Xen users - Sep 2006

Saturday September 30 2006
11:31PM 1 Re: Xen 3.0 usb access on domU
9:51PM 0 pciback not working
6:38PM 21 Network based storage - NBD/AoE/iSCSI other?
12:02PM 1 Xen Error: "hvm_shutdown fired, shutdown reason=None"
7:34AM 0 Help with NAT and port translation on Xen
Friday September 29 2006
10:01PM 3 xen console and CTRL-C
5:50PM 6 16GB limit for PAE?
5:37PM 4 xend failed (debian related)
1:43PM 2 Install a new host from iso files
5:52AM 0 Xen and Private Networking
3:21AM 8 Error starting gentoo domU created with domi - lvm2 issue?
12:03AM 1 hvm and routed networking.
Thursday September 28 2006
8:09PM 0 Incomplete dm-userspace files
6:36PM 2 xen-kernel-2.6.16-xen3_86.1_rhel4.1.i686.rpm install error
4:37PM 3 almost able to boot guest OS
4:34PM 2 Partition DomU Filesystem
2:54PM 0 Can''t create guest image
2:23PM 20 CoW works on Windows guest?
12:53PM 0 enomalism + fedora-ds
10:01AM 1 Which do you recommend AMD or Intel for HVM?
9:38AM 10 What kind of processor
9:12AM 0 About security on xen
7:27AM 1 Virtual Machine sometimes doesn''t start right
Wednesday September 27 2006
10:34PM 1 RAM overcomittment
8:58PM 5 Rép : How many virtual for a domU
4:18PM 1 How many virtual for a domU
2:39PM 8 Running MS Windows as domU without Intel VT?
1:48PM 0 No Device for Second NIC in DomU
9:08AM 0 Kernel with xen-unstable does not boot
5:33AM 1 Trouble with xen-unstable x86_64
Tuesday September 26 2006
9:41PM 6 xenguest-install.py reports "no module named libvirt" in FC5 x86 mode
4:57PM 10 X wont start with xen-dom0 Kernel
2:47PM 0 black screen when booting ubuntu cd in hvm
12:02PM 2 howto use web control in xen-3.0.2-2??
11:03AM 18 Xen + Windows + Intel VT-x stability
8:38AM 0 Mac OS X under xen
8:11AM 0 Crash booting dom0
7:59AM 5 powernow-k8: Processor cpuid 681 not supported
7:47AM 1 Patching the kernel
1:00AM 1 Definitive VT-Enabled CPU List?
Monday September 25 2006
11:52PM 0 error 13 after building/installing from source
8:38PM 1 Locating Xen bottlenecks
5:25PM 0 xen 3.0.2 - acpi suspend support for dom0 - S3
4:49PM 1 Newbie install problem with Suse 10.1 DVD install on IBM Bladecenter HS20
4:19PM 0 xen - big - mem
2:13PM 3 Linux tree with stable patches applied
1:22PM 2 Hotplug scripts not working after today''s checkout
11:10AM 3 Scheduling in domain
9:08AM 0 loops over iscsi / aoe?
7:56AM 0 Dom0 and fglrx
6:55AM 0 Crashed windows xp on fedora core 6
6:37AM 2 Xen properties
6:25AM 0 Bind interdomain ioctl error 22
5:16AM 1 single-user mode in DomU
2:27AM 2 problem building xen-3.0.3
Sunday September 24 2006
11:29PM 6 Pb with 3ware 9550SX-4LP / high IO activities
7:20PM 2 Xend and guest
6:49PM 1 Snapshot of a Xen VM
6:01PM 3 Which Permutations of 64/32 work?
Saturday September 23 2006
10:08PM 0 problems with initramfs and root on lvm on raid. No volume group found
2:44PM 27 what do you recommend for cluster fs ??
8:59AM 0 Compiling Xen-unstable, error in blktapctrl
Friday September 22 2006
11:15PM 0 "Hotplug script not working" when enabling second hard disk in HVM
7:32PM 0 Re: /usr/lib64/xen/bin/qemu-dm: invalidoption--''-vncconnect''
7:21PM 0 linux summagraphics support??
6:53PM 6 "Memory squeeze in netback driver"
6:04PM 2 64bit domU''s?
3:12PM 1 RE: Compiling VMWare server against xen dom0 enabledkernel
2:58PM 0 Unable to deploy a VM from a TAR file....
2:48PM 9 Compiling VMWare server against xen dom0 enabled kernel
1:46PM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 19, Issue 110
11:44AM 0 Re: Providing dhcp for a
11:09AM 0 Weird problems: is this related to Xen?
9:52AM 4 Dom-U config: whats the role of vif - IP
9:28AM 1 Building kernels *within* a domU
6:51AM 4 How to use xm serve?
Thursday September 21 2006
10:40PM 0 network + USB breaks hvm guest
8:48PM 0 Problem starting xen DomU WindowsXP on Gentoo with Prescott
4:29PM 1 Installing x86_64 Windows 2003 server
3:39PM 2 Problem running domU over a diskless XEN
3:32PM 0 USB Printing
3:12PM 0 nfsroot domU issues
2:09PM 1 missing /dev/pts and /dev/shm on domU
10:34AM 1 Xensource: forum, user enquiries
9:46AM 3 My Xen 3.0.3m doesn''t reconize my new RAM
9:19AM 2 /dev/sda1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!
7:35AM 1 xend.util.security 4312] INFO (__init__:1072) Resource label file not found.
12:12AM 0 Re: Xen dom0 kernel, capi driver: unknown symbol
Wednesday September 20 2006
10:55PM 0 Xen and Oprofile
8:53PM 0 Server hangs when starting guest
8:15PM 0 RE: [Xen-devel] Oprofile-0.9.2 problem with xen-unstable
5:01PM 3 Oprofile-0.9.2 problem with xen-unstable
4:26PM 15 CPU reccomendation?
2:56PM 0 UDP checksum error with dhcp packets
2:28PM 1 FC5 downgrade; /lib/tls problem
10:13AM 1 Open SSI fully virtualized
4:13AM 2 booting initramfs image with raid and lvm support
Tuesday September 19 2006
11:38PM 3 Error on DomU with xencons=ttyS
6:21PM 34 Proposal for a xen-users(/devel?) netiquette
5:22PM 5 Install from CD
3:43PM 1 Help/problems with blktap on xen-unstable
3:12PM 5 VT 64bit kernel with >4Gb RAM
2:16PM 7 Xen 3.0.2-2 + linux-2.6-xen-fedora
1:06PM 2 Providing dhcp for a "private" bridge?
8:54AM 0 xen guest eth1 tun interface goes to the wrong bridge
8:32AM 7 antispoof with Xen 3
4:22AM 2 prebuilt tar ball installation problems
2:52AM 0 ACPI gets disabled in menuconfig
12:58AM 3 RE: How to configure VBD hard disk drives in Linux HVMdomain?
Monday September 18 2006
9:13PM 4 Issues w/ Oprofile and Xen-3.0.2 (xen-unstable)
9:12PM 1 Getting network working in HVM domU
8:08PM 1 unable to mount foot fs on unknown-block
12:47PM 2 Creating telnet access to console
12:04PM 2 routing problem in network-route mode
8:53AM 3 More than three interfaces
5:09AM 0 help: migrate live ERROR
3:07AM 2 Network weirdness? (eth0 & eth1)
Sunday September 17 2006
10:56PM 0 loading FC4 lvm disk image
10:36PM 2 Xen on Dell PowerEdge 1850 with Perc 4e/Si controller
2:54PM 0 Synaptics touchpad and slow xen boot...
1:30PM 2 sarge-domu (sarge) crashes!
12:56PM 0 Weird DNAT + passive FTP bug
11:10AM 1 No Diskdrive in HVM-guest
9:35AM 2 powernow-k8 + linux-image-2.6.16-1-xen-k7
Saturday September 16 2006
6:35PM 2 Problem booting DomU, disk not recognized
2:19PM 4 Xen 3.0.2 panic on CPU 0
1:55PM 1 Probably obvious but ...
11:59AM 2 Can''t login with Xen and Gentoo
11:45AM 0 installation failed: xen crashes at boot
5:19AM 0 Success: HVM (VT) works on Core2duo with Intel P965 chip set!
Friday September 15 2006
5:11PM 1 Xen 3.0.2 + Asterisk
5:05PM 0 # of CPUS and VMs per CPU
3:22PM 1 Xen Installation problems
3:17PM 11 XEN and Dapper - III
2:50PM 1 How to assign fixed ip-addres to vifN.0?
2:21PM 4 199% CPU in DomU
1:57PM 2 Motherboard suggestions for Core 2 Duo running Xen
1:30PM 0 Date planned for 3.0.3 release??
12:10PM 7 Live migration?
11:32AM 2 Status of Xen-Powermanagement-Support
11:10AM 3 Error: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
9:46AM 3 RE: Compiling Kernel with raid driver for my Dellpoweredge 2850 RAID Controler
9:04AM 0 multiple interface
9:01AM 0 Problem booting dom0 on scsi root disk (adaptec 7892)
6:45AM 0 FW: xm sysreq
5:12AM 0 Xen with Longhorn August CTP Guest
Thursday September 14 2006
9:21PM 1 Avoiding suspension of xen VM at source after migration.
7:31PM 0 XEn and Dapper - II
7:19PM 0 calculating size of dom0_mem
5:56PM 0 Dell PowerEdge + XEN
3:36PM 3 How to Live Copy domU
3:07PM 4 Compiling Kernel with raid driver for my Dell poweredge 2850 RAID Controler
11:37AM 3 Xen vif problem
11:07AM 0 Fwd: Xen on MacBook Pro "Resolved (Partialy)"
10:03AM 0 Aoubt rpms on rhel 4.1 and clones
9:18AM 0 Xen on MacBook Pro
9:03AM 5 Xen and Dapper
5:51AM 1 Prob. Xen guest OS Installation
4:41AM 3 Re: /usr/lib64/xen/bin/qemu-dm: invalid option --''-vncconnect''
12:31AM 0 Re: 答复: Fedora 5 (host/gues
12:02AM 2 Xen 3.0.2-2 and linux kernels?
Wednesday September 13 2006
11:26PM 8 Run a script after creating a domain
8:04PM 0 network-nat for hvm guests
6:44PM 0 XEN comparison to VM and IBM APV
5:21PM 4 When will xen-compatibilty be standard in Linux kernels?
5:15PM 4 Xen with newer-than-
3:07PM 1 Re: Xen-Kernel for VIA CPU (Gerhard Wendebourg)
2:49PM 2 A few questions
1:51PM 0 enabling dom0 debug
9:39AM 6 Routing problem
9:29AM 4 Athlon X2 (Windsor) works with HVM
6:00AM 7 Xend does not start, invalid argument
3:43AM 1 /usr/lib64/xen/bin/qemu-dm: invalid option -- ''-vncconnect''
1:26AM 5 how to migrate a vm ?
Tuesday September 12 2006
9:36PM 0 How to start a particular VM on a particular CPU ?
3:58PM 0 Xen-Kernel for VIA CPU
11:13AM 0 help needed
11:10AM 10 All domU blocked
9:47AM 2 migrate question
9:43AM 1 how to determine CPU Slice
6:47AM 2 xen-3.0-testing
1:22AM 3 RE: Help: Xen HVM Domain can ONLY support four hard drivesat most???
Monday September 11 2006
10:42PM 1 CentOS routing table gone
9:41PM 1 SuSE 10.0 guest in 10.1 host
9:35PM 3 xen-3.0-testing kernel?
9:30PM 0 Strange kernel message w/ Promise TX4
9:11PM 0 How do I make multiple console connections to one virtual machine?
8:23PM 0 reply to earlier post
7:29PM 4 cd-rom access, hvm boot, unstable download from 9-7-2006
7:13PM 3 Is RAMDISK required for domU boot?
4:40PM 0 Unbuffered File Writes from a Guest OS
4:24PM 1 Cannot surf through guest OS
2:52PM 2 unsuscribe
1:10PM 1 software suspend and 32bit
1:06PM 0 Building a DMZ.
12:58PM 2 Xen does not load kernel at system boot
11:41AM 1 Unable to create HVM domain on x86 SMP
11:10AM 1 Unable to create HVM domain on x86
9:18AM 0 How to apply patch to xen-0 kernel.
8:33AM 1 Virtual ethernet problem
6:54AM 2 Unable to mount root
2:31AM 11 HVM systems review
1:16AM 1 Need to monitor x86 port i/o
Sunday September 10 2006
7:25PM 0 Xen and make-kpkg
7:05PM 0 Xen and glibc 2.4
4:11PM 2 "stdin: is not a tty" in Debian Sarge DomU
2:38PM 6 xen & vmware
Saturday September 9 2006
5:05PM 1 problem booting xen
5:02PM 3 Can''t access the domU''s from the LAN (only from the dom0)
9:50AM 0 xen 3.0.2-2 kernels
8:35AM 0 Fail to install windows on Xen-3.0.2-2
2:47AM 0 problems restrarign xenU domains
Friday September 8 2006
9:20PM 0 Question about running Xen on VT CPU: Unmodified OS and Windows benchmarks?
12:55PM 0 Segfault at reboot caused by pciback.hide
12:55PM 1 iptables -P FORWARD DROP on dom0 stops all traffic
12:33PM 0 Xen 3.0.2, Linux and quotas
7:44AM 0 xenmon.py bad domain id.
4:56AM 3 multiple nic''s with vlan -> bridge or bridge -> vlan
Thursday September 7 2006
11:22PM 1 domU networking not working
10:11PM 0 Root-NFS: No NFS server available, giving up.
9:50PM 2 Xen & WinServer simple question
9:30PM 1 httperf
9:26PM 16 crazy SWAP and RAM idea
1:43PM 4 Howto start domU''s network (gentoo-specific)?
10:11AM 4 domU console on network
5:35AM 0 Questions about xenoprof semantics
Wednesday September 6 2006
10:40PM 3 xen and different ARCH
4:58PM 3 64 Bit Dom0, Intel VT, cannot install Windows in DomU
4:42PM 4 DHCP for NFS root?
4:11PM 1 VLANs and bridging
1:59PM 0 DMA and Configuration read issues
11:38AM 1 xen scheduling
Tuesday September 5 2006
11:31PM 0 Kernel crash under network IO
11:20PM 0 Windows XP mouse support over VNC
6:38PM 0 NEwbie question #2.bis
6:04PM 0 NEwbie question #2
3:00PM 0 vm using san fabric failover
1:29PM 0 RE: xen dom0 crashes while copying a lot of files - nousb for dom0 kernel fixes it
12:23PM 0 DomU network backend issue
11:19AM 3 Xen 3.0.3 - what happened?
10:14AM 0 Problem with network-bridge script and veth0
10:07AM 0 LVM backups, backup data not consistent?
9:52AM 2 S-ATA drive into a domU.
9:08AM 2 is save and restore save?
8:03AM 0 Networking Problem in DOMu
Monday September 4 2006
9:55PM 2 summagraphics VNC fix
8:48PM 3 live migration time increases when using "mem-set"
8:44PM 6 How to Networking Bridge?
8:18PM 2 NIC PCI passthrough
7:53PM 2 32bit domU on 64bit dom0
5:35PM 2 hvm questions (hvm vs. patched DomU kernel)
11:58AM 1 Xen oopses when starting a guest domain
10:31AM 0 Re: Problem with VT Enablement
9:25AM 2 unsubscribe
8:24AM 2 Xen domU in a compile farm
6:47AM 5 Brolen virtual machines after updates host system
1:55AM 7 Xeon 5160 vs 5080
Sunday September 3 2006
10:08PM 0 Possible to have a x86 DomU with a x86_64 Dom0?
10:07PM 4 Dom0 dies on first reboot (apt-get install)
5:32PM 4 domUs high memory usage (FC5 -- Xen 3.0.2)
4:21PM 0 how many virtual machines does xen3.0 supports now?
11:04AM 0 Stale python extension
4:47AM 28 Improve performance of domain U
Saturday September 2 2006
4:08PM 0 xwindows problem
1:57PM 2 cdrom cannot be found in xen0
8:32AM 3 Target filesystem doesn''t have /sbin/init
Friday September 1 2006
10:11PM 5 can''t get network access from windows hvm
10:07PM 9 Booting past GRUB (RHEL4)
6:38PM 2 unmodified guests (VMX?) access PCI devices
6:25PM 0 re: Xen 3.0.2 on Debian - networking within and without the domU - solved
5:13PM 0 Lost with networking in xen-unstable
11:47AM 4 Kernel drivers on domU
10:50AM 0 Kernel OOPS with xen 3.0.2 on dom0
10:41AM 6 Kernel 2.6 (domain0) and Kernel 2.4 (domainU)???
9:39AM 3 Virtualization Technique
9:25AM 0 About LiveMigration
9:16AM 0 Xen 3.0.2 freezes on HP Proliant DL320 G3 server
8:20AM 0 Strange DSL-Interruptions
6:54AM 0 Xend python starting problem
1:16AM 0 Xen 3.0.2 on Debian - networking within and without the DomU: no eth0 only veth0
1:15AM 1 Zombie DomU''s