Xen users - Apr 2007

Monday April 30 2007
10:15PM 0 auto domU''s crashing at startup
8:16PM 1 domU network falling asleep
6:29PM 15 Using lvm for domUs
6:04PM 0 ioremap failure on highmem reserved memory with RHEL 5 Xen Linux
4:53PM 1 Networkbrige is not working
3:09PM 4 ''Wandering'' eth interface - Xen 3.0.4 + linux
2:19PM 1 xen HVM when Window is closed !
1:36PM 16 error creating domain in xen 3.0.5
8:03AM 0 Network performance, ethernet device emulation
8:02AM 7 ACL for DomUs
4:39AM 0 xen console question, lirc
4:31AM 7 Xeon processor and no VT?
2:04AM 1 NetBSD DomU PCI device
1:33AM 1 Need help - odd guest boot issue
Sunday April 29 2007
9:35PM 2 xen 2.0.6, on_crash = ''restart'' not restarting after crash
6:37PM 3 Are there any user manuals for Xen?
11:28AM 0 Question about duplicating a DomU
3:05AM 0 misuse xm sched-sedf???
Saturday April 28 2007
10:47PM 13 Need help setting up guest''s networking
8:24PM 4 Status of frequency scaling
7:20PM 0 guest screen refresh rate
1:54PM 3 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working., Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
1:13PM 13 X86_64 and 4GB RAM
8:28AM 1 PV drivers for Windows
1:58AM 3 How can I duplicate a running guest OS in Xen ?
Friday April 27 2007
11:14PM 0 NO POST !
10:54PM 0 FC6 newbie error/question
9:02PM 9 can''t mount vfat fs on lvm created by winxp guest
4:16PM 0 Network Traffic Monitoring
2:41PM 2 What do you run in Dom0 (Xen3, 64bit) for graphics console?
1:55PM 4 Debian/Xen usage summary
5:42AM 1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
3:42AM 3 Where is hvmloader?
3:04AM 1 Wired problem with win 2003 server guest
Thursday April 26 2007
9:55PM 3 pciback vs. qemu-dm vs. ?
9:37PM 0 can not install ANY guests - getting Error (22, Invalid Argument)
8:58PM 0 Guest OS (Solaris 10) install freezes under OpenSuse 10.2
8:50PM 0 setting memory on a running domU with xm <dom> mem-set?
4:21PM 1 Unable to boot the kernel-xen of Fedora Core 6 and Fedora Core 7 test 3
12:56PM 0 Xen Summit Presentations available
11:03AM 0 enabling Frame Buffer on Xen
9:40AM 0 DomUs crash on reboot
9:38AM 1 DO Need Help, WinXP installation on Xen
9:25AM 0 Problems with xm after installing new version of ubuntu - different python version?
7:36AM 0 success report: install windows 2003 rc2 on xen trough vnc
7:01AM 0 vifx.0: link is not ready
4:08AM 1 Success! Xen 3.0.4 on MacBook Pro with Gentoo dom0 and ArchLinux domU
3:10AM 3 Convert virtual guest into paravirtual
2:23AM 2 Feedback on 3.05 RCs?
1:57AM 1 Problem creating windows 2003 server guest
Wednesday April 25 2007
9:28PM 0 iptables conntrack problem
9:05PM 2 PCI Passthrough not working
8:50PM 8 How to exit from Xen console?
7:19PM 0 Re: sles 10 lvm install clone/copy
3:45PM 0 network IO dom0 and domU comparison
3:33PM 2 Help needed validating hardware for Xen
3:09PM 2 ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): vif2.0: link is not ready
2:50PM 4 virt-manager and silent install
2:41PM 0 Help needed with /dev related problems in Xen guest
12:58PM 0 Screen Resolution not getting set properly
8:49AM 0 RE: vmware inside Xen
7:07AM 0 Network resource control
7:00AM 0 Segfaults in dual nics
12:29AM 6 CPU0 Panic - Xen 3.0.3 AMD Athlon 4200+
Tuesday April 24 2007
11:50PM 1 Xensource express server 3.1.0/1332 server randomly reboots
11:22PM 1 Ready made Xen VPS for FC6
6:53PM 0 [Fwd: Physical Network Card MAC Adress will always change to FE:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF]
6:51PM 0 [Fwd: XEN 3.0.4-1 / Iptables is not working properly]
6:50PM 1 Fully Virtualized guest on non-VT hardware?
5:29PM 5 Creating a full virtualized Debian domU
1:25PM 3 Migrating DomUs from file VBD to LVM Backend
1:13PM 0 2 VM and only one get network ...
1:07PM 0 Problems with services in DomU & Dom0
10:37AM 4 Security of Xen host and guests?
9:26AM 5 Kernel for 3.05-testing
7:59AM 1 IB devices visible on RHEL5 Guest OS
7:14AM 2 RE: xm vcpu-set command has no effect on fully virtualized machine
6:12AM 3 could netcard be hotpluged in a running VM?
2:12AM 4 Patching libc for xen
Monday April 23 2007
4:34PM 0 Problems with services in DomU
3:57PM 2 fix the winxp guest image
1:48PM 1 input/output error when installing XEN 3.1 Express
12:18PM 1 NAT: pings/DNS works but not the rest
9:59AM 0 How to fake the date in vm
9:48AM 1 can''t format my VM
7:13AM 0 Monitoring Dom0 with SNMP
6:44AM 4 XP64bit in Xen 3.0.3 under OpenSUSE 10.2
2:16AM 3 booting domU from DVD
Sunday April 22 2007
9:44PM 0 what kernels can boot winxp vm''s
11:29AM 1 XenExpress - howto use own build kernel in DomU
12:06AM 3 Getting audo working in WinXP DomU ?
Friday April 20 2007
9:45PM 1 switch to static ip
9:30PM 0 Fw: [workspace-dev] Workspace Release TP 1.2.3
7:38PM 1 Problems with attaching block device to DomU
6:02PM 4 xvda vs lvm
3:34PM 6 Xen 3.0.5 First Release Candidate
2:48PM 7 PROBLEM WITH DELL POWEREDGE 2950 & Broadcom NetXtreme II
11:46AM 2 standard router in DOMU
10:18AM 1 XEN dom0 network headache
7:56AM 9 troubles with netbsd 3-1 domU
7:14AM 7 create a partition on a file disk
4:47AM 2 any howto on installing xen on centos 4.4?
12:47AM 6 Ubuntu as xen guest?
Thursday April 19 2007
10:36PM 6 network settings
5:57PM 1 network-attach ip option
4:14PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 26, Issue 100
3:44PM 2 CentOS 4.4 Xen VM/VPS install on CentOS 5 (xen kernel) issues
3:01PM 1 Dom0 Firewall using IPtables
1:06PM 5 Re: Managing DomU partitions in XEN+LVM systems?
9:51AM 4 Re: vmware inside Xen
9:39AM 2 ioemu
9:23AM 21 SMP support in Windows domU
7:59AM 5 exec of init (/sbin/init) failed!!!: No such file or directory
7:18AM 8 XEN 3.0.4-1 / Iptables is not working properly
Wednesday April 18 2007
11:41PM 1 dom0 can''t boot by nfsroot?
7:53PM 2 Floating Processors
7:28PM 3 How-To pin Dom0 to CPU
4:07PM 0 customize xen kernel with rpmbuild
1:48PM 1 virtual machine installation Questions
1:40PM 3 Alternative to bridge
1:21PM 2 How to change the scheduler? (credit)
1:14PM 4 Tap0?
1:11PM 0 xen hangs if running from lvm snapshot under heavy I/O
1:02PM 3 Virtualization + CPU w/crypto acceleration instructions
12:21PM 8 Live Migration, ARP, MAC addresses and switches
11:31AM 4 FWD: RE: Bad network performance between VMs in a doma in.
3:44AM 6 Bad network performance between VMs in a domain.
Tuesday April 17 2007
9:20PM 2 Xen to simulate an RTOS
8:44PM 7 Mounting RHEL 4 virtual machine disks (dd/mount -o loop)
8:16PM 1 Xen w/ Matrox Parhelia - cpu_callout_map
7:55PM 0 Clock problem with FC6 full-virt guest dom
5:53PM 3 DomU Kernel Mapping
5:38PM 1 Re: MAC address management (and a guy with poor math skils talks about the birthday paradox!)
5:19PM 2 puting a running win98 installation under control of xen - hvm
5:18PM 3 Lost my Vista VM
5:13PM 6 Problem: mount: none already mounted or /dev/pts busy ??
4:24PM 1 Physical Network Card MAC Adress will always change to FE:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
3:28PM 5 Big I/O performance difference between dom0 and domU
2:32PM 5 Interacting with graphical domU''s on workstation
11:34AM 3 4gb seg fixup errors in Debian (usual hints don''t seem to work)
8:29AM 4 WIN NT / WIN98 HVM
3:16AM 0 Best Distro for my dream Xen setup
3:02AM 1 Xen 3.0.4 on Debian 4.0 x64
Monday April 16 2007
10:00PM 1 problem with xen on IBM x3650
9:09PM 0 Solaris 10 11/06 HVM DomU in Linux Dom0
8:15PM 9 Xen on CentOS opinions
7:43PM 0 Debian 4.0 domU can not get network access
5:29PM 0 mkinitrd - dev/xvda1: Unknown root device
3:12PM 5 Running Debian as DomU
2:55PM 3 Xen servers not responsive
11:30AM 3 Kernel Crashing
11:25AM 4 VM''s dont start
9:18AM 0 Re: xen nat problems
6:46AM 1 pygrub documentation
6:18AM 0 get IP address of the Guest using DHCP
5:00AM 0 Debian 4.0, domU''s can not get network access
1:17AM 1 compilation error: fsimage_grub.c
Sunday April 15 2007
10:12AM 1 Strange networking issues
Saturday April 14 2007
9:54PM 3 blktap on debian
7:36PM 10 new installation of the base operating system
11:30AM 3 How to automatically start VMs after start up
8:06AM 0 PV drivers for HVM legacy Linux guests
2:39AM 0 Nothing to flush ?
12:25AM 3 Eval XEN 3.2 - Provide disk with data for DomU
Friday April 13 2007
9:42PM 9 Windows domU on a no HVM CPU
9:00PM 0 qcow-create buffer overflow?
7:46PM 1 Direct dom0->domU execution of commands (without console or network)
7:40PM 0 networking and ethtool
3:44PM 1 Error installing Xen on Xen 64 bit 2-CPU Intel-Xeon under SLED 10
1:12PM 11 uniq mac address generator
12:33PM 4 xen version for 2.6.20
12:27PM 2 vcpus questions!
10:43AM 0 Xen Networking with Hubs
10:28AM 0 Xen-Gentoo with Winxp ?
8:56AM 0 XFS problem in domU with Xen 3.0.4 -
7:33AM 6 Solaris 10 HVM DomU
4:00AM 0 Re: RHEL5 as PVM on RHEL5 xen
2:42AM 0 xm create gives Kernel Panic
Thursday April 12 2007
9:34PM 5 gaming in a windows domU?
4:28PM 0 Instant Xen guest (guest-magic tool)
4:05PM 0 Profugus software
10:47AM 0 ldap domU sles9
10:37AM 3 domu under sles10
9:48AM 0 bridge and iptables
6:46AM 3 Some Doubts regarding HVM
5:13AM 0 Problem with Xen3.0.4-1 ?
1:34AM 1 Problems with Xen on FC6
Wednesday April 11 2007
11:38PM 1 XEN Error 22 Invalid Argument
6:20PM 2 Gameserver in DomU
4:37PM 0 Problem installing xen on Opensuse10.2
11:17AM 3 windows 2003 on xen-3.0.3 fails on disk format
11:05AM 0 windows 2003 install trhough vnc problem
10:26AM 0 nat does not work with hvm
9:51AM 5 xm block-attach from dom0 and exception looking up device number for /dev/xvda1 - why ?
9:25AM 8 [Xen-tools] Storage for DomU
8:24AM 6 CPU activity: top and xm top
7:30AM 3 Re: RHEL5 as PVM on RHEL5 xen
7:03AM 0 slow performance and PV-drivers with Win2k3 VM
Tuesday April 10 2007
11:18PM 5 mounting volumes on sdb creates error after starting xen
10:43PM 1 docs for domU config file?
5:54PM 13 Is Xen only in guests slow (tls.disabled)
3:24PM 2 Xen 3.0.4/HVM/W2k: Black/white bars instead of text with vnc
1:25PM 1 xen 3.0 - ipw3945 / nework-bridge
1:17PM 2 xc_core error!
1:16PM 1 Assigning IP to DomU
10:17AM 1 Re: Laptop with VT - recommendations
8:14AM 9 Xen and ACPI Sleep
7:45AM 0 [Fwd: Xen, NIC bonding, ARP problem]
Monday April 9 2007
8:33PM 2 tap:aio corruption issues
6:36PM 0 DomU crashes on 3.0.3_0 non-pae
6:17PM 4 Help with a transfer
12:12PM 6 iptables and state matches (established, related)
9:11AM 0 Problem with 802.1Q tagging in Xen domain 0. (May be HW vlan acceleration related?)
8:10AM 0 How to write a domU for an existing kernel?
3:29AM 2 XEN windows xp guest as multimedia frontend for linux?
2:48AM 1 xen check-build errors
2:32AM 3 How to run a native Windows XP with XEN
12:22AM 2 xen unstable and TLS
Sunday April 8 2007
9:22PM 0 Keep console attached across domU reboots?
8:43AM 1 Re: Dom0 network problem.
12:45AM 0 network error, even when rebooting into CentOS smp kernel
12:12AM 9 mount: could not find filesystem ''/dev/root''
Saturday April 7 2007
5:07PM 1 PCI card does not generate any Interrupts!
4:38PM 0 Re: HVM guest but I want no SDL or VNC output
4:32PM 0 Re: Running State Ram Upgrade
3:45PM 4 xen bonding and network performance dropping to ~ 0.1%
1:18PM 5 Network configulation error in Windows Vista Business HVM / Xen 3.04
8:48AM 2 TLS problem
7:53AM 4 network error, even when reboot into non-Xen smp kernel
6:03AM 0 Sound in Windows HVM
Friday April 6 2007
10:57PM 5 Questions related to iSCSI storage for DomU
6:43PM 1 Custom networking problems
10:48AM 3 Re: "Black Screen" when install WinXP
9:59AM 0 XEN problems with custom networking
9:20AM 0 hard disk problem on Windows installation
6:33AM 1 Re: RHEL5 as PVM on RHEL5 xen
5:37AM 1 DomU crash on connecting to the console (Urgent)
Thursday April 5 2007
8:54PM 1 tools for performace testing
7:56PM 1 Convert HVM to paravirtualized guest
7:40PM 2 Open-iSCSI
6:21PM 0 How to enable Xentrace in xen-unstable?
4:37PM 0 Virtual PCI x Passthrough X Slot
3:40PM 0 Problem with kernel and internet
2:49PM 1 How to list your Xen image in the arp table of dom0?
1:10PM 0 (open iscsi) initiator crashes
12:53PM 3 A fundamental doubt.
12:48PM 1 solaris
12:47PM 1 Re: Initiator crashes
9:11AM 2 Interface incrementation problem
8:35AM 2 Unable to boot a full virtualized guest with two or more processors on a Xeon-VT platform
7:28AM 1 Live migration failures
2:13AM 3 IMQ patch
Wednesday April 4 2007
10:47PM 1 Create and mount new volumes on running guest?
7:34PM 0 Any hints about Citrix CPS 4.5?
6:46PM 0 Harddisk support not working
5:53PM 4 (MS|DR|RX|TD)-DOS in domU
4:51PM 3 Clear definitions
3:42PM 0 Re: Dom0 network problem.
3:42PM 5 Anti-virus for use in para-virtualized Xen
3:16PM 0 Xen download "damaged"??
3:11PM 1 Unable to distribute file image
1:50PM 1 xenconsoled
11:19AM 1 Re: /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge: line 62: ip:commandnot found
10:56AM 1 memory hotplug for guests?
10:33AM 0 Re: /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge: line 62: ip: commandnot found
9:32AM 1 /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge: line 62: ip: command not found
9:12AM 0 RHEL4 as HVM over RHEL5
2:27AM 2 routing domU packet in the outside network
Tuesday April 3 2007
10:23PM 0 xentop and vcpu-list???
9:03PM 0 Multiples LVs
8:24PM 2 Initial networking not working
7:43PM 0 Help, I''ve installed RHEL5 and tried to create one dom and all of the defaults are not working
4:53PM 0 Relation between vcpu and sched-credit -c (caping parameter)
3:24PM 0 developing a "secure mail-gateway" using xen
2:17PM 7 vncviewer configuration problem
1:01PM 0 Re: Getting linux to boot under XEN
12:55PM 1 sles9sp3 DomU don''t appear Partition table
12:09PM 2 Xen 3.0.4 +HVM Linux +NIC problem
10:38AM 0 An issue with traffic control in a domU
9:16AM 1 Release: VMKNOPPIX(20070328) with Trusted Boot
8:57AM 3 winXP (guest): mouse not workling, keyborad partially
7:31AM 0 RE: Display resolution question
5:54AM 0 Mouse cursor problems in Windows DomU after installing ATI-driver fglrx to X11
1:17AM 18 Using xm block-{attach,detach}
Monday April 2 2007
9:36PM 1 Xen and the art of network configuration
6:51PM 0 Re: Using diskOnKey as additional disk - is it possible with default configuration?
4:17PM 2 Re: Is Xen-unstable broken (weird build errors)?
4:11PM 1 Auto boot option
3:50PM 0 Re: Possible to run Xen inside QEMU?
3:47PM 1 Re: Possible to run Xen inside QEMU?
3:30PM 3 xen on Debian amd64 + Windows XP 32-bit
2:29PM 1 problem in networking
1:32PM 0 Re: Storage iSCSI requirements.
1:16PM 3 Re: Using diskOnKey as additional disk - is it possible with default configuration?
12:37PM 1 hopping LAN-IF on Windows Server 2003 DomU
11:49AM 0 Re: Possible to run Xen inside QEMU?
11:49AM 3 Re: Possible to run Xen inside QEMU?
7:50AM 0 xend just running on localhost