wine users - Mar 2012

Saturday March 31 2012
9:46PM 1 Re: Borderlands GOTY seh:setup_exception_record error
8:52PM 0 Wine Compatibility With iTunes
8:10PM 0 megaten wine1.4 issues
5:28PM 3 Best practice for v1.4 Audio Stack
4:36PM 0 Re: Word 2010 open file
4:31PM 20 Need help with a windows app
12:10PM 0 Wine only sees OSS, not ALSA
11:59AM 2 Re: Word 2010 open file
8:41AM 2 Wine compiling error
Friday March 30 2012
11:39PM 2 Fifa Manager 12 starting issue
11:09PM 1 Family Historian...
9:22PM 1 Wine, Mac, and MDAC
7:27PM 1 Aero
7:10PM 8 serial communication
3:06PM 1 WINE Version in Profile Preferences
1:49PM 0 Do you like to watch movies again and again?
1:48PM 0 Which is the best place in the world?
1:46PM 1 Which kind of movies you really love to watch?
5:18AM 1 Nusphere PHPEd 7.0 installed smoothly without any error, but
4:06AM 4 New Ubuntu user, read FAQ, need help testing Galactic Civili
1:53AM 1 No audio drivers available
Thursday March 29 2012
11:06PM 1 DS3 in OS X Lion
9:25PM 4 link Explorer Shell extensions to Gnome thumbnailer
8:51PM 1 Office 2010 64bit wine 1.5.0 ~amd64 gentoo 3.2.12
12:54PM 2 Can I use Wine in Yahoo Messenger?
12:04PM 0 which movies you watched last week?
12:04PM 0 How much tv shows you are watching without missing?
12:03PM 0 Do you like to on a hill station with your friends?
12:02PM 0 Which is your most favorite anime show?
7:00AM 1 Gold or Platinium when flaws are not Wine fault.
6:41AM 1 msvcp80.dll doesn't work
4:59AM 1 Komplete 8 Players - can't mount ISO through Wine
3:00AM 2 Wine + unix ODBC + delphi app BIG PROBLEM....
1:01AM 1 Insert CD issues
Wednesday March 28 2012
9:33PM 2 Counter Strike gameplay freezing with Wine
6:22PM 4 Wine and SQLyog
6:05PM 0 Re: I want to contribute code for wine and become a developer.
6:01PM 1 skyrim on steam
11:43AM 0 Re: Cannon Fodder 3
9:23AM 2 Wine refusing to create a configuration directory there
Tuesday March 27 2012
7:46PM 7 Mouse Problem: Cannot aim
7:20PM 0 App. Delisprint hangs on second run
4:49PM 1 Re: Slow printing buffer.
4:07PM 0 Re: Halo:Combat Evolved with black text and overhead
2:03PM 1 Crash running visual basic program
1:52PM 1 For MSN, YAHOO, Gtalk
11:52AM 0 Wine CPU trouble
3:43AM 1 My experience with wine
3:38AM 1 Cannot Connect to Authentication Server - Mass Effect 1
Monday March 26 2012
9:10PM 7 Lite Manager
8:55PM 0 Wintab error in Wine
5:26PM 0 Re: Mathematica 6 setup.exe hangs (Solved sort of)
3:49PM 2 outlook 2007 RPC over HTTPS
11:52AM 1 Won't draw windows without virtual desktop
Sunday March 25 2012
10:00PM 2 Modal dialogs getting out of focus
6:56PM 0 Forsaken World - A pretty unique problem
7:53AM 2 Willing to pay to get a program to run on Ubuntu
7:02AM 1 New to Linux (Xubuntu) - Install Oxford Thesaurus + Dict?
6:32AM 2 Reinstalling gecko after failed install
Saturday March 24 2012
7:13PM 1 OneNote sharing - had anyone made it work?
3:52PM 1 Best glide wrapper under wine
3:46PM 1 Re: Halo:Combat Evolved with black text and overhead
3:33PM 2 Wine1.5
2:40PM 1 where do I find the machine.cong file for .NET 2.0?
1:20PM 1 How do I wineboot silently?
1:17PM 4 MS Office error - cannot verify license
11:43AM 1 Compile wine1.4 WOW64 from source (git) on Ubuntu 12.04
10:45AM 0 The review of Earth fission - Task design Dave'Fargo'Kosak
6:42AM 0 Re: Errors trying to run ControlCenter.exe
4:53AM 1 Wired Xbox 360 controller, Camera moves in circles
4:48AM 1 Unable to print from Acrobat 8 Pro
3:42AM 5 Counter Strike not working!!
Friday March 23 2012
8:15PM 10 Where are the programs installed?
7:05PM 6 ORIGIN EA downloader issue
5:55PM 4 DVD Rebuilder Pro does not start in Wine 1.4
4:59PM 0 Eveonline issue
12:52PM 7 Guild Wars very slow
8:51AM 0 Re: Anyone successful with Quicken 2012?
6:38AM 4 User Interface for Wine?`
6:19AM 1 Why cannot wine run on OpenBSD ?
2:45AM 1 Guild Wars 1 and Stops Win95 and Win98 Support
1:56AM 1 Where does Wine store the Font settings?
1:29AM 3 Re: LiveZilla
12:30AM 1 WordPerfect--any version working?
Thursday March 22 2012
10:39PM 1 Install on Scientific Linux
9:10PM 6 Guild Wars 2 for wine - what is needed?
8:51PM 3 Mathematica 6 setup.exe hangs
6:14PM 2 Whereigo builder under Wine
5:36PM 1 Page fault with MFC42.DLL
3:41PM 0 problems with cygnus fractal extreme
2:33PM 3 Office Professional Plus 2010 install fails
Wednesday March 21 2012
11:25PM 5 Can I run Windows 7 Internet Explorer in Wine?
3:26PM 1 Can't install Sonos Desktop 3.7
2:04PM 2 No Anti-Aliasing in Warcraft 3?
12:08PM 2 How do you disable smooth fon in office 2010?
11:24AM 2 Re: Wine drive configuration file
3:47AM 1 Battlefield 1942 crashes during install
Tuesday March 20 2012
6:55PM 1 Allow application inside Wine to interact with Linux
2:28PM 3 Trying to install pcstitch
1:39PM 1 skyrim launcher failing
10:23AM 0 Error opening terminal: Unknown | Ubuntu 64 bits / PHP /
9:35AM 2 Can someone tell me how to
8:53AM 1 DVDFab
1:42AM 4 AcceptEx socket issue in Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne
12:43AM 2 wineboot error
Monday March 19 2012
9:58PM 3 What is a clean WINEPREFIX?
4:26PM 2 cd %TMP% ?
3:06PM 3 Excel export from within another app
11:54AM 2 PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac 4.0.16, wineprefix logging system
Sunday March 18 2012
8:58PM 1 Re: Windows Media Player 11
6:38PM 3 Having an issue install DotNet3.0
6:38PM 11 New Wine
4:50PM 3 Is Wine use legal?
2:05PM 4 page fault on read access to 0xffffe0b4
1:29PM 1 Garena doesn't connect
1:05PM 4 Program Menus not responding?
Saturday March 17 2012
11:24PM 1 steam
9:56PM 2 watchtower library 2011 arabic font
8:31PM 9 RaiderZ crash at the launcer
7:17PM 3 Wine 1.4 Stable not running Rift 1.7
12:16PM 4 Help me patch wine
Friday March 16 2012
8:09PM 1 Re: SecuROM and Wine on Mac OS X
7:51PM 0 Stronghold 2 delux Crash
3:18PM 2 Wine has probs with Mount & Blade Warband
3:05PM 2 Football Manager 2010 doesn't work
2:43PM 2 Python win32gui FindWindow on wine
11:19AM 9 Will it be possible for Wine to run gaming emulators?
9:05AM 1 TBitmap in delphi
Thursday March 15 2012
8:38PM 1 Wine help for newbie
2:54PM 3 Correcting wine so as to get an app working
12:45PM 6 Error running apps from network share
9:58AM 3 When Will WINE PPA Update To 1.4 Stable?
9:45AM 3 FSX mouse & joystick
6:37AM 4 Wine window glitch (WoW)
4:25AM 5 itunes must work with wine or els!!!
3:09AM 2 Saints Row 3 fails to launch
Wednesday March 14 2012
6:12PM 1 Important problem, Needs to shut down
4:16PM 7 Issues running Dungeon Keeper 2
2:01PM 5 mouse glitch in fullscreen game (borderlands)
12:24PM 3 Photoimpact X3 Fails to Load after Upgrade
10:51AM 3 Installing Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
10:18AM 3 64-bit appliacations support
12:38AM 5 Has anyone tried to intall CoolNovo with Wine?
Tuesday March 13 2012
10:22PM 3 Cant get GameRanger to work in Wine
9:54PM 1 WINE and certain Hardware
7:22PM 9 Cannot install aok (Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings) on Wine
7:10PM 0 Solved!
6:06PM 3 Driver Installation for HASP dongle in Kubuntu
5:47PM 1 Higher than normal CPU usage in wine 1.4
3:22PM 2 Having problems with building a deb package of the sources
1:20PM 1 FFXIV (further debugging; tweaking)
12:39PM 2 Presentation mode in Power Point 2007 with 2 screens
4:59AM 4 Can't save in Ableton 8.2.7
3:57AM 4 Anyone get Acrobat Pro 8 to install?
12:26AM 2 Help With Wine Errors
12:20AM 3 Proper Shortcuts!
Monday March 12 2012
10:26PM 1 drive mapping
4:39PM 7 Run app from shell
1:38PM 3 WineD3D for dx7 game on windows
8:34AM 2 please get amazon installer working on wine
6:47AM 1 Help, Wine isn't working
6:22AM 4 Possible to create a wireless adapter registry?
1:29AM 2 problems installing baldur's gate 2 with wine 1.3
1:15AM 1 No sound in Counter Strike 1.6
Sunday March 11 2012
11:34PM 1 text smoothing in wine 1.4
6:41PM 2 Wine 1.4 Mouse problems, STILL.
5:51PM 3 What is Vanilla wine?
4:39PM 0 Re: Cannot start Amnesia nor Penumbra via Steam
1:53PM 3 Wine 1.4 on Ubuntu
1:41PM 3 Trace for DLLs needed for applications
1:38PM 1 Garena doesn't start
12:04PM 8 Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 installer failed (Wine 1.4)
5:57AM 2 Scarface: The world is yours wont go into fullscreen.
1:25AM 1 Doom Builder 2
1:19AM 3 'Program Error' dialog box
Saturday March 10 2012
9:53PM 2 ActiveX control
7:45PM 0 Re: Cities XL 2011 patch
4:39PM 1 errors while installing witcher 2 in wine 1.4
2:10PM 0 Re: Unlocking Windows-LOCKED HDD
1:45PM 4 "Wine despair" or "Am i a noob or just plain stupid?"
11:49AM 0 Re: New winetricks 20120308: support wine-1.4, new verbs ao, cmd
10:50AM 12 Compiling & running 1.4 on 64bit
5:21AM 2 Running OLLLD game with Wine in Mac
1:05AM 3 is wine 1.4 equivalent to wine 1.4rc6?
Friday March 9 2012
9:52PM 4 [Error Message]_gcry_ath_mutex_lock
4:52PM 0 Re: Trying to install Vmware View Agent 4.6 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
12:43PM 0 err:d3d_shader:gen_arbfp_ffp_shader
9:11AM 6 Extremely bad performance in games
9:06AM 1 Re: Limiting the execution of Wine to allowed programs
6:20AM 0 Re: WINE fails in directories with Question Marks in name
5:30AM 10 Problems with two apps
1:40AM 0 New winetricks 20120308: support wine-1.4, new verbs ao, cmd, mspatcha, msvcirt, sdl
1:22AM 4 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dinput patches for Wine 1.4
Thursday March 8 2012
10:58PM 2 Wine Builds (.deb) for Debian related Distros
10:10PM 0 Issue with Steam after Steam update
9:16PM 2 Wine and Random Crashing
8:53PM 9 Using a real windows installation as a wineprefix
8:16PM 2 Anime studio kinda crashes on startup
2:56PM 8 Mouse still not working properly on OS X with 1.4
2:39PM 1 Can't get anything to run on WINE using Nvidia drivers
12:00PM 3 Can I install Wine 1.4 on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric?
9:14AM 1 issue with jpg-illuminator
8:51AM 0 Re: Counter-Strike Source Ubuntu 11.10 64bit
2:26AM 0 more on Re: wine creates weird pref file for mac program
Wednesday March 7 2012
9:38PM 0 ignore previous: Re: wine creates weird pref file for mac program
8:01PM 0 more on Re: wine creates weird pref file for mac program
7:51PM 1 wine creates weird pref file for mac program
5:04PM 5 cannot enable "AllwaysOffscreen"
3:53PM 1 Does "Adding Test Data" need a clean up
3:24PM 0 Missing Venezuela Time zone in forum (-4:30)
11:29AM 1 [1.4rc6]-"F.E.A.R. 3"-Full Screen Crashes Wine???
Tuesday March 6 2012
6:32PM 4 Momentum Datalink v3.0 not working at all
5:11PM 4 Jaksta Streaming
9:17AM 1 Re: switch to windows to Linux
6:12AM 0 Re: Native Client version
4:10AM 3 Fallen Earth on Ubuntu 11.1_AMD_X64 not working
3:02AM 1 Links 2003 Regression in WINE 1.4-rc5 & 1.4-rc6
12:47AM 10 Problems with Flatout
Monday March 5 2012
5:53PM 2 d3d_caps error
5:44PM 2 World of Warcraft launcher application.
5:40PM 2 Do you think Microsoft Flight Simulator X will run on my sys
1:53PM 2 USB Wine support patch
1:07PM 2 Counter-Strike 1.6 extremely slow
12:14PM 1 [Development] For Starters
11:51AM 2 ram issue
9:19AM 2 Assassins Creed White window
2:31AM 1 Winecfg.exe Drives tab question
2:26AM 0 add/remove program paper bag question
1:51AM 5 No Sound in Rehearscore
Sunday March 4 2012
5:15PM 3 wine internal errors invalid parameters steam
3:33PM 1 Re: No sound in Wine 1.3.37 (tried known solutions already)
2:04PM 5 wine 1.4rc6 crashes if alsa is available
12:47PM 4 Running Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines graphic bug
8:42AM 3 What about performance in 3D games?
7:12AM 0 Starcraft II crashes on certain maps
5:40AM 4 Help with Utorrent
3:37AM 2 Re: Civilization IV (Direct2Drive)
3:26AM 1 Need Help with the Sims 3 Launcher
2:06AM 1 [Wine 1.4rc5] Team Fortress 2 crashes after assets load
1:15AM 2 .NET with 64 bit?
12:43AM 2 No sound, drivers, or devices.
Saturday March 3 2012
9:27PM 1 Farcryengine 3 lubuntu 64 Nvidia 290.20 driver
7:12PM 0 Wine1.4-rc5 breaks (jack)audio setup
4:36PM 1 [1.4rc5]-Unable To Browse C: Drive???
4:22PM 2 Skyrim ThuuMic on 1.4rc6
6:16AM 4 I ruined windows
12:52AM 1 WoW64 installation
Friday March 2 2012
8:13PM 1 Install program firefox addon
8:03PM 1 What is the max length of lines in po?
5:12PM 1 Sopcast through Wine
3:32PM 3 Winetricks fails to install dotnet35
3:24PM 1 Open Source Radeon and S3TC?
3:48AM 2 Problems with ImgBurn, err:aspi:ASPI_GetNumControllers
Thursday March 1 2012
11:30PM 2 DC Universe Online
7:38PM 2 Eligium on Ubunto 11.10 Wine 1.3.28
7:27PM 1 Sound Randomly stops while playing The Sims 3
5:36PM 7 Missing .DLL
2:23PM 2 server_ioctl_file Unsupported ioctl 24000
9:02AM 9 Banned web site / banned topic ?
8:15AM 2 Microsoft Flight
7:49AM 0 Problem build 1.4-rc5 on 64-bit debian
3:36AM 1 Wine doesn't fix resolution changes.
2:49AM 4 Wine sourcing for noobs
1:08AM 4 Joystick mapping "wrong"