Xen users - Dec 2007

Monday December 31 2007
6:14AM 0 two serial port in HVM DomU patch
Sunday December 30 2007
6:04PM 0 Re: xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
Saturday December 29 2007
8:50PM 7 XEN domUs and X11 (maybe not Xen-related)
6:18AM 3 Regarding ssh from domU to another
5:52AM 0 How to "direct io" branch of Xen
Friday December 28 2007
10:39PM 0 Problem starting xend http server
8:28PM 7 Xen and networking.
2:32PM 0 passing vga=<mode> to xen kernel
1:44PM 9 Swap space for DomU
8:04AM 1 Using USB webcam in domU
7:00AM 7 Routed dom0 setup problem -- second time around
6:48AM 2 Cannot start Xend . Xen 3.2 rc4. Permission denied error 13.
2:51AM 1 Controlling IP address for DomU
2:15AM 0 Xend log error
Thursday December 27 2007
11:35PM 9 Problems converting FC8 HVM guest to PV
10:40PM 3 xen admin interface
5:36PM 0 About lacks of realisation XEN and its environments in Fedora 8
3:49PM 2 Machine time delay in guest domains (Full virtualization)
2:40PM 2 domU on an external disk
1:42PM 1 linux rh8 hvm crashes!
3:15AM 1 Network issue when booting into Xen
12:51AM 3 Problem compiling with vSMP cpu architecture support
Wednesday December 26 2007
3:58PM 7 Xen Configuration questions
Tuesday December 25 2007
8:42PM 0 Fwd: Re: cluster server options
8:40PM 0 Fwd: Re: Xen, HVM guest won''t start without VNC=1
3:42AM 0 changes from fedora fc7 to fc8
Monday December 24 2007
3:08PM 8 cluster server options
12:18PM 0 Solaris 10 HVM 8/07 under RHEL 5.1 host doesn'' works.
12:00PM 0 credit scheduler paper
Sunday December 23 2007
4:52PM 2 networking nat strange behaviuor
9:14AM 1 powernow-k8
Saturday December 22 2007
7:17PM 1 Forgot how to rebuild xen tools separate from kernel - any help?
5:30PM 1 mix nat, route and bridge
2:37PM 1 3.0.3-based domU on 3.1.0 dom0?
11:44AM 0 Xen - xm and virsh full documentation needed
Friday December 21 2007
10:44PM 2 Beginner install question
9:58PM 0 Using two serial ports
9:36PM 0 xennet and xenblk
7:04PM 6 VFS: Cannot open root device and Kernel panic
5:17PM 8 MythTV and Xen
7:42AM 2 2 Serial port in HVM DomU
1:17AM 0 Problem with time in 64bit domUs
Thursday December 20 2007
8:25PM 0 Xen 3.1.2 on Debian Etch
3:35PM 12 xen dom0 server freezes every one or two hours
3:26PM 1 Physical Interfaces to virtual Network Interface
2:48PM 0 Password unused in vnc console
2:44PM 2 The console is currently unavailable
9:58AM 10 Release 0.5.0 of Xen PV drivers for Windows
9:52AM 0 xway - domU communication facility?
5:17AM 5 Questions about iSCSI in a domU
Wednesday December 19 2007
10:22PM 3 install hvm with sda?
7:12PM 1 Error: Not enough memory is available, and dom0 cannot be shrunk any further
1:48PM 0 Xend daemon listening TCP/IP port
1:27PM 0 Xen vms blocks all my net...
10:47AM 0 Alsa trouble in Xen guest
10:29AM 5 pciback.hide with ISDN Cards
8:51AM 6 Xen on RHEL 5.1 to para-virt Ubuntu Gusty
8:45AM 1 Xen pae and 32G memory
2:04AM 0 XEN Scheduler
Tuesday December 18 2007
7:23PM 7 Xen dom0 memory
3:07PM 6 Network performance problem
2:31PM 3 Lookinfg for advices for a XEN Cluster
11:00AM 2 Problems with Sunfire X2200
9:50AM 13 FreeBSD DomU under Debian Etch Dom0 (Xen 3.0.3-1)
5:41AM 1 AMD 64 X2 5200 - XEN only detects one core
4:42AM 1 xmexample.hvm and xmexample.vti
4:41AM 4 Mounting an existing running domU
1:19AM 3 Terminal Freezing when I try to start a domain
Monday December 17 2007
8:01PM 2 How to query the used space of a domU
2:49PM 0 AW: debian domU strange network behaviuor...
2:19PM 2 debian domU strange network behaviuor...
11:39AM 0 xm console freeze/hangs
10:39AM 1 Xen console hangs
9:54AM 1 DomU with PCI passthrough NIC crashes with fatal DMA error
8:12AM 0 access serial port in domU
7:42AM 0 peth0 missing when i do ifconfig in dom0
2:45AM 8 RE: How to see a domU''s console (without a working networkconnection)?
Sunday December 16 2007
9:37PM 3 Ubuntu guest domain on Fedora host (dom0) domain
8:46PM 2 windows XP on xen and tap0 in wrong bridge
6:34PM 3 xen and quota
6:14PM 4 High response time with domUs
11:30AM 1 PCI passthrough with kernel 2.6.23?
Saturday December 15 2007
9:44PM 1 New Xen install over SuSE 10.3. Installed bridge-utils not seen by Xen RPM
4:23PM 1 invalid pv media address
10:23AM 2 install quest operating system
Friday December 14 2007
6:53PM 0 Bridge Networking question
5:27PM 1 Kernel types and xen caps : PV/HVM, 32/64 bit, PAE/non-PAE
2:51PM 0 number of exportable blockdevices seems to be limited
2:28PM 7 CentOS 5.1 and Xen - mount: could not find filesystem ''/dev/root''
11:49AM 0 CentOS 4.5 installation as domU using xm
9:36AM 11 Problem: Windows on Xen
Thursday December 13 2007
11:21PM 5 inittab corrupted/serial console broken on Xen-ified kernel?
9:13PM 3 losetup /dev/loop0 /xen/centos.img failed
7:06PM 3 VM won''t start
6:37PM 0 Dell MD3000i Kernel Panic
4:43PM 0 Anyone using XEN and AMD Phenom processors
3:50PM 5 cant start domU w/ pci [Error: function takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)]
3:39PM 0 Mismatch between Xen and DOM0 kernel - Could not set up DOM0 guest OS
12:59PM 0 Unable connect to the domU console
12:56PM 0 Xen3.0.4 upgradation to xen 3.1
1:29AM 5 Cannot run vm
Wednesday December 12 2007
10:16PM 0 What is block-vmdk.c in xen-unstable?
9:41PM 1 time in domU goes nuts sometimes when migrating
10:38AM 12 using SAN tape library in domU?
1:32AM 0 using vmware appliances in xen
Tuesday December 11 2007
9:56PM 2 Information Request - domU configuration variables
9:40PM 8 Me vs. RHEL 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5xen
6:21PM 5 Inconsistent and non-monotonic values from ''date''
3:31PM 9 paravirt_ops DomU, does it mean performance?
12:58PM 0 Xen 3.1.0 build question.
10:56AM 2 which version of 2.6 Linux kernel with xen 3.1??
10:54AM 0 dom0_mem option -grub
10:35AM 0 Live migrate and device numbers
10:24AM 1 Pb with bridge networking
10:08AM 6 Where does xen chache domUs grub.conf ?
10:03AM 0 network speed of network interfaces
9:10AM 2 Vanilla kernel 2.6.23 gets error "guest type xen-3.0-x86_32 not supported by xen kernel" when compiled with paravirt support
9:00AM 12 DomU with
7:24AM 8 Windows XP on Linux domain0
12:29AM 3 Xen-Unstable 3.2 no xenbr0 no vif
Monday December 10 2007
11:33PM 4 Network Problem after update 3.0 -> 3.1: blkback
7:40PM 0 Xen Summit #5 Presentations and Abstracts on-line at xen.org
4:50PM 1 Installing ubuntu as domU on Suse SLES dom0
4:35AM 6 Network routing setup problem; domU won''t start
Sunday December 9 2007
6:16PM 1 Howto use 2.6.18.hg repo ?
12:21PM 0 Windows HVM drivers
10:20AM 2 Howto mix public and private ip-addresses?
10:02AM 3 XenCenter only for Windows???
8:05AM 1 Xend has probably crashed! Invalid or missing HTTP status code.
6:35AM 1 Problems after clean_shutdown, xenapi
5:40AM 0 Domain with s and d status
2:28AM 1 Xen 4.0.1 connecting to smbfs shares
Saturday December 8 2007
11:42PM 1 64bit 32bit question
7:05PM 2 Issues with older O/Ss
Friday December 7 2007
10:15PM 3 Linux Device Drivers modified in Xen ?
7:07PM 0 Is xend running??
6:57PM 3 jailtime machine doesn''t boot. root=
6:17PM 7 RAID-1 strategy for a Xen/CentOS server?
3:10PM 4 improve graphics perf on HVM guest
2:00PM 2 Fatal Trap 18 (convincing hardware engineer)
9:24AM 2 Automated vacation reply
Thursday December 6 2007
8:28PM 2 CentOs 5.1 and dnsmasq interference
8:19PM 3 XenApi
6:55PM 2 Anyone able to compile Nvidia on Ubuntu 7.10 or Fedora 8
6:34PM 6 DomU (Centos 5) with dedicated e1000 (intel) device dropping packets
5:56PM 8 Help: "Error: int argument required" on Debian Etch?
5:23PM 1 howto access data on phy partition
4:47PM 1 DomU, PXE & Ubuntu Gutsy 64
4:33PM 1 pata_jmicron and Xen 3.1
4:21PM 2 linux hvm network problem
2:51PM 8 About swiotlb and " ...PCI-DMA: Out of SW-IOMMU..." error
11:39AM 1 managing Xen cluster
9:41AM 0 Xen virtual block device usage
8:37AM 18 dom0''s LVM partition in domU
5:00AM 2 How do I set this network up?
Wednesday December 5 2007
10:53PM 9 How to initiate a guest installation from the CD-ROM media
3:39PM 7 Install Debian Guest on SLES10
12:50PM 0 Measuring utitilsation of real CPUs
11:55AM 2 Monitoring Xen performance
10:51AM 1 FreeBSD domU
10:07AM 0 Ethernet device problem when using xen.
10:07AM 3 installation
7:48AM 2 iozone on HVM guest
2:53AM 2 Changind Domain-ID
Tuesday December 4 2007
8:57PM 0 HVM, ping, and multiple vcpu''s
5:17PM 5 what the H is this virbr0?
3:49PM 8 Running network services on Dom0
3:46PM 11 CentOS 4.0 as guest OS
2:48PM 0 plan9 Xen domU problem
2:32PM 3 Can''t boot in any domU
2:22PM 0 Linux HVM guests and vncviewer surprises
10:59AM 6 Serial port access in HVM (fully virtualized) DomU
5:24AM 3 Multiple IP ranges
4:46AM 3 Multi-bridged system or run services on Dom0?
12:59AM 1 slides from fall 2007 xen summit
Monday December 3 2007
11:24PM 0 Instructions on patching a kernel
11:20PM 0 Linux PV Drivers -
10:52PM 8 xm create - Xend has probably crashed! Invalid or missing HTTP status code.
7:05PM 0 Xen: Time went backwards / Stability issues -- question on domain setup
5:40PM 4 Xen-3.1 on Ubuntu 7.10 keeps crashing
4:51PM 1 SDL makes me crazy (AARHHRG!!)
4:11PM 1 centos 5.1 and xen
3:39PM 3 domU does not see the pci nic - pci passthrough
2:32PM 0 pygrup error, crash after hours of dry-run
12:16PM 0 Kernel BUG on drbd disconnect
10:52AM 5 Which Debian version? Which xen version?
9:21AM 7 differences between shipped and free xen
9:19AM 5 Sles 10 SP1 as a guest under rhel5.1
9:09AM 1 assign pci devices to a guest domain
6:41AM 1 plan9 as HVM domU
Sunday December 2 2007
8:59PM 5 Xen PV drivers for FreeBSD
7:12PM 6 freely available vmware converter like application?
4:56PM 5 HA Xen cluster live migration
3:14PM 1 Principal question: XEN 3.1.0 and initrd
6:21AM 2 Converting the full-virtualization to para-virtualize
Saturday December 1 2007
9:02PM 1 Good tutorial about using heartbeat2, ocfs2 and evms with xen 3.x
6:08PM 6 Gigabit Interface - XEN Full Virtualization
1:04AM 9 console for full virtualization vm