Xen users - Apr 2006

Sunday April 30 2006
8:31PM 2 Xen domU as a poptop/pptp server
8:02PM 1 xen-3.0-testing: checksum errors (was: still checksum errors with xen-3.0-testing.hg)
7:25PM 0 xm create: INIT: cannot execute "/etc/init.d/boot"
3:40PM 2 Running Fedora Core 5 on top of SUSE 10.1
2:20PM 2 Floppy support VMX domain
9:16AM 1 xen source or package with FC2
1:17AM 2 SUSE10.1 has a nice Xen Package again
12:25AM 0 9888 - ide_disk: no version for "struct_module" found: kernel tainted.
Saturday April 29 2006
5:57PM 2 Still having trouble with pciback.hide
4:49PM 5 kernel panic trying to boot dom0
4:43PM 3 [OT] Reply-to on this list
4:00PM 0 VT vmx-domain usb support and vnc connection through qemu-dm.
3:12PM 0 IVTV
1:43PM 0 Allocate priority on cpu
10:33AM 0 Network Bridge Configuration Thank YOU
9:23AM 0 SATA Controller Loosing Interrupt During High Speed Access To RAID Array
1:08AM 0 John S Little is out of the office.
Friday April 28 2006
10:23PM 0 problems will using vmx config
9:53PM 1 Hardware Recommendations
9:06PM 0 Re: SOLVED: Device 0 (vif) could nto be connected: backend device not found
6:58PM 6 sharing kernels
6:52PM 5 VMX Extensions
6:19PM 1 activate pci card in domU???
6:03PM 2 NFS Mount
5:40PM 2 NFS dont''s start at boottime
1:48PM 4 b44 module fails to work with xen patched kernel
12:54PM 4 Solved: Re: Communication problem with virtual DMZ
11:37AM 0 Can''t connect to domain
10:51AM 0 Asterisk performance
10:43AM 3 number of virtual machine server limitations
9:29AM 0 [Fwd: Re: System-RAM: 3325MB question]
9:20AM 2 /sbin/ip -4 neigh flush dev eth0
8:47AM 10 System-RAM: 3325MB question
6:16AM 8 NFS problems in guest
3:13AM 2 Device 0 (vif) could nto be connected: backend device not found
12:20AM 0 amd64 dom0 kernel panic
Thursday April 27 2006
10:55PM 1 Domain-0 MEM = no limit?
5:54PM 0 Communication problem with virtual DMZ
5:10PM 0 Building domain from scratch
3:38PM 5 Xen 3.0.2 on AMD64 - and initrd fun :)
3:34PM 3 Still having trouble creating a VM using xm create
3:26PM 0 domain_crash_sync called from entry.S (ff14f109) (XEN) Domain 0 (vcpu#0) crashed on cpu#0:
2:01PM 5 Basic question: Does Windows on Xen work now VT is here?
1:14PM 1 Problems with Mercurial
12:29PM 0 migration, domU crash on destination dom0
10:29AM 0 FYI: uptime >1a with xen2
9:36AM 0 Iptables
9:32AM 0 Can XenEnterprise support Windows without VT technology?
8:47AM 1 BVT scheduling with command line
2:55AM 1 installing on ia64 machine
Wednesday April 26 2006
11:14PM 0 Xen network problem - dom0 cannot ping domU
9:54PM 0 xen 3.0.2-2 crashing
7:19PM 8 Xen 3.0 on FC4 - guest domains cant ping host domain
6:58PM 7 Measuring overall CPU utlization
6:40PM 3 Xen Crash at Boot on Dell PE 830 Running FC 5
4:30PM 1 domU migration problem
12:26PM 9 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
11:17AM 5 about migration betweendifferents architecture
10:35AM 0 Can''t mount across doms
9:46AM 1 Problem with eth0 with a Debian DomU on Fedora Core 5
9:27AM 7 mac addresses domUs
7:30AM 0 modem
5:08AM 1 poor performance on nFORCE MB with Xen 3.0.2 linux-2.6.16-xen
4:41AM 4 OT:Samba For Shared Storage
12:33AM 1 Is there a multi-processor version of Xentop ?
Tuesday April 25 2006
9:09PM 1 dom0 and domU with different kernel versions
8:18PM 8 read only disk option in domUs
7:00PM 0 Starting xend breaks networking in Dom0
5:58PM 5 XenAccess Library: Introspection for Xen
3:52PM 6 IpTables config file for Dom0
3:30PM 1 Networking problem xen 3.0.2-2
2:59PM 2 Upgrade hypervisor to 3.0.2, use kernel from 3.0.1?
12:31PM 5 bonding and bridging
12:05PM 14 Xen Partition Performance
11:51AM 1 open-iscsi in domainu (2.0.7)
10:01AM 0 Gary A Prochilo is out of the office.
4:06AM 0 Dom0 problems on Slackware 10.2
1:20AM 0 Xen on Compaq Server
Monday April 24 2006
11:21PM 1 compiling modules for xen 3.0
8:07PM 3 NAT wont work in FC4
7:18PM 1 RE: Re: Re: Difficulties inserting externalmodules in dom0 & using a serial port
6:03PM 0 + xm create still fails +
4:24PM 0 network configuration with 2 physical eth cards
4:02PM 5 no network interfaces in domU
3:48PM 5 EVMS
1:36PM 2 Token Ring Support
11:37AM 5 ''xm list'' states
10:06AM 2 XEN 3.0.1: domUs become zombies after shutdown with "unregister_netdevice: waiting for vifX.0 to become free. Usage count = n"
4:43AM 4 Difficulties inserting external modules in dom0 & using a serial port
Sunday April 23 2006
9:59PM 1 Xen Performance with Charm++
6:22PM 0 problems with grub and fedora core 4 booting xen
4:31PM 4 physdev_dom0_hide in xen 3.0.2
3:19PM 0 xen hangs during startup
12:09PM 1 usage of cpu_weight
8:53AM 2 Xen 3 + kernel 2.4.30 = failure, why oh why
Saturday April 22 2006
9:12PM 5 Device eth0 does not seem to be present
8:37PM 0 Manual for network-route and vif-route
2:22PM 0 Using third party kernel modules with XEN 3.0.2
11:06AM 1 replicating devices in guest domains
11:04AM 1 kernelparameters of xen.gz
7:08AM 0 Xen - Live Migration Architecture
1:34AM 2 xend start error: operation not permitted
1:22AM 4 can''t get NAT to a VM on domU working
Friday April 21 2006
9:23PM 0 memory, maxmem and xm mem-set
6:42PM 1 linux 2.4 kernel on xen 3.0?
6:11PM 1 Figuring out grub.conf for Xen
4:48PM 1 Running VMware image in a XEN domU.
3:51PM 0 measuring bandwidth usage of domUs
3:13PM 2 xen and openafs
1:39PM 6 LVM snapshot and xen stability
1:21PM 1 VT virtualization
9:55AM 0 Fwd: lost eth0
8:29AM 2 Xen memory allocation
Thursday April 20 2006
11:44PM 0 Mikrotik over Xen
11:43PM 0 hdlc0 interface support needed!
11:03PM 0 X in domU, using pciback and 2 graphics cards: X.org tty problem
11:00PM 0 network configuration
10:01PM 2 Xen on Mac with Intel Core Duo
8:15PM 1 Xen 3.0.2 and DHCP from domU
5:20PM 0 (XEN) (file=traps.c, line=1009) Domain attempted WRMSR
4:50PM 0 Xen-OSCAR
4:31PM 2 Error: (28, ''No space left on device, while writing /vm/ba5fda47-f44a-2f44-b164-d2b1290d0d60/image/ostype : linux'')
4:05PM 0 Re: Networking in an HVM domU - SOLVED
3:37PM 0 Increasing memory of a DomU with \''xm mem-set\''
2:21PM 1 dom0 packet loss
1:58PM 0 Sgi 1600SW flatpanel and Xen
1:07PM 0 lost eth0
11:39AM 5 Memory bound applications
10:59AM 5 Xen on AMD64 with Desktop on domU
10:12AM 2 /lib/tls was recreated
10:09AM 0 Need help / Xen 3 / network bridge / wanna old style like in xen 2
9:25AM 0 backing up xen virtual domains
6:31AM 2 Re: Virtual network disconnect?
6:26AM 2 individual scripts for each domU
2:11AM 5 putting virtual domains into NFS mounts into turn mounted on DRBD devices.
Wednesday April 19 2006
11:28PM 6 VMWARE Player alternative
10:57PM 2 help with xen networking on debian
10:03PM 3 error starting second domU
9:50PM 3 XEN newby getting " Error: Device 770 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found."
4:34PM 4 Vanderpool Hardware Question
3:13PM 3 no network-interface in domU
2:38PM 0 no network traffic shown in xentop
2:12PM 3 Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
11:31AM 1 kernel 2.6.16.* with xen 3.0.2?
11:17AM 1 bridge filtering and Xen
9:27AM 0 Xen and non-xen isos
7:51AM 3 migrating domU from one dom0 to another dom0 error
7:28AM 1 errors when using xm migrate --live ?
6:06AM 2 Strange Network-Config Problem URGENT- SORRY to Put it again
4:39AM 2 General question on running guests from installed OS
4:25AM 1 Memory detection on a Supermicro P8SCi 4GB server
Tuesday April 18 2006
10:08PM 1 CPU lockup detected in dom0
7:41PM 12 Xen and GFS
7:29PM 2 Archive search is not working.
6:30PM 0 Networking in an HVM domU
6:30PM 2 SEDF and latency parameter
6:15PM 0 RHEL torrents 64?
5:30PM 10 Does direct HW-Access work in 3.0.2
3:40PM 2 virtual services and network setup
1:46PM 5 Xen dom0 kernel, capi driver: unknown symbol
1:45PM 3 Regarding xen installation
12:53PM 4 p2v migration + Xen
12:20PM 1 Remote access to domU
11:28AM 0 Xen 3 with VIA C3 processor
10:53AM 1 Pacifica spec?
9:39AM 6 xen3.0.2 on sarge: domU non created
9:37AM 2 PAE performance cost on an Dual Opteron 265 with 8GB of RAM
5:58AM 3 Quick question on uninstallation
3:19AM 1 Xen 3.0.2 on x86_64 (AMD)?
Monday April 17 2006
11:47PM 0 Is an initrd necessary/applicable?
10:16PM 0 Xen 3.0.2-2 crashes on a Via Epia MII 1200
10:13PM 0 troubles with networking on a Xen machine
9:47PM 1 help Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connect.
8:59PM 5 Hardware compatibility - Dell Inspiron 6400 or thinkpad t60?
8:31PM 1 Strange Network Problem
7:44PM 1 xm reboot
6:00PM 4 CentOS 4.3 and nosegneg libc?
4:13PM 1 DomU Shutdown Timeout, Zombies Hanging a Reboot
4:03PM 0 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8, 1)
11:24AM 1 ksoftirqd
10:58AM 0 Error: ''features'' is an invalid keyword argument for this function
2:29AM 0 Xen 3.0.2 and ivtv, no more IOMMU space
2:17AM 0 CPU balancing
Sunday April 16 2006
11:43AM 0 TCP/UDP broken checksums redux (with UDP workaround)
10:06AM 6 Running other distros as domu under FC5/Xen 3.x
7:35AM 1 Console resolution?
Saturday April 15 2006
8:10PM 1 xentrace failure...
2:13PM 9 /lib/tls.disabled does not work
8:13AM 1 Xen 3.0.2 on debian sarge issue
6:29AM 3 Dom0 searching for NFS root
Friday April 14 2006
7:25PM 1 Successful Adaptation of "Xen and the Art of Consolidation"
6:30PM 3 xen 3.0.2 only one kernel?
6:16PM 0 Giving guest domains specific devices.
5:52PM 0 problem compiling 2.6.16-xen0-devel from source on FC5...
2:49PM 12 Error: (2, ''No such file or directory'')
12:42PM 6 Fedora Core 5 boot problems
12:39PM 0 Xen 3 / network bridge / wanna old style like in xen 2
11:51AM 3 SE7210-E with xen: can i count on it?
8:59AM 1 Xen 3.0 Test CD question
Thursday April 13 2006
9:53PM 0 File backed and LVM partitions
9:07PM 6 Xen 3.0.2 released!
6:25PM 1 Basic Xen administration tool
5:56PM 0 tons of: MCE: The hardware reports a non fatal, correctable incident occurred on CPU 0. in xm dmesg
5:07PM 2 fedora core 5 and XEN networking issue
3:24PM 0 xentop showing only 3 domains running but machine has 4 HT cores
2:45PM 1 No sound with xen 3.0.2 and 2.6.16
2:31PM 1 Network security
1:01PM 0 xen-users posting problem
12:18PM 0 XEN sources 2.6.16 and powernow-K7
9:04AM 1 time drift between domU and dom0
8:37AM 0 Bandwidth Throttling
8:19AM 1 Xen 3 / network-bridge / Public IP to Domain0 & DomainU
3:22AM 0 Gcc error with make world
1:05AM 0 Extremely poor dom0 performance on SUSE 10.0
Wednesday April 12 2006
11:06PM 4 prequisites to hvm domains on vt cpus
9:37PM 1 Xen support on Itanium
6:06PM 0 RE: Re: Configuring a xen0 kernel - is the Wiki out-of-date?
5:32PM 4 how to specify multiple ips
5:19PM 5 various questions
4:52PM 4 mount: unknown filesystem type ''devfs''
1:55PM 1 Configuring a xen0 kernel - is the Wiki out-of-date ?
1:12PM 0 Python 2.4 XML Deprecation Warning
10:20AM 2 Network Configuration Needed - NAT plus 2 NICs
6:02AM 1 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
4:13AM 0 Noob Question: 1 NIC Multiple IPS
1:36AM 0 Some xen server best practice setup questions
Tuesday April 11 2006
4:06PM 1 xen 3.0.2 and zaptel ztdummy for asterisk
3:22PM 0 xen 3.0.2 DomU and ztdummy
2:58PM 27 Performance issues
2:27PM 2 Xen won''t boot: dom0 image is not a Xen-compatible Elf image
1:22PM 5 Migrating VBDs
9:11AM 4 Verry Slow domU performance
8:29AM 0 New to list & network-questions
7:50AM 0 ping times and packet losses
Monday April 10 2006
11:14PM 0 Problems with pygrub: ValueError: unable to open file & FC5 - solution
5:10PM 0 RE: [Ebtables-user] complex bridge and nat problem
4:57PM 1 make world fails with ASM errors
4:09PM 3 Just getting started
2:52PM 0 Integrated IDE to an domU
2:32PM 0 DomU firewalling
12:10PM 0 complex bridge and nat problem
10:33AM 2 domU''s disk organization
9:46AM 2 strange routing problem
9:24AM 0 Installing HVM - Guest
9:21AM 0 Xen 3.0.2: Allready released or not?
6:15AM 0 Xen 3.0.2-testing for Dapper Drake - updated.
5:19AM 7 Check if VT is enabled
4:10AM 2 Sanity Check: successfully build Xen with gcc 3.4.5?
3:52AM 1 ARP requests from domU not answered on network
Sunday April 9 2006
8:39PM 2 AW: cowloop and XEN - doesn`t work for me
5:04PM 0 Slab memory usage on dom0 increases by 128MB/day
1:36PM 2 Xen on IBM eSeries
12:49PM 2 3.0.2 Linux kernel versions
11:49AM 11 Xen reboots
10:06AM 2 Xen 3.0.2-testing for Dapper Drake
4:24AM 2 Dell PowerEdge 2850 - irq X: nobody cared!
1:24AM 1 Does VT have any benefits for paravirtualization?
Saturday April 8 2006
9:48PM 1 Network performance
9:25PM 17 cluster filesystems
8:23PM 2 DomU PCI
6:37PM 1 Hooray to 3.0.2
6:34PM 0 Nvidia Driver 8756 x86_64
2:12PM 6 cannot build xen 3.0.2 with custom config
1:57PM 1 in-place upgrades?
12:51PM 0 looking for kernel 2.4-xenu
12:49PM 4 How to build xen on x86_64?
12:13PM 5 xen3 on file backed partitions
11:43AM 0 no eth0 using xen2.0.7
5:21AM 12 Building asterisk@home domU manually?
1:12AM 5 Xen for intel mac?
Friday April 7 2006
10:44PM 2 XEN and Frequency scaling PowerNow or Speedstep
10:20PM 0 shutdown -r in virtual domain doesn''t reboot
9:56PM 0 Buy installation?
9:24PM 4 Where to get 3.0.2 sources?
8:29PM 0 cowloop and XEN - doesn`t work for me
8:10PM 0 Question about Xen
8:02PM 2 compiled xen kernel, second processor and HT gone
7:32PM 4 3.0.2 and make
3:29PM 2 NetBSD kernel as dom0 wont boot
2:04PM 16 Firewalls
1:55PM 2 vdb and vif connection errors
1:36PM 4 HowTo use VNC on Debian Dom0 and DomU
7:10AM 5 Time Synchronization
3:19AM 1 RE: Xen is not working under SLES9 (Used RPMs fromxensource.com)
2:54AM 0 Xen is not working under SLES9 (Used RPMs from xensource.com)
1:42AM 1 Ubuntu domU under debian dom0
1:31AM 0 xen 3.0.2 Traceback: Reading config file /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp
Thursday April 6 2006
7:55PM 0 Re: xend problems, xc.so: undefined symbol: xc_vmx_build
6:33PM 1 modprobe: QM_MODULES: Function not implemented
5:39PM 1 NetBSD on Xen-3 with AMD64 ?
5:36PM 4 32 bit guests on 64 bit xen0 ?
4:46PM 2 Noobie questions about Xen
3:33PM 1 modules.dep not found
3:31PM 0 fcpci not working with linux hg 2.6.16-20060402
3:09PM 0 VESA framebuffer possible?
3:05PM 0 fcdslusb2 not working with linux hg 2.6.16-20060402
2:35PM 7 dns in domU
10:42AM 1 "ramdisk =" ignored in domU config file - why?
10:20AM 1 Major BUG in xm restore command
8:40AM 3 different vlans in different domU''s
6:45AM 3 fedora as domU hangs
6:43AM 0 Sharing cpus between domUs
Wednesday April 5 2006
10:46PM 4 Bonding not working with network-bridge
10:39PM 0 Installing on CentOS 4
8:17PM 0 Hack Attack: Moving domU''s between hosts without shared disk
7:53PM 2 pcibackend
6:49PM 2 Domain state blocked?
4:38PM 4 cpu management
3:43PM 0 Running Unmodified OSes Under Xen
1:53PM 3 General question
1:28PM 2 Can''t use 2.6.16-xen as dom0 kernel
1:17PM 3 xm save gets connection refused
9:28AM 1 CDU load problems with testing
7:55AM 0 Booting and installing a domU from cdrom
7:09AM 4 console access to non root xen 3.0
1:08AM 4 error msg
Tuesday April 4 2006
10:47PM 3 Random MAC addresses in Xen
7:30PM 1 vhd file format (MS Virtual PC) usage
5:08PM 2 xend connection refused
2:03PM 1 I still don''t have any swap in my domU
10:49AM 0 eth0 error returned
10:04AM 2 limits
8:42AM 0 config for windows on VT system
7:26AM 9 Very slow domU network performance
Monday April 3 2006
7:20PM 0 new box, won''t boot domU
5:40PM 0 Re: routing in xen 3.0: icmp gets routed, but tcp/ip
4:38PM 2 probs running stuff from initrd
3:37PM 1 Red Hat Enterprise 4 and XEN (with Fedora 5 as Host)?
3:18PM 2 compiling kernel 2.6.16 in xen3 unstable
12:41PM 1 Vif network interfaces dropped tx packets, rsyncd problems
12:27PM 0 NAT with specific ip-address
12:18PM 1 (no subject)
12:01PM 0 request_module: runaway loop modprobe net-pf-16-proto-9
9:21AM 2 Ubuntu domU hanging at boot "Setting the system clock..."
8:51AM 9 Problem with power down
8:15AM 5 Bandwidth Monitoring
7:13AM 0 HVM questions: Max disk size?, Version?, APIC ..etc?
4:24AM 1 xend hanging on laptop
Sunday April 2 2006
8:59PM 0 xen kernel config description
8:28PM 13 DomU boot EXT2-fs warning question
2:11PM 2 xen2 system crashing: Badness in br_fdb_cleanup at net/bridge/br_fdb.c:140
7:48AM 4 routing in xen 3.0 domU: icmp gets routed, but tcp/ip only partially
5:08AM 0 Xen 3.0/FreeBSD Image Resize and 6.1 Status
Saturday April 1 2006
10:25PM 1 3w-xxxx scsi problem, Xen will not boot
9:50PM 3 DVD-R/RW in DomU
8:08PM 2 Still the same!!! (trying to boot a SATA device)
5:46PM 4 "asm_offsets.h": No such file or directory (trying to boot a SATA device)
1:18PM 1 routing in xen 3.0: icmp gets routed, but tcp/ip only partially
11:49AM 1 vif-route/networking-route question
11:27AM 1 vif = [ ''ip='' ] error on "xm reboot"
1:08AM 1 How to specify a VMID to resume in