Xen users - Feb 2008

Friday February 29 2008
10:07PM 1 Automatic Memory allocation
10:05PM 0 Large picture question
7:20PM 4 How can be defined the order of the starting of DomUs linked into /etc/xen/auto?
5:17PM 8 Fw: Jailtime image problem - debian 4.0
5:16PM 2 Fw: Can I install domU without virt-manager?
4:20PM 1 REPOST - Debian Etch, XEN 3.2 PAE Routed Nat problem
3:27PM 6 Can not access VM through VNC
3:16PM 1 Doubled keyboard input
12:24PM 1 Problem booting 32bit DomU with Kernel 2.6.24 on Xen 3.2 64bit Dom0
12:22PM 3 IPcop in Xen
12:18PM 2 Disk performance in HVM vs PV
11:27AM 0 Jailtime image problem - debian 4.0
8:26AM 12 intel or amd?
7:46AM 2 Can I install domU without virt-manager?
Thursday February 28 2008
11:19PM 1 Adding a new Hard Drive on Xen VMs
9:50PM 0 bad network performance with xen 3.2
8:37PM 1 serial console for dom0 (rh 5.1)
6:37PM 4 NR_IRQ limit
5:46PM 4 Xen on 32bit machine with 8GB of RAM
5:05PM 3 Exception starting xend on a FC8 system
4:19PM 2 gplpv 0.8.4 not removing gemu harddisk and rtl 8139 network card
3:27PM 1 Problem getting DomU''s up after power outage
7:33AM 0 The most stable version of XEN Source
6:53AM 0 had: lost interrupt under domU
3:05AM 0 Networking Issues in Xen 3.2 + FC8
2:49AM 0 Fwd: Re: Release 0.8.0 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
Wednesday February 27 2008
5:35PM 0 Migration of PVM
4:29PM 8 Physical disks + Software Raid + lvm in domU
4:29PM 0 Problem migrating domains
4:21PM 1 Xen 3.1 Installation Issue on CentOS 5.1
3:56PM 0 XEN 3.2 - Debian 4.0 domU networking issues
3:27PM 0 Error: Had a bootloader specified, but no disks are bootable
2:00PM 3 domU on v3.2 is not booting
12:42PM 0 [Q][Xen-3.2] Can i resort to old network naming of bridges and interfaces?
11:37AM 6 xen tools for checking performance
1:08AM 0 xm dmesg vs loglvl
12:43AM 2 Lots of trap.c mesages in the xm dmesg
12:10AM 30 Release 0.8.4 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
Tuesday February 26 2008
9:40PM 5 xm dump-core and an XP HVM
8:08PM 2 OS X on Xen - Working!!!
7:03PM 0 Bridging with 2 network interfaces - Fedora 8 Kickstart installation
7:02PM 0 sched-credit and reboots
5:39PM 9 patch for vanilla kernel
4:10PM 0 about evtchn device
3:37PM 1 cm create produces -> Error: int argument required
1:41PM 2 Does anyone use Slackware w/Xen
6:28AM 1 Bugfix Kernel 2.6.18
5:10AM 0 Problem installing domU: unable to retrieve minstg2.img
1:34AM 0 Xen 3.1 not recognizing second SATA HD or DVD
12:18AM 2 Can''t see console on vanilla
Monday February 25 2008
10:39PM 0 Problem upgrading a opensuse virtual machine when using LVM
9:50PM 1 Xen not recognizing second SATA Hard Disk or CDROM
9:28PM 4 Xen.org Blog Available
7:57PM 0 Debugging hvm session
3:59PM 2 Bad network! No ARP!
3:31PM 4 cpu does not support long mode. use 32 bit distribution.
11:02AM 1 Problem with multiple interfaces in DomUs / network-route
9:37AM 7 GPL PV drivers in Windows Server 2008
9:16AM 2 API call: VIF.get_network not found
8:21AM 1 invalid opcode on Dom0
6:13AM 6 Release 0.8.3 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
Sunday February 24 2008
11:50PM 2 Direct Hardware Support using Xen and Windows Guest?
4:23PM 1 Xen 3.2 and IPTables
3:53PM 3 Fwd: Re: Xen 3.1, Fedora 8 and PCI passthrough
2:54PM 0 Problem finding Block device statistics for a Xen domU using libvirt API.
2:07PM 3 xen server hw
10:34AM 7 Missing 3.2 binary install package
10:11AM 13 Xen 3.2 & CentOS
1:36AM 4 Shutdown/reboot problem with Xen 3.2 HVM
Saturday February 23 2008
1:26PM 2 Creating an fc8 2.6.23 domu
10:43AM 1 good GUI
10:15AM 0 Back in time..
10:13AM 5 migrating between different hardware (xen-3.1.3)
9:24AM 0 xen & lvm
6:40AM 0 [RFI]Is NAT broken with Linux HVM guests?
2:32AM 6 network-multinet usage?
Friday February 22 2008
8:26PM 1 VIF Hung Up
6:36PM 0 virt-manager on RH AS 5.1
5:46PM 0 domU produces error when running some commands
2:41PM 3 Release 0.8.1 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
1:55PM 1 xen 3.2.0.... new installation all over again ... still nothing
1:20PM 0 Dom0 hang on hvm launch
10:03AM 1 xen 3.2.0 keeps rebooting
8:51AM 0 Problems with migrating Domains when the are created using Xen-API.
8:40AM 6 [xen-3.1.3] domain0 fails to boot, hangs waiting for root fs.
3:18AM 0 NFS boot of Xen DomU - Goes to NFS version 2
3:04AM 2 see the version of xen
Thursday February 21 2008
10:05PM 0 Re; Help proving / disproving a theory ...
9:09PM 6 Xen 3.1, Fedora 8 and PCI passthrough
7:50PM 4 DomU kernel compilation question...
6:15PM 6 Unable to load eth0 and start xend--Using Xen 3.2.0 on an FC8
4:55PM 6 32Bit PVM on 64Bit dom0?
4:38PM 1 Sound not working for virtual WinXP
4:26PM 0 Some distro on HVM
2:52PM 0 Call for Speakers : Xen Summit 2008 (June 23 - 24 in Boston, MA)
2:13PM 0 migration from 3.0.3 to 3.1
1:53PM 2 trouble starting from nfsroot
1:15PM 1 usb->serial converter + export that serial port in pv DomU
12:50PM 0 Migration problems ...
10:37AM 0 Regular windows freeze on xen 3.1
10:05AM 62 Release 0.8.0 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
9:22AM 6 SuSE /var/ disk space
8:31AM 4 xen on NAS
7:53AM 0 HVM multiple cdrom q under FC8
6:05AM 3 GPLPV 0.7.0-pre2, smp, network performance problem
5:56AM 2 problem installing xen kernel on Debian etch
4:56AM 6 Problem installing CentOS DomU.
12:31AM 2 HVM tap:aio and net under FC8
Wednesday February 20 2008
9:50PM 1 x86 DomU (pvm) on amd64 Dom0?
5:54PM 0 network-routing
2:52PM 0 New Xen Mailing List Search Available
11:50AM 12 two bridges with xen 3.2.0
9:47AM 0 Forwarding all packets to a Xen vm
7:23AM 1 Problem - Boot Xen 3.0.1 Guest using NFS
4:57AM 0 [Xen 3.2]How to NAT and bridge together?
2:27AM 4 Is this simplest path to subnets?
1:56AM 8 xen-3.0.3 occur kernel panic
Tuesday February 19 2008
8:38PM 9 Can I expose a pci device to HVM domU?
7:27PM 3 network consistency
6:04PM 2 is there a proper way to install xen 3.2.0 on debian?
5:57PM 0 Xen Summit 2007
4:57PM 0 SATA controller driver
3:51PM 0 Bridge Network route Dom0 through a DomU?
3:44PM 7 centos over debian
2:02PM 10 running windows on xen
12:46PM 1 Any luck with SLES9 HVM install?
4:45AM 2 Accessing XEN HVM using VNC java applet
Monday February 18 2008
11:57PM 0 Arp problem with network bridging and VLANs
10:11PM 3 Dummies guide to Xen networking?
9:41PM 7 GPL PV - Windows 2000 Server
7:56PM 5 xen-3.0.4 networking problem after migration
6:29PM 1 adding a pass-through NIC to a working PV guest breaks/alters existing interface assignments
6:21PM 1 Xen & USB using PCI delegation
2:06PM 1 Boot error with 2.6.23 domU (fwd)
12:59PM 3 SCSI Tape Drive - DomU''s
12:45PM 2 Boot error with 2.6.23 domU
9:05AM 18 VMWare vs. Xen, is the conflict by VMware deliberate?
Sunday February 17 2008
11:34PM 17 Exporting a PCI Device
12:01AM 2 Problem after migration
Saturday February 16 2008
8:47PM 2 kernel problem
4:04PM 0 Re: Re: mm.c:690 messages: looks like its solved
12:21PM 0 Fwd: UNS: Re: Re: [Xen-devel] windows pv drivers released at www.halsign.com
11:01AM 4 Problems for download WindowsXenPV-0.6.3.zip
10:33AM 12 XEN in VirtualBox?
3:48AM 2 kernel panic
Friday February 15 2008
10:42PM 4 Installing a VM on a NFS
5:02PM 4 Backing up Xen DomU''s - Tape Drive - LVM
4:57PM 4 Pin CPU of dom0
4:35PM 1 Cannot start xend : Device eth0 does not exist - Xen 3.2.0 on FC8
4:27PM 2 creating a vm from a file system
4:11PM 4 understanding dom0 usage memory
3:56PM 1 Xen 3.2 and AMD IOMMU
3:42PM 1 Performance problems with domU on drbd
2:11PM 0 Re: Réf. : Re: Réf. : On an eight cpu system domU ''cap'' can only be set to 100
12:52PM 1 XEN GUI
12:01PM 1 debian install
11:44AM 1 Multiple NICs on guest
10:52AM 10 windows pv drivers released at www.halsign.com
10:01AM 2 dom0 networking problem
9:44AM 0 Re: Réf. : On an eight cpu system domU ''cap'' can only be set to 100
9:44AM 0 Xen3.1 -> Xen4
9:29AM 1 Xen 3.1 issue
8:10AM 4 Xen and databases servers ?
3:17AM 0 Release: VMKnoppix for x86(20080213)
12:52AM 1 Xen 3.1.3 / Kernel "NULL pointer dereference" Panic
Thursday February 14 2008
11:10PM 3 xenU Guests and Glassfish Cluster
9:48PM 7 Can''t use DVD Writer in DomU
9:47PM 12 Xen DomU Communication Problems
9:46PM 3 xen vif rate limit
9:46PM 0 Fw: [workspace-announce] Workspace Release 1.3.1
7:30PM 10 New XEN 3.2 Source download Bundle
6:00PM 4 Custom domu Kernel
4:49PM 1 Question about Xen
4:12PM 5 intermittent domU network problems
3:15PM 0 Live migration on NAT''d network?
3:09PM 5 On an eight cpu system domU ''cap'' can only be set to 100
1:46PM 4 Problem with p2v - device /dev/ida/c0d0p2
12:56PM 0 How to implement Xen Routed Network with domU''s getting ip''s from dhcp server ?
11:32AM 0 Example for Virsh Xen config file for xen networking ?
10:59AM 0 hvm and grub
10:55AM 3 Network problem with HVM Windows
10:29AM 1 xentop cpu utilization
1:49AM 2 cant start hvm because of ioemu network device.
Wednesday February 13 2008
11:18PM 0 xen 3.2 with bridge, domU cannot connect to the internet
9:06PM 5 how to create a vm from a file system
8:49PM 2 Xen networking - between ubuntu Dom0 and WinXp DomU
8:35PM 17 Xen 3.2 is not loading on FC8 - Error: Kernel panic - Attempted to kill init
4:58PM 0 using LVM inside HVMs
2:50PM 0 pb to install a NT4 DomU
2:33PM 2 NT4 in a DomU
12:57PM 1 set large mtu on bridged network
12:07PM 1 not able to create guest
11:49AM 3 Xen and Firehol
Tuesday February 12 2008
11:12PM 0 High load average on dom0
8:08PM 1 Networking question
6:44PM 1 Network between Domain 0 and Guest Domain
5:51PM 3 Error: int argument required
4:47PM 4 Reg Disk space in guest domain with fedora img
3:25PM 4 building xen
1:36PM 1 create with virt-install hangs
12:19PM 7 san fibrechannel device in HVM domU
12:16PM 1 [Q]Are Intel''s ICH9 chipsets supported by xen-3.2?
10:26AM 3 Can''t load Xen kernel *Debian etch*
9:57AM 2 Using Xen on GNBD
7:17AM 3 Has anyone successfully set up a dhcp/iptables firewall in dom0 NATing traffic from domU?
4:17AM 6 DomU booting just stops
Monday February 11 2008
11:58PM 8 Blocking DomU NetBios
7:01PM 1 How to change Xen''s HVM windows client to bootup and install with default vga display resolution of 800x600 instead of 640x480?
6:51PM 11 Simplest OS possible?
6:27PM 4 My domain crashed :(
6:16PM 0 Problem whit starting HVM Windows Machine
5:25PM 1 No ata_generic module found during initrd image creation
5:05PM 0 Problems exporting PCI sound card to DomU (snd_hdsp)
1:24PM 0 Serial com port on domU
9:45AM 4 patch for kernel exploit?
9:33AM 2 domu and cciss
8:35AM 2 Domain stays in status "---s--" forever after shutdown, console is locked
5:32AM 0 Xen 3.1 Installation Issues
3:02AM 5 Can only ping dom0
12:08AM 0 unscribe
Sunday February 10 2008
9:48PM 0 Memory bandwidth partitioning?
6:29PM 2 Xen and CPUs
2:31PM 3 Problem with PAE-less processor in xen 3.1.0
5:08AM 0 Possible VCPU hotplug bug
Saturday February 9 2008
11:54PM 1 Some more differences between fc7 and fc8
10:42PM 4 ConVirt 0.8.1 released
10:33PM 1 Xen systems benchmarking
9:46PM 0 Question on DHCPd in a DOMU and checksum errors
9:29PM 1 How to deal with pciback?
10:14AM 7 Hardware for HVM
7:17AM 0 [Fwd: craig@wingnet.net: Please confirm your message to me]
4:36AM 4 Creating Xen Guest on CentOS 5 HELP
12:21AM 1 Anyone using the commercial Xen? Noticable performance differences?
12:09AM 0 Re: xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: Nosuchfile or directory
Friday February 8 2008
10:42PM 1 question on migrating disk from current server to HVM
10:36PM 2 virtual machines, DHCP, and ssh?
10:19PM 6 question on routed configuration & public IP addresses
7:45PM 1 Recreating XenServer release 3.2.0-2004d (xenenterprise) configuration files
3:13PM 4 HVM clock running at lightspeed?
3:10PM 4 VT-d support in HVM?
2:57PM 5 installing a vm with virt-install
12:30PM 1 /bin/sh: can''t access tty; job control turned off
11:53AM 4 Getting hostname of DomainU from domain0
11:28AM 0 Solution for nating Soho-Gateway for forwarding to domU with iptables
10:54AM 3 Xen - LVM and RAID
10:47AM 0 Re: xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: Nosuchfile or directory
8:44AM 0 Problem with debootstrap
7:58AM 1 Cannot shutdown domain (xen 3.2, domU on drbd)
12:51AM 1 Re: xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No suchfile or directory
12:01AM 0 debian xen3.2 - drbd usage with HVM DomU
Thursday February 7 2008
11:34PM 1 Filtering traffic to Xen guest machines
10:43PM 1 NTFS no VDK/XVA
6:42PM 3 Xen 3.2 with shared IRQs
4:47PM 6 Re: xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
3:49PM 4 Xen 3.1 DVD writer usage
3:07PM 0 RE: xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such fileor directory
12:20PM 7 pciback.hide works great for video, but not usb contollers
11:18AM 5 Linux-HA?
11:03AM 0 Xen Summit 2008 Program Committee Invitation
10:51AM 0 Announcing Xen Summit 2008 - Save the Date
8:33AM 6 Loading FreeBSD in an HVM-domain on Intel-based host with GRUB
6:58AM 0 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
12:41AM 0 Xen 3.2.1-rc1-pre
12:22AM 1 Bridging all traffic to specific DomU - Help pls!
Wednesday February 6 2008
4:56PM 10 Xen 3.1 / Xen 3.2 + DRBD 8.2.4
4:12PM 3 nic poor performance after upgrade to xen 3.2
3:00PM 2 Quad core systems generally preferable?
2:38PM 0 Re: Emulating Multiple NIC cards on Guests
12:57PM 1 Using a dedicated NIC in domU
11:59AM 0 Xen and SYBASE
11:42AM 2 kickstart %post not executed
9:19AM 1 Has anyone gotten SCO Openserver working under Xen?
8:46AM 0 Running FreeBSD 6.x 64 bits under xen as a hvm guest
Tuesday February 5 2008
9:24PM 1 Random oopsen with Xen on Ubuntu Gutsy
5:35PM 0 Re: problem to get started with Windows Server 2003 HVMdomU in Xen 3.0.4
4:15PM 0 HVM guest network issue
3:51PM 0 problem to get started with Windows Server 2003 HVM domU in Xen 3.0.4
3:25PM 1 saving a driver domain
9:25AM 2 Networking
8:04AM 1 odd error from apt-get
Monday February 4 2008
11:13PM 3 Xen 3.2 source install with FC6
10:22PM 2 CentOS DomU hang when vcpus > 1?
9:46PM 9 CentOS 5.1 & Xen 3.2
8:36PM 1 Xen 3.2 - HVM PCI passthrough: Is it Intel only?
6:28PM 0 nfs mount
5:04PM 3 ethX device ubuntu 7.10
3:13PM 1 problems using domu as network backend domain (fedora 7)
2:47PM 1 access guests via VNC from random machine
1:56PM 0 using lpt dongle in Windows HVM domain on machine with VT-d support
11:53AM 0 Re; Xen on Gluster
12:08AM 2 X n DomU ?
Sunday February 3 2008
9:25PM 0 Ubuntu Packages for building from source (was Re: ptmr7t font in Xen docs?)
8:45PM 4 Building 3.2 on debian
5:29PM 2 ptmr7t font in Xen docs?
12:09PM 25 The real 0.6.5 release of Windows PV drivers
11:28AM 2 Release 0.6.5 of Windows PV drivers
9:41AM 5 xen in hosting envoroment
7:54AM 2 SCSI disk format fails on domU(w2k3)
6:19AM 1 mm.c:690 messages
4:31AM 0 Re: Running Xen on top of Xen - virtualization from another perspective
Saturday February 2 2008
1:00PM 0 Xen 3.2 Debian 2.6.18, Remote Serial console only, grub config needed
12:39PM 2 Nvidia
12:26PM 7 Some questions from a novice
11:55AM 17 New binary release of GPL PV drivers for Windows
8:44AM 4 w2k3 cluster on xen
2:11AM 2 Xen 3.2 Debian 2.6.18 on Dual Xeon with Remote Serial access - grub.conf config advice needed
12:52AM 0 xm migrate gives error
Friday February 1 2008
7:46PM 2 cpu_weight and cpu_cap
6:10PM 1 not able to install Hitache 160GB driver on domU
6:06PM 1 DR7 and CR4
5:34PM 0 remote NFS mount timeout issues
5:16PM 3 Error: Device 0 not connected
4:59PM 2 Xen sources express vs RHEL5 xen
4:37PM 3 No peth interface for xenbr4 and xenbr5
4:07PM 8 mount a partition
4:06PM 11 xenoprof error
9:37AM 3 shutdownmon problem
7:38AM 4 Moving to Xen
1:01AM 1 VMWare VM to Xen domU