Xen users - Jan 2009

Saturday January 31 2009
11:27PM 4 GPLPV Network Driver causing VM crash
10:14PM 1 domU with pax/grsec kernel
5:26PM 0 Re: Setting CPSs per socket
4:54PM 1 Re: Windows Setup hangs during start
4:41PM 1 DNS questions. I know that this is not the right place, but...
4:08PM 2 xen 3.3.1, HVM, vncunused=0 problem?
2:30PM 0 booting XEN from softwareraid /dev/md0
9:11AM 0 Re: pygrub CentOS domU - unable to mount lvm partition form dom0 - SOLVED
7:25AM 0 Questions about Xenoprof hypercall_page
2:04AM 5 xen 3.3 -> tap:aio performance over nfs
Friday January 30 2009
10:38PM 0 Can''t discover DHCP address of domU - can''t find VNC console, either
10:05PM 3 pygrub CentOS domU - unable to mount lvm partition form dom0 -
7:35PM 0 Recover root from a host
7:09PM 1 OT: ocfs2 adding 3rd node question
4:04PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 47, Issue 188
3:56PM 3 Xen on a HPC Cluster
1:47PM 6 Windows Setup hangs during start....
10:22AM 0 HVM with PV Drivers - Live Migration broken?
9:29AM 0 Xen 3.3.1 problem with starting windows domain
7:17AM 4 DomU does not show correct time
5:19AM 7 storage question
1:44AM 2 Re: Windows and Multiple CPUS?
1:29AM 1 In the year 2038! Is Xen messing with my clock?
Thursday January 29 2009
10:58PM 1 IP config problem with HVM
9:54PM 1 Supermicro MBD-C2SBC-Q-O (C2SBC-Q) & Xen & VT-d
8:52PM 0 xen domU malloc help
8:44PM 1 Xen center
8:27PM 3 How to run 32bit HVM guest on 64bit dom0?
7:48PM 8 Help on setting up a PVM
7:23PM 2 jailtime.org
4:30PM 1 Server video card
3:34PM 1 RE: Re: Windows and Multiple CPUS?
2:43PM 0 Network issue with vif-route method
1:51PM 0 unsubscribe
12:21PM 5 After memory upgrade - slow boot and "ERROR: Invalid checksum?"
11:02AM 1 GPLPV enabled domU hangs and kills other domU''s
10:43AM 0 Problems accessing to the image
5:57AM 1 Cant ssh into domU
5:24AM 0 Massive UDP and TCP packet loss
5:09AM 5 Why is xen allocating entire disk/file?
5:07AM 0 [SPAM] Massive UDP and TCP packet loss
Wednesday January 28 2009
9:55PM 5 question
9:31PM 2 Strange crashes.
9:26PM 3 vm ignores kickstart
8:58PM 2 Physical to Virtual Migration
8:51PM 1 Connection refused using XML-RPC protocol
4:47PM 0 HVM guest do not "destroy domain after shutdown or reboot in xen 3.2.1 debian Lenny"
2:48PM 0 Start a vps
2:20PM 2 HVM and Intel VT processors
9:23AM 0 Centos Gitco RPMs Xen 3.3.0 to 3.3.1
7:49AM 15 dom0 got load of 80
6:45AM 6 Not able to assing static IP to domU
1:42AM 0 Multicast Traffic not passing thru
Tuesday January 27 2009
11:11PM 2 domain
7:51PM 0 Did you register for Xen Summit at Oracle yet?
6:00PM 2 Monitoring time drift of hosts
5:28PM 6 problems mounting HPFS/NTFS domU partition
5:03PM 20 Xen SAN Questions
12:58PM 1 HVM winxp device manager
11:08AM 3 howto upgrade
Monday January 26 2009
9:58PM 0 setup PVM with xen-tools on debian lenny
7:16PM 20 Successful PCIe Graphics VT-d Passthrough to Win32 DomU, Q35 chipset
6:30PM 0 how to specify the linux kernel used for DOM0 and DOMU when installing xen ?
4:40PM 1 Xen+drbd VmError: Block device must have "phy", "file" or "tap" specified to type
12:17PM 3 GPLPV
11:48AM 2 Force shutdown (pull power) on a DomU
9:45AM 0 The VM can''t start without ramdisk
3:57AM 1 Windows license on Xen 3.3
Sunday January 25 2009
11:31PM 3 Can guests share an FC HBA?
9:11PM 1 Getting Windows 7 work as a VM
10:03AM 5 Recent Dom0 kernel
Saturday January 24 2009
10:43PM 4 Changing MAC address of Xen domU after live migration?
6:20PM 0 panic on CPU0
6:19PM 8 DomU in it''s own LVM partition fails to boot CentOS 5.2 Dom0/U
12:48AM 0 Best practices for httpd & MySQL under Xen w/DRBD & iSCSI?
Friday January 23 2009
7:53PM 1 adding X86_SUMMIT on install?
6:58PM 1 xend running under
6:50PM 0 Looking for a Xen CentOS network example
5:55PM 0 building 32 on 64
5:35PM 0 RE: XEN limit
5:33PM 3 Xen/Linux on Macbook Pro
5:07PM 13 which server to buy?
3:26PM 5 virtualization on top of Red Hat cluster
1:41PM 0 ASUS p6t, i7 920, vt-d broken.....
10:47AM 5 resize file disk iommu xp won''t boot
9:46AM 8 Fwd: VM getting hang
9:41AM 4 How to build xen 3.3.1 and linux-2.6.27-xen.hg from source?
9:19AM 1 AW: extend hdd in domU
8:39AM 2 extend hdd in domU
8:12AM 1 Build xen from source without docs - WARNING: Package ''ps2pdf'' is required ....
4:29AM 1 Weird Memory issue
2:12AM 0 Live Migration Question
Thursday January 22 2009
9:38PM 2 pvgrub
9:37PM 0 stubdom and VT-d passthrough? CPUID?
8:19PM 0 HA Xen Cluster comments/suggestions?
7:17PM 3 64bit HV, 32bit dom0, 32/64bit DomU
6:52PM 0 GFS, GNBD, Clustering, DRBD High Availability questions
6:03PM 0 VM getting hang
5:13PM 0 VM hangs
4:44PM 4 error starting xen guest
3:45PM 0 Final Call for Xen Summit at Oracle Topic Submissions
3:13PM 0 several usb devices
2:52PM 1 Clone self-contained domU''s
2:11PM 0 hvm phy-disc doesnt boot (file-disc does) (debian dom0, SLES domU)
1:07PM 3 e1000 support for hvm-DomU
1:01PM 2 virt-install - how to mount the domU device?
5:08AM 8 Anyone using dual 3Ghz/4gb servers?
12:07AM 17 Optimizing I/O
Wednesday January 21 2009
10:22PM 2 images
5:37PM 1 Paravirtualized Debian (on CentOS host)
1:23PM 0 xen on fedora core 9 as dom0
12:35PM 4 FW: Standard VM live migration OK but Windows GPLPV VM livemigration broken
12:22PM 0 Standard VM live migration OK but Windows GPLPV VM live migration broken
9:27AM 1 Populating a guest image
8:56AM 2 No bootloader with D-I in domU on part. RAID1
2:26AM 3 Appliances
Tuesday January 20 2009
11:34PM 0 qemu - bridge xenbr0 does not exist
9:08PM 8 DomU hangs sporadically
4:55PM 1 VIF looses hundred packets during the start up of the vm
4:53PM 4 Network Storage
4:41PM 1 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 47, Issue 120
3:50PM 0 sporadic problems relocating guests
3:22PM 0 Xen 3.3.0 - QEMU COW disk image with sparse backing file - VM fails to start
2:12PM 2 Adding disk image file to existing DomU VM
12:15PM 0 Could anybody send me some code samples about how to use event channels
6:37AM 39 Distributed xen or cluster?
2:35AM 1 Networking config for guest running on static host
1:32AM 0 Re: [Rocks-Discuss] Rocks or Virtual Cluster?
Monday January 19 2009
10:17PM 1 iscsi of a SAN on a DomU
8:40PM 8 Linux distributions supported by Xen as PVM domUs
8:25PM 0 Re: [Rocks-Discuss] Rocks or Virtual Cluster?
6:43PM 1 Xen 3.0.3, debian, bridging, bonding and vlans
5:28PM 1 Windows 9x/Me guests
5:15PM 0 Timeslips in HVM guest
5:02PM 0 Migration with ubuntu fails
4:34PM 2 Error on xm create: VmError: (38, ''Function not implemented'')
12:46PM 0 Very high load and 100% I/O wait in DomU after file activity
12:25PM 2 Paravirtualized Debian
7:43AM 0 problems with cpus
5:13AM 1 Non-linear skbs apparently prevent NFQUEUE from working properly
Sunday January 18 2009
6:50PM 2 kernel panic with iSCSI
6:49PM 4 Dom0 to DomU and reverse works but Outside world to DomU only ping works
4:46PM 0 Xen docs
2:38PM 9 Limited number of phy disks?
4:12AM 3 guest boots sucessfully only one time then lvm complains no uuid found
Saturday January 17 2009
10:12PM 1 Xen Guests and DomU running on NFS v3
4:32PM 25 GPLPV network performance
3:13PM 1 Re: AW: Selecting a linux distro for a xen-involved project
8:42AM 0 Double amount of READ DISK traffic on dom0 than from domU?
7:27AM 0 dom0 has no sound
Friday January 16 2009
10:56PM 3 xm console domU
9:04PM 3 Have to log in to start vino and guests
5:54PM 10 weird domU sizes
5:36PM 0 Software RAID NAS in VM?
11:30AM 10 windows server on xen in production?
2:32AM 5 I need help with fully utilizing xen on a new system
Thursday January 15 2009
11:24PM 0 unexpected sizes
11:16PM 14 VMware guests to xen
10:01PM 0 Paravirt network interfaces and snmp
6:32PM 0 [Fwd: Issue with bridge networking]
3:18PM 0 Windows GPLPV 0.9.12 pre 13
1:05PM 0 Networking: Bridged and NAT
11:50AM 1 Xen 3.3 network support for Intel 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection
11:37AM 5 real HDD usage of XEN images
10:32AM 0 cpu details are missing with xen!
10:01AM 2 Limit Memory RAM
9:24AM 3 overcommiting vcpus
3:11AM 0 how to get graphics card passthrough to work?
1:45AM 0 optimizing raid passthrough performance?
1:22AM 8 Can you convert Windows LVM domU to sparse img file?
Wednesday January 14 2009
9:44PM 4 how to find the underlying device of an block-attached device
6:40PM 6 Solaris 10 with xen 3.2 or previous
6:27PM 3 using encrypted swap & tmpfs in Xen DomUs ?
5:35PM 0 "Out of Memory" phenomenon with Xen 3.03 on Dual Pentium III
2:34PM 7 Selecting a linux distro for a xen-involved project
10:45AM 0 Issues (Oops) with kernel.org 2.6.27 and 2.6.28
10:04AM 2 GPLPV Drivers - which version is good?
8:14AM 0 xen + centos + python, update save
Tuesday January 13 2009
10:48PM 8 iSCSI initiator on Dom0, exported to DomU via xvd, Disk IO Drops in Half...
6:39PM 1 USB forwarding in domu
10:33AM 10 Backporting Xen 3.2 to Etch
7:47AM 1 New to XEN
6:38AM 1 DRBD and Xen - LVM on the top or not
12:42AM 17 Lots of udp (multicast) packet loss in domU
Monday January 12 2009
8:54PM 2 bridged network without static ip
7:16PM 1 How to best share disk for speed?
4:53PM 1 iscsi storage and multipathing
4:27PM 3 Migrate a Physical Windows to a XEN VM
11:06AM 2 Live Migration CPU Compatibility Requirements?
6:19AM 0 using xen-api on xen-3.1.0-13
5:08AM 0 Guest Domain with Japanese names (UTF-8) fails with UnicodeEncodeError:ascii codec cant encode characters - Xen 3.2.0
3:21AM 0 Xen without X11
Sunday January 11 2009
9:21PM 1 trouble setting up external IP
4:17PM 2 drifting clock in domUs
10:26AM 0 network-bridge status something strange
7:32AM 2 xen-3.3 installation steps on LFS-6.3
6:50AM 2 unable to view domU console with vnc viewer in fedora8
3:34AM 0 Config example to boot from live cd?
Saturday January 10 2009
7:06PM 1 which disk/tap device to use for xen?
2:10PM 4 xen on fedora-core8(host) with fc8 as dom0 hangs after "starting atd"
7:34AM 1 Heavily spamed xenwiki
4:41AM 20 Solaris dom0, prebuilt domU?
Friday January 9 2009
10:42PM 2 tap:ram anyone?
7:17PM 2 Network Issues on Migration
3:22PM 2 Weekly Community Update
2:29PM 6 [XEN 3.3 - PCI passthrough] - interaction latencies with /dev/ttyUSB0
11:17AM 1 gplpv windows 2000 sp4
Thursday January 8 2009
7:36PM 1 PV Clone
7:26PM 3 copy + paste
5:19PM 0 Xen Summit at Oracle Topic Submission Deadline
3:53PM 1 stubdom not working
3:07PM 0 USB PCI Passthrough System Instability
12:48PM 0 Xen compile under centos - Correct method?
Wednesday January 7 2009
11:43PM 4 Xen Interface Management
10:45PM 0 Anyone do a VT-d Passthru of a PCIe 1x USB Card?
8:59PM 2 xm save -c?
7:46PM 5 Running native OS
7:18PM 2 Install Problem
6:43PM 7 centos5.2xen+XFS
4:33PM 0 xorg doesn''t work.
3:32PM 0 aide-xen.
2:48PM 9 migrate file-based vm to lvm?
2:42PM 4 Xen 3 Bonding VLAN issue
12:21PM 0 VM stop running
11:35AM 3 RAM disapeared?
11:32AM 3 Network bridging problem for Centos 5 Dom-O and Debian Etch Dom-U
7:33AM 12 Mounting Xen LVM Guests
12:52AM 2 eth3 change name to eth4_rename
Tuesday January 6 2009
11:18PM 4 Newbie question: Unable to boot a file based VBD
8:47PM 5 SMP, Win 2k3 R2 Server, and GPLPV
8:00PM 3 strange domu issue
6:51PM 1 Starting out in Xen
5:58PM 5 disk access besk practice
5:08PM 2 Mount CD ROM iso during kickstart postinstall
4:38PM 0 link error on home page
2:43PM 5 Win2k3 GPLPV Network issue (2)
2:34PM 0 Win2k3 GPLPV Network issue
2:28PM 2 Xorg problem with xen
10:15AM 8 prority load in /etc/xen/auto
9:37AM 9 Windows GPLPV 0.9.12 Pre13 Upgrade Yellow Exclamations
4:50AM 2 Re: GPLPV drivers problem, or Xen compatibility problem
4:42AM 0 RE: GPLPV drivers problem, switching HALs
4:13AM 1 Clock wobble
3:34AM 0 compiling Xen without X11 on slackware
1:45AM 1 UN subscribe
1:39AM 3 Booting issue on CentOS 5.2+Xen 3.3.0
Monday January 5 2009
10:15PM 7 /etc/xen/auto
6:15PM 17 GPLPV drivers problem
4:41PM 0 Speaking at Xen Summit at Oracle?
2:32PM 1 Console Problems - 2
1:34PM 1 Error: unsupported format character '':'' (0x3a) at index 6
1:00PM 6 how far can we go in terrm on scalability
12:50PM 1 network question. two bridge and interfaces
11:46AM 3 Virtual Network card
6:27AM 0 Virtual network dies on all of domU simultaneously
12:36AM 0 Channel bonding on Guest VM being slow
12:35AM 1 Windows 2K3 HVM constantly crashing on install (Etch, Xen 3.0.3)
Sunday January 4 2009
10:18PM 0 Networking with HVM-Guests
8:49PM 0 new user - Console is not yet active for guest
7:30PM 3 Error: pci: 0000:02:06.0 must be co-assigned to the same guest with 0000:02:05.0
7:05PM 1 How to compile Kernel with pciback.hide
2:35PM 1 Error: (38, ''Function not implemented'')
12:49PM 2 llwip-1.3.0.tar.gz
12:41PM 1 [SPAM] not boot domu with create xen-tools
12:38PM 2 From Debian HVM to Debian PV
12:10PM 3 Networking confusion
Saturday January 3 2009
9:24PM 2 Is it possible to allow multiple vnc clients to one DomU?
4:49PM 4 Xen - multiCPUs per socket setting?
2:59PM 4 NTP problem
Friday January 2 2009
4:11PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Update
4:08PM 4 Redhat EL 5.2 guest on Redhat EL 5.2 host
2:56PM 3 Auto start Virtual Machines
2:51PM 0 Xen Summit at Oracle Registration Available
9:00AM 5 upgrading xen on centos 5.1
4:02AM 3 FW: compiling Xen without X11 on slackware
Thursday January 1 2009
11:54PM 0 RE: Large server, Xen limitations (Offlist)
2:26PM 0 Xen domU does not boot after date sync
1:15PM 20 Large server, Xen limitations
9:02AM 1 xen 3.3.0 crash problems