Xen users - Feb 2006

Tuesday February 28 2006
8:24PM 2 create another veth in domU
7:05PM 4 domU''s can''t find eth0
5:49PM 0 xen 2.0.7 without any physdev eth on dom0
4:45PM 0 Cheepest way to get Vanderpool in the UK?
10:06AM 10 Xen Http interface
7:24AM 5 multiple ips for veth?
7:21AM 4 Xen 2.0.7 Build failure
3:09AM 0 xen networking 2 nics
Monday February 27 2006
7:28PM 1 differences compiling sources between xenU and xen0
6:46PM 1 restarting the Network interface in Dom0
4:22PM 1 SLES 9 domU for testing
3:00PM 0 Second IP Address
2:02PM 0 xen3 and heartbeat
11:08AM 0 SuSe 10.0 and Xen 3
3:59AM 0 DomU `top` statistics anomolies
3:42AM 4 New Wiki Page: IntelVT
3:23AM 4 Do I have Intel VT?
3:00AM 0 glibc rpms for fedora core?
Sunday February 26 2006
11:16PM 0 problem with use of AOE in xen
8:08PM 0 add virtual NICs- confused
7:34PM 0 Xen 3.0 and a virtual net (brouter with masq)
6:19PM 1 guest kernel portability
6:17PM 0 Unable to build linux-2.6-xen.hg
4:22PM 0 xen und atalk
7:00AM 0 VT Intel hardware - ASUS P5MT-M confirmed working
5:51AM 0 installing guest OS
Saturday February 25 2006
7:12PM 2 Remote X11 w/o NX or VNC?
6:48PM 1 Xen, SMP and Opterons with different stepping
1:39PM 4 xen on amd64 stable? which xen, which kernel?
1:31PM 0 Dom-0 gets overloaded when running applications in DOM-U
7:36AM 0 Re: Xen 3.0 on Ubuntu Dapper
Friday February 24 2006
10:50PM 1 RedHat 32 bit, SMP PAE rpm
9:06PM 5 Installing xen on VIA C3
7:43PM 3 Dom0 lvm/software raid rhel4.1 booting issues.
4:50PM 0 Problems with ssh on Dom0 ( SuSE )
3:11PM 0 Netowrking problem
1:11PM 1 network-bridge - tg3 - no network
12:49PM 0 need help installing from CD-Rom directly
12:37PM 0 Crash: domU NFS server hosting domU filesystems
11:05AM 1 PPC virtualization
10:10AM 1 Waiting for 3.0.2
8:14AM 5 3D acceleration
2:46AM 0 can''t boot Dom0 with linux
1:51AM 2 Booting Xen from network
Thursday February 23 2006
7:57PM 0 when more than 3 nics?
7:32PM 1 Simple memory allocation question
7:29PM 0 Increase performance on Windows VMX domain (BKM)
7:13PM 0 Shutdown/destroy VMX-guest
7:03PM 0 Clock Slip
5:08PM 1 workshop virtualization technologies in Essen/Germany
5:00PM 0 Zombie domain not shutting down
3:22PM 4 debianbase.de: Errors in /var/log/daemon.log about udev and /etc/udev/rules.d/xen-backend.rules with Xen3
3:18PM 0 xmexample.vmx and vmxloader
2:35PM 4 Xen 3.0 Zombies?
2:01PM 3 Xen using Multiple Networks
1:57PM 2 xm list not showing guest machines as "running"
1:46PM 1 Error creating domain: vmx: not an Intel VT platform, we stop creating!
9:45AM 3 AW: Xen 3.0 on Vmware
8:54AM 0 xend laggggg!
7:59AM 2 Xen 3.0 on Vmware
12:19AM 0 suspend support
Wednesday February 22 2006
11:16PM 1 TX Checksum
10:48PM 0 which kernel for which xen?
10:41PM 11 Dom0 CPU?
9:04PM 1 help unmodified OS compatibility
7:09PM 1 Was simple performance stats between Xen 2.0 and 3.0 (was Re: Xen, NFS performance, rsize, wsize and MTU)
5:51PM 1 Network monitoring with cacti (SNMP)
4:48PM 5 Domain0 and firewalls
4:37PM 1 physdev in domU
3:55PM 4 PCI passthrough working on Xen 3!
11:23AM 2 Ctrl+C does not work in virtual console
9:53AM 0 Missing /dev/cpu/*/msr in Xen 3.0
5:50AM 0 winxp installer paused on VT/Xen3.0
5:15AM 8 eth0 not showing up in guest domains
4:52AM 0 kernel panix - xen
12:20AM 0 Whats the status of Xen SV interface (web interface to xend) ?
Tuesday February 21 2006
11:24PM 0 domU time slipping behind dom0
10:12PM 0 peth0 must be added and removed from xenbr0 after xend starts.
10:03PM 6 Is my xen-friendly glibc really faster?
9:19PM 8 Xend silently logs "Connection Refused" or "No such file or directory"
5:17PM 18 Root fs on LVM on software RAID1?
1:36AM 1 SuSE 10/Xen with lots of veth/vifs
Monday February 20 2006
11:19PM 1 help VMX guest and networking xen 3.0.1
11:10PM 0 Help Networking Xen 3.0.1
11:05PM 0 help networking 3.0.1
11:01PM 5 Xen hosting providers
8:58PM 0 Fwd: Xen Newbie queries...REPOST: Please help
8:55PM 2 xen power management
8:48PM 3 VT-X - Documentation and Requirements
8:37PM 0 CRC Checksum problems causing issues with bridging and maybe things like nfs. Wish we had better documentation. (was Re: XenNetworking - Reason for NOARP on eth1/br1?)
7:23PM 11 External modem in domU
4:56PM 2 guest kernel clarifications
4:49PM 0 Re: help VMX guest and networking xen 3.0.1
4:15PM 0 hosting providers
3:12PM 1 Advanced XEN neworking for colocated machine
2:31PM 0 problems accessing unused physical hard drives from Dom0
1:19PM 1 Problem with network in a domain running debian
1:04PM 2 Graphical performance
2:45AM 1 Using XEN with Plesk ...
Sunday February 19 2006
10:47PM 1 broken networking - bridge
9:53PM 5 XenNetworking - Reason for NOARP on eth1/br1?
9:12PM 2 domU not re-crated after reboot
1:45PM 0 Xen Newbie queries
11:20AM 0 Where to obtain newer Xend / Xen-Hypervisor
5:32AM 0 no networking in domU
Saturday February 18 2006
11:44PM 1 Networking dilema!!
9:13PM 0 Xen and SiS 630 based notebook
9:00AM 4 mkinitrd -o /boot/xen-modules-
2:10AM 2 FC4 with Xen-3.0? Can someone post a step-by-step?
12:13AM 5 IPtables working on domU but not dom0
Friday February 17 2006
8:22PM 6 Controlling Xen via scripts?
6:23PM 9 ttylinux
2:41PM 8 Xen, NFS performance, rsize, wsize and MTU
11:08AM 1 Problem with xenU machines running on NFS server
9:11AM 1 FW: FW: Xen and OpenSSI
Thursday February 16 2006
11:13PM 1 Can''t start xend
5:04PM 1 Hypervisor crashes while restoring saved domU
4:18PM 1 Problem migrating domains
2:00PM 3 xen 3.0 on a fedora core 4 Dom0, weird problem
12:59PM 1 Problem migratin domain
12:23PM 2 X11 on dom0
10:39AM 1 Virtual Machines Linux examples...
4:24AM 3 internal-br vs xenbr0. networking issue
Wednesday February 15 2006
11:38PM 1 XWindows locks on Xen 3.0 and IRQ 16 gets disabled
10:41PM 0 dom0 and domU in private subnet
7:44PM 2 USB devices in domU with Xen3.0.1
7:28PM 1 1000HZ Question
6:50PM 3 DHCP timed out messages
6:22PM 5 can''t mount LVM based vbd for domU
5:05PM 3 FW: Xen and OpenSSI
4:18PM 0 XenSource gets new CEO, direction
4:03PM 0 Solved: XEN is a great platform for CS:Source
3:18PM 1 Getting status-informations from domU
2:39PM 2 SuSE10 XEN3 Kernel
12:00AM 0 bridge anomaly with recent changeset
Tuesday February 14 2006
9:21PM 2 Fedora on Debain Domain0
7:05PM 2 The linux-2.6-xen hg kernel is oopsing on xen-unstable change set 3.0.0_8819
4:16PM 0 Re: Dell Poweredge 2650 - heavy IO hangs domU machine s; xen 2.0.7, xen kernel
3:43PM 0 Upgrading from 2.0.8 to 3.0
3:37PM 1 in a domU, 6 network interfaces wanted, only 3 seen
3:05PM 16 firewalls and Xen
2:10PM 12 Running Xen 2.0 for Counter Strike: Source
1:19PM 2 Xen and OpenSSI
1:10PM 7 might XenSpecificGlibc help me?
10:55AM 0 confused about GLIBC_2.4
Monday February 13 2006
10:44PM 5 Mount block-device rw on more DomU
10:40PM 3 Auto domU start
10:12PM 1 Backend drivers
7:44PM 2 Can''t get Xen to see > 4 GB
7:42PM 1 xend start: undefined symbol xs_shutdown
7:05PM 0 Can''t find ethernet controllers in dom0
6:55PM 13 could not load /lib/modules
5:15PM 0 Re: Managing multiple Dom0''s (Jonathan D. Proulx)
4:20PM 1 Error restoring a domU
4:13PM 2 domU boot from cdrom..?
3:55PM 4 Network Problem with xen 3.0.1
3:53PM 0 AW: Exporting Dom0 disks to DomU as SCSI disks does not work
3:38PM 1 Managing multiple Dom0''s
3:30PM 0 Xen 3.0.1: create NAT Rule, Internet ppp0 stops
1:18PM 0 AW: AW: Re: Exporting Dom0 disks to DomU as SCSI disks does notwork
1:10PM 0 AW: AW: Exporting Dom0 disks to DomU as SCSI disksdoesnotwork
1:04PM 1 AW: Re: Exporting Dom0 disks to DomU as SCSI disks does notwork
12:46PM 3 applications, winxp, pentium D
10:57AM 4 AW: TLS emulation and nash
10:56AM 1 TLS emulation and nash
10:34AM 1 AW: AW: Exporting Dom0 disks to DomU as SCSI disksdoesnot work
10:06AM 3 AW: Exporting Dom0 disks to DomU as SCSI disks doesnot work
8:42AM 7 Exporting Dom0 disks to DomU as SCSI disks does not work
Sunday February 12 2006
11:50PM 0 domUs fail to start on boot
10:08PM 0 Fwd: Re: Graphics in dom0
9:58PM 2 madwifi and Xen
6:05PM 1 Graphics in dom0
Saturday February 11 2006
11:29PM 0 Can''t suspend SMP guests without CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU
7:50PM 2 Xend crashes repeatedly starting DomU - please help...
5:22PM 2 kernel parameters in domU
1:02PM 0 Problem with Xen 3 and network
12:13AM 1 Is it possible for a domU vm to be on the same network as real machine
Friday February 10 2006
6:25PM 2 Dell Poweredge 2650 - heavy IO hangs domU machines; xen 2.0.7, xen kernel
6:23PM 0 Problem with the MTU in dom0
4:55PM 5 cpu_weight format in Xen 3.0.1
4:10PM 1 doubts: hardware access overhead on domUs, desktop environment layout
2:57PM 2 again (sorry) networking between dom0 - domU priv.
1:29PM 0 x86_64 hypercall_page problem
12:17PM 4 Shutdown/Reboot problems with Xen 3.0.1
11:44AM 2 sedf and config file
11:02AM 15 no pci support in xen-3.0.1 with gentoo?
11:00AM 0 no pci support in xen-3.0.1 with gentoo
4:02AM 0 unpack list of wrong size
3:02AM 1 networking problem, 2 nics , DMZ, internal net
1:04AM 10 Seeing the IP addresses of domUs from dom0
Thursday February 9 2006
11:58PM 0 newbiee to Xen with Infiniband
10:58PM 4 Xen and VMWare Server co-existing?
9:54PM 0 physdev_hide - connect to dom0
9:16PM 2 Problems with Dell 2850
7:14PM 1 Update devices for running domU
6:14PM 2 Open-iSCSI
5:16PM 0 XEN 2.0.7 Routing
4:37PM 0 strange behaviour of domU - i/o performance tests
3:52PM 2 fuse module for domU
3:23PM 0 Cannot start NFS Daemon
3:23PM 0 Can''t get a DomU to run
2:59PM 1 menu.lst arguments to Xen
2:24PM 9 Bridging + NAT
2:12PM 6 ReiserFS on Xen3?
2:02PM 0 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected (only when in auto/)
1:46PM 1 dynamically creating domU bridges
1:44PM 6 Xen and name based virtual hosting?
11:04AM 2 moving from xen to xen-pae
9:33AM 0 AW: Live migration problems
9:32AM 2 Live migration problems
9:24AM 0 Asterisk@Home
7:42AM 2 Xen domains not replying to arp requests
12:17AM 2 Re: XEN and failover
12:13AM 0 Repeated kernel "oops" / oom-killer with Ralph Passgang''s xen 3.0.0 Debian packages
Wednesday February 8 2006
9:38PM 1 rc.sysinit problem in domU
7:54PM 2 Xen 3 on machine > 4 GB of RAM
5:14PM 1 Another "how do i" question regarding networking and server consolidation...
4:55PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Intel/VT success :-)]
4:45PM 0 Poweredge 2850 with LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
4:43PM 13 domU images repository
3:34PM 4 Is there a limit on the number of guest domains ?
Tuesday February 7 2006
10:55PM 0 Xen3.0.1 on Breezy x86_64 compile hell
9:05PM 6 AMD processors with Pacifica and Xen
4:39PM 1 Converting a standalone system into a Xen guest?
4:10PM 2 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. (Xen 3.0.1 regression)
3:45PM 4 Xen 3.0 and Gentoo: basic network issues
2:52PM 5 PCI bus missing, dom0 doesn''t boot
1:19PM 3 second bridge for dual homed machine!
11:48AM 5 Re: No network connectivity for domU in SuSE 10, Xen
11:18AM 11 date in domU
10:35AM 1 Xen Domain0 Reboot
9:31AM 2 32Bit DomU on 64Bit Dom0 possible?
7:57AM 1 where does the log entry go ?
2:16AM 8 No network connectivity for domU in SuSE 10, Xen 3
12:38AM 1 Xen on x86_64 Fedora Core 4?
12:07AM 6 Upgrading to Xen 3 on Fedora Core 4
Monday February 6 2006
11:27PM 0 bashisms in xen init scripts...
5:24PM 0 Unable to open initial console FC4 domU
5:02PM 3 questions on xen
4:13PM 3 64-bit Xen0/XenU Kernel (using XEN v3)
2:02PM 12 RE: RE: Intel/VT
1:12PM 0 Xen 2.6.16-rc2 failure
11:46AM 1 Network mac address
6:27AM 18 routed networking xen3.0.1
5:33AM 0 Xenoppix(Xen3.0VT) CD size is released
Sunday February 5 2006
11:27PM 0 error when creating
10:51PM 0 Intel Virtualization at Xen 3.0.1
7:07PM 3 XEN and cyrus pop3 timeouts
3:46PM 0 another network connection problem-SOLVED
2:47PM 3 SELinux + EVMS + Xen - anyone done it?
1:05PM 1 Question about initrd tools?
12:48PM 2 Has PCI passthrough been re-introduced to Xen 3.0 yet?
11:39AM 9 Hotplug scripts not working / problem with loopback driver
Saturday February 4 2006
9:20PM 0 Boot problems with Xen 3.0 and SATA drives
3:06PM 5 xen 3.0.1 networking fails.
4:22AM 2 dev86/vmxloader for debian
1:34AM 0 dom0 firewall + domU virtual eth0:1
1:14AM 1 domU boot order
Friday February 3 2006
9:42PM 3 Poor performance with openldap 2.3.x (Berkeley DB 4.3 or 4.4) on XEN 3.0.x
8:39PM 0 Random Xen System freeze
6:32PM 0 MAC problem with Multiple Interfaces in Xen 2.0.7 FIX
5:14PM 0 VTPM problem with Xen 3.0 when starting vtpm_managerd
4:45PM 2 RE: Intel/VT
4:34PM 5 Can Xen deal with minors greater than 255?
4:31PM 7 Xen 3.0, setting up a virtual network with NAT
4:09PM 1 How to work with VLANs and several nic Interfaces ?
3:58PM 0 AW: Dell 2850 & Debian testing/unstable
3:36PM 4 mount: unknown filesystem type ''nfs''
2:26PM 2 Unable to have more than 3 interfaces in domU
1:18PM 3 Dell 2850 & Debian testing/unstable
1:08PM 4 ''Link veth0 is missing'' - caused by having no ''ip'' command
12:48PM 0 RE: Xen 3.0.0 32bit-pae (testing changeset 8270) crashes(pgtable.c:284, kernel bug?)
12:33PM 0 network hangs / packet losses - can''t find a solution
12:13PM 1 Xen 3.0.1: network doesn''t work
11:53AM 1 Re^2: Again: tcp/ip traffic between domU and dom0 does not work
10:47AM 1 Again: tcp/ip traffic between domU and dom0 does not work
5:41AM 0 Resolved
2:04AM 8 only one NIC supported?
2:02AM 0 Resend of "xen-br1 help"
1:48AM 1 xen-br1
12:11AM 0 two nics
Thursday February 2 2006
11:39PM 0 xen 3.0.1 fails, crashes, reboots on startup
8:42PM 0 drbd 0.7 and xen 3.0
6:38PM 1 xen2 physdev_dom0_hide - kernel panic
6:12PM 0 TCP networking problem
4:24PM 3 RE: Xen 3.0.0 32bit-pae (testing changeset 8270) crashes(pgtable.c:284, kernel bug?)
3:58PM 0 backend/vbd/domid not being removed - I have the issue, info, resolution, and want to prevent the bug that allows for it!
3:17PM 0 Xen networking problems
3:10PM 0 Mouse/Keyboard-Mapping for VMX guest (Win2003) on Intel VT
1:37PM 2 RE: Xen 3.0.0 32bit-pae (testing changeset 8270) crashes(pgtable.c:284, kernel bug?)
1:23PM 1 Getting the Dom0 hostname from within a DomU ?
11:52AM 7 RE: Xen 3.0.0 32bit-pae (testing changeset 8270) crashes(pgtable.c:284, kernel bug?)
11:51AM 1 RE: Re: No VMX-guests on Intel Xeon/VT
10:05AM 5 first steps with xen
9:16AM 2 xen kernel panics after 1,5 month of work
8:20AM 0 - reboot sometimes failes - entering promiscuous mode does not function
6:21AM 2 Xen, xensource, and guest OS
3:43AM 1 Re: Unmodified guest on XEN 3.0 with Intel/VT
12:07AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: Itanium 64 Bit Support?!
Wednesday February 1 2006
9:06PM 2 Hardware hiding and IRC
8:00PM 0 Problem booting into Xen kernel
6:57PM 0 Problems booting xen 3 on FC4
5:59PM 1 Resizing Freebsd mdroot domU, on a RHEL4 dom0 machine.
3:39PM 0 Which hg changeset for 2.6.15?
2:57PM 10 an attempt to explain xen networking
2:07PM 11 Xen 3.0.1 released!
2:04PM 1 AW: "make xconfig" for Dom0 not working
2:03PM 1 AW: Itanium 64 Bit Support?!
1:44PM 0 "make xconfig" for Dom0 not working
1:10PM 3 RE: Xen 3.0.0 32bit-pae (testing changeset 8270) crashes(pgtable.c:284, kernel bug?)
1:03PM 0 Xen 3.0.0 32bit-pae (testing changeset 8270) crashes (pgtable.c:284, kernel bug?)
12:37PM 3 Kernel 2.4 linux distros based on Xen3
12:37PM 4 understanding routed networking with xen 3.0
8:51AM 0 Itanium 64 Bit Support?!
4:44AM 0 Crash *always* after approximately 1024 migrations
3:21AM 0 auto start fails at random
2:20AM 10 RE: Still problems with VNC and Windows on Intel Xeon/VT