Xen users - Jan 2008

Thursday January 31 2008
11:31PM 0 Performance questions.
10:24PM 2 Missing packets on Dom0 when sniffing bridge with wireshark/tethreal
9:12PM 4 Xen guest nfs client not responding
8:50PM 6 Compile 64 bit hypervisor&kernel on 32bit kernel ?
8:22PM 0 (xm sched-credit) Error: cap is out of range
7:32PM 5 Exporting a VM
4:33PM 5 How-To create Windows HVM?
12:50PM 3 xen 3.2 network problems
10:31AM 0 xen-3.2 network-bridge and gateways
10:27AM 7 Re; Dom0 Kernels ..
8:26AM 6 lspci in domU shows nothing
7:55AM 20 Quorum disk problem
1:27AM 8 Choosing O/S for dom0 host with xen 3.2 - best option?
Wednesday January 30 2008
10:35PM 1 Serial support with XEN and RHEL 5.1
9:48PM 0 Unable to connect to console via terminal console server (CentOS Xen kernel)
6:06PM 2 Backup domU xen
5:20PM 1 RHEL-5.1 x Networking
5:15PM 0 xen networking troubles
1:03PM 0 NetBSD as domU: how can I pass BSD partitions in disk=?
8:21AM 2 creating and virtualizing images
2:07AM 0 Fwd: Re: Problems running Debian as Guest System on SLES10 Dom0
Tuesday January 29 2008
8:58PM 2 Start virtual framebuffer in Xen 3.1
6:44PM 4 Running Xen on top of Xen
6:05PM 0 Clustered FS with Windows Guest
2:56PM 0 xen 3.1.0 on sles10sp1
12:30PM 0 Xen-u domain crashed
10:59AM 4 X fails starting with Xen kernel 2.6.22-14-xen on Ubuntu 7.10
10:19AM 1 uname -r delivers same version in dom0 and domU (paravirt)
8:57AM 24 vanilla kernel and xen (in general), vanilla 2.6.24 and xen
8:51AM 0 "vanilla" kernel and xen in general, vanilla 2.6.24 and xen
7:14AM 8 can VDE be used in Xen
1:46AM 0 XEN, RHEL5 and ATI
Monday January 28 2008
10:57PM 1 iscsi freenas to store images
9:40PM 3 cdrom pv install
8:01PM 2 Problem Installing a Linux Distribution.
5:02PM 2 about windows PV drivers
3:41PM 4 can''t boot from cdrom
2:56PM 0 ISCSI storage option
2:41PM 8 Problems running Debian as Guest System on SLES10 Dom0
2:39PM 0 Error starting domU (centos5) on xen3.2.0 : rtc: IRQ 8 is not free
2:38PM 2 Xen 3.1 + Live Migration
11:53AM 0 Windows on DomU is unpaused
3:23AM 2 Re: Xen Disk I/O performance vs native performance: Xen I/O
1:01AM 6 Xen Virtual Console xvc (Was: Re: Pardon me for possibly dumb question but....)
12:55AM 1 xvd Xen virtual block device (Was: Re: Pardon me for possibly dumb question but....)
Sunday January 27 2008
10:19PM 2 Pardon me for possibly dumb question but....
6:56PM 1 xen virtualization and disaster recovery
5:08PM 3 Network issue in dom0
10:11AM 9 Problem setting up VNC on SLES10 HVM DomU
10:00AM 0 CentOS 5.1 Fully Virtualized Bridged Network
12:05AM 2 Re; TAP:AIO driver
Saturday January 26 2008
7:28PM 8 Installing Fedora domU from a Debian dom0
6:45PM 0 Re; Xen 3.2 and tap:aio
6:03PM 0 How do I configure Multiple domains/machines?
3:46PM 1 How come tap:aio doesn''t work?
2:34PM 4 why domain never get run
12:14PM 0 Can`t compile Xen3.2 with ACM
11:50AM 0 Re; Networking problems ..
11:31AM 0 GPL Win PV Drivers 0.6.1 release
10:02AM 4 Windows XP guest: Tap device isn''t passing the traffic to linux
9:12AM 5 debian etch, how to hide a pci card, pv / hvm xen 3.2.0
5:48AM 1 HVM network troubles
4:42AM 2 XEN HVM Network Boot and Darwin Issues
Friday January 25 2008
4:57PM 0 Corrupted image file and fsck gives up with "exited with signal 11"
2:56PM 1
2:45PM 3 Domain interfaces
2:24PM 0 How to mount the two systems which are in same subnet
2:15PM 0 Debug Registers not working other than DR0.
12:57PM 8 Processor architecture
12:32PM 2 strange xen memory calculations?
12:20PM 0 Xen using COM2?
9:42AM 0 Fwd:Re: Howto compiling Xen 3.2 on Debian/Ubuntu
9:15AM 0 how to configure xen 3.2 bridge with bonding
8:51AM 0 drbd8 + Xen3.1
3:12AM 0 Pentium M + RHEL 5.1 ( XEN 3.0.3 )
1:50AM 0 xen-create-image: second bridge, mac and ip possible?
12:08AM 5 Major /dev/urandom (Security) issue?
Thursday January 24 2008
11:15PM 1 Xen domU and bandwith limitation
10:36PM 23 Xen Disk I/O performance vs native performance
3:29PM 0 Clock jumps during live migration
2:13PM 5 Can''t boot from ISO image...
1:37PM 4 ideal xen setup?
1:25PM 0 windows server 2003 installation error
12:56PM 3 xen 3.2.0 problems with DomU freezing... ubuntu 7.10
12:34PM 0 rejecting I/O to offline device
11:11AM 11 Xen 3.2.0 -> Newer kernel and more..
10:48AM 0 problems with Xen 3.1.2 and linux-2.6.18-53.1.4.el5
10:42AM 2 boot problems with 2.6.23.x on 64-bit dom0
8:29AM 0 Problem with networking in domU under Ubuntu Gutsy dom0
12:44AM 6 What is the "fastest" way to access disk storage from DomU?
Wednesday January 23 2008
10:59PM 0 Increasing the kernel command line size
8:49PM 2 Looking for clarity about physical cores/cpus and VCPUs
8:48PM 2 Booting Vista in Debug Mode
8:24PM 1 iSCSI Snap Server
7:46PM 1 Xen Summit Spring 2008 Proposal
4:15PM 1 IOMMU in XEN 3.2.0 question
4:02PM 0 CentOS 5.0 + xen-3.0.3 + drbd-8.0.6 + heartbeat-2.1.2 + lvm2-2.02 : bio would need to, but cannot, be ,split
3:14PM 5 Re: Troubles Compiling the XEN 3.2 Release
3:04PM 6 XEN Images Storage
1:59PM 2 VNC port confusion
10:57AM 0 Xen optimizations for Windows guest
10:46AM 35 Compiling Xen-3.2.0
9:11AM 4 Xen 3.2 kernel hang
1:57AM 1 vmlinux creation after build
1:06AM 2 how to upgrade a linux guest OS under Xen
Tuesday January 22 2008
11:01PM 0 who ever upgrade the embedded xen3.0.4 of SLES10SP1 to xen3.1.0?
10:42PM 0 who ever successful installed Xen3.1.0 on SLES10 SP1
8:31PM 8 AoE server & client on same physical xen box?
5:35PM 0 ''xm create'' failing @ "Unable to retrieve ..." if "bootproto=static"
5:17PM 5 Gluster + XEN
4:48PM 5 Can''t build kernel with Xen 3.2.0
3:54PM 2 can''t connect to console
2:46PM 1 Resize a VM disk image
9:36AM 0 Migration and arp cache problem
9:18AM 4 Binary release of GPL Win PN drivers
5:58AM 1 xen and icegrid
3:07AM 0 Questions about fast clock in 64-bit linux hvm
2:04AM 3 XenExpress or OpenSource Xen, which is better?
Monday January 21 2008
5:47PM 0 Switching Xenmon on and off
4:50PM 0 Help on Windows Driver Debugging for James'' PV Windows Drivers
4:21PM 1 Xen Book Reco
3:09PM 1 How to Add Multiple IP in xen guest and possible internet public accessing xen guest?
11:18AM 0 Compiling linux- with personal modifications
10:26AM 1 Problems installing a virtual machine
9:12AM 1 Xen and LVM - partitionning and performance
6:28AM 0 Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format ~
6:06AM 1 cannot ping after xen install
4:16AM 2 RHEL5 Xen failover cluster - iSCSI with HP AiO400 for cluster file system
Sunday January 20 2008
3:49PM 3 Could not boot an 2.6.23 kernel as domU
11:54AM 1 How does Windows see CPU layout under Xen?
Saturday January 19 2008
3:53PM 0 Xen 3.2.0 Intel VT real-mode improvements
3:28PM 0 kernel-xen ?
2:41PM 0 Kernel Ooops when shutting down DomU
11:34AM 1 eth0 disabled when xend starts up
10:37AM 7 xen 3.2 release build broken?
9:21AM 0 Xen 3.2.0 rpm
9:03AM 7 how to build xen + dom0 and domU from source?
3:26AM 0 Re; Firewalling tables ...
Friday January 18 2008
10:58PM 0 DLink / skge: Unable to clear error (so ignoring them) on large file transfers to card
8:18PM 5 X11 in PV domU: limited success
7:53PM 2 Creating Virtual Network-Interface under XEN 3.2.0 for Domain0
7:16PM 1 About Xen4
6:49PM 0 multi Xen Server hosts with 3.2.2004 doesnt work
5:35PM 5 Set memory free after shutdown
4:52PM 0 Distro used to test Xen 3.2
4:16PM 0 Re: wine in a domU
4:03PM 1 Re; System Crash ...
1:42PM 0 Retrieving SDL display
7:33AM 1 XEN 3.2.0 default bridge changed ?
6:08AM 0 failed to create LVM install
Thursday January 17 2008
11:27PM 0 CfP 3rd Workshop on Virtualization in HPC Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (VHPC''08)
10:04PM 9 NVidia 169.07 on XEN
9:22PM 4 steps to install xen3.1 from source
9:16PM 0 dom0 kernel panics (bug in kref_get) when trying to boot off an ataoe device
7:15PM 0 Help mounting image partition on centos: missing /dev/xen/guest1
3:06PM 3 xen sourcen - different kernel
2:46PM 4 Gentoo Xen Control Daemon not starting - problem & resolution
1:32PM 3 Can Ubuntu HVM guests be installed on a loopback fs image?
8:08AM 1 xen on grub 2
8:05AM 0 Build XEN 3.2 with cpufreq Support
7:50AM 0 balancing domu CPUs on dom0
7:21AM 1 Regarding suse10 guest installation.
6:02AM 1 Network Problem in Vista 32-bit Guest for xen-3.2-testing
1:19AM 0 Has anyone gotten Xen to work for SCO OpenServer?
1:01AM 0 Live migration of HVM guest is hanging (Xen 3.1)
Wednesday January 16 2008
6:58PM 16 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.2.0 released!
3:28PM 1 BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0
3:10PM 3 define ip gateway
2:43PM 1 network-detach broken?
9:32AM 1 Problem with Realtek 8169
8:34AM 5 xen backup
4:43AM 2 Regarding xen....(stoping the ppication running on VM).
3:12AM 2 patching a running Xen kernel
2:52AM 0 Terminal size problem
1:17AM 6 LVM backed domu with lvm inside
1:13AM 1 Lost tape drive after rebooting into Xen kernel
12:02AM 1 CentOS 5.0 Xen | Bridging eth0?
Tuesday January 15 2008
11:28PM 0 WORKAROUND : Re: Ubuntu Gutsy Xen problems : DomU n/w not working
8:57PM 6 live migration breaking...aoe issue?
8:37PM 3 Viewing core dump from Windows XP HVM
7:52PM 0 Now for the big one!....Slackware tls issue
7:27PM 2 Ubuntu Gutsy Xen problems : DomU n/w not working
6:16PM 1 CentOS5.1 with routed domU
3:05PM 1 Intel 965 Onboard Graphics and Xen 3.1 on CentOS 5.1
2:04PM 3 having trouble booting Xen-3.1 on X86_64 Fedora Core 8 install
1:28PM 3 XEN and 10Gbps NICs
12:18PM 1 xen is not able to detect windows cd
9:01AM 0 Purpose of the "ioemu" keyword: QEMU or IOMMU?
8:52AM 0 Devices other than VBD/VIF in PV guests
8:36AM 0 Isolated Device Domain and I/O Spaces in Xen 3
6:19AM 1 installing xen domU. plz help
Monday January 14 2008
10:22PM 7 A few newbie questions about Xen devices
8:46PM 0 IBM xSeries 366 - xenbr2 HWaddr all 0''s
2:48PM 1 direct assignment of PCIe virtual function to domU
7:53AM 4 ramdisk is not compatible !!!
5:48AM 1 M2N32, suse 10.3 and network problem
3:50AM 0 VMC - Virtual Machine Console
2:31AM 1 XEN Networking Howto ?
2:26AM 0 Xen Networking howto ??
Sunday January 13 2008
12:49PM 2 debian dom0 centos-5 domU xen-tools copy
12:16PM 0 Please help to compile a correct fuse module on VPS land or force loading existing module, would pay for help
11:02AM 1 PDFLUSH deadlock
9:52AM 5 DomU crash while scp''ing a file
3:36AM 0 Cannot Install SLES9-SP4 Para DomU on SLES10-SP1 Dom0
Saturday January 12 2008
7:57AM 2 Is upgrade DomU can broke my XEN box ?
12:36AM 2 Xen Over SuSE 10.3 - Dog Catches Car - Thank you Jim and Jonathon
Friday January 11 2008
11:50PM 1 Re: [quagga-users 9274] My eth0 is NOT down -- but quagga says it is?
11:36PM 3 HP Proliant DL145g3, xen-3.1.0 and SVM
11:00PM 1 which Linux kernel with source build of xen 3.1?
9:31PM 1 Xen () ethernet padding
9:18PM 5 I''ve exhausted my brain trying to get xen to boot...please help
7:01PM 0 Re: Xen console on Bladecenter remote KVM
5:03PM 2 Provisioning SAN disk to domU''s
4:07PM 2 xen-3.1 IPMI sensor (fwd)
11:16AM 2 hardware driver question
11:05AM 2 Some basic questions
9:13AM 2 Debian Kernel 2.6.23-1-xen-686
6:25AM 5 domUloader Vs pygrub
5:11AM 0 Regading xen api
2:51AM 6 Xen creating two bridges
Thursday January 10 2008
11:25PM 2 Xen over SuSE 10.3 - Can''t find drive to boot with...
6:42PM 2 Xen Live Migration
5:07PM 1 CPU/APIC panic?
4:18PM 0 CentOS5 dom0 Ubuntu domU problems
1:44PM 1 regarding xen
12:04PM 0 working masquerading bridging router setup
11:08AM 1 Xen 3.0.3 Multiple VCPU performance issue
9:53AM 6 Live migration problem
9:01AM 5 Xen patch for Linux 2.6.22 / 2.6.23
4:55AM 0 Can I create Virtual Machine through Xen java API
1:08AM 2 VIP(s) in domU
1:04AM 2 heritical question :-)
1:03AM 5 Xen 3.1 kernel panics on RHEL4u5
1:03AM 4 To die or not to die ....
12:09AM 8 Resizing partitions on a VM sitting on a LVM volume
Wednesday January 9 2008
11:01PM 1 irq 9: nobody cared(try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
9:57PM 1 Re : xen on Debian Etch : problem resolved !!!
7:17PM 1 Kernel Panic from dom0 with smart array 5i
6:41PM 4 Serial support with XEN and RHEL5.1
6:20PM 0 XEN server stalling .. problem spotted - solution required
5:05PM 0 unable to restart a domU after it ran a long time
4:05PM 0 Xen.org source tarballs
3:02PM 0 xen (3.2, unstable) and floppy disks
12:15PM 1 What is favorable Computer Hardware configuration for Xen 3.1 or above ?
11:01AM 2 Maybe a bug of Xen
6:58AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Cannot install windows 2003 in Xen]
6:11AM 0 xen upgradation to 3.1
2:23AM 4 Cannot install windows 2003 in Xen
Tuesday January 8 2008
11:08PM 0 Dom0 lockout
10:34PM 1 Support for "Un-Modified OS"
10:19PM 0 Re : SDL makes me crazy (AARHHRG!!)
9:35PM 0 launching a domU on a Debian Etch
9:23PM 0 Bridge problems?
4:30PM 0 european virtualisation conference
4:09PM 0 Installing NetBSD
4:05PM 0 installing xen from a binary
3:29PM 0 xen-3.1 IPMI sensor
3:10PM 0 Re: AW: PV- Drivers for Windows (XP, 2003 Server)
11:20AM 0 Help needed configuring HVM domU with routed networking
12:50AM 2 LVM partition resize pain...
12:26AM 0 Xen Dom0 TCP low throughput with TC-TBF traffic shaping
Monday January 7 2008
8:19PM 0 VIRT-P2V Live CD
7:57PM 1 PV 32bit domU on 64bit dom0/xen
7:54PM 11 Re; Ethernet has Alzheimers
2:12PM 2 physical to virtual
1:55PM 0 Antwort: Windows PV & Shutdown-Usage
1:52PM 0 Windows PV & Shutdown-Usage
10:46AM 25 PV- Drivers for Windows (XP, 2003 Server)
12:55AM 3 Question about vnc
Sunday January 6 2008
7:33PM 0 fc6 console window no longer generated
5:00PM 0 Xend error: SIOCSIFNAME : Device or resource busy
10:36AM 4 Increasing throughput on xen bridges
1:43AM 0 Xen without x11-devel
Saturday January 5 2008
8:17PM 1 2 problems : installing Xen on Debian and running Xen on Ubuntu 7.10
7:00PM 1 building xen-3.1-testing.hg
4:46PM 4 after centos 5 yum update xen guest won''t boot
4:39PM 2 Reusing image of HVM guest
3:49PM 0 OpenSUSE 10.3, Xen 3.1.0 and aic79xx on x86_64 - trouble...
3:45PM 3 Logout from xm console
5:43AM 0 latest xen-unstable veth devices missing
3:39AM 8 Question about ioemu ...
1:49AM 0 Error in network-route script
Friday January 4 2008
10:45PM 0 How to specify multiple usb devices - hvm
7:20PM 0 HPCVirt 2008 - Call for Papers
3:32PM 0 WinXP not seeing when a CD is inserted into the drive
3:21PM 1 problem booting debian 4 as xen domU
9:26AM 0 Problems installing HVM-guest (not just SuSE)
3:16AM 1 IVTV in domU: Cannot request encoder memory region on card 0
2:05AM 6 Xen 3.1.2, Windows, and SMP
Thursday January 3 2008
10:35PM 11 Shared storage in Xen Cluster
6:06PM 2 NetBSD 4.0 i386 domU on linux x64 dom0
11:23AM 4 physical device
9:16AM 0 what is the Net1 item in xm top.
7:20AM 0 What is the "Net1" item in xm top?
4:12AM 0 problems with shutdown/destroy domain and pci devices
1:35AM 0 Fwd: Re: Opensuse 10.3 does not charge dom0
12:09AM 1 network-bridge is never stopped (or Xen stole my MAC address)
Wednesday January 2 2008
10:18PM 7 xentrace_setmask badly broken?
9:12PM 3 Anyone running SCO OpenServer, especially 5.0.x, in Xen?
1:27PM 0 RE: Xen PV drivers
11:49AM 3 Howto: change CD during an HVM install
Tuesday January 1 2008
1:59PM 1 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8, 1)
1:44PM 0 Xen + GFS on Ubuntu?
1:02PM 2 Opensuse 10.3 does not charge dom0
7:12AM 15 Xen - AoE benchmarks