wine users - Feb 2012

Wednesday February 29 2012
6:38PM 1 Re: Need help! Trying to install USPS Shipping Assistant in WINE
2:29PM 1 Pro Cycling Manager 2011
12:21PM 0 The other kind of microphone problems
9:54AM 0 Wine menu items absent when building wine
6:40AM 0 com error
Tuesday February 28 2012
8:21PM 2 weird crashes
6:46PM 3 RPM removal double check requested
1:40PM 2 Can't login to EA Origin
12:34PM 0 Re: Read this if your sound stopped working in 1.3.25
10:00AM 3 workflow using git for translations
9:32AM 9 Oblivion on Mint 12 wine 1.2.3 no opengl support compiled in
7:47AM 1 dotnet20sp1 install completed but indexb.dat not found
7:45AM 0 Mirror's Edge wont work (Steam version)
5:44AM 1 Stronghold Kingdoms, Keeps looping checking for updates
5:40AM 1 32 bit vs 64 bit advice requested
Monday February 27 2012
8:14PM 1 Winetricks unresponsive all the wine app
7:21PM 2 using windows vst plug-ins with logic 9 on mac osx lion
5:15PM 1 Re: [1.4rc5] Valve's STEAM Client Broken (Regression) Bug Filed.
5:08PM 0 [Bulk] Re: Problem with wine and Firefox, Thunderbird or Se
4:41PM 0 [Bulk] Re: Problem with wine and Firefox, Thunderbird or Seamonkey...
4:13PM 0 [1.4rc5] Valve's STEAM Client Broken (Regression) Bug Filed...
2:59PM 1 Latest 1.4rc5 Breaks Valve's STEAM Client ???
9:46AM 5 Problem with wine and Firefox, Thunderbird or Seamonkey...
5:20AM 2 Is there an easier way of doing this?
Sunday February 26 2012
6:48PM 10 Software Profili2 on Ubuntu by Wine
1:38AM 0 GTA4 launcher with Steam (+xliveless) crash at start
12:53AM 9 Music Collector
Saturday February 25 2012
5:01PM 0 Federal Mogul Catalog with Wine
3:44PM 1 WoW Worked Once, Now it Don't I'm Stumped
3:20PM 1 RFT: Use Greek semicolons for comdlg32's printer status enumeration?
11:20AM 2 dungeon defenders stopped working after game update
10:02AM 2 dotnet20sp1 deffactory.dat cant open
9:58AM 5 Wine crash at start (all games)
5:06AM 0 Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 Error
Friday February 24 2012
6:42PM 0 winevdm.exe error
5:33PM 0 Re: Prepare > Properties in Office 2007 causes WINE to freeze
1:09PM 5 Help me make the ongame poker client work again !
11:52AM 0 Re: Questions regarding virtual desktops
11:28AM 5 Wine and sse2 solveation!
8:19AM 5 My Sound Doesnt work for sims 3
3:51AM 1 Re: Game for Windows Live and Wine
2:45AM 2 Xmanager failed running office 2007 with wine
2:22AM 5 Crackaly Audio 1.4-rc2, but not 1.3.15
12:44AM 1 Outlook 2007 on WINE and ActiveSync
Thursday February 23 2012
11:19PM 1 Re: UXTheme and Vista Styles potential problem
9:52PM 1 Guild Wars (Platinum Application) now broken
7:30PM 1 Roots magic will no longer run in wine
5:01PM 2 Need Help Getting WoW to run right
11:23AM 0 Wine and video4linux2 supported webcams
3:20AM 0 Investigating what actually happens / debugging
1:14AM 2 Isskin.dll error for system NOT running Wine:(
Wednesday February 22 2012
7:18PM 3 Wine on the Mac?
3:18AM 0 Re: unable to ./configure wine on FreeBSD 8
Tuesday February 21 2012
9:38PM 1 Linux btw and D2GS under Wine
9:23PM 0 Re: [1.4rc4][LinuxMint12KDE64Bit]-PPA-"public key is not av
9:02PM 0 [1.4rc4][LinuxMint12KDE64Bit]-PPA-"public key is not available"?
2:09PM 1 DotNet3.5 Did not install
Monday February 20 2012
11:31PM 2 Installing photoshop elements 8 on ubuntu
9:33PM 4 Workarounds for Splinter Cell: Conviction
8:12PM 2 does 1.4rc4 fix this mouse issue?
7:44PM 1 wine not working
6:12PM 2 Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5
2:42PM 9 Federal Mogul Spare Parts Katalog XCD11
6:50AM 2 poser 2012 ... play on linux / wine 1.3.37 ??? errors
Sunday February 19 2012
5:50PM 2 Newbie Here... Need Some Help
11:22AM 0 Re: Window positioning is messy
12:29AM 1 Keyboard input freezes Pixologic Sculptris.
Saturday February 18 2012
7:19PM 2 Cant install any windows dll's via winetricks
6:31PM 0 I have lost the icon of an application
4:15PM 2 copying .wine to new PC : were are the menus entries ?
1:31PM 1 CodeWeavers CrossOverNow 30% off sale
5:00AM 1 EA Origin problem
1:15AM 0 Translators wanted!
Friday February 17 2012
9:32PM 1 Camfrog
3:03PM 1 Swtiching workspace while gaming with wine
2:29PM 2 DC Universe Online not working with new nvidia drivers
2:56AM 1 Re: Halo:Combat Evolved with black text and overhead
Thursday February 16 2012
4:20PM 0 Re: How to install Autocad 2004 under wine 1.1.31?
2:59PM 2 Re: Problems with Final Fantasy XI Online - Japanese
3:11AM 2 Minecraft in Wine
2:47AM 1 Starcraft 2 troubles
1:31AM 1 Question About bugzilla
Wednesday February 15 2012
9:53PM 2 Axcrypt for Wine
9:37PM 3 UBUNTU 11.10 - wine 1.4-rc2 - AUTOCAD 2004LT
8:39PM 1 mouse problem in homm3
5:12PM 2 Wine drive configuration file
3:30PM 2 Does wine accepts "hosts" file?
3:05PM 0 Can't install FL Studio 9
2:51AM 3 Wine crashes
2:38AM 5 Problem Comoiling wine-git
Tuesday February 14 2012
10:23PM 1 Really Poor Performance
5:24PM 5 AMD/ATI or Nvidia
3:49PM 4 Trouble with directx
2:36PM 3 League of legends ubuntu 12.04 LTS
11:36AM 4 How to run 3D Studio 7
10:53AM 0 Compilation Wine on Debian - problem with parser.y, prelink
6:39AM 0 Help me! it's about batch
1:57AM 2 Allow multiple users of the Quicken 2011 program
Monday February 13 2012
9:30PM 1 Conflict installing nvidia-glx-ia32 on 64 bit Debian
9:27AM 2 Compiling wine 1.1.37 fails on Ubuntu 11.10
5:55AM 1 regarding assignment of a bug
3:48AM 1 Ubuntu doesn't Wine to update
1:37AM 0 Low FPS Skyrim with 560 Ti... Expecting too much?
Sunday February 12 2012
10:33PM 5 Bad .EXE file?
8:47PM 3 K9 web protection installation fails with wine under ubuntu
7:27AM 1 enterprise architect trial expired before started!
Saturday February 11 2012
7:50PM 0 Extremely illegible pixelated fonts?
5:36PM 4 Impossible To Enter Serialcode
2:24PM 1 Tools Menu in MS Money 2004 not working
2:16PM 2 1.4rc2: delayed redraw of 3d app
5:54AM 1 Incorrect PID formatting?
Friday February 10 2012
7:14PM 3 Everquest 2 and Wine 1.3.37
5:18PM 1 Fglrx problem with HL-based applications in Wine
12:06PM 1 Wine Variables
9:55AM 4 Problems running application fixme:odic:SQLConfigDataSource
7:28AM 1 wine sandboxed inside LXC
4:21AM 1 Can I add a dll file?
3:11AM 2 PokerStars error
Thursday February 9 2012
10:38PM 2 Hero Lab shuts down when closing windows within the program
9:06PM 4 Regression help please
6:53PM 4 MTA SA will not install
6:01PM 2 Recent sound problem
5:39PM 2 Use Wine when running OS from USB drive?
5:16PM 1 Unreal Tournament 2003 help - one last bug to overcome!
5:00PM 0 Cannon Fodder 3
4:04PM 0 Unable to run Hallmark 2010 in wine
3:10PM 4 Can wine access samba share?
12:04PM 3 WineConsole Font Issue
7:58AM 3 Do I have four applications of Application.
4:58AM 1 Removing Wine source directory
2:13AM 2 Execute error
Wednesday February 8 2012
8:55PM 1 instalation problem
6:25PM 1 installing EasyRoyalties (MS Access application)
6:07PM 3 Something really went south with 1.4-rc2
3:43PM 4 The program ChairGun2 can't be started up
3:42PM 1 Is there a way to not persist changes made by applications?
10:46AM 4 Kindle PC 1.8.1 and wine 1.3.32
12:03AM 2 dotnet35 on WINE 1.4-rc2
Tuesday February 7 2012
10:42PM 2 +wine +catalysts +opengl , display problem
8:35PM 0 link Typefaster and Wine
1:16PM 1 Drive letter doesn't resolve to a path
12:44PM 7 [Wine 1.4rc1]Mouse support broken in MassEffect and Bioshock
11:51AM 0 Re: rFactor Dedicated Server CPU usage
7:16AM 3 Good news Ubuntu`s update fixed problems in CoreDRAW 9
2:28AM 4 Unable to run Pass 11
12:29AM 0 sound in dungeon defenders
Monday February 6 2012
9:32PM 2 Hello all
8:56PM 9 Direct3d ? whats the deal
8:04PM 1 Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat on Wine 1.1.38
6:38PM 8 programs will not launch
4:50PM 3 Problem of Japanese fonts (Wine 1.4-rc2)
4:17PM 15 Probleme index file copy failed .....
Sunday February 5 2012
6:16PM 1 Wine Display Help
3:49PM 2 Wow says no DirectX
3:39PM 1 1.4 rc 2 Failed to connect to the mount manager
3:15PM 1 How to create a Wine shortcut on the Desktop (KDE)
1:49PM 0 Planswift
5:24AM 1 Wine-explorer keeps crashing.
3:54AM 0 Re: Windows CLI Commands in Ruby freeze Wine application
1:17AM 7 H & R Block At Home does not load
12:34AM 0 Desktopsnowok (not so ok)
Saturday February 4 2012
11:49PM 1 Warcraft 3 'Please Insert CD' fixed in 1 Distro, not Another
7:46PM 1 3Ds Max Design 2012 (.Net Framework needed)
5:58PM 1 EVE Online sound regression after Wine 1.3.35
11:41AM 2 Steam survey lists wine...
9:33AM 1 winelib shared memory problem
8:44AM 1 Weird question about OpenCL/SwiftShader (Magical Loop)
2:11AM 0 Can't run Milkshape 1.8.5 beta 2
12:02AM 1 Wow patch issue
Friday February 3 2012
9:47PM 3 Re: Windows CLI Commands in Ruby freeze Wine application
5:26PM 10 3DsMax 9 issues.
3:25PM 4 Entropia Universe on Arch Linux (x86_64)
12:49PM 2 Using Wintermute with Winebottler
8:35AM 3 setup cannot find Office.en-us\branding.xml
Thursday February 2 2012
5:25PM 2 I am a complete nube with ubuntu and wine and need help
2:42PM 2 use wine odbc in ubuntu php application
10:19AM 3 Wine versioning
7:24AM 0 regedit fails to start under RHEL 5.7
6:52AM 1 Mouse jumps in wine
Wednesday February 1 2012
9:01PM 1 Worms Armageddon - Windows NT error
4:34PM 8 D2GS on Wine
4:21PM 5 Wine Executes Locally, But Not With Absolute Path
3:30PM 0 gmax material editor
7:32AM 4 wine command line arguments