Xen users - Mar 2009

Tuesday March 31 2009
6:36PM 6 ebtables tying mac to ip problem
6:20PM 0 ebtables tying mac address to ip address problem
4:55PM 3 Access control for the xm command
4:24PM 6 Forwarding USB-Modem into guest? Impossible?
1:08PM 2 Monitoring XEN hardware resources utilization.
10:49AM 3 Dinamically increase memory of linux domU
4:02AM 1 very interesting Xen Disk I/O performance
3:39AM 0 Xen, EC2, Ubuntu, KVM?
3:11AM 2 DomU console appears to hang when starting
2:13AM 6 live migration with Xen
Monday March 30 2009
9:51PM 0 avoid Dom-0 recreation
6:31PM 1 Trouble adding a pci device to a a linux domU
3:01PM 6 What this messages mean?
1:54PM 2 xen and snapshot partition ?
12:43PM 4 Server with 2 NICS; connect domU to outside & vlan
12:03PM 25 DomU freezes during boot
5:58AM 0 Time bugging, warping.
4:41AM 0 network-nat configure for hvm
4:16AM 1 Migration involving multiple Bridged VIFs
Sunday March 29 2009
3:17AM 5 Problems installing guest domains
Saturday March 28 2009
11:42PM 2 Ubuntu Xen Windows Question
10:14PM 0 serial port for domu
1:38PM 6 cpu frequency scaling in xen 3.3.1
Friday March 27 2009
5:33PM 17 Cluster (VPC), Eucalyptus and preferred distribution to it.
4:49PM 1 Performance difference between a "partition image file" and a compressed file system
12:55PM 0 Weekly Community Status
9:08AM 8 Paravirtualized vs HVM - how big is the performance gap?
8:52AM 2 AW: Another question about msi.
2:16AM 4 Bridging with multiple public IPs
1:01AM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 49, Issue 127
Thursday March 26 2009
10:25PM 6 using gpxe to get a VM image
8:37PM 3 problem on starting xend
6:37PM 0 Christopher sent you a private message on Tagged :)
5:50PM 1 eth0: duplicate address detected! in dmesg of vm
4:53PM 0 Kernel Bug
4:43PM 2 real Server to XEN
4:35PM 5 Average Disk Queue Lenghts Astronomically High for Win2003 Guest
4:20PM 3 Install Zimbra on a Xen DomU
3:45PM 2 Virt-manager guest install URLs!
1:51PM 1 AW: VCPU amount
11:01AM 7 error while compiling xen
9:32AM 14 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
9:05AM 1 w2k8 gplpv 0.9.13
1:33AM 3 A question about msi.
Wednesday March 25 2009
5:37PM 3 Why is Processor Utilization So High within the DomU?
4:07PM 10 VCPU amount
2:49PM 4 HVM failing. Tips please?
2:36PM 12 Strange network issue; Guest/DomU outgoing traffic
2:10PM 0 hello, does anyone here use VHPCE before?
12:21PM 0 hello, does anyone here use XHPCE before?
12:21PM 1 (no subject)
9:49AM 0 CA Signed Xen X509 Cert - Anyone know how to make it work?
4:49AM 1 "xm dmesg" ring buffer size option?
Tuesday March 24 2009
8:15PM 1 Compiling Nvidia Driver with Xen Kernel
3:59PM 1 Installing via kickstart over NFS "Invalid file location given: No such file ordirectory"
3:24PM 1 Custom Scripts with ${hostname} ?
3:15PM 0 Where is the code for passthrough a PCI device to a PV?
11:24AM 3 Annoucing Citrix Project Satori
10:20AM 4 How to run xen commands non root user
Monday March 23 2009
5:19PM 2 Why ''b'' - blocked?
1:45PM 0 IPv6 not working on with CentOS dom0
12:11PM 0 Xen 3.3.1 compilation problems
12:02PM 1 qla2xxx passthrough
7:31AM 3 multi bridge support?
Sunday March 22 2009
11:35PM 10 RE: xen + lvm dropping to a shell
3:56PM 0 Use serial port from domU?
1:23PM 0 A Suggestion needed
11:29AM 10 cloning guests between Dom0''s ?
Saturday March 21 2009
3:39PM 3 Host and guest architecture compatibility
Friday March 20 2009
3:26PM 7 How to clone a VM when it is running?
9:22AM 2 for building xen 2.6.27
7:09AM 2 Debian Lenny - how compiling new Dom0 xen kernel??
Thursday March 19 2009
10:16PM 2 Starting Xenbr0 looses connectivity
6:10PM 4 Crash after update
5:06PM 0 Compiling linux-2.6.18-xen-3.3.0
4:59PM 1 Instability with vcpu > 1
3:58PM 2 New DomU on older Dom0
1:37PM 1 compilation errors with xen 3.3.1 on a xen 3.2 box
1:23PM 3 Windows HVM automated shutdown/restart problems
12:13PM 5 To avoid Bridging
12:12PM 0 (no subject)
11:35AM 0 Need advice for searching vt-d capable mainboard
9:16AM 2 ISCSI SAN n Local Swap n Live migration
7:50AM 1 stateless dom0
Wednesday March 18 2009
10:01AM 1 and now whats hap?
9:41AM 7 Hot Copy file based VMs
7:56AM 2 Xen WiFi Networks
7:41AM 0 Xen and WiFi
Tuesday March 17 2009
3:18PM 0 dom0 2.6.27 (or more) kernel package for Debian 64 bits
12:28PM 0 build kernel 2.6.27-xen
9:56AM 9 eth2 instead of eth0.
5:23AM 0 VM''s are not booting
2:55AM 1 [About DL140G2 SATA harddisk]
1:17AM 2 Timing Adjustment on Xen
Monday March 16 2009
5:24PM 1 Installing a guest
2:20PM 1 Domain sometimes does not migrate completely (an entry with the string "migrating-" remains on the source host)
11:42AM 0 NIC is gone after xen version change.
6:23AM 4 Help needed in Xen
5:25AM 0 compilation error in linux-2.6.18-xen.hg with xen
Sunday March 15 2009
10:07PM 2 guest console logging
8:39PM 1 32-on-64 and PVGRUB
7:29PM 0 Cannot ssh into xen virtual Host
6:25PM 3 Dell PowerEdge 2850 / Xen / Windows 2003 / Debian
12:22PM 3 ramdisk
7:28AM 1 FC9 - xen kernel does not boot....
Saturday March 14 2009
5:10AM 0 Where to download SDK VM
4:07AM 0 Converting .xva files to open source Xen
Friday March 13 2009
8:29PM 0 Anyone have a squid reverse proxy config to share
4:34PM 0 integrating new test functionality under xm
4:19PM 32 domU: 32-bit emulation seems to be broken
3:46PM 6 console problem
1:48PM 0 Weekly Xen.org Community Update
1:34PM 1 How to use VCPUs
11:34AM 0 GPLPV on Windows 2008 64bit: it works! (was: Windows GPLPV Drivers - Development stopped?)
10:20AM 7 PV Lenny 32 bits into 64 bits dom0 - Grub / kernel problem
Thursday March 12 2009
8:36PM 0 Debian Lenny dom0 package on a Thinkpad t500
8:25PM 0 Netwroking on Dom0 stopped working after installing cpufreq module!
7:52PM 0 NEW: Xen Solution Search Tool Availalble
6:46PM 4 nvidia
5:59PM 0 xen: Buffer I/O error on device xvda1
5:47PM 2 Problem with network for new domU''s (vif vif-247-0: 28 mapping shared-frames)
5:17PM 0 Successfully running VM, subsequently startup gives this error -- VmError: Boot loader didn''t return any data!
4:18PM 1 FATAL: Could not open /lib/modules/
1:14PM 4 Windows GPLPV Drivers - Development stopped?
11:14AM 5 Alternatives to cman+clvmd ?
9:21AM 0 Please help? Download file from Dom0 to DomU, md5sum changed!
6:15AM 13 GPLPV on opensolaris, finally!
6:03AM 0 Increase the size of C:drive in VM
6:02AM 0 Xen 3.3.1 - not able to disable PAE
4:24AM 0 Xen Cpufreq modules and Networking Issue!
1:42AM 0 Xen seeing only 1 core of dual core cpu
Wednesday March 11 2009
11:05PM 3 domU oops: invalid opcode 0000
11:04PM 0 2.6.27 domU oops
10:04PM 3 network-route problem, maybe over GPLPV driver
7:14PM 3 Question on Starting Centos52 DomU
5:38PM 1 Xen cluster
5:27PM 3 xm commands hang when a HVM guest is running
5:20PM 0 anyone got a routine published to create a bootable XEN-on-a-usb stick?
3:17PM 0 page fault when load miniOS on xen3.1.4
3:17PM 10 Storage alternatives
11:05AM 9 cearte kernel
Tuesday March 10 2009
6:49PM 0 Problem with opensuse PVM
6:22PM 3 How to disable tls on CentOS 5 with Xen 3.3.1?
2:47PM 2 VCPU weight does not work with VCPU-Pin
2:30PM 0 AW: Lenny how to compile new kernel
1:50PM 1 Lenny how to compile new kernel
10:28AM 0 every "make world" for xen 3.3.1 on debian etch download the kernel from mercurial
6:53AM 1 DomU Locking Mechanism?
5:26AM 0 ConVirt goes 1.0
2:49AM 2 Transient xen performance issue
1:17AM 0 Xen origins and time line (Was: Re: Re: Xen and gnu gpl)
1:08AM 0 DRP & Continous Access in xen
12:16AM 0 W2K8 online migration delays guest execution 45-50 seconds
Monday March 9 2009
5:39PM 2 Error while installing ACM
5:19PM 0 Booting problem with compiled xen 3.3.0/linux- source
3:45PM 0 Error: (5, ''Input/output error, while writing
2:23PM 1 R: Re: Windows PV config
12:56PM 8 iscsi initiator on PV DomU problem
10:03AM 1 create initrd-
9:27AM 1 Windows PV config
7:20AM 3 Related to accessing guest OS based web server
12:12AM 11 Xen and gnu gpl
Sunday March 8 2009
6:18PM 1 Xen Guest Stuck at Startup!
9:21AM 3 FLR Patch for 3.3.1
5:49AM 1 Running VM on SAN - scalability issue?
12:23AM 0 Problem starting Xen Guest!
Saturday March 7 2009
11:08PM 0 xm console hangs
9:46PM 1 vyatta into domU
8:26PM 0 Install a guest from cd
8:08PM 1 Xen network problem *ONLY* on port 80
8:07PM 0 Disconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input.
7:11PM 4 Debian Lenny & LVM Partitions
3:07PM 0 problem
1:08PM 3 Massive numbers of dropped packets / ssh problems
1:19AM 0 Unsubscribe
Friday March 6 2009
8:13PM 2 Disk Partitioning Questions....
4:46PM 1 Routing in Xen
2:46PM 1 Weekly Community Update
Thursday March 5 2009
7:09PM 1 pciback and pci passtrought problems
4:20PM 1 url access problem
2:15PM 1 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
2:00PM 1 initrd-2.6-xen.img not generate
1:12PM 10 Reverse migration breaks/freezes VM
12:28PM 2 Adding And Removing CDROM And Floppies from Xen Virtual Machine
12:16PM 0 TCP/IP stack for virtualized environment
11:24AM 19 Urgent Network problem! Virtual network stops working after a few minutes/hours
2:34AM 0 Etch to Lenny upgrade failure
Wednesday March 4 2009
11:55PM 3 Urgent: How to evaluate Xen migration performance??
5:40PM 1 hvm install through serial console
4:51PM 10 Kickstart
4:20PM 1 install error
4:07PM 0 XEN on IA64
1:51PM 3 Need for precisions on SAR measures
1:43PM 1 GUI managment interfaces
1:35PM 2 xm migrate fails
10:41AM 3 Problems with bridging wifi interface
8:43AM 1 Mount shared block-device: Iscsi? Or GNBD? Or CLVM? Or EVMS? It''s a hell...
8:21AM 1 I want to share some string between two guest domains .Is there a way to do that?
5:17AM 0 [SPAM] xen network problem reg
Tuesday March 3 2009
11:04PM 0 Looking for tools in xen ?
10:54PM 1 History of xen with big milestone
10:53PM 3 OpenSUSE 11.1 32-bit on CentOS 5 Dom0, Xen 3.3.1
10:20PM 1 [RESOLVED] Xen 3.2-1-i386 and suspend error on Lenny
8:01PM 1 Solaris 10 HVM frozen after save/restore
7:44PM 0 tracking Vm data usage
7:13PM 2 Source code compiling and booting issue with xen 3.3.0 in fedora 8 system
3:25PM 0 Hey guys...please prune your posts.
2:28PM 1 Multiple bridged interfaces
1:08PM 7 xm shutdown doesn''t work on debian lenny
11:28AM 13 xm migrate headache
11:24AM 0 Devices held in dom0 prevent domU restart
11:16AM 2 AW: Paramters for PCI passthrough in config file
10:56AM 0 Paramters for PCI passthrough in config file
10:38AM 0 Xen networking and netloop
8:46AM 0 oops and cr2 kernel messages
5:59AM 0 Calling SENTER from a guest OS
Monday March 2 2009
9:59PM 0 Porting Xen migration functionality over MPI
9:04PM 0 Only one pv domU works with tap:aio
8:16PM 2 scp performance from machine to guest
6:32PM 1 What storage system to use for xen? img or phy lvm
3:54PM 3 freq scalling
2:39PM 2 domU sending frames larger than MTU
1:02PM 4 Lenny 2.26.1 xenu vmlinuz- Hangs Waiting for root file system
9:38AM 0 Re : Xen 3.2-1-i386 and suspend error on Lenny
8:50AM 6 xen-on-xen
Sunday March 1 2009
11:43PM 7 help convert vmdk to xen
8:46PM 0 XEN and suspend error
7:38PM 5 GPLPV 0.9.12-pre13 and SL 5.3 / Centos 5.3
1:19PM 4 Device Drivers in xen, looking also for a white book about how xen works exactlyā€¸
8:58AM 3 using Xen with logical volumes
8:53AM 0 boot on xen
12:06AM 2 gplpv and not work terminal service