Xen users - Oct 2006

Tuesday October 31 2006
8:36PM 1 Keyboard doesn''t work with dom0
7:49PM 7 crashing system with second guest
6:01PM 0 xen 3.0.3 and LVM
5:44PM 2 hvm_debug option in Xen works ?
3:44PM 0 Windows auto start
3:31PM 0 problems with Windows 2003 during install
2:53PM 1 Fw: domU network problem , 10/30 progress
2:47PM 8 What does this mean?
2:21PM 11 Dell 2900 with Xen
10:18AM 1 Re: Live migration?
9:47AM 1 Network not starting in guest domU
9:38AM 1 Windows without a window
2:38AM 4 Xen test CD/hardware compatibility
1:35AM 0 mkinitrd and xen w/lvm
1:20AM 0 problem of installing tpm emulator in Xen
Monday October 30 2006
11:02PM 0 Re: Xen backup
8:54PM 19 DomU guest - resize disk on LVM?
5:18PM 0 Network Interface Doesn''t Work with Xen (FC6)
5:01PM 1 Xend exited with status 1.
3:59PM 4 howto maintain xm console across reboots?
3:44PM 0 Xen and Windows 2003 (64 bit)
3:14PM 1 Securing Xen-Base System
12:51PM 0 Q: bonding in Dom0: lack of ethtool functionality
7:07AM 0 Monitor syscalls in guests
4:41AM 2 Virtual network inside a private network
Sunday October 29 2006
10:12PM 0 b44 0000.03.00.0: No usable DMA configuration, aborting
8:35PM 0 ethernet jumbo frame support in DomU with "real" pci device, possible or not ?
5:33PM 1 iptables not working. dom0, CentOS 4.4 domU, Debian 3.1 Xen 3.0.3-0 from source
4:36PM 0 Xen Users'' Manual at xensource.com out of date
1:00PM 0 Xen very slow
12:14PM 0 Native VLAN and bridging
11:07AM 4 Newbie to XEN
10:09AM 1 mm.c:line=582 Non-privileged attempt to map I/O space
12:16AM 1 Problems installing windows 2003 std and x64 as guest
Saturday October 28 2006
3:40PM 2 iptables, firewall into Dom0
2:35PM 4 Using Xen HVM on Ubuntu Edgy
12:32PM 0 Build a shared disk, shared cpu, shared ram....supercomputing for expanding websites
11:37AM 2 LVM2 + Xen 3.0.2 debian Sarge backports ...
12:34AM 1 AutoMount cdrom in windows XP/2003
12:15AM 0 Problem building from source on Ubuntu Edgy
12:13AM 0 Could Xen hypervisor overwrite O_DIRECT setting of Linux 2.6 kernel?
Friday October 27 2006
9:47PM 10 "received packet with own address as source address"
9:03PM 0 3.0.3 vifname and tx/rx stats
7:19PM 2 problem of vif starting the fisrt DomU
6:43PM 0 Xen 3.0.3, Ubuntu 6.06 on HP DL145 G2 libarary problems?
5:28PM 5 Errors installing WinXP with Xen 3.0.3
3:13PM 1 RE: loop devices
2:40PM 3 Question about the AMD Vs. Intel debate...
2:31PM 0 Re: loop devices
2:23PM 0 vlans directly configured inside each domU using the default xen bridge have very poor performance ...
12:42PM 28 Getting frustrated with Xen
11:06AM 2 external kernel patches
10:19AM 2 Windows Multi-Processor under XEN??
8:09AM 2 partitions on XEN
8:02AM 0 migrate from windows virtual server
7:13AM 9 strange VLAN / domu behavior
5:46AM 1 dynamic MAC address assignment
1:20AM 3 Kernel 2.2.18 to 2.2.25 as HVM on xen 3.0.3 freeze every 28s or less
Thursday October 26 2006
8:02PM 7 Xen-3.0.3 does not recognise VT
7:10PM 7 "xm create winxp" causes my machine to hard reboot
6:42PM 1 root device error on gentoo
5:38PM 4 installing xen-3.0.3 on AMD sempron, CentOS4.4
4:18PM 2 Openldap 2.3 very very slow under Xen 3.0.2 ... why ?
4:15PM 4 Domain Crash and Xend can''t restart
3:32PM 0 Xen User forum
2:50PM 3 Problems with pciback.hide
2:18PM 1 Sound card problem under Xen 3.0.2, kernel
2:18PM 0 xen-3.0.2-2 amd64 binary install problem
2:18PM 1 Problems with pciback.hide on Fedora Core 6
11:00AM 0 Sound problem in domU, xen 3.0.2, kernel
9:22AM 0 low net throughput in 3.0.3
8:48AM 9 Xen-2.0.7 and RHAS 2.4.21
3:16AM 0 USB drive: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8, 1)
2:56AM 0 how to compile qemu-dm with VNC support
2:38AM 0 Block-configure changes configuration dynamically ?
1:54AM 1 domU x86_64 attempt
12:36AM 0 Xen 3.0.3 HVM multi-vcpu support
Wednesday October 25 2006
10:12PM 1 Problem accessing console of HVM DomU
9:01PM 0 CDROM Install of unmodified guest in FC6 Test2 host fails ..what to do ?
5:29PM 0 Xen and Linux-RDAC driver for Engenio storage controller
2:46PM 2 what hardware should I buy please?
2:10PM 0 Q:udevd: eth0 renamed to eth5
1:56PM 7 Q: CPU usage in Dom0
1:54PM 0 How can I boot using CD-ROM/ ISO file?
12:43PM 1 Network card problem
12:03PM 1 Q: Understanding "xm block-list"
8:45AM 0 EXT3-FS error and VM going Read-Only..
2:45AM 3 Fc5 guest on FC6 host
1:07AM 5 What speed is it when run win2003 on the xen?
Tuesday October 24 2006
11:00PM 3 ISO Burning the disc
10:57PM 2 xen 3.03 compile question
10:56PM 0 Xen 3.0.3 and Hvm tests
8:45PM 0 Xen LiveCD
8:42PM 1 Problem when up one new VM
8:26PM 0 Problems with X on dom0
7:07PM 0 "Error: int exceeds XML-RPC limits"
6:29PM 2 xen and virtual networking.
5:09PM 1 Burning the ISO to CD
4:20PM 0 XHPC''06 - Call for Participation
3:35PM 1 Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected
3:33PM 0 CPU frequency scaling (SpeedStep and PowerNow)
3:21PM 2 Recursive LVM
3:14PM 6 32bit DomuU on 64-bit Xen
1:37PM 1 Compaq Proliant 2500 Dom0
1:32PM 5 VNC not on Localhost
1:28PM 11 Xen 3.0.3 confusion
1:14PM 3 Kernel panics and blank /var/log/messages?
1:09PM 1 dom0 32 bits and domU 64 bits
12:58PM 0 Xorg doesn''t works using xen 3.0.3 on kernel host
11:45AM 1 how to modify .config when compiling Xen 3.0.3
10:38AM 0 RE: How can IInstall linux system in vm use install ISO orCD?
10:38AM 8 Custom DomU kernel
9:49AM 0 Q: HOWTO manually boot SLES10 installation
9:18AM 0 How can IInstall linux system in vm use install ISO or CD?
3:48AM 0 RE: Ethernet MTU
Monday October 23 2006
10:42PM 0 networking after xen 3.0
9:35PM 0 xen networking
9:22PM 1 How to avoid re-install of guest OSes between xen builds
6:25PM 3 Network problem when using with ACPI
5:05PM 0 Re: disk config
3:25PM 0 Why does loading suse in virtual machine take 13 hours?
2:19PM 0 Video card for Xen
1:46PM 0 Hardwareaccess from guests
1:42PM 0 Kernel BUG at drivers/xen/blkback/blkback.c:555
12:03PM 1 Migrating VM
11:04AM 14 SDL display of HVMs -- how?
8:46AM 1 DomU i386 / x86_64 & Dom0
8:16AM 3 xen 3.0.3: blank screen in xserver-xorg in dom0
7:06AM 4 How to run DomUs on more CPUs?
6:36AM 0 Is it possible ''xen domU PXE boot'' ?
5:53AM 0 Is it possible "xen domU PXE boot" ??
4:00AM 0 Getting "Unrecognized Image Format" errors.
2:11AM 2 internal mail servers together
Sunday October 22 2006
8:29PM 1 Network setup for root server with 1 static IP
2:15PM 1 masquerading
2:05PM 1 Running HVM and Paravirtualized at the same time
2:04PM 5 Providing a Domain with a Device
10:58AM 0 OFR under Xen?
1:04AM 3 Xen 3.0.3 change cdrom with windows 2003
Saturday October 21 2006
7:48PM 2 Console turns black on xen startup
6:55PM 0 Re:Xen 3.0.2 and ivtv, no more IOMMU space
8:49AM 6 Cannot complete WinXP installation under Xen
8:20AM 2 LVM vs img
2:34AM 9 Create a domU using rpmstrap CentOS
1:42AM 0 Re: RE: [Xen-devel] Xen 3.0.3 released!
1:23AM 1 SVM windows XP no output on vnc after install
Friday October 20 2006
8:57PM 1 Newbee questions
7:38PM 4 3.0.3 compile error on vnc.c
7:22PM 1 FreeBSD on Xen 3.0.3
4:55PM 0 SVM windows XP no image after install
3:05PM 0 3ware 9550SXU-4LP performance
2:37PM 0 sched-credit in individual xen config files
1:55PM 1 Odd behavior with 3.0.3
1:25PM 0 problems exporting /dev/md* storage device to domU
10:35AM 1 Xen support of USB 2.0?
8:16AM 0 Xen on a prebuilt Windows machine.
Thursday October 19 2006
11:01PM 3 iSCSI in guest domains
9:43PM 7 allocating memory to dom0
3:52PM 9 Compile error 3.0.3 - vnc.c auf Debian Sarge
3:39PM 1 xen for 2.6.18?
2:38PM 4 Problem for "xm create": "kernel: Setting mem allocation to ..."
2:13PM 0 I don''t know hotwo win2003p image
12:09PM 0 Xen on Toshiba Tecra M5?
4:27AM 1 3.0.3 - possible bug in pciback and irq allocation?
3:49AM 0 better agp intel 945gm chipset support. xen-unstable or xen-3.0.3?
12:12AM 2 Report of "soft lockup" for a domU when paused and unpaused
Wednesday October 18 2006
8:52PM 0 eth0 in promisc mode ?
8:45PM 1 Eth0 in Promisc mode
8:43PM 2 xen 3.0.3, xend won''t start after boot
3:33PM 0 can''t start xend
10:47AM 1 problem with smbfs in domU
8:00AM 0 guset machines just crash instantly
7:03AM 1 glibc rpms for 3.0.3 release
4:02AM 6 /lib/tls -> not there but xen complains
2:38AM 1 What different from para-virtualized vm and fully-virtualized vm
12:15AM 10 xen 3.0.3
Tuesday October 17 2006
10:32PM 8 Yet another backup proposal (file based vbd''s & lvm)
9:55PM 7 Xen 3.0.3 released!
6:05PM 10 Kernel Freeze
4:30PM 1 RE: Does my platform support VT? (dell 1855/Xeon/linu x)
3:13PM 5 /home on domU
2:58PM 0 sedf scheduler parameters
2:19PM 4 Does my platform support VT? (dell 1855/Xeon/linux)
1:13PM 15 Error: Error connecting to xend: No such file or directory. Is xend running?
9:36AM 2 Problem building 3.0.3-testing
9:07AM 0 initramfs and kernel compilation problem inside a Xen compilbox ....
7:56AM 7 Q: swap and where?
Monday October 16 2006
4:06PM 0 xen-3.0.3-testing.1 building deps
2:33PM 0 Problem : Debian xen package removal & installation
1:12PM 0 Bridge networking fail with no established connection
12:28PM 5 partitions for VMs
10:58AM 2 tap:aio VBD Support.
9:26AM 4 booting FreeBSD DomU
5:27AM 2 Problem starting a domU
Sunday October 15 2006
11:25PM 1 dom0 and domU don''t want to talk IP to each other
10:13PM 1 Error executing make install
9:59AM 3 Routing with Xen-Bridge
Saturday October 14 2006
5:00PM 1 triple bang with loops / aoe / ocfs2 ?
12:14AM 0 xen on mips
Friday October 13 2006
9:03PM 0 SET failed on device eth0 ; No such device
5:13PM 1 ocfs2 woes
3:25PM 1 When 3.0.3 will be released??? After or before 17 Oct??
10:36AM 1 "Xenoppix-x86-64(Xen3.0.2+KNOPPIX-x86_64-5.0.1) CD size" is released.
8:46AM 1 How to install Windows 2003 on Xen 3 without vt-enabled hardware?
8:09AM 0 how to manage a migrated vm ?
4:52AM 0 Status of Xen Networking with NDIS Wrapper
2:07AM 1 How can exit vm1 to domain 0?
Thursday October 12 2006
11:14PM 2 Why top command doesn''t return correct memory amount (xentop see my 3gb..) ?
10:52PM 0 How can I compile xenstat perl binding with swig ...
10:37PM 1 Network setup on Redhat based systems
9:59PM 4 3.0.2 seems not to create bridge
6:02PM 3 Xen IB code
4:37PM 4 dom0 has no bridge
2:09PM 1 what is behind "make world"
1:32PM 0 One more NAT problem (not tranversing POSTROUTING)
10:09AM 5 AoE LVM2 DRBD Xen Setup
9:12AM 0 arp-table ok?
9:09AM 0 Xen3.0 rpms on RHEL4.4 boot issue
12:33AM 0 SLES10 + RAID 1 + Xen
Wednesday October 11 2006
8:18PM 2 Xen scripting
6:22PM 0 Bridge configuration
1:25PM 0 "xm save" needs way too much disk space
11:10AM 3 new CPU with VT and installation
10:56AM 5 limitation of 3 virtual network interfaces
8:41AM 9 time synchronization problem (using NTP)
6:59AM 0 xen kernel does not support broadcom 4401 NIC
6:07AM 9 FAQ: How to backup for recovery?
Tuesday October 10 2006
8:56PM 4 Realtek RTL8111B
8:51PM 0 Trying to create second bridge on dom0: no packet gets through
3:06PM 10 usbback?
2:33PM 2 Xen +suse 10.1 +ASUS A6iTc w/AMD Turion Dual Core processor
2:26PM 0 Dom1 can send, but not receive ?
1:48PM 0 FAQ: names and ordering of network interfaces in DomU
1:06PM 0 How to get guestOS''s information?
12:54PM 4 Installing SuSE 10.1/10.2 from yast
10:10AM 1 DomU free mem history
6:36AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] IPF/Xen VTI domain testing report for Xen 3.0.3 RC2
3:39AM 1 Fatal crash: ACPI assigning duplicate physical IRQ''s to second DomU
3:22AM 2 How can I connect to Internet in sles10-xen
Monday October 9 2006
9:15PM 0 CentOS installation procedure
2:20PM 0 Dom0 cause for boot failure
1:33PM 0 Multiple network adapter bridges
8:52AM 0 "mount: unknown filesystem type ''LVM2_member''"
7:17AM 0 Ubuntu Dapper not mounting swap, other filesystems
6:10AM 4 Q: NUMA and XEN
5:59AM 0 Remote Xen Management with XenMan 0.5
3:50AM 0 Bridge with Xen-interfaces only doesn''t work
Sunday October 8 2006
8:33PM 0 Re: [Xen‑users] Should I use HVM?
5:52PM 0 Xen 3: Untethered bridges??
2:39PM 0 problem building tools/python/xen on x86_64
1:36PM 0 Can''t debug Win32 app under Xen, but can under qemu (gdb)
1:09PM 0 Full Virtualization in SUSE
12:36PM 2 Should I use HVM?
11:57AM 2 e1000: probe of 0000:00:00.0 failed with error -5
11:51AM 3 Running Xen with Hardware Virtualization under AMD
9:03AM 3 irq issues ("nobody cared")
1:21AM 4 Tracking DomU memory
12:30AM 6 HVM WinXP dom crash
Saturday October 7 2006
7:21PM 12 Linux Traffic Shaping broken in 3.0.3rc1 ?
6:34PM 4 Balloon Driver Documentation/Description
11:17AM 2 Multiple IP addresses
9:49AM 5 vms can not ping each other
5:47AM 1 Xen Software Virtualization
4:03AM 1 DomU uses eth3, eth4??
3:14AM 1 compilation problems
Friday October 6 2006
8:39PM 4 "xm save" works on Windows guest?
6:44PM 1 nfs support in xen kernel
5:38PM 1 Re: My 10th virtual machine doesn''t start (Luis Raddatz L.)
5:11PM 0 RE: Installing Redhat 7,3 with hvm
4:41PM 0 Port forwarding from non-xenbridged external interface to xen-interface
3:28PM 2 May be a Bug in network-brigde script (Xen V
2:22PM 1 RE: "Error: an integer is required", starting hvm machinesduring boot, kernel errors
1:32PM 1 RE: "Error: an integer is required", starting hvm machinesduring boot, kernel errors
11:12AM 1 RE: "Error: an integer is required", starting hvm machinesduring boot, kernel errors
10:24AM 5 Problem with dom0
9:35AM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] (XEN) APIC error on CPU0: 04(40)
9:34AM 4 Memory resizing
9:31AM 8 Trouble trying to use vmware within XEN Dom0
9:01AM 3 xen kernel smp; but only one cpu
Thursday October 5 2006
8:53PM 1 problems compiling RHEL4 glibc srpms
8:25PM 1 HVM Domain poor network performance
8:18PM 0 xen metrics available?
8:17PM 0 W2K3 Server Installation fails with ACPI=1 on xen-3.0.3-testing changeset 11686
6:17PM 0 upgrading from linux-image-2.6.16-2 2.6.16-13bpo1 failes
6:05PM 0 Device with no driver
6:02PM 1 Error while restoring xen domains at startup: local variable ''dev_config'' referenced before assignment
5:12PM 1 RE: Installing Redhat 7,3 with hvm
4:33PM 2 Smallest Memory requirements for Dom0
4:32PM 1 ubuntu edgy: xen hypervisor hangs on boot
1:50PM 2 Xenstore interface works on Windows guest?
1:11PM 5 Issues running WinXP using hvmloader
12:02PM 0 changelist xen 3.0 -> 3.0.2 available ?
11:39AM 2 Sluggish user interface using Windows XP in a virtual domain
10:50AM 2 "Error: an integer is required", starting hvm machines during boot, kernel errors
1:07AM 1 randomness entropy in DomU
12:15AM 0 Re: Programatically checking if we''re in a domU or dom0
Wednesday October 4 2006
8:20PM 0 Export PCI or use bridges?
6:09PM 5 dom0 networking problem
5:11PM 0 Re: Programatically checking if we''re in a domU or dom0
2:31PM 10 Specify domain ID?
1:51PM 1 Re: Programatically checking if we''re in a domU or dom0
12:52PM 4 Newbie: Can''t boot vm1
11:22AM 4 xenconsole: How to get out?
8:17AM 0 Problem with virtual bridge
5:40AM 0 Dom0 network doesn''t work
2:19AM 2 Confused about bridged DomU''s.
1:12AM 1 can xend be started from a domU
Tuesday October 3 2006
10:12PM 3 /usr/sbin/mkinitrd: illegal option -- v
8:36PM 4 Kernel Panic - SuSE (RAID+LVM)
3:02PM 0 vifN.0 dropping all packets
1:35PM 1 PCI passthru configuration
1:32PM 1 Need Help related to Xen
9:49AM 0 how to start a virtual server
8:45AM 3 contending storage space
4:59AM 2 Ipcop...
Monday October 2 2006
8:55PM 9 AMD''s VT for chipsets
6:35PM 3 eth0 in domU is not brought up on boot
6:09PM 2 Best practice for firewall in domU
3:55PM 4 Memory allocation
3:09PM 1 ip source access policy per domU
2:46PM 0 exact Core 2 Duo setup supporting Intel-VT
2:13PM 3 compile a squashfs module for my xen kernel
11:41AM 1 Xen networking on centos
11:28AM 1 re:Small fix for xenoprof problem.[solved] and more questions
11:19AM 4 Neverending story: Networking in domU
10:13AM 0 Small fix for xenoprof problem. xenoprof: Initialization failed. Intel processor model 15 for P6 class family is not supported
9:59AM 1 dom0 with ipvsadm to domU masquerade strange behavior
8:51AM 1 netif_release_rx_bufs: 18 xfer, 46 noxfer, 192 unused
5:44AM 5 Booting/Installing FreeBSD in HVM
1:35AM 0 Re: Fw: Xend start and after lose network
Sunday October 1 2006
10:05PM 1 adp94xx
9:09PM 1 ethtool and mii-tool don''t work under xen
5:26PM 0 DomU & /tmp
3:44AM 4 No network on DomU