Xen users - Jan 2006

Tuesday January 31 2006
8:22PM 1 Transfer Xen DemoCD 3.0 to hard drive.
8:02PM 2 Xen 3.0.1+Linux 2.6.15 goes kaboom. Help?
7:32PM 1 Using different distro in domain
6:30PM 1 Xen 3.0 domU not getting configured
6:21PM 0 Which linux distribution was it
7:20AM 0 what happened to natsemi driver?
5:10AM 3 Re: Fedora Core 4 - development "Domain 0 allocation is too small for kernel image"
12:24AM 0 I have 28GB but "Only the first 16 GB of the physical memory map can be accessed..."
Monday January 30 2006
11:47PM 6 xen soft raid1
10:22PM 3 Strange Xen arithmetic ("Error creating domain: I need 65 MiB, but dom0_min_mem is 196...")
5:31PM 3 How to get actual DOMU scheduling parameters ?
4:19PM 2 ERROR: Kernel image does not have a a.out9 header
3:13PM 2 strange network behaviour
3:02PM 2 Network problems
2:55PM 12 Error: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
1:57PM 6 AMD-8131
1:34PM 2 Xen + Coda?
11:58AM 2 (domU) Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
Sunday January 29 2006
11:06PM 1 Kernel 2.6.15
9:03PM 2 VT or paravirtualization?
8:05PM 0 Networking: Simple steps
1:59PM 1 Re: VT or paravirtualization?
1:03PM 4 Ubuntu: "no more processes left in this runlevel"
12:46PM 4 Xen 3.0 with NetBSD ?
12:21PM 0 dom0 No. of cpu limit
12:12PM 12 Unmodified Windows etc on XEN 3.0 with Intel/VT or AMD/Pacifica
10:03AM 0 Howto patch a kernel with XEN3
9:31AM 3 A port of Windows XP was developed for an earlier version of Xen
4:14AM 8 Infinite loop shutting down xendomains
Saturday January 28 2006
9:33PM 4 bad udp cksum by dns request in domU
6:39PM 1 using tc
5:34PM 1 Xen and qemu: WOW!
5:07PM 0 struct_module: What is this ?
4:24PM 72 Xen and iSCSI
4:17PM 0 Problem with installation of XEN 3.0 with OpenSuSE 10
4:15PM 7 Setting up FSTAB
12:59PM 0 SLES 9 networking scripts
10:44AM 0 xen raid1 + tarball install
5:34AM 5 The nics option is deprecated. Please use an empty vif entry
2:13AM 1 Xen crashes with multiple OpenVPN domUs
Friday January 27 2006
6:19PM 2 3ware 9550SX - Xen-3.0.0
4:30PM 3 how to get rhel3-ish distro run as domu with xen3
2:30PM 5 Minimal kernel for domU
2:25PM 0 DRBD & XEN-3
2:00PM 6 Getting started with Xen
10:25AM 3 XEN3.0.0-src -> /etc/udev/* missing
9:32AM 1 Automate actions
5:48AM 1 Killall very slow
Thursday January 26 2006
11:37PM 0 undefined reference to `xen_pmd_pin''
5:34PM 0 Many vifX.Y and vethX
4:36PM 0 Live migration bandwidth limits
4:28PM 6 How to setup Xen for 3 bridges environment?
4:07PM 0 running multiple DomU''s?
3:32PM 1 Fedora 4 Compile environment
2:34PM 1 Changing the size of an exported block device
1:35PM 0 Interesting (strange?) domU kernel behavior
12:16PM 1 CPU resource settings: allocation / repartition / scheduler
10:06AM 0 Xen Testing (Jan 21st SRC tarball) with RHCS
9:46AM 0 After migration from 2.0 to 3.0: Unable to reboot VMs
9:02AM 1 Guest is not able to mount root device
5:47AM 1 Virtualization of Fibre Channel?
3:57AM 0 Xen and Samba -- browsing problems
Wednesday January 25 2006
10:33PM 1 xen_defconfig_x86_32 vs. xen0_defconfig_x86_32
10:28PM 0 physdev_dom0_hide in Xen 3
10:12PM 2 domU btdownload problems
10:10PM 2 InterDomain Communications
6:07PM 0 remove me please!
4:56PM 3 One domU locks up entire system? Scheduling?
3:59PM 4 xen kernel problem
3:01PM 0 [Xen kernel panic error] on kernel
2:36PM 8 poor IDE buffered disk reads on dom0
12:27PM 7 Xen reboots on booting
11:25AM 8 NetBSD-domU on debian-dom0?
8:53AM 0 SuSE 10 / No access to domU network services
8:24AM 4 mixed environments openBSD - SuSE - debian
8:22AM 0 network in guest suddenly dead
2:32AM 0 Wireless support in XEN
Tuesday January 24 2006
10:48PM 6 OpenSolaris 10 on x86_32 Xen-VTx
9:13PM 4 Xen in a routed network environment?
3:04PM 9 HFC ISDN Card in Xen for asterisk
2:38PM 3 problem starting domains
11:10AM 5 domU machines hang when Hyperthreading enabled in BIOS
10:50AM 0 RE: On Wndows, Video and Sound
10:33AM 19 How was CoW implemented on the Demo LiveCD (3.0) ??
10:03AM 2 CPU Question
9:17AM 3 SuSe 10 and Xen 3
9:12AM 3 Memmory "leak" using 32bit userspace with 64bit Xen kernel
5:47AM 1 VLAN''s in Xen3
Monday January 23 2006
11:13PM 0 installation issue
10:01PM 4 what protocol is used for migration
8:00PM 1 Backend device not found!!.-- follow-up
7:29PM 1 Backend device not found!!.
6:56PM 7 64bit processors and TLS warning message
6:53PM 1 netback.c Bug
6:28PM 1 Re[2]: setting up private networking between dom0 and domU?
6:04PM 2 RE: On Wndows, Video and Sound
5:16PM 4 vif interfaces still drop packets
2:47PM 0 Xen 3.0 crashes during boot on dual P3 - With option "nosmp" it works
11:03AM 1 bootlog
10:13AM 1 VT Processors and the BIOS
9:51AM 0 xend fail to start
8:49AM 0 Theoretical limit of domU instances?
8:34AM 0 move domU (LVM/LV) to other system
6:52AM 1 SUSE 10.0 - DomU hang on start / Incrementing ethX numbers...
6:35AM 0 HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix(Experimental version) Release
5:39AM 9 Xen on USB Key
1:37AM 3 setting up private networking between dom0 and domU?
Sunday January 22 2006
4:30PM 0 bridging troubles with Xen3
11:57AM 1 pcix bus not detected under xen
1:41AM 0 simulated network statistics
Saturday January 21 2006
10:51PM 0 veth0''s purpose on dom0
10:22PM 2 Where can I load linux-2.6-xen.tgz
5:53PM 3 confusion over memory, maxmem, balloon, etc
3:04PM 0 Xen 3 and VLAN
5:32AM 2 Where is sources of Xen 3
3:43AM 4 Xen Starting DomainU:Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
3:01AM 2 Xen kernel compilation fails - no such file or directory features.h (but its there)
12:42AM 0 How to install Xen 3.0 on Slackware 10.2
Friday January 20 2006
11:56PM 3 domU Device eth0 does not seem to be present
8:46PM 1 vifX.0 has no ip
3:07PM 3 xend error
2:20PM 3 Requirements for Xen domU kernels
9:53AM 1 SuSE 10 and problem to compile kernel
8:56AM 6 How do unmodified guests work with Xen?
8:00AM 2 client restart problem - block device already in use
3:32AM 1 fail connect console to Domain-1
2:30AM 1 Open source waits for a Xen moment in 2006
2:06AM 0 Kernel Panic (2.6.15)
Thursday January 19 2006
7:32PM 3 kernel compile
5:00PM 3 2.6.15 kernel
3:34PM 1 iptables options in the kernel configuration
2:17PM 1 Subject: Re: boot existing OS
1:58PM 2 Using 32bit Debian /w 64bit DomU kernel on Xen3.0.0
12:30PM 2 Multiple network cards
10:10AM 2 a performance question
8:36AM 1 Error when loading some modules
Wednesday January 18 2006
8:17PM 1 Network Traffic problems.
5:23PM 0 inconsistent domU startups
4:56PM 1 Xen 3.0.x and physdev_dom0_hide
3:45PM 0 Xen 3.0 without udev
2:03PM 0 Re:Re: Debian packages for xen3 + kernel images.
11:15AM 8 boot existing OS
10:59AM 2 network: bridging problem accessing domU from dom0
10:54AM 1 auto starting domU without any file in /etc/xen/auto
9:40AM 0 AW: NO IP!!!! URGEND
6:28AM 0 using 2.4 ke4rnel with Xen 3.0
5:50AM 5 Better way to install?
12:21AM 1 Corrupted MAC on input errors on large SCP to a DomU
Tuesday January 17 2006
10:37PM 4 image files or partions
9:59PM 3 Xen 3.0 networking trouble with eth1
8:20PM 1 2.6.15 - asm-offsets.c needed
7:07PM 1 XEN Networking Woes
2:57PM 0 booting up iso image
2:24PM 8 no ssh login
1:51PM 1 NO IP!!!! URGEND
1:39PM 5 cluster - basic understanding
12:42PM 1 RPM package for rhel4.1 without hypervisor!
11:24AM 0 Re: XEN Networking Woes
10:40AM 8 2.0.7 -> 3.0.0 upgrade
9:46AM 10 Unstable Xen host
9:15AM 5 When I start the application on VM, the Host one is getting activated
6:22AM 0 ramdisk
12:37AM 3 Need help with networking in DomU''s
12:18AM 0 "Initializing CPU#3" then crash at boot
Monday January 16 2006
8:11PM 1 xen 3.0.0 on CentaurHauls VIA Samuel 2
7:29PM 1 XEN and DSL (pppd)
6:10PM 1 Problem with serial output
6:05PM 1 undefined domains appearing!
4:47PM 0 Re: How to run Windows on Xen 3.0 with VT
3:34PM 0 Xen and routed network
3:04PM 1 bridges and dummy
1:46PM 25 Debian packages for xen3 + kernel images for dom0/U
1:17PM 0 bad http proxy (not general network) performance on xen domU
12:23PM 1 Problems with XEN-modified Kernel an SDLT 320 / System freeze
12:17PM 0 Re: Xen SuSE 10
6:05AM 3 networking problem with Xen and Broadcom tg3 rev 10
3:11AM 0 Terrible network performance
Sunday January 15 2006
7:55PM 1 Cannot use USB storage device as DomU drive
Saturday January 14 2006
7:46PM 2 request for explanation of acpi=off
12:15PM 0 Large Dom0 memory
11:21AM 0 networking issue for beginners
9:38AM 4 lvm size
7:40AM 0 HAL daemon
7:04AM 2 slow read IO in domU
4:08AM 1 Slow IO performance
Friday January 13 2006
10:28PM 4 Re: Slow IO Performance
9:22PM 2 xentop
9:21PM 2 dom0_mem larger than 838424
7:35PM 4 from scratch documentation
1:26PM 0 kernel boot message dom0
4:55AM 6 High Memory Support on systems >1GB
Thursday January 12 2006
9:20PM 0 RE: Hardware requirements for running unmodified gues ts
8:53PM 4 Xen on Intel based Mac OS X host?
8:49PM 0 Hardware requirements for running unmodified guests
5:19PM 0 Re: Handling of graphic cards in domU
5:19PM 1 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 11, Issue 82
5:10PM 0 Restarting domU: Device <device> is mounted in a guest domain
5:03PM 2 RE: Xen handling of graphics card
5:01PM 1 RE: Xen handling of graphics card
4:44PM 0 xenstore permissions
4:13PM 0 domU rebooting spontaneously
3:54PM 0 2.4 domU kernel support in xen3.
3:30PM 5 restore a backup on other machines
1:58PM 2 32bit VM hosted on a 64bit host OS
10:21AM 7 RE: Xen handling of graphics card
10:10AM 0 Re: Xen handling of graphics card
9:51AM 0 xend.log
9:45AM 1 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 11, Issue 79
8:56AM 1 dm_mod: no version for "struct_module" found: kernel tainted
4:28AM 0 QLogic HBAs in IBM BladeCentre
2:41AM 4 heavy write crashing, was: process limit
1:13AM 2 FW: Memory management questions
Wednesday January 11 2006
10:15PM 3 Problem running xenmon
9:26PM 3 reboot of complete system after start domU
8:12PM 1 Problem with xentop.c when compiling xen-unstable
6:07PM 1 Testing *real* Video card in Xen
4:46PM 1 Xen on Blades
3:33PM 0 Re: Guest Os , network device names
3:30PM 2 benchmarks - apache, tomcat, mysql, postgresql
1:28PM 3 Backup LVM-based domains
12:09PM 0 Memory management questions
10:02AM 0 many guest can not run
8:42AM 2 Xen 2 or 3?
5:28AM 1 Creation of Guest VM problem
12:56AM 11 VT laptop anyone?
Tuesday January 10 2006
10:40PM 5 Suggestions for the xen user''s manual / wiki
9:51PM 2 multiple nics in a xenU
8:15PM 0 cciss driver issue
7:04PM 0 xen guest configuration file
6:35PM 0 kernel compilation
5:48PM 5 Scheduling questions
5:32PM 1 Internet access for virtual network under Xen 3.0
5:10PM 14 SuSE 9.3 on a SMP machine
4:16PM 2 Installing proprietary software on XEN3-based systems...
4:11PM 0 Lots of IFs in /proc/net/dev
3:52PM 0 List question
3:46PM 0 4GB on HP DL380 G4 on FC5 test1
3:03PM 8 Re: How to run Windows on Xen 3.0 with VT
2:57PM 2 Xen won''t boot after connecting to EMC san
2:37PM 1 AW: AW: Fibre Channel Problem MORE INFO!!!!!!
2:12PM 0 AW: AW: Fibre Channel Problem
1:27PM 3 xen Hardware recommendations
12:33PM 2 AW: Fibre Channel Problem
12:15PM 0 Load average 1.0 all the time
10:14AM 3 Fibre Channel Problem
8:46AM 1 xend error :(
7:23AM 0 Loss of network connections in Dom0 and DomU
3:27AM 2 Xen 3.0-7608 hangs on boot with SMP
Monday January 9 2006
7:28PM 6 newer linux kernels than
6:56PM 4 Dell 2850 and vmx?
6:39PM 4 Intel Pentium D VT capable 9xx - Presler 65nm - Now shipping and in hand!
5:11PM 14 multiple disk images, how to?
3:56PM 17 Xen alternatives
3:31PM 2 Networking privacy and DomU
1:58PM 0 Re: Xen alternatives
11:57AM 1 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 11, Issue 53
10:45AM 14 io scheduler
9:24AM 0 Re: Fwd: Linux MD raid5 and reiser4... Any experience ?
8:09AM 5 Xen 2.0 on VMware workstation.
Sunday January 8 2006
11:50PM 2 Need xen info
10:55PM 17 xen 3.0 testing ACPI problems / no PCI functionality
6:19PM 1 Xen 3.0.0 - NFS Problems?
11:26AM 0 Warnings in the boot
10:55AM 0 Strange routing problem
9:32AM 0 host networking issue
1:14AM 2 two different problems
Saturday January 7 2006
8:22PM 4 Kernel with Xen and perormance?
7:33PM 16 xen usage monitoring (munin plugin)
11:13AM 2 booting LVM
2:36AM 1 Xen 2.0.7... Help!
12:29AM 0 runaway loop modprobe
Friday January 6 2006
9:23PM 2 can''t get past grub
8:01PM 0 module trouble
4:50PM 0 kernel-2.4 xen-3
3:59PM 0 If possible, explain me please, how ro patch vanilla-source 2.6.15 for xen support.
3:27PM 0 Re: FW: Xen 3: Functional NAT Possible?
2:45PM 0 xen patch?
1:40PM 0 limit for vif''s
1:32PM 0 linux-2.6-xen.hg and missing devpts
1:01PM 7 process limit
11:18AM 4 Guidelines for Dom0 memory
10:51AM 37 cow implementation
10:24AM 0 Features of Xen/ia64 ?
8:44AM 1 backend device not found
7:27AM 2 Crashed domU console logs/scroll down
2:29AM 2 3.0.0: tg3 & sata_sil crashes
12:01AM 1 Lightest possible, fastest performing Dom0 distro
Thursday January 5 2006
8:58PM 2 changing settings
8:47PM 13 execute command
7:19PM 2 Kernel panic on bootup of Dom0
6:46PM 0 reboot issues
6:29PM 9 DELL PowerEdge 2850
6:06PM 2 Re: FW: Xen 3: Functional NAT Possible?
4:55PM 7 domU network problem
4:39PM 0 network control
2:49PM 1 mkrootfs (debootstrap like for fc4 and others ) / RPM packages for fc4
12:36PM 0 RE: "netdev watchdog" error andnon-working sis900 networkcard - solution
12:05PM 0 AW: Probelm when installing xen-3.0
10:52AM 0 xen 2.0.7 (Kurt Garloff) on Suse 9.3 stopps bridged networking!
10:27AM 18 ctrl-c doesn''t work in domU consoles
10:25AM 9 Personalizing names of "vifX.X"
9:17AM 2 Integrating xen into existing kernel build processes
7:51AM 1 Xenoppix(Xen 3.0 CD size) is released
2:04AM 2 Xen 3: Functional NAT Possible?
12:57AM 1 /dev/pts errors under xen
12:28AM 0 Probelm when installing xen-3.0
Wednesday January 4 2006
10:19PM 2 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
6:35PM 0 linux-2.6-xen.hg and devpts
5:48PM 2 XenMon question
5:46PM 3 RE: "netdev watchdog" error and non-working sis900 networkcard - solution
5:31PM 0 dom0 cpu usage
5:08PM 2 Xen3.0.0 Dom0 >80M Reserved
4:59PM 8 Backing up "live" Xen systems?
4:52PM 2 Possible problem with PAE?
4:29PM 1 RE: "netdev watchdog" error and non-working sis900 networkcard - solution
4:05PM 2 No keyboard booting Xen0
3:36PM 0 is XEN valid to test device drivers?
2:24PM 2 so easy - but.. multiple NIC''s in domU
2:13PM 9 VT-enabled Workstations
2:04PM 1 AW: QLA2xxx URGEND
1:45PM 1 QLA2xxx URGEND
11:04AM 2 XEN for Debian Installer development
7:14AM 2 vbd device failures
7:00AM 2 Xen Scope ?
4:41AM 5 crc checksum problems
12:47AM 0 no network dom0 on sles9 sp2
Tuesday January 3 2006
10:21PM 1 where do .config defaults come from?
7:08PM 2 Best network setup
6:11PM 1 RE: "netdev watchdog" error and non-working sis900 networkcard - solution
5:23PM 5 Backports to 3.0-testing and/or 3.0.1 soon?
4:45PM 9 Xen 3 and SuSE 10
2:31PM 0 using multiple domU kernels
2:09PM 3 xen 2.0.7 on SuSE 9.3 very slow responses in dom0
1:15PM 2 Problems with network setup
1:09PM 0 restarting xend error when creating DomU
9:52AM 0 cardbus in a guest-domain
8:50AM 0 Xen3.0, CentOS4.2, client spikes CPU and restarts
7:51AM 0 xm mem-set - maximum memory in .conf file ?
Monday January 2 2006
8:33PM 2 network problem
5:41PM 18 domU network doesn''t get IP
4:23PM 1 PAE in binary distribution for RHEL4.1
4:00PM 0 Xen kernel patches for Mandriva
10:34AM 0 Error: Error creating domain: unpack list of wrong size
5:25AM 5 User access to "xm console"
Sunday January 1 2006
7:04PM 1 kernel-2.6.13-16,7-xen
3:51PM 1 RE: Using the -xen kernel rather than -xen0/U was Poorhard disk performance on xen-3/dom0
12:56PM 0 menuconfig: XEN->processor type->x86_64 or x86?