Xen users - Feb 2009

Saturday February 28 2009
11:29PM 1 What processes on the Dom 0 correspond to a PV guest?
10:18PM 7 Most of You Have Probably Seen This 100 Times, But...
6:33PM 2 Help. Xen service cannot start, and no log left
4:22PM 6 Slow outgoing IP traffic with PV drivers
3:09PM 11 xen ov guest nfs
3:04PM 2 Newbie requesting words of wisdom from the experienced
2:44PM 0 Stubdom build fails
8:07AM 0 virt-install target drive
6:32AM 0 "Time went backwards" issue
Friday February 27 2009
9:03PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Update
7:26PM 2 Stability
2:51PM 6 Xen clients and RAID
1:23PM 0 gplpv + w2k8 = bluescreen
8:15AM 0 resizable windows domU
6:09AM 0 Xen for Hand held devices
2:25AM 3 xen Paravirtualization for WinXP or WinVista on AMD Phenom x4
1:21AM 1 I want to get more detailed information of a domainU
Thursday February 26 2009
11:16PM 16 I want to know if.....
7:09PM 4 VirtualBox on XEN DomU
6:53PM 1 Xen for handheld devices
5:21PM 0 Exporting to OVA
4:26PM 0 10+ Disks in domU
3:55PM 9 DNS servers as guests?
3:36PM 3 After migration: network-device of dom0 lost?!
3:32PM 8 GPL PV TAP cow incompatible?
1:59PM 1 Device model failure: no longer running with HVM-Guest
11:13AM 0 pci passthrough on unstable
7:58AM 0 re ceiving NMI while using a PCI card.
6:36AM 1 XEN citrix now free but is it GPL?
2:20AM 8 Guest config lost
12:23AM 0 Virtual (server) connetion manager ?
Wednesday February 25 2009
10:57PM 1 USB Aladdin in HVM DomU Windows 2008
8:18PM 2 4 vcpu for windows domu
5:44PM 1 Xen Code using TLB
4:55PM 3 HVM Linux DomU doesn''t start
4:32PM 3 SCSI driver clash with PV drivers
4:28PM 0 Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
3:03PM 0 Problem booting hypervisor on Lenovo T400 Core2 Duo P8600
11:24AM 0 Problems in creating domU
10:44AM 0 acpi event to (hvm)-domu
9:49AM 1 New To Xen....Just Need Help with basics..
9:34AM 2 How can I get more infomation about a virtual machine?
9:09AM 3 gplpv 0.9.11.pre12, w2k8 ide controller
5:05AM 0 dom0 freeze on boot with Tyan 2912 w Barcelona 2347HE
4:58AM 18 Paravirtualized Linux with graphics (X Window)?
3:56AM 2 1/2 OFF-TOPIC: How to use CLVM (on top AoE vblades) instead just plain LVM for Xen based VMs on Debian 5.0?
3:30AM 3 Xen 3.3.1 + Windows 2008 x64 + GPLPV 0.9.12-pre13 = corruption?
2:54AM 0 Xen Networking and VDE2.
Tuesday February 24 2009
5:40PM 1 Opteron 880 can host a Windows?
3:16PM 7 bad I/O performance with HP Smart Array RAID
2:52PM 8 Installing Xen
2:29PM 0 create an image from domU
12:42PM 2 Ext4 error on DomU
10:57AM 2 About virtualization, xen and kvm.
9:45AM 0 Need more details about migration process
9:20AM 12 How (not) to destroy a PostgreSQL db in domU on powerfail
12:06AM 8 Trouble enabling VT-D: "I/O virtualisation disabled"
Monday February 23 2009
10:37PM 4 Xen''s interface in promiscuous mode
7:34PM 47 Anything come close to esx for xen?
5:32PM 3 Infiniband Drivers under Xen kernel?
5:22PM 0 Compiling unmodified_drivers on debian 4.0
5:04PM 1 maximum number of vif interfaces
4:45PM 0 Re: xen-unstable.hg/tools/ioemu-qemu-xen directory is missing in Xen-Unstable version
4:34PM 1 Netowrking: Same subnet for dom0 and domU?
4:04PM 0 ubuntu-virt-mgmt
1:35PM 1 XEN on 64bit with LILO and LVM2
12:23AM 2 multiple bridges on non-addressed interfaces
Sunday February 22 2009
9:49PM 0 CfP 4th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC''09)
7:55PM 3 Motherboard capable of VT-d
6:22PM 4 Installing Xen 3.3.1 from sources on Hardy or Lenny.
Saturday February 21 2009
8:06PM 0 Booting Mini-OS
6:19PM 7 Domains do not shut down or reboot cleanly since upgrade to 3.2-1
8:31AM 1 A new version of the Xen Live CD is available to download!
Friday February 20 2009
8:56PM 2 Windows XP installation in domU hangs
7:49PM 0 Update: iscsi + phy domU disk performance
7:05PM 1 how do I set the listening IP on snmpd?
6:33PM 4 pygrub setup
4:02PM 5 Smaller kernel for DomU ?
2:33PM 0 Weekly Xen.org Community Status
2:10PM 0 Xen 3.3.1 - no VM yet, X process using 100% of CPU
11:29AM 1 Paravirtualized DomU clock stops after migrating back
10:46AM 0 [Xen-tools] xen-unstable.hg/tools/ioemu-qemu-xen directory is missing in Xen-Unstable version
10:10AM 0 What behaviour in PV DomU can lead to a complete Dom0 hung/crash?
1:50AM 0 Final Xen Summit at Oracle Sales Pitch
Thursday February 19 2009
10:14PM 4 iptables & kernel problems on Debian domU
5:05PM 0 Paravirtualized kernel modules on HVM Linux guests?
12:58PM 0 Disctcc-query from domU on dom0 -> freze or reboot
9:54AM 1 How to execute external executable from xen VM!
4:08AM 1 problem suspending guest
Wednesday February 18 2009
10:51PM 1 Extremely slow traffic over bridge
9:16PM 7 HVM and gplpv disk question
9:13PM 6 Converting VMWare 2008 to xen domU
5:52PM 3 Xen Woes
4:59PM 1 Create a guest image from compress tar.gz
4:55PM 5 partitions + iscsi = mass confusion
4:39PM 3 Minimum kernel.config requirements for domU?
1:49PM 0 Speaking Opportunity in India on behalf of Xen.org Community
9:38AM 0 How to start external executable from Xen?
9:32AM 4 domU vif networking problem or bug
6:58AM 6 [SPAM] network problem reg
5:37AM 0 Fedora 10 + Xen
4:28AM 0 FW: Xen Power Management wiki
1:46AM 5 Compiling lInux2.6.28.5 for hosting VM
Tuesday February 17 2009
9:53PM 1 XEN and NICS
9:29PM 2 how much memory does the hypervisor need
8:06PM 6 Best way to use Xen to segment & protect
6:00PM 0 VM auto start delay
4:50PM 0 inconsistent between xm list -l and xm block-list
4:43PM 0 xm block-detach timeout problem
4:37PM 0 xen hotplug cpu/ram questions
3:26PM 2 cloned win2k3 resets static ip
2:18PM 0 Authentification using keys in xen-api
12:44PM 0 full-virt machine couldn''t get ip during install
11:42AM 2 Xen 3.3.1 pv-linux vm reboot -> State hangs on: ---s--
9:54AM 1 how to use usb disk in XEN?
4:47AM 1 FW: Integrate logging mechanism for VM''s
2:34AM 1 stubdom issue - fs-backend broken
1:18AM 2 Xen-3.3 config file
Monday February 16 2009
10:30PM 6 guest only networking
9:47PM 9 imaging an existing system?
8:42PM 1 So, nobody...
5:47PM 7 Unable to set system clock on domU
2:36PM 0 Integrate logging mechanism for VM''s
2:19PM 1 Is there Inter-domain(between guest Doms ) shared memory facility in Xen?
8:12AM 2 problem in xen guest
5:47AM 4 Confused about how to setup Private networking between Apps on different Domus
Sunday February 15 2009
2:49AM 7 strange error masseages in xen
Saturday February 14 2009
5:01PM 4 32bit kernel under amd64
11:25AM 0 Debian Etch doesn''t boot 2.6.26-bpo.1-xen-686 but 2.6.26-bpo.1-686 works fine?
11:15AM 4 Cloud computing using Xen
10:47AM 3 xen on opteron?
9:50AM 0 How to use cd-rom in xen machine
8:11AM 2 device model failure: no longer running;
6:42AM 0 [SPAM] network pro reg
Friday February 13 2009
9:46PM 12 VT-D RMRR is incorrect
7:39PM 8 hvm gracefull power off
5:44PM 4 Running Xen over NFSv3
3:00PM 8 Passing USB device to MS Windows guest
2:52PM 1 cannot read tty from store
2:42PM 2 Mysterious Server Lockups
2:41PM 0 New - All Tools and Discussions Listed with Links on Xen Wiki
1:00PM 7 Diffrent OS on domU in paravirtualization ?
11:36AM 0 [Xen-API] How does "xm save & restore" are executed in the source code?
10:46AM 1 Balloon howto
10:32AM 1 Unble to find cpufreq driver
9:28AM 7 domU on sparse-file on ocfs2 on drbd(pri/pri): Is there anyone running this successfully?
Thursday February 12 2009
11:06PM 1 Credit-Scheduler limit and weight
10:17PM 8 Xen 3.3.1 Windows HVM Disk I/O -> domU and dom0 hangs
3:01PM 4 Re: RE : XEN Two NICS Two Bridges
2:49PM 1 Better a Debian Xen PV or a Debian Hyper-V VM?
10:47AM 24 Re: Xen Disk I/O performance vs native performance: Xen I/O is definitely super super super slow
8:18AM 0 (Live-)Migration fails?!
1:44AM 5 domU does not fully boot
Wednesday February 11 2009
9:32PM 5 3 failed approaches to create guest domains
8:18PM 1 openvpn
7:23PM 8 xen book review
6:18PM 2 how to get a scsi tape device to work with xen 3.3.1
2:53PM 1 Storage questions
10:30AM 0 integrated logs in XEN
9:03AM 7 Volume group "VolGroup00" not found
7:44AM 10 Does Xen 3.3 support giga bit network in the guest?
4:58AM 5 Passing a USB printer to a Linux DomU
Tuesday February 10 2009
9:40PM 1 gplpv + stubdom?
9:26PM 3 Remove a virtual machine
8:17PM 3 X11 on PV
7:06PM 13 Low download rate from DomU
6:13PM 1 How to use a second ip ?
5:41PM 3 Can''t boot domU from iso
1:30PM 8 Xen PV Drivers 0.9.12-pre13 and Windows 2003 - Network doesn''t work
10:34AM 0 xm save hangs
12:51AM 0 xen-3.3 with pv_ops
Monday February 9 2009
10:08PM 0 OpenNebula 1.2 Released
9:46PM 0 Qemo images
9:30PM 0 Xen Summit at Oracle Agenda Available
5:50PM 1 Debian 4.0 packaged Xen and running an unmodified Linux guest
5:00PM 1 GPLPV Drivers - Problem with Scientificlinux 5.2
3:28PM 3 hotplug vcpu problem to Centos 5.2 DomU
3:26PM 1 Allowing vnc to a domU on xen 3.2
1:48PM 1 [Xen-API] VM Guest Metrics Error (MESSAGE_METHOD_UNKNOWN)
1:14PM 0 Difference between make world make install and make dist
11:04AM 0 Display Frequency unstable
9:19AM 2 Blocking problem with booting the domU
Sunday February 8 2009
6:13PM 1 Problem/bug in xen on lenny
3:37PM 0 vbdmount: a script to mount/umount virtual disks
5:56AM 5 Guest comes up R/O?
Saturday February 7 2009
4:18PM 1 network problem on domU
2:38PM 2 Xen domU CACTI monitoring via net-smp
10:49AM 3 Win2003 DomU driver problem
6:40AM 4 Xen Kernel not booting
Friday February 6 2009
10:57PM 0 problems configuring second ethernet interface in Centos guest OS
4:13PM 1 Weekly Xen.org Community Update
4:11PM 1 Windows 2003 SP2 domU is losing ATAPI or something like that...
3:22PM 6 domU inside another domU?
2:07PM 0 mii-tool 100baseTX x ethtool 1000baseFX x Kernel 1000 Mbps
12:26PM 7 Removing Citrix PV Drivers and then installing GPLPV drivers
10:56AM 9 GPLPV on opensolaris, another try
7:17AM 0 installation of xen on rhel 5 causes networking issues
3:59AM 0 Xen 3.2.3 vs. Xen 3.3.1 on CentOS 5.x
3:54AM 4 Oracle 10/11g under Xen
1:38AM 6 lomount + lvm
Thursday February 5 2009
7:30PM 0 Custom domU kernel
7:01PM 0 LinuxWorld / NGDC Xen.org Booth Promotion
6:30PM 5 gitco xen3.3 rpms for centos
2:02PM 0 error: xs.h file not found
12:02PM 2 How to implement HA and Live Migration with a SAN?
10:52AM 12 propagating blktap partition changes
5:44AM 2 var/log/messages integration in Domo
5:44AM 0 Guarding against starting same vm on multiple nodes?
5:11AM 0 UnrealMachines for Xen users
Wednesday February 4 2009
10:24PM 4 Default disk I/O scheduler in linux guest
8:42PM 0 one question about struct vcpu and struct domain in sched.h
8:11PM 6 XEN kernel sources 2.6.28
7:15PM 2 More complex Xen Networking, with VLANs and maybe with VDE 2... but how?!
5:44PM 0 Xen Summit at Oracle - ABSTRACTS Available
4:26PM 3 unable to assign ip from config file
3:36PM 2 Re-Read Partition table in DomU
1:21PM 4 I''m looking for the right distribution to run Xen
12:02PM 1 AW: Workaround for pcifront issues
9:40AM 11 bonding in xen 3.3.1
9:13AM 2 xen - which version is installed?
3:46AM 4 Drives not detected in PV domU
3:17AM 0 HVM Restore failed : invalid device model signature read
1:47AM 2 Best way to migrate Xen Disk IMG w/LVM''s to a block-device? (e.g. DRBD)
Tuesday February 3 2009
7:27PM 1 Live Migration Problem (Xen 3.3 + DRBD 8.0.3)
6:28PM 0 How to disable power management in Xen-3.3?
5:42PM 10 Windows DomUs not seeing additional new ram
2:20PM 0 MySQL Question: Host or Guest?
11:07AM 0 bonding with xen 3.3.1
Monday February 2 2009
8:26PM 1 Workaround for pcifront issues
8:21PM 1 Funny output from virsh vncdisplay
8:19PM 5 How to determine DHCP address assigned to client?
7:01PM 4 HVM Live Migration Troubles - Xen 3.3.1
5:44PM 5 memory allocation
3:47PM 4 Xen 3.3.0 cpu cache problems
2:43PM 10 Loosing vmx flag with Lenny 2.6.26-1-xen-amd64 on Q9400
2:14AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 47, Issue 160
Sunday February 1 2009
11:12PM 4 ramdisk
6:24PM 0 usb problem
2:32PM 0 Question about adding CPU/RAM to Windows DomU
9:19AM 7 Load Balancing VM''s