz fails to load
8:49PM 1 Simulate p-value in lme4
7:18PM 0 problem with cut(as.Date("2006-08-14"), "week")
6:46PM 2 Boxplot Help: Re-ordering the x-axis
6:23PM 1 R Site Search directly from Firefox's address bar
6:11PM 0 rbind-ing vectors inside lists
5:56PM 1 unlink disables help?
9:01AM 1 NLME: Limitations of using identify to interact with scatterplots?
9:01AM 1 tkinser
1:08AM 1 Setting contrasts for polr() to get same result of SAS
12:33AM 1 putting the mark for censored time on 1-KM curve or competing risk curve
Wednesday August 16 2006
11:01PM 1 bwplot in loop doesn't produce any output
8:19PM 0 confusing about contrasts concept [long]
7:23PM 1 Plots Without Displaying
6:43PM 6 read.csv issue
5:38PM 1 help about agnes
5:36PM 3 separate row averages for different parts of an array
5:09PM 5 Autocompletion
5:02PM 1 matching pairs in a Dataframe?
4:09PM 1 Problem with the special argument '...' within a function
3:39PM 0 Trend test and test for homogeneity of odd-ratios
3:34PM 0 Strange behavior with "hist" function filled with breaks and freq attribute
3:23PM 1 confusing about contrasts concept
3:22PM 1 list to balanced array
2:27PM 2 adding multiple fitted curves to xyplot graph
1:48PM 3 fitting truncated normal distribution
12:46PM 1 advice on exporting a distance matrix in the correct format needed please
11:35AM 1 [SPAM] - RE: REML with random slopes and random intercepts giving strange results - Bayesian Filter detected spam
9:12AM 0 Regular expressions: retrieving matches depending on intervening strings [Follow-up]
7:42AM 5 How to remove similar successive objects from a vector?
7:17AM 0 Regular expressions: retrieving matches depending on intervening strings
4:50AM 1 Specifying Path Model in SEM for CFA
Tuesday August 15 2006
11:14PM 1 coefficients' order in polr()?
9:39PM 1 A model for possibly periodic data with varying amplitude [repost, much edited]
7:29PM 1 "model = F" causing error in polr()
6:55PM 1 Hierarchical clustering
6:29PM 1 Grasper model error
6:14PM 1 rexp question
6:12PM 0 zlim not working in persp3d
5:10PM 1 How to show classes of all columns of a data frame?
4:59PM 2 nls convergence problem
3:34PM 1 REML with random slopes and random intercepts giving strange results
3:33PM 2 Looking for info on the "Regression Modeling Strategies in R" course in DC area
3:32PM 0 question re: "summarry.lm" and NA values
2:57PM 1 fMultivar OLS - how to do dynamic regression?
2:01PM 3 question re: "summarry.lm" and NA values
1:18PM 0 ARCH Jump diffusion models
12:54PM 4 nls
12:29PM 2 Aliases for arguments in a function
11:27AM 0 A plot with a bisector
8:35AM 2 Protection stack overflow
7:21AM 0 how to call forth a class definition buried in a package
6:57AM 0 Help with workaround for: Function '`[`' is not in thederivatives table
3:36AM 1 help: cannot allocate vector of length 828310236
2:43AM 3 merge 2 data frame based on more than 2 variables
Monday August 14 2006
11:09PM 0 Call for Beta Testers: R+ (read R plus) for Solaris and L inux:
11:00PM 0 Alexandre MENICACCI/Daix/RED/GroupeFournier est absent(e).
10:44PM 1 Help with workaround for: Function '`[`' is not in the derivatives table
8:00PM 1 Fast way to load multiple files
7:18PM 1 CircStats help
7:11PM 1 ARMA(1,1) for panel data
5:12PM 3 Making R script to run in a console
5:07PM 0 missing data treatment in MCMC pack
4:53PM 1 Attempt to access unmapped memory
3:56PM 3 Question on .Options$max.print
3:30PM 1 solving non-linear system of equations
3:19PM 0 help with glmmPQL
2:27PM 2 lme() F-values disagree with aov()
2:22PM 1 left-justified fixed-width format
2:11PM 1 Lattice barchart with different fill pattern
2:09PM 1 lasso for variable selection
1:57PM 1 mtext uses the typographical descender to align text
1:08PM 1 Presentation of multiple models in one table using xtable
11:58AM 2 Calculating trace of products
11:47AM 3 column to row
10:25AM 1 naive help with setting node attributes
10:05AM 0 posting
6:28AM 0 GAM Package: preplot.gam taking a **long** time
4:16AM 0 Random Survival Forest 1.0.0 is now available.
Sunday August 13 2006
11:35PM 1 Gower Similarity Coefficient
8:29PM 2 Puzzling warning using 2.3.1...
6:48PM 5 split a y-axis to show data on different scales
2:48PM 2 How to order or sort a data.frame
1:21PM 3 How to reply to a thread if receiving R-help mails in digest form
12:23PM 2 Vector Join
Saturday August 12 2006
2:09PM 1 adding columns to a table after a loop
6:59AM 0 anova.mlm for single model (one-way repeated measured anova)
12:50AM 2 problem in reading large files
Friday August 11 2006
11:41PM 1 x tick labels - sparse?
11:25PM 1 more on date conversion differences in 2.2.1 vs 2.3.1
8:44PM 2 invisible() - does not return immediately as return() does
8:05PM 3 Auto-save possible in R?
7:24PM 2 rpvm/snow packages on a cluster with dual-processor machi nes
6:48PM 3 An apply and rep question
6:15PM 2 Creating SAS transport files
4:43PM 0 Getting summary.lm to include data for coefficients that are NAs?
4:12PM 1 rpvm/snow packages on a cluster with dual-processor machines
3:56PM 2 Colour-coding intervals on a line
3:46PM 1 [BioC] problem loading affycoretools (more details)
3:14PM 2 tkinsert
2:56PM 1 Changing R network connections
1:09PM 1 Is the PC1 in PCA always a "size effect"?
11:21AM 1 Suggestions for help & weighted.mean
11:21AM 0 Box's M test [Broadcast]
11:20AM 1 help:coerce lmer.coef to matrix
11:05AM 0 Box's M test
10:42AM 1 garch results is different other soft
9:33AM 1 help: convert lmer.coef to matrix
8:32AM 2 about MCMC pack again...
7:31AM 1 RE : tcltk library on linux
6:35AM 1 - factanal scores correlated?
3:27AM 0 Read in vtk data
Thursday August 10 2006
10:54PM 2 day, month, year functions
10:40PM 0 basic question re lm() [Broadcast]
10:18PM 1 logistic discrimination: which chance performance??
10:17PM 2 basic question re lm()
7:35PM 0 Negatie Binomial Regression: "Warning while fitting theta: alternation limit reached"
7:29PM 5 Variance Components in R
7:10PM 0 QUestion on prediction of class from rpart
5:10PM 1 mcmc pack
4:13PM 1 How to speed up nested for loop computations
4:07PM 3 Multiple density curves
3:40PM 1 glmmPQL question!
3:10PM 1 summary statistics on an entire data frame
2:32PM 3 bug in interaction order when using drop?
2:01PM 0 Convergence in geese/gee
2:00PM 1 help with structuring random factors using lmer()
1:33PM 0 jpeg() and JGR
1:09PM 1 tcltk library on linux
10:12AM 3 Geometrical Interpretation of Eigen value and Eigen vector
10:00AM 0 sn package - skew t - code for analytical expressions for first 4 moments
9:00AM 0 Colours in silhouette plots (cluster package)
8:59AM 2 hist() and bar spacing
8:54AM 1 How to fit bivaraite longitudinal mixed model ?
8:40AM 0 New upload of connectedness
7:14AM 1 installing rimage
4:40AM 2 OT UNIX grep question
3:21AM 0 R2HTML incomplete echo
2:39AM 2 index.cond in xyplot
2:17AM 0 Your email requires verification verify#QTaQ31oVh73RQhN8fgCXtoSQaCqGXMTf
1:06AM 0 how to link matrix with the variables
1:04AM 2 graphic output file format
12:30AM 3 Is there a better way than x[1:length(x)-1] ?
Wednesday August 9 2006
11:46PM 1 decimal accuracy in pnorm( )
8:20PM 2 optim error
7:43PM 2 Linear Trend in Residiuals From lme
7:31PM 1 Plot with Julian dates.
7:23PM 0 Weighted Mean Confidence Interval
6:37PM 3 Unique rows
4:48PM 1 numerical differentiation
4:42PM 0 (3) Courses & R/Splus Advanced Programming in New York City ***September 11-12 ***by the R Development Core Tean Guru
4:25PM 0 Can one use correlations (or R^2) as data for an ANOVA?
4:21PM 2 R CMD check error
4:07PM 3 categorical data
3:38PM 0 cannot plot too much (using Mac interface)
3:33PM 1 minimization a quadratic form with some coef fixed and some constrained
3:21PM 3 objects and environments
3:14PM 1 Combinations question
2:46PM 1 GARCH(1,1) optimization with R
2:44PM 1 tk combobox question
2:36PM 2 Speeding indexing and sub-sectioning of 3d array
2:36PM 0 [Rcom-l] GARCH(1,1) optimization with R
2:34PM 0 Rd question: itemize in arguments
2:00PM 0 R: data.frame to shape
1:32PM 1 data.frame to shape
1:19PM 1 R2HTML: request for an extended example
1:02PM 0 2 places on R course
12:52PM 1 scaling constant in optim("L-BFGS-B")
12:24PM 2 evolutionary computing in R
11:14AM 1 legend on trellis plot
10:46AM 1 missing documentation entries
10:39AM 0 solving nonlinear equations in R
10:39AM 1 Joint confidence intervals for GLS models?
9:35AM 1 NLS and IV
9:03AM 1 nested ANOVA using lme
8:14AM 0 CRAN package: update of 'vars' submitted
8:01AM 0 exponential proportional hazard model
7:58AM 1 nlme iteration process, few questions
5:19AM 1 debug print() commands not showing during file write loop
5:16AM 2 How to draw the decision boundaries for LDA and Rpart object
12:38AM 1 unable to restore saved data
Tuesday August 8 2006
10:11PM 1 Split-plot model
10:00PM 2 Getting data out of a loop
9:02PM 0 trellis in black and white
6:22PM 1 Fitting data with optim or nls--different time scales
5:38PM 1 multinom details
4:54PM 1 locating intervals (corrected version)
4:47PM 1 locating intervals
4:25PM 3 prefixing list names in print
3:43PM 3 More Plots
3:21PM 1 Call for Beta Testers: R+ (read R plus) for Solaris and Linux:
2:32PM 0 (Fwd) Re: paired t-test. Need to rearrange data?
2:00PM 2 Frequency Distribution
10:59AM 1 How to convert list elements to data.frames or vectors?
10:33AM 0 gamm question
10:11AM 1 fixed effects following lmer and mcmcsamp - which to present?
9:58AM 1 fixed effects constant in mcmcsamp
8:25AM 0 OT: RBanking
3:23AM 1 oodraw command line usage
2:03AM 3 Pairwise n for large correlation tables?
1:46AM 1 parameter yaxs / function hist (graphics)
Monday August 7 2006
10:49PM 2 finding x values to meet a y
10:13PM 1 mathematica -> r (gamma function + integration)
8:05PM 2 Retain only those records from a dataframe that exist in another dataframe
7:00PM 1 Capturing stderr from system()
6:25PM 0 Your Message To scoug-general
6:23PM 2 Plots
5:09PM 1 failed to load gplots
4:46PM 0 Trying to do aseries of subsets with function or for loop
3:17PM 1 Running out of memory when using lapply
3:05PM 1 unwanted conversion of date formats in 2.3.1 to character
2:38PM 5 kmeans and incom,plete distance matrix concern
12:31PM 4 CPU Usage with R 2.1.0 in Windows (and with R 2.3.1)
12:09PM 1 How to export data to Excel Spreadsheet?
10:43AM 2 Plotting logarithmic and semiloarithmic charts.
10:35AM 3 Finding points with equal probability between normal distributions
9:25AM 2 Backquote in R syntax
8:38AM 1 Combination (a large numbers)
8:37AM 2 Constrain coefs. in linear model to sum to 0
7:36AM 2 Is there a function in R can help me to plot such a figure?
2:54AM 0 how to generate this simulation dataset in R
2:46AM 1 Source installation error: "gfortran and gcc disagree on int and double ...
2:24AM 1 classification tables
Sunday August 6 2006
10:21PM 2 removing intercept from lm() results in oddly high Rsquared
7:45PM 1 Take random sample from class variable
6:40PM 1 Beamer and Sweave
6:10PM 1 extractAIC using surf.ls
2:53PM 0 Reshape package: new version 0.7
2:13PM 2 paired t-test. Need to rearrange data?
4:42AM 1 ordering by a datframe date
Saturday August 5 2006
11:36PM 1 R CMD check and RUnit
5:08PM 2 Kmeans - how to display results
4:29PM 1 AIC for lognormal model
3:09PM 1 R GUI for Mac OS X bug
12:15PM 1 Interpretation of call to aov()
10:27AM 1 formating for dist function
12:51AM 0 cor of two matrices whose columns got shuffled
Friday August 4 2006
11:44PM 2 (... not defined because of singularities) in lm()
11:37PM 1 prettyR arrives
10:48PM 1 polychoric correlation error
10:43PM 2 Variance-Covariance matrix from glm()
10:02PM 2 Postscript fonts
9:45PM 3 Help with short time series
8:09PM 2 Doubt about Student t distribution simulation
7:14PM 0 training svm's with probability flag (re-send in plain text)
5:26PM 2 why does lm() not allow for negative weights?
5:20PM 0 training svm's with probability flag
5:01PM 0 GAM 2D-plotting
4:47PM 1 Error when loading odesolve
4:46PM 2 Sampling from a Matrix
4:33PM 1 Simulate an Overdispersed(extra-variance poisson process)?
3:47PM 2 expression() - Superscript in y-axis, keeping line break in string
1:12PM 2 plotting picture data
12:40PM 2 Sweave special token \\ from R to latex
11:58AM 0 Problem with installing R under Windows
11:48AM 2 Data frame referencing?
11:36AM 2 User input from keyboard
8:23AM 1 Integration and Loop in R
7:45AM 0 need sample parallelized R scripts
7:14AM 0 geodesic distance (solution)
5:07AM 0 Question regarding extrapolation
1:47AM 1 gnlsControl
1:21AM 1 Questions about sweave...
1:17AM 3 Building a random walk vector
Thursday August 3 2006
11:22PM 0 Ambitious newbie with some ongoing Q's
9:39PM 0 geodesic distance (solved)
8:02PM 4 meta characters in file path
6:44PM 2 How to access a column by its label?
6:23PM 2 fitting a model with the nlme package
6:22PM 1 gsummary
5:51PM 1 Looking for transformation to overcome heterogeneity ofvariances
5:09PM 0 Help Building packages for windows
4:11PM 1 levels of an array (strings and numbers)
2:46PM 2 bullseye or polar display of "circular" data
2:10PM 7 Vectorizing a "for" loop
1:56PM 1 questions on plotting dedrograms
1:46PM 2 efficient way to make NAs of empty cells in a factor (or character)
1:45PM 2 get() in sapply() in with()
1:33PM 3 Looking for transformation to overcome heterogeneity of variances
1:13PM 2 bringToTop without focus?
12:53PM 1 how to use the EV AND condEV from BMA's results?
12:34PM 0 problem with factor in list (same name for diffrent category)
12:11PM 0 Invoking R on UNIX Command line from a PERL CGI
12:01PM 3 between-within anova: aov and lme
11:08AM 0 Default first argument in assignment function possible?
10:02AM 1 question about dll crashing R
9:58AM 2 NLME: Problem with plotting ranef vs a factor
9:14AM 1 geodesic distance
8:25AM 0 Math elements in panel headers of lattice plots?
7:37AM 0 spatstat 1.9-4
7:36AM 2 run self written functions
4:43AM 0 Error in step()
Wednesday August 2 2006
10:38PM 0 Baseline levels summary.Design
10:25PM 1 unbalanced mixed effects models for fully factorial designs
9:56PM 1 help with formatting legend in xyplot
9:29PM 0 question about stdize() in PLS package
9:21PM 2 From 2.2.1 to 2.3
9:01PM 5 Finding the position of a variable in a data.frame
8:22PM 0 Course***Dr Frank Harrell's Regression Modeling Strategies in R/Splus course *** September 2006 near you (San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta)
8:06PM 2 tcl/tk bind destroy event
7:43PM 4 ggplot facet label font size
7:25PM 2 lme4 and lmeSplines
5:12PM 0 question about correlation coefficeint and root mean square (with code used)
4:57PM 2 listing of permutations
4:51PM 1 Summary method needed?
4:43PM 0 [Off-Topic-but somewhat related] DIA/FDA Open Toolbox Initiative
3:13PM 0 expected survival from a frailty cox model using survfit
3:09PM 1 ordering columns (longitudinal data in wide format)
2:41PM 2 best way to calculate per-parameter differences in across-subject means
1:55PM 0 Plotting a ranef object in NLME
1:22PM 1 read.spss and umlaut
1:18PM 2 How to share variables
12:55PM 2 missing value
11:04AM 0 Trying to use segmented in a function
10:56AM 1 loop, pipe connection, quote/unquote
10:32AM 1 Syntax of Levene's test
8:20AM 1 Support vector in lcrabs example
7:57AM 1 questions on aggregate data
6:43AM 1 RE
2:46AM 2 Data transformation
Tuesday August 1 2006
9:47PM 2 R Reference Card and other help (especially useful for Newbies)
9:28PM 1 plot() with TukeyHSD
9:26PM 0 rsurv in ipred
8:40PM 1 Replacing NA in fSeries
7:57PM 2 Indexing issue
5:43PM 1 What's a labelled data.frame? And how do I work with it?
5:28PM 0 natural spline function
5:01PM 2 open DLL in R
4:46PM 1 Pseudo R for Quant Reg
4:04PM 3 boxplot
3:57PM 2 deleting a directory
3:34PM 1 Tcltk package
2:33PM 1 help on fitting negative binomial distribution with MLE
2:23PM 1 How to convert two-dimensional function to matrix?
2:03PM 2 Extracting a row number from a matrix
1:06PM 2 A problem with R CMD SHLIB
12:09PM 4 Overlay Boxplot with scatter plot
9:33AM 1 Global setting for na.rm=TRUE
7:43AM 1 R crashes using pdf() windows() or postscript()
4:30AM 0 Confirmation Request (3355406281)
4:08AM 4 Fitting models in a loop
12:33AM 2 rgb and col2rgb color conversion/modification/shading