Xen users - Nov 2006

Thursday November 30 2006
7:39PM 5 Xen resource guarantees
6:57PM 2 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 21, Issue 154
5:42PM 6 XEN 3.0.3 on Ubuntu 6.10: Dom0 reboot
2:21PM 0 WinXP display resolution under Zen 3.0.3
2:08PM 3 big latency, packet losses with HVM guests
1:00PM 0 XEN requirement for OS
12:17PM 0 Glibc recompile Centos 4.4 xen 3.0.2-2
11:09AM 7 xen requirements for windows OS
11:04AM 0 Warning about TLS emulation mode won''t go away, Xen 3.0.3 on Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy
10:50AM 4 Xen boot error
10:33AM 11 para virtualised and full virtualised
6:27AM 6 Can Ctrl - ] to exit console be changed?
4:20AM 0 snapshot, vista, rtl8139=broken?
Wednesday November 29 2006
11:13PM 0 nat via Dom0 using bridges doesn''t work
9:39PM 1 compiling RHEL4 XenU kernel for x86_64
6:37PM 1 networking problems
3:28PM 1 Problem with windows domU
1:33PM 1 TCP checksum change in RPC replies within XEN, NFS lockup (SLES10)
1:19PM 6 fail of xm create
11:07AM 3 can connect *from* Windows, can''t connect *to* Windows
9:52AM 3 slightly less random random macs
2:59AM 0 xenoprof: daemon returned Bad address on DomU
Tuesday November 28 2006
10:40PM 1 changing time in dom0
8:47PM 6 Trying to get CentOS guest running, but xm cant find the kernel image.
6:35PM 2 performance and ressource monitoring and statistics
3:08PM 4 Network freezing for paravirt linux, 3.0.3
1:27PM 5 VT not recognized on Intel Xeon 5130
12:57PM 1 Applying Xen Patch for Custom Kernel
12:54PM 21 vif-route problems
7:33AM 5 Xenbr0
Monday November 27 2006
11:04PM 1 Cannot start xend
8:31PM 1 Out of Memory error
8:06PM 0 ztdummy and Xen (RTC & USB)
5:12PM 0 Troubles Using the serial console
2:16PM 1 problem of installing tpm_emulator in xen
2:13PM 0 Problem Installing Windows XP Pro in Xen 3.0.3 (Built from Source)
1:18PM 10 routed networking
10:24AM 0 Oops in Dom0 kernel when eth link fails
5:38AM 1 Rate limiting for guests via ebtables
5:31AM 0 Problem with Saving a VM state
3:39AM 0 cursor hangs on "running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)"
1:49AM 5 Why the unmodified guest os can run on xen while hardware supports VT?
Sunday November 26 2006
8:32PM 1 Windows domU on non VT/pacifica
8:19PM 0 Dom0 Slackware 11.0 - Boot Failure
5:11PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 21, Issue 131
2:38PM 0 Xen +Sise 10/2 +Latitude D820 Howto
11:38AM 17 Problem start iptables - udp broken
8:40AM 0 P2V Tool for Windows Server to Xen DomU instance
2:27AM 2 [Fwd: Re: HVM success reports required for wiki]
Saturday November 25 2006
11:39PM 1 DomU creation error. vif could not be connected.
8:57PM 1 Routing bug with network-bridge?
6:56PM 6 ifup fails on CentOS 4
1:37PM 3 xen and madwifi
10:47AM 0 dom0 iptables FORWARD default DROP?
1:10AM 14 HVM success reports required for wiki
12:30AM 3 Listing PCI Devices in a DomU
Friday November 24 2006
10:16PM 1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotpug scripts not working.
8:28PM 19 Time/clock issues with Xen 3.0.3?
6:39PM 0 OpenBSD 4.0 as guest network doesn''t work
5:54PM 0 Error: (12, ''Cannot allocate memory'')
4:45PM 2 Xen 3.0.3 serial domU amd64
4:09PM 1 losing network packets on heavy load, xen 3.0.3
3:45PM 0 NO Summagraphics?
3:34PM 6 Need clarifications: Xen and winXP HVM: pci direct access, USB, desktop resolution
1:48PM 1 how to mount a xen image file
1:14PM 0 mouse under sdl and windows domU
10:42AM 0 xen with madwifi
9:27AM 0 Packets dropped on vif''s
Thursday November 23 2006
6:06PM 1 Problems with XEN 3.0.3 running on amd64 (Intel Core2 Duo)
3:59PM 5 Xen Dom0 with FibreChannel (FC) can''t export disk to DomU
3:43PM 0 no init found error when starting a PV guest
3:17PM 5 Linux HVM tutorial ?
2:48PM 2 Dell PE2850 Networking Problem
2:40PM 0 How to eject cdrom bound to a paravirt domU
12:42PM 4 NetBSD DomU in Debian Dom0 fails to find boot/root/devices
11:50AM 0 1280x768 with Cirrus in HVM guest?
11:09AM 0 Integrating Click with Xen.
10:20AM 0 More than 16GB with 32Bit/PAE
9:25AM 4 where to get kernel patches
7:55AM 3 HVM Loader in 3.0.3-testing missing?
3:54AM 0 network issue, RHEL4, lack of peth0/peth1 device
Wednesday November 22 2006
9:52PM 1 FC5 - FC6 upgrade problems
9:05PM 0 Xen on Dell SC1435 ?
6:10PM 0 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
5:22PM 0 Xen 3.0.3 + kernel missing ipt_physdev.c
4:31PM 1 Dell PowerEdge 1955 + SUSE EL 10
3:34PM 0 Setting up IB interfaces in Xen+IB
3:06PM 0 mercurial repositories (devel roadmap)
3:02PM 0 Stacked File Systems and Xen - state of the art
1:33PM 1 Xen 3.0.2: one DomU networks stops
1:26PM 0 kernel-devel
11:02AM 1 VESA BIOS in HVM emulation? (64 bit)
8:04AM 1 64bit dom0, 64bit HVM guest?
6:33AM 0 noht option
Tuesday November 21 2006
7:56PM 2 para VM Guest list ?
7:25PM 2 Blank Screen -- Install Windows XP on FC6 (Xen 3.0.3) using AMD-Pacifica(SVM)
7:20PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Re: OpenBSD/i386 on Xen 3 with HVM]
7:02PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Re: OpenBSD/i386 on Xen 3 with HVM]
5:15PM 3 Newbe wants to move block device virtual machine
1:55PM 0 Tyan H1000e
10:56AM 0 Network performance problem with Xen 3.0.3 HVM/VT
8:24AM 6 Install guest under SLES10
12:39AM 0 DomU kernel oops when loading module for PCI device
Monday November 20 2006
5:08PM 8 Cannot connect to VNC
4:46PM 4 CPU1 FATAL TRAP, Xen won''t boot
3:50PM 0 can''t start Xen kernel on 64 bit Intel Xeon
3:21PM 0 [PATCH] Add to select keyboard layout
3:21PM 0 Add example of keyboard layout
3:14PM 0 keyboard problem
2:41PM 1 compilation bug
1:58PM 0 xen 3.0.3_0 and xen-3.0.3-testing.hg
1:50PM 17 Xen/Windows on AMD
12:07PM 0 Q: anybody succeeded getting NFS locks with SLES10 (x86_64)?
11:00AM 0 Virtual sound cards (null) for use with rdesktop
10:52AM 0 pciback not working with linux domU
10:22AM 2 Blank Screen on Boot
9:53AM 0 How to activate pciback.permissive with xen 3.0.3
7:27AM 1 newbie question: real IPs
5:58AM 0 vif-common.sh, antispoof and multiple ips w/ ip=
4:24AM 0 XenEnterprise - Graphical Terminal
12:35AM 0 Regarding Xenstore/Xenbus
Sunday November 19 2006
11:44PM 0 Xen AMD mobo suggestions
10:36PM 8 How long is a kernel supported?
7:07PM 0 Xen Dom0 bridging issue
4:23PM 1 debian etch problems with networking and pciback.hide
4:06PM 2 Using large disk in domU
1:21PM 0 memory allocation
9:14AM 0 booting windows ''boot manager'' under xen
6:05AM 2 sata vs scsi
Saturday November 18 2006
8:07PM 1 Xen 3.0.3 with CentOS 4.4
6:42PM 5 Xen Scheduler: Credit Scheduler ?
12:49PM 2 san configuration with xen
11:21AM 0 no /sys/bus/pci/drivers/pciback found on eth
8:19AM 0 netfront: device eth0 has flipping receive path.
Friday November 17 2006
7:19PM 1 View Xen traces
5:42PM 0 xm save errors (please it is urgent)
5:12PM 0 Xen, bonding and firewall duties?
4:23PM 1 Increasegraphical screen size of vm
2:42PM 0 Oprofile on Xen x64 under SLES10
2:26PM 4 sles 10 lvm install clone/copy
2:22PM 0 Using a dumb interface under Xen 3.0.3
2:03PM 6 Success story
11:09AM 5 Crash when buildin'' up dual-bridged environment
10:36AM 1 domU does not see the virtual disk
9:37AM 1 debian amd64 etch hvm xp sp2 problem black screen frozen.
6:32AM 3 firmware_helper error when booting Dom0 kernel
4:00AM 3 multi head VT - is this just silly?
1:23AM 1 Using a WLAN connection instead of eth0 for network-brigde kills the WLAN connection
1:15AM 1 CDRom and DomU
Thursday November 16 2006
8:39PM 0 Greeter Application Problems
6:04PM 1 ia64 questions/problems
5:42PM 0 Communication between domains ? accessing DomainU through ftp is a probelm
4:20PM 0 keyboard again
3:43PM 6 Network card full virtualized windows
3:37PM 2 Full Virtualization Windows XP Network Question
3:24PM 0 Xen Windows guest in production envrionnement ?
11:22AM 0 Maximum block devices
10:31AM 3 xen breaks iptables
5:29AM 4 Few questions about Xen
5:28AM 0 gentoo [amd64] - xen sata_promise PATA 20378 not found Neo MSI mobo
Wednesday November 15 2006
5:44PM 0 => 2G RAM for domU problem
4:57PM 4 Re: xen guest eth1 tun interface goes to the wrong bridge
11:48AM 0 Problem with starting xend
9:48AM 3 Xen and 2.6.19
7:34AM 1 Migrating real OS into virtual system (newbie)
5:47AM 3 Unable to mount LVM - backed VBD
2:26AM 3 Running RHEL4 domain U in a FC5 domain0
1:05AM 1 AoE does not work through a bridge
Tuesday November 14 2006
8:06PM 1 Migrating existing system (Linux) to Xen
7:34PM 1 jailtime images iptables support
7:33PM 1 Dom0 firewall for DomUs
6:23PM 5 SSH Console access
4:12PM 1 Does HVM( AMD & Intel''s VT ) support direct device access w/o guest modification?
1:57PM 7 Xen networking problem
1:56PM 1 hiccups in adopting xen in my desktop...
10:04AM 5 bridging pciback device ?
9:17AM 0 Bridging in initrd with xen and aoe
7:49AM 1 shared file system
6:22AM 2 XEN-IA64 availability?
5:49AM 1 Live migration problem
4:31AM 1 pci passthrough and domU madwifi drivers
2:47AM 1 Problem about use XenOprofile
1:35AM 0 greyed-out enabled "vanderpool" setting in bios
Monday November 13 2006
8:47PM 1 problem with pciback
7:25PM 0 Problems with COM modem on Xen-running system...
7:04PM 0 Xen OpenSource to XenEnterprise
6:50PM 0 RE: [Xen-devel] A problem with Intel VT / XEN3
6:42PM 1 peth0 messages in the shell
6:05PM 0 No mouse and KB activity in FC5 guest OS in FC6 xen host setup
6:03PM 1 Ubuntu Dapper doesn''t works as hvm guest
5:47PM 1 Cannot log in via ssh in the VM
4:20PM 0 Multicast usage in briding setup
4:08PM 1 vmxloader once more time :)
2:51PM 0 More on SLES10, XEN, and bonding
1:27PM 0 xen 3.0.3: Problem with setting up iptables (fwbuilder)
1:17PM 1 Question on Xen schedulers
1:12PM 0 /proc/sys/xen/permitted_clock_jitter
7:19AM 3 Re: Problem setting up LVS (Linux Virtual Server) in Xen Virtual
4:14AM 0 how to configure network ? (VM with 2 network interfaces in different networks)
1:45AM 1 Identifying free pages in guest VM
Sunday November 12 2006
7:20PM 0 No keyboard in windows installation
3:53PM 3 XP under Debian
10:34AM 7 Xen/HVM on Intel 945G[Z] Chipset, Asus P5GZ-MX BIOS
10:08AM 4 Xen 3.0.3 with a AMD X2 processor
6:14AM 1 Xen scheduler?
Saturday November 11 2006
6:24PM 7 understanding xm top
5:55PM 0 Detecting I/O contention
5:55PM 1 Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708 bnx2 bridging
5:46PM 1 HVM: Could not initialize SDL - exiting
3:36PM 0 Tecra M5 / VT bootup hard lock
12:53AM 0 XENBUS: Timeout ( hotplug/ udev problem? )
Friday November 10 2006
11:21PM 0 redundant domain0
9:20PM 0 static ip for hvm''s
6:16PM 2 live migration storage options
4:34PM 3 Installing Solaris/*BSD guests
4:26PM 3 Cannot install vnet support in Xen 3.0.3.
3:47PM 0 Installing Xen on NetBSD
3:16PM 0 Migration, some problems
2:49PM 0 Re: [Libvir] First virConnectOpen() failed
2:10PM 0 hald daemon segfaults in xen kernel
12:27PM 0 graphics explaining how the hypervisor works.
10:20AM 0 udev039 and no /dev/cdrom in dom0
10:06AM 0 information for shadow paging in xen for vt.
2:45AM 0 IP and hostname for domainU
2:37AM 2 Display/Console for HVM domUs
12:19AM 0 virt-manager 0.2.6 release
Thursday November 9 2006
11:18PM 0 linux.conf.au 2007 Virtualization mini-conf CFP
11:02PM 11 OpenBSD/i386 on Xen 3 with HVM
10:11PM 6 bridge interfaces in dom0
7:41PM 7 xen, iscsi and resilience to short network outages
6:54PM 1 no SDL window during Windows install (XEN-3.0.3-testing)
6:14PM 0 Re: Best practice for firewall in domU
3:58PM 4 IntelVT wiki page
3:50PM 2 APIC support
2:25PM 2 how do i compile hvmloader?
11:24AM 0 patch and compile rhel kernel for xen
10:58AM 8 XEN sound emulation locks device exclusively
10:50AM 1 webU and dom0 freeze
10:13AM 3 kernel 2.6.18
7:49AM 0 fc4 guest over fc6
7:02AM 0 (XEN) domain_crash_sync called from entry.S (ff14ca65)
2:40AM 5 Error in live migration
Wednesday November 8 2006
11:35PM 1 Error: Device 770 (Vbd) could not be connected (Debian Sarge DomU)
7:37PM 0 Information
5:44PM 10 domU''s dropping network config under heavy disk and network I/O
5:31PM 3 Question about Intel VT on PowerEdge
3:43PM 0 3.0.2 domu files not working on 3.0.3
3:30PM 0 correction prev. post on xen on Dell poweredge with redhat ES4
3:11PM 0 trying to install xen on dell poweredge 2900 with RedHat ES 4 (64bit)
2:50PM 15 tap:qcow causes dom-U to hang in 3.0.3
1:13PM 4 [PATCH] Crash VMX when guest NMI.
10:36AM 0 problems with networking
10:30AM 0 W2K3 64 bit install hangs
10:17AM 1 xen (3.0.3_0) + iptables in dom0
9:56AM 1 Re : A problem with Intel VT / XEN3
8:05AM 4 bridge with IP address, "received packet with own address as source address"
7:03AM 0 Q: firewalling in Dom0 (bonding also)
2:06AM 1 Xen ssh session stalling
Tuesday November 7 2006
11:29PM 4 DNAT Accross Bridge
6:45PM 6 RE: Performance data of Linux native vs. Xen Dom0 and Xen DomU. Re: Direct I/O to domU seeing a 30% performance hit
6:03PM 2 No Install window for XP
5:32PM 0 VTDC 06 -- call for participation
4:24PM 4 Shared Memory Size in DomU
3:57PM 2 Xendomains
2:36PM 2 Xen and QNX
2:29PM 0 xenguest-install with kickstart fedora
2:06PM 7 A problem with Intel VT / XEN3
1:37PM 5 memory issues with FC5.2200 kernels
11:59AM 10 Problem initializing dual-core Opteron
9:47AM 5 Debian Etch dom0
8:28AM 0 Dom0 panic
8:24AM 0 Newbie Set up a Red Hat 3 Guest OS on FC6
Monday November 6 2006
11:08PM 0 Xen disabled with Debian & Xen-Kernel 2.6.18
8:25PM 2 Hotplug Scripts not working
7:29PM 0 Problem setting up LVS (Linux Virtual Server) in Xen Virtual Machine
5:54PM 2 root filesystem missing loading Debian Sarge DomU
5:29PM 0 gdbserver-xen crashes with --attach option
5:26PM 0 Windows NT4 virtualization
5:18PM 2 No cdrom in windows 2003 HVM guest
4:49PM 1 Question on linux dom0/domU incompatibilities
3:32PM 4 No internet in the second DomU
1:39PM 0 proftpd process often stack and cannot be killed.
1:02PM 4 32bit or 64bit?
11:05AM 3 RHEL4 as 64-bit HVM guest -- not starting in 64 bit mode
2:10AM 1 regarding block tap
1:18AM 0 USB WebCam in DomU
1:10AM 1 HVM VNC display greater than 1280x1024
Sunday November 5 2006
11:06PM 1 Export a directory as a device
7:24PM 0 Driver Domain for a NIC
6:22PM 0 errors with make tools and make docs
2:13PM 6 No hvm support? AMD Athlon 64, AM2
1:57PM 0 WinXP lockup in Xen in FC6
12:53PM 2 success story hvm+debian and winxp
5:11AM 3 converting ntfs > xen image ? viable?
3:51AM 12 WinXP domU lockup
12:38AM 2 pciback: Error: too many values to unpack
Saturday November 4 2006
10:02PM 2 NTP and DomU problems ...
11:38AM 0 Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
9:14AM 7 Xen Kernel panic
3:09AM 0 Setting up networkin in Opensuse 10.1
12:17AM 6 Problem with installing/running domU OS on HVM machine
Friday November 3 2006
10:14PM 2 hvm mode and windows xp (xen 3.0.3-rc3)
8:40PM 4 XEN HVM server without X
8:16PM 3 Monitoring software - run in Dom0 or a DomU
6:07PM 8 xen and latency - sending faxes via capi (fritzcard USB in domU)
5:36PM 0 Intel Quadcore?
4:20PM 1 Which AMD CPU for HVM?
3:05PM 4 priority of dom0?
2:36PM 3 dom0 can not ping dom3
11:25AM 0 Off topic: junk "mail filter"
9:19AM 0 Blank Screen after GRUB with new GFX Card
8:25AM 1 FC5 kickstart Error 11 error creating domain (Resource temporarily unavailable)
Thursday November 2 2006
10:30PM 10 windows 2003
7:31PM 2 SVM: Windows install Black Screen
6:33PM 1 convert hvm installation to sxp
5:32PM 0 duplicate multicast mac address and multiple bridge ...
3:19PM 2 Any recomendations for Motherboards?
2:46PM 2 How many VMs/domains can Xen run?
2:43PM 0 Cannot install guest domU operating system
12:41PM 1 Problem in starting the XenVM in Xen Enterprise
11:56AM 0 dual-head xen question
10:13AM 0 Sound Last Trial
7:58AM 0 pciback.permissive with xen 3.0.3
2:51AM 0 xm info/xm list mismatch (and negative memory)
12:09AM 0 Install WinXP on FC6 - no graphic window display
Wednesday November 1 2006
10:31PM 1 Intel 2 core duo question
9:37PM 0 DHCP in dom0
7:19PM 19 pciback for usb-controller and usb-storage on x86_64 ends in Oops
6:31PM 0 TCP checksum error and the 3 NIC limit
4:13PM 1 Re: masquerading and apt-get problem
2:58PM 1 iteration option for xentop?
1:18PM 0 [Fwd: FC5 updated Xen RPMs in updates-testing]
3:41AM 8 Warning regarding AMD Athalon 64 4200+(HVM/AMD-V)
12:18AM 4 4gb seg fixup errors fc6