wine users - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
10:37PM 1 Re: [steam]Last Remnant + MSVCR80.dll
10:25PM 0 help!
9:47PM 1 Wine and Talisman Online in Ubuntu 9.04
5:53PM 0 Re: Should I report my problem in Bugzilla? Outcast problem.
5:53PM 0 Re: Wine 1.0.1 (Ubu 9.04) + Dan Elwell's Broadband Speedtest = E
3:20PM 1 Perfect World International- Mouse trouble
3:08PM 6 Uninstall old wine version and install new version
2:13PM 3 MS Office utilities not opening the selected file
7:17AM 3 fullscreen uses panning, and xrandr has cursor moving
7:08AM 2 update wine
5:21AM 2 MS Word document window disappearing in 2003 & 2007 versions
2:19AM 7 Program runs in Xfce, but not KDE?
1:25AM 1 how do i get full tilt poker to run for ubuntu?
Thursday July 30 2009
7:49PM 0 Re: The NVIDIA EDID Problem & Solution
6:29PM 0 Fwd: The NVIDIA EDID Problem & Solution
5:33PM 0 Wine eject doesn't eject.
5:21PM 0 Warcraft III
4:14PM 1 fail to open port of a game connection software
2:15PM 0 Re: Chrome setup - Invalid address, FreeBSD
1:40PM 5 Running .Net Framework Applications error
1:23PM 0 Problems Installing
1:21PM 2 "static" drive mapping
1:20PM 0 Re: Perfectworld and wininet problem
7:53AM 1 Re: Can't get Steam to install
6:28AM 1 how to navigate files instaled on wine
5:17AM 1 Re: Audio in OpenSolaris 2009.06 x86
2:37AM 1 What effect does "show dot files" have, exactly?
1:55AM 0 New iPhone App - Nutrition Facts for Wine!
Wednesday July 29 2009
11:40PM 2 Can't Install KOTOR in wine
9:58PM 3 Error On My Hyper cam 2
7:47PM 0 ~RED ALERT**URGENT 2009 [CDC quote::DANGER!]~
7:24PM 3 Tried game, won't run: what else to do or try?
7:15PM 2 WoW: Screen Spinning?
6:46PM 1 invalid security certificate sec_error_unknown_issuer
6:10PM 3 How to run mulitple instances of app, each for unique IP?
5:30PM 3 Internet Explorer
2:56PM 2 Open Office install
1:23PM 3 Sonar 8 & vcrun2005
11:17AM 4 yahoo messenger cant start help pls
10:37AM 5 Re: Installing VC++ 2005 SP1 Redistribution using wine
9:20AM 1 Wine & Commercail Applications
9:19AM 2 Wine 1.0.1 (Ubu 9.04) + Dan Elwell's Broadband Speedtest = Error 13 : Type Mismatch.
9:14AM 5 Directshow in wine
2:46AM 3 Wine can no longer access port 80
12:29AM 6 OSX Wine and USB Drivers
Tuesday July 28 2009
9:10PM 4 no bullets in wordpad
7:38PM 0 Wine in news article
5:25PM 1 Question about Anti Aliasing in FBO mode
5:12PM 1 website - CSS preloading
1:48PM 1 Re: How to mix (naturally speaking) win32 and native (python) li
9:23AM 2 Two soundcards. Use both with wine. Problem
4:44AM 2 error on solaris
4:37AM 1 Re: How to mix (naturally speaking) win32 and native (python) li
4:19AM 1 Questions when running WOW and other games in frames.
2:32AM 0 Ucertify IBM 000-210 examination
12:45AM 1 Re: Java crashes in wined3d.dll
Monday July 27 2009
9:26PM 4 Help testing regression
6:44PM 4 Paint problem with an mfc app. Flickering for ever...
4:24PM 4 Justvoip linux
3:25PM 0 How to mix (naturally speaking) win32 and native (python) linux calls in same application?
10:59AM 0 Re: Adobe Photoshop 7
10:53AM 2 Tap'Touche 5 : keyboard issue
10:45AM 2 Microphone Issues (Wine 1.0.1 & Ubuntu Jaunty)
10:32AM 7 Installing and running PC Navigator 8
7:17AM 2 Help printing please!!!
2:38AM 5 Problems with Pass4Sure's Network+ Demo
Sunday July 26 2009
11:13PM 0 AutoCAD and Wine
9:15PM 4 Wine Failing Miserably
4:13PM 7 Wine 1.1.23 OS X NVIDIA String Error
3:50PM 1 IR/RF Remotes transmitted via USB Device
3:40PM 10 Help! How to mix win32 and native os calls in code?
2:25PM 7 WinVICE
11:44AM 11 Steam all weird today.
9:42AM 4 Centos 5.3 x86_64 for wine
8:56AM 3 Wine for Solaris 10
8:42AM 1 Window droppings
5:26AM 0 faultrep:ReportFault 0x32cba4 0x0 stub
Saturday July 25 2009
8:45PM 2 wine - win games
8:26PM 1 can only edit Description in AppDB
5:40PM 1 Improve application database
4:49PM 2 WOW patch downloads hang
4:29PM 2 Gamepad & Wine 1.0.1-2 on Debian Sid
4:07PM 1 wineconsole fails to start
11:48AM 1 phpDesigner2008 opens and closes right away
9:27AM 2 Fireworks on ubuntu Jaunty do not work!
9:06AM 1 FM09 installer freezes
8:10AM 1 install older gecko
8:03AM 1 Unicode Font
6:38AM 3 Automate wine configuration (drives and registry)
6:21AM 1 Extremely Small Text in Application
2:24AM 7 isqlw with wine
Friday July 24 2009
8:50PM 1 Open a PDF from a windows app
7:54PM 1 Another EVE Online thread (no, not ATI card)
6:23PM 4 Cannot install Matlab 5.3 R11
3:37PM 1 Problems with World of Warcraft
2:22PM 1 sXe 7.8 on Ubuntu 9.04
1:25PM 2 Re: Cant use deadkeys in Portuguese keyboard
11:23AM 8 Nvidia 190.09 Drivers are Great!
9:22AM 1 Re: EVE online
8:39AM 0 For Mac Users: How to convert video files?
7:00AM 1 Starnge error message when trying to run Spotify with Wine
6:25AM 1 How to lock a sounddriver to application?
1:33AM 1 menu entries creation broke upon update to Fedora 11
Thursday July 23 2009
10:31PM 5 New Linux user with installation woes
9:42PM 1 Wine and ePSXe 1.7.0 command line issue.
8:54PM 0 Why 'wine' processes still stay after I close Windows Firefox ?
7:53PM 1 Nancy Drew - Secret Of The Old Clock
5:28PM 2 Wine, run genexus?
2:51PM 5 wine: /intended/PREFIXdirectory/not owned by you
12:38PM 4 How to avoid control-c killing the open program?
12:17PM 7 Ubuntu crashes when gaming
9:47AM 1 $ sh winetricks dotnet11
6:03AM 1 Re: Multisim: unable to initialize DAO/jet db engine
2:51AM 0 Re: Applications on Vista Partition
Wednesday July 22 2009
10:25PM 1 Baldurs Gate 2 - Mouse Cursor
4:30PM 1 Tales of Monkey Island
2:07PM 1 Archicad
1:32PM 3 World of Warcraft not running
1:10PM 1 Re: Install of Rite Series 1.5
1:09PM 2 because vm86 mode is not supported on this platform.
7:58AM 0 How to rip DVD, convert video, transfer iPod music and make
5:46AM 2 .Ink file editing
Tuesday July 21 2009
9:51PM 2 installing Nox Multiplayer
9:02PM 0 Cheapest GW gold,delivery in 15mins
9:01PM 0 RS Cheap rs gold,no account bannd
7:46PM 0 MicroStation V8 Howto
6:02PM 3 Demote
5:04PM 2 Word for Windows question
4:53PM 3 wine for mac osx help!!!
3:29PM 0 Re: (Dar)Wine and The Bat!
2:42PM 1 installation of 64bit msxml6
11:36AM 6 ModelSim
8:27AM 0 How to Put DVD/Video on iPod, PSP, Computer, Zune, Xbox (Mac
5:23AM 1 Binary Packages for Distributions
5:15AM 1 Half Life 2: EP2 's not playable
1:35AM 1 WINE install of Dreamweaver MX works; but can't launch DWMX
1:06AM 5 Same app at different OSs
1:01AM 2 mac wine gamepad issues
Monday July 20 2009
10:52PM 1 Install Adina 8.5
10:26PM 1 Age of Mythology
9:24PM 0 COM returned an unexpected error code. Details are RPCInternal error (RPC_S_INTERNAL_ERROR, 1766)
8:52PM 0 Messenger app dies (Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty)
8:25PM 1 pseudo tty's
7:58PM 1 Mono for Windows vs. .NET?
6:01PM 2 How to use older Versions
3:19PM 4 Runes of Magic
2:32PM 0 Dual monitors on a laptop
1:45PM 3 need for speed undercover
1:41PM 2 Lightroom and Wine or Mac version
7:10AM 0 Doing better than barely keeping up with bug reports - Bug Day this Monday (July 20)
2:25AM 0 CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers under Wine, can't install
Sunday July 19 2009
9:57PM 1 Re: skype
6:38PM 3 C&C3 won't start
6:26PM 0 Re: [Fixed] [Wine 1.1.0] C&C3 Kane will not start
4:21PM 5 Game that worked in .24 doesn't in .25 and .26
3:47PM 3 Wine-Doors initial setup issue
2:34PM 1 Application with menu and button not work
1:44PM 1 Ciryakuntu: I need people to start a big project.
10:21AM 2 Compiling wine on debian-unstable amd64
5:47AM 1 Re: skype
2:24AM 3 Regedit Crashes
Saturday July 18 2009
4:49PM 1 The secret of monkey island (steam)
3:38PM 3 program fails to enumerate COM ports
3:36PM 0 NFSC Fullscreen/Graphics trouble! Help!
3:09PM 1 wineasio driver -- anyone have any luck compiling lately?
10:32AM 1 Re: Warcraft 3 ubuntu 9.04 wine 1.1.20 crash
4:46AM 2 GTA: Vice City, graphical issues
Friday July 17 2009
10:25PM 2 Wine 1.1.26 - Thank you Wine Dev!
10:16PM 2 Resolution changes sometimes rearranging desktop
1:39PM 0 Up to date Opensolaris packages
10:50AM 1 WoW DirectX
10:13AM 2 Sending messages in server
3:04AM 0 Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus
Thursday July 16 2009
6:22PM 1 matlab input problem
6:18PM 4 Install error with DAZ Studio
5:40PM 2 Install dell 1235cn laser error USB device not available
4:03PM 0 Viktor Lazarev wants to chat
3:51PM 2 WINE Doors. Setup won't work. Stops on continue button
1:42PM 1 Softoken II issues during install
1:35PM 0 Softoken II under wine
10:49AM 2 Problem with C&C Generals
6:34AM 2 Trying to get's FALLOUT to run
4:44AM 0 Re: Display of Photomatix GUI Has No Buttons, Checkmarks
3:22AM 1 Hitman: Blood Money won't start (Fixes for some errors here)
Wednesday July 15 2009
6:52PM 0 Re
6:29PM 7 Counter-Strike Craches
5:25PM 5 MB Navigator
5:10PM 4 The Talking Moose
3:01PM 1 How to limit memory reported to a program?
1:42PM 1 How to run dlls created using .net framework on linux server
12:46PM 1 installing a windows 3.1/95 program
10:38AM 1 Error when running RSSEditor in Wine, dhtmled.ocx missing
8:34AM 1 How to open file under /home/user ?
6:53AM 2 problem about ie6 in wine
6:17AM 4 Suggestions about the website of
12:12AM 4 New to Wine and Linux/Ubuntu
Tuesday July 14 2009
11:01PM 1 LiveZilla
10:26PM 0 Strange behaviour of start menu entry
8:14PM 3 Running different-language apps in Wine
7:02PM 7 Login as Admin
6:39PM 0 How to get printer to work in Printmaster Gold?
6:28PM 3 Mac OS X, X11, resolution problem
6:23PM 1 Newbie - can't get articad to run
5:36PM 2 InstallingHi MS Java
12:32PM 5 Under Ubuntu 9.04
11:10AM 4 error on solaris please help interlocked*functions
9:42AM 3 App exits after read pop-up
9:35AM 1 Errorbox since 1.1.25 update
9:21AM 0 How to Copy DVD, Rip DVD, Convert Video on Mac
8:47AM 1 solaris error during installation
6:30AM 2 Wine or Windows
3:38AM 1 How to make Chinese characters to display in wine?
1:05AM 5 Opencanvas 1.1b72 issues..
12:54AM 10 Problems to run a Game (Mu Magdalena)
12:22AM 1 program thinks another instance is open
Monday July 13 2009
10:44PM 2 Cannot get eBay turbo lister to start
9:40PM 2 Quicken 2009 (german) and wine 1.1.25
9:04PM 1 Games that installed before... now won't, what changed?
7:40PM 2 Changing the location of Wine's My Documents?
3:10PM 0 Re: Major Bug while trying to run winecfg
1:18PM 3 Cant run installer for FLVplayer on amd64
12:58PM 4 Install
12:05PM 0 Call of Juarez 2
9:49AM 2 Characters missing in tahomabd.ttf
1:47AM 1 Poker Websites with WINE & Fedora 11 (Leonidas)
1:03AM 0 ENBSeries support
12:55AM 0 DNS 10 Standard update does not install completely
Sunday July 12 2009
8:51PM 2 oblivion: Shivering Isles won't run.
7:17PM 4 Shell32.IsUserAnAdmin function not found - installation
3:30PM 1 Regression in running Rosetta Stone v3 with version 1.1.25
6:20AM 2 Painkiller character stops when holding "Move" keys
6:09AM 1 TF2 random quit
Saturday July 11 2009
6:51PM 3 Can't play games
6:20PM 2 Install FantasyTennis on Ubuntu!
5:42PM 4 Start native linux apps from a wine app
5:18PM 3 How to disable 3D acceleration
4:59PM 4 is it possible to copy/paste a program into wine dir
2:54PM 1 Weird problem - can play game only as root
10:01AM 4 Graphical text error in game (MI5)
9:42AM 6 Debian File Server Hangs When Accessed by a Wined Client
12:52AM 8 F.E.A.R.
Friday July 10 2009
11:31PM 2 .....
9:01PM 5 no more d3d - unrecognized GL_VENDOR Tungsten Graphics, Inc
8:00PM 0 Re: Which native dlls (that CAN be overridden) can have anything
12:52PM 17 Pro Cycling manager 2009
12:35PM 0 Which native dlls (that CAN be overridden) can have anything to do with DirectSound?
9:56AM 2 Links in Wine-applications
5:39AM 5 Running utorrent , Getting Error , solution ?
3:17AM 1 old statistics app in wine
2:40AM 0 Most useful: how to convert FLV to MOV, MKV, AVI, MP4, etc on Mac
Thursday July 9 2009
11:20PM 3 Re: Install LiveZilla In wine
11:12PM 3 Starcraft logs out from gnome session
10:55PM 0 [Warning: Nostalgia] C&C95 online play with wine/mono
9:37PM 0 Ragnarok not running.
8:08PM 1 auto center on desktop
3:28PM 0 err:shell:SHCoCreateInstance class not found in registry
1:34PM 0 Re: help for hire? wine crashes when running http://www.verydoc
1:23PM 4 Screen Flicker
11:48AM 2 How install Wine 1.1.25
10:56AM 3 Overlapping Applications
8:03AM 2 neverwinter nights no longer works with 1.1.25
4:33AM 0 Get an Accredited College Degree In 5 Days
4:31AM 0 How to Get Master's Degrees
2:00AM 0 Battlefront II
12:14AM 1 Re: Install LiveZilla In wine
Wednesday July 8 2009
10:47PM 7 install totaly messed up
8:09PM 11 Printer in wine on OS X?
7:53PM 3 Is it possible to run an application with a different date?
7:18PM 6 recently moved to 1.1.25, no wine-pthread command
5:25PM 0 Trouble with Anno 1602 Gold
3:35PM 19 no game seems to work with wine
12:22PM 2 Need help with HL2
5:51AM 0 Most useful: how to convert FLV to MOV, MKV, AVI, MP4, etc o
2:25AM 2 it can access (at the top of the Reason interface)
1:18AM 2 Running from a disk image
12:43AM 0 spore patch
Tuesday July 7 2009
10:56PM 2 Transferring files Mac OS X 10.5.6
8:24PM 0 shell32: fix folder names for Dutch locale
7:16PM 9 will wine support windows USB drivers?
1:52PM 1 Workaround: stuttering legs in WoW 3.1.x
1:06PM 1 Regression Testing Issue
12:31PM 2 Re: will wine support windows USB drivers?
11:41AM 4 Powerbullet - Flash Animation Creation Programme
10:54AM 2 Tmax Window(a propietary OS) using Wine?
10:46AM 1 MS Trainsimulator broken from 1.1.23 to 25
3:13AM 3 Autocad
Monday July 6 2009
11:07PM 2 online rpg game engine
4:41PM 1 Wine and Crossover
2:30PM 2 wine can not open certain files needed
1:30PM 4 Can't start YencPowerpost
10:39AM 7 WinSCP: unimplemented function netapi32.dll
9:46AM 4 problem with windows program in linux in virtual machine...
3:02AM 2 Spore in safe mode
12:39AM 1 WIne packages for Karmic?
Sunday July 5 2009
5:10PM 2 Getting SimCity 3000 to work in wine
10:45AM 2 Download page problems
2:21AM 5 Naturally speaking + Wine better, the audio not so good
Saturday July 4 2009
10:22PM 1 Photoshop 7. quits due to no personalization
9:43PM 3 No wine applications work (Ubuntu 8.04)
7:08PM 2 Lotus 123 Release 4 for Windows
6:56PM 2 Tons of D3D improvements?!
6:43PM 3 Quicken 2 for Windows
5:54PM 3 Excel 2003 crash
2:56PM 1 I'm having trouble installing Wine...
10:27AM 0 soccer
6:14AM 1 Bye, bye Windows .... almost
5:36AM 2 keyboard inop as user, works as root
1:16AM 2 override all dll
12:18AM 4 Safari 4
Friday July 3 2009
7:19PM 1 Insurgency Crashes in Fullscreen
7:10PM 1 Getting an app to run
4:47PM 2 I can't install Photoshop CS4 Extended
4:20PM 6 Civilization 4, Beyond the Sword crashes with "Out of memory
3:03PM 2 RAS -- workaround/substitute?
9:57AM 3 what is it
6:23AM 2 Wrapping a Windows DLL
5:34AM 10 Qcharts does not execute
Thursday July 2 2009
2:15PM 1 Halo CE Error pidgen.dll not found
12:29PM 2 Cannot write to disk - Pro/E
11:22AM 6 installer of an application fails
9:17AM 0 TeamViewer under Wine
9:16AM 3 Games give me only limited and small resolution options
8:39AM 1 Newbie can't install Office 2003
8:05AM 2 something about wine server
6:45AM 1 Dead Keyboard in all Apps
3:54AM 0 Google Picasa (using Google's Linux ver) and VIDEOS -- HELP
12:32AM 1 New to this...How to run GTA San Andreas?!
12:17AM 2 Changing the PATH from the command line
Wednesday July 1 2009
8:16PM 1 Games don't work after update!
8:10PM 9 Street Fighter 4
7:23PM 4 Next Stable release of Wine / any kind of schedule?
5:38PM 0 Good Wine ebooks
12:03PM 4 Wine on Windows 7... Anyone actually tried?
11:05AM 2 OLE error 80004001
9:24AM 1 Newb question - CHM files - Best method to view
8:30AM 4 XBASE error under Wine
3:01AM 1 Games that check for a CD
12:48AM 2 impossible to install a program